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  • heroreplica
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    cheeb doodle of Deimos, my gorgon curse witch. fun fact, the curse is self-inflicted! :]

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  • msticol
    28.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Some nervous premarital hand holding and kissing and that Spider dilf y’all keep thinking about (you know who you are)

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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    bad endings mean workin’ overtime

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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    gay gay homosexual

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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    family and rituals

    #the owl house #toh#toh oc#toh ocs#witchsona#paddyverse#olga maklava#igor maklava #put some heilung on to this its great i promise
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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    more olga doodles,

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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    mercy, mercy [ short fic to go with this here >:) ]

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  • hyper0bject
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    return to your roots and draw disjointed eyes

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  • shuinxxii
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I haven’t drawn much, have a little Amber

    #TOHTitanAU #the owl house #the owl house oc #toh coven oc #the owl house illusion coven #werefox#werefox oc#witch oc#fox oc #the owl house witchsona #the owl house witch oc
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  • i-may-be
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    Claramond Blight

    Age: 19
    Pronouns: She/they
    Coven: The Emperors Coven, specialises in Healing.
    Palisman: Wolf, with the name Liv.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Sexuality: Unlabeled
    Nicknames: Lara(Amity, Emira+Edirc). Claymond(previous Hexside friendgroup).
    Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/117958/complete?cd=3upQ2gmim6
    Warning: A lot is under the cut, I spent days on this it was fun. Please proceed with caution, there is way too much.


    Claramond believes that the Coven system is corrupt and limiting, especially since joining the Emperors Coven. Since she has worked closely to the Golden Guard, she has grown a quiet distrust of Emperor Belos, seeing the pressure and manipulation used against the Golden Guard. While they recognise the faults, they make no progress in preventing them on a mass scale, instead comforting close friends and family to not feel pressured or confined to it. Due to the emotional abuse, Claramond's first reaction to the world is that everyone is out to get you and that the world is a place where you can only trust a few people.

    They value their family- found or biological- and responsibility. Claramond sympathises with Hunter and having to feel committed to family, despite trying to help him develope his self worth outside of what his "Uncle" says. They have grown particularly distasteful of their father because of his lack of responsibility and accountability, as he acts as an enabler to Odelia's abusive behaviours.

    Claramond is motivated by caring for and guiding those she loves; like her younger siblings or Hunter. She wishes to help those she loves, helping them feel comforted with her and themselves. To see those she loves and cares about finding happy lives for themselves and helping them on their way there is her motivation.

    Claramond often feels apatheic to how people outside of their circle feel. They feel angry, though they tend to bury their emotions and only notice it when it resurges and blows over. They worry often, mostly for those they care about, sweeping their own needs under the rug. She's afraid of letting the people she loves down- specifically her siblings and Hunter- despising the idea of potentially enforcing negative ideology into them.

    Looking at herself, Claramond is often self critical. She psychoanalyses every little mistake she makes and stops at nothing to correct them, neglecting other things. She feels a lot of pressure and feels responsiblle when those close to her fail; a lot of that pressure they place on themselves because they apply it to their worth. Her hatred and critical view on herself often negatively affect those around her as they also worry for her and she can overshadow their own agency subconciously.

    It's very hard to see Claramond as anything but an intimidating and powerful witch upon first meeting her. She has a very neutral and quiet demeanor, speaking in a very level and factual way. It's hard to notice their habits if you do not know them well, as they are fantastic at being similar to an abomination, doing as told and being- for the most part- a reliable servant to Emperor Belos. The most human thing about their behaviour is the side-eye they give you when you have annoyed them.

    Your perception of them is turned on it's head instantly when you see them with their family, becoming much more affectionate and animated. She smiles, cups their faces, fixes their clothes, anything you can think of to show the love she has for her younger siblings. Even with Hunter and later Luz, Claramond slowly becomes more physically affectionate and open to them. She pats Luz on the head, and places her hand on Hunter's shoulder, a change from her arms usual place behind her back or holding her Palisman staff.

    They tend to respond quickly, having seemingly thought out everything you were going to say, controlling the conversation without being offensive and still giving you time to speak. They have a very unemotive expression and even sound to their voice. Their eyes close for a moment longer when they lie, but otherwise their is no telling that they are lying.

    When with those they wish to comfort or know well, they loosen up. They are much snappier and sarcastic, though they still only express themselves physically with their eyes, their face not being used to making more exaggerated expressions.

    Claramond has a poised posture; she shows clear confidence and self assurance in the way she stands, walks, even sits. When standing, her hands are held behind her back, or otherwise one is held behind her back as she holds her Palisman staff. When walking, she keeps her upright posture, walking at a steady and fast pace, her arms walking with her. Sitting down, her legs are kept close together and her hands are put together, sitting on her lap. You would almost suspect that she is trying to take up as little space as possible.

    When around people she's comfortable with, she allows herself to let her guard down. Her hand figet more as she holds them close to her chest, and she often appears a little out of it, looking off into the distance focusing on something she's spotted. She isn't as professional, often messing with her hair or inspecting tiny nitpicks or damage in furniture. You don't feel her eyes burning into your soul as much as they originally were, and it's at that point that you can realise that you've gained her trust.

    During combat, she exploits her opponents weaknesses, using all she knows about them against them. She's observant, and uses her sharp eyes to spot openings. She has a very unique way of talking, by resuming a bored expression and stay silent, making no more sound than annoying grunts. She's light on her feet, specilising in tiring her opponent out rather than taking them on in combat skill.

    Though Claramond has little time for hobbies, having a job that's basically just around the clock babysitting, she manages. She enjoys researching Healing Magic more indepthly that other magics. She is exceptionally gifted in it and enjoys the focus on psychological healing in the course, often applying it to help those she cares about. She also bakes, with minimum cooking in addition. Her favourite to bake are banana bread, apple tarts and snickerdoodle cookies. They embrace literature, never without a book to read; they especially enjoy detective mysteries and sci-fi, though they will delve into anything with action and adventure, enjoying looking at the characters especially.

    Claramond likes the woods. She enjoys walking through the shrouded canopies of the Boiling Isles, despite the dangers. She enjoys the feeling of fulfillment when she's made those she loves a little happier, putting a smile on their face. She likes sharing a relationship with her Palisman Liv, talking together, sharing looks, having someone you can always trust. They love control in the sense of knowing if someone you love is ok. They love being able to look out for them and making sure they can be protected from other's with her own power. She loves hearing people talk, having someone feel free to open their heart to you and share what they love.

    They hate loneliness, the thought of being alone, without even Liv to comfort them as they are stuck with themself for too long. They hate being misinformed, kept out of secrets and important conversations. They dislike artificial light, preferring candlelight during nights and dark evenings. She hates biographies; finding them self indulgent and boring. She hates seeing those she cares about in danger, being unable to help in any way. She hates the Coven Heads, who treat her like a glorified Abomination stood to act on their every command, nothing more than a prop at their disposal. They hate their parents, who spent years making them feel like they had no choice but to be a servant to those of higher status, and for inflicting toxic ideology into their younger siblings heads, and they hate their parents the most because they are so happy together.


    Three years older than the twins, Claramond was the first to be exposed to her parents parenting tactics. She grew up with every moment of her life controlled, Odelia attempting to make her into a child who was obediant to a fault, acing tests(or the equivilant for young children, stars or something) and being forced to grow up at a fast rate, even more so after Emira and Edric's birth.

    The pressure of being an obediant child and worthy role model- by Odelia's stadards- for her younger siblings left Claramond suffocated with extra-curricular actvities and without any identity outside of what her mother applied to her. She lived like this for years, without proper sleep, an immense amount of pressure on her shoulders and with a very limited social life that was kept strictly to school.

    This was how [EXTRACTED] found their way into Claramond's life! A classmate of Claramond, who found their way into detention often, decided Claramond was much to secretive for their liking. While Claramond consistently shunned every interaction, the consistent nature of [EXTRACTED] slowly wore down her tall walls. They were forced into the Hexside friendgroup and it brought a substantial amount of unwanted attention to not only Claramond, but all of their new friends. Odelia was bound to find out soon.

    Due to the slow influence of the rebellious witch, Claramond's attitude changed slowly, but surely enough to catch the attention of her parents. Very unwanted attention, might I add. Claramond- who would have been 15 at this time- was starting to diverge and explore herself outside of what her mother told her she could do, and her mother hated it.

    Odelia's influence seeped into the newfound, happy life like an inevitable poison. Discourse among the friendgroup was persistent, and Claramond's guilt seemed as if it would never see it's end. Not only had she brought her mother's wrath upon her friends, but Odelia wouldn't calm down once they were home either, her younger siblings were suffering alongside them.

    After months of the drama, Claramond found the everbearing flaw in Odelia's work, a Blight always upholds their end of the deal.

    Over several drafts to make sure there were no loopholes Odelia could find and exploit, Claramond proposed a deal to their mother. In a summary of the deal; Odelia would stop interfering with Claramond's friends' lives and Claramond would uphold and promote Blight Industries in the Emperors Coven.

    And with this deal, Claramond joined the Emperors Coven after graduation, quickly climbing the ranks to where they stand now. While


    Claramond seems to make an effort to keep up with her small friendgroup from Hexside and look out for them silently, despite the fact that they have not spoken since their graduation and the agreement she made with her mother.

    Claramond acts like a mother to their younger siblings, despite not being incredibly older than them. They is constantly reminding the twins to take accountability and watch over Amity while she is working with the Emperors Coven.

    Since joining the Emperors Coven and being personally assigned by Emperor Belos to watch over Hunter, Claramond has become a constant figure of support for Hunter. She watches out for him and tries to consistently hand out her support, despite being turned down quickly and often passive aggressively.

    When speaking to people, they tend to drop comments about their siblings. Hunter has complained about it time and time again but they don't appear to be stopping anytime soon.

    *Liv(Norse), cover, shield, life.
    *Claramond(German), bright protector.
    *Wolves symbolises leadership, power, protection and family.
    *[EXTRACTED}'s name will be added when I confirm their name.
    #toh oc#toh ocs #the owl house #haydens ocs!!! #blight oc#blight family#toh #this is what I've been procrastinating matchups for im so sorry
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  • pastelfawn
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    This is barely the beginning ;)

    gonna be honest idk how to context this, just something Eliane uses as a coping mechanism failing her when she needs it the most i guess

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  • pastelfawn
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Laverne Family Business Concept Art

    their business focuses more on self care, her father taking on more health related jobs since he's in the healing coven and her mother focusing on natural remedies or health related potions.

    they are also working on expanding by making a sort of spa/bath house? which is where Eliane helps out more

    Hermit (horned muddy girl top/middle right) belongs to @liezowlhouseau !! :D

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  • okokokaythen
    26.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    What’ll do? What’ll do? What an Unusual View!

    Yo! here’s a complete(kinda) drawing of The Pink Elephant Guard, I can imagine it floating around like an anomaly or like a doll. just a freaky lil guy that commits war crimes! 

    I woulda done more shading on the figure itself but I figured it out too late...Oh well. No its not Steve

    it smells like a candle 

    Also I’m announcing an Au I'm gonna include my owl house fanart in, The Hemophilia AU (Hp Au).

    Basically just a bloodier version of the Current Canon, the only real changes are that:

    - Everyone's an adult, I feel like there's only so much that can be done with child characters, I feel like you can get away with more with adults, mostly in regards to Gore and stuff

    - Belos is a semi okay parental figure

    -  Witch blood is very addicting to Humans 

    - Luz’s blood is needed to connect the portal to the human world 

    - Some Main cast designs are a combination of the Beta, Canon, and Pilot designs.

    #The Pink Elephant Guard #emperor's coven#Hemophilla AU #THE OWL HOUSE #the owl house #toh fanart#toh#toh oc#emperor belos #emperor's coven guard #Just a spooky lil guy #it smells funny #HP AU
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  • theowlcientist
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The AU is back, everybody! 

    Also, here is the cover.

    Even though, I have been publishing some sporadic chapters and fan content, the AU has been a little bit inncativated recently, but, I decided to try to bring it back. 

    Asks, just like those of @mega5waydragon are open, the chapter list of season 1 is going to be published soon and I will publish Harry’s dynamics with other character’s soon. 

    Not sure exactly how far I am going to bring this AU, but, I wil try to make it work. 

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  • panspy-draws
    25.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    i juste straight up cant find when i posted this when im 90% sure i did so im posting it again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    anyways these are the owl house ocs i made for me, my sibling, and my mom :) i'll probably add my brother eventually lmao.. maybe even redesign these a bit!

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  • goldric-central
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Okay so I got bored and ended up making an OC, she doesn’t really have a name yet so I just call her Sara, she’s Hunter’s sister and kind of a self insert xD

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  • strigidaeparliament
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    Woulda used Belos but he turned down appearing on live Crystal Ball.

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