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  • Its 12:00am

    We were meant to meet today

    Just like all the other dates youd plan

    3 months 2 dates 1 heartbreak

    I sit up with the thought of you

    With the thought of not even being good enough

    To be let down

    Like im not even good enough

    To have your time.

    You said you promised this time

    And i think thats why im up at 12:01am

    Because you just dont give a fuck

    And im here

    With the broken promises that have already started.

    You said you felt this time with me

    Was different

    And at 12:02am i go over all the things i said

    All the things that could have pushed you away.

    But its not me

    It isnt me.

    Im not the one who broke the promises.

    Its 12:03am and i think about all of out what ifs

    All of the things you said we would do

    All of the planned dates never seen through

    I go over all of the what ifs

    What if we went to amsterdam and saw the history i so fondly spoke of to you

    What if we fell in love.

    At 12:04am i realise letting you go of you

    Is now my favorite

    What if

    It doesnt hurt as much

    It feels more freeing.

    At 12:05am

    I lay my head on my pillow and sigh

    I dont know why you treated me like this

    I was whole before you came along.

    At 12:05am

    I cry as i hug a hot water bottle

    That smells somewhat strange to me

    Because it just isnt you.

    Its 12:06am

    Tonight i dream we never had to end-

    That you never made me choose between wanting you

    And wanting myself.

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    A note i hoped id never have to send

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  • #364 Fox - Clear Sky’s Camp

    seems generally mean

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  • #Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers #tom petty #rock and roll #rock music#70s#80s#70s music#80s music#tom#rock#music
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    Para un video?

    Quien sabe

    Tom es muy sobreprotector conmigo QvQ

    #tom #me? #wip #pa un video #mi bebe #si aun duermo con peluches y que!?!? >:V
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  • #blue leader#paul#tom#eddsworld #im glad yall like him so much nhggdnmhgdnhg
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  • Two siblings

    Lucifer was waiting for Michael and Cereza to discuss next actions. The door to the meeting room opened and Michael and Cereza came.

    Lucifer: Ah, there you are.

    Michael: Sorry that was so long. I just needed to be sure that Cereza is okay.

    With guilty smile he said.

    Lucifer: It’s okay, I was not in a hurry. And I’m sorry, Ms Cereza for the punishment.

    Cereza: It’s okay, sewing and fixing up librarian clothes for demon librarian is not that big deal. So, what should we do now?

    Lucifer: We must find Kevin and bring him here. But we don’t know where he is now. So, the only thing that we can do is to be careful.

    Michael: And to protect you.

    Michael added. Cereza sighed heavy, she knew that she’s not safe and she put hell and heaven in danger.

    Lucifer: Now, I need to come back to library and to see if everything is okay. Are you coming with me, Michael?

    Michael looked at Cereza, who was upset by such situation. He remembered that he gave her his phone, and guessed that she was writing to her brother. Suddenly an idea came to his mind.

    Michael: Yes, but I need to do one thing, so, I’ll come to you later.

    Lucifer didn’t understand what Michael wanted to do, but he could only shrug meaning that “Okay” and went to the library. Cereza and Michael stayed alone.

    Cereza: So, what did you want to tell me?

    Michael: Ah, it’s a surprise that I want to show you. Follow me.

    Cereza didn’t understand what he wanted to show, what is a surprise. She was worried and expected anything. But despite her fears and worries, Cereza followed Michael.

    Their little journey led them to gate to heaven where one angel stood as a guard. It was another guardian angel - Gabriel.

    Cereza: Why did you lead me there?

    Cereza didn’t understand what’s going on and was worried more.

    Michael: This is gate to heaven and in heaven there’s one person that you’d like to see.

    Cereza was confused even more. Michael went to Gabriel to ask him about person, but he was asleep.

    Michael: Gabriel.

    He called him quietly, but he didn’t wake up.

    Michael: Gabriel.~

    He tried softly, but again it didn’t work. Then Michael didn’t have choice.



    Gabriel woke up from Michael’s shouting, preparing his weapon to attack, but some seconds later, he looked on Michael.

    Gabriel: Oh, Michael, it’s you. Stop scaring me! I almost caught a heart attack!

    Michael: Sorry, it was the only way to wake you up.

    He said with guilty smile. Gabriel returned to his calm state.

    Gabriel: What do you need this time? If it’s about covering you again, I will pass.

    Michael: It’s not about me.

    Gabriel confused. Earlier Michael asked Gabriel to cover him while he and Lucifer needed to finish one job. But what is Michael asking him now?

    Michael showed a sign that meant whispering in Gabriel’s ear. Cereza stood opposite gates and couldn’t hear what those two were talking about.

    Gabriel: What?! I’ll not do this for demon! You know that God will punish me if I do this!

    Michael: I understand, but I can’t leave this and not let her meet him!

    Him? Who is he? Cereza didn’t know who he is.

    Gabriel sighed.

    Gabriel: …..okay, I’ll bring him. But if anything happens with him, you’ll be responsible for this.

    And he went to find this person. Cereza came to Michael.

    Cereza: Who is he? With whom do you want to introduce me, Michael?

    Michael: Soon, you’ll see.

    Some minutes later, Gabriel came back to Michael and Cereza, but not alone.

    Gabriel: Okay, we’re here.

    Michael turned to Cereza.

    Michael: Cereza, here’s someone that you want to see, the one that you loved and tried to help.

    Cereza looked at Gabriel and person that stood near him and….. she lost her speech. The person that Michael wanted to introduce her was her brother - Tom.


    Cereza: T-Tom?

    Tom: Cereza?

    Cereza didn’t believe her eyes, her brother was standing here. Meanwhile Michael came to Gabriel and showed a sign that meant to leave them alone.

    Gabriel: But what if something happens to Tom? What will happen if this devil-

    Michael kicked his elbow to Gabriel’s shoulder showing that they need to go.

    Gabriel: Ouch! Okay, okay, I’m coming.

    And they stepped aside.

    Tom: Is it really you?

    Tom, as Cereza, didn’t believe his eyes.

    Cereza: Yes Tom, it’s me.

    She sighed heavy.

    Tom: I received message from you and everything you wrote was true?

    Cereza: Yes… and I want to say I’m so sorry that I didn’t save you. I tried to find medicine that could help you, even tried to finish all requests that I got from mafia’s boss to get money, but it was too late. I felt so quilty of this and I…. I…

    Cereza tried to hold her tears, but she couldn’t.

    Tom: Don’t be sorry, sister.

    Cereza was astonished by Tom’s words.

    Cereza: But… why? I couldn’t save you and killed mafia because of revenge.

    Tom: I know, but you did everything you could. But doctors said that this sickness was incurable. And I knew that soon or later I’ll die. But you still tried to save me, and I appreciated it. You’re still my sister and you’re amazing person. And I’ll still love you no matter what.

    After his words, Cereza couldn’t hold her tears and cried.

    Cereza: Brother…. thank you so much.

    And she hugged him. Tom was a bit surprised, but still, he hugged her with a smile.

    Tom: You’re welcome, sister.

    Gabriel and Michael stood aside and watched this moment. Gabriel cried too.

    Gabriel: This… is so cute and wonderful.

    Michael: I thought that you are not into such things.

    Gabriel: Close your mouth!

    Michael giggled softly from Gabriel’s reaction and looked at him with smile.

    Cereza: So, what will you do?

    Tom: After I found out that you’re in danger, I want to help you, to protect you.

    Cereza: But Tom, it’s too dangerous, I can’t risk you!

    Tom: You’re my sister, and you tried to save me. And now it’s my turn to help you.

    Cereza couldn’t help herself but to smile. Meanwhile, Michael and Gabriel came to them.

    Michael: I think it’s time to go, Cereza.

    Cereza: Yeah, you’re right.

    Tom: Will I meet you again?

    Michael: Of course, you will.

    Michael cheered them up. Gabriel was not glad about it because he knew that he’ll be punished again. But for those two he was ready to help them to meet each other.

    Gabriel: Okay, Tom, time to return to heaven.

    Tom: Bye, Cereza. See you again!

    With smile he waved to her and went to Gabriel.

    Cereza: Bye, Tom! See you too!

    She waved to Tom. Then she turned to Michael.

    Cereza: It seems that Lucifer is waiting for us.

    Michael: Yeah, let’s go back to him.

    And they flew away to Lucifer. The return didn’t take long as Lucifer was wondering around the room. After they met each other again, they discussed further actions.


    And that’s all for this part. Cereza finally saw her brother. And maybe they’ll meet each other again. In this story there’s new character - Gabriel. About him I’ll post later. For now I hope you’ll enjoy reading.^^

    Cereza, Gabriel and Tom belong to me.

    Michael and Lucifer belong to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog

    Okaria et Feria belongs to me, @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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  • It’s my birthday today :) <3  So I hope you like today’s chapter!

    Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

    “Is that it?” Tom gasped with wide eyes after unwrapping the present you had just given him.

    Smiling you nodded and immediately were engulfed in his embrace.

    “You are finished? Are you sure you want me to read it?”, he asked into your hair making you nod. 

    “I’m sure Tom.”, you nodded softly and he began to open the book right in that second. 

    “Don’t you wanna open the other things first?”, you frowned but he shook his head without even looking up. 

    Without giving it another thought you began preparing dinner for Tom and you while he kept on reading. Ever since being friends with him this happened regularly, he would get so into a book that he’d hardly eat dinner and just finish it before going to sleep in your guest room. By now you were used to it and therefore didn’t actually worry or consider it weird. 

    Laying in bed you peacefully slept when the door to your room loudly opened. sitting up you panted and looked at Tom who stood in the door with your book in hand. 

    “Y/N?”, he asked quietly and stepped into the room carefully. 

    “Tom? Its… it`s 2 am, what are you doing here?”, you frowned rubbing your eyes sleepily. 

    “What is this book based on?”, he questioned and walked closer to the bed. 

    “Uhm… What?”, you wondered still tired and barely functioning. 

    “Is Sophie based on you and Marc on me? Y/N… If… If it does… I… I feel the same way.”, he stuttered blushing slightly.

    “Yes they are… Tom.. Can we please sleep? It’s 1 am… Come lay down.”, you sighed patting the other bedside and he quickly laid down and pulled you into his arms. 

    “Good night darling, sleep well.”, Tom whispered stroking your back and you quickly were back asleep until you woke up the next morning still in Tom’s arms and happy. 

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  • December 7

    Pairing: James Conrad x Reader

    For about seven months you and James have been in a relationship now. After all that happened on the island the both of you realized what had really been missing in your life and then finally ended up together. Of course it was unusual for everyone at first, but rather quickly you found it to work out really well..

    “James?”, you asked sleepily as you lazily opened your eyes. You had felt him move close by your body and therefore woke up.

    “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.”, he yawned turning so he could wrap you in his arms.

    “Don’t worry. As long as I wake up beside you I’m happy.”, you mumbled in a soft voice and felt him press a gentle kiss to your forehead.

    “I was wondering whether you’d like to go out with me today?”, he asked after a moment of silence making you grin.

    “You know I never say no to that. What’s your plan?”, you grinned and just felt the man chuckle but not reply so you dropped the topic knowing you would never be able to convince him to tell you his plans. 

    Later in the evening James made sure you were comfortably wrapped in your blanket while he cuddled up to you. 

    “You know, this reminds me of when we spent the first night on the island.”, he mumbled stroking your arm gently. 

    “I know, you cuddled up to me to make sure I wasn’t freezing and when I had a nightmare you calmed me down.”, you smiled making him smile in return as well. 

    “And well, this morning, when we woke up I realized I don’t want it any other way… Would you consider moving in with me?”, he asked sounding slightly nervous until you turned around and kissed him grinning widely. 

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  • Here is a working (still gathering everything) list of the drabbles I’ve written! Please note that * means that it contains smut and is NSFW

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    ii was feeliong anxiety comming to punch me in the fface so,,i drew a ttommo,,,,

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    I use this marker way too much lmao

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