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  • aelin-is-bi
    31.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    august, pt 2. read on ao3:

    lysandra felt around for aelin, drunk with tiredness. “aelin?”

    she heard a groan from the bottom of the large bed. aelin had managed to toss and turn all the way north, her feet exposed and almost falling off the bed.

    lys smiled. ”good morning“

    aelin’s blonde head stuck out of the heavy quilts piled on top of the bed.



    ”what just happened?”

    lysandra blinked. she had just had the best night of her life. but she’d also just slept with aelin. aelin, the queen of terrasen, aelin, the one married to the powerful fae rowan whitehorn. aelin whitehorn.

    ”oh no”

    aelin got up, throwing a soft quilt over her, and paced. “this is the happiest ive ever been,” aelin turned to look a lys.

    “is it for you, too?”

    lysandra stared, mouth slightly open in sleep deprived surprise. “yes, very much so.”

    aelin lit up. “then why don’t we keep doing this? in secret?”

    that sounded good to both of them, it seemed, for they had visited each other every other night since then, aelin and lysandra managing to get aedion and rowan to go hang out with the cadre.

    #throne of glass #lysaelin #aelin x lysandra #sapphic#wlw#fluff#aelin #aelin ashryver galathynius #lysandra tog
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  • smallerontheoutside
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    k so i watched the old guard finally bc i wanted to know what the hype was all about and then i listened to my recently liked songs on spotify and here are some songs that i found are relevant maybe

    junk of the heart (happy) - if this is not a joenicky song then i don't know what is

    this is why we fight - the only reason this song wasn't in the movie was licensing issues, tbh

    glory and gore - look fight me if you want but andy absolutely went through a gladiator/shitfight phase at SOME point

    follow my feet - the sound of new people, after coming to terms with immortality but before finally settling into a long-term relationship with Being Good

    the humbling river - the sound of wayward veterans returning to Being Good after a stint of Being Chaotic

    #the old guard #tog #honestly i'm on board #i'm sure there are more songs in my recent likes #now i want to make Some Graphic Art #anyway if tog2 isn't about a Bad One or a newbie gone rogue i'll be quite sad #actually it is likely in my mind to be Quynh who Goes Rogue #but she finds the Path To Goodness #through the Undying Love of a certain Andromache #which is ironic because while the love is undying the lover is not #oh i made myself sad
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  • pitterpatterpot
    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    What’s this?? A new Throne of Glass fic!


    #part of the lions Pride universe #spin off #chapter 2 is the new content #aedion#cadre#tog #enjoy!!
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  • theloverofdragons
    31.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    always loved the quests where our dragon flies alongside us ^.^ 

    also the backgrounds for the latest reimagined quests have been absolutely beautiful <3

    #df spoilers#dragonfable#the hero#quenelda#the dragon#two gulps #verly did mention working on having this possibly become a full time feature which is very exciting #i would link the tweet but tumblr won't let me :( #another great reimagined #looks to be setting up the vind joining forces with the shears #and looking forward to the espina rosa rewrite #also nice to see the continued joke of the hero having all sorts of weapons and other random items in their bag #like the huge cookies and the tog sdfghjk
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  • hitterhackerthief5x09
    30.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    are there any good the old guard fics that's just fun/conspiracy with immortality crack?

    #the old guard #I've never read tog fic and don't know how the ao3 tags for it work
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  • iisabelinski
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Aelin Ashryver Galathynius; the Fire-breathing queen. 

    This is a remake of one of the first fanart pieces I posted here. I wanted to see how much I’d grown in a year of working on my digital painting skills :D

    #tog #throne of glass #aelin #aelin ashryver galathynius #rowaelin#fanart#tog fanart #sarah j maas #talk about a glow up #for all of my booklovers out there who follow me #and only get starwars stuff lol #my favorite girl aelin in all her glory
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  • negotiumcrucis
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago


    My Truest Love,

    It feels rather silly writing these words down when I cannot entrust them to an envelope and pray for it to find its way back to you. It pains me so that I do not know where you will lay down your head next. All I wish for is to have you in the crook of my arm, your gentle breathing luring me to a peaceful slumber. I do not recall the last time I have slept a full night.

    I imagine you will be cross with me when you find out. I hope it happens soon.

    I have made bread this morning, just the way I used to make it when we first met. Flour and water, and a pinch of salt. The very stuff of life, you used to say. I felt my arms burning with the effort of kneading the dough, but it smelled heavenly after I finished baking it. I cannot find good olive oil in this place, but when I broke the loaf after the prayers, I watched the butter melt as it touched its surface. Still, my mouth did not water at the sight.

    As I ate it, I could not help wondering when your last meal was. What it was. Do you even remember the taste of food made without fear, or hate? You are always so good at taking care of others, and yet I know you look so poorly after yourself. Especially when you are on your own. Maybe because you are on your own.

    I wish I could care for you now. I wish I could feed you the bread I baked this morning.

    Little Annie assured me it tasted very good. Her mother says she is eight already, but she looks so small, and for that I have sneaked an extra loaf in their basket when everyone else was distracted. I am sure you would approve of it. Annie was the one who handed me your letter. She looked almost scared when her group arrived, but she stared at me with a very serious face as she presented me with the crumpled piece of paper. It had been safely tucked inside her doll.

    “The man in red asked me to keep it hidden,” she said to me. I confess it took me a moment, and my confusion must have shown on my features, plain as shame, because her father took me aside and told me how you had found them.

    (continue reading on ao3)

    #tales through time #ttt spoilers #the old guard #the old guard fic #joe | yusuf al-kaysani #joe x nicky #nicky x joe #immortal husbands #because I wanted to see joe’s side on 'love letters' #tog: my writing
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  • live-the-fangirl-life
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Misplaced Mail

    Aelin Galathynius x Rowan Whitethorn

    Aelin accidently opens a package addressed for Rowan. Not a big issue. Except that he opened a package addressed to her. Issue.

    Masterlist | Read on Ao3

    Warnings: Language

    1131 words


    One of the simple joys in life, Aelin decided, was getting an alert that a package you ordered finally arrived.

    She’d just sat back down at her desk, after having taken a very short lunch because ‘that article better be in my inbox by the end of the day, Ms. Galathynius’ and she had a decent amount of editing that still needed to be done.

    When her phone buzzed with a new email notification, she was sure it was another spam email but was pleasantly surprised to see it was the delivery alert for one of the orders she’d made earlier that week.

    If hard-pressed, she wouldn’t be able to say what exactly she’d ordered—according to Elide, Aelin had a teensy, tiny, online shopping addiction—but whatever it was would surely be a bright spot in the stressful day she was having.

    Deciding to act on the small burst of energy the alert had given her, Aelin opened the article she was writing and powered through for the rest of the afternoon.


    Stepping into the lobby of her apartment building, Aelin quickly picked up her mail—ad, ad, bill, ad, and her package!

    She took the elevator up to the fourth floor and walked down the hall towards her door. She wasn’t familiar with a lot of her neighbors, people mostly kept to themselves, but she did know the resident of the apartment directly across from hers.

    Rowan Whitethorn. They’d had more than a few conversations. It was mostly bickering, but she could always sense that he enjoyed their banter almost as much as she did. He was also insanely attractive, and she couldn’t help but occasionally watch from her peephole when he went for runs in his very tight workout gear, or when he returned in his very tight, very sweaty, workout gear.

    Aelin collapsed on her couch before pulling her box closer. Forgoing a knife, she managed to lift the tape and rip off the adhesive sealing the cardboard together. She didn’t recognize the logo on the box inside, but it wasn’t like she knew the manufacturers of all the products she orders.

    With a small smile on her face, Aelin tossed the cardboard aside and opened the actual box.

    Her excitement immediately morphed into confusion as she looked at what was sitting in her lap. A thousand questions raced through her mind.

    “What the fuck is this?”

    “Why would I order this?”

    “Did I drunk-buy again?”

    “Seriously, what is this?”

    Aelin stared at the strange object for another long moment before her brain clicked. It was a piece of some kind of weird exercise equipment.

    Her eyes flew wide as she scrambled for the cardboard box it came in. She flipped it over, eyes scanning the label, and then she cringed.

    It wasn’t addressed to her.

    It was addressed to a Mr. Rowan Whitethorn.

    Shit. Oops.

    Brows furrowing, Aelin reached for her phone and found the email confirming the delivery of her package. Right there, the confirmation.

    She winced. If she had Rowan’s package, that meant that he most likely had hers.

    A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts and she rose from her perch on the couch to open the door.

    Standing in her doorway was Rowan.

    “Uh, I think I—I mean, I accidently—Uh, this is yours.” He thrust a box into her arms so quickly it was as if it burned him to hold it.

    Aelin didn’t think she’d ever seen him look so flustered. His face was a bright red, he was stuttering over his words, and he wouldn’t meet her eye as she adjusted the box to get a better grip.

    She just raised an eyebrow at him and slowly said, “Thank you. Yeah, there must have been a mix-up because I grabbed one of yours.”

    Aelin placed the box in her hands on the counter as she walked to the couch to get Rowan’s package. When she turned back to him, she caught his eyes quickly dart away from her face. Weird. Normally he was cool and composed, but right now he looked like he wanted to bolt.

    “I don’t even know what this is.” She gave him his rightful box and he mumbled a thanks before turning to leave.

    She leaned against the doorframe, crossing her arms, and watching perplexed as Rowan fumbled for his key to unlock his door.

    “Okay, Whitethorn, what’s got you so jumpy?” Maybe she was a little too amused by his obvious discomfort at whatever she’d ordered.

    He whipped around, dropping his key to the floor, and cursed before reaching to pick it back up.

    “Nothing. Hm? I’m good. Its nothing.”

    She snorted. “It’s obviously something. Gods, I can’t even remember what I bought,” she turned to grab the box on her counter, Rowan still trying to unlock his door, and lifted the lid to see inside.

    She choked on air.

    Now she remembered what she ordered.

    It was three nights ago when Lysandra and Elide came over for girl’s night. They all had a little too much wine and binged watched rom-coms all night. Aelin remembered pieces of a conversation about her so-called dry spell, honestly, Lysandra, three months isn’t that long.

    At some point, the three of them found a particular website that specialized in devices to aid in those dry spells. And apparently Aelin had placed an order.

    Gods, she needed to get better at hiding her credit card from herself when she knew she’d be drinking. Not like it would do much good, she thought, she’d had those numbers memorized for years.

    The sound of Rowan door finally opening made her look up, and it was then she had the full realization:

    Rowan, her neighbor, her extremely hot neighbor that she had a not-so-secret crush on, opened her very realistically-shaped, bright pink, vibrator.

    If only the universe could open a hole at her feet so she could disappear.

    The only reason she could keep her voice steady was because Rowan seemed far more embarrassed than she was. Besides, she was an adult woman, why shouldn’t she own a vibrator…or four.

    “Ah, thanks, I uh, wouldn’t want to lose this.” She cringed, why did she have to make this so awkward. More awkward.

    Rowan didn’t say anything, but she saw his face get even redder. The tops of his ear were now a bright pink.

    In a split-second decision, Aelin decided to throw caution to the wind and say, ‘Fuck it’. She drew up all her bravado and smirked at him as he turned and caught her eye.

    “You know,” she winked, “maybe you could help me out sometime and I wouldn’t need this.”

    Grinning at his slack-jawed, wide-eyed, stunned face, she turned on her heel and shut her door.



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    30.07.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #tower of god #ja wangnan#wangnan #wangnan tower of god #wangnan tog #your fave hates postplus #post+#postplus#post plus
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  • overh0l
    30.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    cant handle sad shit so i shitpost pt. 2

    #mine#tog #the old guard #booker#joe#nicky #nicolo di genova #sebastien le livre #yusuf al-kaysani #i just want booker at peace #but also ahehe #ominous music #also have i said that i ship booker with anyone #yeah i ship booker with EVERYONE
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  • the-regal-warrior
    30.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Like a Zombie Most Days

    Here’s part three for Dorian’s Halloween Party!

    Prompt: 47. “So babe, how do I look?” “Honestly, I can’t tell a difference. You look like a zombie most days.”

    Characters: Nox and Kaltain


    Nox wasn’t sure where his girlfriend disappeared to - her sister had whisked her off the moment they’d walked in the door - but given the smirk on Manon’s face when she’d steered her away, he had a feeling he didn’t want to know exactly what kind of trouble they were most likely causing. He was content to just chill in the seat built into the front window of Dorian’s very large and very thoroughly decorated house until Rhiannon came and found him.

    He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting there before a dark-haired zombie appeared in front of him, a blonde ballerina holding her hand. 

    “Hey, Kaltain,” he greeted, pulling her into a gentle hug so he didn’t mess up her zombie makeup. “Nice costume, but isn’t Sorscha wearing the same thing?” He thought he’d seen the other girl wearing something fairly similar when she’d walked by him earlier. 

    Nodding, she answered, “yeah, she is. But I don’t feel so bad - Melle’s got a costume double as well.”

    “Is that so?” he asked, pulling Remelle into a hug as well. Although he had been friends with Kaltain for years, he’d quickly become friends with her girlfriend. “Who stole your costume?”

    Remelle laughed as she replied, pulling back and leaning against her girlfriend’s shoulder. “Nesryn. But I picked a simple costume, I’m not surprised someone else did as well. I thought that Kal would be safe though, given the sheer amount of work zombie makeup takes.”

    He nodded, chuckling when he saw how proud Kaltain looked of the work she’d put into her costume. 

    Striking a pose, she winked at her girlfriend. “So babe,” Kaltain asked, “how do I look?”

    “Honestly, I can’t tell a difference.” Remelle paused, shooting her a sympathetic look. “You look like a zombie most days.” The tone of her voice made it clear she was joking, but there was truth in her words.

    Nox gasped, but was surprised to see Kaltain just nodding in weary agreement. “It’s true,” she agreed. “I’m so busy most days that I feel like a zombie.” She’d stayed in school to get an advanced degree, but she also had to work full time to be able to afford it, so that wasn’t a surprising statement.

    “Still,” Nox said to Remelle, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

    The two girls laughed, sharing an affectionate look. “Oh relax,” Remelle huffed, “Kal knows I meant it affectionately. I’m just glad she was able to be here tonight.”

    “Me too, love,” Kaltain responded.

    Sighing, Nox just draped an arm over each of their shoulders. “I suppose that makes sense,” he teased, steering them further into the room. “Now, let’s go find my girlfriend and hope she hasn’t caused too much trouble on her own.”

    “She’s not the troublemaking type.” Remelle looked confused, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. 

    Nox just nodded sagely. “She’s with Manon.”

    “We’re fucked,” Kaltain grumbled, causing them all to laugh. 

    It was true - the sisters tended to wreak all sorts of havoc at Dorian’s party every single year. But it made his girlfriend happy, which Nox wouldn’t trade for the world.


    Stay tuned for the fourth one tomorrow!

    Tags: @highqueenofelfhame @city-of-fae @musicmaam @snelbz @tacmc @tangledraysofsunshine @lordof-bloodshed @nalgenewhore @photofeesh @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars @belamoonbeam @mis-lil-red @julemmaes @thesirenwashere @tswaney17 @b00kworm @maastrash @empress-ofbloodshed @hellasblessed @mynewdreamwasyou @maybekindasortaace @hizqueen4life @firestarsandseneschals @bielectra @bamchickawowow @ireallyshouldsleeprn @thegoddessofyou @somenerdydancer @darlinminds @perseusannabeth @flamingveritas @treasurethelittlethings @bookstantrash @sexy-dumpster-fire @story-scribbler @infernoqueen19 @live-the-fangirl-life @vanzetanze @hikari274 @the-hospitality-of-knives @mysticalgothpsychicstudent

    As always, if you want to be added to or removed from my tags, just let me know! And don’t forget to let me know what you thought!

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  • salzundhonig
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    If you were wondering, yes I am still thinking about ttt#4 and Fraction's narration. I am specifically thinking about this line "How do you make a ghost town? First, you take a town... Then fill it with ghosts." as well as this one: "Time hadn't been kind to her labrys. Its edges dulled by rush and neglect. If the blade didn't shatter on impact, it would make rough, jagged wounds prone to infection and disease. Good."

    #'blood in only begets blood out' how many did she say this. how much of a truth was this proven to her #the 'Good.' gets me everytime. it's such a grim and dark thought she has in this moment #ttt spoilers#ttt#tog comics #andromache the scythian #matt fraction#brain leak
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  • wickedpact
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #that song has nothing to do with tog but god is it a bop
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  • surielandiareendgame
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    When Passion Rules the Game, Part Three

    Some NSFW//Part Two//2759 words

    The rest of the week was pure torture. Rowan’s position in the company, right underneath her, made it hard to avoid him, and Aelin was frustrated as hell by the time Friday rolled around. Once she was out for the weekend and she didn’t have to worry about being yelled at again for being tardy the next day, she headed to a bar. Aelin needed some release after the shitstorm that had been Rowan Whitethorn.

    It was even more crowded than it had been on Monday night, people on every side of Aelin. This wasn’t some classy, upscale establishment, it was a dirty, overflowing shithole that Aelin frequented both because there was less a chance of her recognizing anyone, and because she liked it here.

    Aelin sipped from her drink, eyeing the people around her. One man, blond and cheerful, met her gaze, and she smiled seductively. Aelin had turned flirting into an art form. It was a rare night indeed that she went home alone.

    The man made his way over. “Hello, darling.”

    Aelin smirked. “Hey.”

    And so it began.

    Five minutes later, Fenrys, she had discovered, had his hand resting on her hip, while her own hand was trailing along his arm. He had asked her name, and she told him Celaena, the name she often gave people she met in this scenario. It would have been even more embarrassing had she falsely identified herself to Rowan, she thought, before she could help herself. Then she tried to stop thinking about him.

    Before she could ask Fenrys if he wanted to get out of here and help her drown out the roaring in her head—the contemplations of Rowan—something caught her eye. Or rather, someone.

    Leaning against the wall and speaking to a tall, pretty brunette was Rowan.

    Aelin managed not to gasp out loud, deciding that she needed to quietly extract herself from the situation. Yes, that was the plan. Make an excuse to Fenrys and get out. It was simple. Until Rowan looked her way.

    His eyes widened upon seeing her her; not that either of them really had any right to be surprised. They both knew the other enjoyed spending time here.

    Mentally cursing herself, Aelin debated what to do. She definitely couldn’t talk to him, nor could she keep staring at him forever. She would still have to leave and hope he didn’t bring it up at work. But was there really any point in turning down Fenrys when Rowan now knew what she was up to?

    “Are you okay?”

    Aelin snapped back to Fenrys, who was watching her with concern.

    Aelin hesitated. “Yeah, my friend is calling me over. I need to leave.” They both knew it was a lie, but Fenrys seemed too nice to call her out on it. Feeling bad—and feeling she was missing an opportunity—Aelin flashed her best smile and added, “Maybe next time, if I ever see you around here again.”

    He grinned and said, “Maybe.”

    Then Aelin left from her spot at the bar and headed away, the easy smile evaporating from her face as she hurried toward the door. She didn’t dare look to where Rowan stood.

    She made it five steps out the door before she heard Rowan call, “Aelin! Wait!”

    She stopped but didn’t turn around. “You shouldn’t be approaching me outside of work. It’s inappropriate.”

    “It’s—” Rowan started, sighing in exasperation. Aelin turned toward him to find the man running a hand through his hair stressfully. “Aelin, I—”

    “Miss Galathynius!” Aelin yelled. She hadn’t meant to scream at him; after all, he was in just as bad a position as she was. But hearing her name on Rowan’s lips was too much for her.

    Rowan winced. “Miss Galathynius. I’m sorry. I just felt we needed to clear the air.”

    “There’s no need to do that, Mr. Whitethorn. I told you just to forget about it.” Aelin crossed her arms, trying to block the cold breeze. She was wearing a green dress held up by thin straps. It dipped low in the front and the back, and it was fairly short. It was why no one recognized her. It was also why Aelin felt so underdressed in front of Rowan, who was wearing jeans and a button-up shirt.

    “You say that, but ignoring what happened obviously isn’t going to make this any better. We can hardly speak to each other without wincing.”

    “So what?” Aelin hissed. “It will get better eventually.”

    “Do you really believe that?”

    Aelin just stared at him, wondering what to do. She had never before been in a position like this.

    “I understand that you don’t what to acknowledge what happened between us, I really do get it, but I’m in a bad position here, too. I work for you for fuck’s sake. Other people would have fired me by now, and to be honest, I don’t know you. I don’t know how secure my job is.”

    Aelin blinked at that. She hadn’t thought about how much this was affecting him. Mentally cursing herself for not bothering to wonder how Rowan was managing, she said, “I won’t fire you, I promise. Not for anything to do with this, anyway.”

    Rowan smiled slightly. “Why don’t you come back to my place? Not to do anything,” he added hurriedly. “Just to talk. You look freezing out here. I won’t make a move, I swear.”

    Aelin hesitated. She believed him, but she didn’t know if she would be able to stop herself from making a move. And now that she was aware of what a precarious position he was in, she didn’t want to do anything like that. Intentions aside, anything she did to him would be sexual harassment, plain and simple.

    But Aelin was not that kind of person. She could manage to restrain herself for this reason, at least.

    “Sure,” she told him, because they really did need to talk.

    They had taken a taxi to Rowan’s apartment last time, and they did the same now. That night they had been so close, their legs pressed together, his hand possessively gripping her thigh. Now Aelin stayed well to her side of the seat, staring out the window in silence. The few times she glanced over, Rowan was doing the same.

    Once they arrived, Rowan ran his hand through his short locks some more, something Aelin was beginning to realize was a nervous habit of his. He led her up to his place, then flipped on some lights and gestured for her to sit on the couch.

    The apartment was just as bare as it had been last time, boxes still littering the floor. Rowan must not have had any free time to unpack yet.

    “Thanks,” Aelin muttered when he passed her a jacket from the table. Apparently he’d noticed she was still cold. It was the first word spoken between then since they’d agreed to talk, but it didn’t break the uneasiness.

    Sliding the jacket on gratefully and taking a seat on Rowan’s couch, Aelin sat with her back straight. He took a spot next to her, but gave her plenty of space. Too much, even.

    Rowan cleared his throat. Then waited a few moments. It seemed that though he felt they needed to talk, he wasn’t sure what to say. Aelin decided to break the silence.

    “What do you think of me, Mr. Whitethorn?” Aelin asked.

    “What do you mean, Miss Galathynius?” They were both acting far too formal. Aelin would typically be calling her workers by their first names and inviting them to do the same, unless she really didn’t like them.

    “Does the fact that I hook up with strangers lower your opinion of me?”

    Rowan blinked. “Of course not. I do the same thing, remember?”

    “Most people, should they find out, likely wouldn’t acknowledge that fact. Women are often held to a different standard.” Aelin pulled the jacket tighter over her body.

    A pitying look crossed Rowan’s face. As much as Aelin was relieved he wasn’t arguing that fact, she did not want his pity. Still, she kept her mouth shut.

    “You’re right. But I don’t think what you do in your free time affects how well you do your job, Miss Galathynius. I’m sorry other people do.”

    “Thank you, Rowan. Mr. Whitethorn.” Aelin tried not to blush. She’d been so annoyed when he had called her by her first name, and here she was.

    Thankfully, he didn’t say anything about her slip, only raising an eyebrow. “So, we fucked.”

    “Yep,” Aelin said.

    Rowan nodded. “Now what?”

    Aelin laughed. “I don’t know. Short of doing it again I don’t think… um…” She trailed off as she realized what she had said.

    “What were you saying?” Rowan asked hoarsely.

    Aelin tensed. “Well, I was just commenting on the fact that doing it again would probably relieve the tension. Not that I’m suggesting actually doing it. I was just… joking…”

    “Doing it again…” Rowan mused, almost to himself.

    Aelin bit her lip. She hadn’t realized how close they had gotten on the couch, only inches apart. When had that happened?

    Aelin felt something on her thigh, and she knew without looking down that it was Rowan’s hand. She wanted to be angry, but she suddenly realized her own hand was resting on his chest.

    Rowan leaned in, and their breath mingled. It was so wrong, so so wrong. He worked for her—she was his boss. But his hand was so warm and his eyes were so dilated and Aelin couldn’t stop staring at his lips.

    The next thing she knew, they were kissing.

    This kiss was no less passionate than any of the ones they’d shared that first night. Rowan’s tongue parted Aelin’s lips, darting into her mouth, and she groaned. His hands came to her waist, possessive as ever. There were reasons they shouldn’t be doing this, but Aelin couldn’t think of what they were. All she knew was that Rowan was touching her the way she wanted to be touched and if felt so gods-damn right.

    Aelin slipped out of the jacket and climbed onto Rowan’s lap, straddling him. He nipped at her lower lip, drawing out a groan, and tugged her father toward him. She could feel his half-hard cock right underneath her, and she ground down on it, yearning for any sort of friction.

    A feral groan left Rowan’s mouth and he flipped them so that Aelin was underneath him on the couch, covered by his enormous frame. She shifted so that her legs were free, then wrapped them around Rowan’s waist. Aelin moved, grinding her hips on him once more, needy for some sort of relief.

    Rowan, panting, reached for the first strap of her dress. So that he could pull it down. So that her breasts would be free. So that she could be naked and he could fuck her.


    Rowan paused, weighed the sincerity of her tone, then sat back, letting her up. He didn’t ask her what was wrong. There was no need; understanding shone in his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be,” Aelin said, straightening her dress as best as she could. “We both initiated that.”

    Rowan nodded. He didn’t ask her for more or tell her it didn’t matter. He just understood, just acknowledged the fact that Aelin wasn’t willing to do this anymore and didn’t argue.

    This couldn’t happen. The first time hadn’t been wrong—after all, Aelin hadn’t known what she was doing, even if he had technically been her employee even then. But now… she had worked too hard to let this happen. If anyone found out that a female CEO was sleeping with one of her employees, she would be disgraced and her life’s dream would end in ruin. Sex, even damn good sex, was not worth that.

    “I should go.”

    Rowan nodded again. “That’s probably for the best.”

    “I’m sorry,” Aelin said, mimicking his apology.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    Aelin shook her head. “I did, though. I know better than this. As long as you continue to work hard, your job is safe.”

    “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

    Neither was angry. Aelin was pretty sure Rowan was as disappointed in himself as she was with her own actions. She had never been so careless, so rebellious of the rules.

    Aelin gave one last nod, then stood and exited his apartment, her mind whirling. So quickly, she had come to her senses and put a firm end to their hungry movements. What if she hadn’t, though? What if she had let Rowan have his way with her, what if he had touched her and fucked her and gods-damn owned her?

    Feeling like an idiot for imagining what could have been, Aelin made her way home and got ready for bed. It was late, and she knew that it would take some time for her to get to sleep, as it had all of the past week.

    Dorian was gone, having finally grown a pair and apologized to Manon for spilling coffee on her favorite dress. Which meant the house was empty.

    The silence was too much for Aelin. She couldn’t stop thinking about the way he had confidently dirty-talked her the night they’d met, the words he had spoken. When Aelin started remembering how he had kissed her not an hour ago, trailing his hands along her skin, she couldn’t quite stop her own hands from repeating the motions.

    Obviously Aelin wasn’t going to be able to forget what Rowan had done with her, and she needed to relieve herself somehow. It wasn’t wrong. That’s what Aelin kept telling herself at her hands moved to her breasts, massaging them. This isn’t wrong, this isn’t wrong.

    She was only wearing a t-shirt and panties, and Aelin efficiently stripped, committing to what she was doing. Just this once.

    Then Aelin set to work. She let one hand continue playing with her breast, twisting her own nipple. The other moved down her body, caressing the soft skin. Worked up enough as it was thinking about Rowan, and permanently impatient, Aelin plunged two fingers into her entrance.

    She sighed in content, beginning to thrust her fingers in and out, working herself. Her own callouses scraped deliciously against her walls, but they weren’t like Rowan’s. None of this was like Rowan.

    Wishing that she could have the real thing, instead of some immature fantasy, Aelin finger-fucked herself harder, pretending it was him. The hand on her breast was Rowan’s rough touch, the hand in her pussy was him making her feel good.

    Aelin moaned. She could almost hear his deep voice berating her, ordering her what to do. She could almost see him, hovering above her with that smirk, pretending he wasn’t just as turned on as she was.

    It was ever so easy to fall over the edge, groaning Rowan’s name. Aelin loathed herself for it, she truly did, but that didn’t make it feel any less good. Her body shook for a moment, but Aelin couldn’t help but think Rowan would have made it better for her.

    As soon as she came down from her high, Aelin slipped out of bed. She splashed her face with water in the bathroom angrily, wondering what had happened to her. She was never like this.

    Then Aelin pulled on a shirt and some sweats and headed outside. Disregarding the fact that it was the middle of the night, Aelin set off on a brutal pace, jogging along the sidewalk. It was difficult to see with the limited light of the street lamps, but Aelin didn’t care. Hell, if she fell and twisted her ankle, she’d deserve it.

    Aelin had been an athlete in high school and college, and with the adrenaline and fury coursing through her veins, her max speed was pretty fucking fast.

    It was a long time before Aelin calmed down enough to head back and go inside. And when the time came, she promised herself never to touch herself again while thinking of Rowan Whitethorn. Or to touch him again. Or to so much as admire his chiseled chest, or his structured cheekbones, or his mirthful, full lips…

    What had Aelin been thinking? Right, every encounter with Rowan would be entirely professional from now on. She would surely have no issue with that, not after the embarrassment and shame that had stemmed from tonight.

    But Aelin’s vow to remain indifferent toward Rowan was about to be tested in more ways than one.


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