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  • helicopsters
    24.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Hunter is to Lumity as Lilith is to Raeda

    I said what I said

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  • c4tjuice
    24.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago



    Eda's weird magic?? That's honestly cool as fuck

    I am now a raine kinnie, they're so relatable istg


    Gus just looking so DONE while presenting with his dad


    I appreciated the one frame of the blight siblings chilling together <3


    Does this mean that kikimora can subdue people with coven marks physically?? like she could take down coven members easily?? or is it just an ability she has??

    Also the abominations coven leader is so cool??

    I miss lilith


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  • teartra
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    King is officially Eda’s son 🥺

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  • red-balloon12
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    (Also King changing his last name to match Eda’s is absolutely precious. Gwen is gonna be a grandma while Lilith is gonna be an aunt and I think that cute as heck-)

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  • the-lone-witch-and-secret-room
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Okay who’s gonna break it to Lilith that after thirty years her little sister still hasn’t made a move on her crush?

    Look at her. She looks so fucking tired of those two here already.

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  • actuallyentet
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    aight have some Reverse! Amity with a cape while I bawl my eyes out at Raine's disappearance

    also I am listening to The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku for some reason-

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  • humanthatexistsrn
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Last season everyone went all “Cancel Lilith” like crazy, and now everyone is cancelling Kikimora. The difference being I doubt Kiki will get a redemption arc

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  • bccfggffbgv
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mini fic: Cuts and scars

    *After traveling for a while, the Swap! Clawthorne sisters and Bloody Raven had all reached a motel to finally rest for a bit. While Bloody Raven had fallen asleep almost immediately, Swap! Lilly on the other hand wished to ask her sister something personal*

    Swap! Lilly: Edalyn, I need to ask you something personal...You don't need to answer if you don't want to...

    Swap! Edalyn, now confused: Sure what is it Lilly?

    Swap! Lilly, after sighing a bit: Where did you get those scars on your arms? *she points at the ones going all the way down near her wrists* I know that they weren't there in our last fight and I doubt that The Gray Horde would make the slashes that sloppy...So what happened?

    Swap! Edalyn, with an ashamed look on her face:...After our final fight had ended, guilt began rising up inside me from what I did that day...*Her eyes began to water slowly* I didn't think straight from when I had thrown your daughter into the spike pit...after that I beat myself up for that...It only got worse when I found out I was lied to by my own boss when he said that he wasn't going cure you...

    Swap! Edalyn, while now crying:...I later found out that my own wife and step daughter had ran away in fear of what I've become...*Lilith had given her a tissue to clean herself up with* I cutted myself as punishment for what I've done in the past...Every cut represents every sin I've committed...I was even planning on ending it all until Steve visited me and stopped me from doing it...

    Swap! Lilly: Eda, I know what you've been through as well...When I was close in my early thirties, I've considered ending it as well...but after taking in my best friend and those three children, I've realized something important...No matter how much pain there is in life, there's always light within it and we should always cherish every piece of it...

    Swap! Edalyn, after wiping away her tears: Thank you Lilly...I needed that!...Will they ever forgive me after everything that's happened...?

    Swap! Lilly: With enough time, I'm sure they'll forgive you...

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  • animerunner
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Also don't mind me over here wondering if Hunter's scar is somehow tied to the brand thing.

    Because you know Belos would use it on him as control/punishment.

    And since it puts them to sleep.

    Does that mean he might have chunks of time missing

    Like I'm worried about this with Lilith also. Cause Belos is not above punishing people like that (like he straight up treatened to petrify her).

    But I'm really worried about it with Hunter because he's a kid.

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  • polymathart
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Eda’s Requiem

    Eda has kids. They’re not hers but she has them.


    Raine’s a gem

    When will Eda sing though???

    Please give us a musical episode, Dana.


    Can someone send me Eda’s Penstagram? I need it for research purposes.

    Ugh. Luz should’ve won. Just let her have a win.


    Willow and Maya look so cute together.



    I love the continuity in this show. Like they could’ve just made her forget Eda rescued her from the Conformatorium, but they knew what we wanted.

    God I love all the designs of the Emperor’s Coven troops.

    Raine said fuck the establishment.

    Honorable Alador mention


    The orange one was adorable though. Where was his little lamprey?

    What. No Hunter cameo?

    Kikimora standing on the Abomiton was supposed to be a short joke, right?


    This season just gets better and better.

    Raine really said “petrify me.” Save them.

    We didn’t see Amity for one episode but it felt so long. I missed her soooo much.

    Smug Gus gets VIP seating

    Sad Eda :(

    Hair up Eda :)

    Lilith comeback when?

    Uncle Hooty

    Uncle Hooty trying to be there for King is so blursed.

    I’m gonna fucking kill Hooty if he tries to touch the Echo Mouse again. That’s not a threat. That’s a prophecy.

    Amity hanging out with her siblings is something I will never have enough of. Can the spin-off just be a sitcom of the Blights? Please?

    Yaaas, Luz. Work those abs! Get those gains!

    Finally saw St. Epiderm. I wanna see these schools so bad!!!

    Bump chilling with other principals is so wholesome. Just teachers vibing.

    Amity probably didn’t give a shit about the Gland Prix until she heard Luz was gonna be in it. Cut to Amity rooting for Luz at home.

    “Toss a ball, burn some cookies, catch me going on weird websites or something.” KING NO

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  • rainbow-worm-on-string
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I am once again daydreaming about an Eda animatic with "curses" by the crane wives. Except this time Raine is there with Luz, King and Lilith

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  • originalwinnercheesecake
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Gonna post about Eda's requiem quick before I lose the willpower to type this all out (spoilers below).

    * Episode starting with Eda making a list of everything her family needs in the comming week and then laughing at herself for being so domestic. Ha!

    *Okay so this episode is not going to be about Eda's lovelife so much as her facing the reality that Luz and King could one day leave her and empty nest syndrome, Okay.

    *Luz has gotten really good at flying. Wow.

    *Poor Raine. Poor Raine

    * looks to me like y'all are more street performers than an actual threat. Make Eda your leader and let her show you a few things.

    * So does Belos only rule Bonesburrow? Or is his control present in other towns and just limited?

    * speaking of Belos for a moment. So the new sentence thingy for the season mentions "puppet strings". I have spent the past few episodes toying with the idea that it is talking about Belos, only instead of being the pupiteer pulling the strings he is actually the puppet and is being strung along by "The voice he communicates with" whom he thinks is the titan, but is actually the true villain of the series. I am also worried something bad will happen to Hunter while trying to free his uncle from their control. What do y'all think?

    *Back to the episode. I do know if I think Raine is the right person for Eda to be with romantically. If there are any romantic feelings between the two they seem a bit one sided, but their friendship is adorable and Raine seems harmless.

    * wait... Raine... what is with that face, what are you planing? Is this an ambush for the coven system? Raine don't tell me you had anything to so with this. I trusted you, your band trusted you.

    * So fang guy from Hexside is entering too. Also he and mouthhead girl are friends. Mouthhead girl seems really social; give her a name and a speaking role on a future episode.

    * Fang guy has a palisman too. What is it? Some kind of unicorn boar?

    * Okay Darius and Eber are really funny characters. Also extremely powerful. I can see how they rose to the ranks they did.

    * No, the bat kids. Someone save them.

    * is this ment to be a suicide mission? The Owl House IS supposed to be a kids show, right? ...I type this like that means much of anything.

    * Hey Raine those kids you got sent to the conformatorian, they need you too.

    * Still I will acknowledge that I misjudged you. I am very sorry

    * You do not deserve this.

    * Your really telling me that horrible Glandis boy won the race? Come on! Atleast Fang guy took third place. Good job Fang guy.

    * King's dad (or atleast one of his relatives) is alive. I cannot wait to meet them.

    * King Clawthorne! King Clawthorne! At least one of Eda'a kids is going to stay with her forever.

    * Darius I am going to need you to take back what you just said about Alador.

    * I hate you kikimora.

    All and all a good episode. Not gonna say it was my favorite this season (This season has been so full of amazing episodes) but an enjoyable one that I will probably watch a few more times till next week.

    ... When will we see Lilith again. Will she be back next week? Is missing her the problem Hooty is trying to distract himself from? There there big guy, I miss her too.

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  • the-goodwitch-azura
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I‘d still like to see some baby Raeda and salty Lilith, please

    so, Dana, if we could get more flashbacks, that’d be nice

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  • lilith-clawthorne-appreciation
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    “And tell Alador he’s a hack while you’re at it” is up there with “Good luck with puberty” as one of the best lines in the show

    #say what u want about the covens their leaders have some killer lines #toh spoilers#toh darius#lilith clawthorne #eda the owl lady #the owl house spoilers #edas requiem#alador blight
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  • lilith-clawthorne-appreciation
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago



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  • blueguy
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Not Hooty trying to be emotionally supportive for King because Lilith isn’t there and he’s still trying to cope

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  • vulomkaaz
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    *drops these here like a cat drops a dead squirrel on your porch*

    #the lilith drawing has somehow taken longer so far #im probably not gonna finish these because i finally got a new tablet #art#digital art#artist#digital artist#fanart #the owl house #lilith clawthorne #the golden guard #hunter toh#screenshot redraw#wip #work in progress
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  • lilith-clawthorne-appreciation
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So I’m rewatching Serparate Tides cause im bored

    Its about this shot of Lilith. Its how she starts smiling when Luz says “maybe with enough time we can all become friends”.I know Luz was probably just doing a voice over with clips she already recorded, but i like to think she was talking as she was recording, so Lilith started smiling when she heard Luz say that she would give Lilith a chance to become friends

    #Lilith clawthorne #you can tell me i put too much thought into this. but read my url thats like the whole reason i started this blog #raven croaks#toh
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  • starsfic
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • the-lone-witch-and-secret-room
    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The Owl House and pacing, a perspective from a fanfic writer that works with a large cast

    I’ve seen a bunch of complains about the way The Owl House is paced lately. People claiming that it’s bad writing, and rushed, and whatnot. But from how I see it, you’re complaining for all the wrong reasons, and to the wrong people.

    TL;DR: this is an overlaying issue with Disney and the industry that doesn’t allow long shows anymore, essentially forcing writers to pick between good pacing and complex stories being told with large casts.

    For context: the fandom I wrote for before I got into The Owl House had a pretty small main cast. There were a few reoccurring characters, but most of them only showed up like five total times over the course of four seasons or had little personality, so my main cast I was writing about always consisted of my main five characters, with occasional cameos here and there. All characters were living together and experienced the adventure from the same perspective. There was one overarching storyline and not multiple. The interpersonal relationships still varied, though, for obvious reasons.

    Now think about how large The Owl House cast is, and why that’d send them running into issues. Or don’t, because I have a whole-ass in depth analysis under the cut because this got unreasonably long.

    (Also I’d appreciate a reblog, I spent… an unreasonable amount of time on this, lol)

    The Owl House is different. There’s the main characters: Luz, Eda, King, maybe Hooty, technically (someone recently pointed out that he’s technically the titular character of the show and I’m still processing that, lol).

    But they also have a HUGE additional cast to work with. There’s Lilith, Eda’s sister, and the main antagonist of season one, who has a lot to her character and gets a ton of screen time. There’s Amity, and there’s Willow and Gus, Luz’s friends. They’re all very fleshed out characters, and got a bunch of screen time and development, despite “only” being reoccurring characters and not the main characters.

    Then there’s characters that have played a fairly minor role so far. There’s Belos, the big bad villain, who we will likely learn a lot more about this season. There’s the Golden Guard, the new main antagonist our cast deals with personally, who we’re just starting to learn more about. There’s Camila, Luz’s mom, who, despite only showing up a couple of times in the show so far, is very relevant to Luz and how the plot will ultimately turn out. There’s Edric and Emira, Amity’s siblings, who despite only showing up a few times as well seem to have a very worked out personality and background and also have a story that is (at least to some extent) going to be told according to the AMA.

    There is at least one more seemingly important character whose role in the bigger story is hard to tell at this point, Raine, but according to the description of the episode, they’re probably going to influence the story a bunch.

    There’s Alador and Odalia, who are responsible for a lot of their children’s toxic behaviors, and seem to have bigger plans that will probably be relevant later on.

    The characters that are only focused on for an episode or two (like Matt and the troublemaker kids) all have very worked out personalities and even short arcs.

    And heck, even characters like Boscha, who is extremely minor and seems like a very one-dimensional bully for the most part, get their moments that hint at there being more to them. We know Boscha has a clingy mom, that apparently has a rivalry with Odalia and works with Amity’s parents. The scene at the beginning of Wing It Like Witches tells us a lot about her general mindset and how she’s embraced that winning at whatever cost is the only thing that matters.

    This leaves us with: 3-4 main characters

    3 friends with fleshed out stories

    Lilith, who is probably the most relevant aside from the main cast

    Belos, the main antagonist, and the Golden Guard, currently starting to become a lot more relevant

    A whole handful of minor reoccurring characters that have the potential to become bigger characters at any point in time

    A handful of minor reoccurring characters that mainly seem to be there to further the story, but still get to have distinctive personalities and motivations (looking p.e. at the troublemaker kids)

    That is AT LEAST 9 pretty major, relevant characters whose stories have to be tackled in the same show, in addition to the people that joined in season two and a huge supporting cast of well-developed characters that clearly also have stories of their own, even if not all of them will get told.

    On top of that, the Owl House lives from exploring different relationships and different storylines. There’s the overarching story of how flawed the system is that will likely end with them overthrowing Belos, but there’s so much more.

    Eda and the curse. Eda becoming a better mentor for Luz. Eda coming to terms with the loss of her magic.

    Luz learning to cast magic with glyphs. Making friends for the first time. Slowly falling in love with Amity. Fighting to be able to learn whatever kind of magic she wants to. Learning that she’s not a burden to people. Struggling with her relationship with her mom, and trying to restore the portal so she can get back to her. Figuring out her future and what she really wants.

    Lilith trying to cure Eda, and now in season two coming to terms with the loss of her magic and fixing her relationship with her sister. Lilith learning to ask for help.

    Willow switching tracks. Willow growing more confident.

    Amity becoming a better person, fixing her relationship with Willow, standing up to her parents, falling in love with Luz. Starting to fix her relationship with her siblings.

    King finding out where he came from.

    Hints at Gus struggling with decision making and stressing himself out less. Gus learning to be more selfless. Struggling with his magic track and being the youngest in his grade.

    The newly introduced plot point with the Golden Guard. The plot point about the rebellion that will get introduced next episode.

    The mystery with the letters.

    And I’m like 90% sure I’ve forgotten something.

    That is… a lot of different plots and relationships that are in some way important to the story.

    In comparison, as stated, the last show I wrote for focused mostly on the same five characters and their relationships with each other, and one overarching plotline aside from some minor interpersonal relationships with two people’s family members that weren’t even introduced for several seasons. The first season fully focused on establishing the bond within this found family with exactly 1 important reoccurring character, an antagonist that had little personality and got a total of one line of backstory before he died.

    If you have 90% of a season to develop 5 characters who live together, that’s a lot easier to do than developing twice the amount of important characters + introducing reoccurring characters season one of The Owl House has—the majority of which have separate lives and do not live together and thus can’t be focused on at the same time.

    I’ve seen a bunch of people complain recently that the pacing of The Owl House is off, that the writing is bad, that the show is rushed, etc. etc.

    And I get those complains. Believe me, as a viewer and also as an author that takes a lot of time to develop each character and their issues individually, I 100% get it.

    But as an author that’s currently learning how hard it is to tackle a cast of the size that The Owl House has, I’ve also come to a whole different understanding from the perspective of the writers on the show.

    For context, Locked Out focuses on a couple of serious themes, in the same way that the show does. It has 4 main plotlines: Amity Camila and Luz, Edric and Emira, Eda and Lilith, Willow and the Grudgby Squad (as well as a Gus arc that ties into the last one while also being its own thing, we’re getting to that part). So far, it prominently features: Luz, Amity, Camila, Eda, Emira, Edric, Willow and Gus, and to a lesser extent King, Lilith and Boscha, Skara and Amelia in relation to the separate plots.

    That’s eight main characters across five different households. And then there’s the reoccurring characters that will have a larger role later on that I’ve not even had the opportunity to bring into the story yet/feature in a more prominent way. The cast is still growing.

    And heck, I have all the time in the world to write this thing, because I don’t have an episode limit, or a deadline, or a limited amount of money to produce it.

    For Locked Out, it took me 120k to get through a single week of plot at a very high level of character development, with about as many important characters as TOH has in season 1, and with an equally high number of reoccurring characters, some minor, some major. I think you can compare it to the show pretty well. I’d say, if I were to split Locked Out into episodes, I’d set one episode at about 10k. That would be 12 episodes. 12 episodes to get through a single week. Heck, even if I said 20k words were to be one episode, which I’m pretty sure is too much realistically, that would still be 6 episodes for one week.

    And TOH covers more than three months.

    That would be at least 72 total episodes to get through the three months of summer camp. And we’re currently progressing past that point.

    72 episodes.

    Let that sit for a while o.o

    Everything that’s happened in season one (which as we know now was about 2 months) would have happened in 48 episodes rather than 19. Pacing-wise, everything would happen at less than 0.5x the speed. The first four episodes of season two would’ve been 24 episodes, assuming we hadn’t skipped a week and a half and had instead shown the immediate aftermath of the petrification ceremony, too.

    And I’d love if we could have that, and if we could actually develop the characters and their relationships that thoroughly.

    But the sad fact is that shows like The Owl House do not get the amount of episodes that would be required to develop every single aspect of the show to its fullest potential. Disney rarely greenlits shows of 150 episodes anymore. They used to, once, (Phineas&Ferb for example had 130+ episodes—you could tell one hell of a story in that many episodes), but that’s not a thing anymore. And the writers know that going into a show. They know the chances their story will be told in that way are very low.

    And thus, the writers, especially ones working with large casts, have to make a choice: cut characters they love, and plots that are important to them, because they know they won’t get the amount of episodes required to do everything perfectly, OR include most of what they want to do, but at the cost of the pacing being off and everything seemingly happening too fast.

    The Owl House crew went with the second option. The biggest issue the show has isn’t bad writing. The show’s biggest issue is that its cast and the story the crew members want to tell are too big for the amount of episodes they’ve been given (especially now that Disney decided to cut season 3 down into just three 44 minute specials).

    And that’s on Disney, and Disney alone.

    The crew is making the most of the amount of episodes they have, and unfortunately the lack of time forces them to rush things, and to sometimes sideline characters to focus on others.

    Lilith got a bunch of screen time in the first four episodes. I’m sad to see her go, but she’s basically guaranteed to be back by season 2B. And there’s other people that have gotten way less focus than her so far. We‘ve seen basically nothing of Willow and Gus for the first few episodes, and I’m super happy Gus finally got some focus! We haven’t been inside Hexside all season except to see Luz expelled! And episode seven is even going to introduce a new character. Sometimes there’s parts of the story that certain characters don’t have a place in. And it sucks if they’re characters you like. But Lilith has to go for a bit so other characters can get the same amount of spotlight she did. At the end of the day, Lilith is not part of the main cast. She’s a very important reoccurring character, yes, but so are Amity, Willow and Gus. The main characters are Eda, Luz and King, and they’re the only ones that will always be around. And heck, even Eda got sidelined for a bit in the last two episodes, because we needed to focus on other characters. If not even the main characters are always around because we need some spotlight time for other characters, you can’t expect any more minor reoccurring cast member to be.

    God, I wish they’d be given more time and more episodes to bring every part of the plot to its full potential, but they don’t have those, so they sometimes have to take shortcuts that unfortunately cheapen the story here and there. It’s the only way they can hope to tell their story to the end at all. And that makes me hella sad because it’s so obvious that they have an incredible story to tell, and that there’s so much more to so many of the characters we just don’t have the time to focus on.

    The thing is: I liked the episode with Gwendolyn. It sends an important message that will hopefully get some parents who watch with their children thinking, and I’ve seen a couple of people talk about how close to home it hit for them. I have also seen a couple of people complain about that being too fast—and also just in general about things in the show getting sorted out too fast. And I get it. At least with this particular episode, I 100% get it.

    (I’ve also seen some people complain that “Amity stood up to her parents too fast in Escaping Expulsion”, but I vehemently disagree with that. We’ve been building towards that moment since season one, with her doing more and more things that were technically defying her parents. I don’t see how this was rushed.)

    Just… please don’t blame the writers. Dana even said that Keeping Up A-Fearances is one of the episodes that hit very close to home for her in the recent stream iirc? So I highly doubt this was rushed on purpose, or because the whole thing is “bad writing” when the entire writing quality of the show says otherwise.

    A lot of shows in general have the issue that they have to be written season by season rather than as a full story these days, because there’s always a chance that they won’t get a next season. How large scale the story they want to tell actually is doesn’t matter if there’s a solid chance they won’t get to do any of it.

    From a viewer perspective, I get being frustrated at the pacing being off. But from a writer perspective, the chances are very high that this is a choice they had to make, rather than one they wanted to make. And I don’t think you can truly see this if you’ve never worked with a fleshed out cast that large—Locked Out was really eye-opening for me in that regard.

    This isn’t simply a case of bad writing/bad pacing by choice. It’s forced. They’re forced to rush through their plots because otherwise they won’t get the chance to tell certain parts of the story at all. And the saddest thing about this is really that those 72+ episodes to flesh out these plot points further wouldn’t have been an impossible thing to get, at a time.

    Go for Disney’s head. Yell at the industry for being what it is today, for constantly axing shows before even giving them a real chance. But this isn’t on the crew.

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