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  • ladyoftheteaandblood
    22.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    The Office

    How I start the day

    How I finish

    Terrible screen captures so pictures not mine.

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  • caitschampagne
    22.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    sam: look, it’s mr. christ!

    peter, concerned: mr. jesus christ! oh my god, where—

    sam: —yeah, man! jesus!

    sam: angelic as always. they don’t depict those luscious locks properly in the bible.

    bucky, freshly showered: I’LL SKIN YOU ALIVE IF YOU CALL ME THAT AGAIN

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  • zanda-rl
    22.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Gotta love how tumblr is such a fucked up website, like take the GIFs for example.

    The searcher just looks for any posts with gif whose tags have to do with the words you type, and since tumblr is our dear old faesite, any posts will do.

    SO I go to search for a very speciphic quote to put on a reblog, and there’s just a Tom Hiddleston gif chilling in there.

    And I go: Hey Tom, you know where my John Mulaney quote is? And the man shrugs then the gif loops and I go: ooookaaaaaaaaaaay. So I turn around to the GIF search engine (who’s an oxymoron) and go: Any idea where the quote I’m looking for is? And it goes: NoooOOO, now take these 2 Loki gifs that don’t have any words in them nor fit the post, GO FETCH!!! And then I go: ooookaaaaaaaaaaaay; and just look for it on the normal websites, like bing.

    #john mulaney quotes I love you but why are you so evasive #help#tumblr #tumblr is a feasite #text post #tom hiddleston mention #john mulaney mention #just so you guys can see my desperation here
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  • inlovewithacriminals
    22.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    I can watch him walk like that all day
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  • caitschampagne
    22.06.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    omg fifty followers in a week?? thank you?? i love you??


    i write mostly for:

    • most marvel characters (male and female) & their actors

    • harry potter characters (especially marauders)

    • dm me if you’re not sure if i’d write for a character :)

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  • helenakey
    22.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    ok but the way Loki turned around when B-15 asked to see the back of his jacket? There's no way that lil shit is straight

    #loki#loki series#loki marvel#loki meta#loki odinson#loki laufeyson #marvel cinematic universe #mcu loki#tom hiddleston#twhiddleston #my problem child #the tv show that was promised
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  • shae-annelore
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • lokiwithluv
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tom HIddleston Daily

    #tom hidleston #tom hiddleston album #tom hiddleston daily #tom hiddleston sexy #tom hiddleston edit #tom hiddleston handsome #tom hiddelson #tom hiddelston imagine #tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston gif
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  • severussnapereligion
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mobius:you're a big metaphor guy, i love it. Makes you sound super smart.

    Loki:I am smart.

    Mobius: I know.

    #owen wilson#tom hiddleston#tva#loki#mcu loki #the loki series #mobius#loki spoilers#loki tv #loki tv series #lokius#wowki#disney#queer#time husbands#flirting #can't stop crying because of these two chaotic lovers #dumbasses
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  • severussnapereligion
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Am i going to make a 5 hour Spotify playlist dedicated to lokius instead of studying for my exam that i have in half an hour?

    heck yes, I am.



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  • lokislovingvalkyrie
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Interesting Details I Noticed About a Certain Character in Loki


    So, last week in the second episode, we were introduced to Sophia Di Martino’s character:

    We don’t know who she is yet, so far there are speculations. Even though there are three good pieces of evidence that she is Sylvie (Spanish Credits, Her TVA Variant File, and a recently revealed horned crowned merch set), there are still confusing details about her that points out she is not just Sylvie. She shares a few key details and elements with both Loki and the Enchantress/Sylvie.

    Let’s look at the details she shares with Lady Loki first:

    1) Her horned circlet is a huge reference/inspiration from Ikol or Ikol as Lady Loki, mainly the fact that one of the horns is chipped off: 

    2) Her breast plate also has the classic crescent that Loki has in his costumes:

    2) In her TVA variant file, her name is listed as Sylvie Laufeydottir. Meaning she is also the daughter of Laufey, while our Loki is the son of Laufey:

    These are three things she shares with Loki, which give us some evidence that she is Lady Loki.

    Now, she also shares details with Sylvie/Enchantress as well:

    1) Her name is Sylvie (refer to the TVA file shown above)

    2) Her hair is blonde just like Sylvie, rather than the classic dark black of Loki.

    3) She has green circle patterns on her gloves, which is a notable design on both Sylvie and Amora’s costumes in the comics (I’ve circled this detail on the MCU poster):

    ^^^^ This one right here is the interesting detail I referenced in my title.

    4) Her powers are very much similar, if not, the same as the Enchantress. Here is a description of her powers from her MCU Wiki page: 

    ^^^ I also added the picture of her when she was using her enchanting powers, because the overall green misty magic really gives off heavy enchantress vibes.

    As you can see, she has both details and elements inspired from Lady Loki and the Enchantress. Which has us really questioning, who is she? Sylvie or Lady Loki?

    Welp, my thoughts are that she is both. First of all, there is no way she is not Sylvie. It’s already confirmed that it is her name. 

    I think she is actually a fusion or amalgamation of both characters. I mean, she does gives off strong Enchantress/Sylvie as Lady Loki vibes. Here are some theories on how this might be the case:

    She is a human named Sylvie but is the body that another Loki who died in that reality is reincarnated into (possibly our main timeline Loki? I mean, he did die after Ragnarok, and in the comics Loki was reborn into Sif’s body after Ragnarok as well) or maybe just a reincarnation of Loki named Sylvie, born with her own unique magic powers. 

    She is Loki born as a woman in her reality, or Loki’s sister (since both seem to be children of Laufey), but is instead given the name Sylvie to differentiate her from our Loki.

    Or she might actually be someone doing the dirty work for the actual evil Loki of the show, who could be king Loki played by Richard E Grant or president Loki from the reality in which Loki won during the events of Avengers 1 (which could explain her hatred for Loki? Maybe she was a human whos parents were killed by Loki when he was taking over New York. But then Loki found her and gave her magic powers and such and now she is working for him). If this is the case, then maybe she is a human named Sylvie created or given powers by Loki to be his apprentice or partner. The only thing holding this theory back is the fact that her last name is written as Laufeydottir.

    Let me know what you think! :) I would love to know any theories you guys have or if there is an error in my own theories! 

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  • anonymousfiction211
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Meeting Tom Hiddleston 2

    Summary: After meeting Tom Hiddleston you both have to fly back to your own countries. Once you read the inside of your signed book, you decide to text him. Thinks take an unexpected turn. 

    Word count: 2.539 words

    Warnings: Smut

    A/N: Click here to read chapter 1. But this chapter can be read seperatly.

    Challenge accepted The weekend that you spend with Tom and your friends was amazing. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. You were back in your own country and Tom in his. Even though you had exchanged numbers, you were too afraid to text, afraid he wouldn’t reply. You unpacked your suitcase and came across the book you had Tom signed. You realized that you never opened the book, too wrapped up in his company. You took the book from your suitcase and sat down on the bed. You slowly opened the first page to see in eloquent handwriting:

    Dear (Y/N),

    I will certainly conquer your world, if that means I will have you kneeling before me 😉

    - Loki

    You felt yourself heat up and took a deep breath. Images about the first night, and the others were rushing back to you. You involuntarily squeezed your thighs together to relief some of the tension. Then you realized that this was a good excuse to text him. At least if he didn’t text back, you could try and move on. Hoping to fool yourself to think that would ever be an option. You were thinking about different replies, actually writing them down on paper. It had happened far too often that you were in the middle of rearranging the words of a text, only for you to hit send and come off as a complete idiot. It took a while but eventually you send:

    I read your message in the book, you can certainly try but the last time I checked Loki wasn’t really that good at conquering worlds. x (Y/N)

    And now came the part that you hated. You had to wait for him to reply. And while you were waiting you ran every worst-case-scenario in your head. From him not texting back, to him finding it weird, to him being disgusted. You were mentally slapping yourself all day for sending a text like that. But he liked the challenge the first time you questioned Loki’s method, maybe he would like your text? Or maybe you should have started with something more mundane, like how his day was going? You had checked your phone 10 times in the last 5 minutes. You knew it was ridiculous to expect someone to reply that fast, still, you felt like you had blown it.

    The day went by agonizing slow, you tried to distract yourself but nothing worked. You didn’t know what was wrong with you, you barely had crushes on guys. The fact that you had sex with Tom and he spend a few days with you and your friends was amazing. You figured it would be out of your system by the end, but no. Now that you had a taste, you needed more. Much more! You were ripped from your thoughts when you heard your phone ringing. Looking at the screen you saw the person calling low key. That was Tom, he had asked you would not put his real name in your phone in case you ever lost it and someone would find it. Your stomach tied in knots and you felt like you were going to be sick. After a few seconds you realized you had to answer, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.  

    ‘Hey darling, hope I’m not calling at an inconvenient time?’ he asked. The way the word ‘darling’ rolled of his tongue in his British accent had you lightheaded.

    ‘N- no of course not’ you stammered.

    ‘Great, I just wanted to ask how your day was going’ he said.

    You told them about his day and after that you asked him about his. When he was telling you, you started to wonder if he even read your text. After some chit chatting you were convinced that he hadn’t, maybe he never received it?

    ‘Oh, by the way, good new! I will be shooting a movie near by you. I will be there for a few months next week. I was hoping we could meet up’ he said.

    ‘Yes, of course! That would be great’ you replied eagerly.

    ‘Great, I have to go now, but I just wanted to let you know that I accept your challenge’ he said.

    ‘Challenge? What challenge?’ you asked confused.

    ‘The text you send me. I will conquer your world and have you kneeling by the end of the first day’ he replied in a low dark voice. Before you could reply he hung up. It took a moment before you realized what he meant. You swallowed hard and had to admit you were turned on by those words alone. You wondered what Tom had planned to complete the challenge. It was a challenge you for sure were going to lose, which felt like a win.

    Over the next week Tom had texted some dubious things that got you worked up. He had sent some pictures of himself, after he was done working out, swimming or just ‘lounging in bed’. Most of them shirtless and his pants were so low you could see the V-shape by his hips. The pictures of him in bed were especially hot. He showed of his abs, his large hands near his crotch which was visibly hard. With the picture he had send a recording wherein he whispered in a dark voice al the filthy things he wanted to do once he was with you. You couldn’t help but touch yourself, the picture with the voice was too much. Tom clearly knew what kind of effect he had on you, because he called you a few minutes after he send it. You reluctantly answered the call, still extremely horny and wet.

    ‘By your panting I can only assume that you are doing what I think you are doing’ he smirked over the phone.

    When you embarrassingly admitted it, Tom started to talk dirty over the phone. He was instructing you what to do and encouraging you to lose yourself in your pleasure. Which you did. After you came he said ‘that’s my good girl’ and hang up. The words did something to you, you were a bit surprised by it. You didn’t know if it was the praise, or the fact he called you his. Tom was a wicked man, a wicked man indeed. The next day he let you know that he would fly that day to your city. He asked for you address, since he had a lot of time that day. Thankfully, it was weekend, so you were also free. You didn’t which time he would come, he didn’t answer you after he got your address. Until you got a text that late afternoon that said:

    Wear something that can easily be removed

    Deciding to indulge him further you choose a short dress. You were staring at your lingerie and decided to tease him, you were going commando. Right before you were about the cook yourself dinner you heard a knock on your door. You squealed a little from excitement and rushed to the door. When you opened it, you saw Tom smiling brightly at you with his arms wide open. You immediately hugged him, he pulled you up and spun you around.

    ‘I missed you, darling. This week was torture’ he said.

    You laughed a little ‘You surely tortured me the entire week’.

    You let him in and to your surprise he still had his suitcase with him. But you couldn’t care less, right now the only thing you wanted to do was kiss him. Tom must have had the same idea, because once he closed the door behind him, he grabbed you and pulled you close to him. His lips were on yours in a second. There was nothing gentle about the way he kissed you, it was passionately, desperate. Like he had been starved and finally the thing he craved for. His hands started to explore your body and you were already helping his out of his jacket. You felt him smile against your lips.

    ‘Naughty girl, no panties. What happened to the good girl I met a week ago?’ he whispered against your lips.

    ‘Hmm, you corrupted her slightly’ you answered.

    He just chuckled ‘Good, because I’m not done yet’

    Once his jacket was off he helped you with the buttons of his shirt and stood half naked before you. He had kicked his shoes of and you were now undoing his belt and pants. A second later he was completely naked and you marvelled at the sight of him. Tom just smirked and helped you out of your dress. You wanted to kiss him again but he grabbed your wrists and hold you in your place.

    ‘Kneel’ he whispered in your ear. It sends shivers down your spine. You wanted to kneel, but you were curious to see this side of him. So, you shook your head ‘make me’ you challenged him. A wide smile appeared on his face, and you briefly wondered if this was a good choice, a bad one, or both. Tom walked to the couch, while still holing your wrists together. He sat down, his erect cock standing proudly between his legs. When he pulled you down you instinctively tried to get his cock inside of you, but he would let you. With his hands he pulled your wrists to your back and held them together with only one hand. You were facing him, your clit close to his cock which was begging for attention. His other hand slowly stroked your hips. You tried to squeeze your thighs together, but couldn’t. Your legs were around his, spreading you as he had spread his as wide as he could. Your clit was exposed and you were completely immobile. His stroking hand soon found you clit and you moaned loudly when he started to circle it with his fingers.

    ‘Tsk, darling. Already so wet, and I’ve barely begun’ he teased you. You only moaned his name in response.

    ‘I’ve been thinking about you all week, how it felt to have that pussy of yours clench around my cock, milking it like your life depends on it’ he said while stroking your clit faster.

    You felt your orgasm build up and were craving your release. Right before it hit you, he stopped. Instead, his hand found your breasts and started to massage one. He ignored your whining and pleading for him to continue. You struggled against the hand that were holding your wrists, but he didn’t budge. He took your other breasts in his mouth and started to circle and bite your nipple. After that he left multiple bite marks on your breasts, he leaned back and looked proudly at his work. Then he grabbed his cock and he started to tease your clit with the tip of it. You felt your muscles tense up again and you threw your head back.

    ‘You’re so beautiful’ he whispered to you. ‘Before you send that text I was going to be a gentleman. Now, I want to fuck you every chance I get while I’m here’ he continued.

    ‘Maybe I will take you to set, stuff that pretty mouth of yours with my cock between takes’ ‘Or make you wear a remote-controlled vibrator the entire day, while I play with the buttons’

    You were close, so close. But right before you came, he stopped again.

    ‘Tom, please’ you panted. You didn’t know you could take more of his teasing.

    ‘Tell me, what are you begging for’ he mused.

    ‘Take me, please’ you begged.

    ‘Is that the best you can do?’ he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

    ‘Please, please, I want you so bad’ you said.

    He leaned further back and released your arms ‘then kneel’ he said.

    You didn’t have to be told thrice. You quickly got off him and kneeled between his legs. Before he could say anything you took his cock entirely in your mouth and hurt him groan and curse. You eagerly started to suck him, while swirling the tongue around his tip. You flattened your tongue and put more pressure on it when you slide it against his entire shaft. Tom’s hands flew to your hair and he pulled a little. When he noticed you started to suck him more enthusiastically, he pulled harder.

    ‘That’s it. My good girl’ ‘You’re a fucking goddess’ he praised you.

    You felt his muscles tense and he moaned loudly. You knew he was close, but you didn’t stop. Tom grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled you off his cock. You looked questioningly at him.

    ‘I want to cum inside of you’ he said darkly. He pulled you on his lap and didn’t waste any time to plunge his cock balls deep inside of you. You eagerly started to ride him while he was guiding your motions with his hands on your ass. His gaze was locked at your bouncing breasts. When you felt your orgasm build up, you threw your head back. He seized that opportunity to bite your neck, surely leaving a mark. But you couldn’t care less. When his fingers found your clit, he circled it a few time, and you came immediately. Your walls clenched around him and you felt his cock twitch inside of you. After a few more thrusts you rest your head against his forehead, and both of you tried to control your breathing. His cock was still inside of you and his possessive hands on your hips held you there.

    ‘That was..’ you started, Tom hummed in agreement.

    ‘Love, you have no idea what you are doing to me’ he whispered.

    You laughed and wanted to move off him, but he tightened his grip and held you there. ‘Not yet’ he said. ‘Shouldn’t you check into the hotel tough? Usually, they don’t let you check in after dinner, which is almost’ you asked him.

    He kissed you deeply. ‘I have till 10 pm to check in’ he answered. ‘When I’m here I would be busy and the hotel is like half an hour away from your place. And the set even more than an hour. So, I was wondering what you would think about me staying at your place?’ he asked.

    You tried to think it over, but Tom started rambling ‘I mean, I don’t want to pressure you. I just, wanted to spend most of my time with you. But if you are not comfortable I will take the hotel. I didn’t mean.. It was maybe stupid too..’ You kissed him to shut him up and tried not to giggle at his change in personality. You liked how he could go from the dominant sex god to the sweet rambling idiot, just like that.

    ‘You can stay here’ you smiled brightly at him. Tom looked very relieved to hear you say that. You felt his cock harden again.

    ‘I- I should however start to cook, for dinner’ you said while trying to get off him.

    Tom held you in place and kissed you deeper. To your surprise he stood up and held you impaled on his cock. ‘Bedroom?’ he asked. You pointed him towards the door behind the two of you. He started to walk there while kissing you. He laid you gently on the bed and slowly started to thrust. Your hands caressed his back and your legs wrapped around his waist. Tom left open mouth kisses on your lips, cheeks, and your neck. ‘I will help you cook, once I have you more intimately. Deal?’ he whispered.

    ‘Deal’ you moaned.

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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    #lokius prompt:

    - Mobius rescuing loki from a wedding he was forced into.

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    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Nothing makes you feel older than listening to your students talking about their celebrity crushes and they’re either teenage heartthrobs you’ve never heard of or your own celebrity crushes and i don’t know which is WORSE

    #me#LIKE #they were talking about tom hiddleston and i started SWEATING #you can do me like that #i was like........................................................ #BRAH....................
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    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

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  • lukayl
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Making Sense of Kimye Receipts and their connection to Scooter Braun

    Now this is my speculation based on her master situation, her falling out with Karlie Kloss, her characters, and what she sings in her songs. It could all be from her perspective, because I only have her side of the story. But anyway, here is my take on the conspiracy:

    I think Scooter-Kanye planned to record the tape, they were gonna use against her when she released new music. We know her character. There was no way she wouldn't respond this in her new music. And Scooter-Kanye knew this too. Hence they set this trap for her. When she released the diss track in her upcoming album, they would would jump on her. And because her diss track was recorded in her body of work, the fireshot would be much more lethal, since they were now calling on her artistry and genuinty. With the complex of Kardashian PR machine, her future career could seriously be put into jeopardy, because everyone would question if she was fake.

    But then Taylor started the hiddleswift madness on 15th June 2016 from the rocks on the Rhode Island beach. I think the Kardashian-West-Scooter (KWS from now on) must have panicked and thought Taylor got the wind of it, and was gonna use hiddleswift narrative to bury their receipts. Hence they did that GQ interview the next day on 16th June 2016 to prepare the launch. This is also one of the theories floated around the time when hiddleswift was at its peak madness.

    And then Calvin Harris released Olé diss track about her on 8th July, accusing her of potential cheating. she responded by making it known that she ghost wrote This is What You Came For on 13th July. Calvin had the twitter meltdown immediately the same day.

    With the fake hiddleswift shomance, Calvin dragging, the internet started to join the bandwagon of spamming her social media accounts with the snake emoji (the swarm technique could very likely started by one of the KWS minders). Her reputation was spiralling downward at the lightening speed. The timing was ripe and on 14th July, Kim set the climax stage by broadcasting that she was gonna serve the upcoming tea.

    And finally, on 18th July, Kim served and pushed the narrative to its maximum effect.

    The rest was the history.

    Taylor's reputation took a massive hit, but because KWS had loped the grenade before she released her new music, hence showing their hand pre-maturely, the lethality had been neutralised. She still had some lingering resentment from the general public until Kanye got exposed in March 2020 and her imperial phase passed, but her music career was largely preserved without fake narrative being forced upon her by the KWS camp.

    The reason for Scooter:

    Competition for his own artists. When they failed to kill her career with the receipt, Scooter tried the new tactic by buying off her old lable and her masters. Around the time, the real reason of Taylor's falling out with Karlie Kloss got leaked to Parez Hilton, and the leak got liked by two of her close squad members, indicating a tacit confirmation. It seemed Karlie Kloss was a mole planted by Scooter and her job was to feed important information to Scooter. There was some talking amongst her fans on the main TS subredit forum when Parez Hilton got the leaked (x). The theory is that TS was competing with Ariana Grande when she came on line in 2013. TS had some difficulty but managed to deal with Ariana by releasing her biggest album 1989. I believe this theory for the following possible reasons:

    1). Scooter looked pissed and Ariana looked stoic when TS was performing at the VMS;

    2). The timing of her becoming bff with Karlie Kloss looks kinda stage managed. She expressed her wish to be friends with KK on the January 2012 Vogue cover interview; KK responded; but they only started to hang out from 2013, and started to become bff since 2014. KK was signed to Scooter in 2015. Before KK, Scooter had no connection to the fashion management world, and to this day, KK is still his only model client. Very odd for a manager with no experience or interest in fashion to sign a super model. Equally odd for a super model to entrust her career to a manager without industry connection;

    3). It is widely believed that It's Time to Go, TS's latest song on Evermore, is a diss track to both KK and her old boss Scott Borchetta. In her diss of KK, TS sings that KK was a crook who was caught. The choice of her using "catch" makes me believe that it involves some TS effort and scheme. There was some talk back in the days that news of her secret dating her current boyfriend was delibrately leaked to the Sun by one of her friends. And TS went scorched earth to uncover the culprit. Her strategy was to delibrately leak out different far-fetched teas about her boyfriend to different friends and see which version of the leak got to the tabloids, and KK was caught. There was some Taylor PR article saying she was cutting negative friends in Jun 2017. The reason to leak the dating news was possibly to jeopardise her plan to roll out Reputation, per my speculation. They knew she was gonna sing her new boyfriend on the album. If they managed to subotage the relationship by exposing them, her album launch could be put into serious doubt;

    4). Scooter's client Justin Bieber taunted Taylor on his Instagram in July 2016 after the Kimye receipts;

    5). Scooter bought her masters behind her back in 2019. From what he was trying to do before the AMA ceremony by forbidding her singing her old songs when she won the Artist of the Decade award, I believe Scooter attempted to aim for her jugular the second time when the tape receipt didn't work. AMA was supposed to be a trial template. If he succeeded, he could forbid Taylor to perform in her future concerts. But this time, Taylor decided to seriously deploy her true power and flashed her fang by mobilising her rabid fanbase. Big Machine's office was hacked and shut down. Scooter's family was threatened. And she won that round of face-off.

    The reason for Kanye:

    Wanted to get on top of the narrative of the TS-Kanye feud starting from 2009, and possibly a price to pay for leaving the rep contract he had with Scooter. I seemed to remember that one of the reason Kanye asked TS to release the song is about the money he owed and later, I also read from somewhere that Kim was the one who helped him let Scooter release him from the contract. And he did later leave Scooter.

    There were some talking on Twitter back in Octoer or November 2020 that Kim sent flowers to TS and her people and expressed her regret that she had only found the truth by then. It's obvious that she wasn't talking about the scheme they played. That would be naive. I think she was referring to the hiddleswift situation. Before Taylor released Folklore in July 2020, she had believed that Taylor had ears in the Kardashian backyard and somehow got the wind of the tape, hence her making out with Tom on the Rhode Island rock and let the pap catch them. Her increasingly maddening hiddleswift game made Kimye even more convinced that the girl was trying to seize the narrative and neutralise and bury their weapon. Then Folklore came out, and even though Taylor said those songs were largely ficticious, some tracks, particularly Betty and her myterious cowriter William Bowery made them realise the girl was trying to get her current boyfriend's the attention and provoke him to act. She had no idea of the conspiracy back in 2016.

    But now I think Taylor knew, hence what she sings in Mad Woman about Scooter and Kanye's guilties and Kim in the accomplice. She might also have realised she was relatively lucky about the Kimye receipts back in 2016, hence what she sings in 't's the Damn Season: And the road not taken looks real good now. The track, amongst other connections, has its story plot at times similar to her diarist songs (So It Goes & I Think He Knows) about her secret time with her boyfriend back in the summer 2016.

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    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "En mi vida pasada fui un árbol, gracias."

    (without context)


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