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  • someowlhouseaccount
    23.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I find it kinda amusing how the passage of time has worked in several episodes. Let me show you some examples:

    Lost in Language

    Luz and the Blight twins go to the library at midnight. Luz and Amity come out of the library in the morning. So the twins spent the early hours of the night there, and Luz (and likely Amity as well, assuming she followed the twins once they left the house) spent the ENTIRE second half of the night at that place. (...No wonder Amity's so quick to leave, the girl's just spent several hours straight in there, and the only peope she talked to were her siblings and the troublesome human!)

    Hooty's Moving Hassle

    Amity's friend group spent the WHOLE night trying to conjure the stuffed rabbit. When Amity and Boscha see the Penstagram posts, it's the next MORNING. No wonder Amity looked so fed up with them, she'd probably been sitting by the window for the last four hours, watching the moon go down or the sun come up, thinking in silence about how bad they are, ALL that time. ...Boscha and Amity would've been in a vicious mood the next day back at school, that's for sure.

    Understanding Willow

    It was schooltime - lunch time to be precise - when Willow's memories got flamed. It was NIGHT when Luz and Amity were done fixing everything. That might be a longer time than however long those two spent in the library!! So this means that Luz and Amity, as well as fixing the five photos that got burned in photo class, ended up spending several hours going into all of the memories involving Amity that the Inner Willow had burned so far. I guess the Inner Willow got to a lot of them, then! ....A lot of stuff was fixed that we didn't see on screen then, if we trust the episode's timeline 🤔 Where's the fan content about the other memories in Willow's mind, then >:) Because that's a sudden idea for a story that I'm not going to write! You get Willow backstory and Amity backstory and Lumity if you decide to write it thoughhhh!

    Hunting Palismen

    In THIS one, Luz leaves the house to return the palisman to the nest when it's probably late evening / early nighttime. She returns to the house in what seems to be early morning. So that means this girl spent her entire night, from sunset to sunrise, walking around Latissa, walking to the school, flying a hand dragon, creating glyphs, running from the golden guard, returning the palismen to the school... I'm glad she ended up mentioning the trip to Eda (as revealed in Eclipse Lake), because if you go on an adventure of THAT level, then SOMEONE'S got to know about it..! The girl did not sleep that night, ladies and gentlemen, so I want everyone to appreciate her effort >:(

    #and then there's eda and king's whole thing with the stealing of the palistrom wood #THAT escapade took all night too!!! #this post wasnt supposed to mention amity an entire three times #but it turns out that she was there for a lot of the episodes that had long timelines #good for her i guess #toh #the owl house #toh season 2 #the owl house season 2 #toh luz#toh amity #at first with the UW timeline i was thinking how it was funny that it goes from lunchtime to nighttime #when all they did was fix like 5 memories #but then i realised that they coulda fixed any number of additional memories offscreen #so maybe they DID spend an entire six or so hours walking around Willow's mind! #fixing her memories! #going into dozens of paintings like theyre trying to get all of the course stars in mario 64! #talking to each other about idk #anything! #with luz trying to get amity to open up to her more #now that theyre friends #and with amity getting her crush because she woulda spent SEVERAL HOURS with luz #thats more than enough time to realise you like someone #neato
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  • covenless
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    CH4: don’t take yourself so seriously
    Summary: Hunter has a nightmare. Later, he and Golden Guard find themselves in the welcoming arms of...Hooty? Oh, Luz and Eda are there too.

    WOAH! It’s been weeks and I’m sorry for the wait, but chapter 4 is finally here!! It nearly doubled the fic’s word count, and it introduces Luz and Eda! Thanks for waiting!

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  • bccfggffbgv
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Multiversal Fusion #Multiversal Fusion Au #Improbability Upgrade Au #madness combat #madness project nexus #project nexus#ATP Soldat #the owl house #Soldat Luz#luz noceda#(mentioned)#toh king#King Clawthorne#chaos verse #The Survivor's Rebellion #The Defectors#Chaos-verse
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  • iammyowncryptid
    22.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Coloring of one of @toh-tagteam-au ‘s panels

    #toh tagteam au #eda clawthorne#king clawthorne #I just love the way King is drawn here
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  • owl-house-incorrectly
    22.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Luz, explaining why King needs to drink water: water can solve all your problems. Losing weight? Water. Clear skin? Water.

    Eda, on her scroll from across the room: tired of someone? Drown them.

    #incorrect toh quotes #toh incorrect quotes #toh#luz noceda#king clawthorne#eda clawthorne #incorrect the owl house #the owl house #the owl house incorrect quotes
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  • terry-is-here
    22.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Uhm...it seems right🤔👀

    #the owl house #toh #the owl house season 2 #toh season 2 #the owl house hunter #toh golden guard #toh hunter #the owl house golden guard #toh king #the owl house king #king clawthorne
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  • cozylittleartblog
    22.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    heehoo, shop update. portal charms back in stock, added glados finally, hunter & eda’s charms both have different art on the backs. HLVRAI charms are also back in stock 😳

    cozylittleartshoppe @ etsy (link also in bio)

    #toh #the owl house #portal 2#halloween#etsy#small business#shop update #idk why the portal photos are more saturated but w/e my camera is 11 years old and senile #hlvrai#luz noceda#eda clawthorne#king clawthorne#hunter #the golden guard #glados#chell#wheatley#skeletons#lil rascal #ngl that hunter charm is like one of the best charms ive ever designed that background element really Makes It #lesson learned use more background elements aslkjdfjklsdf #speaking of background elements next time im in the area i need to get more paper backdrops #i still only have the ones from before i even opened my store and my product variety is a lot better now #something with an old parchment texture would look really cool for the TOH charms
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  • edatheowlbitch
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eda: I had NOTHING to do with it!





    Eda: Okay, it was my idea but I don’t feel good about it

    #the owl house #toh #eda the owl lady #eda the owl mom #luz the owl house #the owl house king #king of demons #raine whispers #hooty hoot hoot
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  • mittensfairypie
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    cuz i'm too busy to do actual layouts :p

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  • bleachanimefan1
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Song of the Titan

    Chapter Thirteen,

    Belos stood in front of Hunter as he looked down at him. He was wearing his golden mask and robes. "Hunter..." he said. "I see that you have completed your mission, successfully, this time. Good job." Hunter looked up at him with disbelief.

    "Is that really all you have to say?" he asked.

    "Is there something wrong?" Belos asked.

    "I'll tell you what's wrong," Hunter got up and walked over to the table, picking up the book and tossed it down. The book landed on the floor, right at Belo's feet. "What is this? Why does this book have an image that looks like me on it!?"

    "Hunter, come with me to the throne room and I'll explain everything," Belos said. "Just the two of us." He tried to reach out to Hunter, but Hunter pulled away from him.

    "Why should I believe anything you say? You've been lying to me my entire life?!" Hunter shouted, angrily.


    "No! This time you are going to listen to me! I trusted you! I looked up to you!" Hunter yelled. "I gave everything for you! How could you do this to me!?"

    "ENOUGH!" Belos roared out loudly. Hunter went silent. Fear began to slowly rise throughout his entire body as he saw Belos began to inch closer to him, Hunter backed up slowly with each step. He had to get away. Away from this place. Away from him.

    "You dare raise your voice to me, boy!" Belos snapped. "I gave everything to you and this is how you repay me, with disloyalty?" Hunter turned his head away from him. Belos gripped Hunter's cheeks with his hand, making him look at him. "You want answers so badly, I'll give them to you." He released Hunter, who stepped away from him, but backed into the table behind him.

    "You weren't born, Hunter, but created. Your purpose is to be a vessel, as a new body for me. Just as the Titan had planned."

    "You crazy if you think that I'm going to let that happen," Hunter narrowed his eyes, angrily glaring up at him. "Just because you claim that it is the "Titan's will." Belos turned his head then he let out a dark chuckle and laughed.

    "Oh? And where do you think that you will go? You have no one to turn to. You have no friends, no family..." he asked. "Eventually, you will come back to me."

    "My liege, I have returned," Kikimora interrupted as she walked down the stairs, but stopped when she saw Belos and Hunter. She narrowed her eyes, glaring viciously at Hunter before turning to Belos. "And I have some good news as well that I think that you will be very happy to-"

    "This is not a good time, Kiki," Belos cut her off, not even looking at her. Kikimora's eyes widen and let out a growl.

    "It's not fair!" she shrieked. "Why does the golden guard get special treatment!? I've done everything just as much as he did! I have brought you more of the Galderstones that you needed!" She dropped them down on the floor in front of her. Belos glanced down at the stones, then to her. "I've never asked you to do so in the first place." Kikimora stepped back away from him, a little stunned by his response before she made a wicked evil smile.

    "Well, did you know how he got one in the first place?" she asked. "The golden guard's being lying to you the entire time. He's being holding a palisman from you!" Hunter's eyes widen in horror. He could feel Lil rascal, shaking underneath his cloak. Belos quickly snapped his head back towards Hunter.

    "You say that I've being lying?" Belos chuckled. "Should I say the same for you?" Hunter moved away from him but, couldn't go anywhere as he was stuck in a corner.

    "Give it to me, now, Hunter" Belos demanded, holding his hand out towards Hunter. Hunter shook his head, his hands were starting to shake. Fear and panic began to pulse through his entire body.

    "No..." Hunter stammered, nervously, as he looked directly into Belo's eyes.

    "I don't believe I've heard you right. No?" Belos asked. "You have the one thing that can help me, but decide to keep it for yourself, as a pet."

    "Lil rascal is more than a pet! He chose me!" Hunter shouted at him. "He is my friend."

    "Hunter, that thing is made of wild magic," Belos replied, coldly. "It is dangerous. Now, I am giving you one last chance to hand it over. One..."

    "Uncle, it's not dangerous as you think!" Hunter insisted.

    "Two," Belos continued, counting. He summoned a staff out of thin air, red magic started to glow at the tip of the staff then pointed it at Hunter.

    "Please, don't do this..." Hunter cried. "I don't want to fight you!" Strangely, Hunter saw Belos hesitate for a moment, before he gripped his staff tightly in his hand. A blast of magic fired from the staff heading straight at Hunter.

    Suddenly, everyone heard a small chirp and Lil rascal flew out from Hunter's cloak, deflecting the blast of magic. Everyone stood in silence in shock to see the palisman, also surprised to see that it deflected the magic as well.

    "WHAT?!" Belos blue eyes widen from behind his mask, in shock, seeing the little red cardinal bird. "It can't be..."

    "I'll help my liege!" Kikimora shouted. Lil rascal quickly turned to Hunter, chirping urgently.

    "Hunter, we must leave now!" Hunter shook his head, breaking out of his shock. Lil rascal had saved him again! He quickly grabbed Lil rascal as he turned into a staff and took off, teleporting in a flash of yellow light. He appeared near Kikimora as she blocked the only exit out of the basement.

    Belos watched as Hunter left, while Kikimora tried to shoot him down. Hunter tried to dodge some of her blast, when one stray shot hit him in the back. Hunter grunted in pain, as he felt as searing burn from his back.

    "Get back here, traitor!" Kikimora shrieked.

    "Hunter, are you alright?!" Hunter heard Lil rascal chirp frantically. He tried to fight off the pain as tried to maneuver the palisman. Hunter glanced back at Belos one more time, seeing that he still hadn't moved from his spot. Why isn't he attacking? Hunter brushed off the thought, and made several yellow blasts of magic firing at Kikimora. The blasts went out of control as they bounced around the room. A blast knocked Kikimora right off of her feet, knocking her down. Hunter flew past her, heading straight towards the stairs to leave the basement.

    "We're getting out of here, Orion," Hunter told the red cardinal.

    The two flew up the stairs, passing through the invisible wall, which startled two guards in the hallway as well, as they came through.

    "Stop him!" Kikimora screeched to the guards, ordering them to capture Hunter. Hunter managed to dodge some of their spells casted at him, zipping down the hall on Lil rascal. Up ahead, Hunter saw that he was coming to a dead end hallway with several tinted colored windows. He crashed through a tinted glass window of Belos with a giant titan hand behind him, shattering it. He had managed to escape!

    "You are all useless! Every single one of you!" Kikimora shouted, furiously berating the guards. "You let him escape!"

    "Kikimora, let him go for now," Belos told her as he walked up the stairs, approaching her, stopping her. "It is what the titan had planned. He will come back."

    It was dead in the middle of the night, as Hunter flew in the starry moonlit sky. He gripped the key hanging around his neck. He can't believe that he did that. His uncle must be completely furious with him right now. He was still in shock about the whole situation, trying process of it all. What can he do now? He had no where else to go. Where else could be go? No one would want a powerless witch. Hunter grunted in pain as he felt a sharp piercing sting on his back where Kikimora hit him with a spell. Soon, Hunter saw that his vision was getting blurry every time that He blinked, trying to stay awake. He was tired and exhausted. He can feel blood running down his back, from the wound, staining through his cloak.

    He had to get help.

    He heard Lil rascal chirping frantically, worried.

    "Hunter, you've got to stay awake. We're almost there."

    Hunter groaned as he tried to keep his eyes open. He can feel the last of his strength draining from his body. Lil rascal began to lower down as he declined. Hunter vision went dark after that. He fell off of Lil rascal and collapsed onto the ground on his back, in front of a tall house. It surrounded in a dense forest, with a huge window with a eye design, a broken tower, sitting near the edge of the cliff.

    Hunter heard Lil rascal chirping frantically, panicked. Hunter heard a strange sound of an owl hooting and more voices as they approached him then he passed out.

    "The golden guard?!" Luz shouted. "Why is he here?!"

    Azara stepped over to him narrowed her eyes as she frowned, seeing the grass underneath of Hunter stained with red. Lil rascal landed on her shoulder urging her, chirping desperately. She bent down and gently turned Hunter over on his side. She gasped when she saw the burn wound on his back. The others cringed as they saw it as well.

    "We have to help him!" She turned to the them.

    "Bring him inside," Eda told Azara and Luz and the two girls lifted Hunter up, King and John following behind them, carrying Hunter inside of the owl house.

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  • cartoonscreens
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    King Clawthorne from The Owl House

    (favorite character series)

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    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    No thoughts, just Loaf!

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  • owl-house-incorrectly
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Luz: But still, isn’t that taking advantage of people?

    Eda: I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of the stupid.

    King: That’s why we have stupid people.

    #king clawthorne#eda clawthorne#luz noceda #incorrect toh quotes #toh incorrect quotes #incorrect the owl house #the owl house incorrect quotes #the owl house #toh
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  • theowlhouseheadcanons
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #this is unexpected but seems so fun #king the owl house #the owl house headcanons #toh#toh eda#toh lilith
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  • huge-enthusiast
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I've had these for a reaaally long time and i was always like "i'm gonna finish this someday!!!"... i'm not, enjoy

    #the owl house #toh#toh fanart #the owl house fanart #luz noceda#eda clawthorne #the owl house season 2 #amity blight#hunter#lilith clawthorne#king toh
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  • thatone-highlighter
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hi I’m Having ✨King Clawthorne✨ Feels Again

    Apparently I’m still not over it

    Just like,,, this kid, like, 2 weeks ago, found out that the person who had been raising him for his entire life, had spent the entire time lying to him

    Played along with a stupid little story that wasn’t real, because it made him happy

    He found this out, and it would have been perfectly reasonable for him to lose trust in Eda, but he doesn’t. Instead what does he do? He sneaks around behind her back, and finds a way to legally change his name, so they can match, so they can be connected in a way that no matter what, will stick.

    He’s found out that somehwre out there, he has a father, but here he has a parent already, and though he wants to find his dad, he still wants Eda to know that he cares about her and that he loves her and that she’s important to him,,,,

    This kid is 8 whole years old dude, he’s the Ripe Old Age Of Child, he’s baby, and he has so much fucking love in him,,, he cares so so much,,,, he pretends he doesn’t, but he does. And this is his way of showing that, and it’s adorable,,,

    And Eda? She loves him so much too. She loves him so so much, she was ready to *die* , all because she thought he didn’t want her anymore, all because she thought King and Luz didn’t need her,,,

    They love eachother,,,, so much,,,, fuck-

    #fuck#it’s them#I’m#hngggg #had a mental breakdown in the shower and now I’m getting all emotional over King again #he’s just #I said it in the post #he loves … so so much #he has so much love in his tiny little body that he just needs to share #himbbb #the owl house #toh#luz#luz noceda #the owl house season 2 #eda#Eda Clawthorne#King #the owl house king #king clawthorne#oh sorry#✨King Clawthorne✨ #there we go #all better #I said I was never gonna shut up about this and I mean it apparently #just#incredible
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  • owl-house-incorrectly
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Random images that would work well as pfp’s/icons

    #toh #the owl house #luz noceda#amity blight#hooty#willow park#gus porter#king clawthorne #not incorrect quotes #toh icons #the owl house icons #icons
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