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    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Day 22. Phone sex

    Pairing: Takashi Mitsuya x F!reader

    Synopsis: When work keeps Takashi away from home, even your sex life suffers. To keep the passion from fading, phone sex seems the most convenient alternative

    Warning: phone sex, masturbation, dirty talk, pillow rider

    wc: 0.8k

    Reblogs and interactions are appreciated

    Kinktober m.list

    Takashi hears you moan as you touch yourself, his arousal obvious against his stomach, throbbing, his juices dripping onto the tip. It's been months since you've been together, work keeps him away from you, this is the only way to keep your passion ignited as you wait for Takashi's return.

    "You're sitting on my pillow mmh?" he asks, his voice full of desire, "let me hear your pretty voice, baby." It drives him crazy to imagine the look that must be on your face as you crawl naked into his pillow, biting your lip. Maybe you're open-mouthed as you whisper his name, your swollen clit rubbing against his pillow and your pussy leaving wet spots everywhere.

    His cock throbs painfully and spills another drop of precum, he spreads it all over the tip before grabbing his cock, "you sound so fucking sexy" he murmurs into the phone, your moans getting louder and Takashi can't help but close his eyes and imagine being with you. Underneath you.

    He imagines you sitting astride him and riding his cock, moans coming out of your mouth and your eyes rolling in the back of your head as you bounce up and down on top of him. His fingers gripping the flesh of your hips.

    Your breath catches on the other end of the phone "Kashi I'm close" you moan, and he can only imagine rubbing your clit harder with his long, tapered fingers. A moan escapes his lips as his grip gets harder on his cock.

    Takashi imagines his cock buried deep in your wet heat, you beneath him as you squirm and beg for more. He picks up more and more speed as he fucks his throbbing cock in his fist, "fuck baby, I can almost smell you from here" he whispers as he hears you moan louder and louder, "hold please, don't come yet" he asks you starting to move his hips in matching coordination with his hand.

    He can picture you on top of his pillow, cupping your breasts and pinching your nipples, you have to slow down every time you're close. In his mind you are in the same room, in your bed, your back pressed against his chest, your feet on his thighs, his fingers teasing your clit. His fingers move in tight, fast circles against your clit, making you gasp. He can feel your breathing getting heavier and heavier, knows you're getting closer and closer.

    The thought makes him moan low in his throat, Mitsuya begins to pump faster and faster, thrusting into his hand.

    He can clearly see himself bent between your thighs, licking your pussy, you gripping his hair tightly and pushing your hips against his face. "Baby, I'm going to cum" he gasps, "let me hear you moan my name" and you on the other side of the world can't help but start grinding harder, you feel your clit throbbing as it rubs against the pillowcase, "Takashi, shit I'm cumming" you gasp moving your hips even faster.

    "That's it baby" when he hears you stifle a cry his cock starts to squirt, his cum falls back onto his hand and Takashi milks himself even faster. "Fuck baby" he moans slowing his pulse movements, your breathing on the other side is still slow, your eyes still closed and your mouth open.

    "When are you coming back?" is the first thing you ask when you catch your breath.

    Takashi takes a long breath as he starts wiping himself with a towel, "soon baby, two more shows and I'll be there for you" he reassures you settling with his back on the pillow.

    "Good, because I need to feel you. This isn't enough for me anymore" you have to hold back a sob as you settle down on your side of the bed, Takashi's pillow stained with your cum systematically placed between your thighs, "I know baby, but we could be together soon" he says grabbing his cock once more and letting out drops of cum again.

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    23.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Catching Their Daughter on a Date

    Imaushi Wakasa + Mitsuya Takashi + Chifuyu Matsuno x Daughter! Reader (Platonic) Request from here.

    tw: a bit of sneaking out, dads being protective, fluff and crack fic. A bit longer than expected though…

    Imaushi Wakasa:

    He is definitely one of the chillest to-be-dads in the entire show. If he does catch his daughter, ever on a date, he would not freak out. Probably will question the guy thoroughly before letting you see each other again but he wouldn’t mind it…unless it gets out of hand. He, as a kid, was one of the fiercest fighters so it only makes sense that his daughter goes through that phase herself (No, you will not be allowed to be in gangs). But I do see him being a bit flustered to find that his daughter is finally dating…

    “Wakasa!” your dad heard Takeomi call out to him, “You were supposed to help me out. Not sit there and watch the game with Benkei.”
    Your dad flipped his friend off and laughed it off while his other friend, Keizo Arashi rolled his eyes at the two.
    “The game just got interesting Takeomi, let me watch in peace. As is, it doesn’t happen a lot that y/m/n leaves me and y/n alone.” He stated, a smile edging on his face as he thiught of the relief he got every time due to the free time he had.
    “Where is y/n anyway? Didn’t bring her along?” He heard Keizo ask as he, finally annoyed enough turned the game off.
    “Tell me Benkei, what would that little girl even do here? And to answer you, she is at the home doing the chores her mother gave out.”
    “Yeah…I wonder what…” Takeomi suddenly said, a smirk playing on his lips.
    “If you somehow didn’t make it sound so menacing, I wouldn’t have cared but now that you have, what do you mean?” Wakasa suddenly asked, eyebrows raised.
    By that time, Takeomi had already pointed out your hideout to Benkei as well, who stood there with a knowing smile. There on the other side of the road stood you, clad in a leather jacket with the rest of your friends but most of all, with your boyfriend’s hand in your waist.
    “I wouldn’t know Waka…was the chores given to y/n include ‘sneak out with your boy-friend behind you father’s back’?” Benkei asked, the Ragnarok’s old leader‘s smile growing ever so lightly.
    But for all you knew, you were away from your parents’ knowledge, having fun with your friends near an old warehouse…which just so happened to be your dad’s old hangout place.
    Now imagine Wakasa’s utter shock on seeing you, his good little girl, out there sneaking with her boyfriend and other friends…and having the audacity to come to the same place he did as a kid.
    The amusement was real.
    He’d already accepted that you’d have a boyfriend soon enough and he didn’t mind for he trusted your instinct but…if he happened to be one who would sneak you out and stuff- he wasn’t so sure.
    All this while, Takeomi had his elder sibling energy manifesting, oh how many times had he gotten sanzu caught...
    “Y/n!” your dad called out, snapping you out of your little circle.
    Your eyes widened and so did your friends’ who were soon to get out of the place, leaving you and your boy-friend all alone. You had begun thinking of how long your punishment while subtly trying to get your boy-friend to run away as well.
    Which is what he did not do.
    Leading you all across the road, he came to a halt only after reaching your dad and his two friends. And as your dad eyes him casually, he muttered some sentences about it being all his fault.
    That was enough to have Wakasa form opinions on him, good ones though.
    Already in the mood to go back to his game, he turned towards you and simply stated, “Grounded, one week. No more seeing your pretty boyfriend till then. I’ll decided rest if your punishment later.”
    Cue in the whine that you suppressed, which was somehow enough to have your dad melt under it.
    “ok look, you can go out today I guess, as long as your mom doesn’t find out. That is it, the grounding is still there.”
    And that folks is how easy it was to get out of your punishment.
    After you were gone though, Takeomi and Benkei were quick to tease him for being wrapped around your fingers while all your dad did was flip them off…again.

    Chifuyu Matsuno:

    Still struggling is all I can say. Mans loves romance, but not when his daughter does it. I mean, sure he accepts your growing up but he knows how some guys are (His best friend was Baji-) and yeah… To see him catch you on a date with your boyfriend would be….interesting to say the least.

    I think he’d be hanging out with Takemichi, his partner, and giving him advice that Takemichi did not ask for. You know, to have Hinata be happier with him.
    “Take her on spontaneous dates. That never disappoints… if anything I’d say bring her here. A great hang out place it is…” You dad found his voice faltering a bit as he realised that Takemichi was not even paying attention to him but in fact gaping while looking at a couple standing across them.
    Chifuyu rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers at Takemichi, “Hanagaki, pay attention to your own wife. You know how shameful it is to look after other‘s girlfriends? While you have a wife of your own? As is, a relationship as old as yours…Gods forbid all that you are doing,”
    Your dad continued rambling on and on, that was until Takemichi forced your dad to look where he was, “…two daughters and still acting like-” suddenly he paused, physically and mentally.
    The moment your laughing face came into his view, he panicked. Next to you was a guy, feeding you ice-cream, no doubt your boyfriend.
    Not thinking another second, “Y/n Matsuno!” He shouted, grabbing the attention of every other couple in the vicinity. While some snickered, some sympathised for being caught on a date was truly a traumatic experience for every teen couple.
    It was now your chance to tense up, you whipped your face to the place the voice came from, eyes meeting the equally panicked ones of Hanagaki.
    Before you knew it, Chifuyu was standing in front of you and your boy-friend, eyeing the both of you.
    “Run away while you have the chance,” Takemichi urged your boyfriend, and he ended up walking away too for pure dad! Chifuyu looks scary when he is angry…
    “What were you even thinking?” He hissed out, punctuating every sentence with pauses.
    But You weren’t backing down that easily either, “What do you think your teen daughter was doing? It was a date dad and you very conveniently just ruined it.” You huffed out, walking away.
    He continued calling out your name, guilt settling in for dating was a part if growing up and he knew it too. And he also couldn’t afford to have his princess angry with him.
    And thus, to make it up to you, it was you three (yes Takemichi tagged along) who went and had ice-cream. As for your boy-friend, he simply apologised to you for running away-

    Mitsuya Takashi:

    So…he raised two young sisters. He knows everything there is to know. He will know your first crush, your latest crush, your first break up and even your break up before it comes along…he’ll sense it. I do not think you’d be able to hide things from him for he seems rather observant. But to see you alone with your boyfriend all of a sudden wouldn’t be something he’d expect.

    New Year was just a week away and it was finally time for the Mitsuya siblings annual shopping trip. As he did each year, Takashi, your dad had once again taken his sisters for their shopping spree.
    And as it seemed, like every year, they were once again going overboard while shopping gifts for you. Despite his forcing not to, he had to realise that they were not going to stop.
    Mana and Luna, while growing up had been more like sisters to you anyway, knowing you just as much as Takashi did, and if thoughts be put, probably better.
    Or as it seemed at this point, for they knew of your current boyfriend while you father did not. It was peculiar too for usually your dad already knew of your dating life but oh well.
    And what else he did not know was that your boyfriend had just planned a date such that you‘d be going shopping together.
    So as the three Mitsuya siblings walked along, Takashi happened to noticed the sudden change in his sisters’ exterior. The sudden giggling, whispering and pointing at things had begun creeping on your dad.
    “You know,” he said, wrapping his arms around both his sisters‘ shoulders, “pointing and giggling isn’t the best thing to Do in public…” he said causing his sisters to giggle just about more.
    “Ni-san, just so you know we were not laughing at people. And how do you think getting your daughter a quick check on her boyfriend would be?” Mana asked before bursting into giggles again.
    “A…boyfriend check?” Takashi simply said, thoroughly confused…that is until he looked around to finally spot a certain Mitsuya, spending time laughing with her apparently new boyfriend And everything made sense.
    Takashi did not know how to feel at this point. He was happy to see you having fun, but it seemed a little too much, almost as much as the fun you had with him. He was also disappointed in himself for realising that you had a new boyfriend.
    But all in all, calm as he ever was, he just smiled simply and dragged his two sisters away while muttering something about ‘giving the teenagers their space‘ and ‘talking about it to you later’.
    That you did while he ended up giving you a new necklace as a gift and a short yet warm hug to signify that his daughter had finally reached the stage where he could not interfere all that much…

    So…that would be how I imagine them reacting- and honestly, I don’t really see any of these characters being the strict type you know?

    Thank you for reading and please do not repost or copy my work which is entirely original. Reblogs will be highly appreciated.

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    extremely sick and twisted that this is the first time we see timeskip mitsuya

    #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers chapter 115 #tokrev manga#mitsuya takashi
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    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago


    feat: mikey, draken, mitsuya, chifuyu, kazutora, baji, hanma, kisaki, koko, inui, ran, rindou, sanzu, wakasa

    tw: fem!reader, somnophilia, dacryphilia, implied sadism and masochism, impact play, deep throating, slapping, spitting, gun play

    a/n: i need to go take a shower after writing this <33

    — MIKEY ♱ breeding you in a mating press ♱ fucking you for the whole gang to see ♱ eating you out slowly ♱ fucking you into the mattress

    — DRAKEN ♱ playing with your pussy after a hard day at work ♱ he loves how your lips stay parted while he fucks you ♱ spanking you for being a brat ♱ fucking you while standing

    — MITSUYA ♱ he loves how leather looks on your body ♱ riding mitsuya on the couch ♱ trying to get his attention while he’s reading ♱ eating you out lovingly

    — CHIFUYU ♱ riding chifuyu’s face ♱ giving chifuyu a handjob ♱ chifuyu watching you ride takemichi ♱ making out with chifuyu

    — KAZUTORA ♱ feeling you up while fucking your face ♱ fucking you during a movie  ♱ dressing up as a maid for kazutora ♱ choking you while he fucks you

    — BAJI ♱ playing with your clit after you’ve been a tease ♱ making you ride his thigh ♱ slapping baji and him dishing it back ♱ covering your mouth while he fucks you

    — HANMA ♱ filming you while you ride him ♱ he loves using your arms for leverage ♱ fingering you until you’re overstimulated ♱ hanma spitting into your mouth

    — KISAKI ♱ fucking you until it hurts ♱ handcuffing you and taking you from behind ♱ teasing your cunt until you’re soaking ♱ playing with your ass

    — KOKO ♱ waking you up in the morning  ♱ playing with you in an outfit he bought you ♱ giving him a pussy job ♱ fucking you in the shower

    — INUI ♱ taking his time and feeling you up ♱ letting him cum on your stomach ♱ sucking on your tits while he thrusts shallowly ♱ eating you out like a starved man

    — RAN & RINDOU ♱ ran is done with your bullshit ♱ rindou eating you out greedily ♱ rindou holding you while ran fucks your face ♱ the twins overstimulating you

    — SANZU ♱ fucking you in handcuffs ♱ he gets jealous at the club ♱ pushing you back into the sheets ♱ sex while smoking a cigarette ♱ gun play with sanzu

    — WAKASA ♱ morning sex with your husband wakasa ♱ he loves laying his cock on your stomach to see how deep he’ll go ♱ eating you out like a princess ♱ fucking you from the side

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    Tokyo Revengers Headcanons, Oneshots, and Scenarios part 8

    When They Kabedon You


    - Traps you against a wall

    - Spotted a bag in your hands

    Mikey: What's that (nickname)?


    Mikey: For me right?

    - Stares intensely at you

    - You start to feel fluster by this

    - You hand him the bag

    - Takes it, digs out a dorayaki, unwraps it, and begins to eat it

    "Can I leave now Mikey?"

    Mikey: No.


    - He slammed his hands against the wall behind you

    - You jumped and looked up at him

    - He makes a scary face at you


    Draken: When was your birthday again?


    Draken: Your birthday, what date is it on?

    - You give him a deadpan expression

    "You almost gave me a heart attack!"


    - Slammed a fist against the wall, leaving a hole in it

    - You jumped and looked at him

    "That poor wall."

    Baji: Where was that group of kittens you saw the other day?

    - You blinked at him

    - You blink some more

    "Couldn't you have just asked me like a normal person?"

    Baji: Where are they?

    - You sigh and lead him over to a bush you last saw the kittens at

    - He squats down and calls out to one of the kittens

    - It meows at him and walks over to him, wanting to be pet

    - You can't help but think how cute the kittens are

    Baji: Oh, you can leave now (Y/n)

    "But I'm the one who found them first."

    - He ignores you for now and pays attention to the kittens that were now surrounding him


    - You were sitting up against a wall, playing Tetris on your phone

    - Chifuyu placed his hands on the wall above your head, looking down at you

    Chifuyu: Hey there


    - He waited for you to say more

    - You continued to play Tetris

    - He let out a sigh

    Chifuyu: How am I going to show you how to properly do a kabedon when you're playing Tetris?


    - You pause the game

    "You can try to swoon me now."

    - He sighs and removes his hands from the wall

    Chifuyu: I'm going home

    - He starts walking away

    "Wait up Chifuyu!"


    - You guys were the last to leave the club room

    - Mitsuya stopped you before you could leave

    "Yeah Takashi?"

    - He traps you and gives you a smirk

    - You feel your face heat up

    Mitsuya: (Y/n), there's something I want to ask you

    "What is it?"

    - He takes a deep breath

    Mitsuya: Can I use you as a model for a dress I'm designing?

    - You deadpan

    Mitsuya: Please (Y/n)."

    - You sigh and agree to it

    Souta (Angry)

    - He wanted to try to kabedon but his poor heart wouldn't let him

    - He got somewhat close but when you looked at him he put his arms down

    "Souta? Did you need something?"

    Angry: N...no

    Kazutora (Timeskip)

    - You made him follow you into a alley because it was a shortcut to your house

    - He thought he should get you back from the other day and trapped you against one of the alley walls

    Kazutora: (Y/n)

    - His voice sent chills down your spine


    Random voice: Are you okay over there?! I'm calling the cops!

    "I'm fine! You don't need to call the police!"

    - Kazutora put his hands down and quickly backed away from you

    - He was a little embarrassed now

    "Couldn't you have try to do that somewhere else that wasn't a dark alley?

    Kazutora: I thought it was a good opportunity since your guard was down

    - You laugh and tell him he could try again some other time

    Kazutora: I'm not going to try now since you already know it's coming

    "Aw! Come on! I want to be like the girls in Shojo manga!

    - He starts walking off without you

    - You quickly ran to catch up with him


    - He traps you after he put out his cigarette

    - You look up at him

    "You know Hanma, you're pretty tall. You look like a giraffe"

    Hanma: And your dad is built like a baked bean (Y/n) <3

    - You gut punched him

    "Bake bean that! Bake bean that!"

    - You walk away from him as he held his stomach

    - He smirked to himself


    - He traps you and gives you flirty eyebrows

    Hina: Takemichi? (Y/n)? What are you guys doing?

    "Takemichi was just practicing his moves on me so he could use them on you later Hina!"

    - Takemichi freaks out

    Takemichi: They're lying Hina

    - Hina gives him a scary look

    - He gulps and you laugh

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    Warning: Cheating

    Relationship with Mitsuya was great really, he let’s you know that you are loved and someone is there for you but, he loves her you know it, bad thing is she was your sister. Know you might be wondering who i’m talking about, Yuzuha, your younger sister, has and will always be better than you in anyway shape or form

    You understand why Mitsuya has alaways been close to her, he met her before you anyway, but was it really okay to have Mitsuya’s arm around her waist and them acting like a couple that people mistook you for their friend?? No it wasn’t normal, naturally this has sparked your suspicion, but you don’t want to act on it because there are many what ifs, what if they were just joking around, what if this is how they always been and etc, but one drunken mistake changed it all

    Mitsuya hanged out with toman today, and one thing let to another and now he’s drunk. It was 3 am when he called you “What’s wrong mitsuya is everything okay??” You asked “Yuzuha” he moaned and you froze, so it has always been her all along, you feel embarrassment wash over you as you try to assume that you were always the apple in his eyes but boy were you wrong, “Yuzuha” he moaned again and you ended the call, you can’t take it anymore.

    It was afternoon when Mitsuya woke up his head was pounding so bad although he doesn’t remember much from last night he sure remember dialing someone’s number and he can’t remember what happened afterwards, he look at his notifications and saw one thing that made his heart drop

    :Oi why were you moaning Yuzuha’s name last night?


    He looked at the recents call he made and saw your number and his heart dropped, he knew what you think of Yuzuha. He tried calling you over and over again but to no avail

    :Baby pls answer me rn

    -Sent to baby💕 at 5:15

    -baby pls let’s talk about this

    -sent to baby💕 at 5:16

    He felt relieved that you finally saw his message but his heart dropped when he saw your reply

    “It’s over, it’s one thing to act all couple like in front of me but moaning her name really mistuya i thought you were better than this”

    He read that over and over again and he can’t take it anymore and ran to your house. When he got there Hakkai opened the door “Can i please talk to y/n” he said desperately “I trusted you Mitsuya, she trusted you how can you do this to her??” Hakkai asked Mitsuya, but at this point Hakkai just shooed away Mitsuya, “Don’t go near her again it’s for the both of you” he said and slammed the door

    Once again you were proven that Yuzuha is and always was better than you

    #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers x reader #angst#mitsuya angst #tokyo revengers takashi mitsuya #mitsuya x you #tokrev mitsuya#cheating #tokyo revengers mitsuya
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    dear takashi - 

    pairing: mitsuya takashi/f! reader

    tags: pre-timeskip, no spoilers!, angst

    dear takashi, you write. you want to include everything you love about him; everything you hold dear. you could fill the page. 

    today i saw a bird. it was small, missing a few feathers. reminds me of you. then, you punctuate your sentence with a smiley face. it’s best to add mirth. 

    the pen shakes in your grip. writing is your forte, words come to you like a duck takes to water. you are in your element the moment the pen nib hits the page. but the image of mitsuya, eyes crinkling as he grins at you, smiling over a bowl of soup at dinner. his bowl is always the chipped one— you and his sisters get the nicer tableware— feels like someone took a sledgehammer to your chest. 

    still, his cooking is immaculate. you feel warm, comforted, as you patted luna’s head in hopes of coaxing her to sleep. you wonder if this was the future you were destined for? one of family and love. 

    you are the kindest person i know. the softest, most gentle boy i’ve ever met, takashi. the lump in your throat becomes absolutely unbearable. you fight a losing battle against your own emotions. 

    the visceral image of your mitsuya returning, bloody and bruised and broken, his friends in equally bad shape behind him sting. you remember opening the door to your house and having him practically fall at his doorstep. he claimed he never wanted his sisters to see him like this. 

    what about you? you wanted to ask. was it okay for you to see him like this? apparently so, because your role shifted from girlfriend to nurse. mitsuya knew that you wouldn’t say no to him, just as he wouldn’t say no to you. 

    and so, the letter ends. don’t let them change you. i’m sorry i can’t follow you on your journey anymore. it hurts too much. i love you, takashi. take care. 

    you press the letter into his hands and dart off down the hallway, ignoring his protests. dear takashi, you can already imagine yourself writing, i miss you. 

    #takashi mitsuya x reader #mitsuya takashi x reader #mitsuya x reader #tokrev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokrev mitsuya x reader #tokrev mitsuya x you #mitsuya x you #by: tomitsuya
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    #%writing#%headcanons #draken x reader #hanma x reader #rindou x reader #ran x reader #mitsuya x reader #tokrev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo rev x reader #draken fluff#hanma fluff#rindou fluff#ran fluff#mitsuya fluff #tokyo revengers fluff #draken angst#hanma angst#rindou angst#ran angst#mitsuya angst #tokyo revengers angst #draken headcanons#hanma headcanons#rindou headcanons#ran headcanons #tokyo revengers headcanons
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  • ijustpassedbyifyouseethis
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    where are the tokyo revenger hybrid fics? who is writing them? recommend some if you know some ;-;

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  • cuz-like-why-not
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tokyo Revengers Boys Trying To Impress Their S/o

    (Toman x reader; Tenjiku x reader) tw: hot boys, mentions of smoking, mention of death as a joke

    >>Will go Overboard:

    I’d say don’t expect a lot but I’d be lying- straight up. Mans will have you shocked.

    Like you know those dates where a person takes their S/o to a carnival, yeah…he’ll probabaly own the entire carnival or have his gang members clear out the entire area, just for you.

    I don’t entirely know but I sense some under-lying embarrassment from your side…

    But c’mon, he did it for you.

    Also, when I say overboard, I mean it.

    The carnival isjust an example, what‘s canon is that he will by all chances be clingy- get ready for that.

    Like a puppy, yes that.

    And expect them to be over-protective. Not a lot though- probably just beating up people for looking at you bad.

    ✨✨Baji Keisuke; Kokonoi Hajime; Izana Kurokawa; Ran Haitani; Shion Madrame; Tetta Kisaki

    >>Like a normal Human Being:

    You know, the normal people of their gangs.

    The one that does not need help but gets it anyway.

    Gets you flowers, opens doors for you, maintains eyes contact, cracks good jokes, has your back, helps you occasionally.

    The good stuff.

    He will probably have you falling hard, and very fast.

    He is definitely that one friend people go to for advice and actually gives some good one.

    Will stop doing some of his bad habits if asked for.

    A real gentleman.

    Will probably give you random nicknames and act all confident while squealing inside.

    And lastly, give you that one smile unconsciously which is probably the reason you said yes.

    ✨✨Chifuyu Matsuno; Kakucho Hitto; Atushi Sendo; Naoto Tachibana; Rindou Haitani; Seishu Inui; Takashi Mitsuya; Takeomi Akashi

    >>Hopeless Boy:

    Help him someone please.

    Does not know how to feel or what to do.

    Impress you? Please, he doesn’t even know why.

    Just got forced to do so and now is realising that he probably liked you since a long time back.

    Entirely expect nervous laughs and sudden sounds from him, he doesn’t know what to do.

    For all he knows, he is trying to impress a different human right here.

    And if you happen to be one of the ‘hard to get’, he is so dead.

    Probably loses half his braincells and ego.

    That is until his extra handsome friend takes over and helps him out.

    Half expects you to go for his friend.

    Which you might as well but he looks so cute with hos dorky expressions and cluelss talks that you just can’t.

    Will be the happiest he’s been and relieved when you say yes.

    ✨✨Hakai Shiba; Kazushi Yamagishi; Takuya Yamamoto; Kazutora Hanemiya; Souya Kawata; Shinichiro Sano; Takemichi Hanagaki

    >>Oblivious Boy:

    Doesn’t know shit.

    Doesn’t care either.

    Will Have you thinking that he probably playing with you.

    Simultaneously thinks that you need to get yourself checked.

    Does not pick up your hints.

    Looks at you all weird and changes the topic.

    Definitely is that handsome friend.

    Impressing you is a far off thing, you’ll have to get him to know that he likes you enough for that.

    Guilt trips himself when he realises what he’s been doing to you.

    Now expect every moment to be great with him.

    Uses all the tricks in the book.

    Because, as stated, he doesn’t know shit.

    I just imagine him still trying hard even after you guys have started dating.

    Also probably tries one of those cool romance movie moves on you.

    Gives you cards.

    May or may not be clingy.

    Has you overrall trapped in his fingers while everybody thinks its the other way around.

    Have fun with him, would not get your hints but gets those suggestive jokes like a pro.

    ✨✨Manjiro Sano; Ken Ryuguji; idk why but Ran Haitani; Souya Kawata and…mans so busy that Wakasa Imaushi

    >>You gotta Impress him Bud:

    To think he’d impress you a time waste.

    He cares lesser than the parents in the entire anime.

    While the other boys give you the heart eyes, he gives you that cold stare…yeah.

    Human, this is a wild ride.

    You will never know shit about him.

    Dates? Forget those, he thinks walking to the shop is a date.

    Don’t expect shit.

    Unless you want drugs.

    Then he can help-

    But he will probably try to impress you by beating people up.

    Showing off his bike you know?

    Maybe he will even learn an entire Shakespeare line to speak in front of you.

    And that is all the the literacy he has.

    Maybe he will take you to his favourite spot, make you listen to his playlist and that is about it.

    If his music doesn’t impress you then his personality definitely wouldn’t-

    And yes, will smoke around you so you think he is cool.

    C’mon he is probably that kid who hit adults for lolz.

    But all the best for those impromtu date nights where he will save you from dying after he was half the reason of your almost death.

    ✨✨Hanma Shuji; Souya Kawata; Sanzu Haruchiyo; Baji Keisuke; Rindou Haitani; South

    Thank you for reading =)

    Reblongs would be highly appreciated

    #tokrev #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers#baji keisuke#mitsuya#takemitchy #mikey x y/n #mikey #mikey x reader #toman x you #tenjiku x reader #mitsuya x reader #draken #kokonoi x reader #x reader drabble #tokyo revengers headcanons #playing hard to get
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  • kshira
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    ft. mikey, chifuyu, mitsuya, ran, rindou, sanzu, kazutora, izana

    tw. fem!reader, brat taming, m!masturbation, cursing, dirty talk, fingering, overstim, f!oral, m!oral, lotta teasin’ slight dacryphilia, squirting, orgasm denial, dom!w/sub!reader

    an. request with two of my fav added, hope you enjoy my love! <3

    ❁ MIKEY

    you’ve decided to be a little brattier than usual today in public amongst other things, swatting away mikey’s hands on your thighs and ignoring his affectionate kiss. it wasn’t on purpose per say, sometimes you just liked doing it or really, to piss your boyfriend off—because you knew how much of a good reward it was afterwards. “now that we’re in private, you wanna act like a brat?” mikey questions, slowly guiding your clothes off and brushing his lips on the bare skin exposed. you shrug your shoulders, examining his approach of stripping his clothes—you sit up from the bed to touch him but mikey pushes your hand away. “you get to watch me touch what’s yours” mikey grips his cock in his hands, groaning when he starts pumping himself in front of you “that’s all a brat gets to do, fuckin’ watch.” you’re so exposed, cold air seeping by your slick already dripping through your cunt, it’s painful—watching mikey pump his cock, his lips parting at every slow stroke “i’m so hard.” mikey flickers his eyes up to you, a smile shadowing on his face “if you were a good girl, you’d have my dick pounding your sweet pussy by now.” you can tell he’s so close and all you can do is just watch, arms cemented by your side, thighs clenching together and mikey inches closer—his cock right by your face and god, does it look angry. “m’gonna cum” mikey darts his eyes to your tits, throwing his head to the ceiling while pleasure washes through him, rolling his toes against the carpet, muscles flexing when he finally releases his seed all over your body, coloring it a pretty white. mikey slumps his head back down, smiling as he swipes a glob of his cum to his finger and smearing it on your lips “imagine if you’d behave angel, this would be all in your needy cunt.”


    chifuyu actually doesn’t mind you being bratty, he enjoys the way you pout and throw mini tantrums when you don’t get your way; he finds it so adorable. it only takes him leaning down, hand gripping at your arm “i don’t play nice.” a shiver rattles your spine when he says those words, emerald eyes flashing “still want to act like a brat? that’s fine.” his words are cold, laced in a sweet saturated undertone and chifuyu fingers grip your mouth aiding it to his lips, he squeezes puckering them out “do you want this the easy way or the hard way?” chifuyu presses his lips on yours running his hand down between your legs, you gasp at his fingers slithering through the skin and fingertips playing with your clothed slit, rubbing a soft circle on your clit. your whimpers linger on your boyfriends ear, his fingers gathering slick pooling around his fingers, tainting the skin. chifuyu rubs harder, your thighs crash around his hand while chifuyu keeps the pace going, he leans down breath coating your ear. the small pants from him are nauseating, gasping at how wet you’re getting, he knows you're close, a perfect way to cease the movement, chifuyu keeps it a light touch around your swollen clit but not enough to push you over the edge “i need an answer.” you could pick the easy way or the hard way but you know, chifuyu will make you cum regardless just not in a timely fashion.


    “have you been counting angel? how many times is that?” mitsuya lays a kiss on your forehead, pulling his fingers from your weeping cunt, your juices were practically everywhere, smeared on your boyfriend's face, dripping from his fingers, the taste even lingering on your own tongue. you were reaping what you had sowed, being a brat and your punishment was to cum. easy yes, but mitsuya never says how many times you have to, and you’ve already lost count. “you know the rule pretty” mitsuya chimes, tapping his cock at your entrance and you’re spent, orgasm after another rolling through your body, you can’t take much more but you know what misbehaving does to you and honestly your boyfriend knows you can give him just one more. mitsuya pushes inside your needy hole, juices over spilling and dripping to the fabrics under your ass, his audible groan replaces the free air in the room and he starts a heavy pace in you, mitsuya drops his hand down to your clit circling it harshly, your lip tucked between your lip and you can feel the sensitivity kicking in causing you to squirm in his grasp. the jolts rock your core, white clouding your vision and before you can prepare you’re squirting and creaming all over mitsuya, his eyes set low and hazy he sweetly smiles above you “how many times was that, pretty girl?” and fuck, you can’t remeber—but until you do, mitsuya will keep count for you.

    ❁ RAN

    you’ve struck a nerve with ran today, he is usually calm and collected when your bratty attitude starts to show but he can’t handle the shit today. you’re beside him pouting and whining when he won’t give you his attention, ran eye starts twitching—jaw clenched as you cried more. you know what happens next, you enjoyed it actually but ran always came up with new ways to punish you. “princess open your eyes” ran giggles almost childlike, “oh wait you can’t.” your eyes are covered in a blindfold, hands tied behind your back—naked and exposed while you listen to ran step closer to your body. “you know how much i hate punishing you for being a brat, you’re usually such a good girl” ran kneels in front of you, throwing your legs over his shoulder, his eyes trained on your bare cunt. “better be glad i’m being nice this time” he murmurs, face pressed against your folds, tongue coming out to leave a thick lap inside. without the ability to touch and see, you’re left a withering mess as ran stays between your legs, tongue rolling on your swollen clit and his fingers sink in your hole. without the ability to sit still you topple over on the bed, body trembling under his hold, ran pumps faster, juices smearing his face and tongue flickering against your clit till your coil snaps heavy, core throbbing and cunt gushing on rans tongue. he hums, pulling away from you using the back of his hand to wipe the juices off from you. ran smiles knowing you can only feel what he's doing to you, and nothing more “imagine if i was mean about this princess.”

    ❁ RINDOU

    “you keep rubbing your thighs like that you might start a fire” rindou comments, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pushing you back on his length. rindou has cum down your throat at least three times now, your punishment for acting like a brat in front of all his colleagues was to take his cum anyway he wanted; tonight being down your throat. your cunt throbbed to the sounds of his uneasy pants, subtle whimpers to your lips capturing his sensitive cockhead and the trembling motion of his hands gripping on your hair. “be a good girl now and swallow” rindou moans, cock twitching before blowing his load down your throat, hot cum dripping past your lips when he pulls out. “are you going to be a brat again?” he watches tears collect at your eyes, pulling a pout from your lips, you stay quiet. rindou leans in, wiping the cum from your lips and pushing it into your mouth “doesn’t matter, i get to cum anyway i want, but you—brats don’t get to cum.”

    ❁ SANZU

    sanzu has heard you say no multiple times now, your bratty side was definitely showing and even though sanzu absolutely loved dealing out the punishment—today was not the day. “be a good girl now” sanzu coos, rubbing his larger palms across your thighs leaning down to press a kiss on your forehead and you jerk away pouting. sanzu clenches his jaw, eyes flaring red “fine be that way.” sanzu reaches down, spreading your legs and sinking two fingers in, curling harshly against your spongy walls. “i love when you act like this” sanzu admits, sighing when he feels your walls clench around his two thick fingers, “but not when i tell you what to do and you act like this.” sanzu pulls a thumb up to swipe on your swollen clit, the surges fluttering through your core, pleasure washing over your body, tears swelling in your eyes. “you’re about to cum aren’t you? that’s okay baby you can let go” sanzu whispers, drilling his fingers harder in your weeping hole and reasons you don’t know he’s being so sweet about this, maybe you should act like a brat all the time. sanzu watches you fall apart below him, tears running down your cheeks as you cry out, core pulsating and sanzu keeps going riding you out into a overstimulation of lustful waves crashing into you. he smiles, never moving his fingers from pounding into your hole “you’re so beautiful when you cry, maybe next time don’t be such a brat—yeah?”


    a loud smack echoes through the room, your whine trailing behind it “one” kazutora says, rubbing your bare ass with his hand soothing the skin. you squirm on his lap, whimpering at the light pain surging through to your cunt. you’d been a little too much for your boyfriend today, throwing a fit, ignoring him—you know, the usual. kazutora looks down at your form, releasing a deep sigh “you’re my princess aren’t you?” he questions, lingering his fingers down the crevice of your ass and slowly sliding them to your cunt and slipping one in, you mumble back an answer of yes mixing with a whine when your boyfriend starts pumping in your needy hole. “then act like one.” kazutora watches your body trembling to take his fingers, ass rising higher as he pumps harder, coil on the verge of snapping “what’s it going to be angel?” he asks, smiling when you cry out you’ll be good. “my perfect girl, look what happens when you’re a good girl” kazutora pulls out, watching your juices spray his wrist and whine about never being a brat again.

    ❁ IZANA

    “oh angel, do you really want to act like this?” izana coos, finger dragging down your neck and finding its way on your chin and tilting your face up. izana pulls his cock out, pressing the tip to your mouth and smearing the pre-cum of your plump lips. “make me cum and i’ll forgive you” he whispers, watching you happily take his cock in your mouth and subtlety start swallowing his length down your throat. you think maybe your boyfriend has forgotten your bratty attitude to him earlier, smiling down on you gagging around his length. he notices your hand lingering down between your legs, slipping into your underwear “oh no princess, don’t do that.” you flinch at his words, glossy eyes looking back at him, izana leans down “you’ll cum princess, don’t worry about that now.” you hum around his length in response, bobbing your head until izana is already about to bust, he slams your head on his lap, his head throwing up to the heavens when he spills his load down your throat. izana feels his arm being tugged, looking down at you he cocks his eyebrow, you whimper about him making you cum now. izana has a sweet smile etched to his face “oh pretty girl, you really think i’ve forgotten about that bratty attitude earlier? you’ll cum when i say so.”

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers smut #tokyorev x reader #tokrev smut#tokyorev smut #mikey x reader #chifuyu x reader #mitsuya x reader #ran x reader #rindou x reader #sanzu x reader #kazutora x reader #izana x reader #mikey smut#chifuyu smut#mitsuya smut#ran smut#rindou smut#sanzu smut#kazutora smut#izana smut #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyo revengers chifuyu #tokyo revengers mitsuya #tokyo revengers ran #tokyo revengers rindou #tokyo revengers sanzu #tokyo revengers kazutora #tokyo revengers izana
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  • dogwater102802
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Only You Can Do It

    platonic Takemichi x gn reader

    a/n: I got my lip pierced today, and I feel so awkward trying to eat

    word count: 299

    Takemichi was never one to open up to his small group of friends. Knowing that probably only half of them would take him seriously. Of course he wouldn’t be able to tell them anyways, they would surely think he’s gone mad.

    With you though, Takemich always felt that he never needed to hold anything back. You’d always be there to listen to him, that’s why whenever he had any ounce of doubt, he would go running to you. Always at the same spot, at the same exact time. Takemichi would drag you off to the park, late at night so no one would disturb you. Always starting off with a small conversation about how your days have gone, and then turning into a competition to see who could swing the highest. Soon everything dies out when Takemichi voices his concerns.

    “I don’t get it.” He started, gaze lifting up to watch the stars twinkle around the sky. “Why am I still alive? After everything that’s happened to me?” He finished, turning his attention towards you. You watched the boy as he looked at you hopelessly for an answer. And you honestly didn’t have one.

    Silence overtook the playground except for an occasional noise from a nearby animal looking around for a late night snack.

    “Well,” You said, trying to form the right words. “Maybe you’re meant to live.” You shrugged your shoulders, giving him a sad smile because of your lack of an answer. “Maybe you’re still alive because you’re supposed to do something no one else can.” His eyes widened slightly at your words, head slowly nodding in agreement. A smile making its way onto his face as he looked back up at the sky.

    “Yeah…” He whispered, eyes sparkling under the moonlight. “Only I can do it.”

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokrev takemichi #takemichi x y/n #takemichi hanagaki#takemichi headcanons #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyorev spoilers #tokyo manji revengers #mikey sano#manjiro sano#draken #mikey tokyo revengers #draken tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers mitsuya #tokrev mitsuya#chifuyu#baji#mitsuya#tokrev#chifuyu matsuno#baji keisuke#kazutora hanemiya#kazutora#hina tachibana#naoto tachibana#hanma shuji#kisaki tetta
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    𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐓 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐃: 20 OCT. 2021

    𝐔𝐏𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆: n/a

    𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐓! each piece is marked with a genre (fluff, angst, etc.) and rating (general audiences, mature, etc.). please read these carefully before reading. all work is sfw!

    𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞? go back | ao3 | ko-fi


    𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐁𝐁𝐋𝐄𝐒 + 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐒 (approx. 500-900 words)

    coming soon!

    coming soon!

    main mlist | ko-fi | ao3

    𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫! I do not own any of the characters or people mentioned in my work. these are works of pure fiction that do not reflect the views, opinions, or actions of any person, real or fictional.

    all rights reserved © by 𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨𝐬𝐠𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥. my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. all fanfics belong to me, please do not copy, translate nor repost the fics or files seen above as this is strictly prohibited.
    #[ 🏷️ ] cafe specials #[ 📜 ] cafe maintenance #[ ✖️ ] do not reblog #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokrev#mikey sano#mitsuya takashi#ken ryuguji #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers fluff
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  • licantropa
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    Ran Haitani, AKASHI TAKEOMI, Taiju Shiba, Draken, Sanzu Haruchiyo, TAKASHI MITSUYA

    #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo rev smut #tokyo revengers hcs #ran haitani smut #draken smut #takeomi akashi smut #Sanzu haruchiyo smut #taiju smut #takashi mitsuya smut #tokrev headcanons#tokrev hcs #tokyo rev headcanons #Tokyo Revengers x you
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  • hllwflow
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    imagine getting matching piercings with him and once they’re finally healed, putting them to the test with pleasure.

    ft. ran, kisaki, kazutora, nahoya, sanzu, hanma, kokonoi, izana, mitsuya, draken, rindou, mikey, inui, wakasa, shinichiro

    a/n. totally not writing this cause i have a lip piercing 🤦‍♂️ whatever don’t let me flop 😭, not rlly proofread

    tongue piercing

    as soon as your piercing was done healing, you often found yourself on your knees in front of your boyfriend, swirling your tongue against the tip of his cock while looking back up at the male, your long eyelashes soaked in your own tears from his cock hitting the back of your throat making you gag. you’d brush the jewelry in your mouth across his slit, making his breath shutter a little and his stomach cave in at the feeling, a subtle ‘shit..’ leaving his lips at the feeling.

    he’d return the favor burying his head in between your thighs, his arms locked around them to hold you into place as you squirmed feeling his warm tongue brush against your folds, feeling the metal slightly. he loves to tease you with it, letting the ball grind against your clit as he looked back up at you covering your mouth, attempting not to let out any whiney sounds. “feels good baby?” he’d smirk against your skin, letting the ball rub even more against you, it’s moments like these where you semi regret getting the matching piercings as he overstimulated with the metal ball and his tongue.

    hanma, kokonoi, izana, mitsuya, draken

    lip piercing

    he loves your lips, love them so much that whenever the both of you were in the middle of any type of make out session— whenever he got the opportunity he’d whine and tug on your lips, leaving them a little swollen, but he loved how it looks. the reddish marks surrounding your lips whenever you pouted became obvious, it turned him on. so when he suggested getting matching lip piercings, it sounded like a good idea! it would satisfy him.

    the healing process was quick, both of you had a matching lip ring on the left side of your mouths, with matching jewelry. make out sessions were way more heated with this new item added to the fun. whenever he didn’t want you to pull away and kiss him elsewhere, he’d bite down on your ring, whining and pulling you a little closer as you flinch a little every time, leaning back into the kiss, tugging on his lip in response.

    rindou, mikey, inui, wakasa, shinichiro

    nipple piercing

    he had talked about getting these with you. a lot. it was like his obsession, imagining your naked body with nothing but your nipples looking perky, with metal sticking through them, shining. and when you finally got them done, the both of you had a ball with these but, he seemed to love them way more than you did. he liked to tease you about them whenever you wouldn’t wear a bra, groping your tits from behind, making you jump and slap his hand, playfully scolding him, “my nipples aren’t hard it’s the jewelry!” he’d laugh at your reaction every time.

    in the bedroom though, he had even more fun. licking, biting, sucking at the jewelry while massaging your other tit, causing you to arch your back and let whispers of his name leave your mouth. the way his teeth gliding across the jewelry, pulling them upward, made you jump every time from the slight feeling of pain and pleasure aching throughout your body. he couldn’t ever keep his eyes or mouth off of your new piercings, especially in public, he’d make sure you wore extra padded bras so nobody look at what was his and if anyone did, he’d be sure to take care of it in his own way.

    ran, kisaki, kazutora, nahoya, sanzu

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  • ripmornings
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    Tokyo Revengers | Manga Coloring

    Idk why but I got something with sunset lighting but anyway look at my babies

    #manga panel#mangadrawing#manga coloring#tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers manga #mikey sano#draken#manjiro sano #sano mikey manjiro #tokyo revengers ryuguji ken #ken ryuguji#toman baji#tok rev#tokrev baji #baji my beloved #baji keisuke #mitsuya tokyo revengers #mitsuya takashi#takashi mitsuya#kazutora hanemiya#tokrev kazutora #tokyo revengers kazutora #pah chin
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  • imperfect-wonders
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    Mitsuya is so pretty!

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