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    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Wallpaper manga [Manjirō Sano]

    #anime#manga#drawing#manga edit#fanart#manga panel#tokyo revengers #tokyo manji gang #tokyo manji icons #toman gang#toman mikey #manga panel coloring #manga tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #sano mikey manjiro #mikey#sano manjirou #tokyo revengers sano manjiro #manjiro sano#bonten #kanto manji gang
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  • kyldiiee
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Wallpaper manga [Matsuno Chifuyu]

    #anime#manga#drawing#manga edit#fanart#manga panel#tokyo revengers #tokyo manji gang #tokyo manji icons #toman gang #manga panel coloring #manga coloring #tokyo revengers wallpaper #matsuno chifuyu icons #chifuyu matsuno #chifuyu best boy
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    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Lesson #1: Make Mikey shut his mouth before he could say his stupid ideas aloud

    Pairing: Baji Keisuke x Reader

    Summary: You have a stalker and Baji just wanted to eat Chifuyu's left over hamburger.

    Genre: Fluff, Romance, Friendship, High School AU where no one dies

    WC: 1,162 words

    TW: Stalker, Cursing

    A/N: Self-indulgent and wrote it in a rush so if there's any grammar mistake or spelling errors, I'm sorry!

    It’s a warm Saturday, a perfect day to go outside and enjoy the surroundings without worrying about anything after spending 7 hours of your weekdays in school and studying.

    “So like, you have a stalker?”

    But here you are, surrounded by a bunch of delinquents in front of a shrine and eating popsicles from the dollar store nearby while telling them about your current dilemma at school.

    “Yeah, a really creepy one too, might I add.” you answered, shivering a bit just thinking about said stalker. “It’s been 2 weeks now and the letters I’m receiving are getting worse.” you exclaimed with a frown.

    “Stop exaggerating, we’re high school students, it can’t be that bad!” Peh snorted alongside Pah.

    You gave him a roll of his eyes, “You wouldn’t say that if you’re the one receiving compliments about your gym clothes smelling nice, or having someone know exactly where you were during a specific period of time.” you told him in annoyance.

    “Whoa, you for real experience those?!” Pah exclaimed in between his bites on his burger, “That’s fucked up.” he muttered after.

    “Why don’t you report it to the school, maybe they could do something about it.” Draken suggested.

    His gaze shifted from Mikey’s sleeping head on his shoulders to you, raising a questioning brow.

    You heaved a sigh at that, “Already did, all i got was an exclusive changing and locker room for gym classes.” You said.

    “You don’t have an idea about who it could be?” the blonde continued to ask.

    “No idea, I’ve tried looking for the person or even waiting by my lockers to see who’s leaving all those letters but I found no trace at all.”

    “Sounds like a complete creep, are you sure it’s okay for you to leave your house then?” Mitsuya was the one to ask this time, with worry lacing his tone.

    “Why don’t you just beat them up?” Baji asked out of nowhere.

    “Are you even listening? I would if I could, genius.” You sarcastically replied to the latter. “And being at home doesn’t feel very comfortable either, I don’t want my family to get involved with the asshole and make things more complicated.”

    “Sucks for you, that’s the curse of being good-looking.” Peh snorted once more.

    “Yeah, you’re lucky you’ll never experience it.” you retorted, earning laughs from the group and an angry twitch of eye from the dirty blonde vice-captain.

    You could see Peh trying to come after you but he was hindered by his captain regarding their almost gone food, you just gave him a finger and diverted your attention back to the now setting sun.

    “How about going to the police, y/n-san?” Chifuyu suggested.

    “That’s my last resort but I don’t think going right now would really help solve this.” you admitted tiredly.

    Your gaze then fell on Mikey as his head shot up from his sleep on his vice-president’s shoulder, eyes looking lazy as he yawned before opening his mouth to speak.

    You should’ve known that he’s up to no good then.

    “How about you find yourself a lover to make your admirers stop coming after you.” he suggested, completely serious.

    You looked at him dumbfounded as you processed what he just said. A frown making its way back on your face and you were ready to shoot down his suggestion right then and there.

    Only for Chifuyu to beat you to it, “That actually sounds like a good idea!” he said, all cheerful.

    “You can’t just expect y/n to suddenly be in a relationship, it doesn’t work that easily.” Draken thankfully reasoned for the two simple-minded blondes.

    “It doesn’t need to be real, it could be just for show.” Mikey added, “Like just pick anyone from here and pretend to date them.” he elaborated shamelessly.

    You gagged at his specific suggestion, standing up from your position and feeling your face heat up in embarrassment as you slap a hand over the short blonde’s mouth to shut him and his suggestions up.

    “Just go back to sleep, you twerp!” you exclaimed, shaking him back and forth in annoyance.

    “No, no, Mikey has a point!” Pah egged on, “It’s not like it’s a big deal to be in a fake relationship, y’all just gotta pretend.”

    “You say that ‘cuz it’s not you who’s going to fake date someone!” you snapped right away, completely fighting for your diminishing pride with what they’re saying.

    “How about Draken?” Mikey suggested as if you weren’t just against it, already having released himself from your hold. “He’s scary, your stalker would probably run with their tail in between their legs.”

    “Why me?” the taller blonde asked with furrowed brows.

    “You want Emma to beat me up?” you squinted, horrified at the idea.

    “How about Hakkai? He’s good-looking and tall, he can also be intimidating if he wanted to.” Mitsuya suggested, which you immediately gave him a betrayed look for.

    “Not you too, Mitsuya!” you whined.

    “Nah, Hakkai would really fall in love with y/n-san if they start spending time together as a couple, he’s that easy.” Chifuyu snorted, taking the chance to make fun of the youngest Shiba in his absence.

    “We need someone who could make people believe that they’re really y/n’s boyfriend, but also intimidating enough to drive away the stalker.” Mikey stated as if he was leading a formal Toman meeting, with serious face and all.

    “Then why not Mitsuya, I think he’ll be the best fake boyfriend out of all of us combined.” Draken suggested. “What do you think, y/n?” he asked.

    “T-That’s not wrong, but I didn’t even agree to this plan yet so why are you suggesting candidates already?” you asked dumbfounded.

    “I mean, you don’t really have much choice here, y/n-san.” Chifuyu shrugged, “You should probably try everything at this point to make your stalker leave you alone, and it wouldn’t hurt to try Mikey’s plan either.”

    “Yeah and fake dating sounds fun!” Pah commented.

    “No, I feel like Mikey’s plan would just lead me to more trouble.” you admitted.

    “So what do you think, Mitsuya? You in?” Mikey just ignored your comment, raising a brow to the lavender-haired captain.

    Yeah, you should just give up.

    “I don’t mind but I don’t think I can, my schedule’s pretty busy these days.” Mitsuya said.

    “Yeah, working part time for your atelier does sound pretty busy.” Draken nodded, relating as he’s also running his newly opened bike shop.

    “How about Baji?” Mitsuya suggested instead.

    Silence fell as everyone’s gaze turned to the guy in question.

    He sat beside Chifuyu, flinching at the sudden mention of his name while he was attempting to grab the long forgotten burger in the blonde’s hands, freezing halfway when he realized the eyes on him.

    “The fuck you want from me?” he spat in annoyance, brows knitting in a scowl.

    You missed the knowing grins on Mitsuya’s, Draken’s, and Mikey’s faces as you took a deep breath, pushing your hair back tiredly before staring back at the long haired captain.

    “You’re kidding, right?”

    A/N: there's a part 2 of this

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo manji revengers #takashi mitsuya#tokyo rev#toman#mikey sano#sano manjirou#baji keisuke#baji imagines#matsuno chifuyu#hayashida haruki#hayashi ryohei #baji keisuke x reader #baji keisuke scenarios #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #baji keisuke imagines #mikey tokyo revengers #mitsuya tokyo revengers #baji tokyo revengers #draken tokyo revengers #ryuguji ken #chifuyu tokyo revengers #keisuke baji#manjiro sano#ken ryuguji#toman gang
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    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    “You Need A Man With Sensitivity, A Man Like Me” (Haitani Ran)

    pairing: Bonten!Ran x reader c/w: mature fluff (haha), established relationship, domestic romance, suggestive but nothing explicitly sexual, so much kissing wc: ~1.2k vibe: Sensitivity (Ralph Tresvant) a/n: Ngl, I originally wrote the second half (with the pivotal question in bold) for Kyoga in EITM a long time ago. But then, I saw a very soft Ran who is a smooth talker to catch you and yet has a reservoir of sensitivity he lets out, just for you.

    You savor the downtime with your lover in this ordinary weekend. Ordinary is a commodity in your relationship. You’ll take all the ordinary’s, all the small moments away from the chaos.

    You’ve been taking care of light chores around the house together. One of the two most dangerous men in Roppongi got laundry duty while you’re letting the Roomba do its thing and you can put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

    Once you close the cupboard, you decide to start a new playlist. Still on the throwback tip, you queue up New Edition faves and solo act singles on the Sonos. It’s enough to get you sliding into your living room, slippers and all, with the broom as a makeshift mic stand.

    “If It Isn’t Love” always does this to you. The opening instrumental gets you in place behind the couch to your imaginary audience. You lip sync for the first verse and second chorus with your memory of the music video’s choreography.

    In the one turn, right at the line before the bridge, you make eye contact with your boyfriend holding the laundry basket in the doorway, with the biggest shit-eating grin. You shriek from surprise and drop the broom.

    “Don’t let me stop you, this is your concert,” he says and drops the basket so he can lean against the doorframe.

    You smirk and pick up your “mic.” “Fine. Just getting to my favorite part.”

    Just as you get ready for the first line of the bridge “Maybe she’ll take me back,” Ran slides onto his knees to your feet. Whereas you’ve been lipsyncing, this cheeky bastard can sing and proceeds to get into the groove with his own choreography.

    At “I made a big mistake” he jumps to his feet and winks at you while he steals the “mic.” While doing the Cabbage Patch, he sings even louder, “Now I can feel it / (He's never felt before) / I really love her” and strokes your cheek. You are high on every gesture and still play along by speaking “You love her?!?! What?!?!” to back him up.

    You do the Running Man, Kid n Play, and all the 80s dances you can bust out side-by-side with Ran for the rest of the song. Somehow you and he lead and follow in perfect syncrosity. He jumps into your rhythm from the original choreography and you freestyle in circles around him.

    It’s not always like this nowadays. It may have started out a lot like this, two kids playing at love and enjoying spontaneity as only the young do. It cemented your relationship through the worst, through the charges and prison bids, the reunions, all the different crews and now a new chapter with a brand new organization.

    You don’t know what changes Bonten will bring to your relationship. You have faith in moments like this, dancing with each other’s arms around each other’s waists, you’ll get through it. As Ran sings “I’m Still In Love With You,” he tips your chin up to lock eyes. Yeah, he’s yours, through and through, still the man for you, still the man who’s true, still the man who’s lucky, still in love with you.

    Ordinary has always been your special language together. Even in these corny times, slow dancing to songs for how long in your slippers and house clothes. Grooving in sync for as long as you can.

    Right on time, the radio shuffle pulls up your favorite Ralph Tresvant track, Sensitivity. “Baby, you know I love this,” you tell him and bring your arms up to his neck to dance better.

    Ran drinks you in as he licks his top lip. “Yeah, baby, I know.” He drops his hands to the back of your pants and whispers in your ear, “Would you let me kiss you?”

    This man! Ahh, you couldn’t… uhh, sometimes… you can’t even! It’s that thing he pulls out every now and then to change it up from his wolfish instinct. From the very start, there’s a respectful way he wants the things he wants and then asks for it. Only with you. Even his brother Rindou can attest to that.

    And the tone he asks is the same for a kiss, for a lick, for a pulling down of pants. It all sounds the same, delivered as casually and yet with gravity as a basketball pass. You feel the weight of words and never find yourself surprised.

    Wait. That’s a lie. You are caught in his words, trapped anew every time. When you think to expect something, he says it as if you’d never heard it before.

    “Why do you still ask? Even now… after, um, everything we already do?” You smile and get shy like when you first started dating. You ask the question even though you welcome it, each time.

    He tells you he says what feels right. Back then, now, tomorrow. He does it without you asking.

    You think, The kissing is expected. Or it should be by now. You poke him in the chest to tease further.

    “It’s like you’re still trying. You already got me.”

    “Do I?” he asks in your ear. He has to maintain his whole body to stop rumbling with laughter. He asks that and it’s not a question. You know what he means and he does know things without having to use a lot of words. You just can’t help yourself with all the words you feel compelled.

    Ran cups your face and fawns over all your features. “Baby, you love things to be said. I noticed that from the beginning. I want you to hear how I love you even when you already know it.”

    You hate when he can do this to you so effortlessly. Haha, not really but sometimes it’s not fair how much of an advantage he has over you when he gets tender.

    You kiss him then and even this is embarrassing. None of your friends think you’re the bashful type. You talk boldly and gratuitously curse. You notice he never has to reconcile the you in front of him with the you that you think you are. He understands it’s not a duality. It’s not being fake versus authentic. He’s always seen that you struggle to say what is really important in your relationship and you’ve grown right along with him. He knows by now not to tell you he loves your neuroses (even though he adores them). You would turtleshell on the spot.

    The kiss isn’t one finite event. It trails, waves, tides in and out. He doesn’t stop kissing you. Your days together are moments of kissing surrounded by non-kissing.

    You step backwards. You have to lean on the back of the couch to get balance again. He’s a head taller and he never seems to crouch over you when you move lower. He follows and your neck cranes up. You somehow keep your head upturned without losing your balance backwards. It’s not “somehow”—he’s holding your back and your head. You have your fingers in his pants’ waist cuff. You feel like you two could dance around with hands in these odd spots.

    You pull his jeans close to your hips because you’re holding on for a lower anchor. Kissing him always feels like something you’re physically very aware in your mouth, yet the rest of your body is doing something else. You’re aware of both and it’s not unconnected. You have to have his hips against yours when you kiss. It’s your gravity well.

    #ran x reader #ran fluff #haitani ran fluff #tokyorev fluff #bonten x reader #ran haitani#haitani ran#bonten ran#tokyo revengers #ran tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #haitani ran x reader #ran x y/n #tokyo manji gang #toman #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev x you #tokyorev x reader #tokyorev x yn #tokyo revengers drabbles #tokyo revengers fanfiction
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    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    It’s n ot Toji but look at Chifuyu, he looks soooo cute

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    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago




    Chifuyu, pushing away the monopoly board: Yea we're done here.

    #these games are always intense. #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers incorrect quotes #incorrect tokyo revengers quotes #tokyo manji gang #toman mikey #tokyo revengers mikey #mikey sano #tokyo revengers draken #draken ryuguji #tokyo revengers takemitchi #takemitchi hanagaki #tokyo revengers chifuyu #chifuyu matsuno
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    Bonten Keisuke 🎴

    #icons anime#anime icons#tokyo revengers #keisuke baji icons #baji icons #baji tokyo revengers #keisuke baji #tokyo revengers baji #baji keisuke#baji fanart#toman baji#baji scenarios#baji layouts #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers icons #husbandos#manga #tokyo manji revengers #tokyorev #tokyo revengers layouts #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers manga #fanart#my husband
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    {Set in the future where everyone is ALIVE}

    The Founders: *all trying to grab the phone charger out of Draken’s hand*

    Draken: Alright, that’s it! Start the betting!

    Mitsuya: 95%

    Mikey: 40%

    Pah-chin: 10%

    Kazutora: 5%

    Baji: Dead.

    Draken: Sold to the poor poor child with zero percent!

    #draken#ken ryuguji#mitsuya takashi#mikey sano#manjiro sano#pah chin#kazutora hanemiya#baji keisuke#tokyo revengers #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers incorrect quotes #toman#toman founders #tokyo manji gang founders #tokyorev #tokyorev incorrect quotes #founders#anime#future #everyone lives au
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    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’ve discovered Tokyo Revengers. 

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    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    CPR – Hanma Shuji

    pairing: timeskip!Hanma x reader c/w: mature, NSFW, established relationship, fluff/romance (ultimately), sexual themes, explicit language, offscreen violence wc: ~1600 vibe: CPR (Summer Walker) a/n: More plot than smut. I think about the kind of person who would stay with someone as dangerous as Hanma. Do you keep going because of history? If it helps to know, I was also reading Osamu Dazai’s A Shameful Life.


    “I could’ve shot you.”

    “Nice to see you, too. Where’s my kiss?”

    It’s like this from as long as you can remember. It was Hanma who gave you the gun to protect yourself at home. And happens to be the only bastard you have ever pointed it at. Same bastard who is bleeding on your kitchen tiles.

    “Good thing I picked the obsidian marble. You would’ve ruined the slate ones by now.”

    Your lover is holding his unjacketed arm to his chest by the elbow. What a ripped-seam-mess he’s made of his bespoke pinstriped three-piece from Ginza Tailor. At least he can stand, albeit leaning against your fridge. His highlighted waves, typically slicked back, are falling over his brows. You see a flash of his younger self, hair drenched from the rain or some gang fight or your lovemaking. Thanks to the city lights breaking through your ceiling to floor windows, his “Sin” tattoo on his left hand is visible plain as day. Funny, you think. Sin’s the arm shot up or slashed or whatever it is tonight.

    “Babe, some help?” he manages to mumble with a cigarette hanging off his lips. Bastard. How many times have you told him not to smoke in your penthouse. You wonder if the “Punishment” tattoo on his right hand wasn’t also a curse on your life. Nobody’s quarter life crisis or Saturn return resembled the chaos Hanma Shuji brought to your 20s.

    You relax your gun arms to your sides. You don’t move any closer.

    Safety back on. You cross your arms, tapping your .38 on the opposite arm. It’s a duel-by-stare-off at 3 in the morning.

    Younger Hanma would’ve smiled it off, possibly drop a “deez nuts” line, and amp up the manic charm. The lover slumped against your fridge is stingy with his smiles. The suits and wingtips may have replaced the bōsōzoku bomber jackets and biker boots. You’d shaved “bitch” and other lovely petnames off his vocabulary, in exchange for less hyena laughter and a dull timbre to the way he says your name now.

    You kinda miss Young Hanma.

    “Nice lingerie. It looked better on Rihanna’s Instagram. Were you gonna fuck an intruder by gunpoint?”

    “Your glasses are crooked.”

    You do a 180 in one fluid movement that swings your robin's egg blue satin short robe like a cape. Tiles are cold when you walk back to your bedroom since you didn’t want slippers to make noise. Of the minor disturbances tonight, going back to bed with less than pristine feet is at the top. You don’t bother to listen for your lover to follow you. He can bleed out for all you care.

    The slam of your bedroom door echoes all the way to the kitchen. Hanma releases one “fuck” under his breath. He’s gotta light his own cigarette.

    You’re wrapped up in your comforter and yet you toss and turn, perseverating on the smoke smell. Minutes pass. Then you hear the heavy front door open and close.

    Rolling your eyes, you curse yourself for the nth time and fly out of bed. You leave the .38 on the bedside table, put on your slippers. Your robe really looks like a superhero cape as you clear your hallway to the front door.

    You swing the door open and face a bloodier Hanma, towering over you. The hallway lights illuminate all the wounds you didn’t see before. The panic on your face softens his cold features. He whispers, “Can we have a do-over?”

    “Fucker,” you exhale with all the pent-up tension of seconds before. You pull him by his jacket inside with your left hand and reach up for his neck. The collision of your mouth on his speaks a language more like one of relief than of lust. He doesn’t care. Both of you could have kept the tug-of-wills going all night. He’ll take your wet mouth as a sign of tonight’s détente.

    He pulls away reluctantly from your body. “Babe, just gotta make a call.” He ignores the flash of anger back in your eyes. There’s still enough desire to temper it down.

    You realize the “Punishment” hand he embraced you with is holding a Sig Sauer with a silencer, which he places on the counter next to the lemon bowl. Hanma speed dials his regular guy for these situations. You hear the name “Le Lupe,” your address, “top floor,” the number 2, and weight-height descriptions of men who are lying lifeless right outside the elevator.

    “Yeah, I’d say this is a rush job… no, get somebody closer… make it 5 minutes… fine.”

    Hanma cracks a smile after he returns his phone to his pocket. “Do you wanna get back tooooo uhh”— and his 6 foot plus frame folds forward. You catch him as best you can. You hope he can hear your deep sigh, the only scolding for tonight.

    You cup his face in your smaller hands. A loud slap reverberates in your near-dark penthouse. Followed by a small peck on his red cheek.

    “Good boy, you can walk your ass to the shower.” It’s not a question. He’s grateful all over again you’re his woman.

    Undressing him was quick except for the times he kept running his hands over your satin-covered breasts and nibbling on your neck.

    “Riri wouldn’t look this good with my blood.”

    “Yeah, yeah, keep it up.”

    The wound on his arm isn’t as bad as the cut under his ribs. Clean washcloths and towels become very not-clean. You push him into the shower, joining him after shrugging off your negligee. Whatever little strength he has is to hold himself upright with his good arm.

    One whole second. One long take up and down his battered body. It is possible to hold softness and regret and lust in that single, excruciating second.

    Hanma reaches for your body like a zombie, the 28 Days Later fast kind. So much for his weak body.

    “Nope! Not in here. I have enough to do to get the bleeding to stop.” You look down at his erection. “Let’s get your blood to the rest of your body, if you don’t mind.”

    Shit, what are you gonna do about the bleeding?

    Gorilla Glue is the best you can do. Not enough hand-eye coordination at this ungodly hour to stitch him up as nicely and as tight as a well-rested you would have.

    He’s silent, sitting there on the toilet as you clean him up. A silent Hanma worries you all over again. Cracking jokes is his coping mechanism. He might be too light-headed to make light of the fucked-up situation.

    You got so busy closing up his wounds and working through what’s left of the antiseptics in the first aid kit that you hadn’t bothered to put a bathrobe on. In your mind, you were trying to work fast and there are enough bloody towels. Hanma had his eyes closed as long as he could for his self-control.

    Last of your bandaging done, he stirs. His awareness of your naked body loans him some energy. He grabs a towel to drape over your back and shoulders. “Your clean pussy smell is distracting. Making me hungry.” He tries to pick you up and cringes in pain.

    “Idiot.” You lead him to your bed with his bathrobe on. Fuck pajamas at this point.

    After elevating his left arm with pillows and throwing everything bloody into the washer, you come back to your lover nearly asleep. Why can’t he always be like this, your Shuji, smooth-browed, armor-less, and best of all, quiet?

    You tuck your naked self under the covers on his good right side. The soft you has returned. Your favorite position: propping your head up with your arm as you look down at his face. Kissing his forehead and laying your cheek on it: your favored way to check his temperature. “No fever—one good sign tonight.”

    His eyes are closed. He hums. “Bring your pretty pussy closer. My right hand is still good.” It’s like this all the time. Is it gratitude… to be alive? The pull that his near-deaths have on your body are as familiar as the moon and your period. Life feels 4K, all Dolby surround sound, crisper and juicier with him after close calls like this. He wants to ask forgiveness for the tears you lock up inside, the only way he can, with his hand between your thighs.

    “Fucking lucky, that’s what you are,” you say in his ear before you lick a long strip around its edge.

    “Don’t I fucking know it… you’re still mine.”

    “I meant lucky to see another sunrise. But you’re also right on that other point.”

    You moan deeply at his two fingers slipping into you. Is this gratitude, you wonder again. You position yourself over him so he doesn’t have to move much to put his mouth on your nipple. You make it easy for him, you also think in nearly a decade together, to pleasure you with hands and cock and mouth. In every position, whether it’s reverse cowgirl or when he slowly moves in and out of you on your sides like two undulating S’s, you make it easy for both of you to be grateful to be alive.

    You might be fine if something ever permanent happens to him. In that not-quite-impossible situation, you are fairly sure you wouldn’t really be living afterward.

    “Made me feel alive oh yeah Time ain’t on my side
    Baby where would I be without your love beside me? Oh Baby where would I be? Probably gone, oh”
    #hanma x reader #hanma smut #hanma shuji smut #tokyorev smut#hanma#hanma shuji#tokyo revengers #hanma tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #hanma shuji x reader #hanma x y/n #tokyo manji gang #toman #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers smut #tokyorev x you #tokyorev x reader #tokyorev x yn #tokyo revengers drabbles #hanma fic #hanma shuji fic #more plot than smut #🍑 viva writes
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    Toman Masterlist

    ๑ Takemichi Hanagaki

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Ken “Draken” Ryuguji

    Coming soon... “Scream is On”

    ๑ Takashi Mitsuya

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Chifuyu Matsuno

    Coming soon... “Scream is On”

    ๑ Keisuke Baji

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    ๑ Souya “Angry” Kawata

    Nothing yet. I'm sorry. Feel free to request!

    #toman x reader #tokyo manji gang x reader #takemichi hanagaki x reader #ken ryuguji x reader #takashi mitsuya x reader #chifuyu matsuno x reader #keisuke baji x reader #nahoya kawata x reader #souya kawata x reader
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    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tokyo Revengers Boys Trying To Impress Their S/o

    (Toman x reader; Tenjiku x reader) tw: hot boys, mentions of smoking, mention of death as a joke

    >>Will go Overboard:

    I’d say don’t expect a lot but I’d be lying- straight up. Mans will have you shocked.

    Like you know those dates where a person takes their S/o to a carnival, yeah…he’ll probabaly own the entire carnival or have his gang members clear out the entire area, just for you.

    I don’t entirely know but I sense some under-lying embarrassment from your side…

    But c’mon, he did it for you.

    Also, when I say overboard, I mean it.

    The carnival isjust an example, what‘s canon is that he will by all chances be clingy- get ready for that.

    Like a puppy, yes that.

    And expect them to be over-protective. Not a lot though- probably just beating up people for looking at you bad.

    ✨✨Baji Keisuke; Kokonoi Hajime; Izana Kurokawa; Ran Haitani; Shion Madrame; Tetta Kisaki

    >>Like a normal Human Being:

    You know, the normal people of their gangs.

    The one that does not need help but gets it anyway.

    Gets you flowers, opens doors for you, maintains eyes contact, cracks good jokes, has your back, helps you occasionally.

    The good stuff.

    He will probably have you falling hard, and very fast.

    He is definitely that one friend people go to for advice and actually gives some good one.

    Will stop doing some of his bad habits if asked for.

    A real gentleman.

    Will probably give you random nicknames and act all confident while squealing inside.

    And lastly, give you that one smile unconsciously which is probably the reason you said yes.

    ✨✨Chifuyu Matsuno; Kakucho Hitto; Atushi Sendo; Naoto Tachibana; Rindou Haitani; Seishu Inui; Takashi Mitsuya; Takeomi Akashi

    >>Hopeless Boy:

    Help him someone please.

    Does not know how to feel or what to do.

    Impress you? Please, he doesn’t even know why.

    Just got forced to do so and now is realising that he probably liked you since a long time back.

    Entirely expect nervous laughs and sudden sounds from him, he doesn’t know what to do.

    For all he knows, he is trying to impress a different human right here.

    And if you happen to be one of the ‘hard to get’, he is so dead.

    Probably loses half his braincells and ego.

    That is until his extra handsome friend takes over and helps him out.

    Half expects you to go for his friend.

    Which you might as well but he looks so cute with hos dorky expressions and cluelss talks that you just can’t.

    Will be the happiest he’s been and relieved when you say yes.

    ✨✨Hakai Shiba; Kazushi Yamagishi; Takuya Yamamoto; Kazutora Hanemiya; Souya Kawata; Shinichiro Sano; Takemichi Hanagaki

    >>Oblivious Boy:

    Doesn’t know shit.

    Doesn’t care either.

    Will Have you thinking that he probably playing with you.

    Simultaneously thinks that you need to get yourself checked.

    Does not pick up your hints.

    Looks at you all weird and changes the topic.

    Definitely is that handsome friend.

    Impressing you is a far off thing, you’ll have to get him to know that he likes you enough for that.

    Guilt trips himself when he realises what he’s been doing to you.

    Now expect every moment to be great with him.

    Uses all the tricks in the book.

    Because, as stated, he doesn’t know shit.

    I just imagine him still trying hard even after you guys have started dating.

    Also probably tries one of those cool romance movie moves on you.

    Gives you cards.

    May or may not be clingy.

    Has you overrall trapped in his fingers while everybody thinks its the other way around.

    Have fun with him, would not get your hints but gets those suggestive jokes like a pro.

    ✨✨Manjiro Sano; Ken Ryuguji; idk why but Ran Haitani; Souya Kawata and…mans so busy that Wakasa Imaushi

    >>You gotta Impress him Bud:

    To think he’d impress you a time waste.

    He cares lesser than the parents in the entire anime.

    While the other boys give you the heart eyes, he gives you that cold stare…yeah.

    Human, this is a wild ride.

    You will never know shit about him.

    Dates? Forget those, he thinks walking to the shop is a date.

    Don’t expect shit.

    Unless you want drugs.

    Then he can help-

    But he will probably try to impress you by beating people up.

    Showing off his bike you know?

    Maybe he will even learn an entire Shakespeare line to speak in front of you.

    And that is all the the literacy he has.

    Maybe he will take you to his favourite spot, make you listen to his playlist and that is about it.

    If his music doesn’t impress you then his personality definitely wouldn’t-

    And yes, will smoke around you so you think he is cool.

    C’mon he is probably that kid who hit adults for lolz.

    But all the best for those impromtu date nights where he will save you from dying after he was half the reason of your almost death.

    ✨✨Hanma Shuji; Souya Kawata; Sanzu Haruchiyo; Baji Keisuke; Rindou Haitani; South

    Thank you for reading =)

    Reblongs would be highly appreciated

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    When you enter Tokyo Revengers fandom you can find 4 types of people.

    2. "This is Mikey. It's like a hamster. But is MY hamster okay! I love him with all my soul, I'll DEFINITELY kill for-."
    4. "I'm actually here for the plot. But it seems, like KEN WAKUI HAVE DESTROYED IT FOR GOOD. WHAT ARE YOU BEEN THINKING SIR?!?!?! PAY ME MY F*CKING THERAPY NOW!! WHAT THE FU-"
    And you can actually be 4 of them. Like the 4 horses of the apocalypse in one.
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    ’𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑡𝑜 𝐾𝑒𝑒𝑝 𝐹𝑢𝑐𝑘𝑖𝑛’ 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑀𝑒.’


    Gᴇɴʀᴇ : Fᴜɴ , Fʟᴜғғ

    Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ : Nᴀʜᴏʏᴀ Kᴀᴡᴀᴛᴀ ’Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ’

    Cᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ : Yᴏᴜ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴛʟʏ ᴍᴇssɪɴɢ ᴡɪᴛʜ Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ, ᴛᴇᴀsɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ᴊᴏᴋɪɴɢ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜɪᴍ

    Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢs : ᴛᴇᴀsɪɴɢ , ᴜsᴇ ᴏғ ᴘᴇᴛ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ’ᴀɴɢᴇʟ’ / ɴɪᴄᴋɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ ’ʙᴀʙʏ’, ᴛʜᴀᴛs ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ɪᴛ

    ⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

    “‘Hoyaa” you chimed, watching as the tall, peach haired boy walked passed your door. He stopped in his tracks and turned his head towards you. “Yes?” He stepped in, wondering what it is you wanted.

    “Love me?”

    “Yes, I love you.”

    “Can we have a baby?” You asked sarcastically. You turned to a fit of giggles as he stared at you before turning and walking out of your room, “Ah hell nah..”

    “Baby! Come back!” You laughed, going after him. “You just can’t keep from fuckin with me huh?” He sighed. “I thought you loved me?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his stomach.

    “I do. But I don’t have time to be a baby daddy right now.”

    “Whatchu mean you don’t got time to be a baby daddy? You supposed to love me.”

    “I do love you. If you want to have a baby then sure just not with me tho.”

    “So if I go out and have a baby with somebody else that’ll be fine wit you?” You asked, looking up at him. He cocked his head. “Ye, sure.”

    “Baby what the hell-“ you laughed.

    “Wha you mean ‘what the hell’? I’m just saying if it makes you happy then why the hell not.”

    “But I want one with you”

    “You don’t want a mini-me running around, trust me.” He joked further.

    You sighed, stepping in front of him while snaking your arms around his neck as he wrapped his around your waist. “Okay, but in all seriousness. Baby or nah?”

    You watched as he sighed. “Not now; but soon, I guess.” He kissed you on your forehead, “We’d have some pretty babies~”

    “Exactly how long is ‘soon’?” You teased.

    “Mmm,, dunno. It could be tonight.. tomorrow. A few days from now.” He hummed.

    “Is now an option?” You asked eagerly. He pulled you closer, hands traveling down your thigh, “If you think you’re ready.” He said, a harsh tone could be heard, but the sweet words covered it perfectly.

    You kissed him, chuckling. “How about we find out?”

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    you're miserable and they just so happened to have some kisses, what more can I say?

    + warnings. . . none

    + word count . . . 60 :runs:

    "hey! how are you?" "miserable . . . will you kiss me better?"


    shinichiro, CHIFUYU, emma, naoto, MITSUYA, pah-chin


    HAKKAI, hina, inui, ANGRY, kakucho, YUZUHA, yamagishi


    draken, SANZU, peh-yan, KAZUTORA, takeomi


    SMILEY, koko, baji, MIKEY, wakasa, SENJU, ran, izana

    © fuyuweb 2021 . . . do not translate, plagiarize, or heavily reference my works

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    ➳ fav/share if you save

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    #mikey playlist#toman playlist #tokyo revengers playlist #tokyo manji gang #toman#mikey#mangiro sano#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers smut #mangiro sano smut #mangiro sano imagine #mikey smut#mikey imagine
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