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  • Tomorrow I shall come of age hobbit-wise and am no longer a tween. And see the dentist. Hooray.

    I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. I, uh, I h-have things to do. I’ve put this off for far too long.


    (dinner time, chores and maybe some writing to do before bed).

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    Let’s give her abs some love.

    #tolkien#silmarillion#aredhel #house of fingolfin #finweans#art#fanart#my art #yes I like muscles on everyone and every gender #I battled forever with her hair #she looks like the fanart I did of her father lel #the fall of gondolin
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  • To be clear though, I do not consider my Boromir and the rest of his family or any of my gondor edits to be race bending. They are never stated to be white in any irrefutable way and Gondor as a whole must canonically have a significant population of people who are brown within it’s citizens. It is just as canonical to call them brown as white (I could argue moreso) and racebending assumes that their canonical race is being actively changed. 

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    Baylee and Bofur welcoming their first children into the world~ the twins are a boy and a girl named Éofur and Éolynna respectively. Éolynna was named after Baylee’s late mother where Éofur’s name started as a joke Bofur made that they both ended up loving.

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  • Ulfast, Ulwarth, and Uldor The Accursed were the sons of Ulfang and Easterlings of the First Age. They are notorious for betraying Caranthir and Maedhros at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears (Nirnaeith Arnoediad). In the First Age many Easterlings came to Beleriand. They came when they heard of the riches of Beleriand, some came secretly in service of Morgoth, while others fled the destruction of Dagor Bragollach. They were outsiders to the native Edain. Two Easterling leaders came to Beleriand at this time, Bór and Ulfang. Bór and his sons Borlach, Borlad, and Borthand swore allegiance to Maedhros. Ulfang and his sons Ulfast, Ulwarth, and Uldor came into the service of Caranthir. The Edain did not trust the Easterlings, but Maedhros and other elves who had lost faith in their kinsmen welcomed these new warriors into their ranks - knowing that another battle with Morgoth was imminent. Maedhros believed that if he could united the free peoples of Beleriand he could stop Morgoth, and he formed an alliance called the Union of Maedhros. Bór and Ulfang called their kinsmen from the East and were armed and trained for the upcoming war. The Union of Maedhros attacked Morgoth in the north of Beleriand at Anfauglith, a desert outside of Angband. Bór and Ulfang’s armies marched with the Western Army through the hills designed to flank the armies of Morgoth. The Eastern Army under Fingon assailed Angband but were forced to retreat. During this retreat the Western army came to reinforce Fingon’s host. Angband was emptied; wolves, balrogs, and Glaurung the dragon came to the battle. At this pivotal point Ulfang and his sons betrayed the sons of Fëanor and attacked them in the rear. Uldor had hidden armies in the hills who now emerged and attacked Maedhros’ flank, leading to a mass retreat. Many of the faithful easterlings fled due to the confusion and lies they were told. Uldor The Accursed was slain by Maglor, and Bór’s sons died killing Ulfast and Ulwarth. The fate of Ulfang and Bór is unknown. Nirnaeith Arnoediad was a massive defeat for the Union of Maedhros. Morgoth was uncontested in the North and raided Beleriand freely, he restricted the Faithless Easterlings that served him to the small region of Hithlum, forbidding them any of the riches of Beleriand, which made them bitter and they ruled in that fashion. The War of Wrath would sink Beleriand, but it would not sink the legacy of their betrayal. The many tribes in the East would continue to serve Sauron in the Second and Third Ages.

    “Yet neither by wolf, nor by Balrog, nor by Dragon, would Morgoth have achieved his end, but for the treachery of Men. In this hour the plots of Ulfang were revealed. Many of the Easterlings turned and fled, their hearts being filled with lies and fear; but the sons of Ulfang went over suddenly to Morgoth and drove in upon the rear of the sons of Fëanor, and in the confusion that they wrought they came near to the standard of Maedhros. They reaped not the reward that Morgoth promised them, for Maglor slew Uldor the accursed, the leader in treason, and the sons of Bór slew Ulfast and Ulwarth ere they themselves were slain. But new strength of evil Men came up that Uldor had summoned and kept hidden in the eastern hills, and the host of Maedhros was assailed now on three sides, and it broke, and was scattered, and fled this way and that. Yet fate saved the sons of Fëanor, and though all were wounded none were slain, for they drew together, and gathering a remnant of the Noldor and the Naugrim about them they hewed a way out of the battle and escaped far away towards Mount Dolmed in the east.” - Silmarillion, Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

    Art by https://magpiecrown.tumblr.com/

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  • Apparently when you draw based on a statue, it gets more than a little bit dramatic

    Some Russingon for @arofili , I know you love these dramatic idiots

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  • What Tolkien thought he wrote: Glorfindel was tall and straight

    What Tolkien ended up writing: Glorfindel was tall and


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    leaving the shire

    #ok i’m emotional #lotr #lord of the rings #tolkien#frodo#samwise gamgee#merry#pippin#illustration #I HATE drawimg backgrounds but there’s only one way to get better...to keep drawing them
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  • The Little Moments That Bring Us Joy (Thranduil X Reader #2)

    (Author’s Notes: I know I said I will write more for other characters but I missed my baby Thranduil. Also I have other ideas that fit the other characters more and I will surely write for them soon!

    I thought it would be nice to incorporate some of the little things I find joy in. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the bad stuff that’s happening in the world, we forget to appreciate the little moments that make us smile. I hope this reminds you of them.)

    Previous: The Little Moments That Bring Us Joy (Legolas X Reader #2)


    “What makes you happy?”

    “When I forget the silly thoughts that have been running through my head because I am too focused on my work, on my painting, and I forget that I’ve been handling paint. When I finish and I see myself, my hands, and my clothes smeared with bright colors, and I see the work I have done. That makes me happy.”

    “My lady, is there anything that I can do for you?”

    You sighed and waved off your hand maiden. “I am fine. I just need some rest,” you said, massaging your temple.

    She looked at you with knitted eyebrows, worried for her Queen. “My lady, I can come back and bring you some tea, if you’d like,” she offered.

    But you shook your head. You were about to snap at her but thought better of it. She was only worried and was doing her job of taking care of you. So you offered her a tired smile and placed a hand on her shoulder.

    “I am fine, truly I am,” you said. “You may go now.”

    With one last bow, and a still very concerned look on her face, she left your room and left you on your own. When you were alone, you went to a separate part of the room that was specifically closed off for you. It was your own space where you could sit and bring to life the world you see in your mind. You did this by sketching them with graphite or charcoal pencils or by painting them or by writing stories in your leather-bound journals.

    You looked at the things on your table and wondered what to do to take your mind off of things. Your hand skimmed over the pencils and the quills before picking up a brush. You took a few of them and then your paints and your canvas and took your place by the balcony.

    Clearly you could remember the view of the Lonely Mountain from above the trees when you once climbed up. After a few minutes of staring absentmindedly at your canvas, you started to get to work. After sketching lightly, you laid out the colors you were going to use and mixed some to get the shades you wanted.

    Hours passed and the sun began to set but you were still focused on your work. You had tied your hair up in a knot with an extra paintbrush to keep your hair out of the way but strands have managed to escape. It caused little inconvenience but you had to constantly brush them away from your face and because they tickled you often, you had to scratch your cheeks or your forehead.

    You were completely unaware of the fact that you had paint on your hands.

    It was there in your little space that Thranduil found you after a long day of attending to his duties. As he placed his crown on the table, he spotted that the door to your space was ajar. Thranduil quietly opened it and a smile found its way on his lips when he saw you painting.

    He was quite worried for it had been quite a long time since you had time to do things you loved. Not that serving the people of Mirkwood was a duty you disliked, but sometimes it stressed you out. To be a King or Queen does not mean you only wear a crown and sit on a throne. You have to think of how to keep your people safe and happy. Attending to these made you sacrifice the time you would have spent creating art.

    Thranduil leaned against the door frame with a fond look on his face that he only reserved for you and waited until you noticed. He knew it would take some time for you to know that he was there but Thranduil didn’t complain—he loved it when you paint and in his opinion every work you make made the world more colorful.

    A few moments later you leaned back and placed your paintbrush down. You relaxed, releasing the tension on your shoulders that you didn’t know you had whilst you were painting. It didn’t take you long to notice that you had company and you smiled without turning. You heard footsteps draw nearer.

    “How long have you been standing there?” you asked, looking at your canvas and thinking of the things you still have to add.

    “Not long enough to know what good deed I must have done to have you,” he said and you rolled your eyes at his words. Thranduil took note of your hands and your dress and your cheeks. “You have created a masterpiece once again. Though I must say there was no need to make any changes.”

    Thinking that Thranduil knew of your intentions to paint again tomorrow to correct some things you thought needed to be changed, you shook your head and said, “I still have to paint the trees and I must use the right colors otherwise it will not look as magical as I saw it. I must continue tomorrow.”

    Thranduil chuckled. “I was not talking about your painting, my love.”

    You turned to him and raised an eyebrow. “Then what ever do you mean?”

    “Have you seen yourself? You have paint all over your hands, on your clothes, and on your face. You even have paint on your hair and I still wonder how you never notice these.” Thranduil reached out a hand to caress your cheek. “You are already beautiful, a sight to behold, filled with life and color and so much love. You yourself are a masterpiece and yet here you are smeared with yellows and reds and blues and once again you capture my heart. Although it is already yours.”

    Blood rushed to your cheeks and you tried to hide your blush by averting your gaze but Thranduil placed a kiss on your lips before you could try.

    “I’d smear you with paint but I won’t because I do not have the perfect shade that would suit you,” you grumbled.

    “And what color would that be?”

    “The color of moonlight on the nights we used to walk under the moon when everyone else had gone to sleep and we were left alone to whisper to each other our love.”

    This little moment did not come often but whenever it did, it made you happy and it made you look forward for the next ones. You wished you could have more time to draw and paint and write but the duties you had as a Queen pulled you away. And Thranduil had to prepare for wars to come for the shadow was creeping and waiting for the right time to strike. But the image of your paint-stained hands was an image you both loved and yearned to see again. In the silence of the night you would continue to wonder what colors you saw in each other and it made the days and years to come bearable. 

    It made you look forward to something.

    It made life worth living.

    #Thranduil #Thranduil X Reader #Thranduil imagines#the hobbit #the hobbit imagines #lord of the rings #lord of the rings imagines #the hobbit x reader #lord of the rings x reader #lotr#tolkien#x reader#imagines#reader insert#oneshot
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  • Summer Rain

    The rain dripped from the thatch, melting into the silvery torrent, thick as rushes, that filled the small courtyard. Eomer watched through the open door as the splashing puddle swirled around the drain, collecting fallen leaves and spinning straws and sucking them noisily away. He stretched and shifted the pillow more comfortably under his head and idly scratched at his chest hair with his other hand

    It was a day for idling; the horses content to rest and take time with their feed, while he listened to Folcwyn, Brytta’s widow, as she sang over her baking. His uncle had taken him aside when his association with Folcwyn became known, and asked curtly whether he intended to become handfast with the mother of two fine lads. He had shaken his head, for though he had asked her to wed him, in a moment of deep emotion, he had been relieved by her laughing refusal. But she cared nothing for the gossips, saying, to their shocked faces, that they envied her the luck of having a strong young man to warm her bed. Eomer laughed, it had been her pride that first caught his eye.

    He knew her, of course, she was of the kindred, her great grandmother had been the daughter of one of the kings, but he couldn’t recall which one. Folcwyn had not been seen in Meduseld since the death of Britta, but her eldest boy was of an age to begin his training, though Eomer could not imagine that he himself had ever looked so small and so unlike a warrior. She strode up the hall, drawing all eyes in her wake, for her height, her grace and her great beauty, which time had not faded. Eomer, who had been leaning against a pillar at the foot of the steps, found that he was standing tall, alert as a hound to the whistle. Around him all the men had pulled themselves upright, with women peering over their shoulders and children round their legs. But Folcwyn did not glance aside, and Eomer marvelled at the smooth clear brow and the light in her eye.

    The courtyard gate opened and a hooded figure hurried in, closed the gate, darted for the shelter of the colonnade and threw off his cloak. Eomer, who had leaped out of bed, laughed with relief.

    “Theodred! In here! You look like a drowned cat!” He slid into his breeches and pulled a tunic over his head. Theodred came in shaking the rain from his hair, scattering cold droplets over the bare skin of Eomer’s belly. He yelped, grabbed the pillow and started pounding Theodred about the shoulders, but Theodred lunged forwards and tackled him, and they wrestled until they fell off the bed onto the floor, knocking the jug and bowl on top of them and spilling water everywhere.

    Folcwyn hurried in and looked down at them, then laughed shortly “No apple dumplings until all this mess, and you two ruffians, are cleaned up!”


    Day 1: familial relationships

    rating: general

    characters: Eomer, Theodred

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  • I am re-watching LOTR with my sister in attempts to get her to finally finish the movies pt. 2:

    *Legolas appears on the screen*

    Her: Aww he’s cute

    Me: *gives her this look 😑😑* excuse me that’s my baby

    *nearly at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, sees Legolas shooting arrows*

    Her: So cool!!!!

    Me: *remembering what I said to her earlier*


    Me: I will let Legolas go if you finish all LOTR and the Hobbit movies

    #lord of the rings #the hobbit#lotr#tolkien #lord of the rings movies #legolas#Legolas Greenleaf
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  • i feel like ive said this before, but i really *really* want to make Eltwins II* Elven family tree….I’ve drawn some before using others designs but,,,i got ideas

    *Eltwins II: Elrond and Elros..i just got really tired of writing “Elrond and Elros” over and over lol

    Eltwins I: Elurín and Eluréd

    Eltwins II: Elrond and Elros

    Eltwins III: Elladan and Elrohir

    #tolkien #from the heart
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  • feanor will be like “i know a spot” and it’s spending eternity in the void after you fail to retrieve the silmarils 

    #silm#silmarillion#feanor#tolkien #ignore me being a buffoon on main
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  • Me realising that someone called me talented


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  • I actually don’t say this enough but I love GONDOR! I love it’s balls fuck complex history, I love the role it plays in the story, I love how the book hints at so much culture and ritual and life, I love it’s pedantic academic energy and I LOVE to my CORE it’s consistent theme of Raging Against The Dark Even When The Fight Is Hopeless. I love Gondor enduring! I love it sitting on hell’s doorstep and still somehow just LIVING!!! I love Gondor, it’s got a very special place in my heart. 

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  • #tolkienedit#lotredit#gimliedit#legolasedit#lotr#tolkien#my gifs#mine #i love gimli #also Legolas' utter betrayed face lmfao
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