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  • poetofthedyingstars
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    anderperry week presents, day 5: one bed trope: “a lover's quarrel and one bed”

    def not angst. not fluff either. my context brought me to an idea of a longer fic. but well. enjoy.

    taglist: @aedan-mills @theluminoussunflower @crispin-kreme

    there were murmurs among their group as they enter a ragged motel they found.

    “i told you to check the car before leaving!”

    “the renter said it was okay it's not my fault if y'all's butt was too heavy for the car.”

    “no offense but this time it's your fault.”

    “whatever. just go check in the rooms i'm so tired.”

    “oh so now you want to check in huh?”

    “oh god please—”

    pairs of eyes were rolled, you could hear some snickers among them. the receptionist stared in awkwardness. this is her everyday job- but people get weirder everytime.

    “hi! my name's cameron. we want to book a room for uh,” he paused, looking back to his group and making sure of the count. “four rooms.”

    “make that five,” todd said in the back. neil looked at him in horror.


    “don't talk to me.”

    tension in the air.


    cameron cleared his throat. “right. so, five rooms, please.”

    “uh, yes, uhm, i’m really sorry! it's peak season and we're kinda full of travellers tonight! we only have... one room left. fortunately for you, it's the family room.”

    they all looked at each other. there's seven of us and it's the middle of the night. the car is broken and one of their love birds is having a fight. worst day ever? more like end of the world for them.

    “do we take it?”

    “fine with me as long as i don't stay with this guy,” todd jerked his head to his left where neil was standing.

    “todd i swear to god—”

    “i said don't talk to me.”

    “i-” neil grunted in frustrations.

    “i suggest you take it because it's hard to find another hotel with a vacant room tonight,” said the receptionist.

    “yeah, okay! fine. we'll take it.”

    they looked at each other. it's going to be one hell of a night. the room was nice enough— neat and clean. it has three small beds and enough space for the others to sleep on the floor. (although one can always sleep in the bathtub.)

    “who's sleeping and who's not?”

    “i paid for the hotel room, im sleeping on a bed.”

    “im the boyfriend of the one who paid for the hotel room— so im sleeping on the bed too.”

    “im fine with the floor, honestly.”

    “not me though, y'all can wake up tomorrow with back aches. im team bed!”

    after a long time of bickering and discussing, it was finally decided that; chameron, knox (since he REALLY insisted on sleeping on the bed) and mitts. so, naturally, the other two kids would be sleeping on the *drum rolls* their do-it-yourself bed on the cold hard floor. not bad. would you rather sleep on the bathtub? no.

    it was late so the tv was off, the lights are off, and so is the vibes between todd and neil. on the far right side of the room, there was a blanket laid next to each other. even though earlier it was made clear that the strong tension between them can't be resolved tonight.

    neil was facing todd's back. he sighed. everyone was asleep, for sure. except him and his worries. the worst duo ever.

    “i'm sorry,” he whispered. todd didn't move or said anything. “really.”

    the waves were still, he supposed. he hoped with all his heart that todd would talk to him soon without snapping. he closed his eyes. he doesn't know how but he slept.

    and when we he woke up, todd's head was laying on his chest, his legs on top of neil's. he bit his lip and smiled. to his dismay, todd woke up and pushed him. he didn't said a word but there was a blush on his face. neil let it be. he would talk to todd and todd would burn him. better shut up, then.

    they leave the hotel early to finally get their now fixed, broken car.

    “can i sit with you knox?”

    “uh, sure todd!”

    neil sighed internally.

    “you know what, just make out you two. im getting tired of this bickering and cold treatments.”

    “make out? you mean make up?”

    “same shit.”

    the eyes were rolled and the engine started. neil looked at todd who was sitting in front of him. how he would love to sit next to (t)his boy right now. but for now, he just have to sit through their road trip until they find another hotel with a bed. hopefully, one where he can lay down with todd.

    #dead poets society #dead poets#dps fandom#anderperry#anderperry week #anderperry week day 5 one bed trope #neil perry#todd anderson#enjoy :D#ace 🧱#sig writes #this is very short but well #yearn like neil i guess #:D
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  • midnight-wonderings
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    todd anderson

    “I close my eyes and this image floats beside me The sweaty-toothed madman with a stare that pounds my brains His hands reach out and choke me And all the time he’s mumbling Truth, like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold. You push it, stretch it, it will never be enough Kick it beat it, it will never cover any of us. From the moment we enter crying, to the moment we leave dying, it will just cover your face as you wail and cry and scream.”

    #dead poets society #todd anderson#poetry
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    smth super sketchy for a late anderperry week 2k21 day two; blind date :)

    hhhuhauhah get it bc.....they r on a date and neil is blind.....ok

    todd teases him 4 his new glasses the doctor said he should start wearing more often, saying he looks like a dad, then very casually says we should have a daughter. neil doesnt miss a beat responding a daughter and a son. n todd echoes in agreement; daughter and son. and that is that

    taglist my beloveds :) @charlies-cigarette @finding-an-angle @in-love-with-their-relationship @babo0shka @aedan-mills @nothing-gonna-wake-me-now @squidwards-fave-tentacle @cresswell-for-life @tuskofthyme once again if i missed u or messed up ur @ or u wanna be added lmk :)

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  • s5buddie
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    todd was probably mad at neil for what he did, because how could he leave them? how could he leave him? but then he ended up probably blaming himself for neil rather than blaming neil

    #neil perry #dead poets society spoilers #dps#todd anderson#anderperry
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  • tornfabric
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Anderperry Day 4:


    It’s just a messy sketch, but here you go. <3

    ( not gonna lie tho, Todd’s looking pretty cute)

    #anderperry week 2021 #dead poets society #todd anderson#neil perry#anderperry
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  • anderperryshit
    22.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


    “Todd.” God, how was he not getting it?

    “You and I are in love.” It still felt weird as shit to say. In love, like, reciprocated, insane.

    “I was aware, yes.” Neil nodded solemnly and Todd felt the need to kiss him again.

    “It is the first snow of the year.”

    “The colour purple is annoyingly loud, are we just stating facts?” Todd punched his arm.

    “No, God.” He thinks he might be blushing now, “Snow is romantic, we are a couple, we should be- I don’t know, romancing.” No yeah he was definitely blushing. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything. But Todd really, really loved the snow, and he really, really loved Neil so both of them together was quite perfect to him.

    read on ao3 | from the beginning

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  • cupiiid
    22.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    anderperry week day four: genderbent

    howdy! welcome everybody to anderperry week day four: genderbent!! (aka my favourite) as i said, this is the one im most excited about so please enjoy!!

    summary- nell perry really isn’t one for prom, it’s just another way for her stupid father to gain control of her life. but then, when she starts dating tori anderson, prom becomes entirely more intriguing.

    (a/n- they don’t necessarily have sex or anything in this but sexual references and jokes are made a lot so viewer discretion is advised!!)


    Prom. It’s supposedly the wild night every senior dreams about since they were young. Nell Perry had never really cared much about prom but it -along with almost everything else- was a big deal to her father. Mr Perry expected a daughter who was a perfect lady, a girl who got the highest scores, a teacher's pet, prom queen. Hell, even since she was twelve and still in middle school, her father began to push Nell to want to be the queen of the prom, always dropping in little here and theres about how nice it would look on her resume or how attractive it’d be to boys.

    Bottom line was, having high expectations about what was basically a party made the whole ordeal massively unappealing for the young girl and Nell never really gave any of it a second thought, treating it as just another stupid thing she had to do.

    Until Tori Anderson came along, that is.

    Tori transferred to Welton High School back in junior year. She was the younger sister of Jennifer Anderson, a girl three years older than Nell who was the last Welton golden girl. Back in the day, Welton used to be an all girls private school but it changed to co-ed thirty years ago, back in the eighties. They were still regarded as one of the top schools in America and were massively competitive, which worked for people such as Rachel Cameron, Jennifer Anderson or Stephanie Meeks but not so much herself.

    On a warm spring day, Nell had been at the library looking to consume anything Shakespeare she could find. After being introduced to him by one of her teachers, Nell had become infatuated with the man and everything he did. She’d finally found the shelf with a book of his poems on it and took it out to read. Then, just like a movie, she’d seen a beautiful girl through the gap in the bookshelf who was reading a copy of Leaves Of Grass and Nell watched as her striking blue eyes scanned the page, like she was devouring the poet's words exactly how she did. If Nell didn’t know she was a lesbian before, she certainly did then. She swore she could feel her heart stop as the girl looked up and met her eyes, a slight blush springing to her face. Nell Perry didn’t believe in love at first sight until she met Tori Anderson.

    The two of them had become friends, and then more when Tori kissed her on the drive back to her house after she was in A Midsummer Night’s Dream back in December. It was soft and sweet and awkward and perfect. They started steadily dating -in secret, of course, neither of their parents would appreciate their daughters being in love with another girl- and Nell eventually asked her to prom. 

    It was nothing too spectacular, she didn’t think extravagance was Tori’s style. Charlie tried to recommend a flash mob but that idea was shut down almost as soon as the words left their mouth. All she had done was give Tori an Emily Dickinson poetry collection she knew her girlfriend had been eyeing for a quite a while, and wrote on the inside of the cover: Will you go to prom with me?

    Of course Tori had said yes. She’d been over the moon when Nell had asked her and immediately told her sister. Nell went dress shopping with Charlie and Tori went with Jennifer, making a promise not to let the other see their dress until the big night. 

    Eventually, the big day came as they knew it would and it was time to pick up Tori. Instead of a limousine like some of her classmates, Nell decided to catch a ride in Charlie’s red pickup truck with their date, who, surprisingly enough, was Rachel Cameron. They’d picked her up at six and when she stepped into the car, she was immediately hit with the familiar atmosphere of their bickering.

    They’d all used to think Charlie and Cam hated each other, but when they revealed they were a couple, nothing made more sense. Fighting was like stress relief to them, their equivalent to soft nights cuddling that Tori and Nell had. Presently, the two of them were arguing about something or another -pausing briefly to greet her as she stepped into the car- but their hands were firmly clutched between the seats, a red corsage matching a flower clipping on Charlie’s suit was on Rachel’s wrist.

    “Picking up Tori now?” Charlie asked from up front casually after their and Cam’s quarrel had wrapped up. Nell smiled warmly at the mention of her girlfriend. 

    “Yeah, you know the address.” She spoke, full of love. Charlie barked a laugh from the driver’s seat. 

    “I love you Perry, but no lady boners in my car.” Nell gawked as Cam fake gagged.

    “Eugh, what the fuck was that. Who the fuck says lady boners? You deserve jail time for that one.” Rachel commented. Nell couldn’t see her face but she would bet Cam was wearing the exact same face she was at the moment; complete and utter disgust. 

    “Yeah, I was also literally just smiling.” She defended herself before she caught the redhead mumble:

    “Plus, we’ve done worse in the backseat.” Nell choked on her own spit as Charlie let out a booming cackle into the car. Rachel was stained a deep, deep red after that and Nell scooted as far forward on the seat as she physically could. She could never look at this car in the same way again.

    They eventually arrived at the Anderson residence and she hopped out of the truck to get her girlfriend. Nell knocked on the door and sure enough, a stunning Tori Anderson stepped out and closed the door behind her. They stood for a moment, sizing each other up with red faces. Luckily Tori’s parents weren’t home, they’d be fucked if they were.

    Tori was wearing a baby blue dress that honestly looked closer to a gown. The skirt was made out of airey tulle and the bodice was close to a corset. Detailing of little flowers ran all throughout the dress which complimented both her eyes and the flower tucked behind her ear. She looked ethereal with faint makeup and silver heels and jewelry, a goddess walking the earth. Nell’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of her and she immediately felt winded. All rational thoughts left her head as all she could think about was how much she wanted her hands on Tori. 

    Her girlfriend looked down at her dress bashfully before meeting Nell’s eyes. “Do you like it?” She asked softly. Nell had to restrain herself from kissing her right then and there. She had to be a lady. At least until she took her home. 

    “God, yes.” Was the most elegant thing her mind came up with at that moment. Tori giggled while Nell collected her thoughts. “You look beautiful, Tori. Well, you look beautiful all the time but wow. You’re like- wow.” Tori flushed before grinning cheekily. 

    “I’m wow?” 

    “My thoughts exactly.” Nell was high on love. She was drowning in it. It coated her skin and filled up her lungs like a delicious smoke. Tori was addictive, a drug she could never quit even if she tried. Not that she ever would.

    “Well, uhh, you look very wow yourself.” Tori tucked her hair behind her ear. Holy shit. Holy shit. This was the end of her. This was the end of Nell Perry as we know her. Nell was going to ask her to the car but Tori beat her by saying something else. “Oh! I almost forgot!” She reached into the small silver bag she was carrying and pulled out a small clear box. Inside were two stunning corsages. One, had dark green flowers and earthy elements arranged spectacularly while the other was a soft blue and had little accessories like pearls sewn into the band. The green one matched her dress so Nell assumed that was hers and almost reached for it, but before she could, Tori plucked the blue one out from the velvety cushion and tied it around Nell’s wrist before she tied the green one around her own. “There,” she said with an air of finality. “Now everyone knows we’re together.” Nell’s brain was about to explode. 

    “How- how did you match the flowers so close to the colour of my dress?” She asked, baffled. Blush bloomed on Tori’s face. 

    “I got Charlie to help me. They didn’t show me a picture or anything, but they helped me colour match.” While Nell’s brain was still computing, Tori’s anxiety decided to make a surprise appearance. “Oh no, you don’t like them do you? Oh, I’m so sorry, I just thought-” She cut her off with a swift kiss to the lips which Tori promptly melted into, her arms winding around Nell’s neck. A loud honk interrupted them.

    “Hey losers! Get in the car will ya’? We have prom.” They broke the kiss and Nell grabbed her girlfriend’s hand, leading her to the car.

    “Thank you for the corsages, love. Now, are you ready for the best night of our lives?” 

    To be continued...


    yep!! this is going to have a part two!! after anderperry week is wrapped up, ill post a second part because i still have so much to add but too many words and not enough time for anderperry week sadly, so look out for that <33

    @aedan-mills @nik-knacks @therealbunnycorcoran

    #its two am rn so technically its a day late but shhhhhhh #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week day four #anderperry week genderbent #anderperry#neil perry#todd anderson#dps fanfic
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  • anderperryshit
    22.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    uploading fanfiction in class feels so illegal anyway i’ll do my lil snippet thing later. for now, december week 1 is here besties !

    #dead poets society #dps#anderperry#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry fanfic #all the good things
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    22.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    redbubble shop

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  • divno
    22.10.2021 - 20 hours ago
    <3 anderperry revelling in the moments at the cusp of fall and winter; I can imagine neil running into the dorm when it starts to snow, all the poetic sentiments whirring in the crevices of todd's brain- everything from the freckle of snow gliding down the spine of a pine leaf to the way neil comes back, flushed from laughter and snow, to the warm intimacy in the way they bump their shoulders as they tumble down the snow and of course, the exhilaration and heartwarming bonding they experience during snowball fights and campfires that the dead poets will obviously have <3
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  • nik-knacks
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Anderperry Week Day Four - Genderbent

    Hello! Heres my silly little genderbent prompt, just some sweet gals being pals. Fun fact, I've never painted my nails before so idk ANYTHING LMAO

    Tags! @aedan-mills @cupiiid @justarandompjofan @iguanamuppet @tuskofthyme @mentalthisone

    Summary: Nell paints Teddy's nails

    “You’ve never painted your nails?” Nell asked, lying on her bed.

    Teddy shrugged. “No? No one ever taught me, so I never learned.”

    “Well, now you’ve gotta let me paint them!” Nell sat up, standing and flitting over to her desk.

    “Okay?” Teddy said. “Can I choose the colour?”

    “Of course! I’ve got most of them.” Nell said, pulling out a small shoebox. “Scooch over.”

    Teddy scooted up her bed, letting Nell sit in front of her and cross her legs. “Let me see.”

    Nell handed over the box, watching Teddy intently as she started rifling through the box. There were quite a few nail polishes inside. Some were sparkly and filled with glitter (Teddy crossed any glittery ones out. Glitter was evil), some were matte and solid (promising), some were glossy (also nice). Some were in thin, long bottles, some were in round ones, some were in square ones.

    Looking through this box was honestly kind of weird, Teddy had seen Jess’ small collection in her bedroom drawer before, but she’d never seen so many.

    “I never realised you liked nail polish so much.” Teddy said, still digging around the box.

    “Yeah, it was one of the freedoms my mother said I could have.” Nell said, showing off her pale blue nails. “She says that it makes me look more sophisticated, which is code for better.”

    Teddy bit her lip. “I don’t think the colour of your nails makes you better… you’re already really good.” She smiled. “They’re pretty, though. I’m excited for you to do mine now.”

    Nell grinned. “Of course! Have you chosen a colour?”

    Teddy picked out a muted green colour. “I like this green, it's pretty.”

    “It’ll go great on your nails then.” Nell said, taking the nail polish out of Teddy’s hands. She unscrewed the lid, balancing the polish on her knee as she held the brush with one hand. Nell held out her free hand. “Give me your hand.”

    Teddy reached her hand out, her heart fluttering as Nell grasped it gently. “I’ll try not to cover your hands in nail polish.” She laughed, raising the brush to Teddy’s nails.

    Struggling to keep her heart from beating out of her chest from holding hands with her pretty roommate, Teddy cleared her throat. “You’ve got so many nail polishes, how many do you actually use?”

    “Honestly? Not even half of them, they’re just pretty and nice to look at.” Nell replied, carefully brushing the polish onto Teddy’s nails. “Your hands are soft.”

    Teddy laughed awkwardly. “Um, ah. I moisturise.”

    “I can tell.” She said, moving to Teddy’s middle finger.

    The two of them idly chatted throughout the process of Teddy’s nail painting session. Teddy tried her best to stay calm and not implode as Nell held her hand and laughed and painted her nails with such care. Girls did this all the time. It was just girly things. Gals being pals. This was fine. She was fine.

    She sighed an internal sigh of relief when Nell finally finished. “All done, now your hands are decked out and looking as pretty as you.” Don’t freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out.


    “Now we just wait for them to dry.” She said, recapping the nail polish.

    “Yep.” Teddy nodded, staring down at her newly green nails. “How long do you think it’ll take?”

    “Maybe half an hour? Depends, really.” She shrugged.

    Teddy nodded again, still examining her nails. She glanced up, seeing Nell staring at her.

    “Yeah?” She asked.

    Nell leaned forward, Teddy followed. Their first kiss was awkward but sweet, Teddy’s still drying nails held out at an awkward angle as she attempted not to ruin them completely. When they pulled away, Nell smiled.

    “I should paint your nails more often.” She said, smiling.

    Teddy laughed. “Yeah, yeah. I’d like that.”

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week 2k21 day 4 #anderperry week 2k21 day 4 genderbent #anderperry #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson#dps fandom#anderperry fanfic#dps fanfiction
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  • inahallucination
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have this hc that Knox, who is a romantic, is completely oblivious to other people, especially. Like if he likes someone he knows it but that/s about it. His gaydar? absolute shit. He can’t tell straight couples are couples either so you can’t even blame the heteronormativity of society. He’s just oblivious


    Knox, staring at where Todd and Neil are cuddled up with Todd’s legs thrown over Neil’s, and Neil’s face buried in his neck as they softly read poetry to each other: wow i wish i had a best friend like that


    Knox, watching pitts and meeks sneak away and come back obviously disheveled: oh no did they fight :(


    Knox, noticing Todd’s been reading love poetry (whilst tangling his fingers with Neil; softly giggling as Neil kisses his hand): woah Todd, do u have a crush or something


    #in his defense neil and todd were like that before they started dating #and they were as oblivious #and charlie encourages him because he likes chaos #dps#dps fandom#deadpoets#incorrect dps #dps incorrect quotes #dps headcanons#knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerard pitts#neil perry #todd and neil #todd anderson#charlie dalton #dead poets society #dead poets headcanons #knox overstreet headcanons #he's a mess your honor #meeks and pitts
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  • olemotionalass
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Charlie: *stabbing the air between Neil and Todd with a butter knife*

    Neil: what are you doing?

    Charlie: trying to cut the sexual tension between you two, it isn’t working

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  • neilperrydeservedbetter1959
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    charlie: beautiful. perfect!

    knox: what are you doing?

    charlie: admiring the view


    knox: but you’re looking in a mirror

    charlie: and damn don’t i look delicious

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  • marsh-mallow-creme
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    hi there :)

    hi! my name is lorelei and i used to write fanfic as quadrupledeckertaco, but my old account had to be deleted. so i will now be writing on this account! i used to write specifically for Fred and George Weasley, but recently i’ve been hyperfixating on Dead Poets Society, so i’ll have some fanfics of those boys too. anyways, feel free to send in requests for the following characters!!!

    Fred Weasley

    George Weasley

    Steven Meeks 

    Charlie Dalton

    Neil Perry

    Todd Anderson

    ps: i don’t write smut :)

    #requests open#writerblr#x reader#fanfic#fred weasley #fred weasley x reader #george weasley #george weasley x reader #dead poets society #steven meeks #steven meeks x reader #charlie dalton #charlie dalton x reader #neil perry #neil perry x reader #todd anderson #todd anderson x reader
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  • olemotionalass
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagine Neil is in New York for an acting job and he’s hanging out with all the other actors and actresses and this actress comes up to him and starts flirting with him. Neil is so oblivious that he thinks she’s just being nice and they’re at the bar one night and she tries to get him to go home with her. He just laughs and tells her that he’s married and she goes “nobody has to know”. I KNOW he would immediately call Todd and tell him and Todd just laughs about it and tells Neil to come home and the girl is just so offended-

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  • anderperryshit
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    next week, feel anticipation !!

    Neil walks back to the car, opening the door and slipping inside. He catches Todd’s eye again, and there’s so many things Todd tries to say. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay, I’ll make it okay, somehow. I promise, just- please- be okay. I’m so proud of you. Neil smiles like he heard him, but it snaps something in Todd’s soul clean in two.

    The car drives away.

    (That was the last time he ever saw Neil Perry. Sweet, wonderful Neil that made him feel so much in so little time. And that car, that noise, those eyes, and that smile haunted Todd forever.)

    #u r not physically ready for that chapter <33 #also will y’all lose interest after bestie dies bc there’s still 2 chapters after that— #dead poets society #dps#anderperry#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry fanfic#dps fanfiction #all the good things
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  • in-love-with-their-relationship
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Neil and Todd’s couple costume for Halloween would be vampires I just know it

    #I know in canon they would probably be some Shakespeare couple but I think camps are cuter for them #Neil would look so good in a vampire costume #dead poets society #dead poet society #todd anderson#neil perry#anderperry
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  • gallwithapall
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Am I going to watch dead poets society yet AGAIN for possibly the 100th time?


    Is this free therapy or self destructive behaviour?

    Also yes

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  • detectiverosie
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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