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  • aaaah this new event is making me cry because I want to do a cheeky forest elf Puck outfit or a period-appropriate Shakespeare outfit but I literally own nothing like that so I ended up doing a Titania thing.

    #top 50% #this was not worth my dignity
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  • A piano driven Weezer song all about escapism with a Beach-Boys-Pet-Sounds middle. “High As A Kite" is #41 on the #Bestof2019

    Weezer has been extremely busy this year, releasing two albums and setting up for the release of yet another album. First, “The Teal Album,” an album of covers that is solid from beginning to end. Second, they finally released their long expected “Black Album.” That’s where you find this great song about getting high with whatever your method of escapism is. It also has the incredibly catchy “Can’t Knock the Hustle,” “Living in L.A.,” the lovely “Piece of Cake,” “I’m Just Being Honest,” “The Prince Who Wanted Everything,” “Byzantine” and the weird but fun “California Snow.”

    They didn’t even let this album breath before announcing next year’s release of “Van Weezer” along with an excellent lead single, “The End of the Game.”

    #weezer #high as a kite #the black album #the teal album #van weezer #best of 2019 #top 100#top 50#41
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  • It was Nochebuena 2018 when Bad Bunny unleashed his much anticipated first full-length album. There are so many good songs on “X 100PRE” but I decided to pick just one. “MIA” featuring Drake is #43 #Bestof2019

    Drake is pulling an Eydie Gorme (or a Nat King Cole or a Linda Ronstadt) singing in Spanish. But this is Bad Bunny’s jam. A good old fashioned love song with some irresistible beats. “X 100PRE” is a versatile release with EDM, reggaeton and even punk pop influences. Check out “200 MPH” featuring Diplo & Nitti Gritti, “Caro,” “Tenemos que hablar” (the pop-punk track I was talking about), the wonderfully 80′s “Otra noche en Miami,” and the re conciliatory “Estamos bien.”

    #bad bunny #bad bunny & drake #drake#x 100pre#MIA #best of 2019 #top 100#top 50#43
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  • As we get closer to the top we finally get to Angel Olsen’s genius album “All Mirrors.” First, let’s hear “Spring.” #44 #Bestof2019

    It’s a song about how sometimes we change as we grow up. Not necessarily changes to who we are as people but more in the things we swore we’d never do, we end up doing and loving things like settling down, having a family, moving to the suburtbs, etc… The song’s aesthetic is that of an unearthed old recording. 

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  • This song is just two minutes long, but it is nonetheless a complete track with sweet and melodic lyrics and arrangements. “Break” by Two Door Cinema Club is #45 #Bestof2019

    A song doesn’t have to be five minutes long to be “a real song.” They hit all the right spots, and then peace out while it’s still perfect.

    #break #two door cinema club #best of 2019 #top 50#top 100#45
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  • First off, this song is great. That wall of percussion sounds, the synths, the words, the vocals, I love everything about it. Buscabulla - “Vámono" #Bestof2019 #46 

    Secondly, the message of the song really hits home. Pun intended. Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle are Buscabulla. Two Nuyoricans who after Hurricane Maria, decided to return to Puerto Rico at a time where many Puerto Ricans left the island because of the devastation caused by the storm and political inaction. The fear is that the island will end up getting gentrified and that many of the traditions will be lost. 

    A song about the melancholy Puerto Ricans feel when they leave is not a new thing (See the classic: “En Mi Viejo San Juan). But this is more than that. Returning with a purpose. 

    I left the island in 1991. Not by choice, but because I was a kid and the family moved to Los Angeles. I have made a life in California and love it here. But I have never stopped dreaming of returning. The minute I visited after more than two decades of not stepping foot there, I felt at home. I don’t have much family or friends there anymore and yet as I grow older the internal call to return gets louder. So, when the video for this song showed a traditional float with the words “Regresa” on it, I felt like they were talking to me.

    It’s not likely that I will end up returning, but the visits have been more often and I will be going back more frequently. 

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  • Even if you’re a Coldplay hater or gave up on the band based on their poppier songs, you should check out “Arabesque,” #47 on the #Bestof2019.

    Coldplay’s rockingest song in ages is more like an amalgam of Jazz and World Music (specifically Middle Eastern influences) and it is wonderful. The bass line, the horns, the featured vocals from Stromae. I love everything about this track, specially the crescendo. The steady rhythm builds and builds and finally explodes in what can only be described as anger and desperation (it’s the first time Chris Martin cusses in a song, which is a bit like when a miniature poodle barks at intruders, not scary and somewhat adorable). Hope you give it a listen!

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  • A ray of sunshine, a hint of love, in the form of a song. Listen to maye - “Tú" #48 #Bestof2019

    The arrangements remind me of a cross between bossa-nova and old-school boleros. Like the loveliest of elevator music (I mean that as a compliment).

    I don’t know much about maye, except that she hails from Venezuela, but lives in Miami. I’m looking forward to seeing what else she has in store. 

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  • DE. LA. SOUL. The infectious “Rocket Fuel” by DJ Shadow featuring the legendary De La Soul is #49 on the #Bestof2019

    From the moment the needle drops on this track, you know it’s gonna bop. And it just keeps getting better. Dare you not to dance to this one.

    I recommend you check out the entire second disc of DJ Shadow’s “Our Pathetic Age.”

    #dj shadow #de la soul #dj shadow & de la soul #best of 2019 #top 50#top 100#49 #our pathetic age
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  • Your top 10 songs you’ve been listening to the most (in 2019)

    I was tagged by @tinmunky thank youuuu!

    *So I’d like to preface this by saying I swear to God I DO listen to other bands, FREQUENTLY, but my Spotify top 10 does not reflect that AT ALL 😂*

    1. Psycho Love - Skid Row
    2. Piece of Me - Skid Row
    3. Monkey Business - Skid Row
    4. Quicksand Jesus - Skid Row
    5. I Remember You - Skid Row
    6. Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row
    7. In A Darkened Room - Skid Row
    8. Big Guns - Skid Row
    9. Born a Beggar - Skid Row
    10. Floods - Pantera (A MIRACLE, IT’S NOT SKID ROW 🙌)

    Honorable mentions, because I really do listen to more than that:

    • Mad About You - Slaughter
    • Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac
    • Cherry Waves - Deftones
    • It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) - The 1975
    • Bury a Friend - Billie Eilish
    • Surrender Control - Comeback Kid
    • Fortune Teller - Stray From the Path
    • Chasing the Dragon - Epica
    • You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
    • Dreadful Moments - Jinjer
    • The Boy Who Destroyed the World - AFI
    • A Small Spark Vs a Great Forest - Norma Jean
    • Northern Comfort - Children of Bodom

    Anyhow, you get the point.

    I’ll tag @sexcoffeeandrockandroll @fanofnightz @bandaids-not-groupies @born-to-be-my-baby aaaaand @rockerjules96

    #upside is aint nobody gonna accuse me of being a fake fan #it's actually ridiculous though #the top 50 is probably 60% skid row #and like 20% pantera #10% slaughter and 10% other shit lol
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  • Let’s crack open the Top 50 with this great song from Guster. “Hard Times” #50 #Bestof2019

    I love the contrast of the voices and melody in the chorus. When lead singer Ryan Miller belts out “these are hard times” and Adam Gardner almost deadpans the “I’m breathing in the oxygen” lines. 

    I chose to post the original version of the song here but there’s an equally great and perhaps even more beautiful acoustic version of the song:

    #Guster #best of 2019 #top 50#top 100#hard times #hard times (acoustic)
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  • Maps.me trying to say that Varanasi to Bodhgaya is a 2.5 hour drive away. In what universe

    #this is india 50 km/h is TOP speed
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  • Holly Hunter


    • March 20, 1958
    • American actress and producer


    • Sally [A Higher Loyality: 2020]
    • Rhea [Succession: 2019]
    • Audrey [Here and now.: 2018]
    • GJ [Top of the Lake: 2013]
    • Grace [Saving Grace: 2007-2010]
    • Tammy [The Firm: 1993]
    • Charlotte [End of the Line: 1987]
    • Sophie [The Burning: 1981]


    • Blonde
    • Brown eyes
    • 1.57m


    • Playable: young adult, adult
    #Holly Hunter#fem 50s#fem american #50s fem american #a higher loyality #succession #here and now #top of the lake #saving grace#the firm #end of the line #the burning #blonde fem young #blonde fem adult #brown eyes fem young #brown eyes fem adult #young adult female #adult female #50s fem brown eyes
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  • should i do a series that’s like “my followers favorite characters” and i’ll make a poll with basically every giffable character from all my fandoms and y’all vote?

    #would anybody like that? #i'd probably do top 20 #50 is admirable i just don't have the time to do that #??? #personal
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