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  • robinsnest2111
    01.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    on a more positive note: i might try making a ref sheet for some of my ocs today?

    #i've always felt too intimidated to try because what if it's not 1000% perfect the first time??? #what if i do something WRONG???? silly worries i know #anyway wanna have ref sheets for my brain children so i don't forget their eye colours or draw their hair the wrong way around once again #it's happened. so. many. times. UGH
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  • togami-mon-amour
    01.12.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    I think I might look quite nice today ^-^

    #happy Freya — happy Freya :D #Everything just feels right again <33 Not perfect but in my 20s it'll be good! And I am okay with how I look now too! #I dunno - I have an odd relationship with how I look. I remember when this junior came up to me and said I looked really pretty and I think #- almost cried. #Not like people don't normally tell me that - but I get anxious if they just say these things out of obligation #n e way <3
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  • iristial
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago





    #14shyx#kamen rider #kamen rider zero one #kamen rider ramble #progrise keys.kr #either i'll jump straight to aruto time or watch a movie i won't really understand for two min of aruto with chiaki tani on the side *sobs* #oh oH but - if doggie kruger uses d sword vega????? THAT WOULD BE PERFECT TOO
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  • cherrymaho
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ask #there’s a lot of things I can imagine for kurosawa like him making the lunchbox and changing what it said like 10 times bc he wanted it #to be perfect too 😅
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  • kitainari
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    realizing there's already 10 works on ao3 for aogami/protagonist: :)! <3

    realizing there's zero works for yuzuru: :'(!

    #smtv #i love yuzuru why doesnt everybody see him as a perfect boy that deserves to be loved #*as of a few days ago im too lazy to check again #but aogami/protagonist 💕💕💕 #i do love it so much good work so far smtv nation keep it up #just please also spare a thought for our good little fruit boy yuzuru
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  • officersnickers
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #you can't convince me they wouldn't wear this #these sweaters were too perfect for them #and it was fun drawing them #I know it's nothing special but at least it was relaxing #just ignore the weird lines okay? #the promised neverland #tpn#ynn #yakusoku no neverland #tpn lannion#tpn lanni#ynn lannion#ynn lanni #the promised neverland lannion #the promised neverland lanni #the promised neverland thoma #tpn thoma#ynn thoma #yakusoku no neverland thoma #Snickers draws#my art#lannion#lanni#thoma#wario#waluigi
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  • kvmacrossing
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    meet my adopted ham, ebi :3

    #the owner just took this for me #!!! #can’t wait to go get him #i rly wanted a syrian but the size of a dwarf and i literally got it #apparently the whole litter are super small but otherwise completely normal #and i found him within 2 minutes of looking #my preferred colouring too!!! #i can’t believe it he’s so perfect #not ac
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  • oldtvandcomics
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    And then it never is addressed again.

    #at least in Doctor Who I'm not caught up with Legends yet #doctor who #legends of tomorrow #Arthurian legend#the doctor#sara lance#merlin#sir lancelot #the Camelot 3000 episode was perfection and I don't know if I will ever get that level of wish fulfilment in a TV show again #Battlefield was fun too but in a different way
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  • the0ther-side0f-dawn
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    God I wish I didn't fuck up every friendship Ive ever had

    #theres always a moment when i do or say the wrong thing #and a switch just flips #i dont know how to sto #and i never realise what the trigger was until it was too late #im trying so hard to find the perfect balance in hiding myself and showing myself #to show just enough that i seem real but not so much that people hate me #and im trying sp hard to be better too #im constantly trying to rewire my brain to be as accepting and accomodating and as unburdensome as possible #but i keep fucking up #i keep saying too much #i keep being too much #and im doing as much as i can to be a more likable perspn #but its hard when i dont have a personality outside of trauma
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  • spooksmyghost
    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    One day, franziska begins to wonder what her life wouldve been like if she wasnt forced into the prosecutor profession, if she wasnt groomed to be the human embodiment of perfection? She wonders what kind if interests she might have- would she have liked anime? Piano? Macrame? She tries things, yet nothing sticks. She is so tired of being the person who exists for the pleasing of other people. She wants to be herself, an individual. But she cant.

    Her hobby is being a prosecutor. She loves it.

    She just wishes she had discovered it herself.

    #ZEN IS FRANPOSTING??? REALLY??? #ace attorney #idk what this is i thought of it while i was pissing #i do wonder what frans like would have become without the looming threat of perfection though #like. the option of prosecuting was there..but other options were there too #what would she be like? so fun to think about #franziska von karma #franposting
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  • nugget-master-96
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Yeah maybe I dug this hole I'm in but outside forces keep shoveling dirt back inside the hole while I'm still in it and it's making it just a little difficult to get out

    #one like and I'll send this to my mom #like idk what the fuck else she wants me to say #yeah I know I said I'd go back to school but this neat little thing called Life keeps happening #fun stuff like my last job not giving me my last paycheck so I'm several hundred dollars behind where I should be in my savings #also ADHD is a thing that I need to fucking medicate and deal with before I even think about trying school again #also I'm stupid #everyone and their mom knows this. myself included. spending tens of thousands of dollars on school is such a bad move rn. #going back is such a massive financial risk and yeah you and dad can sit back and take out loans in my name so you can pretend to help #but if I don't do a perfect job of juggling classes and projects and my job and taking time to enjoy things then this will be a mistake #a very costly mistake for some of us (me) #anyway #the deadline to submit my application for next semester is at midnight tonight and I'm just. watching the clock at this point. #it's too late to finish it in time to submit but until the deadline has passed and there is officially zero chance of me being able to- #-submit it then I have to sit here and wallow in yet another failure #it's really fun
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  • art--school--wannabe
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    gonna have to personally fistfight my rsd because like i am aware of and respect boundaries for instance needing alone time and stuff but like this little thing in my brain still like assumes it’s a “you dont like me? :(” kind of thing when it’s like hey literally what the fuck umm..

    #maybe i’ll talk about it with my therapist #but like it’s just.. no????? because alone time is important and healthy i need it and it makes perfect sense they do too #maybe it also has somethng to do with a shitty precedent from other relationships but ??? #my brain needs to stop jumping to ‘oh they cant stand me’ because that’s obviously not true #and i also really wouldnt want to make them feel bad for having their own stuff and time bc thatd be SO unhealthy #so like yeah it is something i need to work on like specifically w myself #it’s just. tedious. fuck rsd idk
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  • wujuhour
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i’m not exaggerating when i say i’ve told my cat that she’s adorable/cute hundreds of times

    #then again given how it's been two years and a half since she came here #that's a lot of days and if i tell her that she's cute at least ten times a day then i'm not doing that math #but i wouldn't be surprised if it was in the thousands range at this point #not two thousand (not yet at least) #but maybe more than one thousand #i can't get over how cute she is it's too much!!!! #i was looking at the doggy today and thinking this but i'm more chill around him #he's a good huggable size #but he's not small like my cat and she's got sweetness and cuteness on top of that #princess the cat #EDIT: this gif is perfect since my cat also wears a collar with a bow on it (it's the pink one with the gold stars uwu)
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  • pagesofkenna
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    manifesting a conversation on rich vs poor accessibility in this Hawkeye series, along with a proper explanation of MCU Barton's backstory

    like Kate is amazing of course, but she had access to some of the best trainers money could buy to get herself to be as good as she is. 616 Barton grew up in a carnival show. like yeah, he got some great training too, and this isn't to suggest that he has more natural skill than she does because even with her training a less talented person wouldn't have achieved as much

    but like, as per 616 canon, they both lucked out in having access to talented trainers. but Kate's were paid for and Barton's were fellow carnies.

    #do we know if we're getting barney barton? #i havent been following any casting news i havent wanted to get my hopes up too much #ive also been thinking all week what an interesting roll reversal this series seems to be doing from the Fraction comics? #kate's the one with the run down apartment aimless lifestyle and chance meeting with a dog instead of clint #not that clint isnt also directionless and lost #gosh ive also been thinking all week about how perfect these two are paired up - kate's literally just a younger fresher barton #if 616 clint had ever had a daughter she. probably wouldn't have been like kate but he might've wanted a daughter to be like her #im also so behind on the comics i dropped everything in 2015 and stopped paying attention. thats like SO long in comics years #hawkeye series
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  • inahallucination
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    anderperry au roughly based on a manga im reading

    where todd’s friends keep on asking him who his crush is over and over because theyre all dating and todd is still single and like (im thinking chris is the friend)

    todd doesn’t have anybody he likes but they keep on pressuring him so he just says a random name he remembers

    because neil perry is the golden boy of the school and everyone has a crush on him, so todd just says his name, because theres no way that would ever amount to anything

    except charlie overhears him and tells neil 

    and neil is literally on cloud nine because he has had a crush on todd since forever

    and then he asks todd out and todd is so surprised he says yes 

    and neil is so damn happy he does everything to woo todd and yeah

    he wins him over pretty quickly and it’s all fluff and no hurt

    #plot twist #todd had a crush on neil too he just didn't realize #the sun is making neil perry look like an angel #but thats just what everyone thinks around perfect people like neil perry #<-- todd at some point #anderperry#anderperry au #dead poets fanfic #anderperry fanfic #dead poets society #deadpoets#dps headcanons #dead poets headcanons #neil perry headcanons #todd anderson headcanons #dps#dps fandom#todd anderson#neil perry #todd and neil #neil and todd #neil x todd
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  • bluheaven-adw
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    As an apology for all the morbid RotT posts, here is a Toby being an adorable dork appreciation post. I love the windbreaker dance. We need windbreaker Toby art.

    Bonus Jim's famous full body eye roll.

    #if it's not too warm and not too cold I have the perfect cover-up! #Jim's full body eye rolls are the best #Toby being adorable #tales of arcadia #toa#trollhunters#toa trollhunters #trollhunters tales of arcadia #trollhunters toa #jim lake jr #james lake jr #toby domzalski#tobias domzalski #windbreaker dance!
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  • god-of-a-thousand-demons
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    im not sure if it happens in royal but if mishima and akechi met it would be violent murderous intent and hate vibes emanating off of them while they give their most polite and fake smiles to each other

    #mishima out loud: oh wow you know joker? haha what a coincidence I do too #mishima in his head: stupid perfect prince detective thinking he runs the place who does he think he is #akechi out loud: ah yes I do in fact we’re acquainted you could say haha #akechi: this imbilce scum waste of my time in my way stopping me from what I have to do I’ll crush him like a bug #why do they even hate each other? I don’t know #you know how people have rarepairs for characters that have literally never interacted and yet could so perfectly be in love? #it’s like that except they hate each other #gay boys who are mortal enemies #goro akechi#persona 5#p5#persona series#mishima yuuki#og #I’m looking at the tags and I’m so glad I’m not they only one who thought this bc it’s true #soulmates but with hate <3 #hatemates? #hatemates
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  • fruitguitar
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i love tumblr keep talking abt svi

    #idk why im just so interested on him lately. he is the most ever #this man is gay. autistic. lives in an ikea. crafts wood shit on sundays. what is there NOT to like about this man #finsu is perfect bc theyre both insane hashtag lovewins #i cld talk abt densu alllll day too #but thats it tabby ramble over #tabbyspeaks#hws sweden#hws nordics#hetalia
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  • ardentieternum
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #don’t worry I’m suffering too #puts a knife six centimeters into the wall with near perfect precision #right next to someone’s head perhaps. as a threat. #holds it by the blade and flips it straight into his target with enough force it makes the handle shake when it lands
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  • modernmutiny
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I'm so glad that i drive alone 99% of the time bc then no one else has to be subjected to me singing an elmo cover of loser by beck

    #teddy talks #im working on my mickey too #but ive got elmo and minnie mouse 100% down #also whenever a somg has a trumpet part i absolutely do the mouth trumpet along with it #which isnt perfect yet but thats why i Practice #and thats not even touching my shakira lol #delivery driving is great for working on impressions lmao
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