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  • Begin Again

    Summary: In which, you, the reader, an award winning singer-songwriter, write songs about the progression of your relationship.

    pairing: harrison osterfield x english! singer! reader

    things begin again on a wednesday in a cafe

    authors note: i just wanted to thank you guys for the love and support you have shown this mini series thus far. i am so excited to get back into the writing game and share my ideas. your notes really make it worth so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    You pull my chair out and help me in

    And you don’t know how nice that is, but I do

    And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid

    I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did

    I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does

    Is break and burn and end

    But on a Wednesday in a café I watched it begin again

    Your nerves were off the charts when you smoothed down the outfit you were wearing. It was a simple romper. You smiled at yourself in the mirror and looked down at the booties you had gotten from your friend on your birthday. You thought back to when you were dating your ex, he didn’t like it when you wore any other type of heel except for kitten heels. You knew Harrison wouldn’t mind, but you couldn’t help but think of all your past relationships, of all the breakups that would inevitably come months later. With one final look and sigh, you exited your condo and locked it behind you. The brisk, warm London air struck you. Slipping your earbuds in, you started a song. It brought you back to when your ex would complain about the particular song. Telling you he didn’t get it and forcing you to change it. 

    You didn’t know why thoughts of your ex riddled your mind. You blamed the nerves, even though you knew Harrison wasn’t like your past exes. You couldn’t help but think the worst of a possible relationship. You didn’t know what to expect as you walked towards your car parked by the curb. You were expecting him to be late, to keep you waiting before making up some excuse on the spot that you would believe because you liked him that much. You weren’t expecting him to be sitting in a chair by the window, looking down at his phone with a smile on his face. He looked up from his phone as he heard you come and his smile turned wider. He motioned for you to come closer and helped you in the chair as soon as you walked over to him. You couldn’t help but blush and think of how nice it was, you offered him a thank you before looking at him. 

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  • missing tom’s buzzcut hours 😪

    #it was a look y’all #tom holland
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  • tw / warnings : fighting (violence), arguments, hospitals, car accidents (brief), anxiety attack (detailed), brief mention of depression, major cursing and very angsty

    tom holland x fem!reader insert series - in which tom pushes the reader away, and he has to deal with the repercussions. heartbreak ensues. 

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    #tom holland #tom holland x you #tom holland x reader #tom holland x y/n #tom holland x reader insert #tom holland x fem!reader #tom holland fic #tom holland fanfic #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland imagine #tom holland imagines #tom holland oneshot #tom holland series #tom holland fluff #tom holland angst #tom holland fluffy #tom holland angsty #angsty tom holland #angst tom holland #fluffy tom holland #angsty tom holland fic #tom holland angsty fic #fanfiction tom holland #tommy holland #tom x you #tom x reader #tom#tommy#holland #reader insert fic
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    • Peter: Steve would throw himself in front of a train for you.
    • Y/N: Steve would throw himself in front of a train for fun.
    #peter parker#steve rogers#avengers #steve rogers x reader #marvel#captain america #marvel incorrect quotes #steve rogers x y/n #chris evans x reader #chris evans#incorrect avengers #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #avengers incorrect quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #captain america x reader #incorrect steve rogers #steve rogers imagine #peter parker x reader #tom holland#uncharted
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  • Chaos Walking finally has a rating!

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  • “S&M”


    Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

    Tom Holland x x Reader


    Warnings: Smut. Awkwardness.

    He loved trying new things, he really did. He was never afraid of anything, never backing out of a challenge. And not to be cheesy or anything, but the truth was, he would do anything for you. You liked that dress from that shop window? He would go and get it for you. You were bored? Mini Golf date. You felt lonely while he was out of town filiming? A new puppy would help with that. He caught you staring at the moon through his bedroom window? He would find a way to fucking get it for you. Or at least, a piece of it…

    The point was, whatever his baby girl wanted, his baby girl would get. He was putty in your hands, even if you didn’t realize it yet. That’s why, when he found you there, all dolled up in pink lace, looking like an angel on his bed, surrounded by silk scarves and ribbons, he felt like Christmas had come early. His knees went weak at the sight. God, he had it so bad. He was yours completely, your slave… Even if you were asking him exactly the opposite.

    “You want me to dom you?” He had absolutely no idea how to do that. Well, he had watched some videos on the internet, who hadn’t? But he didn’t think he could do anything like that to you, he didn’t want to call you names and insult you or to whip you and break open your lovely skin. He looked around, sighing in relief when he didn’t see any whip or flogger or anything.

    “Yeah, I mean… Nothing too heavy, just… Tie me to the bed, tell me what to do. Maybe spank me a little if I’m not obedient?”

    Ok, that sounded interesting. At least his cock was very interested now, twitching, inside his pants. He wasn’t a stranger to kink, he knew how to tease you, how to use ropes and blindfolds. He knew how to finger girls under the table at the pub. He just didn’t think you would be the kind of girl who would enjoy that. He had been… More on the submissive side before, but this? Having you at his complete mercy? An obedient little thing on his knees just for him? Yeah, he could totally do that.

    Except that he totally couldn’t. You weren’t obedient at all, pouting and squirming and fighting him every step of the way. He had ended up bending you over his knee, spanking you harder than he had thought himself capable of in his frustration. 

    You had loved it, go figure. 

    Now there you were, hands tied behind your back with his favorite tie because you kept on slipping your hands out of the silk scarves, ass up in the air as he fucked you from behind, one hand wrapped around your ponytail, the other on your tied wrists, as he moved you over his cock. You hissed and sobbed every time his pelvis slapped against your sore butt, his arms were getting tired, his hips were thrusting to meet yours, going harder and deeper and faster than ever before as he went over his most heartbreaking lines on his last scrip inside his head, trying to hold back because shagging you like this felt a little too good and he was enjoying the view of your his dick disappearing into your juicy cunt a little too much and he was a little too close but you were. Still. Saying. “Harder”. 

    “Say my name, baby girl… who’s making you scream like this? Who’s cock are you a slut for?”

    You didn’t do it. What a surprise.

    He rolled his eyes,

    “Say my name, slut!” The insult felt unnatural, awkward.

    “Make me!” Came your obnoxious, bratty answer. Tom felt like crying.

    “I’m gonna be honest with you, y/n” You could almost hear the way he was scratching the back of his neck in his voice, as his thrusts slowed down “I’m already fucking you as hard as I can, pulling your hair, and my hand hurts from how hard I spanked your butt…” He let his head and his shoulders drop in defeat, “I don’t know what else you want from me, mate!”

    You stopped moving, craning your neck uncomfortably to get a look at your poor boyfriend, who sounded on the verge of tears. You catched a glimpse at the both of you on the vanity mirror. You couldn’t help it. You both looked so ridiculous, the whole scene looked so pathetic, you snorted.

    “Oi!” Came Tom’s indignant protest, before he too succumbed to laughter. 

    “Come on, untie me, master ” The sarcasm was clear, making him bark and throw his head back. He released your arms, and threw himself next to you on the mattress. You turned to him.

    “This isn’t working, is it?”

    “No, I mean, it was fun… a little troublesome though”

    You both dissolved into giggles again. 

    “Next time you’re not comfortable,” You said, getting up to straddle his hips, “tell me. I’m not gonna get mad, Tom. You could never disappoint me"  

    "I promise, darling” He breathed out, as you sank down onto his cock.

     @deluxeplanteater there you go💜

    #tom holland #tom holland x reader #tom holland x reader smut #peter parker x reader #peter parker x reader smut #arvin russell #arvin russell x reader #arvin russell x reader smut
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  • old songs for arvin russell and empty dirt roads


    take me home, country roads - john denver / gentle on my mind - glen campbell / dreamboat annie - heart / walkin’ after midnight - patsy cline / put your head on my shoulder - paul anka / it’s now or never - elvis presley / everybody’s somebody’s fool - connie francis / country sunshine - dottie west / crazy - patsy cline / hurt - johnny cash / the devil wears a suit and tie - colter wall / in hell i’ll be good company - the dead south / stand by your man - tammy wynette / hello darlin’ - conway twitty / yield not to temptation - bobby “blue” bland / be thankful you’re you - fern jones / how deep it goes - heart / california dreamin’ - the mamas and the papas / coat of many colors - dolly parton / i’ll fly away - johnny cash

    #tom holland#arvin russell #the devil all the time #tdattedit #arvin russell x reader #arvinrusselledit #my faves for him are gentle on my mind and hurt #both songs by Heart tho...those get to me
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  • Sanderstober 2020 - Oct. 27th - What would a specific Avenger’s look be, if they were in a Disney movie??

    Technically, Spidey by Tom Holland is already in a Disney Movie 😄 Tried to make him like in an animated movie, don’t know if I succeed much, but I like the result ^^
    Didn’t colored it because reasons

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  • Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

    Summary: Peter accidentally sends you his nudes.

    Word count: 2.5k+

    Warnings: Smutty themes, nudes, language, flustered!peter.

    A/N: Its like 2 am. Don’t flop you 2.5k words of garbage. My latest attempt at flustered!peter cuz I think I have lost the ability to write him. Feedback is appreciated.

    Posted: 28th October, 2020

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    You: sorry, I couldn’t come, Pete. I had to help dad in the lab.

    Peter: it’s okay, y/n/n. I am not having fun without you tho

    You: well third wheeling is never fun, unless MJ is roasting Harry.

    Peter: I know, but I miss you.

    “What’s the answer to the last part?” Peter looked up from his phone at MJ’s voice, gripping it tightly as he stared at the mess of assignments and papers on his bed around MJ.

    He looked down as his phone screen brightened up with a notification of your text.

    You: I miss you too. You can come over tomorrow night, dad and Pepper are going on a date ;)

    Peter: definitely. I haven’t seen Morgan in so long.

    You: And after putting her to bed we can go to my room ;)

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    #peter parker #peter parker x reader #peter parker smut #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker fluff #tom holland #tom holland x reader #peter parker imagine #peter parker x avenger!reader #peter parker x stark reader #college!peter parker #college!peter parker x reader #peter parker x reader smut
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  • if u save, like

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  • #tom holland#moulin rouge#marvel cast#kate answers#anon #im a HUGE fan of Elle Fanning so I’d actually be really excited for her too #tom thots
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  • the man with what if’s

    warnings : angst? sorta hopeful ending but expect another part perhaps

    summary : part FOUR of boomerang

    word count : 1500

    (requested) once again upon popular demand we’re back with part four (holy shit) of boomerang

    She was so cold; frigid and frozen as heat left her body. Maybe it was just in her nature to never wear the appropriate clothing in relation to the weather, or maybe she was so accustomed to someone always bringing a jacket for her, that she never thought twice about what she wore. Now, though, she regrets every decision she has ever made.

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    #tom holland #tom holland x reader #tom holland x you #tom holland x y/n #tom holland x reader insert #tom holland x fem!reader #tom holland fic #tom holland fanfic #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland imagine #tom holland series #tom holland imagines #tom holland requests #tom holland oneshot #tom holland series part four #tom holland angst #tom holland fluff #tom holland angst with a hopeful ending #tom holland x reader angst #tom holland angsty fic #tom holland fluffy #fluffyish #angst tom holland #fluff tom holland #london tom holland #tommy #tom x reader #tom fic
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  • A/n: Reuploaded. I hope this time the tags will work. This a best friends to something else type of story. It takes place at the end of quarantine. Contains SMUT, 7.8k long, and my first and definitely not last Tom Holland fic. Mind telling me what you thought? :)

    Summary: when Tom finds out how disappointing your love life has been, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and show you - his best friend, just how good a real man can make you feel.


    “Show me your phone, darling” Tom groaned, sending you the coldest of death stares. The night started off as usual, you two just watching some old documentaries, paying more or less attention to them as you mostly just sat and talked. Things took a turn when your phone started blowing up with messages. Being the kind of person who always replies in an instant, suspicions arose when you decided to completely ignore the texts. Although Tom never violated your privacy and never pushed you for answers you didn’t want to give, when you started laughing and got nervous about whoever it was that kept texting you, he figured it would be worth it to push your buttons.

    “I said no” you repeated yourself, standing up from the couch. There were two main reasons you didn’t want to talk about the person texting you, and these 2 reasons were also probably the only two things in the world you wouldn’t want to discuss with him.

    “Why not?” he asked, offended, following you into the kitchen, like a small child begging his parents to let him have his way, “What can be that bad? I wouldn’t have asked any questions if you hadn’t been so off about it from the start”

    You turned and looked at him dead in the eye, contemplating what to say next. He beat you to it.

    “Is it a guy? Have you been seeing someone?” Tom asked as he walked over to you, completely ignoring your personal space. “Is that it? I don’t wanna read you texts, just tell me yes or no, and I’ll drop it. Promise”

    You took a deep breath. “Yes, it’s a guy” you said calmly, “But we’re not seeing each other”

    “Then why does he keep texting you like crazy?”

    “Crazy…” you sighed, tapping your chin, “Good description”

    “Come on, Y/n” Tom whined, tapping your shoulder as he walked past you and towards the refrigerator, “Just tell me, I’m really curious, crazy how?”

    “Promise you’re not gonna freak out?” you laughed, grabbing whatever he was pulling out of the fridge and handing to you. You stopped paying attention after three cups of pudding and one bottle of wine.

    “When have I ever freaked out?” he joked, mocking himself. He was usually a calm person, more composed than anyone you’ve ever met, and he less than rarely got angry. And from those times when he did lose his temper, 90% of cases were mild and he was still calmer than anyone else in that kind of situation, but that 10% left was pure terror. When his friends told you years ago that nothing’s scarier than Tom when he was truly mad, you didn’t quite believe them. You had to see for yourself to accept it. It only happened a few times in almost 5 years, but you always still did everything you could to keep him from going off again.

    “Ok, so” you started speaking as you rummaged around your kitchen for bowls and glasses, “His name is Marcus and we actually met on Tinder-”

    “Wait a second” he cut you off, “During the lockdown?”

    “Oh, no. It happened before all of this madness. Around january, I think”

    It was obvious he was already bothered by how this conversation started, but he did his best to control himself so you wouldn’t decide to drop it. “Pretty serious, then, huh?” he said eventually.

    “Literally the opposite” you laughed, pouring the pudding into the bowl, “We saw each other once-” and it hurt you to say the following part but you did it nonetheless, “hooked up, and didn’t talk since”

    Pure annoyance was readable on his features. “Apparently haven’t talked until now?”

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  • No Control teaser

    Harrison Osterfield x Reader x Tom Holland

    Coming on October 31st

    “It was so wrong on many levels but the pleasure made it feel so right.”


    You feel another presence behind you, Harrison looking behind you with a smirk appearing on his face.

    Turning around, you’re met with a pair of brown eyes. Your eyes roam over his eyes to his nose, to those lips in a smirk that looks like it knows your dirtiest little secret, to that jawline.

    “Well, mate, didn’t you pick up a gorgeous one.” He says looking up at Harrison before looking back at you. He sniffs you a bit and his smirk widens. “A witch in fact. I heard their quiet ablast during a full moon. Think you’ll be able to keep up with us darling?”

    Looking between the blonde and brunette, your own smirk makes its way across your lips. “I think I’ll manage perfectly fine.” You say as you grab each boys hand in your own.

    #tom holland#Harrison osterfield#x reader #tom holland x reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland smut #harrison osterfield x you #harrison osterfeild x reader #harrison osterfield x reader #tom Holland x reader x Harrison osterfield #harrison osterfield
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  • I love him!! This kid can’t be so funny 😍🤣

    Ps: I insist that it is the Alex Turner clone

    #i love him #tom holland #I want him to be my lover #Youtube
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  • image

    yes officer, these men right here are the ones that stole my heart

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