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  • drakenxemma
    21.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I'm preparing something for 400+ followers! More info in the weekend! Would you be interested in a "request fic" event? Please, interact with this post to let me know (even just a like is important) 💕

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  • kazuhanmas
    21.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    he's just so pretty 🤧

    [ edit by @/RINDWUO on twt ]

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  • rindoure
    21.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago


    pairing: rindou x fem!reader

    genre: fluff

    format: one-shot

    warnings: just a bit of swearing

    summary: as he observes your features in adoration, rindou reflects over the feelings he harbours for you, and ponders at the taste of your lips.

    notes: this is impulsively published. and my final post before i finish finals :)

    why were you so utterly perfect? the dimmed light from the moon showered over your complexion, highlighting your flawless features. with even just a fraction of the moonlight filtering through the window panel, your eyes still seemed to shine in the dark. rindou noticed your weary behaviour during the meeting, and offered to take you inside the building to rest up. it wasn’t the most comfortable or cool environment for one to sleep in, but the battered lounge currently seemed to be enough for you. hair tousled by the soft wind that entered the room uninvited, your [h/c] strands were tickling your clavicle. the weak smile remained on your lips as you attempted to query rindou to continue the rather empty conversation. pitying you for enduring his two-word answers after every question, he couldn’t help but let a half-assed apology roll off the tip of his tongue. “it’s okay. i know you don’t talk much,” you reassured sweetly, donning a more vivid smile than before. you glanced out the window to examine the sky that hung above roof, and rindou watched the smile straighten by the second. were you upset? were you disappointed by his answers that were far shorter than what you had expected in a conversation? “uh– how’s school so far?” what the fuck? rindou internally kicked his guts for his lame question – out of all the vast choices of conversation starters, he had asked you about school, which was one of the many things he did not give a single damn about. it was pathetic anyways, because during school, he has never pressed the tip of a pen against his homework papers. and if there was a test on the day, he and ran would deliberately skip school for that matter. academics were the least of his worries, as he could get more money by robbing off the rich after he break their bones, than to get a degree which may not even interest him whatsoever. and with him and his brother’s occasional visit to juvenile detention centres, there was not even a smear of chance that industries would accept an infamous delinquent like him to their business. yet, you welcomed him into your life so easily. you, the perfect student with flawless grades and attendance, were hanging out with some heavily feared teenager that goes around town, snapping limbs of people when nothing entertained him. you, one of the most praised and beloved students amid the corridors of school, were resting at the very location which rindou’s gang would have numerous rendezvous at. you, the diligent and sophisticated female that many people acknowledged, were exchanging somewhat a conversation with haitani rindou, who was known for participating in clandestine acts that could throw him behind the bars. you were so lovely and amiable, and rindou knew of that. he knew so well because he was perceptive of your mannerisms, your smiles and your words. he paid far more attention on your features than a damned biology class. everything you do caused an odd feeling in his stomach. it was rather often for rindou to feel like his heart was going to explode in his chest like a radioactive substance when you were donning your best smile for him. when you called for his name, it sounded a trillion times better because it came out of your pretty mouth. when you offered to patch up his injuries from horrendous fights, you were gentle. he loved how you would chastise him for his impulsive and vain nature during fights, warning him to be careful next time. you had the tendency to scold him when he was moving too much as you tended his cuts, but always – you would always reminded him that you cared about him. you would eventually remove the small frown upon your lips, and grin at him once he promised you to be more responsible about his health. your eyes were everything. they held the light rindou yearned for, and the tenderness that he never received from the people around him. and from the day that you encircled your arms around his form for the first time, rindou decided that his heart was meant for you. the arteries and veins that exchanged blood within his

    system – they were doing it for you. his heart beat for you. rindou wanted to give his heart to you, and wished for that loving smile on your face as you cradled it with the familiar warmth he cherished. he wanted to shower you with appreciation, but due to his unfortunate inability to express emotions through words, that was not possible. touch was also foreign for his weak soul. just your hand on his shoulder already knocked out his internal self. in other words, he was weak for you, really. yet simultaneously, rindou pondered at night about the taste of your soft lips. curious to his core, his mind frequently created scenarios about sharing a honey-like kiss with you before he drifted off to sleep. he dared not to discuss his thoughts at night with anyone; ran is especially included. his older brother would tease the living daylight out of him if rindou spoke a word about the desire to kiss you. rindou had never kissed anyone, and the subject itself was already unfamiliar to him – the thought of pressing your lips to someone else’s was awkward per se, and the romance behind it was cloying. unbeknownst to you, rindou desperately wanted to try this “kissing” thing with you. when he pictured himself pressing his lips firmly to yours, it didn’t seem so ghastly anymore. on the contrary, it gave him a temporary feeling of giddiness. your eyes were shut as your head rested on the top of the lounge. the moonlight ghosted over your skin, and rindou was enthralled by the beauty of you. he had been gawking at you for a while now, and no matter how many times his brain told him to stop, his eyes couldn’t get enough of you. your chest was rising and falling to the sound of the minute hand clicking on the clock, and rindou’s lilac hues hovered to your lips. “fuck.” you were asleep – one kiss won’t hurt, right? just a chaste kiss, and he’ll shuffle back into his spot, acting as if nothing occurred as you dreamt away. it’ll be so quick that you wouldn’t even realise. rindou scooted closer to your sleeping form, glancing at your lips before he inched forward. his heart was beating like a festive drum inside his chest, and his eyes were in admiration of your lips. what did they taste like? would it taste of honey, since you always seemed to have applied the tube of yellow-coloured lip balm whenever your lips felt dry? he decided to test it out for himself. rindou’s face was centimetres away from yours, and he could feel your breath against his skin. the breeze had tousled through his dyed hair, and he watched a strand glide over your cheekbone before he firmly pressed his lips against yours. butterflies were rambunctiously flapping in his stomach as he leaned further. the sweetness lingered in his taste as his fingertips hovered over your chin, leaving feather-light touches behind as he removed his lips off yours. his lips were no longer chapped. instead, they were moisturised by your own, and rindou licked over his bottom lip. “it’s strawberry today, by the way.” rindou scooted away from your voice as his heartrate was boisterous at this very moment, and panic filled to every vein of his body as you lifted your head off the lounge. “did you think i was asleep, rindou?” he remained silent. he was far too embarrassed – far too ashamed to look at you directly in the eye. but you only giggled as a response. releasing a short sigh, you grabbed rindou’s hand. “you really should ask for permission when you kiss someone, because they might have been unprepared,” you spoke, taking a seat closer to rindou as he gazed at the threshold of the door, adamant to not look at you. “sorry.” “and you should also look at people in the eyes when they’re talking to you,” you chided, waving a finger in the air. rindou inhaled, garnering his confidence as he turned his head to you, surprised to find a sugary smile on your lips. he watched you cup his face with a single hand as he froze at your abrupt affection. swallowing down his nerves as he remained expressionless, you brushed a blue strand behind his pierced ear.

    you rested your forehead against rindou’s shoulder, flustered at your own intended contact with him. “can i kiss you?” rindou’s breath hitched. however, without a single response, he delicately lifted your head up, and attached his lips to yours. you grinned. “i’ll take that as a yes.”

    RINDOURE 2021 © // please do not copy or modify my work on any other platforms.

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    21.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • moonbeam-writing
    21.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Tokyo Revengers Masterlist

    (Former) Tokyo Manji Gang Masterlist

    → Includes: Takemichi Hanagaki, Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, Takashi Mitsuya, Chifuyu Matsuno, Keisuke Baji, Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata, Souya “Angry” Kawata

    Bonten Masterlist

    → Includes: Manjiro “Mikey” Sano, Haruchiyo Sanzu, Kakucho Hitto, Takeomi Akashi, Kanji Mochizuki, Ran Haitani, Rindou Haitani, Hajime Kokonoi

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  • notsocoolnana
    21.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago



    @lostinthe-jojos HELP PLS TELL ME U SEE THIS TOO

    and if turns out not to be him just forget this existed🤡


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  • moonbeam-writing
    21.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Toman Masterlist

    ๑ Takemichi Hanagaki

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Ken “Draken” Ryuguji

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Takashi Mitsuya

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Chifuyu Matsuno

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Keisuke Baji

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Souya “Angry” Kawata

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

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  • k0zutsukki
    21.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    . . . 📎 !? hUmAn tRaSh 🗑️

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  • sleepyr1n
    21.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    tokyo rev characters comforting you when you stress over school pt 2

    characters: ran

    male/gn reader (2nd pov)

    genre: slight angst, fluff, comfort

    cw: depressive thoughts kinda, slight cursing, grammatic errors

    rindou coming in the next part also my reqs are currently open so feel free to request!<3



    i feel like he's a very smart person and gets good grades without even doing anything. basically he is that one dude who never shows up to class but still one of the best students. he often makes jokes and it seems like he doesn't take things that seriously so he is not the best at comforting people, but the moment that he knows that it's serious or you start to cry he will pull you into a tight hug. (and maybe even tickle your face with the end of his braids)

    it's been a while since you saw ran. he was busy with his own life, you were busy with your studies and couldn't really make time for each other. that's why you didn't expect him to show up at your door while you were crying over some stupid homework.

    "ran? w..what are you doing here it's late-"

    "why? can't i miss my baby?" he coos as he lets himself in throwing his arms around you. when he takes a good look at you he let's out a small gasp and gently cups your cheeks, thumbs gently stroking the skin below your eyes.

    "do you mind explaining why you literally look like a panda?" you say nothing, eyes averting his worried gaze. he frowns and makes you look at him. "i don't see you for a few weeks and here you are looking like a whole ass zombie-"

    "HEY!" you smack his shoulder and he dramatically gasps and holds his shoulder like he has been shot. the end of your lips curl into a smile at his dumb antics and the next moment you're in his arms again.

    "i really missed this smile too you know that?" he whispers and presses a soft kiss on your forehead. "but seriously tell me what's going on hm?" you sigh and bury your head in his sweater and whine, signing you don't really want to talk about it. suddenly he picks you up and heads towards your couch and makes you sit in his lap. "you're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on." you try to get up but the grip on your waist tightens and makes you unable to move. "i'm serious. i know that you maybe don't want to talk about it but bottling it up is worse. i'm here, talk to me 'kay?" you tear up and your hands sneak around his neck, head resting on top of his. you let out a tired sigh and tighten your hold around him.

    "it's really nothing serious it's just that..school has been taking a toll on me lately. exams, exams, exams that's literally what my life is about at this point and i'm just so tired." you take a deep breath in as you feel a lump form in your throat. "i hate how i keep ruining my own health just for a few sheets of paper that won't even matter a few months later and-" your voice cracks and you don't even notice that you have been crying the whole time. "i'm sorry for talking so much ran, i was just-"

    "hey, hey! it's okay darling just look at me okay?" you let go of him to look at him and he wipes your tears with the end of his sweater. "don't ever apologize for talking about your own feelings, you deserve to talk about it even if you think it's not a big deal, because if it bothers you then it's important, especially for me." you nod as you hold the hand against your cheek. "i'm glad you told me this and i'm so proud of you for working hard! now how about some hot tea and cuddling until you fall asleep?"

    "that sounds perfect love, thank you." he smiles at the nickname and gives a small peck on your nose.

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  • alientee
    21.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Me and my take one taiju shiba the adult him gives me hope for him to be at-least an ok person who is remorseful in the final future lol

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    21.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago
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  • xdlee
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bonus: baby sitter koko ft. hankisa child and a very bad anatomy and drawing (sorry mom, im not an architect)

    #hankisa#tenjiku#boten#kokonoi hajime #tokyo revengers fanart #tetta kisaki#hanma shuji#tokyrev #tokyo revengers memes
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