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    •when the full moon starts to climb, we'll all sing out it's christmastime•

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    Form IV, or Ataru, was a lightsaber technique. An aggressive, offensive form, Ataru favored acrobatic movement assisted by the Force. It was most effective in single combat, less so when faced with multiple opponents. Yoda was a master of Form IV, with his size and strength in the Force, he was nearly unstoppable in battle.

    Source: Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force (Art: Tommy Lee Edwards; 2007)

    First Appearance: Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999)

    Read more on Wookieepedia.

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    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Dirt x Reductress / The Onion part 3

    part 1

    part 2

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    #Great Powers of the Universe #Galactus#Mark Millar #Tommy Lee Edwards #enemies
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    incorrect motley crue quote #8

    (how have I done so many of these already, I literally just started using this acc yesterday. I need to get a life, seriously)

    mick: *pulls back the curtain while vince is showering* mick: Hey did we - stop screaming it’s me - did we run out of Cheerios?

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    06.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    incorrect motley crue quote #7

    tommy: The results are in, I’m afraid you have updog… vince: What’s updog? tommy: mick! Get in here, I told you I could do it!

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    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
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    06.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Sebastian on set of Pam & Tommy.

    Credit to @hissebastianstan on IG

    #sebastian stan#bucky barnes #the winter soldier #tommy lee #pam and tommy
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    06.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Vince looks like a girl in relationship posing with her boyfriend that makes her feel so pride

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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Long hair Seb is superior

    #sebastian stan#seb stan#marvel#avengers#bucky barnes#winter soldier #the winter soldier #pam and tommy #tommy lee#the 355 #the falcon and the winter soldier #celebrities
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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    31 days Christmas Challenge

    Day 5: Stockings and presents with Tommy Lee

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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day 4


    There was something warm about being home at Christmas. The smell of candles burning in holiday scents and the oven constantly going. Cooking dinners for family and friends who stopped by or baking cookies for events that you’d go to. Full glasses of wine and the loud laughter that came with it.

    When you suggested hosting a cookie exchange at the house Tommy had rolled his eyes thinking this was a ladies thing. But you promised to make the white chocolate cranberry cookies he loved to eat warm off the tray.

    Now your house was filled with mothers and brothers, nieces and cousins. Little kids who didn’t understand that stoves could be hot and dangerous or that touching that glass that you told them several times could; break would make a shattering sound that would simultaneously silence and release pandemonium on adults.

    But broken glass aside the night was going smashing.

    And the way Tommy was looking at you as he talked to people, how his eyes locked with yours as he smiled around the neck of his beer bottle. Your feet were moving over to him, body swiveling around people, hands on soft hair of the kids before he reached out to you, his fingers wrapping around you and pulling you in close. Tucking you against him as his lips met yours. Not a sweet kiss on the head because you’re surrounded by family. Oh No.

    Tommy Lee kisses his wife like it’s your honeymoon and you’re naked on a beach in Greece under him every single day. It doesn’t matter if his father is standing across from you as his tongue swirls around yours. Tasting the white wine of your mouth and the sweetness of the cookies you have been munching on all night.

    You pull away, flushed from how no matter what happens he always makes you feel like you’re a goddess. Like you’re the only person in the world that could make him feel things. You feel the passion and love in his kiss, taste it on your tongue. Feel the way he runs through your bloodstream into every  crevice and crease of your body. There is no hiding from the love he feels for you; it’s so indoctrinated into you. It’s your favorite belonging.

    “The sweetest thing in the room.” He smiled at you and you’re melting, hoping that the way he looks at you will last fifty years because you’re basking it in, a summer sunshine on a December night. He showed you, taught you romantic love. All the bullshit that comes with it. The flowers, the love letters, the way it feels in your stomach when you’re together.

    It was overpowering sometimes. The warmth sometimes turned to rain showers and thunderstorms. The yelling and fighting. The way it felt to miss him and cry into your pillow. How you’d scrub your skin raw in the shower as the heat from the water burned against you trying to wash the thoughts of Tommy cheating on you while he was away on tour. He never came home smelling like someone else. There were no makeup stains on clothes. There was just his reputation that scared you. And he understood that, appreciating your trust and trying to not get frustrated when it was a bit shaken.

    But that’s what marriage was. Constantly changing like the weather, and there was beauty in the unknown.

    “Did you try the chocolate walnut cookies my mom brought over, maybe you can ask her for the recipe?” it came out sweet and easy, it was a cookie swap where you were all asking for recipes from each other, “Ask her what her secret is. Maybe if she knows they’re from me then she’ll tell you how to get them right.” you stiffened under his touch, the smile faltering and thankful his father made some comment about getting a drink and leaving you two alone.

    Tommy said things sometimes that let you know he was stupid. Things that dug deep and hurt you in ways that you never expected words to hurt. The cookie comment was a huge dig. A reminder of how for your six month anniversary he had bought you cooking classes talking about how maybe someday you’d cook better. You had cried when he left the next morning, full hiccuping sobs escaping your lips; he made you feel not good enough. The way he had tried to mold you into something and two days later how you went. It had taken you the full eight weeks of classes before at the final class you cooked for him and when he complimented the meal you had cried and it all poured out of you. Explaining to him that you couldnt be perfect and Tommy had held you, apologizing because he hadn't realized.

    Now it was three years later and you felt just as small.

    “Make you own fucking cookies.” you sneered up at him with a smile. The way he faltered as you turned with a smile walking over to the table with all the cookies. How he looked at you, trying to get to you but you were one step ahead now and stroger.

    A hand on your arm made you turn, looking at his mother as she gave you a look, seeing the wounded look on your face. She smiled, knowing that Tommy could be the biggest idiot.

    “You have to give me a recipe for your cookies. They’re the best ones I’ve ever had.” and you could have cried at that moment. A sense of relief in the validation from another person making you finally breathe in relief. “Tommy always talks about my cookies. You want to know what my secret is” she leaned in conspiring with you, “I buy them at the church bake sale every year.” You froze for a second. Blinking at the information and then throwing your head back to laugh.

    Because people and emotions are just like the weather, and there is always sunny moments, even on the darkest days.

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    U.S. Marshals (1998) Film Locations

    U.S. Marshals (1998) Film Locations

    Filming locations for Tommy Lee Jones’ & Wesley Snipes’ action, thriller U.S. Marshals was filmed on location in and around Chicago, Illinois & New York City, NY. Locations: 353 N Des Plaines St, Chicago, IL 60661, USA (Sheridan’s Car Crash) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 41.889045, -87.644326 7880-7898 S Euclid Ave, Chicago, IL 60649, USA (Chicken suit scene) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 41.751755,…

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    Cherry Juice - Part 21 [Vampire!Nikki Sixx x OC]

    Characters: Nikki Sixx x OC; Tommy Lee x OC; vampire!motley crue
    Story summary: Cherry gets woken up by a thirsty vampire. Once she recognizes him, she quickly realizes that he has no plans of trusting her with his dark secret. Not just yet, at least.
    Previous chapter: Nikki and Cherry finally kiss after he shows her that biting can feel pleasurable for her too, but she freaks out and they have a horrible argument
    Warnings: very light smut, slight angst, Nikki being a dick (also, make sure you’ve read the previous chapter first, or this won’t make much sense🥰)

    Before meeting the band to get onto their jet, I also wore sunglasses—much like them with all that sunlight, except I needed them to hide my puffy eyes after spending most of the night crying over what had happened with Nikki.

    The way he had changed in front of me so abruptly, the hate in his eyes when he had told me to leave, and… how good it had felt when he had bitten me. What the fuck was wrong with me?

    He ignored me for the entire time, his eyes always above my head whenever he’d turn around as he laughed with the others. It was as if I no longer existed for him, and I heard him go back to referring to me as the human whenever he absolutely couldn’t help acknowledging my presence with the others.

    I sat on the opposite side and tried my best to focus on a book, even though I had absolutely no idea what the words on the page were saying.

    It was so fucking shitty to be stuck with the four of them like this, and it was clear that Nikki would have just made things worse for me after our argument… after what I had spat at him—that he was a monster, that I had Stockholm for being attracted to him—and after how scared I had been of him when he changed right in front of me, and I knew he had seen it in my eyes as I had scrambled away from him, like a prey running from a predator before it was too late.

    But that’s what he actually was. Could he really blame me that much for my survival instinct?

    ‘You ok, princess?’ asked Tommy once he sat down on the chair in front of me before the show, the first one to let me do his makeup as always.

    I nodded and immediately focused on the brushes, but I could tell he had noticed my puffy eyes. His gaze fell onto the foulard on my neck. He pulled it down slightly and spotted the fresh bite.

    He shook his head. ‘Listen, I’m gonna try and talk to Nikki because it’s just getting ridiculous by this point. He can’t feed from you all the time.’

    ‘’s alright, Tommy. Don’t,’ I said. ‘He’s already told me he’s never gonna do that again.’ Unless I ask. 

    ‘O-kay,’ he said slowly, furrowing his brows.

    ‘Just leave it.’

    But as I said that, someone’s back opened the backstage door as some girlish giggles filled the room. Nikki’s body was pressed against the blonde’s, his lips on hers as another groupie had her hands inside his leather trousers, his zipper already lowered.

    He raised his eyes and looked at me for the first time in the entire day. ‘Sorry, girls. Looks like this room’s taken,’ he told the groupies as they moaned in disappointment. ‘Let’s try again.’

    Even though burning jealousy was taking over my body, I somehow managed to notice that Nikki already had his stage makeup on, although much more basic—and now smudged thanks to those girls’ lips—than when I did it. Tommy noticed too.

    ‘Dude, you did your own makeup?’

    ‘Yeah. Piece of piss,’ he said, raising his shoulders before pressing the other girl against the wall and shoving his tongue down her throat right in front of us as I felt my stomach clench. ‘Why, are we really gonna keep pretending that she’s doing it because she’s good at it, rather than because we had to find a fucking reason to have her on tour?’

    For a moment, I thought the brush between my fingers would snap. I noticed that one of the girls shot me a confused, almost sympathetic look, but Nikki was quick to get her attention back before directing both of them towards the door.

    Tommy, who was completely taken aback, finally called him back loudly. ‘Hey, dude, why the fuck would you say—’

    But I brought two fingers on his chin and got him to turn back towards me. ‘Leave it,’ I repeated.

    He waited until the trio closed the door. ‘What the fuck was all that about?’ he repeated.

    I sighed. ‘I said leave it, Tommy,’ I muttered through gritted teeth, trying to focus on his eyeshadow even though that burning jealousy was all I could feel and my eyes were getting watery. ‘We haven’t got time for it. I still need to do Vince and Mick.’

    He showed me an apologetic smile. ‘Well, apparently you haven’t got to do Nikki’s makeup, so you have at least an extra five or ten minutes.’

    I raised my eyes. ‘We had an argument.’

    ‘You’re clearly upset, Cherry,’ he encouraged me when he realized I wasn’t going to expand on that. ‘You know you can talk to me, yeah?’

    ‘Yeah, to Nikki’s best friend?’ I said with a nervous laugh. ‘No, thank you. You’re just gonna tell him everything, you damned terror twin.’

    ‘Do you want to call Beth?’

    I shook my head, thinking of what happened when Nikki bit me. ‘I couldn’t tell her all the truth anyway, could I?’

    He shook his head too with a satisfied smile. ‘Then, unless you want to talk to Vinnie, Mick, or Doc, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me. Come on,’ he said, picking me up and getting me to sit on his lap.

    I sighed. ‘Nikki and I… we kissed yesterday.’

    Tommy smiled like the Cheshire Cat. ‘Finally, dude. The tension was getting insane. Does this mean I’m finally getting that threesome?’

    I snorted before nodding my head towards the door. ‘No, but you can probably get a foursome right now, if you hurry.’

    He shook his head. ‘Not the same,’ he explained, running a hand along my hips. ‘I wanna see what he does to this body after so many weeks of—’

    ‘Stop it, Tommy! Not happening,’ I said, remembering the way Nikki had kicked me out of his room.

    ‘So, why is he blatantly trying to get you jealous if you’ve already kissed?’

    I told him about what happened when he bit me and how good it had actually felt before we started arguing.

    ‘You got scared, princess,’ he said softly in a sugarcoated and slightly patronizing tone, caressing my cheek.

    I nodded.

    ‘Listen, believe it or not, I haven’t got any experience with that,’ he raised his shoulders. ‘I only know what Nikki told me about it in the past, when he was still human.’

    ‘You’ve… never done that?’

    He shook his head. ‘Well, I can’t exactly do that to a girl during sex without blowing my cover, can I? Anyway, I don’t know much about it, but it sounds really fucking hot, Cherry,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘Why don’t you just enjoy it?’

    ‘Because it’s scary shit, Tommy! Something must be… seriously wrong with me to enjoy that. And if that’s what Nikki can do to me, what’s gonna happen if I let him get close?’ I sighed, remembering the way I had felt when we kissed: like Nikki was all there was. Like his arms where the only place I truly belonged. Like I would have let him fed on me over and over just to be close to him. ‘I just want my old life back, Tommy. None of this vampire shit. No offence,’ I added promptly.

    He smiled and pressed his lips against my forehead. ‘I think it’s a bit too late for that, Cherry.’


    Almost a week had gone by and Nikki still hadn’t acknowledged my presence other than that time in the dress room. He continued to do his own makeup, too.

    As for his groupies, he had either started sleeping with more of them—if that was even possible—or he had just made more of a point of showcasing them in front of me whenever he could.

    Half asleep, I could barely hear the band talk on the other side of the jet, discussing the following tour dates.

    ‘Wait, what date is it today?’ I heard Vince ask.

    ‘November 19th.’


    My eyelids opened up immediately at the sound of that familiar date. I had completely forgotten about it.

    Vince stood up and went to look for something in his suitcase. Next thing I knew, he was in front of me with a small wrapped present in his hands.

    I furrowed my brows.

    ‘It’s not from me, obviously,’ he laughed. ‘Your blonde friend—’

    ‘Beth,’ I spat out when I realized he had forgotten her name even after sleeping with her.

    ‘Beth,’ he repeated casually, ‘asked me to give it to you on November 19th. Happy birthday, sweetheart,’ he said, giving me a quick kiss on the forehead.

    The others turned around all at once. ‘Happy birthday, kid,’ said Mick with the faintest hint of a smile, as Nikki lowered his head again and went back to snorting the line of coke in front of him.

    ‘Thank you, Mick,’ I said.

    I used to go out with Beth and our closest friends every year for my birthday. Let’s just say that this wasn’t my best one, stuck with four vampires, one of whom was seizing any opportunity to hurt me and punish me for rejecting him.

    But as I opened the present and found a first edition of my all-time-favorite book, On the Road—the irony of the title!—I realized how lucky I was to have her as a friend even though I couldn’t spend this day with her.

    ‘Dude, why didn’t you tell us?’ said Tommy, walking towards me.

    I raised my shoulders as he sat down and pulled me on his lap. ‘I had no idea what day of the month it was,’ I admitted. ‘And it doesn’t matter. I really don’t feel like celebrating.’

    ‘Of course, it does. How old do you turn?’

    ‘Twenty-two,’ I whispered.

    ‘Really? You’re my age,’ he smiled.

    ‘I guess,’ I said but then thought of how he would have always looked the same. Just like the others. ‘Except I will turn twenty-three, one day.’

    ‘Oh, I can fix that for you,’ he smirked, running his tongue along his canines much like I had seen Nikki do before.

    I instinctively recoiled from him, making him laugh. ‘Only joking, Miss I-love-human-life-so-much. You know, I would have gotten you something if I had known it was today,’ and he thought about it for a moment before twisting his lips into a mischievous smile. ‘But I can make it up to you after the show.’


    As soon as the gig was over, Nikki already had his mouth on that of a different groupie, his hand up her miniskirt... right in front of me, on the other side of the corridor.

    ‘Fuck, he’s mean,’ Tommy whispered in my ear when he noticed how red my cheeks had flushed. ‘I know he’s my best friend, but… do you wanna get back at him?’

    I let out a bittersweet laugh and shook my head. ‘I’m not that immature.’

    He raised his shoulders with a fake angelic look. ‘Shame that I am.’

    He then pushed me against the opposite wall and slid his tongue into my mouth. Before I could say anything, he lowered himself slightly and lifted my blouse above my bra.

    ‘Tommy, we’re backstage!’ I hissed, looking around while trying my best to avoid Nikki and the girl.

    For all response, he got one of my breasts out and immediately attached his mouth to it, sucking and flicking his tongue around my nipple. I heard a loud moan leave my lips.

    ‘Are you insane?’

    He ignored me. ‘Is he looking?’ he whispered with a devilish smile before reattaching his lips to my swollen and reddened nipple while pinching the other.

    ‘I don’t want to look at him like this,’ I whispered, feeling my cheeks on fire.

    But we both heard the groupie try to regain Nikki’s attention: ‘Hey, is everything ok?’ she cooed.

    Tommy smiled at me, raising an eyebrow. ‘Feeling better?’

    I smiled too, looking down. ‘A little,’ I admitted.

    ‘Let’s get back to the hotel, Cherry. I’m gonna give you the best birthday sex you’ve ever had in your life,’ he promised in a husky voice. ‘Tonight’s gonna be all about you, alright, princess?’

    When I walked back to my room after hours in Tommy’s bed and four orgasms—my legs still slightly shaky—I found some flowers right outside my door. I picked them up and noticed a handwritten note.

    ‘Happy birthday, doll. Sorry for being a dick. Come and see me as soon as Tommy is done fucking your brains out? Just wanna talk. I promise. Nikki’


    PS. I hadn't thought about it, but I just got asked if I have a tag list.

    If you'd like to be added to be notified when a new chapter goes live, drop me a comment or a DM and I'll add you 🥰

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    No Country for Old Men - Coen Brothers (2007)


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    incorrect motley crue quote #5

    vince, to tommy: You know, doc can be really aggressive, so it's important to take all the necessary precautions when approaching. vince: *blows airhorn at doc* GET FUCKED!

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    incorrect motley crue quote: #4

    tommy, posting on social media: I am drunk on my front porch and I think a lizard went into my shirt but whatever man, have fun in there.

    tommy, the next morning: When did I post this?!

    #motley crue#tommy lee#the dirt#classic rock#rocknroll#rock#hair metal#80s metal#80s#80s rock #incorrect motley crue quotes #incorrect quotes #tommy should never have social media #methods of mayhem
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