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    Worlds Away JJK AU / Chapter 47 - Instinct 🔞

    w/c - 7,614

                   Getou has been lost in his thoughts while his feet aimlessly search for Sain, his fingers grazing the multicolored metal feather in his pocket. The clay halls that surround him seeming endless in length and repetitive in design, he saunters on as the yellow lighting moves his shadow one step at a time. He’s trying his best, however, to not think about Toji and Naoya snuggling Elska in his bed. ‘If I freak out now, she’ll never accept me…’. He pulls the feather halfway out, so his eyes can perceive its beauty, admiring how unique of a woman she truly is.

                   “Master Suguru!”, Sain sees him approaching so he stands from his hunched over sitting position against the wall, urgently wanting to discuss what he just saw. Getou looks up towards him and quickens his footsteps while glancing to the door Sain now stands by curiously.

                   With an almost uninterested tone, Getou asks, “How is Master Genghis?”, expecting a grueling report. When Sain seems to be at a loss for words, the idea that Genghis didn’t survive his injuries shoot through Suguru’s mind, causing an unexpected internal panic. He begins to rush to the door but Sain throws an arm up to block him. “What is it?!”.

                   Sain glances to the earth made wall next to them, unsure of how to explain. When he feels Suguru become more apprehensive, he states, “Master Genghis…he’s…fine.”. He takes in the nauseating wave of relief that washes over Getou while thinking, ‘But how could you care at this point?!’, becoming worried that Genghis still has a hold over the true head. Suguru pushes past him and into the room before Sain has a chance to say anything else.

                   When Getou’s eyes lock onto Temujin, he experiences a mixture of emotions and is wholeheartedly confused. The arm that should be gone, even with their clan’s advanced healing abilities is in fact still there. With a furrowed brow he brings his gaze to his mentor who turns casually to meet his stare.

                   With that same arm, Genghis waves gleefully at his pupil, inviting him in. There’s a disturbing silence stagnating the room but after Sain enters as well, Genghis speaks up, “Oh this? We’re masters at healing little one, don’t put much thought into it…”. He then hops down from the medical table and walks over to Getou, placing his hands on his shoulders. “Is it true? Elska still lives?!”, Genghis searches Suguru’s eyes and becomes relieved when he nods yes. Genghis now slumps forward, bearing his weight on Getou’s shoulders, “Thank GOD…I know she’s tough but that was a really bad situation.”.

                   Sain interrupts this suspicious exchange, “What was Amnessia doing in here? I demand to know!”. He’s never misspoken to anyone in authority before but couldn’t help his anxieties as he watched the woman wipe blood away from her neck before heading back in the direction of Getou’s room, where their guests were. He’s insulted by the sly smile Genghis wears and clenches his fists in distrust.

                   “I assigned her a new mission of course!”, Genghis informs, not expecting Suguru’s hands to wrap into his collar.

                   “YOU AND YOUR VILE WOMEN! WHAT ARE YOU HAVING HER DO!?”, this new information sends a chill down Getou’s spine as he knows just how dangerous Amnessia is. Her abilities rank her a top tier Titer, having a technique that can directly manipulate memories without the traditional recital. After seeing what happened with Sachiko, Suguru no longer blindly trusts his mentor. When Genghis offers words, Getou releases him to hear what he has to say, hoping there’s a good explanation.

                   “Look! I simply sent her to occupy the hybrid. This Choso has become too familiar with Elska and I’ve already explained why that’s not ok.”, Genghis rubs his hands across his collar bones, the skin being irritated from his robes in Getou’s grasp. “She will not have contact with Elska, I would not risk the implications of what could come of that.”. He looks over to Sain thinking, ‘How long have you actually been defiant right under my nose?’, and smirks to the growing intricacies of the game they’re all playing.

                   Sain and Suguru both release an exhausted sigh of reprieve. Before he’s too caught up in this ease though, he uses his gravity to send Genghis into the floor. “What the fuck were you thinking with Sachiko? How could you keep that from me?!”, Getou’s tone is completely angered as he increased the gravity more, looking down at his mentor who doesn’t seem to be fighting back. “SHE ALMOST KILLED ELKSA!”, and tears up to the memories of her bleeding out inside of Toji’s cell.

                   Sain accidentally shows a small grin of gratitude, enjoying the faux head’s discomfort as he’s being sunken into the earth beneath them. A small red flash occurs over Genghis’s eyes that quickly meet his own, causing Sain to step back as he’s been caught relishing to the display before him. “What was that?”, he thinks in fear as none of this actually makes sense.

                   Genghis is trapped under the unbearable weight but he’s still able to increase his presence enough to steal the oxygen from their lungs by the pressure he can create. Once Getou falters, Genghis stands and slaps his pupil across the face and pins him into the wall. “Do you really think I wanted that to happen? Elska is KEY to everything going on…THE KEY!”. He lets out a wild snarl and feels himself losing control, although its liberating. Before it’s too late, he drops his arms and backs away from Suguru, “Little one…I’m sorry, I’m very stressed as well…”, and goes to turn around until he feels a sharp pain in his neck.

                   Suguru kicked his mentor, causing him to sway to the side. “What else are you not telling me!?”, he stands there offensively, ready to brawl.

                   Genghis takes a deep breath and reminds himself, ‘You care for Suguru, do not hurt him.’, repeating it a few times internally before mustering the strength to stand and meet eyes. “There is nothing else…”, he boldly lies. He takes a deep breath to collect himself, knowing he’s come too far to fumble now. “I only want her to reach her maximum potential little one…”, he quietly speaks.

                   Getou, being satisfied with that answer, postures himself normally and leans his back into the wall. “Sachiko needs to be dealt with. Not only has she done something unforgivable but she’ll only hurt Toji in the future.”. Suguru’s expression is overcome by a scowl, “I do not want anymore surprises, nor will I tolerate any.”.

                   “I told you the power a woman can wield, now look at you, growing years worth within days!”, despite everything else, Genghis is actually happy to see this development. “It’s almost like you’re a new man!”.

                   Getou scoffs, “I wouldn’t go that far, I just know what’s important to me now…”. He lowers his head while grazing the feather against his palm, being soothed by the tickling sensation. He recalls the warmth yet again from holding Elska and finds himself softly smiling without being aware.

                   Sain still holds his suspicions to heart but can’t help but relax when he sees the foreign expression of Suguru’s. ‘He’s changed a lot, he needs to give himself more credit.’, he tells himself, tilting his head as the thought leaves his mind.

                   “Choso is not to be harmed. I hope this has already been made clear…”, Getou’s snapped himself out of his daydreaming, being on edge until Genghis acknowledges this fact.

                   Sitting back onto the medical table while holding his neck, Genghis assures, “He is not in any danger. I simply mean to dangle Amnessia before him so his interest of Elska will be minimized.”, he sighs before continuing, “He’s already fed her far too much. If we don’t teach her how to control herself, this could all end very badly. I wish to start both of your training immediately.”. Genghis smiles, “You are bound to become closer too, you’ll be spending a lot of time together once tomorrow comes.”.

                   Getou staves off his need to beam, embarrassed by how excited the idea makes him. “I don’t think the others with her will approve of this. They were ready to leave until Toji convinced them to stay.”, despite this blaring truth, Getou still allows his imagination to formulate different scenarios of himself and Elska learning more about each other through the process. ‘I’m actually looking forward to this…’.

                   Genghis hops back down, after stretching his back and neck, “It sucks getting old!”, he laughs. The remark is met with Suguru stating, “You hardly look your age, quit complaining.”, which makes Genghis feel uneased. Changing the subject immediately, Genghis energetically states, “I would assume they need to be debriefed!”, but is halted by Getou’s stern motion to stop.

                   “Even after being healed, Elska was worn out. They’re recuperating for the time being, which I think is for the best.”, Suguru wants them to feel as comfortable as possible in order to avoid anymore fights. “We’ll get nowhere if everyone’s run ragged.”. He’s met by a curious face from Genghis so he proceeds to say, “They’re sleeping in my room currently but it would probably be best to go ahead and organize them their own temporary spaces.”.

                   Genghis tries to keep his eyes from showing emotion and luckily succeeds. ‘Oh, little one…I doubt they are sleeping…’, but can’t bring himself to tell his pupil the likely truth knowing it would only increase the tensions between them. “Right! Then let’s give them their privacy for a while longer.”. He turns to Sain, “What other matters need our attention?”.

                   Sain goes to speak but is interrupted by Getou jumping in and saying, “They need clothes. Everyone was a mess after…”, Suguru’s eyes narrow hatefully to the floor, “…after she was hurt.”.

                   Genghis claps his hands together and excitedly states, “How do you think our lovely lady Oda will look in Titer wear?”, and grins as he perceives the bashful expression that appears on Suguru. “Shall we go find them some apparel then?”. He’s met with a hastened nod and gladly puts his arm around Getou as they go to exit the room. As they walk past Sain though, Genghis flashes a menacing look towards the grey-eyed Titer, warning him to back off.

                   Once they leave, Sain stands there in complete muddle. ‘Does he know I’m onto him?!’, and begins to sweat at what that could mean for his future. Before he becomes overwhelmed by the thought, he asks himself, ‘I wonder if Baidal was successful in meeting with the others?’, and finds himself praying for the young Titer’s safety. Before exiting the room, he looks around and contemplates out loud, “There is not a shaman alive that could restore a missing limb…”.


                   Choso is being dragged down the hall, an unforgiving grip stretching his shirt as he’s guided to what he can only assume is his doom. He’s asked the beautiful woman a few times as to where they were going but she only responds in sweet giggles until she opens a door and shoves him through it. When he gets into the dark room, he staggers until he bumps into what seems to be an edge of something. He places his hands down to search what it could be and finds that its likely a table. “What are we doing here?!”, his voice is shaky and unsure but she flips a light switch and stares at him after closing the door.

                   She watches Choso search his surroundings, finding his uneasiness to be utterly adorable. “This is just a conference room and I mean you no harm.”. When his dark eyes meet her own, she smiles and slowly walks over to him, minimizing the agonizing distance between them. She traps Choso against the table with her body, purposefully pressing her breasts into him while running her hands up his arms. “Don’t be so tense…am I not your type?”, she playfully asks.

                   Choso has no idea as to what’s going on and finds himself further confused by her question. “M-My type?”, he thinks about it heavily trying to understand what she could mean, ‘Is she referring to my blood?’, but before he’s able to ponder too deeply, she’s removing his shirt overhead. He watches her hands slowly glide down his chest which sends him into an anxious, internal frenzy.

                   “Yes dear, do you not find me attractive?”, once her hands meet the elastic of his matching sweatpants, she tugs them down which makes him yelp. She’s so busy looking over his muscular structure that she doesn’t notice his face turning beet red.

                   Choso grabs her hands and blurts out, “You’re beautiful! What kind of question is that?”, and for a moment feels his apprehension fade as she releases his pants and steps back. He’s not confident in his answer, though he meant it completely, since she stands there with her arms folded for a moment. “What is this abou-…”, he begins to ask but loses his voice as she unravels her robes to expose her body before him. He slowly trails his eyes from her feet all the way to her face, now becoming nervous all over again. She takes ahold of his wrists, guiding his hands to her breasts. His jaw drops in amazement as they gently cup the soft, warm tissue. He doesn’t mean to gawk but this was not what he was expecting.

                   As he slowly begins to massage, she sighs with gratification and says, “If I’m so beautiful then touch me more.”. She catches the fright in his eyes and begins to wonder, ‘Is he inexperienced?’, now comprehending that she’ll have to take the lead. While holding his hands in place, she now presses against him, placing her lips upon his. He lets out a whimper which excites her thoroughly, ‘Did Genghis really send to me take this man’s virginity?!’.

                   Not knowing how to kiss, Choso freezes initially but he can’t deny how good her body’s heat feels against him. He’s suddenly worried about seeming clueless so he thinks back to all the times he’s watched Elska being kissed for a guide. He slowly opens his mouth but is startled by the smooth texture of the tongue that now dances with his but doesn’t fight it. This deep sexual urge that he’s been torturously battling to keep locked away resurfaces as a rush of sensations flow through his veins. ‘Is she really wanting to do this with me?!’, he thinks as their kissing becomes more aggressive.

                   While he’s distracted, she uses this opportunity to again, snag at his pants. She’s smiles into him when he fails to stop her and quickly reaches for his manhood and begins to stroke it. She briefly looks down to see what it looks like and becomes a happy woman to the confirmation that she’s definitely going to feel him. She moves to kissing his cheek, then his neck while quietly asking, “Why is a big boy like you left unattended to huh?”, and licks his neck, enjoying his breathless gasps as he melts in place. “Mmmmm…”, she’s thoroughly enjoying his reactions, they make her feel like a goddess.

                   Choso places his arms behind him to lean back into the long wooden table while feeling all of the little sensations she’s bringing to his mind. His eyes have been closed for most of this but they dart open when he feels a wonderfully warm and wet suction around his girth. He looks down with parted lips, in complete disbelief as the woman has placed her mouth around him. “Oh…my…”, he whispers while his legs jerk involuntarily, watching her making his length disappear. ‘You can use your mouth on men too?’. He throws his head back, feeling it was somehow rude to stare but her hand locks into his hair and pulls his head down so he can’t look away.

                   “Don’t be afraid, it’s ok…”, she smiles after letting him flop from her lips. “Does it feel good?”, she asks, knowing damn well it does by look on his face. He nods sluggishly though, not having words but she’s satisfied by that. She sends herself back over him again but this time works her right hand to gently rub his testicles simultaneously. She notices his body tense up instantly, as he’s now leaning forward and moaning to her efforts. “I’m going to take good care of you dear, so just let me.”.

                   Without even realizing it, Choso’s hand now rests on her head while she indoctrinates him into this footless waltz. The sounds that result from this sloppy ordeal call to him in a way he’s never known. “This is…amazing…”, he pants out, throbbing while exploring her throat. He doesn’t push down on her head but rather keeps it there to gain the full experience of her movements. A familiar heat coils within as he curls his toes inside of his shoes, breathing heavily and moaning louder than before. He doesn’t know if he should say anything, not wanting to ruin this moment of perfection so he chooses to just let her continue until the coil releases, dumping 150 years-worth of ignorance into her mouth.

                   She feels him twitching across her tongue and tastes the salty description that is the man in front of her. She’s disappointed that he’s already finished but is now reinforced with the idea that he’s never done anything like this. Rather than putting him down though, she decides to elevate herself up. Once she’s sure there’s nothing to be spilled, she stands and folds her arms again. Looking over the blushing mess that is this infamous hybrid, she directs, “Lie down on the table, I’m not done with you yet…”, and takes his hand between her legs so he can judge for himself how serious she is.

                   “Wh-what?!”, Choso hasn’t even recovered from the tingling lingering through his nerves as he forms his hands in the way it was when Elska did the same thing. A hum escapes him as he angles them into her, biting his lip to the slickness that he’s only felt once before. The biggest difference he’s noticing in this situation is the fact that he’s not weighted with guilt for touching this woman…or wanting her to touch him back. She’s soon crawling over him which forces him to adjust his placement on the table, scooting back until the edge meets behind his knees. He lies down enjoying how her breast suffocate his face as she finds her position.

                   “You’re going to have to man up Mr. Choso…”, she says and ends with a devious smile. He doesn’t respond with words but rather with widened eyes which she finds cute. Leaning down into his ear she whispers, “Otherwise I can’t fuck you like I want to.”. She hears him gasp and watches his face turn towards hers. He opens his mouth but she puts a finger to his lips and says, “Shhh…”, as she grabs up his semi-hardened flesh and slowly sinks over him. When he covers his face with his hands and moans, she pulls his arms away and places his hands back on her breasts, allowing him a moment to appreciate her warmth.

                   Choso can barely catch his breath as the sublime sensation of his girth being submerged into this girl feels better than anything he’s ever been able to imagine. He runs his right thumb over her nipple before glancing down to see how they’re connected, writhing pleasantly from the sight. ‘Why didn’t they tell me it felt this good?!’, he squints his eyes while thinking. The moment she lifts up and begins riding him, he groans deeply and becomes otherwise limp as he’s unable to focus further on his thoughts. He’s completely mesmerized by her velvety walls, noticing that his hands could never do true justice by him again. Once he’s finally able to compose himself, he loses said composure as the woman is now roughly slamming her thighs against his own.

                   “You like that?”, she asks between gasps, being utterly entranced by how wonderful he feels to her too. “Do you want more?”, he releases a broken yes and hisses when she picks up speed, wanting to blow his mind. The way his face scrunches up ironically makes her feel impenetrable as she takes in his adorable reactions through her fluttering lashes. She thinks to give him a break and slows down a little but becomes surprised when she feels his rough hands gripping her thighs, holding her inches above him.

                   All of the fear Choso’s harbored over this kind of situation has scurried and left his heart. He feels his glare towards her but hopes she understands that he’s not angry, he’s hungry. While holding her in place he starts lifting his hips into her, at first being startled by her sounds since he doesn’t want to hurt her. She’s soon crying “YES!”, which makes his testicles twitch as he decides to continue his motions. Sweat quickly gathers across his skin, his hair clinging to the sides of his face and forehead but the thrill rushing through him makes him continue.

                   She’s stuck there as he sails through her folds, feeling the exquisiteness of his change in attitude. More than ever she’s glad she accepted this task and is enjoying the way he aggressively pummels through her. The tacky smacking of their skin fills the room aside from their unison of moans, a much more beautiful sound than she anticipated. Upon looking down into this mysterious man’s eyes though, her attention is pilfered by the wavering line dancing across his nose and cheeks. ‘IS HE GOING TO ATTACK ME?!’, snaps through her mind as she now becomes apprehensive. When she tries to get away from him though, he sits himself up and begins lifting, then slamming her down over and over. Her feet flop in the air from his hold, his grip becoming tighter around her waist. Part of her thinks to shut him down but as she listens to manner of his grunts, she thinks he may not be aware of his surging energy. It’s dark. He feels evil. She questions how such a monster can be dressed to be otherwise so polite and innocent when there’s clear indications that his true nature is anything but. As he proceeds to become rougher, she finds herself in a predicament, ‘I can’t hurt him…that would cause problems…’, knowing that shit will hit the fan as far as their guests are concerned if Choso suddenly perishes.

                   Choso has found his rhythm and refuses to stop. Although he can sense that she’s no longer as into it as she once was, he clings to her, forcing her to endure him further. This same strange compilation of emotions taking over are the same exact ones he felt when he first experienced Elska’s pheromones. Gritting his teeth, he maneuvers the woman over top of him the way he prefers while breathlessly moaning, “Elskaaa…”. He’s never felt so good, so free. With her being pressed against his chest, he slams himself into her, keeping her there as he harshly bites into her neck, drawing blood. She screams but he’s not deterred as her vocals violate what innocence remains within him. Choso knows that he’s being affected in a way that triggers his energy but he’s suddenly not worried about the repercussions. He rolls them over, causing them to crash into the floor but he quickly inserts himself back into this elusive beauty and pins her legs against her voluptuous breasts before she can get away. Now ravaging her, he catches sight on the black energy swirling down his right arm and becomes alarmed, not wanting to attack her. He tucks it behind his back, now using his weight against her since he felt he was so close.

                   It’s not often that she experiences fear but she definitely is now. The only thing keeping her from wiping his mind out is her loyalty to Genghis and his plans. She turns her head to the side and shuts her eyes, trying to only allow good thoughts to flow through her as the responsibility of the situation sits with her solely. She feels his frustration, his inhumanity and wishes she would’ve explored him more before thinking she could handle him. She hears that name leave him again, “Elska”, and come to terms with the fact that her and Genghis might have made his infatuation with the winged woman worse. She finds herself whimpering as she’s brought to an orgasm, the act of her body completely denying the severity of the situation. She tries to keep the signs to herself as his pleasure is no longer in the forefront of her mind, only survival.

                   Choso feels her contracting around him and is beside himself when he can only chuckle deeply. “You thought you could manipulate me with this…”, he takes his left hand and secures it around her throat, “…this beauty of yours…”. He grunts as he rams her into the floor, becoming weaker by the second as he’s nearly spent. He knows now that his eyes have blackened by the horrified face the woman is making but in response he seethes, “Who’s controlling who now?”, but then doubles over as he releases a second load, pulling out to bathe her in it as if to add insult to injury. He groans loudly while his member jumps until its resting against her mound.

                   She could tell by his uncoordinated motions that he was done but when she feels the warm evidence rope along her body and even up to her chin, she feels reprieved. Crawling backwards, she kicks Choso in the chest before rolling over and jumping up. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!”, she screams, not in tears but defensively. She rushes over to her robes, picks them up and then runs out of the room naked. She feared he may chase her but thanks the heavens that he’s not behind her when she looks back. ‘GENGHIS!!’, she screams in her mind, wanting to deck her true boy-toy in the face.

                   Choso sits there on his knees, wildly laughing into his palms. “I am no longer afraid…not of anything…”. He brings his head up to stare at the ceiling, “Is this why they didn’t want me getting to close to her?”, he asks to no one while thinking about Elska. “Because it would feel this good?”. The animalistic smile has yet to leave him as he uses the table to prop himself to stand. “I never got her name…”, he turns to the door before looking down at his still slick member, biting his lip to new memories he’s made, still cackling maniacally. It’s as if a switch as simple as the one used to bring the lights has been engaged.


                   Satoru wakes up after detecting dark energy nearby. He sits up in battle mode and tries to hone in on where it came from after gauging how ominous it was. His thoughts are silenced though when he hears Elska and Toji moan, and slowly turns his head to see his love taking both Naoya and Toji. His mood shifts, becoming more focused on the sight before him, being overcome with lust. While keeping a part of his mind attached to the threat, tracking its stillness, he leans back into the couch and grabs himself. “Look at you, love…”, he mumbles not wanting to startle them or interrupt, “…stuffed.”. Gojo smiles to himself while examining how everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, freeing his instant erection. He pretends for a moment that he’s Naoya but then realizes that’s not necessary as he loves the way she looks getting fucked by them both.

                   “Doll…”, Toji tries to warn Elska that he’s about to explode and she seems to understand as she bends down, releasing one of their laced hands to cup his face. Their lips meet and he groans as she gives in extra effort to milk him causing him to quickly become a shaking mess as he fills her. Her glowing half-lidded eyes are focused on him but she cries out as Naoya has yet to finish.

                   Naoya feels Toji slip out of her and wonders why he didn’t attempt to find his place again, soon getting that Toji was done. He slows down for a moment being unsure if it was ok to keep her there over his cousin while he chases his own high. Toji doesn’t move though, in fact his arms are now traveling all over Elska in a post-heat embrace, so he continues. Taking her on top of Toji actually sends a rush through him, exciting the fibers of his existence to the point of no return. As he’s about to pull out and finish himself with his hand, a stark realization hits him. He exits Elska but leans over her back to grab his towel from earlier. After vigorously wiping his girth off he says, “I don’t think so fucker…I will be the daddy!”, and sends himself through Elska folds, gripping her hips as sweat drops from his face onto her back.

                   Elska feels the change and is now lying on Toji’s chest completely with her rear in the air as Naoya stakes his claim. She cries out her prince’s name but feels her chin being grabbed by Toji as he guides her face to his. The reverent way he kisses her while feeling Naoya makes her whimper uncontrollably as she releases another wave into the room. While their tongues are meeting and she’s tasting her beloved, she feels Naoya’s hand wrap around her throat to pull her back against him.

                   Gojo spits in his hand to relieve himself of friction all while eagerly perceiving Toji’s contents being worked out of her, while knowing some remains. “So fucking dirty!”, he grins while masturbating, taking in her sounds of pleasure as the Zenin uses his go-to move to hold her place. He thinks to get up and get himself some oral but decides against it, ‘I don’t want to be rude now do I?’. He squeezes himself to mimic the clenching, wondering how fast he could relieve himself since he seemed to miss most of this endeavor. Gojo stares at her openings, wiggling in his seat at how pretty she is when she’s been thoroughly used. He notices that Toji doesn’t move but rather lifts his arms to tuck behind his head as if he too, is admiring how she looks in this state. ‘So, he’ll open up with Naoya but not with me?’, Gojo feels a slight twinge of jealousy for all the wrong reasons but ignores this as he continues to palm himself.

                   Naoya moans into her ear, “You’re going to take mine too baby…”, and nearly collapses when she agrees. “Fuuuck…”, he lifts her head a little higher so he can find a good spot in the crook of her neck. Only now does he see Toji make an attempt to move but instead of it being away, he notices him sit up to suckle on her breasts. Elska cries out heatedly again, using her hands to search for both of their heads and tangles her fingers into their hair. Naoya bites into her, inciting another wave as she spasms around him. She yelps pleasantly again when Toji bites her around her left nipple. As they drink, her body becomes limp but they’re both readily supporting her as they fill her with euphoria. Naoya works his hips shakily as he feels himself about to release and remains inside of her as he twitches.

                   Toji tastes her satisfaction, her manic happiness and also her unyielding love for them but then a flash of Naoya’s face enters his mind. ‘Just like last time…’, but he’s quickly returning his focus. He uses his tongue to graze her nipple every so often while drinking, distinguishing the fluctuation in her emotions each time he does. Once her orgasm has met its end, he brings his fingertips to the bite marks to close them. He kisses her chest, sucking and marking areas of otherwise flawless skin until he notices a trail of her blood falling down from where Naoya’s still feeding. “You’re making a mess boy.”, he jokes, licking up all that was spilled before leaning his head into her chest to listen to heart race.

                   Elska feels like she’s separated from her body and is living in a different plane of existence. No words could adequately describe the warmth and pure physical pleasure that was experienced in this room with her turned. Only when Naoya closes his punctures is she brought back to reality, still being held up by the both of them. “I…woah…”, she fails to complete a single sentence as she gains awareness of her surroundings again. She soon hears Satoru moan loudly and in a fright, quickly swivels her head to his direction. She expected him to possibly be angry but what she sees is his sperm seeping through his knuckled grasp as he leans his head back against the couch and breathes heavily. “Sati?!”.

                   “How long have you been awake?!”, Naoya helps lay Elska down while she regains her senses and stands to grab her original towel to help clean her up. “You’re a god damn pervert Gojo…”, Naoya accuses while tossing the towel at the silver shaman.

                   “Says the guy that likely entered every orifice tonight!”, Satoru playfully adds while searching for a spot on the towel that wasn’t already soaked with semen. He’s repulsed by this but figures he’s lucky enough to not have to use his pants, ultimately shrugging it off.

                   “Sati! I can’t believe you didn’t say anything!”, Elska shrieks but in a laughing manner as she had no idea he was getting off to that. “You are a pervert…but I love you.”, she giggles into Toji’s arm as he brushes his fingers through her hair and chuckles himself. She sits herself up as Satoru makes his way over to her and sits down by her waist.

                   “Love, I’m into anything that involves you and I didn’t want to ruin the moment by speaking up!”, he cups her face which is clearly expressing embarrassment but he reassures her once more that everything’s fine. “You know I love it when you’re vulnerable.”, he says sweetly, knowing that she’d understand his statement. He leans in to kiss her, taking in her messy hair that has dried without being styled or even groomed. “You’re beautiful when you’re like that…how many times do I have to say it?”, he soothes before sending his tongue into her mouth for some passion of his own. He pulls back after a second though and jumps up before jogging towards the door.

                   “Sati? What’s wrong?”, Elska asks as she determines he’s become completely serious in an instant. She then feels something nearing them quickly, and is familiar with the dark presence. “IS CHOSO HURT?!”, she screams knowing that its him but is confused as to why his ominous presence is practically going full throttle.

                   “Cho?”, Naoya looks over to Toji who stood up as well, “What the fuck are you guys talking about?!”.

                   “Can you not feel that Naoya?”, Gojo turns to read the Zenin’s confused expression and is left wondering why the guy that’s closest to Choso is unable to detect him right now. “That doesn’t make sense…”.

                   Elska runs for the rack of towels and quickly wraps another large golden one around her while fearing their stay at the Titer compound was a trap after all. “If they hurt him, I’m not holding back!”, she declares with tears clouding her vision. She’s always felt this darkness within Choso but since he’s so well-mannered and never seems to match this demonic-like energy, she fears that he’s been attacked in some way, provoking him without meaning. Before time is wasted, she barrels past Gojo and into the halls, spinning around to visually locate him.

                   “LOVE GET BACK HERE!”, Satoru yells but it’s no use, she’s already running towards the direction he’s coming from. Gojo takes off after her, leaving Naoya and Toji behind in the room, searching for their garments to remain somewhat decent. ‘Somethings wrong here, Choso isn’t injured…’, he thinks while trying to come up with possible explanations using his six-eyes. He hears Elska scream so he teleports to that location. When he reappears though, he’s met with the horrifying sight of Choso pinning Elska to the wall, with her feet dangling in the air. “CHOSO!”, Gojo sees the dark energy swirling around the being’s arm, it nearing Elska who’s frantically trying to understand what’s going on. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!”, Gojo makes the split-second decision of attacking him in order to save her as he hardly recognizes the being.

                   “Elska…”, Choso takes a deep breath near her face and huffs up the lingering scent. When he sees Satoru approaching, he quickly engages his shadow realm door and says, “Come any closer and even you’ll be swallowed into it.”, laughing deeply to the silver shaman’s hopeless disposition. Turning his focus back onto Elska he dips his head down and plants his lips heavily against hers, taking in her confusion but not caring. She starts to cry before him though which causes him to falter, not getting why she’s so upset. “Elska…”.

                   “Cho-so…pl..ease!”, she rakes at the arm strangling her and winces to his blackened eyes that reflect her horror like a dark mirror. “Don’t…do this!”, she begs through her tears, kicking her legs against him feeling that it may as well be a brick wall. ‘Why? What happened to him?”, she thinks while struggling for air. “This…isn’t…you!!!”, she cries, slowly feeling him lessen his grip. She hears Naoya and Toji roar but when she strains her eyes to look to the left, in that direction, all she can see is the misshapen technique Choso used to barricade them off. When she turns back to Choso, he releases his grip and catches her by the waist. She feels the incredible intensity pouring from him as he squeezes their bodies into each other.

                   Choso uses his free hand to stabilize her chin as his black energy violently swirls around them. He leans in once more to kiss her, maliciously grinning to how she gasps as he drags his tongue down to her neck. When he bites her with his dull teeth, she squirms and grabs onto his arms. With a swarm of confidence, he lifts her up and presses her against the wall again, physically making her legs wrap around him. Her expression is completely bewildered but her tears have disappeared as he calls to the other her. “Elska…”, he begins while tilting his head to the side as her eyes begin show those colorful dashes, “I consent.”.

                   Elska screams as her wings form into the hardened clay instinctually, painfully anchoring her into that position. Chunks of the hard mud fall around them, the dust swirling into Choso’s vortex. Her energy darkens too now but she allows this to happen without any restraint. The purple hue reflects off of Choso’s skin, and to her dismay she smiles widely, drowning out the warnings and threats heard from the other side of the shadow door. While trapped in this darkened whirlwind of sheer wickedness from their combined presences, she lifts her hand to cup Choso’s face and asks in the lowly voice, “So you wish to be mine after all?”. He leans back in to kiss her and in a moment of complete basic nature, she returns the affection all while the blaring inherited voice echoes in her head.

                   “HE’S READY.”.                “TURN HIM!”.

                   She pulls back away from Choso, grabs a fist full of his hair, and lowers his head to the right. She licks the targeted area, and pierces his neck without hesitation. His body soon goes limp which forces her to support them both with her legs as her wings attempt to remain attached. The pain is grueling but she deals with it while performing the ritual. His created door soon wavers uncontrollably which makes her send waves of energy around it to show the others that she’s fine, they just need to back up before the technique traps them. When she feels them retreating, she closes her eyes and takes in the pure essence of Choso, moaning with him as he begins to lose consciousness. She places her left hand over his heart and thrives to the jolt provided across his body. She soon closes the wounds and whispers to his sleeping form, “My hybrid, my equal…I look forward to seeing what you become…”, and places a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose. The weight of them both bearing on her wings soon becomes too much and she winces into a growl as she feels them separating from her body. Suddenly though, the heaviness dissipates as she witnesses Choso being slammed into the ground.

                   Suguru engages his gravity, leveling the hybrid into the floor while moving to support Elska in her suspension. He peers over, mortified by the energy revolving around the being, while cradling her, trying to think of the best way to get her down. He sees her skin stretching and tearing, not understanding how they ended up like this but also more attentive to ending it in this moment. She thrashes in his arms but the remnants of muscle conjoining her wings to her body give, causing them both to fall to the ground as she bleeds heavily. “FUCK!”, he screams while scrambling his technique to slow the bleeding. He scuddles them away from Choso, not knowing what to expect as this is all completely unprecedented. He looks down Elska and asks, “Are you alright?!”, and helps cover her with the now mostly reddened towel. He can feel the smoothness of her skin against him and this would normally bring him a smile but as Choso convulses a few feet away, his heart breaks. “Did you..?”, he asks her while keeping his eyes trained on the hybrid. He notices that Gojo isn’t able to reach their side, even with his teleportation abilities and wonders what Choso’s intentions truly were. ‘That door must cross over dimensions…’, he realizes in amazement, previously being under the impression that only his clan would be able to understand how that works.

                   Elska doesn’t respond but rather turns into his chest and begins to cry, becoming fully aware of what they just did. “I TURNED HIM!”, she wails in her lowly voice, battling which side should remain surfacing as she sounds half thrilled and half devastated.  She twists around to see Choso seizing in the spherical indention circling him and tries to reach out. She hears Getou yell for Naoya, and now looks up to see her bloodied wings protruding from the wall, flesh that should be hers hanging from the visible parts. Only now does she understand that she’s severely wounded.    

                   Genghis now runs to them and grabs Elska’s arm, “Please hold still!”, he begs as he begins to use a unique Titer method of healing. His eyes take to the hybrid that’s wildly flailing unconsciously and thinks, ‘My plan…it was fucking useless!’. With all of the focus he can muster, he aligns himself metaphysically to the time of minutes before. Still frames of Choso pinning Elska, them kissing, and her biting him haze over his eyes as he tries to forge a crack in the continuum for her sake. “Let this be your first lesson little one!”, Genghis states. He sighs when he sees one of her wings shatter, the pieces spilling on the ground as if ants were carrying them back over to her body. Some blood leaks from Genghis’s nose and his arms begin to shake as the thought, “I must be successful!”, encourages him to make the impossible happen.

                   Suguru watches silently as the pieces of wings crawl over his legs, up her back and cement themselves into her wounds. She screams abhorrently as the shards dig themselves into the caverns and embed into her, forming new areas of muscle and soft tissue. They don’t heal her completely but Getou knows he can at least control this amount of bleeding now and holds Elska closely as he begins to question everything he knows. “Elska…”, he whispers while holding her still to the best of his abilities until she pierces him with her fangs.

                   Gojo can sense Getou and now Genghis too. Becoming unnerved, wondering if this wasn’t some kind of set up, he decides to act. He pushes Naoya and Toji back and engages his purple hollow technique to rip through Choso’s morphing door.

                   “GOJO YOU CAN’T!”, Toji tackles the silver shaman, “YOU’LL HIT HER TOO YOU DUMB FUCK!”, and begins to wrestle with him on the ground.

                   “GETOU HAS HER RIGHT NOW!”, Satoru hollers with welling tears, fearing that he’s been bamboozled and will soon lose his love. When he tries to engage it again, Naoya stomps on his wrist and yells, “THIS ISN’T THE WAY GOJO!”. All he can think about though is Elska’s malevolent presence and how Choso’s is becoming increasingly unstable.

                   Toji keeps Satoru on the floor while yelling, “HE WON’T HURT HER!”, but feels uncertain as he can smell her blood and sense that she’s feeding.

                   Suddenly, the misshapen door disappears altogether and all that can be seen is Choso bleeding while seizing into the ground and Suguru holding Elska as she drinks with Genghis exasperating behind them.

     ((Chapter 48 will be out around Friday, thank you all for reading!!))

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    i don’t even think toji’s hot he’s just SUCH an interesting character???????????? help

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    head empty toji i-

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    Toji Fushiguro - Jujutsu Kaisen

    🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ "anatomy practice"

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    toji being hired to kill you but ends up fucking you instead send post

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    kinktober 2021 👻

    DAY 21: 


    ⚠️: toji wants to rip away that cute little look in your eyes. you’ll let him, right?

    he knows he shouldn’t be here with you. 

    that won’t stop him though. it never has before, and he swears it— with each touch of his hands against the softness of your body, he can feel your innocence parting ways with you.

    your mouth parts in a heavy gasp of his name, and he remembers what he came here for.

    he wants to ruin you. 

    Toji wants to take every good part of you and crush it between his fingers, and you’ll let him. you’re so good that even now— teary eyed, and split open on his cock, you’re still hoping that he will stay. 

    he won’t. 

    he never does. 

    he comes in the night to take what he wants from you, and then leave you there with nothing but bruises and an undeniable ache between your thighs.

    you look so pretty like this, who really could blame him from wanting to take the best parts of you? you’ll understand. you always do. 

    some part of him wants to fuck you harder, wants to watch those sweet tears lining your lashes fall— he wants to see you crumble.

    the momentum of the way he fucks you changes with his thoughts, and he does fuck you harder— and you wail in answer, pussy attempting to milk him fucking dry.

    the look in your eyes never changes, and you remind him of an angel like this. he hates it. he wants to rip that look from your eyes. he wants you falling apart at his hands— falling apart on his cock. 

    you’re his favorite little plaything.

    he really should come visit more often.

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    Examples of the Fushiguro's making me emotional


    I can't remember if that's an actual Manga panel (I'm pretty sure it is tho) but she's so pretty!

    Mamaguro looks like she absolutely adored Megumi and it's making me so SAD


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    How in the world...?

    Five... hundred? 🤯

    Be right back, I'm just gonna cry in a corner. 🥺😭❤

    This story has come so far ever since it was just me maladaptively daydreaming with a ScarletWitch!OC in the JJK universe. Initially, it was just going to be headcanons of our 6 JJK men with an S/O who secretly had the powers of the Scarlet Witch, but... here we are with a full-blown fic! Might publish it on AO3 one day. Aside from Tumblr, I love that place, too. 😂

    Little storytime! It was an idea that I thought would flunk when I wrote it, but it didn't matter because I absolutely loved WandaVision and got obsessed with JJK when I finished watching S1 and reading the entire manga. Those two happened at the same time and boom, now we have this ultimate crossover. 😌

    At this point of the story, I'm still thinking of whether I should end it soon after the boys see her history. I don't know yet, but let's see. 🤷‍♀️

    Anyways, don't mind my rambling. Thank you all so much for your support and love! Will do my best to make even better future chapters! 🥰

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    Satoru was having a nice evening. The sun was high and the breeze was just perfect, he wasn’t feeling hot nor cold and that demanded a sweet frappuccino with ice and caramel, plus a soft bun - hot, with butter. Besides, the company wasn't so bad, Shoko and Getou were in a good mood, nothing like loud bantering with friends after school.

    The cherry on the top was the hot barista behind the counter when they entered the cafe. Tall, dark, killer green eyes and a sexy scar on the side of the lip.

    They were next, and Satoru could see The Man better, he had big hands. Probably a big cock then. And he also... Wasn't looking at anything in particular, and was writing something in a cup really, like really, slowly.

    A co-worker took his place and quickly started on almost-everyone’s orders. But Satoru wanted to talk with The Man. Oh nice! His name-tag said Toji. Toji it was then.

    Getting right in front of Toji, Satoru flashed his best smile and took off his black glasses, while snapping his fingers to catch his attention.

    With two slow blinks, he looked up and Satoru could see that Toji was a bit lost in his blue eyes.

    “Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you. I’m on acid.”

    His hands were still holding a frappuccino cup and a black marker and Sarotu started to sparkle in excitement. Did... did this barista admit he was high? Omg, Satoru wanted to kiss him immediately. He wanted to get lost in the abyss of his blown eyes.

    “Sure thing. Can I help you?”

    “Huh, What do you guys have here?” “Coffee. This is a coffee shop.” Satoru’s voice was almost cracking, how come a person this interesting existed?

    “Oh nice, can you make me something?”

    “Absolutely. How do you like it?” “On the rocks.” Without even hesitating Satoru grabbed Toji’s hands, the cup and the marker and wrote down his cellphone. “Hey!” He pointed to another barista “I’ll give you a 100 if you let me make a coffee.”

    And with that, he jumped over the counter to start on the coffee.

    Yeah, definitely a good day. / end inspired by this

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    Jujutsu Kaisen is so elite that it has the 4 of the top 5 seiyuu in its cast. From Suwabe Junichi to Nakamura Yuichi. The only one we’re missing from that list in JJK is Miyano Mamoru, and guess who could fill that gap right up as Fushiguro Toji, hm?? 😏😏😏

    #Mappa should sign me up for VA director. Miyano-san has been one of my fave voices since I was 17! #jujutsu kaisen#Fushiguro Toji#mamoru miyano #tell me I’m right for this bc I’m right and you know it’s so bestie
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    Tentative Kinship

    The day that Toji goes to the Gojo Household to see the one, Gojo Satoru. But the experience wasn’t quite like what he imagined it would be.


    "Hey you, old man."

    Toji stopped. Sandaled feet halting beneath the lowly hanging branches of the enormous maple tree, it's orange leaves twirling and swirling in the autumn wind. He looked up, brow pinched with a single thought at the forefront of his mind, 'Old man?'

    Lifting his gaze he surveyed the trees, eyes lazily roving over the beams and limbs of the trees searching for the owner of the haughty voice.

    Any other day he would have ignored it. Kept pace with whatever destination was in mind; to the dark confines of his futon in his damp and drafty room, to the cheap bottle of rice liquor he snagged from the servant's quarters when no one was looking. Anywhere he couldn't hear the voices or feel the eyes cast on him like hot coals digging into his back.

    Any other day he would have kept walking. But today, things were a little different.

    The old bastards decided to take a trip to the Gojo clan's for diplomatic reasons, whatever the fuck that meant. The two families had been at each other's throats for centuries; displaying a petty showmanship of a civil front. But Toji knew better, fuck it the entire jujutsu world knew better. Underhanded dealings, underworld associations, assassinations-- all in the hopes to rid one of each other. That was the nature of the tepid alliance formed between the two monoliths. 

    But none of that mattered to Toji. No, jujutsu society could collapse overnight for all he cared and he'd still sleep soundly through it all. What piqued his curiosity was the Gojo family's heir, Gojo Satoru. Whispers of his techniques and gifts would leak through shoji screens as he passed along the veranda, the words following and sticking to his footsteps. And when the frequency and abundance of the rumors and talks intensified, Toji decided he'd get a look at the brat himself.

    Having arrived at the household, it was no surprise that he was told to wait outside of the joint-meeting room, having been barred entrance by his older cousins and uncle. And so he waited, and waited, listening to the droning meeting of the geezers, their forked tongues clashing with one another before delving into long stretches of silence. 

    Growing bored of the standoff, Toji decided to wander the Gojo premises to kill some time. They could’ve been at it for the next hour or so by the looks of it.

    But now… he nearly scoffed, the irony of their meeting being here of all places. Not in a fancy meeting room, where the two families were at odds. Where the stark difference of their positions and values within their respective families so palpable you could take a handful of it from the air.

    No, fate didn't work that way.

    Here he was, legs dangling from the largest, girthiest limb, looking down at him with a dignified tilt of his head, this was no doubt the prized Gojo brat.

    And Toji was suddenly made aware of his own appearance. Hands hanging loosely in the opening front of his yukata, the cheap material which scratched at his arms and sides. It was an old thing, possibly a hand-me-down from one of his older cousins. An after thought of clothing pieced together at the last moment. Fitting the entrails in a formal suit and parading it out in public, wouldn't be above the Zen'in way after all. People at least had the decency to clean entrails.

    His eyes roved over the brat's form; a clean set of robes fit for a prince. The silks and textiles of the clothing, a range of powder blues dusted about the background of white like that of freshly fallen snow, the trimmings of the sleeves, a glistening silver that practically gleamed in the orange hues of the setting sun.

    And those piercing blue pits, digging into his soul. ‘Creepy brat.’

    With one last lingering look, Toji turned on his heel and walked back in the direction he came.

    "Wha- Hey!"

    Toji kept walking, each stride taken growing longer by the minute. He'd never openly admit it, but those eyes left a chilling feel in his spine, like those pupils reached in, probing and prodding at the inner machinations of his being.

    There was a loud thud behind him and the crunching of leaves beneath a small set of steps, closing in behind him.


    The voice grew louder, the quick patter of footsteps clopped and crunched after him.

    Toji's pace grew quicker, strides growing longer and longer until he broke into a brisk walk, the hands in the front of his kimono slipped out at some point as an irritated frown broke across his face.

    "Stop right there!"

    Toji kept going, his hands at his side moving at a quick pace as the footsteps behind him broke into a jog. Almost out of here.'

    The Gojo brat's footsteps broke off suddenly, and the boy's presence all but disappeared behind him.

    Before he was able to whip his head around, the blue eyed youth appeared before him in a spurt. Body fluttering into existence within a flurry white and blues. He blinked up at him, his small mouth twisted in annoyance, "I said stop."

    Toji raised an eyebrow, having taken a few cautionary steps back before finally speaking, "What do you want?" ‘Of course he can teleport.’ 

    The Gojo brat tilted his head, those uncanny eyes staring unblinkingly at Toji. His skin prickled, that probing feeling was back, "Who are you?"

    "What's it to you?"

    "You were by my tree, in my yard within my premises, I have every right to ask you." He responded primly, not stumbling over a single word. This brat couldn't be older than eight at most. 'Creepy.'

    He turned his head to the side and shoved his hands into the fronts of his yukata, feeling somewhat obliged to answer. The kid wasn't wrong after all, "Here on family business."

    The brat snorted, crossing his arms, and shot him a sardonic look, "You're with the Zen'in?"

    Toji’s gaze ambled to the trees to the right of them in lazy interest, "What of it?"

    "I knew the Zen'in were weak but I didn't think it was this bad."

    Toji almost snorted at the comment. What he wouldn't pay to watch this brat say that directly to his shitty uncle's face. But there was an implication there that he couldn't shake from the back of his head, "What're you talking about?"

    "What's with your aura?

    Toji flinched, a bristle of nerves ran up his arms in a wave of pin-pricks. Sharp, biting, "The hell you talking about?"

    The brat blinked at him, eyes staring deeply at a particular point within his chest, and jutted his chin towards it, "There, people usually have a presence at their core, there's this swirling thing bundled at the center and moves and fluctuates depending on what the person's doing. But you..." He lowered his eyes towards his stomach, then moved his gaze towards his extremities, Toji felt like a mounted moth, his limbs pinned by this boy's stare, "There's nothing there, no flow, no movement. Nothing. Like you don't exist."

    There was a snapping tension within Toji's jaw, he clenched his teeth so tight the muscles in his cheeks were screaming. Everything within him told him to leave, to turn his back on this little brat and wash his hands of him and this whole fucking world, that decides the worth of a person based on their inherent traits and inborn talents.

    Some were just born lucky it seems.

    Suddenly he tension bled from his body, his fists unfurled and the muscles in his jaw and shoulders relaxed.

    "Yeah, you're right, there's nothing here," Toji looked up at the brat, a pitiful smile curved up on the side of his face, "And I bet you feel like you hit the jackpot when looking at me."

    He was so tired.

    He lifted his gaze to the tree they walked from, the leaves still whirling in the light breeze, the oranges and reds of the dying sun bled the sky and created a scenic backdrop for the Gojo clan's prince, staring at him with his unflinchingly cool gaze.

    The boy blinked slowly, then brought his gaze to look at his own shadow that stretched between the two of them, the dark head nearly touching at Toji's feet.

    "Not really." His mouth moved then, a small voice, strained and so different from the haughty tempo he used when following him, “At least you can live how you want.”

    A stretch of silence lay between them, not even the trees, wind or leaves made a sound, as though everything around these two were suspended in time.  

    Toji stared down at the boy to whom mountains bow to, and felt himself sinking. Something sat in his chest, growing heavier and heavier until he couldn't even bear the weight of his own arms. 

    He brought eyes towards the Gojo heir’s face; a solemn breeze blew through his white hair and rustled his clothes and Toji was almost sure he was sparkling.

    With one last glance, he turned and walked. Off the premises of the garden, and away from the child of legends. There were no small footsteps following him by the time he reached the Gojo clan’s boundary, the sun having submerged it’s head under the blanket of darkness. 

    Pocketing his hands, Toji walked straight into the bowels of the night, back towards his rusted cage. 

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