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    summary: you’re the new girl in the vlog squad, and jeff likes you. so he decides to hang out with you alot, until he can’t take it anymore.

    idk wassup wit me but i’m obsessed with mr. wittek. HEHAHDHW okay, enjoy baes asf 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    warnings: none

    a/n: i used lyrics from ariana grande, saying they’re your lyrics, but I DON’T OWN THE SONGS / LYRICS! and y’all are basically ariana grande but like just ur name LOL. ok bye

    word count: 1,261


    you were a singer, and david found out about your songs about 2 months ago. he decided he wanted to reach out to you, just to be on the vlog maybe once or twice.


    david: Hey! I just wanted to reach out and say my friendgroup and I are huge fans of you. Would you want to maybe be in a vlog with us? ☺️

    you: hey hi! yes i would love to!! i’m a fan of yours! when can we meet?

    david: tomorrow is good.

    you: omg yes, i’ll be there!

    he sends you his information, and that’s how you met david. after that you came over often and he just decided you were a new member in the vlog squad.


    after about a month of coming over once a week, you come over more and more. every 4 days, every 2 days and it became to everyday. even if it was just for 10 minutes.


    you come over one day, and you greet everyone with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

    you sit next to carly and erin, talking to them about you writing a new song. they seem interested in your music and it feels great. you decide to invite them to the studio later that day.

    “omg yes! we would love to, can we film in there?” erin says excitedly.

    “yes, you can. anyone is welcome to come with me!” you say when you hear the door shut. you look at the man who enters the house and see the most handsome man ever.

    “oh, this is jeff, y/n.” david introduces you to jeff.

    “hi, i’m y/n.” you go in for a hug. you get flustered so you decide you should get going to the studio.

    “is anyone else coming to the studio?” you say, breaking the tension you feel.

    almost everyone decided to go except jonah.

    * at the studio*

    “alright, you guys can film in here, but please be accommodating to those around. this isn’t my studio, so please do not damage anything.” you explain to the squad.

    you open the door, and say hi to max martin. everyone greets him and you get to writing something.

    aint got no tears in my body

    i ran out but, boy, i like it, i like it, i like it

    don’t matter how, what, when, who tries it

    we out here vibin, we vibin, we vibin.

    about 2 hours of your friends filming and laughing, it’s time to record something.

    after recording, all of their faces are shocked and amazed from your vocals. it happens often, but they look like their eyes are about to come out of their head and it cracks you up. you were the shy type, so it surprised you. that’s the moment jeff had an interest in you. 


    you exchange numbers with everyone and go to your penthouse. you were fortunate enough to buy whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. you loved your life, but it gets lonely sometimes. you invite carly, erin, corinna, natalie and mariah over just to hang out and get to know each other. 

    they all come over and get comfortable on the couch. you get into your pajamas, which are silk. 


    “can you get any richer?” natalie speaks up and you laugh. you offer them wine and pajamas since they asked to sleep over. they all had silk pajamas on, which made you crack up and want to take picture. you took a picture in the mirror with all the girls and post in on instagram for your 200 million followers to see. 

    “so y/n, do you have a crush on anyone in the squad?” mariah asks politely. you want to say jeff, but you barely know the man. 

    “no, i don’t. i don’t know any of them too much, so.” you say. 

    you all eventually fall asleep on your huge couch. 


    you wake up and see natalie left because of david, but the rest were still here. you get into ready and get into an outfit. 


    you go to david’s house with the girls and you ask david if you can have a water bottle, too scared to just intrude into his house. he says yes, and tells natalie to get me a water bottle. you let your dog go, and you sit on the couch. 

    you hang out with them for a while, and then jeff comes in the house. your dog runs to the door and you chase after him, afraid he’ll run out of the house. you grab toulouse before he can bother jeff. you go back to standing straight and see him staring at you with his dog in his hands. you let go of toulouse and he runs away back to the couch. 

    “aww, that’s such a cutie” you go to pet him and you talk in a baby voice, basically falling in love with him.

    “his name is nerf, we’re getting ready to go on a hike. “ he explains and asks david, carly and erin to come along, and they agree.

    “do you wanna come, y/n?” he asks politely. 

    “sure i just need to stop by my place to change, if that’s okay?” you ask and he says sure. they decide to just go in your car and go to your place. 

    you walk into your place and you tell them to grab a water bottle if they need to. you walk into your room and change into your workout outfit. 


    you take a picture quickly and head out. you see jeff stare at you and you feel judged. you go get your dogs collar and you put it on him. 

    “let’s get going, yeah?” you say, ready to get out of your place. 


    so that’s how it’s been for about 1 month. you got to know jeff and you really liked him. you hung out almost everyday. you guys went on a hike and then he went to boxing and you went to dance. you guys met up at davids after, go separate ways for the night and it repeats. 

    until you had to skip a few days because you had to shoot a music video. it all went by so slowly because you missed him, but he came on set to talk to you for a while and he came with food for you. it all made you feel loved.

    he comes over one day, bringing you food and a smoothie; healthy one at that. you hug him and he goes in for a kiss. 

    you kiss him back as if it was so casual. you liked him a lot and you hoped he liked you too. you blush and eat your food, talking about each others days. 

    “hey i wanted to talk to you about something.” he speaks up. you instantly get nervous, thinking of the worst things possible. 

    “what’s that, jeffrey?” you say teasingly. you look at his beautiful brown eyes, it makes you want to just kiss him for days on end. 

    “i know we have been talking and hanging out for almost everyday, so i just wanted to say this. i like you, and i hope i cantakeyououtonadate?” he says super fast and your heart jumps in happiness. you jump up out of your seat and jump on him and hug him. 

    “yesyesyes, i’ve been waiting for this for so long, why’d you take so long?” you ask, joking around.

    “oh shut up and kiss me, loser” he says, and you comply with his demand. 

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    Oh to have the footage from that camera 🤣

    From Scott’s YouTube video

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  • Jeff and Todd shirtless fighting - ya welcome

    #jeff wittek#toddy smith #holy shit Jeff was so skinny at this time #glad he’s put on some lbs #he’s baby either way tho
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  • Watching Clouter Banks and I’m dying that his dad who disappeared is David 😂

    Also I thought it was pretty funny. Natalie calling Jason dad is a little cringey but in a funny way.

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  • I feel like he enjoyed the shit outta this jacket. 😂😂

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