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  • alexskye
    03.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Episode 8 of Light on Me in my mind:

    *Spoilers I think??? Also swearing cause this show makes me feel 100 different emotions


    •Namgoong is the BEST- his chart is the cutest! Guess his goal is to get a girlfriend 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    •Taekyung didn’t tell anyone about him getting an umbrella from Daon (like what’s the big deal if he borrowed an umbrella???)

    •Also this scene??? Like, I could tell Daon is conflicted about something and most likely the fact that he’s emotionally unavailable to date well…anyone

    •Daon runs in the rain like the romance lead in a KDrama that he is. Honestly there’s always a rain scene somewhere in these dramas

    •Cliche romantic comedy cold because Daon’s dumb ass ran into the rain

    •Shinwoo’s awkwardness is awkward- his STARE!!! How is Taekyung NOT seeing this?!?!

    •Namgoong’s strut 😂😂 he’s so extra and I love it, the most unproblematic character in this show tbh

    •There’s this weird love square (???) going on between Daon, Shinwoo, Taekyung and Sohee Meanwhile, Namgoong is just vibing

    •Taekyung accused Shinwoo feeling bad for something because he was being nice lol

    •THIS BUS SCENE!!! My heart ❤️❤️

    •Ngl he’s really good-looking. This scene makes him look really handsome. How does a man like this exist????

    •This walking scene was just so calm and really nice. No bickering, no proclamations of not liking each other, no awkwardness. Just Taekyung and Shinwoo having a chill moment

    •The fact that I notice poor Daon constantly gets called on to help out or do favors, I have yet to see anyone return the favor for him. Dude can’t catch a break

    •The entire conversation about Shinwoo treating Taekyung well was a great moment, just amazing build up and the two of them getting closer is making hope for too much

    •SHINWOO is fucking indirectly confessing wtf?!?! This was so sudden and I am in DISBELIEF that he actually said something after 8 episodes of SECOND LEAD PINING.

    •Tbh I swooned at this moment. His expression, his eyes and tone really made my heart skip a beat. And still Woo Taekyung doesn’t notice ANYTHING!! Ugh! Why?!?

    •Then he fucks up immediately after by saying “it’s not that kind of like” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😩😩😩

    •This is why Team Daon has been winning

    •Also I cannot find Lee Sohee likable at all. Like, okay…Daon is nice to people and does favors and is a people pleaser (I guess), but there was no need to tell Taekyung that so cruelly. Girl, your jealousy is showing and it’s obvious to EVERYONE that you don’t like him hanging around your 3-year crush.

    •In BLs they usually make the girls bitchy or toxic or both. Can we please have ONE female character that is actually nice??

    •Am I the only one that low-key wanted Daon to be evil?? Okay okay. Hear me out! I mean, he’s the Student Council President that is smart, good-looking and has a friendly smile on his face. But, I felt his kindness was fake (I was thinking: no way is there a person THIS nice) and it was all ONE GIANT manipulation tactic to get people to like him and be his followers (???). This guy could basically control the whole school while laughing his ass off in secret at how everyone got duped by his “nice guy” act. Then, Taekyung would find out he’s been pretending to be nice and it would be freaking WIlD if Daon was actually manipulating people by acting kind

    •By this episode I threw away this theory cause maybe Daon is just a “yes guy” and is actually a nice person who doesn’t really know what he wants or has never really acted on his desires. I’m all hoping he was a villain lol

    •THIS SCENE. I. AM. NOT. OKAY!!! Shinwoo taking action??? Grabbing Taekyung’s neck?? Disinfecting his wound so gently and being soft??? Just the total opposite of how he acted in Episode 1.

    •Daon stepping in just increased the tension and still seems be insistent of forming that love triangle with Shinwoo for Taekyung’s heart

    •Team Shinwoo has been fed well during this episode! His demeanor, attitude and tone becoming softer towards Taekyung. Being nicer to him with gentle, sweet actions. PLEASE!!! Something happen already, this is so frustrating

    •Noh Shinwoo continues to surprise me with this action of grabbing Taekyung and saying “I’ll do it”. The way he directly looks at Daon so intensely while delivering this line was just mind blowing because Shinwoo has been stepping up in this episode.

    •I honestly don’t know anymore how this show is gonna go. I’m Team Shinwoo all the way, but this slowpoke is taking too damn long! I’m totally calling it: Shinwoo won’t directly confess to Taekyung till like another 4 episodes

    •Theory: Shinwoo has liked Taekyung far longer than we might have assumed

    •Theory 2: Daon will reject Taekyung’s confession cause he’s a “yes guy” that doesn’t know how to express his desires, emotionally unavailable to date, and is a people pleaser plus it feels as if he’s gonna stick to the “status quo” by letting Sohee continue to like him and not get into a relationship with another boy

    •Theory 3: Shinwoo discovered he was gay/attracted to boys in middle school and the assholes from his former school knew about it, basically threatening to out him which causes him to hesitate on saying anything about his feelings because of those jerks

    •Theory 4: Daon is Taekyung’s first crush, but not his first love

    Thanks for reading.

    #light on me #noh shinwoo #nam goong shi woon #shin daon#woo taekyung#lee sohee#episode 8 #spoilers i think #team shinwoo #light on me series #minor swearing #these dummies can’t get their shit together #especially Shinwoo #namgoong is just vibing
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  • loveaholic
    03.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i love when ppl draw ace jamil and floyd interacting bc theyre in the basketball club

    #txt #they barely get any screen time together in the game
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  • leila-of-ravens
    03.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #oh it's like you Knew where the sailors were hiding 😏 #i do have some more sailor lore hidden in the list hehe #but these were few short ones so they're bundled together #thank you for dropping by🥰 #sandro saava#alistair chastain#charlotte brennan#apolonia otaro#laura's sailors
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  • davyperez
    03.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #terry: 'assigned together by anon' #JDIOAFS#SCREAM #anon we are discussing what could have led you to ask me this #genuinely curious to know #phin.ask #anon
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  • flintism
    03.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    truly no way to describe how crazy those books are in one sentence but “fitz and the fool canonically have a magic child together” is probably the closest we could get to it i feel 

    #thinking about all the times they sleep together hashtag platonically too..... #including the time fitz is naked because he drank some tea that made him forget about his inhibitions #also when they roleplay a master & his servant for like two books and everybody thinks they're fucking #which is then followed by the time they roleplay being married.... #and the list unfortunately goes on
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  • mikacult
    03.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    sketch of the lit and math teacher (╹◡╹)♡
    #R/002#self shipping #m ‘ mika #png#self ship#self insert #self ship art #self ship community #first time doing digital art after not doing art for like three years wowowow #the hair is wanky but i like it #my nose tho <333 #sanemi so sos cute !! #we look so cute together !!
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  • samfraser
    03.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #sam brainrot today #has led me to think about sam laru/sso and haw/k #b and i simply said galaxy brain when we discussed them #they are so similar and #never really knew each other outside of that dojo hatred so #i'm so excited #s4 please i would like to see it #them paired together thanks #B WHERE ARE YOU... the kids #missing them hours #*   ᶤᵗ'ˢ  ᵐᵉ  ʸᵃ  ᵍʰᵒᵘˡ     ⧽     edie.
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  • webtoon9715
    03.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Yes our perfect queen Navier and cinammon roll Heinley (♥ω♥*)

    Webtoon name: Remarried empress (재혼 황후)

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  • kpop-locks
    03.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    ꒰ ˀˀ ↷ huening kai ; selcas ”♡ᵎ ꒱

    like/reblog | @percysith

    don’t repost our work or claim it as yours

    #bea#huening kai#txt #tomorrow x together #huening kai lockscreens #huening kai lockscreen #huening kai edit #huening kai edits #huening kai wallpaper #huening kai wallpapers #txt lockscreen#txt lockscreens#txt edit#txt edits#txt wallpaper#txt wallpapers
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  • confusedhost
    03.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Lukas plays ace attorney.png

    (Bow [named Beatrice] uses she/her, Hat [named Harriet] uses she/her, Snatcher [named Luka] uses he/him, and Moonjumper [named Mavrick] uses they/them)


    (theyre not married)

    #a hat in time #hat kid#bow kid#snatcher#moonjumper#ahit #rambles about the #ahit streamer au #in the tags <3 #MAV AND LUKA ADOPTED 2 KIDS bc they wanted to. bee and hattie are their nicknames (harriet hates being called harry so) #mav and luka are old friends and became roomates. and then house mates. and then adopted kids together #they arent romantic tho #or have like. any label on it. i know queerplatonic exists i just also. its not really? its just. roomates #mav's scars. yeah thats it they just. mav's scars #also luka needs a cane sometimes and then after a little while he stared at his umbrella and went. hey. i want to like make that stronger #i want that t be my cane sometimes (he still has his normal one #but sometimes umbrella cane) #mav is blind in one eye (their right) and also needs glasses #became blind bc of a car crash they got in with their sister a while ago
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  • equalseleventhirds
    03.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    love to see reviews of stuff like 'the pacing was too slow! the big actiony climax & resolution of everything that had been painstakingly set up throughout the whole thing didn't happen until nearly the end!'

    by 'love to see' i mean 'what the fuck did you not see the fucking plot chart we all got in english class'

    #extremely funny 2 me when they r like 'nothing happens for the first x pages/episodes/whatever' #when i am here like. so many things happened. just not the one you personally wanted i guess. #also i am immune to this bcos i love filler episodes and also many elaborate plot points coming together all at once #yes it's possible to fuck up pacing #having a slowly-building plot that reaches a big resolution from all the threads of it is not that tho #(also also that plot chart is not the ONLY way to do things......... but it's like. common.)
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  • helenawa-art
    03.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I can still hear your laugh when I close my eyes.

    And I could swear the wind whistles your name every night.

    Now it's just the lonely night sky and me,

    And not even the biggest star shines as bright as you.

    Dreams come after me everytime I lose conscience,

    Your figure clearly seen on every one of them.

    I extend my hand to reach you;

    So hard it hurts.

    But no matter how much I try.

    I can never reach you.

    You are too far away.

    But even so,

    I will try again everytime.

    Even if you go away.

    Even if you are no longer with me.

    I still smile when I remember those days.

    The bittersweet taste still lingers on my cheeks.

    When we were still together and I refused to admit,

    I didn't want anything else other

    Than to be with you.

    #said couldn't draw much but i said nothing about writing 😁😁😁😁 #listen we are in this together #i suffer you all suffer too okay #anyways#killugon#ofc#hxh #me trying to be poetic knowing little of poetry #but oh well #oh i cried while doing this too XD #hxh fanart#wa_art🏵️
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  • mumaugh
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    “alex not only made the commitment to us, but made it to nick”

    #oh#alex ovechkin#nicklas backstrom#819 #something something royal couple of the nhl #theyre doing it TOGETHER theyre in LOVE
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  • blitzindite
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    about time Lina got an outfit update!

    this is about as close to the one I draw her in as it's gonna get in-game. the top has some bad clipping issues in the arms (body type 3 thing? or all of them like that?), but I can live with it

    lookit my stronk lady 💚💜

    for reference, what I've drawn her in:

    #swtor#felix iresso#jedi consular#mirialan#melina tophrik #she still has her tacky dress in outfit slot 1 #cause she still 100% wears that one too #but i'm soooo happy i was able to put something together to match her art #if only the gold part changed color. but ah well
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  • soppa
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    make me choose 
    ⮕ @cherriki asked: red tyun or silver gyu
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  • iorast
    03.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #thinkinig about how comic loki stitched strange's cloak back together and how shitty it looked ahfoidshogi #answered //
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  • prcttybcyy
    03.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    TXT Tarot update

    Disclaimer: this tarot reading is based on tarot and oracle cards + intuition


    • breakups

    • someone has a crush on soobin (he liked them when they first met but he does not like them anymore after hearing a rumor about them)

    • a movie ??? (2022?)

    • a member of a hybe girl group has a crush on him (he views her as a younger sister) -2022

    • modeling opportunities


    • Kdrama (Web drama in the works?)

    • love opportunities (An ex? An old crush) (older woman) (Actress) I was hearing wedding bells so they’re definitely in the honey moon phase {well he is? Her? Not so much}

    • modeling opportunities

    • MC opportunities

    • nothing much is going on with him


    • modeling opportunities

    • new love (but everyone has a crush on her and she’s just doesn’t want to be in a relationship)

    • two people have a crush on him

    ( Younger girl, 04/05, average height, green eyes? Maybe colored contacts, half Japanese, not in hybe but an ex trainee maybe, iland girls?)

    (01, beomgyu doesn’t know him, 5’7-9?, Leo energy or just super confident, mutual friends, bi energy, I also heard male wife which is super funny)

    • hair cut (oh no 😭😭)


    • nothing new in the love department

    • modeling (with a female???)

    • scandals ( fans get jealous)

    • someone is racist towards him? (2022?)

    Heuning Kai

    • okay but I heard wedding bells

    • he has a crush (a little younger but still same age, red hair dye? And long legs, girlfriend material)

    • anxiety break (2022?)

    • crush won’t last long

    • new friends

    • 02 liner group chat?



    • a rumor might happen around October or November it might throw the fans off

    • they’ll get an award that a lot of people might think they don’t deserve

    Channeled song:

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  • windmil
    03.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    it’s so embarrassing reading about ppl who are like. so far removed from ur own life experiences… i will never understand them …. they will never understand me …

    #i read abt rich ppl so much it’s like ppl who have lived a completely diff life than me. #of course their life is put together they get EVERYTHING handed to them. #why do i always compare myself to those ppl i’m literallllly living in a household that makes NO income literally below 20k a year #living off of food stamps and welfare. WHY AM I COMPARING MYSELF TO RICH PPL WHO LITERALLY DONT EVEN TAKE LOANS FOR COLLEGE BECAUSE THEY #HAVE TRUST FUNDS #GIRL!!!!!! ?????? #i make no sense at all. i need to stop comparing myself to ppl who live in wealthy households and have functional lives….i’m literally #bottom of the barrel i need to read about ppl who are similar to me so i can learn how to do things that benefit my situation grrrr
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  • sinegard
    03.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    nct are not funnier/more chaotic than other bgs. HOWEVER there are 23 of them so the likelihood of one doing something Stupid is very high

    #also they have yangyang #also!!!! i dont think most kpop bgs are actually more chaotic than what u expect #like.... thats just what happens when u put a bunch of 20 yr old dudes together #they make each othet stupider
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  • rousart
    03.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Ex-Warlock on a morning walk with their now freed Djinni husband

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