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    Coming soon to a03 (:

    #amanda writes #the color of marigolds #yes im writing another fanfic #yes its gay #you dont even need to ask #tcom #this one. im retconning. but also ignoring the plot and just focusing on the gay #nerf house #made me do it #mianite#ianite#dianite#jordan#captainsparklez#tom#karl #everything i write is about jordan and dianite pretty much so #diaspark
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    I wanted to do a little something since summers gone here QWQ
    Ell is officially my Summers vibe uwu

    Before I get back to the spirit of halloween ^^ 

    I was mainly paying attention to Ell for this ngl XD

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    Great Guys of Short Stature

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  • Draco Malfoy - Still Your Girl


    School reunions were only ever meet and greets for people who’d done better than you. It was almost comical: there was the jock who was now a desk-jockey, the underdog who became a millionaire and the sad divorcee using this as a pull.

    Everyone was married to either each other or someone else: everyone but me it seemed. Everyone was practically beaming with excitement whilst I used this as a wonderful excuse to drink free alcohol.

    I had caught up with old friends, Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, but quickly sulked off around the empty castle halls. Everything seemed smaller, more insignificant. I used to think this place was the world.

    I turned the corner and jumped out my skin. “Merlin!” I yelled, clutching my chest. “I’m sorry!”

    “Y/N.” His voice, still smooth and silky as ever.


    He looked fetching. His suit was fitted as usual, black with a white undershirt. He had grown and now towering over me. He’d become broader and thicker but his hair was still the same bleach blonde. Instead of slicked back however, it was styled into a middle part, longer than how he used to have it. Stubble was littering his jaw and cheeks. He looked very fetching.

    “I’ve been looking for you,” he softly smiled. “I thought you would’ve left as soon as you could.”

    I smiled warmly and nodded. “You know me.”

    There was an awkward pause before he looked quickly behind him. “Hey…why don’t we find the Room of Requirement?”

    I bit my lip. “You think we can still find it?”

    He nodded and already began walking down the hall. “Come on!”

    I giggled and raced after him, watching closely as his eyes scanned the old castle.

    “Left…” he mumbled. “Then right…and…it should be here.”

    We gazed up at the large empty wall. When nothing happened, my shoulders dropped. “Maybe it only appears to students.” I pondered aloud.

    “Wait…” Draco took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

    The door appeared, and a cocky grin graced Dracos lips as he opened the door for me. I cheekily smiled up at him before entering. Nothing had changed, it was still the mess we’d left it.

    “God it’s a dump.” Draco breathed, gazing up at the stacks of old chairs. “We must be at the opposite end of the fire damage.”

    I hummed. “God that feels so long ago.”

    “It was.” Draco said as we slowly began weaving through the mountains of stuff.

    “How have you been?” I asked, running my hand over an old desk.

    He shrugged. “Good, I work for the Ministry now finding radicalised witches and wizards.” He said proudly. “I heard you have a shop in Diagon Alley?”

    “That sounds like the perfect job for you.” I said. “I do indeed, it’s nothing really just some little shop that-“

    “Hey,” he interrupted. “I’m sure it’s amazing.”

    I blushed. “I collect stuff, old relics and things, and I sell them on.”

    “See, very interesting.” He affirmed. “No wedding ring?”

    I snorted. “Don’t remind me,” I gazed down at his left hand and saw it bare too. “But I’m not the only one I see.”

    He chuckled and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Too busy to get a wife.” He shortly said. “So have you just never found someone?”

    “I did…” I sighed. “A long time ago.”

    “What happened?” He pressed.

    “We were kids…we needed to grow up.” I whispered, pausing to hop up on an old school desk. Draco leant against a chest of draws across the path from me.

    “Were you in love?” He asked.

    “Very much so.” I looked at him.

    He didn’t say anything for a minute, simply pursed his plump lips. “Are you talking about us?” He finally asked. I nodded. “We were in love.”

    “We were different people.” I sadly smiled.

    “You don’t think we could work now?” He asked.

    I shook my head. “I don’t think we did back then. Don’t you remember how much we used to fight?”

    He laughed a little. “But do you remember how often we forgave each other?”

    “You’ve just got rose-tinted glasses on.” I noted.

    “Or I remember the best parts.” He challenged.

    I scoffed. “Like when you wouldn’t tell your father about me, even though you loved me so much?” I sarcastically said.

    He sighed again. “I was a coward back then, I thought what my mother and father thought was all that mattered. I was wrong.”

    “I-“ I went to snap but was suprised that he admitted his wrong doing. “Yes, you were.”

    “I’m sorry.” He said. “Maybe if I hadn’t of cared so much, things would be different.”

    “Maybe.” I whispered. “You’ve changed.”

    “I have?” He cocked a brow, standing to move in front of me.

    I nodded. “You seem…wiser, kinder.” I gently reached out and delicately touched his cheek. “And you’ve got a beard.”

    He laughed. “That I do, do you not like it?”

    I smiled brightly. “I love it!”

    “I’ll keep it then.” His hand came to grasp mine, flipping my hand over to look at my palm. “I used to trace this line…”

    I giggled as he tickled my palm, flexing my fingers around his. “My life line.”

    “I used to think I’d be a part of that.” He whispered, leaning down to press a chaste kiss against the flesh.

    “You are.” I said.

    His eyes gazed into mine. “I missed you.”

    “I missed you too.”

    His lips pressed to mine gently, tongue tracing over my bottom lips before dancing with mine. He moved my legs apart to rest between them, hands resting on my thighs as he sponged kisses down my cheek and neck. I gasped as he nipped the sensitive flesh, causing my hands to fist his shirt.

    My hands skimmed down to gently rub his crotch, causing a deep moan to fall from Dracos mouth. His lips came back to mine, pressing sweet and small kisses against me.

    “That’s it.” He praised. “Good girl.”

    I whimpered at his words, my eyes locking onto his. I leant up and kissed him again, unzipping his suit trousers and pulling him out. His forehand rest against mine as I flicked my wrist, stroking him up and down slowly.

    His hands rest either side of me on the desk, shoulders hunched as he quietly moaned again. My lips found his neck and began sucking, determined to leave any type of mark I could.

    “You’re dress is pretty.” He strained. “You’re glowing.”

    I giggled. “Thank you.”

    “Please Dove, let me feel you.” He begged, hand winding into my hair, pulling me back to gaze down at me.

    “Yes.” I whispered.

    His hands moved quickly to skim up the skirt of my dress, looping around the band of my underwear and pulling them down. The undergarments were quickly stuffed in his suit jacket before his fingers gently began to rub the bundle of nerves.

    I gasped and wound my arms around his neck, face pressed close to his. A smirk landed on his lips as he watched my mouth fall open, breathy whines and moans filling the air.

    “There?” He asked, as if he didn’t already know. “Still get so wet for me, don’t you?”

    I nodded. “Draco.” I softly cooed out, my eyes widening as he dipped a finger into me.

    “Still tight.” He quipped. “This is mine, isn’t it Dove?”

    I nodded again, biting my lip harshly. “Please.”

    “Of course.”

    He pulled me off the desk, tenderly cupping my cheeks and kissing me before spinning me around and bending me over the desk. His hands skimmed down my back before grasping my hips, slowly pressing himself into me.

    His arm wrapped around my rib cage and pulled me flush to his chest, his lips going to my ear. “This good?”

    “Yes.” My fingers laced with his.

    His hips began a slow, teasing pace. His body was pressed so close to mine I could feel his rapid heartbeat through his chest. He was thicker than I remembered, stretching me in the best way.

    “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since our last day together.” He moaned, snapping his hips harder. “You’re still my girl, aren’t you?”

    “Yes,” I whined. “I’m still your girl.”

    He chuckled darkly, fingers squeezing mine. “After all this time,” he mused. “Still mine.”

    “Draco…I’m gonna-oh!” My moans got higher and higher in pitch as I began to tighten around him.

    “That’s it Dove, give me what only I can do, give me what’s mine.” He encouraged, fingers dipping down to rub against my clit.

    I screamed as he forced and orgasm from me, my moan bouncing off the walls. He darkly chuckled before pressing me down against the table, chasing his orgasm with his hand on the back of my neck.

    He came quickly, hips stuttering as he emptied inside me. He fell on top of me, arms caging me in as he pressed his face into my hair. We didn’t move for a minute, both recovering from something we’d waited for years to have again.

    He slowly retracted from me, standing up and tucking himself back in. I stood and pulled my dress down, blushing up at him.

    Draco tugged me close to him, kissing me softly. “That was…”

    “Amazing.” I finished with a giggle.

    He searched my eyes for a moment. “What does this mean?”

    I nervously smiled. “Well…if you’ll have me-“

    “Yes.” He interrupted with a grin. “Sorry, but yes.”

    I laughed loudly and wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling against him lips. “Everyone’s gonna know what happened.”

    He growled. “Good, no one else will make a move on you then.”

    I laughed again. “You’ve changed, but not that much.”

    He pinched my behind before delivering a small slap. I jumped into his chest more, looking up at him. “Come on, if we stay here any longer I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you.”

    He began to walk away but I stopped him. “My underwear?”

    He pulled my close again, nose bumping mine. “You’ll get those back when I’m done with you.” He darkly said before leading us out of the Room of Requirement.

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    Great Guys of Short Stature

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    Great Guys of Short Stature

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    a random mix of themes. :))

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  • #Merlin Pet Praises #BBC Merlin#Merlin#Tom #Every single member of Gwen's family takes one look at Merlin and decides they're adopting him #And he does exactly the same in return #And it is a thing of beauty #Maybe that's why they killed Tom off before Elyan's return #The four of them together would have been too much for our hearts #1.12 #1.04
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    Random creepy tom doodle I did at the corner of one of my drawings

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  • ok I know you’ve all seen half of these designs but bear with me - now they come with annotations! I posted these over on ig and thought that I might as well post them here too. I enjoy sharing the modifications I’ve made to these characters!

    the flowers at the end are sable’s, and you might remember them from this ugly post all the way back when I started this blog! since then I’ve changed it so that she wears the different flowers at different periods of her life, rather than all at once.

    I also threw in some comparisons between multiple characters such as the ables and redd & rowan! 

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  • Behind the scenes photos from The Devil All The Time

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  • Making character designs/concepts for my friend’s WIP MOBA game :D

    Lil bit of info about each of them below the cut

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