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  • It is a trip down memory lane today because God has heard my desires even when I was not right with him.

    3 years ago, I lived in a council house and I always looked at the next council house block next to me. There is this one room that had the TV shows displayed on the wall using projectors and I wished I could live like that too. To be able to spend time watching tv after a long day with the people I love.

    I only noticed, after 4 days of watching TV with Jackie that I was happy to watch TV with her after a long day of work. I can’t believe it. God really gave me something I wished for even though it took time to be fulfillled.


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    I get small moments like this all the time which makes me greatly encouraged.

    Apart from that, I went out sharing my faith with Christine today. I found out we were both met by Michele and that almost everyone we spoke to are not open to studying the bible. I wasn’t too sad about it until Christine warned me of this.

    2 Tim 4:3

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

    That is a hard truth that I am afraid would come through. I am fearful to see a whole generation of people growing up not knowing the truth and won’t listen to it. I am sad to see kids that try to be older than they really are just because I have been there myself. I thought that growing old would give me freedom to do whatever I want, but it doesn’t. Growing old meams more responsibilities. Understanding brought me sorrow because I had no answers to solve all these problems.

    That caused me to really seek after God just because I was running out of ideas on how to live a good life as I grew older.

    I am grateful God is the salvation.

    Acts 4:12

    Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved

    The bible really just says it itself is the truth and no other gods can lead the way to life. I want this to be my belief forever.

    The last thing I want to share is my bible discussion tonight by Frank. He shared Acts 17: 16-28 but the one thing that stood out was Acts 17:23

    For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you

    This is because when a Christian tries to follow every tradition from different denomination of churches, they are like people who worship gods that they dont know, just in case they missed out a tradition or ritual that would bring them to heaven.

    I think that is sad but it is very true about what has happened to me, I thought speaking in tongues can bring me closer to God but it has not been the case. If anything, it made me self conscious if I was speaking the right words or if I am impressing my church friends.

    I am happy to be free from false doctrine. Hope you wish to join me too. Message me for bible studies.

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  • As mentioned in our upcoming Zephaniah episode (36), below is an essay from Lauren about speaking in tongues, written a few years ago in the voice of her preteen self.

    On Sunday nights the crowd is louder, the music is fun and we get guest preachers. Some come from their TV shows to use our church’s microphone and water. They’re so close to God that He put them on TV to be pastors to our pastor. You can’t get higher than that unless you’re the Pope, but he’s not a real Christian. One time a preacher from TV stood up front and raised his arm up, and then started walking through the aisles. I saw people shaking and praising next to him, and the Spirit came over my section when he passed. It felt like a big warm chill, then wanting to fall over. But I kept standing so I wouldn’t lose it. I let it come back in waves, feeling the man walk by, and it stopped when he moved on. That was how strong the Spirit was in him; he had so much overflowing for all of us.

    My pastor and dad said you’re not saved until you can speak in tongues, since it’s the real sign you have the Spirit. The part of God He left on Earth is inside us and it can talk to the Father in His own private language. You don’t know what you’re saying, but He does. And the world might laugh at how it sounds, but what the world hates is usually good, anyway.

    So tonight at my church we have another guest preacher, but I don’t know if he’s from TV. He says to speak in tongues at the end. Our regular church pastors are at the front, telling us to raise our hands and pray. I can’t do it yet. I can’t figure out how they’re making the noises and let the words just gush out. Bashugana, osh amana, ola gaga. I hear the others loud around me- real languages that God knows, because they’re getting the warm chill that goes past your heart, into your stomach, down to your feet and turns your legs to jelly. I can’t feel it.

    Then the pastors invite people who haven’t gotten tongues yet into the backstage area. We can line up and have hands laid on us to make sure it works before we leave. The pastors always say to answer the burning in your chest, stand up and go up if you’re called. I can’t stay still and I don’t want to. I walk to the little room and beside all the other slow learners. We’re quiet, then the visitor pastor moves down the line to touch each person and make sure we’re getting the Spirit. He knows God can understand our prayers in English, but so can everyone else. If I don’t speak in the Spirit, God will tune me out, or let the Devil answer.

    I feel the pastor getting closer, and I’m scared he’ll touch me and it won’t happen- I won’t let the words out, or God won’t give them to me. I peek to see how much time before he gets in front of me. Say something. Open up before he touches you and nothing happens. I should feel the warm chill already.

    I hear the ones before me keep praying out loud with their hands raised to God, who can listen now without eavesdroppers. The pastor puts his hand on my forehead. I try to start the Spirit with a good ad lib of my own- bashugana, osh amana, ola gaga… I say it from the throat, too soft. The pastor pushes my head back more, and I think it will start the real thing. When I stop talking, he lets go. “Yes, she’s got it,” he says. He moves on. But I still don’t have it.

    I leave the room, and the sanctuary, and the church without the warm chill. I still don’t have it now! I want the pastor to come back and tell me he knows. He was in a hurry to get to the rest. And he didn’t want to embarrass me in front of everyone else, but I will get it next time. Or does he think I really have it?

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  • In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
    #Ingirumimusnocteet consumimurigni
    #backyard #campfire #flames #hearth #mystic #meditation #reverence #tongues #light #heat #firepit #wood #burning #gathering #quiet #happyplace #contemplation #thinking #mystery #wonder #dreams #fascination #focus #zoningout #love #night #darkness #silence #crackle (at Williamsburg)

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  • 10:17 AM EDT June 9, 2020:

    Ty Segall & White Fence - “Tongues”
    From the album Hair
    (April 24, 2012)

    Last song scrobbled from iTunes at Last.fm

    File under: Weirdo garage folk

    #Ty Segall & White Fence #Hair#Tongues
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  • Our tongues are poorly evolved for a brain that have an urge to clean the teeth.

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  • Soñé que estaba en un evento con varios jóvenes extranjeros, no recuerdo de qué era el evento pero había una conferencia, música en vivo y comida. Todo esto sucedía en un foro, creo que era al aire libre, al cierre del evento los jóvenes se quedaba platicando entre ellos y aunque todos hablaban lenguajes distintos, la mayoría se entendía //recurrente//soñé algo similar no hace mucho//.

    Soñé que entraba a una oficina de mi papá que acababa de desalojar (creo que se iba a mudar a otra), estaba junto a él, era de noche y solo quedaban un par de muebles arrumbados que por lo oscuro se veían negros. Salíamos de la oficina pero recordaba que había olvidado algo y regresaba, en medio del cuarto alfombrado había alguien sentado en una silla desplegable, llevaba un sombrero, me asustaba y gritaba, mi papá llegaba a auxiliar pero el sujeto de la silla se levantaba, no recuerdo más.

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  • image

    BTD MC Oc- Name- Quinn, Age-26, height- 173cm

    Likes- Reading books, playing with spells(changing her gender for example), dark/red/purple clothes, heavy music, horror movies/books, flowers/plants, cats, rats, video games, draw (furry art), coloring her hair, junkfood/drinking.

    Dislikes- romantic movies, cherrys, too girly/pastel clothes, waking up early, makeup, maggots.

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  • Of course people are hyping up a white fictional character in light of violence against minorities

    #can always count on em #harry potters grab your wands #b99 fucking#grab your#tongues #cause yall got boots to lick
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  • congratulations!! you got a new tongue transplant!!

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  • I don’t think that a lot of white LGBTQA+ people realize just how intense and constant police brutality against queer and trans folks has been. I feel like retweeting that “Stonewall was a riot” is a fine start, but is the tip of the tip of the iceberg for what the state has done to attack and kill QPOC for decades.

    I personally want to challenge myself to study up on my history, because it’s so easy for us to accept this watered down stories that have been revised with whiteness and classism and respectability politics.

    Stonewall was far from the first or last instance of police targeting safe spaces, and brutality against QPOC and working class queer people has historically been the status quo.

    Police brutality isn’t the ‘bad apples’ or an isolated incident. It is done intentionally, targets certain communities intentionally, and has done so for generations.

    Anyhow happy pride month.

    I’ll probably post about this a lot

    #trans things #silver tongue turned to lead #gender things#pride month#happy prise#blm #stonewall was a riot
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  • #purge-with-silver#(answered asks) #(heart of the virtuoso...ic) #once he starts talking he wont stop #im sorry for his tongue vayne
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