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    31.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I found this gif on Pinterest and thought I would share it cause Peter looks so cute here💜

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    31.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    i am dying

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  • blissfulparker
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #kats blurbs #tom holland imagine #tom holland smut #tom holland x reader #imagine tom holland #tom holland fluff #tom holland au
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  • annab-nana
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i just wanted to say this because i’ve been thinking about it a bit but i’m definitely open to writing more for the tom holland + co fandom i.e. tom plus his family and friends like sam, harry, harrison, and more of his characters like arvin so if that’s something y’all are interested in, please feel free to send some blurb requests for them so that i can get started on that. blurbs are the best way to help me get started on writing for new people

    p.s. if you request for sam, please include his last name because if i do start writing for him, he will be the third sam in my masterlist haha thank youuu

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  • rachaelswrites
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    On Vacation

    Wyatt Oleff x Holland!reader

    Word Count: 1,133

    Requested By: Anonymous

    can you do a holland!reader x wyatt oleff where they go on like vacation together or something?? love your writing💕🥳😩💞🤠

    A/N: This is my fist full fic for Wyatt x holland!reader so I hope you guys like it!


    “Okay do you have everything?”

    “Yes mum I have everything already,” you said as you closed your suitcase. She had been double and triple checking your suitcase. 

    “Just making sure love,” she said as she finally accepted that you were done packing and ready to go, “I just don’t want you to forget anything important.”

    “I know,” you said, standing up and walking over to her, “I’ll be okay. I have traveled before you know.”

    “But that was with your brother, not your boyfriend,” she placed her hands on your shoulders, “Don’t make me regret this okay?”

    You nodded before wrapping your arms around Nikki and hugging her, “I’ll miss you mum.”

    “I’ll miss you too Y/n,” she said as she hugged you back. 

    You let go before grabbing your suitcase and backpack before dragging it downstairs where your dad, brothers, and boyfriend Wyatt, were waiting.

    “Sorry. We were just making sure I had everything,” you said, setting your things down. 

    “It’s alright,” your dad said, pulling you into a quick hug, “We were just laying down the rules.”

    “And what are those?” you asked, looking over to Wyatt.

    “No hugging, no kissing, and most importantly,” Wyatt was cut off by Tom, who finished his sentence. 

    “No funny business you two,” he said, eyeing you and Wyatt. 

    You gave Tom a thumbs before you went over and hugged him, “Stop worrying about me. I haven’t even left yet,” you joked. 

    “You’re my baby sister bubs. I always worry about you,” he said, kissing the top of your head. 

    You pulled away from him before going over to Paddy, “Don’t cause too much trouble without me here.”

    “No promises,” he said, giving you a side hug. You then walked over to the twins, giving them both a hug before going over to Wyatt. 

    “We should get going,” you said, picking up your backpack and slinging it over your shoulder, “I’ll miss you all.”

    “Have fun,” your mom said, waving goodbye to you. 

    “But not too much fun,” your dad added. 

    You rolled your eyes at him before you grabbed your suitcase, “Love you all,” you blew them all a kiss before grabbing Wyatt’s hand and dragging him out of the house. You loved your family but sometimes they could be a bit much, especially when it came to you. Even though Paddy was the youngest (by only a year) you were still considered the baby of the family. You were the only girl and everyone was also so protective over you. 

    You and Wyatt loaded up his car with your bags before driving all the way to the airport. He looked over at you and watched as you were bouncing in your seat, “Excited much?” he asked, glancing back at the road. 

    “Um yeah,” you said, “Why wouldn’t I be? My amazing boyfriend is taking me on vacation.”

    He just smiled at you and continued driving to the airport while you continued to ramble on about how excited you were for the trip. Wyatt had surprised you with tickets to Hawaii as a late birthday present and it was going to be your first trip together. It took a while to convince your parents (and brothers) to let you go but they did, after weeks of begging. 

    The tow of you finally reached the airport and unloaded your bags. You made your way through security and to your gate but you got there early so you had plenty of time to sit around. Wyatt pulled out a book to read so you rested your chin on his shoulder. You tried your best to follow along as he turned the pages but he read at a much faster pace than you so you let your eyes close to try and get some sleep before the flight. 


    After a flight that was much too long, you finally arrived at the airport. Your excitement only increased on the plane ride so once the doors opened, you grabbed Wyatt’s hand and dragged him through the plane and towards baggage claim. 

    “Y/n slow down,” he said, halting to a stop. He pulled you back to him so you were facing him and he held your hands, keeping you from moving away, “The beach isn’t going anywhere babe. We have time.”

    “I know,” you whined, “I just can’t help it.”

    “I know,” he said. He placed a soft kiss to your lips before wrapping an arm around your shoulder and walking in the direction of baggage claim. 

    You guys didn’t plan any tourist type things. Your only plans were to hang out at the beach, go out to restaurants and hang out in the condo you were staying in. You went straight from the airport to where you were staying and as soon as you stepped foot inside, your mouth dropped open. 

    “Oh my God Wy!” you exclaimed, turning around and jumping into his arms, “This is amazing,” you kissed him all over this face before setting yourself back on the ground. 

    “I hoped you’d like it,” he said, motioning to the view on the other side of the large glass windows, “The view here is almost as pretty as you are.”

    “That was really cheesy,” you said but he just shrugged. 

    You two unpacked before getting changed into your swimsuit and slipping more nicer clothes over it. Wyatt was taking you out to dinner before you two were going to spend time on the beach. 

    He was waiting for you at the door and when you stepped out, he held his hand out for you to take, “You ready?” he asked. 

    You nodded and grabbed his hand, making sure the door to the condo was locked before heading out. 

    The restaurant he took you to was a small local one and you two ate quickly so you could catch the sunset on the beach. After eating, you made your way over to the beach. You had to stop and grab a few towels and snacks but soon enough, you were on the beach cuddled up next to your boyfriend. 

    You were both laying on your stomachs, facing the water and watching as the sky slowly changed colors. You leaned your against his shoulder as he rested his head on top of your head. 

    “You’re truly the best,” you whispered to him. He turned to face you and smiled at you. 

    “You deserve the best Y/n,” he said as he pulled you even closer to him, “You know that right?”

    You nodded and looked at his face. The shadows from the setting sun made him look even more handsome than normal. You reached your hand up to cup his face, “Thank you for everything.”

    Wyatt leaned over and placed a kiss to your lips, “Anything for you.”


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    #x teen!reader #x sister!reader #tom holland x teen!reader #tom holland x sister!reader #tom holland #wyatt oleff x reader #wyatt oleff#sam holland#harry holland#paddy holland
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    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Real Life vs Real Life 💕💞😍

    #real life#reellife#tom holland #thomas stanley holland #tom holland smut #the impossible #in the heart of the sea #how i live now #peter parker #peter benjamin parker #spiderman #captain america civil war #spiderman homecoming #spiderman far from home #spiderman no way home #todd hewitt#chaos walking#arvin russell#netflix #the devil all the time #tdatt#cherry#apple tv#300 followers#followforfollowback#mcu#marvel mcu#hollanders#infinity war#endgame
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    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Peter: Well I mean if this school thing doesn’t work out then I’m gonna be a cowboy

    Tony: [so tired] Kid, you’re the smartest kid in your whole school and you’ve never seen a cow in real life

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    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #mae answers #2k follower sleepover #tom holland x reader #tom holland x osterfield!reader #tom holland fluff #tom holland one shot #tom holland imagine #tom holland au
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    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i want tom holland to (redacted due to how i dont want to expose how capital H word i am to my mutuals) me SO damn bad

    #im so desperate on main #but….. all of us are SO #tom holland
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    spain always does smthg to tom, spain!tom always looks amazingly handsome

    #tom holland #shut up luisa
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    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    tom’s fashion icon is agostinho carrara and I can prove it

    #they’re not identical I know lol #but it’s just... the vibes? #if you watch a grande familia you’ll see #owoskwidkei#tom holland
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  • fallenstacieb
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Crackship request from Anon

    Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson and Tom Holland as Peter Parker

    #Danielle Rose Russell #Hope Mikaelson#Hope Marshall#Legacies#To#The Originals#Tom Holland#Peter Parker #spider man: far from home #spider man: homecoming #crackship#crossover#au #base gifs not mine #credit where credit is due #credit to original owner
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  • mcwriting
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Here's another banger of a request from @laurentrvn! I enjoyed writing this a lot and hope it lives up to your vision!

    Ship: Tom Holland x Reader

    Word Count: 905

    Warnings: don't think there are any, it's pretty fluffy


    You had been sitting for so long that your butt ached and legs felt stiff.

    Sure, getting to work from home at times was a blessing, but after hours of sitting and staring at a screen, letters were practically floating off the page. Words became incoherent.

    You closed your eyes and leaned forward on the desk to rub your temples.

    It was time to throw in the towel, and thankfully you heard the faint click of the lock and turning of the door handle.

    "Oh thank goodness," you whispered to yourself upon hearing the rustle of plastic grocery bags being set down in the kitchen.

    Tom had brought food, and it was at a relatively normal time of day.

    That was one of the nice things about when he was between projects. Sure, you loved being on set with Tom or going to premiere and press events, but his schedule mixed with your own made it difficult to spend quality time together.

    It's not to say that he wasn't working at all, though. When he was home like this, he usually lined up his schedule with yours as he worked through scripts, met with directors and producers, and continued writing his own screenplay.

    Just like today, when he had gone out to meet with someone about a film he had recently been reading the script for.

    You sat up and leaned back in your office chair, swiveling to face the doorway. Only a few moments later, Tom appeared.

    "How's work going, dear," he asked, leaning on the door frame.

    "Do you think it's bad that letters are swirling around the room?"

    He laughed and shook his head.

    "I got out of my meeting early, so I went and bought the ingredients for that pasta bake we both like," he said as he walked towards you.

    You grinned and looked up as he stood over you.

    "Did your meeting go well?"

    "Better than ever. He wants to cast me!" Tom answered.

    "Babe! That's amazing. When do you start shooting?"

    "Let's not talk about it right now. There are still details to be hammered out. And I'm hungry."

    Tom leaned down and pressed a tender, slow kiss to your mouth.

    You wanted to stay there forever, but you also were hungry. You pulled away with a hum.

    "Mmm. If you don't mind chopping the veggies I'll finish up here and then join you in the kitchen."


    By the time you had saved and closed up everything, Tom was already finished cutting everything up and was filling a pot of water to boil.

    "Do you mind making the sauce? Yours tastes better than mine," he asked as you leaned against the bar.

    "I don't know. I've been sitting so long I think I've forgotten how to walk," you quipped with a grin, heading to the stove and grabbing a saucepan from the cabinet.

    As he waited for the pasta to cook, Tom stood behind you stirring the tomato sauce, his arms snug around your waist and chin rested on your shoulder. He swayed you gently while you added herbs and spices to the red mixture.

    "Dance with me," he suggested.

    You couldn't say no to the opportunity, setting down your spoon and turning to face him.

    You were happily slow dancing in the small space, but the moment was fleeting as you were snapped out of it by the sizzling sounds of pasta boiling over.

    "Oh!" you exclaimed, grabbing the lid from the pot to make the bubbles subside.

    "I guess I can take the blame for that one," he quipped, causing you to give him a look.

    "Here," you said, handing him a fork. "Check to see if they're tender enough."

    As he did that, you stole a splash of pasta water to add to your sauce. Once the pasta was ready, he drained the water and added it to the sauce, ready to be layered with spiced ricotta and mozzarella.

    With the pasta now in the oven, you had 15 minutes of waiting, so you resumed dancing throughout the kitchen, Tom spinning you around the kitchen island until the oven beeped.


    After dinner, you had washed away the day in the shower and curled up on the couch to watch TV together.

    Over time, though, innocent cuddles turned to handsy kisses as you began making out on the couch.

    It was getting late, so Tom, without his lips breaking away from yours, reached for the TV remote and turned it off. You both stood up in unison and he pulled away just for a second to speak to you.

    "Jump," he said, tapping your hips.

    You complied, wrapping your legs around his waist so he could carry you down the hall to your room. Once there, he threw back the covers and laid you down on the bed.

    The make out session lasted for a while longer, but both of you were too tired to take it any further, so you made your ways to your typical sides and Tom tossed the blanket over you.

    Eventually you settled in, scooting close to Tom and placing an arm over his bare chest. He pulled you into him and you laid in comfortable silence together.

    You could feel your eyelids getting heavier with time.

    "Good night, Tom. Love you."

    "Love you too, y/n. Night," he replied, kissing you one last time before sleep overtook you both.


    A/N: was this not so cute I mean come on y'all. How fun

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    #Tom Holland anon
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    Harley: I made that whipped coffee thing today

    Harley: I put like 6 packets of instant coffee in it

    Tony: Please tell me you didn’t consume six shots of instant coffee?

    Harley: [twitches]

    Peter: I want that

    Tony: No

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    When the Spiderverse collides...

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