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  • I was looking at the replies of this tweet …


    and found this..



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  • i’m still thinking about how genuinely excited tommy was when one of his followers told him her & her girlfriend watch his videos. man literally got Pumped, i fucking love him

    #he’s truly the king of lesbians #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#minecraft youtubers#mcyters#dsmpblr #it’s always nice to see him get so genuinely excited whenever he finds out his followers are abt of the LGBT community #makes my dumb little ass feel accepted
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  • Regarding the fandom who keep putting Phil as a guy who keeps adopting broken orphan kids such as Wilbur and Tommy (sometimes Techno)

    I present to you

    Techno adopting Ranboo.

    But being kinda in a constant fight with government authorities it’s really hard for him to file the adoption papers so he just asks nicely (forces) Phil to adopt Ranboo into the family.

    Ranboo is 100% not aware of him being adopted until the papers are all closed and signed

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  • written headcanon #1

    ORIGINAL HEADCANON THREAD BY JAY https://twitter.com/NOASKERSAROUND/status/1365808673180835841?s=19

    absolutely fucking losing it I FORGOT HOW TO WRITE OR ENGLISH

    tommyinnit has liberated from the pandora’s vault after awesamdude clamped the broken security and released tommy from dream’s cell. the blond boy showed no emotion, his exuberant ocean blue orbs; replaced with an somber and enervated stare. sam’s first instinct was for tommy to run panicked away from dream once the lava was out of tommy’s sight and the bridge(??) offered tommy a hurried ride to the blackstone side far from the poignant man. instead of a hasten sprint - gradual, leisure steps proceeded.

    baffled, supremely perplexed - expressed sam. tommy stepped out of the moving bridge and steadily looked up to sam with an inscrutable countenance.

    “tommy..?” said sam looking down with a fretful visage yet not visible to tommy’s eyes inasmuch sam’s green creeper gas mask.

    no response that he muttered nor a syllable than he murmured. sam hurriedly hauled tommy out of the vault - then after 7 days whom tommy experienced a vast flashback of his traumas from dream thereafter “hanging out” with the man whom hast he so ferociously hated; to discern the icy blue sky with soft fluffy clouds levitating and the spherule, incandescent sun.

    “hey tommy? it’s okay.. you’re okay now..” sam embraced the blond child as the child does not embrace back (which again, he always do).

    no letters or words was expressed; no groan of exhaustion, smile, anger, etc - just bleak emptiness which is infuriatingly worrisome for sam as he’s never seen the 16 year old this eeriely silent; recalling his first visit inside the prison, tommy was exasperatingly loud but he is NOTHING compared to the tommy now.

    “….what did you do to him!?”

    “we had some fun.”

    sam furiously recalled as his embrace tightened. he left a mental note in his head demanding a incredibly serious talk with dream after this turmoil.

    knowing tommy’s current residence before the prison incident took place was destroyed (referring to his dirt shack) and since logstedshire was blown up - tommy had nowhere to go; the boy only looked straight with his expressionless frown.

    sam lead tommy to the big innit hotel which now has tubbo and ranboo’s sign on it. sam; expecting the blond boy to swear at them, stood silent. no vexation, no reaction. still not a single word was said and/or muttered out of tommy but hope still lingered inside sam’s heart.

    sam anxiously leaves and brings tubbo to him. tubbo; his best BEST friend, not even him could get a single word out of tommy. tubbo could not even get tommy look at him properly without staring down all the time. it seems as if tommy was looking through tubbo, not really noticing his surroundings.

    it doesn’t get any better. none of tubbo and sam’s approach or ways to cheer him up or eye an attention left unsuccessful as they subsequently send randoms away who attempts to visit the hotel.

    until one man in particular visits the hotel

    as much to tubbo’s bargain and rambles as to why he should leave.

    a humanoid piglin draped with white fur and red cape down his ebony black heels. the one and only: technoblade.

    he abruptly pushed sam out of his way to get to tommy, kneels down and grabbed tommy’s hand, frigid, and brushes a thumb on his dry skin.


    “techno listen, he needs time and also you are probably not the person he wants to see right no-“


    no shiver, no fear, and yet again, no response.

    “sam, tubbo. hear me out, you have not seen him after exile. if being frank here… please believe me, he is worse than when he was exiled weeks ago. we all failed to visit him. if only i, or we rather, considered what he was going through and stepped in to help him during those days. and i didn’t. we didn’t.”

    cramped silence was thick. the other two didn’t responded to techno’s statement; perhaps agreeing to his valid points.

    swiftly - technoblade stands up much to sam and tubbo’s surprise. he took big, blaring steps towards the exit. tubbo grabbed techno’s arm, stopping and slightly turned his head around the smaller figure.

    “where are you going?”

    technoblade turned his head back to his supposed direction with an appalling sinister look.

    “what do you think? dream will pay for what he’s caused to my little brother.”

    “our business deal is over. woe to you.”

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  • guys, guys. hear me out. tommy, tubbo and ranboo’s new dynamic gives the exact same energy as them and i can’t explain why:

    #it’s all platonic guys don’t be weird #tommy is eddie #tubbo is anne #ranboo is dan #it’s!! them!! #tommyinnit#tubbo#ranboo#dsmp#mcyt#dream smp#venom#eddie brock#dan lewis#anne weying
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  • So I just started getting into the dream smp thing because I’m interested in techno and the half an half man (ranboo?? I think that’s his name but I’m unsure) they just seem cool an im intrigued! But I’m watching tommys videos and 1. Did this man just start a war over cds and a house???? And 2. This is actually really cool and they seem nice, idk what I was expecting but they just seem so calm and nice and it seems fun!

    This may be the start of a sort of live blog? Idk I just want someone to talk about this with and tumblr seems like the best place I guess

    #How did he break EVERY RULE in 8 minutes?? #dream smp#mcyt#minecraft#technobabe#tommyinnit#ranboo #I still don't know if that's his name I'll figure it out eventually #I'm sorry if your name is wrong half an half man
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  • when tommy was talking the primal fear of still being awake when the birds start chirping or when the sky starts turning a lighter blue outside i felt like he reached into my mind and resurfaced the memories of every time i have done exactly that. anyway its 2am already isnt that wild

    #tommyinnit #me and tubbo have similarly horrible sleeping schedules #i just barely escaped Bird Chirping Hours by going to sleep at 5:30 yesterday #hopefully one day it will be acceptable for me to sleep late enough that it resets my sleep schedule skdjskdj #all /lh
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  • i’m going back to bed, boys

    #not the real tommyinnit #tommyinnit#tommyinnit rp#mcyt
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  • I wanna read one of those 5+1 fics but its “Five times Tommy made Sam laugh so hard he cried and the one time Sam made Tommy laugh cry” and it has like, Tommy and Sam at the construction site and Sams got his headband with the ears n fake tail on to play Sam Nook and Tommy makes him laugh and break character so you have Sam on his knees struggling to take in air because he CANT STOP LAUGHING with an animal ear headband slipping off his head, Tommy breaking his Warden persona while in the prison without even meaning to, etcetera etcetera, and then I want Sam making Tommy laugh when he’s down but turns out he did it to well because now Tommy’s having a coughing fit clinging to Sam.

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  • Imagine being so pathetic that you feel the need to send literal d**th thr**ts to CHILDREN.

    What kind of idiot do you have to be to think that sending children death threats over who they’re friends with is perfectly okay?

    If you think shit like this is okay, unfollow me, because I’m a minor and I don’t need an adult telling me to kms.

    #tubbo #tw death threats #ranboo#tommyinnit#mcyt#tw drama#dream smp #holy shit I’m so fucking tired #They are fucking KIDS #imagine being an adult and thinking that this is ok #If you think this shit’s ok #Unfollow me #And get some help
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    #dreamwastaken#reader insert#dream smp#x reader#tommyinit mcyt#tommyinnit #tommyinnit x reader #tommyinnit x y/n #dreamwastaken x reader #wilbur soot#sapnap
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  • always keep this in mind when being critical


    just cause a small group of people think a certain way, does not mean that they accurately represent what the rest of the community is like as a whole. stop looking into bad places if you want to find good things.

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  • What the everyone thinks what the dream smp is like: Very serious, much emotion and very angst.
    What its actually like :

    #dream smp #sure there are very emotional moments #but half of it #is just #pure inspirational shit #Fundy#lazarbeam#dream #george not founf #Tommyinnit
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  • #not the real tommyinnit #tommyinnit#tommyinnit rp#mcyt
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  • short tommy drabble!! not x reader. it’s placed in the exile arc :)

    enjoy, lovelies!


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  • #not the real tommyinnit #tommyinnit#tommyinnit rp#mcyt #unless i'm lying
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  • I sure do love Dream and Techno’s rivalry


    #ur honor they're best friends and rivals #like tommy is dream in a sense he tries to one up and keep up the rivalry by being a little gremlin #while ranboo is just techno in a sense he doesn't have time for this but at the same time he will roast tommy's ass #mcyt#dream smp#tommyinnit#ranboo#loyal duo
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  • #not the real tommyinnit #tommyinnit#tommyinnit rp#mcyt
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  • In this trying, lore-less time, have this small thing I forgot that I wrote at like 1am the night of the conclusion of the Disc War.

    And they both know what to say. They shout. Long and loud and free. The freest since the first time that phrase was used. And it’s like they’re back, and for a minute there was a world where the weight of a nation wasn’t thrust on his shoulders, there was a world where he didn’t stare into the abyss longing for it to take him away, they look into each others eyes and it’s as if there was never a time where they weren’t together. 

    And it feels like finally, like this moment was long coming. And it feels like justice, such righteous and furious justice. And who cares what comes next, because this is a victory that means that it wasn’t in vain. So they live in this moment for a bit. Because they finally can say fuck you, and it’s not regarded condescendingly like a child throwing  a temper tantrum, it means something. It means you lost, it means I hate you for all you’ve done, it means we’re free.

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