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  • minecraftmushroom
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Both money and women are seaweed

    #yeah. ok #this is about the new tom simons blog #*vlog#tom simons#tommyinnit#mine
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  • chucanita
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    [Book 39 of 2021]

    Re read; I fell madly in love with this one 10 or 15 years ago, but had a lot of notes this time around. Might share later 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [Book 40 of 2021]

    Re read; I find myself revisiting a lot of books from my childhood/youth...having mixed feelings about this.

    [Book 41 of 2021]

    10/10 cannot recommend enough. As a queer parent with a child approaching puberty, this book has been invaluable to our family and gotten us engaged in some amazing conversations.

    [Book 42 of 2021]

    Re read.

    [Book 43 of 2021]

    [Book 44 of 2021]

    [Book 45 of 2021]

    [Book 46 of 2021]

    Yes, I learned my lesson.

    [Book 47 of 2021]

    [Book 48 of 2021]

    More later.

    #fuck it #read in 2021 #booklr#book worm#books#tom robbins #skinny legs and all #madeline l'engle #a wind in the door #rachel e. simon #the every body book #children's literature#momblr#scott o'dell #island of the blue dolphins #margaret atwood #the handmaid's tale #karen m. mcmanus #the cousins#horror #you can't touch my hair #phoebe robinson #books by black authors #wicked #leave the world behind
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  • nyxire
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Tommy gave us a hint as to what his next vlog is!

    #tom simons #jack manifold is a 19 yro single dad watching his sons i think most of the vlogs have upset him greatly /j
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  • mackjanifold
    21.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    watching the logan vlog and tommy repeatedly offering seaweed is so fucking funny

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  • theseventhreincarnation
    21.09.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Tommy and Wilbur were so lovely and polite, bless them both. Logan was an ass the whole time and would be immediately called out or embarrassed on camera.

    Wilbur climbing under the seats of the bus! "ITS CALLED CAT CALLING LOGAN" I felt so hard. Logan got so defensive too when they told him to stop. Logan trying to teach Tommy how to catcall and Tommy messing it up every time and acting extremely awkward to keep from doing it. I'm so glad Wilbur was there and just the energy between him and Tommy the whole time was great cause they obviously both knew that Logan was a dick.

    I cackled so delightfully every time Logan was like 'wtf is wrong with this kid' and Wilbur would just kind of 'he's being polite???'

    Just the whole energy of the video. Logan being confused by two decent human beings was so funny to me.

    Stomp on Legos, turtle killing asshole, Logan Paul :D

    #tom simons#Tommyinnit#Wilbursoot #anti logan paul #tommyinnit pos #Wilbur soot pos
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  • paleroze
    21.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Spot the difference

    You can't

    #tommyinnit#tommy#tom simons #Rewatching the vlogs :'>
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  • samnooksupremacy
    21.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Tom simons vlogs cinematic parallels between Wilbur buying Tommy loads of candy floss after Phil tells him no vs. Wilbur saying “that’s a lot of sugar Tommy” when Logan Paul is getting him to buy loads of candy canes in a sweet shop in London

    #Wilbur bosses up as big bro when dad isn’t there #tommyinnit#tom simons#wilbur soot#logan paul#philza
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  • anneliis18
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    He sits

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  • jay-birds-fly
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Babe, wake up, a new meme format just dropped

    #mcyt#mcyt tommyinnit#tommyinnit vlog#mcyt memes#mcyt meme#tom simons #made this meme about school but will drop the ss if people actually want it lol #mcyt tag#mcytmblr#tommyinnit #tom simons vlog #tommy and wilbur #the crime boys were fantastic here #dream smp#dsmp #i do apologize for Logan Paul having to be there /hj #meme#dsmp meme#tommyinnit memes #there were so many golden expressions in this vlog #tommy when Logan Paul: 😯
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  • cacophonyoflife
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fuck any one who writes able bodied babs

    This includes Gail Simone.

    #Barbara gordon #Im disabled so shut up #anti tom taylor #anti gail simone
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  • leovaldezstinofbreathmints
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dream, once actually he gets out: Tommy, you've finally come to fa- what the hell are you wearing?

    Tommy, wearing friends wool as a cardigan, half a dozen other jackets, twenty hair pins, a cape made of all of his bandanas and a self knitted hat, none of which match: It's my ass kicking outfit bitch!

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  • larryiswhatilivefor
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #thinking of learning giffing #JUST to be able to gif tom simons vlogs #0.o #dedicate a whole blog just to giffing his funny moments from the vlog #because why tf not
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  • autumnalsaffron
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I don't know how to feel about Tommy's vlog with Logan Paul.. on one hand I know that the outlandish way Tommy acts is a character and so my mind assumes Logan is playing a character too, but on the other hand Logan's character made a severe and continuous lapse in his judgement and he doesn't seem to have changed that much..

    #also the vibes in the podcast were weirddd #idk it was a kinda funny vlog but most of my joy came from wilbur expressing my feelings for em #*me#mcyt#mcytblr#thoughts#tommyinnit#Logan Paul#wilbursoot#wilbur soot#Tom Simons
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  • voidpunkz
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m watching the new vlog with Logan Paul. I generally can’t tell if Wilbur doesn’t like Logan Paul.

    #Personal Howls #this is my only issue watching dsmp. I cant tell the tones of ANYONE #I keep thinking people are generally fighting or upset #tommyinnit#tom simons
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  • will-always-be-owl
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Logan in the new vlog is like the “lesson” in those kid movies, where the kid wishes for a “better brother- a brother who’d let him have fun” and at the end of the movie realizes that he’s happier with his family as they are, even without all the crazy “fun”.

    Then Tommy looks off to the distance, Logan gives him a smile as he poofs out of existence in a magic smoke cloud or gets lifted off by an umbrella. Truly a happy ending. 

    #MCYT#Tommyinnit#Tom Simons#Wilbur soot #the vlog was socially terrifying #wilbur embodied my reaction to everything logan did
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  • hauntedreptile
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Wilbur: *trying to be a good brother*

    Logan: *says some Logan shit idk*

    Wilbur: *absolutely seething*

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  • th0masthetankengine
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tommyinnit: If you don't want to do the boobcast with me, you can do your little lego project. ill uh

    Miniminter: why don't we call it "Youboob".

    Tommy: that's such a weird thing to say to me considering I

    Miniminter: or "Boobtube"

    Tommy: I'd- nevermind Boobtube's brilliant

    #What's Good podcast ep 118 #rewatching bc i loved this podcast #so much. #the vibes are so much better than logan pauls podcast #they way his fastpaced switching between humor and serious worked so well with randel and simon and they seemed to find him genuienly #so funny and let him talk as much as he wanted when he seemed to be excited about something or when he'd ask if it was okay to keep going #i feel like the difference is that the What's Good podcast with tommy made me want to watch more of them while the Impaulsive podcast #i havent even finished yet and made me want to watch less #tom simons#tommyinnit#quotes #anyways id watch a the Boobtube podcast
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  • applelon
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    New vlog thoughts because it’s midnight and I want to type my brain words on the internet

    The new vlog was… something all right. It was so funny, crimeboys /pos and thank god my streamers weren’t just going along with all of Lgan Paul’s shit, so I liked it a lot, but kinda hoping that the pauls are a one time thing.

    Wilbur was the best part by far, him literally hiding under a bus seat so as to not be associated with the catcalling was a mood, and bit or not him getting increasingly annoyed with how Tommy was getting treated was great and definitely needed for this type of story they were trying to do.

    Tommy deliberately trying to mess up the catcalling when lgan told him to do it at some random women was just the most signature “tommy avoids a bad situation with humor” moment (shut up YOU’RE parasocial) The best line in the whole thing: “EXCUSE ME MISS! How is pillow???!?”

    I have no idea why tommy was literally at peak goldfish, no thoughts the entire time, he plays that character a lot but like damn kid you really had a whole zero (0) brain cells for the entire day huh. Just. Nothin up there.

    The entire vlog: Brain go 0-0. Tommy like camera. Tommy happy funny :). Tommy like toy. Tommy want to be carried. Tommy sad lonely :(. Wilbur buy ice cream. Tommy happy again. The end.


    #tommyinnit#tom simons #tom simons vlog #dsmp#mcyt #I might have a serious mental illness and it’s called crimeboys #Excuse me miss! How is pillow? deserved to be a quote in the book #it was so funny why am I the only one #Wilbur is a saving grace yet again #thank god that he was there like. #It was just a good idea to bring him along ty tommy
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  • thatnimrodmusician
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    tommy’s logan paul vlog started as logan kinda babysitting tommy, to terrorising wilbur, to wilbur and tommy babysitting logan, to wilbur and tommy ready to beat him up for insulting the resident pretty man georgenotfound, and then progressed to logan physically carrying around this 6ft tall child and then ditching him in front of an alleyway. 

    yeah good vlog. 

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  • mcmactictac
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    You know I wasn’t planning on watching the Tommy vlog with Logan Paul but seeing everyone talk about it convinced me. Please enjoy some of my thoughts.

    Like was it incredibly awkward and uncomfortable at times? Yes. That being said I did enjoy the clear moments Wilbur and tommy had of being genuinley good people essentially babysitting Logan. It’s ironic because it’s all about “Logan watching tommy” when tommy spends half the time stopping Logan from doing dumb stuff.

    And I guess it’s comforting to see that Wilbur and tommy are just as uncomfortable with his behaviour as I was? Like with Wilbur crawling under the bus seats and tommy trying to stop him catcalling people? Like obviously I know that they’re good people but it’s just nice to watch it and go “yeah I picked the right people to support here”. I’d much rather stand behind the guy crawling under bus seats, instead of the guy just being a massive prick and making people uncomfortable.

    That being said as the older sibling friend? Who has a friend who is like a little brother to me? This was incredibly challenging to watch cause all I want to do is get Logan away from tommy. Like I know he’s smart and can handle his own and they don’t NEED you to help them but it’s still like. You have to fight that urge to protect them. Like you know damn well that person is not a good influence and although you can’t stop them from interacting, you can be there to moderate. Like when things start crossing lines you can step in and go mhm ok this is not smart let’s stop this before it gets bad. You can see Wilbur fully stops tommy from going into the casino like “this is illegal and not worth the content”. You can see it with Wilbur picking and choosing times to genuinley come in and get defensive of Tommy

    “Damn, that kid is fucking awkward huh?”

    “I- I think he’s just polite. He’s kind”

    It’s so funny you can see Wilbur is only here because Tommy asked him to be.

    “I think you might be slightly socially awkward. Which is fine, but I see room for improvement with your dialogue with other people”

    “I think you’re just polite tommy. I think you’re polite. You’re doing a good job”

    And I don’t know how much of it is planned and how much of it is natural but it is really interesting to see the irony. Wilbur steps back and lets tommy do his thing for the most part, just stepping in when things start to go too far. And Logan is trying to show tommy exactly how to be and is less of a “brother figure” and more of just. Someone who sees tommy as an extension of who himself? Wilbur mostly gives tommy the space to breathe and make his own choices and Logan just tries to guide Tommy down his path and do things his way.

    It’s why I’m such a big crimeboys fan is because their dynamic genuinely fits well and it feels healthy. Like you can see how protective Wilbur is over tommy and you can see that tommy really respects and looks up to Wilbur. They balance each other out well and give each other what they need. Tommy gets a positive role model who cares about him and helps him grow, and Wilbur gets this little brother to make him smile, to help him get out of bed when stuff gets hard, to have someone fully believe in and care about you. And then all of that just gets sibling banter over it you know? Like they don’t have to say it, you can just tell. It’s truly an immaculate dynamic and how close they are is only amplified by how awkward Logan and tommy are. As a crimeboys enjoyer, I really liked this vlog for that reason.

    I know I’m totally over analyzing this this is not meant to be taken super seriously as obviously like some of it is clearly a bit and some of it is real. So is this intentional or is it just the dynamics? Totally unclear I just think it’s cool. That’s all!


    #can you tell I’m a massive crimeboys fan #crimeboys#Wilbur soot#tommy innit #Logan Paul crit #tom simons #tommy innit vlogs #tom simons vlogs #tommy innit youtube #tommy and Wilbur #logan paul #just to confirm I am not a Logan Paul fan in the slightest mans did some messed up stuff #I’m purely here for the crimeboys content
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