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  • Find someone who looks at you the way Lucifer looks at Chloe.

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  • People don’t arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning until something comes along that disabuses them of those notions.

    netflix’s lucifer 

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  • “Will you catch me when I fallWrap your wings around my bodyWhen I’m lost in the stormAnd I’m calling.” - lyrics by Hurts
    New Deckerstar art. So excited for S5! 😈
    #Lucifer #LuciferSeason5

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  • my first love was never eve. it was you, chloe.

    #16 days to season 5 #i am not ready #the heart eyes in this scene #chloes superior hairstyle #chefs kiss #lucifer season 5 #netflix lucifer#lucifer morningstar#chloe decker#deckerstar#fanart #lucifer x chloe #digital painting#tom ellis#lauren german#lucifer fanart#artwork
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  • N.M.E|Lucifer OC! Venus (One Shot)

    [Also on My Instagram @/roseybabylon and Wattpad @/suitedepression]


    Originally posted by welshmantomellis

    Remove the gag and step away, he’s suffocating you pull the strings day after day that’s why he needs a break from you

    Venus Smith the younger sibling of Mazikeen Smith. She was the second in command when it came to leading the Lilim.

    When Lucifer got bored with his life in hell. He came to Mazikeen to see if she wanted to go on earth with him, She of course did. She wanted to wreak havoc. But it also meant that she had to leave her sister behind but went anyway without telling a soul.

    Venus was hurt, She felt betrayed. Her sister left her to tend to these mortals who did wrong. Don’t get me wrong she loved torturing people she got a thrill out of it. But she wanted her sister.


    Venus had found a way to escape hell and she did. She went to where her sister and Lucifer were. LA. Los Angeles. The City of Angels.

    She walked into Lux with a small smirk on her face. She was going to get her revenge.

    Venus looked around and saw someone sitting alone at the bar. It was none other than Dan Espinoza. She took a breath and walked over to him and smiled softly “Is this seat taken?”

    Dan looked over at her quite shocked that someone was actually talking to him but nonetheless shook his head “Nope it’s open” which made her nod and sit down then looking around a little then back to him “Whats got you down ?”

    He sighed and but his lip “My girlfriend recently died. She was shot” That made Venus frown and start having doubts going after this poor human soul. But then again he was also pretty drunk so why not have a little fun.

    After a few drinks they were heading back to his apartment building but of course got stopped by none other than Lucifer Morningstar himself who was just staring her down “Who’s your lady friend here Daniel”

    Dan looked at him and just shook his head “Thats really none of your concern Lucifer” Lucifer let out a dry laugh looking around a little then back to him “Well technically detective douche it does. Especially when that’s Mazes’s little sister and is known for breaking hearts. You’d think someone as beautiful as her would go for a dunky boy like you”

    Dan looked like a deer in headlight and looked over at Venus “Your Mazikeen’s Sister. The one shes always talking about?” Lucifer just nodded while Venus looked confused “She talks about me ?”

    Bid your ass adieu a break from you bitch, your ass is through

    Lucifer sighed softly and sent Dan on his way and pulled Venus into a hug which she returned with furrowed brows but then yelped lightly being pulled

    Once they got to the top of Lux. Venus looked around a little “Nice view” which made lucifer roll his eyes “Why are you here. You’re supposed to be in hell. We made you second in command for a reason”

    Venus laughed bitterly “I’m suppose to be in hell doing the same thing over and over again while you and maze get to live up here in LA. And do you even know how hard it is to torture all by yourself. It’s draining. And let’s not forget I didn’t even get a goodbye by my god damn sister”

    “You want a fair well from Maze we can arrange that. Then you can go right back to hell” Lucifer said with his eyes glowing red which made Venus laugh quietly to herself “I’m not going back to hell. You’re going to have to personally escort me back yourself but we all know that’s not going to happen”

    You should escape skip town no more excuses abandon ship or drown no more excuses do you even have a plan of attack? away to react? oh no, you should escape, skip town you’re better on your own

    Ever since the conversation with Lucifer happen Venus had wreaked havoc. Maze was out on bounty looking out for sister. She didn’t know she was back she just thought it was a coincidence.

    Venus was in the middle of one of her torture methods when she felt herself being pulled back by the throat “Mazikeen, long time no see” She chuckled before elbowing her in the stomach sending her back a little

    Maze’s eyes widened a little “V-Venus… It’s actually you… You’re the one who’s been” Venus smirked and nodded “Yeah i’m the one who’s been “brutally killing” these poor human souls quite fun really” She chuckled and looked back at maze “If you have to turn me in. Go ahead. But just know i’m a good manipulator. I mean I have been in hell a lot of a hell longer than you despite you being older”

    “Are you doing this because of me?” Maze asked confused “No i’m not doing this because of you.. I’m doing this because it’s all I know. I’m doing this because i’m hurt. I’m betrayed.. On second thought I am. You left me Mazikeen… You promised you’d never leave me and you did. You didn’t even say goodbye… You saw a chance to get out of hell and you took it. You may have tried to come back but you didn’t try hard enough and now you have this oh so happy life here and what do I have ? I have a sister who abandoned me just like our mom” Venus looked at maze but before any of them could say anything the door opened

    “LAPD put your hands in the air” Venus turned around and looked over and a blonde who just walked into the door alongside Lucifer “You don’t have authority over me blonde”

    “But I do” Lucifer said his voice going deep which made her chuckle “You don’t either… You left hell… You abandoned it so it’s really unsupervised…So until you go back down there and take your place as “king” you have no authority of me either Lucifer Morningstar”


    Chloe had managed to get Venus under police custody it took some time and a lot of officers now in the hospital that are in critical condition but she managed to talk her down

    “So why are you doing this? Do you know these people ? Did they ever do you wrong ?” Chloe asked looking at Venus with a raised eyebrow “And what’s your name”

    “My name… Venus Smith… Mazikeen’s Younger sister… And no, I have no idea who any of those people are. The reason I did it. I get a kick out of it. It’s fun. It’s thrilling. It’s what I live for” Chloe nodded biting her lip “So you’re a demon who came up from hell also. Right. Why are you just coming now then”

    Venus rolled her eyes “That’s personal sweetheart” Chloe shook her head “Not when you killed fifteen people in the amount of three days… You were doing it to get to Mazikeen weren’t you” Venus just nodded and looked around while putting her head in the palm of her hand “When did you get out of the cuffs” Chloe asked with furrowed brows “In the car”

    Chloe just shook her head and sighed “You’re most likely going to get held over night” Venus shook her head “No i’m not” She said while getting up cracking her neck then walking out leaving Chloe dumbfounded

    Okay we get it you’re both a happy couple why else go through the trouble of posting it ten times a day?

    Venus was walking around town when she happen to saw Amenadiel who was being nice going to give some homeless girl some money then saw her steal his wallet running away

    She held back a laugh but stopped the girl before she could get any further and took the wallet walking back over to him. Before she could take another step she felt the girl pull her back

    She whipped around putting the wallet in her pocket and putting choking them girl while her eyes turned a darker color “Never do that again… Or I swear you won’t like where you end up” dropping the girl to the ground and going back to normal walking back to Amenadiel who just looked stunned “You really are more evil than Mazikeen aren’t you”

    Venus rolled her eyes giving him his wallet back “Depends. I also heard you’re going to be a father… Congratulations Amenadiel” She smiled softly before going on her way back to the station where she was so desperately needed and sighed softly


    Venus walked in not getting met with any familiar faces which made her sigh but got and sit down at detective espinoza’s desk

    The name sounded familiar but she didn’t feel like connecting any dots. She was spinning around in the chair when all of a sudden she heard a cough which made her jump then attack by hand chopping the person in the throat

    She then looked and eyes widened a little “I’m not even sorry. You shouldn’t have scared me like that dude. And you smell of sex. Did you just have sex” She said with mouth dropping a little “Sex on the job naughty boy” she chuckled as he sat down holding his throat “Now let me guess.. Is it that one girl the cute forensic girl who’s always gives everyone hugs”

    Dan just looked at her kind of shocked that she managed to figure it out that fast “Oh my god it is.. Good for you buddy. Don’t fuck it up. You lost Chloe to mistakes. You unfortunately lost Charlotte which was Cains fault. Now you may or may not have something going for you with Ella? Is that her name” Dan nodded “Ella.. You’re a good guy dan. You deserve happiness but don’t force it or jump right into anything. Take it slow” She smiled softly “And if that doesn’t work then well… You’ll find love one day”

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  • Thinking about Tom Ellis as Lucifer.

    #The show got a little bit bad because I am romance-phobic but that’s ok I forgive #Tom Ellis #The accent.
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    Tom Ellis behind the scenes of Lucifer season 4

    credits to @joshstyle, costume design by @agata_louie on instagram

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