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  • camishii
    25.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Day 59 of drawing every Touhou character - Nue!

    Hey! An Alien!

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  • theboiofpears
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Nitori’s HM story mode in a nutshell

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  • kk-dirge
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ive since retargeted that energy into pairing sakuya with my touhou oc momo who's like. a thinly vieled self insert dont worry abt it #shut up zin #thanks 4 the heads up tho
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  • kk-dirge
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    rambling?? NOT about pokeau?? its more likely than you think

    putting my thoughts here so they dont get lost in discord (yes i have a design doc no i will not use it because its a hot mess)

    gensoSL related - possible perma-story quest stuff

    it's kind of low on my priority list cuz i still need to fully roll out battles and redo aya’s quest and maybe add a daily quest but @_@

    i had a dream followed by a very interesting encounter with a visitor that got me thinking if i wanted to add a permanent installation of a story quest, what would it be?

    the dream was about me building a train in SL and thats about all i remember. the visitor was a very bold person looking for RP who kinda jumpscared me while i was working on stuff, but i did a quick scene with them and learned their character was a dimensional traveler looking for a missing beloved person.

    so given the inspo from that encounter and the dream my brain was like......... renmerry?

    theres 2 ‘species’ groups players can choose from, being youkai or human. i was thinking that based of which group the player chooses, the story would start differently. human players assist renko in the ‘real world’, while youkai help maribel in gensokyo

    the goal is to reunite them and/or figure out why maribel is trapped in gensokyo. perhaps maribel’s abilities backfired on her and she wound up stuck in gensokyo with no way to contact renko. but why would they backfire so suddenly is the question 🤔 maybe something sinister is behind it

    the obvious choice of an antagonist would be yukari, and like, she already has a model, but that’s because she’s the october event boss. i don’t wanna reuse her and also its Predictable but also.. there’s really nobody else with ties that major sdfghj

    i still need to formulate like. a Plot. but i’d want the stories to intertwine, and the two different starts lead to the same ending

    of course the main caveat to this would mean i’d have to make ANOTHER gd layer to the world (for the ‘real world’) but i may be able to get away with making it just a network of skyboxes with the illusion of a larger area.

    #shut up zin #gensoSL#touhou #ever since i found a workaround for a limitation im like -vibrates so hard i clip into the floor- #im hyped to do things but i gotta finish the october stuff first aaaaaaaa
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  • greyslime
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Done with the piece, I'll upload it next time I wake up, and with the time lapse video. When you get rid of the flat colors layer, it looks weird but also kinda cool 👀

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  • greyslime
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Bible angel Yukari in progress! Just need to shade the wings and put the background in, and I'm done!

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  • da-riya
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Favorite Type of Touhou fanwork is the girls holding fumos of themselves

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  • evilisk
    25.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Thinking About TH18′s Cast

    Just revisiting my thoughts on TH18′s cast now that we’re hours away from this year’s popularity poll.

    = = =

    Here are the Unconnected Marketeers characters from “least to most liked”

    No. 8: Takane Yamashiro

    Before UM, I always thought a second Kappa would be good. I thought that because ZUN has Nitori appear so often in official works that a second Kappa would allow Nitori to feel less overexposed. While I still like Takane, and I eagerly anticipate what fan works will do with her and Nitori, I do have to admit she’s the weakest newcomer of the bunch.

    I think her design (which is a remix of Nitori’s one) is the most disappointing aspect. On the one hand, it’s consistent with Touhou’s lore; the Yamawaro have been in Gensokyo’s background since Wild and Horned Hermit, and their visual design straight up was just “Kappa but with Camo”. On the other hand, it’s hard not to call the design extremely safe. Takane’s design looks even worse when we have to Megumu compare to; she’s another Tengu, sure but she looks nothing like the existing tengu. I think it wouldn’t be wrong to call Takane’s design the least ambitious one in TH18.

    I should say: I really do love UM's cast. Her being my least favorite doesn't mean I dislike her at all. But I really can’t justify putting her above anyone else.

    No. 7: Sannyo Komakusa

    It’s another character I appreciate for the world building. I didn’t explicitly want another Mountain Hag, but I do appreciate that we got her anyway; she and Nemuno help make it feel like Youkai Mountain isn’t just populated by Tengu. I don’t have much else to say; she’s just not my type of character. I find her unconventional power to be really fun. I’ll always prefer ridiculously specific and mundane powers like “the ability to listen to 10 people at once” or “the ability to calm people with tobacco smoke” in Touhou.

    No. 6: Mike Goutokuji

    She’s still a Stage 1 boss (most Stage 1 bosses don’t end up being hat interesting) but she’s great. Her backstory is just interesting enough to make her better than most Stage 1 bosses (it arguably makes her better than a good number of Stage 2 bosses too). I also like her attacks. Most Stage 1 bosses are too easy, but Mike’s spellcards are just difficult enough to make Stage 1 interesting. 

    No. 5 Megumu Iizunamaru

    I wasn’t expecting to place her so low when I started this post. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that, to me, she’s the least interesting of UM’s Big 4. It's still great that we get some Tengu worldbuilding with her. But Megumu’s simple “hungry for power” motivation is a bit generic compared to the other co-conspirators. I can’t dislike her too much though, her theme is great and her star themed danmaku is so pretty.

    No. 4 Misumaru Tamatsukuri

    While I don’t like her design, she’s just so mysterious that I can’t help but be fascinated by her. I mean this lady crafted the Hakurei Yin Yang Orb. She has so much potential. The context of her fight is also hilarious. We’ve all heard Touhou bosses go, “sorry but I can’t let you pass” but Misumaru’s fight is the first time where “actually, yes, you really shouldn’t keep going forward”

    No. 3 Chimata Tenkyuu

    The Goddess of the Marketplace herself has really grown on me. At first I thought her design was horrid and her theme was underwhelming. Now I can't even get her theme out of her head (...that outfit still bad though. At least fan artists can make it look good. And the original, bad as it is, is bad in a fun, “vintage ZUN Art” kind of way a la TH10 Hina). Chimata really is a fun addition though. Her backstory gives me such strong “underdog final boss vibes” like Shinmyoumaru in TH14. I’ll also admit I love Touhou’s god characters more than the youkai, so I’ll happily accept another.

    As for second and first place... I actually cannot decide which character I like more.

    No. 1A Momoyo Himemushi

    “Giant, stinky, fight hobo centipede youkai that wants to eat dragons” is just such a fun concept. And everything also about her is great too from her patterns to her boss music to her design (it’s honestly perfect for Momoyo’s personality. Though I am also in love with all the unnecessary ribbons on Momoyo’s limbs). At the same time, she is a bit simplistic. And Momoyo is far from the only fight hobo Touhou. Even if she’s one of the rare fight hobos that ISN’T an oni...

    No. 1B Tsukasa Kudamaki

    Tsukasa is such a lovable scamp though. And she appeals so much to my tastes. I love manipulative Touhou characters like Miko and Mamizou, and I especially love the ones that really don’t do much fighting (a la Seiga and Tewi). I also appreciate how Tsukasa is so good and so prominent in UM’s story, she makes you forget that she’s just a midboss.

    I really don’t know who I prefer more. Momoyo has an actual boss fight and is more “complete” as a Touhou character, but Tsukasa has so much potential (if nothing else, I really want to see Tsukasa interacting with Mamizou). I think, for this year’s popularity poll, I’ll have to go with Momoyo. For no other reason than “I liked Momoyo first”. If they end up giving us more votes this year, maybe I’ll vote for both. If not, I’ll probably just vote Tsukasa next year/poll. 

    #touhou popularity poll #touhou popularity poll 17 #not a reblog
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  • greyslime
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    The new fumo shot type looks NICE
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  • bailai041
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • greyslime
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Messy drawing of the biblically accurate angel Yukari I drew on a post-it notes once. I'll get around to draw her in a full digital drawing before the end of the month I swear! Also she has no legs, maybe I'll put wings there?

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  • inari-kitsune00
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    OMG~~~ OwO*

    I can't believe the luck to had this moment in the first day of do the "daily prays"

    Thank you very much for the luck, Shinki-sama and @izayoi-lucifuge \>w

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  • arcshikisaybah
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • kanakomountain
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    if you like hina coladas...

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  • greyslime
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    2hu magical girl AU

    I wanna make an AU of touhou where they're all just magical girls. Magical girls are cool! Though the only magical girl franchise I kinda looked at was Sailor Moon... I should good read the comics, since I don't remember much of the rest of the anime I watched as a kid. Also I used to watch a lot of those fan-made magical girl transformation videos on youtube as a kid lol I actually have a drawing of an Alice magical girl thing, but I want to change the design a bit. I'll post it when I'm a bit more satisfied with it!

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  • faizfaults
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Alternative rock: Hujan & Alice in Chains

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  • toho-literature
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Curiosities of Lotus Asia - Chapter 12

    Chapter 12: The Deities’ Tool

    The Deities’ Tool

    “This thing... What were the people in the outside world thinking when they made it?”

    I still remember feeling chills when I put it away on a shelf deep inside the store.

    Let’s put it like this: I am Rinnosuke Morichika, a merchant through and through. And this is my antique store, “Kourindou” where I keep all sorts of items, most of them curiosities. I gather these items from the outside world to sell them, and I always keep my door open to customers.

    But then, there are those that are not customers but still come here and treat me like I am a fake merchant. “It’s not like you’re really interested in selling any of these things, right?”, they say. And I am indeed not interested in selling anything to non-customers.

    There are, in fact, a few items kept deep inside the store that I’m not interested in selling. Some items are not for sale because I am personally interested in them. It’s true that some of these are bothersome things that would only take up space in the shop. However, I consider all of them to have value, but more so than my common wares. It just so happens that no one willing to pay a price corresponding to their worth has appeared.

    But among them there is an item that’s lately been bothering me terribly. And it’s worse than usual, because I can’t really ask anyone’s advice regarding this item. It’s a grey box, small enough to be held in the hands, made of... plastic, I believe it was called? As I was saying, it’s a box made from a material neither metal nor stone. Items made of this material have been extremely numerous lately. On top of that, this one has several differently-shaped buttons and switches on it. However, even if I push them, nothing happens.

    Insofar there’s nothing particularly ominous about it. However, this item’s “utility” is very unsettling. Yes, my ability permits me to “determine an item’s utility”. That’s why I am the only one that gets this uneasy feeling. And it’s this feeling that prevents me from selling this item.

    Knock, knock.

    “It’s freezin’ out there, Kourin! And it’s even worse in the forest.”

    “Is that you, Marisa? If you are coming in, wipe the snow from yourself before you do.”

    “Yeah, I’m doin’ that now.”

    I put the ominous little box deep inside a shelf to hide it, and went over to the entrance.

    “It’s too late to start now. Aren’t you already inside the store?”

    “I’m not even a customer, so it’s not that bad, right?”

    “No, it’s doubly bad. I’d like to know what you are going to do if you get my merchandise wet.”

    “Butcha aren’t going to sell any of it, are ya? The whole shop is full of nothing but stuff that isn’t for sale. It doesn’t look like ya want to part with any of it.”

    “Even if it’s not for sale, it’ll be bad if it gets wet. Anyway, hurry up and go wipe yourself outside.”

    Marisa reluctantly went outside. There was a lot of snow piled up on her hat. Was it really snowing that much...? Since I haven’t been outside at all, I didn’t even notice that it was snowing.

    That’s fine, though. During the harsh winter, I can wait for it to end staying close to my heater – a result of human ingenuity.

    “I’m back. It’s cold outside, but the sun came out so it’s real pretty.”

    “It stopped snowing, then?”

    “Huh? ’Twasn’t even snowin’ to begin with.”

    “What about the snow piled up on your hat?”

    “Ah, it landed on me when I went under some tree in the forest. I wonder if it was some fairy’s idea of a prank. Makin’ the tree shake when someone walks under it so the snow falls on ’im. My head did feel a little heavier ’cause o’ that, but whatever...”

    I was curious as why didn’t she wipe it off at that time. But since she would surely say something like “I was exercisin’ my neck.”, I didn’t bother asking.

    “Get anythin’ interestin’ lately?”

    I was about to say, “Oh, that’s right, just a while ago...,” but I held my tongue.

    That item I got a while ago would be that creepy box. As to why I had a bad feeling about it, it was because of for what it’s used to do.

    What that item does is that it can apparently control just about anything. For example, manipulating people, making them fight, starting wars and, depending on the circumstances, even destroying the world. It’s just as if it were a god’s tool. But by looking at it, it doesn’t seem like anything that powerful, or at least that was what my eyes told me.

    While it only took me a short while to ascertain that, since I don’t know how to use it, I wasn’t even able to get it to make an insect move. So I gave up and let it rest deep inside the store, as one of my not-for-sale items.

    “A while ago what?”

    “A while ago... I had this strange dream. I could feel an unpleasant air. And there was this ear-splitting noise and an incredibly dazzling light. I had never seen anything like it before, but for some reason, my memories are...” Better to talk nothing more of that small box.

    “What does that got to do with anythin’? Like I care what you dream about!”

    Knock, knock.

    “Aah, Mr. Rinnosuke! This shop of yours... It’s dangerous.”

    “What do you mean by ‘dangerous’, Reimu? You won’t find a shop more modest than this one.”

    It turned out Marisa only came here yesterday because she was free and wanted to kill some time. But maybe she couldn’t stand doing nothing for long, because soon she went somewhere else. Just like a dog frolicking around in the snow.

    Today’s visiting customer – wait, she’s not actually a customer – is Reimu. Maybe it’s because only non-customers ever come here that this shop is so modest.

    “It’s not a modest shop, it’s simply one where there’s no intention of selling any of its items, isn’t it? But anyway, don’t you ever go outside, Mr. Rinnosuke? Since you are always using heating, the snow on the roof melts and forms a lot of icicles, you know that? If one of those were to fall on someone it would hurt a lot.”

    “It’ll be fine. Maybe a prankster fairy will use them to drive away weird people coming to the store.”

    “A fairy that drops icicles? I don’t think that’s a fairy from the forest.”

    “Well, whatever. Just take them down on your way out. You can do that much, right?”

    “Fine by me. But that’s not why I came today. I was asked to give you a message.”

    “A message?”

    “ ‘In a short while, I’ll be coming to take the usual.’ Just what is the usual?”

    “...What do you mean by the usual? And just whose message is that?”

    “It’s from Yukari, of course.”

    When I imagined Yukari saying this, an unpleasant look appeared on my face. It’s true that I am in her debt, but that youkai girl’s smile is terribly ominous.

    “Wasn’t she still hibernating?”

    “That’s exactly why she sent a message.”

    That’s right, that youkai girl would certainly know something about that small box. However... She is the last person I would want to hand it over to. To date, she has never returned any of the items she arbitrarily took from me. And for some reason, she gives me the chills.

    “I have no idea what ‘the usual’ is.”

    “Anyway, I’ve delivered the message. Now I have to go out and do some shopping.”

    Reimu said that and promptly left. When you come to my shop and then leave saying that you ‘have to do some shopping’, what am I supposed to think? Looks like she is suggesting that I have nothing worth buying here. No, it’s more like she is saying it out loud... I once again took out that small grey box. I imagine this is likely the thing Yukari mentioned. I picked it up by coincidence, so maybe it really is Yukari’s?

    The outside items that fall into Gensokyo include items that came through the barrier by accident, items that became ‘illusionary’ because no one used them anymore, items whose users had suddenly disappeared, and so on. So, if this box really is a god’s tool, then it means that the gods have – very likely – disappeared from the outside world.

    If this item really can control anything, then Gensokyo can easily be put in a dangerous situation. Especially if I hand it over to that youkai girl, I can’t even imagine what might happen.

    No normal person would seriously believe that such a mysterious item like this exists. But in my case, I can’t not believe it, given what I know.

    Of all the items from the outside world I have gathered until now, there are some that no one in Gensokyo would believe it possible to create. So it may very well be an item capable of destroying the world. I don’t want to loose into Gensokyo such a powerful tool from the outside capable of wreaking such havoc if I can avoid it. For now, the small grey box shows no sign of working, but who knows when it may release its god-like power? If this ability is set into motion, people might start being controlled, be made to fight, might start wars, and the world might very well be destroyed.

    I love Gensokyo as it is. That’s why I can’t possibly give this box away to anyone.

    I should break an item as dangerous as this. I should break it with a mallet.

    With slight reluctance towards destroying this little grey box, I hit it with all my might.

    The next day, I was preparing to go out for the first time in quite a while. I had business that required me to do so.

    I had in fact swung a big mallet on that small box yesterday. But it, how can I say it... had a strange outcome. It felt like striking a soft pillow. Surprised, I looked at the end of the mallet...

    That was a scene I would rather not recall. There, between the mallet and the small box I was supposed to break, was a white hand that had snuck in between them! Yes, a creature made of only one hand had stopped the mallet. I had struck down as hard as I could, but this (slender, female) hand was calmly interposing. The hand brushed the mallet aside, raised the index finger and, in front of my eyes, waved it left and right. And then, just as if ridiculing me standing there dumbfounded, the hand grabbed the small box and disappeared into the floor along with it.

    At that time, I had no idea of what had just happened, and just stood in blank amazement for a while. But once I could think calmly about it, I realized there wasn’t anything mysterious about it. Of everyone that I knew, there was only one that could do this. That’s right. It was that girl who took it. The last one I wanted to give it to.

    I still don’t know where she lives. But for now, I’m just getting some fried tofu ready.

    “Preparin’ fried tofu... Gonna stand in front of the shop holdin’ it again?”

    “Marisa? When did you come inside?” Marisa had suddenly appeared behind me.

    “You seemed to be in a hurry, running all over the place, so I just entered and kept quiet. No particular reason.”

    That’s right, if I can get Marisa to go searching for me instead of going after her myself, it would be many times more effective.

    “Marisa, I have a favor to ask...”

    “Go look for Yukari, right? Yeah, sure. Why not?”

    “!? How did you know that I wanted you to look for Yukari?”

    “The fried tofu.”

    Marisa gladly accepted, and went out again almost as soon as she had arrived. In this case... Since it’s so cold, I’d rather not go out myself.

    I tried to calm down and think. Just what was that small box? My ability showed me its frightening use, but you wouldn’t think an item that small could have that power. But if Yukari took it when I was about to break it, then it couldn’t have been just another trinket...

    It had black, cheap-looking buttons, and some small openings on its back and sides. But its most characteristic feature was the small window just above some buttons, that would neither open nor shut. If you stared for too long at that window, you would almost feel like you could get sucked into it. It was made of a strange artificial material.

    However, from its weight, it didn’t seem like there was a lot packed inside it. Rather than danger, what I felt from it was more like an eerie and somewhat lonely feeling. If I had a better sense of intuition, like Reimu, maybe I could’ve sensed something more. Maybe even something like the feelings of the one who used this.

    ...Why is it that, now that I don’t have it anymore, I remember its details much more clearly? Did my eyes get clouded by all the illusionary visions that my ability showed them? From now on, I should start looking at things without relying only on my ability...

    ...Knock, knock

    I noticed the sound of the front door opening. I must have fallen asleep while I was thinking.

    “Whaddya doin’? You send me out lookin’ for someone and then go take a trip to dreamland?”

    “Ah, Marisa... Was I sleeping?”

    “She was at the shrine, that Yukari. Drinkin’ tea and relaxin’. Guess she forgot about hibernation.”

    “So... What did she do?”

    “Asked me to deliver a message.”

    “Another message? And what is it?”

    “Ah, she said ‘Yes, I have received this month’s fee.’ ”

    What? So that was for payment? And a monthly one at that? Does she intend to come collecting things every month now? Looks like I walked into a deal with a very troublesome youkai.

    “And then she said ‘Didn’t I inform you before that portable things are popular in the outside world now? That’s why this kind of item is appearing a lot. This one is a handheld game machine. You can use it to fight and destroy imaginary enemies, wherever and whenever you are. But unfortunately, this grey one is a rather old variety. It’s only monochromatic... and since it’s so old, almost nobody in the outside world has one anymore. You know, the popular one right now is one that has two screens.’ What’s she talkin’ about?”

    “I see now. That’s a relief to hear.”

    What kind of “handheld game machine” is it that’s popular in the outside world now? When that small box with the two screens that Yukari mentioned goes out of fashion, maybe it’ll start appearing in Gensokyo as well.

    And the icicles on the roof actually fell. I guess a strange person came by so the prankster fairy drove them away?

    #i didn't realise this was a continuation of chapter 11... i would've posted it sooner _ _; #sorry i haven't posted in so long!! i've been busy with a lot of things ugh #i haven't had time to post here #touhou cola #curiosities of lotus asia #touhou#touhou project #project shrine maiden
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  • imperishable-prayers
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    “Wait, now I lost track of the conversation… We’re talking about kissing her now??”

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