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  • chalky
    20.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    good news!

    the reason we haven’t seen c!Tommy, c! tubbo, and c!Ranboo in forever is because, as soon as they heard the siren, they packed everything up (including Michael and Shroud) and ran away. They’re now living in a nice cottage in the middle of nowhere thousands of blocks away, happy as can be!!

    #/nsrs#dream smp#tubbo#ranboo#tommyinnit #this is what I will tell myself over and over if they never stream lore again
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  • sbi-open-up
    20.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    so has anyone written a fic yet where cc!dream and cc!tommy meet, respectively, c!tommy and c!dream? because i have been pondering how that interaction would go and i need to know how it turns out or if other people have thought the same thing

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  • scummy00
    20.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    a tommy doodle for the soul.

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  • thegrubbyraccoon
    20.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    an angsty prison doodle I did when tommy died lol

    (Click for better quality/don't repost)

    (comments & reblogs appreciated!)

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  • juniorsized
    20.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Dream + Tommy + Niki + Jack

    Best mcc team

    #minecraft championships#mcc teams#dreamwastaken#tommyinnit#niki nihachu#jack manifold #please scott you know you want to make it happen #this would be such a good supportive team #(I know it's very unlikely but I can dream ok) #I just want the return of Niki and Tommy's dynamic as well as Rocket Duo and Primeboys #plus Jack and Tommy are always fun to see together #and Dream's always very sweet and supportive towards Niki #I just think it would be a good team
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  • space-records
    20.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Tommyinnit reminds me of adam sandler

    #adam sandler#tommyinnit #it the shirt tbh #they both dress like GUCKING cartoon characters #same shirt different colour and yes those are kinda the same shorts/trousers #tommy innit#tommy mcyt#tommyinnit mcyt#mcyt
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  • whyiask
    19.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #when will i finally draw Tommy's hair consistently? who knows #expression meme#tommyinnit#tubbo#dream smp#my art
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  • whyiask
    19.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #did i literally send this ask to myself so that i could post this one? yes. i have no shame. #ru requested it on discord and here it is <3 #dream smp#tommyinnit#expression meme#my art
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  • florafields
    19.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I miss c!tommy

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  • inn-biter
    19.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Wilbur in the new Tommy vlog is so- Like he looked always ever so slightly ready to murder Logan Paul

    #mcyt#Tommy innit#Tommyinnit#Wilbur Soot#Crime boys #And of course every time we get real life Crimeboys Tommy’s heart gets broken- #IT’S A PRICE WE MUST PAY??
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  • ao3feed-tommyinnit
    19.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • clairedreems
    19.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago
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  • lovellnolo
    19.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Mutated; respawn

    fantasy!SBI x youngest!reader

    Summary: Zombie apocalypse. All survivors went to the Nether where they'd be safe.  They send occasional teams to go retrieve resources from the overworld. Reader's first trip goes terribly wrong, causing the fall of her family. Aiming to fix this, she plans to go to the End. Dragon's breath, lingering potions, the solution.

    Genre: Heavy angst, semi fluff.

    Part 1

    Part 2



    "We can't leave you guys," Wilbur shouted from the front seats, willing the horses to run faster to the portal.

    And round the child she wrapped the vest

    "NO! You can't take us, we've all been infected," a lady from the back cried. She crawled her way to hand Techno a heavily covered basket, "Please..."

    And smiled to think her babe was warm.

     Before his hands even touched it, a passenger sprouted up and banged into him. In an instant, another grabbed the basket and dug in.

    With one cold kiss, one tear she shed

    Shocked, he quickly eliminated both of their heads. Wails were heard from the mother while she lay down her life. He glanced, seeing her chewed up legs. A moment of silence before he had turned to the older lady, "C'mon."

    And sunk upon her snowy bed.

    She didn't move to follow, didn't say anything, only closed her eyes. Warm summers and cozy winters are all she wanted to see. Techno respected her choices and threw Wilbur on the horses.

    Despite his protests, "NO! We can still save them!" he knew there was no chance.

    At dawn a traveler passed by


    The frost of death was in her eye

    As the two rode deeper into the forest, the entire carriage set aflame. Wilbur watched the fire burn through him.


    Wilbur paced, he stared at the dingy paintings in their Nether base. Techno was busy settling the horses and Phil... god he couldn't even think of that. The silence his father shed always brought the worst out in him, "Will someone please explain to me now what's happening?!"

    "Wilbur this isn't the time to be yelling."

    "Really Techno? Then when is? Because I just saw you leave a whole cart full of people behind and it didn't bother you in the slightest." Being angry at Techno did nothing to satisfy the hurt. Wilbur kept glancing to his father, wanting, needing him to care but he didn't bat an eye.

    Who'd guess even maps are more important than your family?

    His shouts in their caved Nether base drew the attention of two things, their youngest sister and a nearby ghast

    (Y/N), who just woke from a small nap, looked around the room, oblivious to the distress, "Where are we?"

    Tommy gave a dry chuckle, "Welcome to the Nether (Y/N)." He sat in the corner, near the chests and cauldrons. Far from anyone else. It was hot in the Nether, and suffocating.

    All his friends lived in that village. Especially Tubbo. Slim chance anyone even survived.

    Phil took a glance out the door, his first few words, "Quiet, everyone," he whispered.

    Outside were ghasts, magma cubes, piglins, the usual Nether trash. Even the Overworlds brother dimension knew the world was shifting.

    "Look," Phil brought out his map. Wilbur didn't look, (Y/N) was falling asleep again, Tommy sat grieving in anger, but Techno looked. "We've got to get to the Nether capital and see if anyone's survived."

    Wilbur turned to gather up all the gold they had in chests, something to occupy himself. Phil sighed but continued to prepare. He had no time to sort out trivial and dramatic family issues. It's not like it'd hurt anything anyway.

    The tower had fallen and people were fleeing. Once Phil landed, townsfolk ran in all directions, some on the streets or in their houses.


    A man fell, tripped at his feet, crying hysterically grabbing at his splattered items. Phil helped him up, "What's going on mate?" It was clear something disrupted the city but he just couldn't see what just yet. There was no intruding army, no TNT, no raid. Wither, or anything.

    "The ill, the ill they've turned faster than any zombie had infected. Center hospital- zombies- they've bitten people, they're faster-"

    A zombie had barreled into a cart right next to the two. The man scrambled for his life, leaving his stuff behind.

    Phil killed the zombie with ease, shoving his sword in its brain.

    This is the issue? They're just zombies.

    Despite his thoughts, he tried to help as many villagers escape but this was only the outer ring. He didn't expect it to get worse. There were a thousand more people in the center. More zombie fodders.

    Slaying zombies and flying women and children to safety was Phil's afternoon.

    Only when he made it to the center was where he saw the intensity of the situation. These zombies were faster, could jump higher, break blocks, and tear you apart like paper.

    Everyone knew once you were infected by a zombie there was no respawns, only a pain beyond death.

    "THOMAS!" Phil saw a man charge, warning his brother of the hoard coming from behind. The man was able to cut a few down, closing in on his brother.

    Phil dived down to help but these zombies were strong and speedy. He saw heads ripped apart and limbs torn off.

    It was worse for his wings. They started to climb on them, weighing him down and almost ripping them off, forcing him back to the skies. His sword was about to break when he saw the two fighters fall to the undead.

    The smell was foul, but there were still more people to save. Phil dove toward the wandering children, a miracle they survived and flew them to the outer rings. All you could hear was the munching and slicing of rotten flesh. Screams of the victims already grew too accustomed.

    Ash was in the air. Fire grew through the town, causing Phil to flee with as many people he could grab and shove in a carriage. The rest he prayed had a painless death.

    Phil blew out the fire and barricaded the door before checking over each of his tired eyed kids.

    "Get some sleep, we've got a hard journey from here."

    The reformed Nether fortress was teeming with worried people. Tommy cheered up, running toward the entrance. Seeing all these people who made it, sparked a tiny bit of hope in him, in the whole family.

    Iron golems patrolled the area instead of the usual guards. Phil was glad the fortress had at least a couple good ideas. Walking through the corridors, they all saw beaten soldiers and wounded women. A solution many of the but people found was to cut off the limb before the infection grew. Pain was a small sacrifice for life.

    (Y/N) shuddered at their state, hiding in between her brothers. She pulled at Techno's cape, signaling him to gather her up in his arms. Pink hair was a good shield from the world.

    Phil went to talk with the town's new leader, Tommy convinced Wilbur to accompany him on a search for Tubbo and their friends, and (Y/N) was busy playing with silky pink strands, Techno never minded. Even if it knotted he would just ask Wilbur or Phil to brush it out again.

    Guards came out from the Nether war room, ordering everyone to get to the underground auditorium. It was time to make a major change to their everyday life.


    "Everything's changed ok? The world is run with zombies and we're basically banished to the Nether, not to mention all my friends are GONE. Never respawning again, yea so of course I'm angry."

    It all went wrong.

    (Y/N)'s first mission to the Overworld went horrible.

    She was excited the day she was drafted. It's been years since she's remembered what the sun even looked like. Too long. The cherry on top was getting to go with Tubbo, Tommy's best friend.

    Tommy and him were notorious for getting in trouble and just having fun. It was difficult, but they found a way.

    Her group's task was to simply go mining, where the majority of the zombies wouldn't be.

    The first sight of birds and fish and even grass awed (Y/N). So much that it strayed her from the path and into the forest she fondly remembered as a child. Tommy and her would usually go sneaking off into the woods, eating berries and playing in the water.


    Poem: The Mother's Sacrfice by Seba Smith

    Gif from the Hobbit

    #family sleepy bois inc #technoblade x reader #tommyinnit x reader #wilbursoot x reader #dadza philza #philza x reader #wilbur soot#tommyinnit#technoblade#dream team#dream#sapnap#georgenotfound #sbi x reader #zombie apocolypse au #youngest reader #brother!technobladexreader #brother!wilburxreader #dadza#protective technoblade#angst#mcyts
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  • gavin-screaming
    19.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    okay is the new tommyinnit vlog w/ l*gan p*ul good? bc i hate that mf so i’m only gonna watch the vlog if it’s worth it LMAO

    #okay deleting later just wanted 2 ask ppl #💀 #i really dislike logan paul so i don’t really wanna watch it #but i don’t wanna miss content #sadge#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#dreamsmp#tommyinnit #not tagging logan paul #not sorry
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  • rustwilburs-cabin
    19.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    c!Tommy stimboard with themes of baking, painting, flowers, and embroidery (The art is mine!) [ sources : 🌾🌾🌾/🌾🌾🌾/🌾🌾🌾]

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