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    Discover the untold story of #Loki from the master of mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston.

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    Tom Hiddleston at the premiere of The Avengers

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    #tom hiddleston#my gifs #dark world premiere
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    I swear, I have never seen this animation before, and it is adorable!

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    Untold: Tom Hiddleston

    Discover the untold story of Loki from the master of mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston.

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    Tom hiddleston for zoe McConnell 2021

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    A little Loki / Captain Hook crossover! You can see my inspiration by swiping right➡️ if you want to help support my work, I also have ripped pants version lol ⏰🍑🐊 #loki #lokifanart #captainhook #ticktockthecrocodile #ticktock #disney #peterpan #tomhiddleston #tomhiddlestonedit #timevarianceauthority #timelords #lokicrocodile #lokialligator #lokivariant #michaeldimotta

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    Watch "Sherlock Holmes & Thomas Sharpe || Me & The Devil" on YouTube

    Lovely crossover

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    You say “baby!” and then it’s a 40 yr old 6ft2 well renowned critically acclaimed golden globe winner dude

    #loki#loki odinson#loki laufeyson#tom hiddleston #thomas william hiddleston #dammit hiddleston #good fucking night #I’m so proud of my overgrown stupidly cute baby
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    Untold: Tom Hiddleston | Disney

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    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    UPDATE- Fatal Chemistry

    Hey lovelies! I know I said I’d try to have part 3 up tonight but I’ve had some things come up today that didn’t allow to me write. But hopefully I’ll be able to work on it some more tomorrow. Thanks for being so understanding and patient with me! <3

    @memenerdlover @katrinakennedy1 @asexualaromosafezone @regulusgoesswiming @bouffantofdoom @moonlight-fern @janetleako @angelofthorr @redwineandmanhattans @senuritaawsome226 @angelaf1978 @sharris8 @marcelea000

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    Green = Flashback

    “Loki, give me the tesseract. You’re only making this harder on yourself” y/n said sternly walking towards Loki

    “NO! Regardless of what you and your team of delinquents do, there’s no stopping him, there’s only the end”

    “Loki, whatever it is that your scared of, we’ll sort it out together ok just give me the tesseract” y/n asked desperately getting closer to Loki

    “Scared? I’m not scared and even if I was, a pathetic halfwit like yourself could never help me”

    “Loki please don’t make me do this. If you don’t give up willingly, I’m going to have to hurt you and I do not want to do that Loki”

    “You could never hurt me”

    “Loki I’m not going to purposely hurt you and then lie and say it was Thor” y/n laughed playfully shoving Loki

    “Please y/n. It’d be funny”


    “Fineee. Can we at least go to the library so we can watch the sun set from the balcony”

    “Race you”

    “You’d choose them over me? THOSE ostentatious oafs over me?”

    “This Loki isn’t my Loki. My Loki died. He is dead. He fought his brother on the rainbow bridge in Asgard and he died” y/n replied shakily trying to stop tears falling from her eyes

    “Except he didn’t did he. DID HE?! Did you even wonder where I ended up when I fell? Did you mourn? DID YOU MOURN y/n?! Or did you ease your pain using my brother? I bet you two really comforted each other didn’t you?”

    “Loki Stop”

    “Did you think of me? Every time he’d hug you. Fuck you. Did you think of me?”


    Shocked with her actions, y/n stepped back from Loki slightly

    “The actions of a guilty harlot”


    “And now you’re what? Some sort of superhero” Loki replied amused

    “Loki give me the tesseract”


    “Loki please, once the team get here I won’t be able to interfere. If you give me the tesseract now then I’ll ensure they go easy on you.”

    “It wasn’t Loki”

    “Y/N you don’t have to lie to protect Loki”

    “Im not”

    “So, why did you decide to pick a flower from the garden”

    “I- um- I-“

    “No need to go on dear I know it wasn’t you” Frigga replied taking the flower out of y/n’s hair

    “Loki said that it was a gift. He said that the flower was magical and that it’d look really good in my hair so I let him tie it around my plaits. I didn’t know it was from your garden”

    “Don’t worry y/n it’ll grow back”

    After a short pause y/n began to speak again

    “Will Loki be in trouble. I really don’t want Loki to be in trouble”

    “He won’t be y/n, he’ll just be on garden duty for the next month”

    “I’ll help” y/n replied cheerfully

    “I don’t need your help you unsightly wench” Loki spat at y/n walking closer and closer to her

    “You are the most beautiful, exquisite person I’ve ever seen”

    “Loki stop”

    “How I’m able to keep my hands off of you is beyond me”

    “Shhh Loki we’re in public”

    “I thought you liked it when we were in public”

    “Not here Loki” y/n said blushing

    “Well you liked it last week when you pleaded for me to untie your dress and take you in the hallway”

    “I was feeling horn—”

    “What about the time we were sitting in the gardens and you got on your knees and starting sucking my”


    “Or the time I used my fingers to”


    “Come on darling we’ll be quiet”

    “QUIET” shouted a voice from behind y/n

    “Brother. How nice of you to join us” Loki replied wrathfully

    “Loki give us the tesseract, it’s over”

    “Come to save your precious Jezebel?”

    “Do not speak of y/n in that way Loki”

    “Why not? That’s what she is isn’t she. I bet it didn’t take her long to move on”

    And with that, Thor began to charge towards Loki, Mjollnir in hand”

    “THOR STOP” y/n screamed desperately trying to separate the brothers

    “Stay back” Thor said through gritted teeth fighting Loki

    “I’d listen to the oaf if I were you”

    Seeing that Thor was about to hit Loki with Mjollnir, Y/N quickly stepped in front of him

    “Thor stop. Please”

    “Y/N MOVE”

    “No I’m not going t—”


    Y/N noticed that Thor wasn’t even holding Mjollnir anymore. What could he have been talking about?

    “NOO!” Thor shouted as y/n fell back onto Loki

    “Loki?” Y/N asked looking up at Loki, blood pouring relentlessly from her body

    “I- oh god- Y/N!” Loki replied frantically holding her

    “Loki what have you done?” Thor asked hopelessly trying to help Loki lay y/n down

    “I- it was like I was in a trance- Y/N! Y/N STAY AWAKE. THOR GET HELP”

    “I love you”

    “I love me too Loki”

    “Y/N honestly I really really love you”

    “I know. I love you too”

    A/N: What did we think? Should I carry on? Does anyone have any suggestions or prompts for this or future fics? If so please feel free to message me or something. I am honestly so grateful for all likes, replies and reblogs 🖤🖤

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    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    cast crack #002

    [during instagram live with hiddleston]

    y/n: *finishes their water*

    hiddleston: are you, uhm- very thirsty?

    y/n: *sets bottle down* no, but my mom does really think your attractive

    hiddleston: am i?


    y/n: no, but my mom does really think-

    #flirting#tom hiddleston #tom hiddelston x reader #insta live#instagram live#scenario #idk what this is #hangout #y/n's mom is thirsty #loki series#loki laufeyson#marvel mcu #marvel cinematic universe #marvel #late night discussions #marvel cast#crackship
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    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Familiar - part 4

    Word count: 3000

    Warnings: just a lovely little fluff bomb

    So I know this one is a lot shorter than the other parts, but I made up for it with lots of tickles I hope! This is based on a prompt (actually a prompt layered on another prompt 😂) I hope you enjoy!

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    You’d never slept so soundly in your life.

    It had been the first time you’d spent the night in the same bed with Tom. Exhausted from the excitement of the cast party, it hadn’t taken long for the pull of sleep to lull you into a deep slumber.

    By the time you began to awaken the next morning, a strip of sunlight was shining through the small gap you’d left in the blackout curtains, the warmth of the light kissing your cheek. You didn’t open your eyes at first, trying to will yourself to go back to sleep. Instead, you focused on the feeling of Tom’s sleeping form against your own.

    Your back was pressed into his chest, his arm wrapped loosely around your waist, hand resting on your belly. The slow, steady rise and fall of his chest, and the rhythmic flow of his breath rustling your hair, told you he was still sound asleep. You wanted to turn over to face him, to open your eyes and have his face be the first thing you saw when you woke, but you didn’t want to chance waking him. The stillness of the morning, unadulterated silence save for the soft rush of air in and out of his chest as he breathed, was too perfect to spoil. So, instead, you nestled your head a bit deeper into the pillow, allowing yourself a tiny smile as you marveled at the fact that the man holding you in his arms told you the night before that he was in love with you.

    But no good thing can last forever, and soon the call of nature forced you to have to crawl out of the warmth of the covers, and the safety of Tom’s arms. Moving as carefully and as slowly as possible so as not to wake him, you gently slid yourself out from under his arm and the duvet and padded reluctantly to the bathroom, already shivering a bit with the chill of the morning air.

    Once you were up, you knew there was no returning to the peaceful slumber you’d been enjoying prior to your bladder betraying you. You quietly exited the bathroom, tiptoeing your way back into the bedroom. You laid eyes on Tom’s sleeping form for the first time that morning, having forgotten in your rush to relieve yourself when you’d first gotten out of bed. Somehow, you’d managed not to wake him, his chest still rising and falling slowly and deeply in the depths of sleep. The way the sunlight touched his face, grazing across his cheek just far enough from his eyes not to rouse him from sleep with a blinding light, it was just… perfect. He had the blanket tucked under his arm, still lying on his side where you’d left him, his bare, toned shoulders visible above the hem of the duvet.

    You allowed your eyes to travel down, grazing over the spot where the blanket folded into the curve of his waist. He had moved slightly since you’d vacated the bed, stretching his legs out straighter where they had previously been bent at the knee to follow the contours of your own body. The way he’d splayed himself out across the bed, you could see just the slightest bit of his foot poking out from beneath the blanket. You laughed silently to yourself, noticing he’d worn socks to bed but not a shirt. You’d have to tease him for it later.

    Then again…

    You recalled the comment Scarlett had made the night before, after literally everyone at the cast party had watched Tom tickle you senseless. If you want to get him back – his feet are really ticklish.

    Hmm. What an excellent opportunity had just presented itself.

    Slowing your breathing to remain silent, you crept slowly up to the end of the bed, smirking down at your sleeping boyfriend with your hands hovering out in front of you. Gradually, you extended your hand out to reach toward his exposed foot, carefully maintaining your balance so you wouldn’t lean on the mattress and wake him as it dipped beneath your weight. Gently, you lifted the blanket to shift it out of the way of your target. With your eyes trained on his face, you experimentally ghosted just one finger across the sole of his foot. His eyes scrunched tighter for a second, foot twitching away from your touch. Quickly, though, he settled back into a deep sleep.

    Oh dear. If he reacted to just the lightest of touches, you could only imagine how he’d react if you actually made an effort to tickle him.

    You drew your bottom lip up between your teeth, biting back a grin as you positioned your hand near his foot again, ready to strike. Holding your breath, you brought your fingertips down to make contact with the bottom of his foot, scratching lightly up the entire length of his sole.

    His face scrunched up this time, a tiny smile pulling at his lips. Grinning now, you increased the pressure of your fingertips and positioned your other hand to prepare to grab his ankle when he inevitably woke up and tried to pull away. Sure enough, the moment you started scratching harder around the ball of his foot, he jerked his leg away, letting out giggles now that he was waking. You barely caught hold of his ankle with your other hand before it was out of reach, holding fast as you continued to exact your revenge.

    “Hehehey!!” You almost felt badly having woken him, the rasp of sleep still heavy in his voice even as he protested. Then, you thought back to the night before, and the guilt dissipated quickly.

    “Payback’s a bitch isn’t it?” you laughed sinisterly, skittering your fingers rapidly across his trapped foot. He laughed louder, slowly waking enough to make sense of what was happening.

    “Ohohoh no you dohon’t!” Tom sat up and suddenly lunged for you, making you shriek and release his ankle in favor of jumping backward away from the bed out of his reach.

    “Oho, come on, I owed you a bit of revenge after last night!”

    “Oh, you think so, do you?” The mischievous gleam in his eye now that he was fully awake made you squirm under his gaze a bit.

    “Ihi know so, actually.”

    “You know, not only did you tickle me, but you also woke me from a deep sleep. I should think that’s double the allotted payback, hmm?” He sat up a bit more, throwing one leg over the side of the bed to prepare to stand. “If I’m doing the math correctly… I believe that means we’re uneven.” You squeaked, immediately turning on your heel and making a run for it into the other room without a second thought.

    While the suite was large, you knew there was little hope of hiding without him finding you within minutes. Your only choice was to evade him until he tired of trying to catch you. Which, likely, would be never. Maybe you were regretting your decision to tickle him awake.

    Or, maybe, this is exactly what you were hoping for.

    “Now you’re going to make me chase you? Darling, you’re just asking for it now.” Heavy footsteps neared the door to the main room, and you quickly stepped behind the kitchen island to maintain a barrier between the two of you. When Tom appeared in the doorway, he shook his head, chuckling at your stance with your hands gripping the countertop of the island. “Do you honestly think that’s going to prevent me from catching you?”

    “I do, actually.” He walked closer to the island, placing his hands on the opposite side of the counter as you shifted your weight to the balls of your feet to run when the time came. Laughing, he took a lurching step to the left, and you followed suit with a jolt to your left to maintain the same amount of distance.

    “Ah, so it’s to be a game of cat and mouse then, is it?”

    “Or you could stop chasing me.”

    “Not an option, love.” He paced deliberately around the side of the island, and you sidestepped in tandem with him, remaining straight across from him out of arm’s reach. You couldn’t help but begin giggling at the ridiculousness of this situation, enjoying this bit of playfulness.

    “Just give up, Tom, you’re never going to catch me. It’s a futile effort.”

    He made a few bounding steps around to the back of the island, and you skipped quickly to face him. He merely smirked at you, shaking his head.

    “When I get my hands on you, darling, you’re going to be in so much trouble.” Shooting you a wink, he suddenly crouched down behind the island, ducking out of your sight. You gasped, giggling anxiously.

    “Wahahait! That’s nohot fair!!” You thought quickly, weighing your options. Choose a direction to round the island again and hope he chooses the same one so you don’t run into him. Lean over the island so you can try to see where he might be going before you choose a direction, and risk him popping up and grabbing your arms. Or, run in an entirely different direction and find somewhere else to hide.

    It seemed option three gave you the best chance of escape. So, you spun around and ran, headed straight for the door to the balcony.

    You ripped the door open and stepped outside, shutting it behind you just before he reached the door handle and leaning your weight against it with your palms against the glass. Tom pushed back a bit, then stepped back, glaring playfully at you through the glass. You stuck your tongue out at him tauntingly, latching the lock closed and moving to sit on one of the patio chairs with your back turned to the door to add insult to injury.

    After a few moments, you started to feel bad for hiding from Tom in plain sight. You turned your head to glance at the door, noting his absence. Curiously, you stood from the chair and walked over to the door, pressing your nose to the glass to look around inside and find out where he went.


    You shrieked as his arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

    “Wahait!! How did you…”

    “Darling, I thought you were observant. Did you not notice there are two doors to the balcony?” Mentally face-palming for your mistake, you leaned forward to try to break his hold. He held fast to your waist with one arm, bending down to scoop your legs up with the other as you shrieked in dismay.

    “NOHO this isn’t FAHAIR! You’re so much stronger than I am!!” you whined, swinging your legs to try to make him drop you. Tom merely tossed you up a bit more in his arms to get a better grip as he carried you inside to the bedroom.

    “Still think tickling me was a good idea?” Tom sat down on the bed, scooting back to rest against the headboard with you held fast across his lap.

    “NOHOHO!” Scrambling to gain traction, you tried to scoot yourself out of his hold without success, laughing as he gave your sides a few warning squeezes to weaken your struggling.

    “No, you’re not getting out of this, darling,” he teased, pressing his fingertips on the hand around your waist into your side. “I think hearing the sound of your laughter is just what I need to turn this morning around.”

    “WAIT – I’M SORR-AHHAHA!” Ignoring your pleas and apologies, he wriggled his fingertips deep into the soft skin of your side, already drawing out the sweet laughter he was seeking. It wasn’t very long before he was laughing along with you, bringing his other hand up to dart his fingers across your belly and up to the front of your ribs, relishing in the squirming mess you’d become in his arms.

    “I do so enjoy making you laugh. I find it to be one of my best talents,” Tom teased, clawing his way toward the side of your ribs and dangerously close to your tickle spot. Your laughter pitched up a bit in octave the closer his fingertips got, but at the last second he shot his hand up under your arm, making you shriek. “Can’t have you learning to predict my moves, now, can I?”

    “THOMAHAHAS YOU AHARE SOHOHO MEAN!” Giving up on prying his hands off your ticklish torso, you curled your knees up to your chest and clamped your arms down as tightly as you could to try to cover as much sensitive skin as possible.

    “Oh, why, thank you darling! You’ve made this much simpler!” He swiftly lowered your back down against the bed, freeing up his other arm to trap your ankles in the crook of his elbow.

    “WAIT!” you protested, sitting up as best you could to reach for his hands. He paused, placing his fingertips teasingly against the sole of your foot as he tilted his head to urge you to continue. Already, you couldn’t hold back the giggles just from the sensation of his fingers against your socked feet. “Noho, no wait! Ihi thought you loved me, Thomas!”

    Tom smiled warmly, his eyes gleaming. “I do love you. I love everything about you.” You smiled, feeling a warm and fuzzy sensation in your chest. His smile quickly grew mischievous, however. “Especially your laugh.”

    “AHHAHA NO!!” You dissolved into a renewed bout of ticklish laughter as his fingers danced across the bottoms of your feet, sweeping gently along the arches, scratching more deliberately above your heel, grazing the ball of your foot. He easily evaded your hands, merely turning himself so his back faced you while he held fast to your ankles in his lap.

    “Sorry, love – you shouldn’t dish out what you can’t handle,” he teased, finding a new trigger spot on the inside edge of your arches and ghosting his fingers there.

    “SOHOME… SOMEWHERE EHEHELSE PLEHEASE!” you begged, tears of mirth pricking in the corner of your eyes.

    “Certainly! I’m sure I can find somewhere else you’re ticklish, it isn’t very difficult.” Switching your ankles to his other arm, he hooked his fingers around the back of your knees and traced his fingertips gently along the bare skin. Squealing, you threw your hands up to cover your face and launched yourself back to lay on the bed, giggling like mad. “See? Simple, really.”

    “THIHIS IS MOHOHORE THAN REVENGE YOHOU SAVAGE!” you shouted teasingly at him, voice muffled against your palms.

    “Savage? I’m honored you think so highly of me, darling.” Releasing your ankles, he rolled to prop himself up on his elbows and knees, crawling to hover over you. You peeked through a sliver of an opening between your fingers, your giggles winding down a bit with the break from his tickling fingers.

    “Ahare you finished now?” you asked meekly, giving him your sweetest puppy-dog eyes. He laughed, shutting his eyes and turning his head away for a moment in his amusement.

    “Not quite. One last thing.” With his elbows planted on either side of your hips, his hands rested beside your ribcage. Without warning, he latched both hands onto your ribs, hooking his fingertips underneath you to that hypersensitive spot he’d found all those months ago that he adored exploiting so very much just to hear your sweet laughter. His thumbs rested just under your arms on your uppermost ribs. Not moving, but with just enough pressure to get you squirming with just the knowledge he was about to completely wreck you.

    “Wait! Tohom, no, noho, no, I said I was sohorry! I cAN’T-AHH!” His fingertips contracted threateningly, making you shriek and start giggling, shaking your head rapidly. “Nohohoho it’s sohoho BAD I CAHAN’T!!”

    “Darling, say the word – tell me to stop, and I will. I promise.” He gazed at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes, watching your expression for any hint of true discomfort. Your face burned, realizing that you didn’t actually want to tell him to stop, that you were just having too much fun with this playful side of him. Instead, you covered your face with your hands again, shaking your head wordlessly. “No? No, don’t stop? Or no don’t do it?” Tom was laughing now, watching your conflicted body language.


    “No what?”

    “Nohoho… the first one,” you whispered shyly. His warm, rumbling laugh made your heart skip.

    “You’re the most precious thing, darling.” With that, he dug his ten fingers in, clawing into the back of your ribs while his thumbs wiggled into your underarms. You let out one last giggly shriek before you began shaking with silent laughter, bringing your arms down away from your face on reflex to try to protect yourself despite the fact that you clearly were enjoying every second of this.

    After months of dating, months of opportunity for him to tease you, he’d learned exactly how much pressure to apply to make you simply melt under his touch, the strength in your muscles rapidly fading until you had no choice but to relax your entire body. His fingers stilled against your ribs, laughing as he reached up to run his fingers through your tangled hair.

    “Alright, love?” You nodded, hiccupping as the last of your giggles escaped your lips. Grinning, he lowered himself down to press a kiss to your forehead, moving to lie down beside you and wrap you up into his strong arms.

    “Ihi – hic­ – I’m tired now, Thomas,” you mumbled with false annoyance.

    “That’s what you get for tickling me awake,” he scolded teasingly. He pulled you closer, allowing you to rest your head on his chest. “Would you nap with me, darling? We’ve nowhere to go until this afternoon.”

    “Mm,” you hummed contentedly, closing your eyes and nestling your head against his chest a bit more firmly. “Sounds wonderful.”

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    cast crack #001

    [during an interview]

    hiddleston: *speaking of your movies together* she was really amazing. truly great.

    [during a different interview]

    y/n: i really did think he was shit at first-

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