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  • underoooos
    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Tony : *shouting in Italian*

    Peter: I know, I'm sorry, Mr. Stark

    Steve: You speak Italian?

    Peter: No. I just know the phrase, "Are you fucking crazy? Don't you ever do that again!" in every language Mr. Stark speaks.

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  • starkdanverss
    18.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    i live for stony tik toks

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  • ashasdramadrawer
    18.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    MCU fandom rant

    One thing that continuously pisses me off is acting as if Tony losing his parents was a Big Fucking Deal.

    In the big scheme of things? It’s not.

    Steve never knew his father and his mother died of fucking tuberculosis when he was a young adult, lived in poverty with multiple disabilities in a time when eugenics was king. He then lost his best friend, someone he kissed once, and his literal life and world. That’s not as big a deal? I mean, damn, they like to talk about Tony’s PTSD is a big deal, but Steve’s is bad too- they were just afraid to go into it.

    Sam? Yeah, his parents are dead too. Systemic racism and growing up on a fishing boat in Louisiana sure as hell wasn’t easy. Then losing his wingman in front of him?

    Bucky lost his mind, his autonomy, his arm, his parents, his sister(s), his best friend, his world and time, almost every human connection he had along with going through horrific torture and medical experimentation against his will. His tragedy cannot be understated.

    Thor, over the course of his movies and the Avengers, lost his mother, his father, his planet, his people, his view of himself and his people (which is a growing pain, but still hurts) and his pride and sense of self, utterly. We saw him accept the role of leadership and grow into a full adult- then because of Endgame lose all of that.

    Natasha grew up the victim of human trafficking, her mother killed trying to save her, her father unknown, and the one scrap of childhood she had was a lie. She lost not one but two found families but held on. She was degraded over the course of the MCU as nothing but eyecandy until it was time for her to die for the sake of the people who could make babies.

    Tony? Tony grew up with all the resources and privilege in the world. Howard was a dick, his mom doesn’t even have a name, but their loss was hardly the worst thing that had ever happened to him. And compared to what happened to the others?

    People react to trauma differently, but I get so tired of seeing people talk about the death of Tony’s parents like it is the only thing that matters. The guy came out better than everyone else, and never lost as much, which is not deserved. Sigh.

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  • sadistgalore
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    me: *is not at all interested in the Marvel Universe*

    also me: *gets emotionally invested in a Peter Parker and Tony Stark prison fic at 2 AM*

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  • rins-love-wins
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I don't see any difference 💕

    #loki #loki tom hiddleston #robert downey junior #frostiron#iron man#ironfrost#tony stark#marvel loki#cat #tom hiddelston loki #tom hiddleston#loki variant#loki laufeyson#loki mcu #loki x tony #tony x loki
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  • morningleaf24
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Understandable Vs Acceptable

    Something I have noticed across fandoms is that people tend to confuse these two words together and apply them in place of each other. I'm not trying to be a grammar fanatic or anything but i've noticed that some stuff that we have deemed acceptable when it is only understandable can end up being a bit problematic. This is especially used in characters who get redemption arcs.

    This is a bit of a ramble so I'm gonna clarify.

    Let's take the example of Zuko from AtLA. Zuko was a victim of abuse, we know that. And we know why he thought the way he did in the first two seasons. We can't blame him for his mindsets. But this does not make his actions acceptable, just understandable. His redemption arc is about being accountable for his actions just as much as it is breaking free from Ozai. We should not just forget that and paint him as perfect from the start as it defeats the point of a redemption arc. Same with Tony Stark from the MCU. Sorry to break it to you but Tony was an asshole in the beginning. He sucked. He was not a perfect, traumatized angel; he made bad decisions and was a bad person. But he grew and took responsibility for his bad decisions, sometimes to an extreme amount. He grows to be a hero and we undercut that growth when we believe him as perfect throughout.

    The trauma in a person's past does not excuse shitty behavior. We can understand their reasons and we can sympathize with it but it does not mean that they are any less accountable. This is why Kylo Ren's 'redemption' does not work and why Zuko's and Tony's do.

    We can't excuse the behavior of our favorite sadbois just because they are sad. They have earn their redemption.

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  • stark-strange-love2
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Stephen: every time I inhale I can hear my spine pop


    Stephen: don’t


    Stephen: don’t do it-

    Tony: and every time we kiss I swear I could fly!


    Tony: I can feel my heart beat fast I want this to last-

    Stephen: *sighs*

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  • the-chickenshit-oddity
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Tony & May prompt:

    Tony Stark and May Parker dated at some point. College maybe? High school? Whatever. They dated, Rhodey knows her, they broke up. She met Ben, they "had" Peter, Ben died, Peter's Spider Man. Tony went on to work at SI, be Iron Man, and here we are again in Civil War.

    When Tony goes to recruit Peter (whatever your opinion of that is), he sees May again for the first time since they broke up, like, decades ago. First thing he does when he leaves their flat is to call Rhodey. That plus Rhodey's fall plus the break up plus the implosion of the Avengers plus Siberia, m'boy isn't in a great place.

    Basically, all the feelings of real life, shitty times and seeing your long lost first love again after years apart (but please don't make them endgame) (or I mean, do if you want, it's your story).

    Oh, and dealing with a superpowered teenager on top of all that.

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  • ir0npvrker
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    tony: *removes morgan from his lap to do something else*

    morgan: father is... evil? father is unyielding? father is incapable of love? i am running away. i am packing my little rucksack and going out to explore the world as a lone vagabond. i can no longer thrive in this household

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  • theclairvoyant
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hello! My requests are open!


    #tony stark x reader #marvel x reader #stucky #bucky x reader #Bucky Barnes x reader #steve x reader #Steve Rogers x reader
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  • tinytelepathy
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i do be totally clueless and up to clownery in my classes. i have no idea what im doing.

    #tinytalk #@calculus #@chemistry #why did i thing being s STEM major was a good idea #who do you think i am tony stark #i dont plan on inventing time travel!! leave me alone with my fish!!!
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  • readingisloving
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #update#trust fall#iron man #iron man fanfiction #tony stark #tony x oc
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  • thefieryphoenix
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Steve Rogers: Man here would be confused and devastated, completely helpless, unable to understand what to do when you vanish during the so called 'Blip'. He thinks he's finally managed to put a stop to Thanos' madness and he's looking forward to relaxing with you, maybe start a family with you since you've been so cooperative these days and spoil you with his love and affection. He's in for a MAJOR shock and a rude awakening when he comes back to home only to see you 've disappeared. At first he's furious and mad, thinking you must have escaped from him and he was also slightly heart broken. He thought you were past this. He quickly suited and geared up, and got ready to find you. He went to ask the other Avengers if they'd seen you but when they explain that half the population of the planet turned to dust, he's stunned. And unfortunately you were one of those people. Steve sits down for a moment, unable to comprehend just what in the world is going on at the moment and says he needs to be excused as he goes out. When he's alone he yells his anger and frustration out and takes his anger out on inanimate objects too. If the threat was in front of him he could have thrown his shield at them and beat them to a bloody pulp. How is he supposed to deal with someone who just gets whisked off in the wind? He tries being strong for you.... for your sake. One way or another, he is going to get you back. Steve never gives up no matter what

    Tony Stark: He refuses to believe that you're gone. He's certain and he WANTS to think that you're just playing some silly game and trick on him, just for fun. He's actually in denial if I should say so myself. But there's a rational part of him deep down that's telling him that you're no longer there. You don't exist anymore. Imagine his surprise when he finally comes back home one day.... he wanted to surprise you and when he finds you missing, at first he thought you must have run away again or someone kidnapped you and he's starting to imagine every worst possible scenario on the planet. Then when he checks the security cameras and when he sees the footage of you just turning to dust like how Peter did, his heart crumbled to pieces and shattered. He didn't know how to react to a situation like that, how the hell was he supposed to get you back?! You were supposed to get married to him damn it! And now you've disappeared with the other half of the population.... he feels angry, hurt and he's devastated. He starts cursing at the universe and his bad luck under his breath and I have a feeling he'll actually start drinking to overcome his grief and misery. He'll keep wallowing in his misery till someone has to tell him to get his crap together and do something, since whining and crying isn't going to solve anything. He takes their words to heart and he agrees, and anyways, since he's THE brilliant Tony Stark, he'll whip up some whizzing gadget that will HAVE to get you back for sure. Else he'll also have to seek the assistance of a certain sorcerer

    Bruce Banner: Oh poor poor man... he'd just be devastated and his feelings would literally crumble when he sees that you're gone. Yeah, he knows that kidnapping you was completely wrong and he admits it, but at least you loved him. After he pleaded and begged you not to leave him that is. Bruce here needs constant reassurance that you'll love him no matter what. Since he's Hulk, he sometimes gets the feeling that he's a stone hearted monster but the way you encourage him to do his best and hug him and hold his hands in those soft warm hands of yours....it's enough to drive him mad, literally. He always comes back home to you hugging him and asking him how his day had been followed by him spoiling you with his love. And sometimes you both would also have your hilarious and good moments in his labs but he doesn't really let you touch anything. Not because he doesn't trust you, he doesn't want you to hurt yourself. And now all that is gone he's just so... helpless. Hulk will take over, start thrashing here and there in anger and rage and it'll be a while till he calms down. Yeah, he'll shed a few tears but he isn't going to sit and cry for hours together, he's a freaking scientist for Pete's sake! He'll figure out a way to get you back, maybe with Starks's help is deemed necessary and the magic from a certain wizard too if required. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get you back no matter the cost

    Thor: For Thor I imagine his darling living on Asgard or something since that IS is home after all. But on the other hand, the darling would have to go wherever Thor is since he doesn't really trust any other moron looking after the love of his life. And goodness knows what they might do to you if he isn't there to protect you and keep you safe. Now, Thor here prides himself that he's taking care of you and protecting you from all the things that can harm you. He's also delusional if have to say so and when he doesn't find you, he thinks he's failed as your protector. When he comes back to you after fighting Thanos, he sees you're not there. That was unexpected. He thinks and believes that you're just having one of your little tantrums at first and he's on his way to find you. Then when he realizes that half the population of the planet got wiped off, he's stunned. And kind of angry with himself too, he should have just whisked you off to Asgard where things would be much simpler and easier for you both. But he doesn't want to believe that you're gone. A part of him still thinks that you must have run off somewhere and he'll get you back soon. But one thing is for sure, is he does see that stupid grape face Thanos again he's so smashing his hammer through his cranium

    Clint: He'd just be at a loss at what to do. How are you supposed to bring back someone who got turned to dust? He might be smart but he sure as  heck doesn't know how you're supposed to revive someone who's just you know... gone with the wind. He comes back, expecting to find you in the house, relieved that he's back home but instead he's met with nothingness and silence. He knows you wouldn't have escaped since the locks were pretty strong and he was pretty sure that you loved him. He called Natasha to see if she's seen you or something and when she answered, she could tell he was clearly distressed about losing you. His voice wavered and quivered a bit and he tried to maintain a calm and cool composure but he was starting to fail. His confidence was crumbling slowly and any person could identify it but at that point he literally couldn't care less. You were gone, his sweetheart, the love of his life.... all because of him. He thinks he failed as your protector and he'll start criticizing himself for losing you. Natasha has to reassure him that you'll be with him soon and as much as he's glad for her comfort, he needs to get you back. He doesn't care if he starts breaking laws and rules and all that nonsense, if you're going to be with him then so be it...

    Bucky Barnes: This man is a literal emotional mess and wreck, I'd use other words to describe him but I'm afraid I'm running out of adjectives to describe him lol. But he feels the same way back when HYDRA found him, cold, numb, unable to even feel anything. Like an empty shell. He could have sworn he was dying and not even the pain they'd inflicted upon him was that strong as compared to losing you. It felt like someone ripped his heart out and stomped on it. Steve and Sam have to be there with him else he'll do something that's probably completely irrational and reckless too. They all were upset, but the one who was most upset was Bucky. It pained him to remember all the good times you both had together, because now it just seemed like a mirage and a myth to him. But he also feels hot rage course through his body, he felt like ripping someone's head off for this. He didn't care if he had to go after that stupid grape Thanos himself and beat the crap out of him. He doesn't care if something happens to him either, he just needs you back. You're like air to him, he just can't seem to live without you. You're a flower, so innocent and beautiful in his eyes, and he's the stem, providing for you and supporting you at every step of the way in life

    Peter Parker and for this scenario, he didn't get turned to dust. Why? Because I said so: Aww... bby boi here would be crying his heart out. He'd be completely miserable and miserable, it's like his entire world became dull and turned completely grey. The world shouldn't be colorful anymore, you aren't there with him. It's like everything's crashing down upon him like buildings falling on him or something and even that isn't that painful as compared to losing you. Not a single second goes by where he doesn't worry for you and think about you. He was so shocked to find out that you weren't there after he came back from the fight and he first thought you escaped from him yet again. Heart beating and pounding in his chest, he swung from place to place, hoping to see you. Then he remembered the little tracking bracelet on your wrist, (a gift given to him which you could never take off), he immediately decided to track you down with it. And when your location doesn't pop up, he's extremely confused. He doesn't understand what's happening. And when he realizes and notices that some of the people went missing from Midtown High school too, that's when he pieces two and two together and understood that people started disappearing. That must have happened to you too. He'll immediately go to Tony and the Avengers and pester them to do whatever they can to get you back. He'll plead, he'll beg, he'll even get on his knees. He just needs you back

    Natasha Romanoff: Usually she's a calm, composed and stoic woman, rarely ever letting her feelings get the best of her. She's already lost her sister and so many other important people in her life, she just has to keep you safe. She tried not to get attached to you at first but she couldn't help it. The way you were so innocent, you were absolutely precious in her eyes. You were the literal embodiment to her that there could still be little bit of good left in this damn world. And that was also what fueled her to kidnap you and protect you. She did everything she could to keep you safe and when you just disappeared with the wind.... she couldn't help but hold back her tears and let them fall. She hasn't cried that hard in a really long time and she was mad. She was mad at that oaf Thanos for making you disappear, she was mad at the gauntlet so much that she just wanted to destroy that dam  freaking thing. So what if the stones and the gauntlet broke? At least she'd have you back in her arms. She was also mad with the universe for snatching you away from her and depriving her or any means of joy and comfort. She'll cry herself to sleep thinking of you, her heart wishing that you'd be back. One thing is for sure: This time, she won't really feel bad about killing someone if she does have an encounter with Thanos and his minions again

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  • loryevrg
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tony Stark and Pepper Potts / Iron Man (2008)

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  • comicstallion
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    From Kang the Conqueror #003, “Only Myself Left to Conquer - Part Three”

    Art by Carlos Magno and Espen Grundetjern

    Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly

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  • fictionkinfessional
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • adorasmybabe
    18.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    remember when tony says to cap "we lost and you weren't there" and then fans got angry because Oh tOnY yOu dIdNt EvEn cAlL hIm, HoW StEvE cOuLd kNoW anD gO tO AnOthEr pLanET?

    am I the only one who thinks that Tony meant Steve wasn't there for the two years after civil war? cap always said that they would fight together, but then they fought with eachother and didn't fight anymore side by side. cap betrayed iron man and left him With just a letter who was, in my opinion, poor. and that's were they started to lose.l tony meant that. he didn't mean Steve should have took a UFO and go to another planet.

    and btw, tony was going to call Steve, he just got interrupted by thanos's army, just in case someone says "tony didn't call steve it's his fault"

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