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  • Today’s activity is actually following on from a farm visit in the morning to see new lambs (linking activities 🙊) it was extremely muddy there we loved it so much we came home and made our own muddy puddle.
    Cornflour (fair amount for the box using)
    Coco powder
    Cold water
    Add cornflour and coco powder to box bowl whatever your using as a container. Add water a bit at a time and mix until right consistency. Liquidy.
    Chuck some plastic animals in and pop toddler in front of it.

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  • Forgot to post these as we’ve been so busy hunting Easter eggs!!
    We painted the salt dough eggs we made and put ribbons through and gave them as presents 🎁

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  • Yay a slightly sunny day ☀️ we made a water wall (admittedly at grandparents house) these are fantastic for outdoor water play. We collected plastic bottles over a couple of weeks & used scissors under supervision to cut holes for the water to run through. I attached to wire netting with plastic ties. It’s best to punch a hole in the side of the bottle for the ties to go through. I used a long planter as a tray to catch the water (saves traipsing to the tap every 2seconds)
    Have fun everyone! 😊☀️

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  • What do you do when it’s rainy and you’re bored? My Little Pony Pool Party, duh.

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  • That moment when your 3 y/o shouts she has to pee in a restaurant.

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  • My son is almost 2, and he just loves Zootopia (thank goodness!), but he HATES the sloth scenes. Like, full on terror crying. Not quite sure why. We have to skip the DMV scene because he is so terrified. The scene at the end with Flash isn’t much better.

    ANYWAY, today we went to the zoo and discovered he simply hates sloths! As the sloth in the exhibit was looking at us and climbing towards us, my son was desperately trying to get us to leave, frantically pointing to the exit.

    Poor little guy. Severely traumatized by sloths (apparently).

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  • Squeaks made up a new bedtime stalling technique this weekend. We pretend that each others’ hair is a book & we turn the pages (hairs), talking about everything that happened that day. It’s best it it starts with, “Once upon a time…” & ends with, “happily after after!” I haven’t been able to break it to her that it’s ever after :D

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  • Me: Boom Clap the sound of my heart beat the beat goes on and on and on and Boom clap you make me feel good
    Kaelyn: on to me on to me now lol

    She can’t said come yet so she just says the on to me part haha

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  • image

    I thought I had put my Suave Volumizing Mousse out of reach from my toddler. Nope. I was minutes away from him decorating more of the bathroom in foam (and probably himself!). But he DID manage to create a foam tower on all my brushes.

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  • the video in which i catch the lil’ one playing with her shadow, ha! 

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  • Gas prices are increasing on a weekly basis. Eating out isn’t cheap anymore. Parking fees everywhere. What do you do when going out is expensive? Stay at home and have fun with the family. 

    Going out on weekends used to be our thing but with the ever increasing prices of gas and everything else we thought of downgrading a little bit and just stay home. 

    Having a home is a big blessing. The kids are free to roam around and play while the parentals do their thing to unwind. There’s free flowing food and drinks (make sure to do your grocery) and you get to exercise your creativity in order for it (staying home) not be boring.

    We’ve come up with activities for the kids at home. It is a good thing to have an active and eager toddler. The baby doesn’t do much yet except eat, sleep and play so the activities we have are meant for toddlers and the family as a whole. 

    • Read books with your children. If you want to save, go to the nearest branch of Book Sale and let your child choose. Books need not be expensive.
    • Buy crayons, colored pens and notebook with blank sheets of paper. Encourage your child’s creativity with drawing and make your own stories with it. 
    • Stickers are nice and can keep your little one busy. Stick them on a blank sheet of paper and draw other things that go with it. 
    • Get some sun and play some ball outside. Teach your kid to ride a bike. Run around and have some fun.
    • Teach them something new such as origami, building legos or Play-Doh fun. 
    • When all else fails you can always watch DVD’s, use your ipod and listen to music.

    Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Enjoy home cooked meals and have fun with the family.  

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