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  • thirst-teenth
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    It's uuuh sad af and quite telling that it took y'all almost a year and the emotional equivalent of a slap in the face to realize that mayhaps Andromaquynh is, in fact, just as deeply moving of a ship, as well as more than a sidepairing :) disappointed but not surprised, let's see how long it lasts

    #back to them being very briefly mentioned in fics while still being fully tagged in about 4 days 🙃 #andromaquynh#immortal wives #andy x quynh #andromache the scythian #quynh #the old guard #tog#m#tog discourse #and for the majority of the art and visual content to get /minimal/attention #ok to reblog btw
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  • asterioll
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #tog discourse #Actually... I am more of a bottom!Nicky fan so according to your twisted logic I should be... I don't know... a white suprem*cist?!? #I don't know you guys are exhausting #Oh yes! I'm a bad white fangirl! And I'm here to perpetuate stereotypes and hate by reading metas and fanfictions in the internet! #beware the evil fangirl!!! #ma vaffanculo! #te e la tua cricca di n*zi cerebrolesi
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  • eiseul
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm sorry I said I will not talk about TOG discourse, but this fandom has successfully deterred me from being on tumblr anymore and led to me leaving discord servers, so this will be my last general comment.

    I don't think people disagree that Fandom Racism is a real issue that should be addressed and considered. Early on, I saw some actually good and informative posts about racist portrayals in fandom, which I will again thank those people. 

    There’s a difference between constructive criticism and harassment. There is a place for conversation on fandom racism. But guess what? People in this fandom do not ALLOW for them.

    In an ideal fandom with constructive criticism:

    Give benefit of the doubt on the creator (who knows what their background is, please don’t make assumptions) 

    DM the creator, let them know your concerns

    Have a dialogue and create an opportunity to learn. 

    What this toxic TOG fandom does: 

    Assume creator is a white racist who is purposefully making this to harm you

    Vagueblog about how terrible something is, and never reach out to the actual person

    Harass the creator, often with hate anon, bullying, ridiculing them for entertainment, etc. 

    Ah yes, these same people bemoan that ‘racists’ in this fandom won’t listen to your “criticism”! How do you expect this fandom to have conversations when you NEVER directly reach out to the person and instead publically HARASS them??

    Will these people go “but we did try to communicate with them!” Lol I can assure you, you most definitely did not. Stop being a liar. Please provide me with receipts of your “attempts.” 🙂🙂

    Also if you think hypersexualizing Joe as an exotic bottom twink doesn’t perpetuate orientalism, I don’t know what to tell you. I really don’t. 

    A brown man being subjugated or raped by white man is A-okay? As if there are no issues of POCs being brutalized by white people in history and real life?

    Yeah those fics exist. 🙂

    It doesn’t matter if Joe is portrayed as aggressive or hypersexualized as long as he bottoms?????? It doesn’t matter if Joe is carefully written with up most love and care, with fics being checked by MENA Muslim sensitivity readers, if he tops?????

    Somehow Joe bottoming = correct non racist characterization????

    Oh and those who blindly listen to only one MENA individual and think they represent the views on opinions of all MENA (fyi they’re not a monolith), I also don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you can try listening to other MENA and POCs unless their opinions don’t matter because it doesn’t follow your narrative? Hm, then you’re not quite “protecting” all MENA people are you, only those MENA that agree with your opinion. 

    My last comments: if you ever cared about me, please do not engage with any hate or trolling that will inevitably come my way. Thank you.

    And with that add me to the list of POC content creators leaving this fandom soon.

    #seultalk#tog discourse #i am ready to get dogpiled for having differing opinion #lol #anyway this is my almost last goodbye message to this fandom #I still have ton of wips and gifts to finish but I'm on the fence about posting them here
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  • azuredragon7567
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I thought the discourse had mostly died down, but I actually think the people who were involved that I followed left tumblr, so I’m gonna go ahead and post this(Also, these are my personal opinions about trends I have seen.  I can’t speak for what other people believe and/or things I’m not aware of)That being said, tw for mentions of racism, rape/sexual assault, abuse, historical propaganda and genocide(The Crusades)

    Now, dark!Joe fic is not racist, and dark!Joe fic where he’s abusing Nicky in some way isn’t inherently racist either, but there are tropes under this category that are, without questions, racist and are a result of years of historical propaganda that have been normalized.  I talked about them yesterday, but I’m going to be more specific now.

    Joe abusing/raping/selling Nicky to other Muslim men as punishment for the Crusades is racist for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it’s stereotypical.  Not only is it stereotypical, there are people in real life who believe Muslim people win wars by invading a country, killing all the men and raping the women so they get pregnant with Muslim children.  This is an opinion I have actually heard.  That should be enough right there, but this trope also takes Nicky who, in canon, went to Jerusalem to commit genocide against a group of people he hated, and makes him a victim to the group of people he wronged.  It takes Joe, a literal victim of genocide, and makes him the one who is morally corrupt here.  Making Joe 'unreasonably’ angry and violent while dismissing Nicky’s actual actions is racist in this situation

    Before I start with my next point; there is actual historical propaganda, starting around the Crusades, about Muslim men raiding Christian monasteries/cities and raping, capturing and killing the men, women, and children in these places.  Making jokes about this, either coming from Joe or being said about him, in fics is directly recreating propaganda that has been used for centuries(and is still being shown in media) to vilify and other real cultures and people.

    In addition to that, the amount of Evil King/Sultan/Warlord Joe invading Nicky’s home and taking him as a sex slave or making him part of a harem does the exact same thing as making those jokes, but with far more weight to them because people have been writing, fictional and ‘factual’, books depicting  Muslim men as savage, lustful and and sexually cruel.

    I suggest this if you want to read more about the history of these things; https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/42393299.pdf

    Also, an addendum, writing these things does not automatically make you racist or purposefully malicious; they are common parts of mainstream media and have been part of out society for, as I said, literally hundreds of years.  These things are harmful though, historically and now, and are a sign of a social bias, which you cannot control but you should be made aware of

    I am not kinkshaming anyone, nor am I angry because someone wrote something I ‘didn’t like’.  Top/Bottom discourse has nothing to do with this.  I realize that anything with these themes were likely not created with the intent to do harm, but I also think intent doesn’t matter.  Harmful racial and cultural stereotypes are unintentionally spread all the time, because people aren’t aware of their cultural biases and the harm they can cause.  Having biases does not make you a bad person, everyone has them, but these are real, historical facts and events that have caused real harm which should not be talked around, or dismissed.

    #the old guard #the old guard discourse #tog#tw rape#tw racsim#tw genocide #let me know if there’s anything else I should tag
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  • sholeh675
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    So there’s been a lot happening the last few days, some of it centered around the most recent TopJoe server event. It’s also come to my attention that another “list” was made and accusations of racism. 

    I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve written a number of TopJoe fics that have darker themes: underage, dubious consent, immoral!Joe (in an AU setting), unsafe sex, tentacles, etc. 

    I like dark, morally grey, weird shit. Those are things I like to write about. Not all the time (you may notice if you look at both of my profiles that I’ve also written femslash, Non-Romance Crossover fic, Character studies, Meet-Cutes, Slow Burns, etc). But yeah, I like weird stuff, and I try to tag for it extensively so that anyone who does not like the idea of the fic can avoid it. And then I write extensive author’s notes warning people about the content in greater detail so that you can backspace it if it’s not your thing. 

    But it seems that writing Joe in certain ways (again, always in AU settings for me) is unacceptable because depicting him in these scenarios can only be maliciously racist and is part of the larger systemic racism present in many societies. 

    Okay, so what if the premise of my most controversial fics were flipped? Joe is an underage Muslim teenager and begins a relationship with an older white man, or Nicky makes revenge porn to blackmail Joe, who has blackmailed older men to further his own career. I can totally understand why you wouldn’t like a fic with Joe in those roles I’ve described, and that’s why I tag so much. But a white man preying on a POC man can also be extremely problematic. 

    (Also I’d love to have it known that I don’t write Nicky as an uwu helpless white boy in the face of the aggressive brown man. If you think that’s in my story after reading it, please DM me, that was not my intention and I have edited my fics after getting feedback before.)

    So if a Muslim man doing these things is feeding into dangerous stereotypes, a white man doing these “awful” things to a brown man is… what? Not reminding people that there’s a long, hateful history of white men being hyper-aggressive toward people of color? Both scenarios can be disturbing to certain people, and the repeated dismissal of that fact by the people in this fandom who only go after “TopJoe” fics is galling. 

    Nicky gets abused too much, and it should be Joe instead because we like him more and only people who are abused or whumped get sympathy. Does this sound right to you? Because this is a hottake I’ve heard making the rounds a few times. If you like extreme kinks and want to see Nicky, or Joe, or Andy, or Nile, or Booker, or whoever, being the focus of that, that’s up to you. Everyone has their reasons for what they want to write/read and I don’t know anyone here well enough to make assumptions about their motivations.

    Also, I have never told people, not once, what they could or couldn’t write. I have never said that people should block another person’s content because I felt it was disgusting. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings and what might be disturbing to them is unique. It’s up to individuals to decide what content is safe for them to consume, and so to allow someone to do that for you, without an explanation as to why you should besides “here are the bad people”, is something I find extremely disturbing.

    By all means, though. If you need to block me on ao3, please do so. I have absolutely no problem with that. The same goes for the #TopJoePornathon2021 event. There are several people that I have blocked on tumblr and ao3, and it’s not for personal reasons, but because their content makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    However, I don’t believe the main architects of the most recent “discourse” are genuine. I have never spoken to any of them personally, and when I started writing “problematic” fics, not one of them approached me about it. Instead, that’s when the vagueblogging started (though to be fair, the originator of the “list” was not one of them. In fact, she left a lovely comment on one of my fics in October, so I guess I wasn’t that awful then- even with my ~problematic~ underage fic already published). I have since blocked many of them because of how they vagued me or because they’ve vagued people I know, or because I don’t think a constructive conversation with them is possible, for one reason or another. 

    I’ve always considered myself a reasonably open and friendly person. If you come to my DMs or my askbox, I won’t be dismissive or rude. I’ve thought a great deal about my own stories, about how I’m portraying the characters, since I’ve joined the fandom, and I really do invite the opinions of people who are respectful, who aren’t interested in condescending to me or assuming I must have bad intentions because of what I like to write. 

    But I don’t hate anyone in this fandom. I don’t know any of you, not really. We’re all strangers on the internet, no matter how well you think you know a person whose blog you follow or whose fic you read or whose art you like.  

    Emotions are high right now- there are so many awful things going on in the world and this feels so small in comparison. Especially stories written for a small fandom that are tagged for their potentially triggering content and rarely get over 3000 hits. So again, please block anything that you feel needs to be blocked. But don’t pretend that the current discourse is anything other than a tumblr performance.

    #the old guard #tog#tog discourse #sorry guys it's personal this time #old guard discourse #and this is all i'll say on this #block me if you need to
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  • theres-a-tv-joe
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Discussing racism =|= bullying.

    Posting a list of AO3 user IDs to block “”””for safety”””” is.

    People can’t track those IDs, people can’t know who they’re blocking and for what reason - people in the fandom totally unaware that you exist and your bullshit post comes across their dash???

    Yeah, asking them to block a bunch of poc cos they don’t agree with your (increasingly more volatile and hostile) fucking take on how to handle fan fiction is low - oh I’m sorry, I forgot literally all of them were just “racist poc” cos so fucking many disagree with you 🙃

    also other parts of the fandom YOU don’t care about because it doesn’t involve 2 men are also gonna see that ID post... yknow, ppl who don’t give a fuck about your pairing??? Do you guys think you’re the centre of the fucking universe???

    Like there’s a whole world out there go get a dose of reality and stop being a pos online

    #I’m still trying to fathom how I got on that list #given I wrote fuck all for the fandom HA #but I think it’s just cos they assumed I’d make JoexNicky content for the pornathon #ahahahahahahahah #me: hey guys really great event can’t wait to see!! #the crazies: omggg block her AO3 for s a f e t y #insert wut.jpeg #ToG discourse#again #to remind everyone #they’re doing this on the third day of an event which was well put together and thought out #toxic jealous bitches be petty ig 💁🏻‍♀️
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  • segretecose
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    the very italian tendency toward victimism is so painfully evident in the tog fandom i swear to god. like. the 'italiani brava gente' colonial myth of it all. the fascist rhetoric of it all. the historical revisionism of it all. the entitlement, the complete lack of awareness and empathy for others. the illusion of moral superiority. the defensiveness verging on aggressiveness. textbook victim mentality. literally seek help

    #not only in the tog fandom of course #but oh my god #read a fucking book you pieces of shit #or at the very least have the decency to shut the fuck up #i don't even engage with it but every now and again i get a whiff of discourse #and it just gets worse and worse
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  • shadowhannibad
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    I’ll start by saying that I hate that I’m doing this. I did not want to give these people more of my time and attention, but alas, there’s only so much public bashing and vagueblogging a person can take. The infamous lazaefair has composed a list containing the ao3 ID user numbers of twelve people, made up of writers and artists, to be blocked “due to recent events”.  

    I’m in the list. My ID user number is 8779004: ClaritaWinter. Now that you know this, does it make it easier for you to block me? “Oh, of course that racist cunt is there! Block on sight!” or does it make it a little harder? “Oh, I’ve read a few of her works and I enjoyed, damn, what should I do now?”

    Regardless of your answer, this situation is disgusting. The list is being seen by some as just a helpful way for people who want to curate their fandom experience, but since you can’t actively search the people on that list, you will have no idea who’s content you are “protecting” yourself from. Some of the people in that list have never written porn. Some of them have never drawn porn or anything remotely close to it so far. Others have written 20k+ fics solely focused on Joe that will be immediately dismissed for the simple, small and (what should be) irrelevent detail that Joe topped in it or it was written by an author who commonly writes topJoe (yes, the trend of using top/bottom as “the rule of the thumb” to assess how racist is a a fic continues). 

    What I’m gonna say here is pretty much obvious but... do not outsource your opinions. You can check those people and decide that yes, the content they create is not for you and this case, by all means, block them, make your experience online better. But don’t do something just because someone told you to, not without proper context, especially when that person has proven time and time again how malicious her intents are. Lazaefair is not an authority on fandom racism. She does not get to decide or to tell you which works are racist and what aren’t. Or which ones are intentionally harmful or unintentionally fall under racist stereotypes. She does not get to sanction how a person should write Joe based on her whims, morals, her personal experience that isn’t of a MENA gay man. 

    Every talk about representation and racism in this fandom always gets warped back into the top/bottom narrative to the point, and that weakens their own argument. Joe-centric fics now are only bottom Joe fics, then? TopJoe isn’t racist in itself, as they keep saying, but if you’re looking for racist trends in fics, well, then the topJoe tag is where you should begin. Are you serious? And you still don’t want people to perceive this as a top/bottom discourse? Or as policing? Every action that they take contradicts their own words. 

    I’m only naming lazaefair here because she was the one who made the blocklist (and other redundant, pathetic list as well), but I know there are plenty of other vocal perpetrators that have backed her up since… July 2020. That’s right, since July. I’m not going to name them in this post because they haven't attacked me directly as she has done it, so cowardly, twice.

    I started writing fanfiction in January, 2021. TOG is literally the first fandom I have ever written for. English is my second language, I’m not a professional writer and my fics are usually short, around 3k.  All of my fics have been TopJoe. All of them, without exception. I’m not ashamed of that, and I am aware this puts a target on my back in this fandom, but I ask you, do your own research, go through my fucking ao3 first and see for yourself. If you still think my content isn’t for you, at least it’s your choice.

    If I hadn’t been so used to the general mess that this fandom is, this could’ve broken me. I’m still very, very insecure about my writing and I’m always surprised that people take their time to read what I write at all. In case people think that the members on that list shouldn’t be offended, here’s what this list is pretty much saying: These authors and artists are racists because they write/support top!Joe content. They’re dangerous. Protect yourselves.

    How in the fuck am I not supposed to take this personally and not be pissed off? Tell me, how? 

    I’m not saying I might not have reproduced racist stereotypes in my writing. I am a human being living in a racist, cisheteronormative, capitalistic society, so yes that’s a possibility. Even though I always try to be mindful about giving Joe dimensionality and not to make his sole character revolve around Nicky (of course, some of my fics are just porn and neither one of them have much in terms of dimensionality so, well). But do I deserve to have my user put in a list that is telling others that my porn is a danger to society? 

    It’s also very interesting that this is blowing up right in the middle of a fun event that the TopJoe server is running and decided, for the first time, to open it to the general public.

    If you have made up your mind about me based on other people’s opinions, I literally don’t have anything else to say to you. If you don’t,  I will just ask you this: Don’t outsource your critical thinking. Don’t go after someone without knowing their side just because SJW #3 said you should.  Do your research. 

    But you don’t get to tell me how I should feel about that list. It’s not your ID in it. It’s not you that have had your views and words turned into something ugly by someone whose sole purpose seems to be to drive every person with a topJoe preference out of this fandom. It’s not your friends having anxiety attacks right now. You do not get to do that. 

    Last but not fucking least, if you are a “mary-go-with-others” (as we say here in Brazil) then yeah, fucking block me, I don’t want weak-minded people around me.

    #the old guard #tog #joe x nicky #immortal husbands#kaysanova #nicky x joe #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #fandom discourse#discourse
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  • azuredragon7567
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’m gonna throw my opinions on TOG discourse out there, which should be fun, because a lot has happened over the last few hours, including a few people I really respect being harassed 

    Also, disclaimer, a lot of people are willfully misinterpreting the very valid claims of racism in this fandom as simply top/bottom discourse in an effort to avoid the issue.  It does play a part in the discussion but focusing on it is a very obvious aversion tactic used to shift a lot of blame around.  Because of this, I’m going to try to avoid the topic, but I will be talking about other harmful tropes I’ve seen

    TW: racism, sexual assault, physical/emotional abuse

    Jumping right in here; Nicky being gangraped by Muslin men is Jerusalem is racist.  Joe raping Nicky, selling Nicky to other people or otherwise physically/emotionally abusing Nicky post-Crusades as a ‘punishment’ for his participation is racist.  Joe taking advantage of and/or manipulating ‘pure’ virginal Nicky is a direct stereotype that is extremely harmful to real life people and you probably should take a little more care in how you write it.  Joe invading Nicky’s home and taking Nicky as a sex slave is also directly playing into real life stereotypes about MENA men and is actively harmful to actual people

    These are all things I’ve seen, either on AO3, Tumblr, or on the kinkmeme and they’re the kinds of things people are talking about when they mention racism in The Old Guard.  People in this fandom are not talking about general Joe/Nicky kink where Joe is a dom/top, or fics centered on Nicky’s trauma instead of Joe’s, or anything like that when they mention racism.

    Now, I get it, Nicky is the favorite character in the fandom, and he’s getting the same treatment that every other ‘favorite character’ gets.  A lot of these tropes(spoils of war, innocent virgin, etc.) are even used in other fandoms and they’re not inherently bad or problematic, but when you combine them with real stereotypes that cause real harm and then refuse to engage when people try to talk to you about the subject, or dismiss the topic as people being sensitive over not getting what they want, you are perpetuating harmful rhetoric that has historically caused actual harm to actual people

    There has been way, way too much talking around the issue and focusing just on sex positions when the discussion has never been about that, and people need to acknowledge the affect this can have

    #the old guard #tog discourse #the old guard discourse #tog#fandom discourse#tw racsim#tw rape#tw abuse #no actual depictions of these things #just mentions #but i thought id mention them just in case #fandom racism #might add more to this later #this is just the big stuff #other smaller trends havent even been mentioned yet
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  • theres-a-tv-joe
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    when they openly abuse and bully a muslim woc cos she didn’t like being added to a public list of Ao3 IDs that should be ‘blocked for the safety of poc in this fandom’, cos of how she writes a Muslim MENA character like

    #i’m sorry that your asian american mutual taught you be be a toxic fuck but can you put your bullshit back in a box pls. Thanks. #ToG discourse #you too can also go fuck yourself
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  • goldfishiescribbles
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Mh.... isn’t it sus to anyone else how there was no discourse for the entire length of the past few months, an absolute radio silence during events done by other servers, but the moment TopJoePornathon2021 begins, we have three days of it while being on the third day of the event? And suddenly Ao3 ID numbers are popping up to “block the evil racists” while not disclosing the names of the people in question because there are actual POC in it? And posts about how “we won’t say what’s racist, but those pesky people who like Top Joe surely are”? And posts about “racial theory” by people who burn under a light morning sun? And others who keep yapping about how there’s racism in the fandom but when you ask for them for detail they don’t know how to answer because they have no idea of what they’re saying besides... well, you know, that they’re morally superior and therefore right? And they all come from people who don’t think that people who say that the holocaust was just “something that happened” are a problem? And how none of them can answer to direct questions but keep quoting each other because, really, they don’t know what they’re saying, they just know that they’re supposed to write them because that’s what woke couch activists uwu do?

    Makes you truly think who’s the toxic assholes in the fandom, doesn’t it?

    Imagine being that untalented and lazy that the only way to get attention is to write “”“racial theory”“” posts on Tumblr about stories you haven’t read and about ethnicities you have never interacted with and about cultures you don’t even know the roots of.

    Never seen this kind of Anglo bullshit all together.

    #tog discourse #you all are disgusting hypocrites #but antisemitism is fine because your guru says so
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  • wingodex
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #the old guard #nile freeman#tog blogging#anonymous #i have... so much to say about nile and discourse markers but that's for later #nile is the kind of person who understands the importance of delivery when telling jokes #and i suspect a lot of that is very instinctual to her as well #we dont get to see nile speak much in other languages #but this kind of thing has me really curious about how she interacts with people in languages she's not as comfortable with #because she's so unbelievably good at english and she has this really great charisma in it #how does she express herself in a structure that she doesnt have mastery over? #does that make her self conscious? #does she feel it lacking? #im personally not very skilled in expressing myself the way that nile is #(its why im not very funny. what can you do) #and so when i speak other languages expressing myself is just a matter of vocabulary #but that is very much not the case for nile so it just has me thinking #tog linguistics
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  • bakedapplesauce
    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    sooooo... I'm not going to start answering all anons individually again, sorry guys, but. let me clarify a few things, because some people seem to think what I mean is "fandom is perfect, racism is made up and nobody has done anything wrong, ever!!" and some people seem to think my stance is "only good vibes, fuck anybody who dares point out racist bullshit or criticizes anybody or anything!"

    Things that are actual criticism (a very incomplete list):

    questioning artists who draw Joe, Nile, Quynh/Noriko consistently lighter / with the wrong skin tone / ignore the skin tone they're supposed to be altogether and straight up whitewash them

    seriously questioning people who continually portray Joe as aggressive, mean, dumb, inconsiderate, constantly horny, etc. ...

    just overall, calling out people who continually ascribe character traits to Joe that are, simply put, not there in canon. like, I'm all for interpretation and whatnot, but it gets majorly problematic at some point

    pointing out historical / cultural fuck-ups in fanworks, be it due to ignorance, straight-up not bothering to do any research or even for coming up with some weird, fetish-y fantasy-version of the Middle East and MENA people

    being prepared to throw hands at Joe being portrayed as a terrorist (like... fucking really, people. really. can't see what's wrong with this one? really?)

    calling out people dog-piling on POC, specifically MENA-people who point out stuff that bothers them

    letting people know that their undisturbed fandom experience doesn't have priority over actual, real-life people and their feelings

    Things that are straight-up fuckery (personal opinion, if you see nothing wrong with any of this, God bless and have a nice day):

    dismissing, ignoring and belittling actual, real-life gay men for saying they feel fetishized and are weirded tf out by the turns the whole top/bottom discourse has taken

    telling people you're open to discussion and then blocking everybody and their dog so nobody at all can possibly reach out to ask for having their fic removed from The List; subsequently saying "we would have removed fics! it's just... nobody has approached us about it! if people would only come to us...!" ...like, come the fuck on

    telling Jewish people to suck it up and move on from the topic of medical experimentation during the Holocaust (like...??? what in the absolute fuck?)

    taking everything in bad faith and refusing to engage with opinions and criticism of other POC, specifically MENA people, that don't align with your own views.

    personal favorite: "well actually"-ing a person reaching out, asking to please stop spamming the "racism" tag with this particular fandom discourse, since... you know. there's real life shit happening that the tag is being used for

    #the old guard #the old guard discourse #this fandom is a whole-ass trashfire at this point #(also reserving the right) #(to side-eye the fuck out of people) #(happily engaging and interacting with certain other people) #(because... you're not responsible for your friends) #(but if you're all good with this bullshit) #(in the name of fighting fandom racism) #(you can get the fuck away from me) #farewell tog fandom
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  • theres-a-tv-joe
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #the old guard #for anyone looking for a general ToG server #there’s lots more servers too #discourse free server #come and join and enjoy #plug
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  • ongreenergrasses
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #lovely anon #ask and you shall receive #tog discourse #i am realllllly giving u the benefit of the doubt here anon so i hope this also helps u understand my pov #also people are allowed to be angry on their own blogs #people are allowed to be angry when they are confronted with microaggressions (altho this is like. straight up aggression) and racism #they are allowed to be angry and that doesn’t make them less worthy of being listened to #also idk if I said this anon but I’m really sorry for what u have experienced. I hope coming to this country has been a net positive for u #racism#islamaphobia #ask to tag
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  • giotanner
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #the old guard #tog discourse#anon #I'm just tired of tog discourse but fortunately i am nobody in this fandom so don't worry i didn't do anything about
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  • kikibluemay
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This has been a ride.

    In all my years as a “fangirl”, I did miss the “Gramscian Sovrastructure Analysis” over motherfucking fanfics. LMAO. 

    Go outside, meet some real humans, touch your pet, touch some grass. Understand the difference between fantasy & reality.

    Goodnight, babies! 

    #tog discourse#rido #siete persi ma piddaveru
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  • ongreenergrasses
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #lovely anon #ask and you shall receive #tog discourse #ok we’ve got a tag my dear mutuals blacklist to your hearts content #I have a webinar I am five minutes late for now. yippee
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  • giotanner
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Actually many MENA people were harassed by the same people who right now in these months said "you are racist" to these poor people, and I say this with proof. so... It's disgusting how there is this war

    #the old guard #tog discourse
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