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  • Imagine women talking about the real struggles they face in a patriarchal world and a study showing that male coworkers intentionally push female coworkers in unnecessary extremely dangerous situations in an attempt to have them “prove themselves” and your male classmate says women are just looking for pity 🙂

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    And this chapter, while it will tug at your heartstrings, also has some really nice stuff dedicated to the secret guild of the Bottom Michael Club. <3 And some sexy French-speaking Trevor because I’ve fucking missed that, and it’s canon in my head. He had to have lived in Quebec or whatever exists as it at some point, and you can’t tell me otherwise, dammit. 

    That said, there are a few French phrases.

    Comprenez-vous: Understood
    J’adore: I adore
    Putain de merde: (can mean many things but is basically a way of saying) Fucking hell
    Nous sommes comme des pièces d'un puzzle: We’re pieces of the same puzzle
    Nous sommes faits pour être ensemble: We belong together

    Without further ado:

    Nights of Loveless Love (Winter 1994)

    Worn boots crunch through the freshly fallen snow that already worked to cover the tracks you’d previously put down on your way to both the liquor store and your dealer. Snow comes up through various holes in the bottoms of them, but even though it soaks your unsocked feet, you can’t even find it in yourself to care, and you’re long-since numb to the cold. 

    You aren’t even sure why you’re still living out of a motel at this point. There’s an absolution in you that feels like it’s time to be an adult and get a fucking trailer or apartment because you’re always going to be on your own, and paying for these rooms gets expensive, but Jesus, you think to yourself that voice sounds too much like his influence, and you need to drown it out, so you walk faster as the street lamps begin to pop off with the approaching dawn. 

    It’s not as if sleep escapes you. All you do is sleep these days. It’s close to the holidays, and who do you have to share it with anyway? You’re pretty sure you’ve heard someone banging at your door a few times, but you’ve either been too tired, too depressed, too damn high to care, or a combination of all of the above to answer. It’s not like anyone is inviting you to any fancy shindigs, so you’re getting shitfaced for Christmas all the way through New Years’. Fuck them all, fuck them all, fuck them all

    The closer you come to the beloved rank place you currently call home – even if you find yourself smirking hollowly at the notion of home in your head – the antsier you become. Shadows surround you, and more often than not, you find yourself checking over your shoulder, wondering if someone’s trailing behind you, but no one’s ever there because everyone’s indoors with their families during Christmas vacation, and even the single souls have found someone to pay to share their time with or they’re at least contented introverts while you’re out here by yourself, braving the cold as if it’s your goddamn duty to get that fucking fifth of Canadian Mist and those three grams of crank like someone’s life depends on it. 

    Well, maybe someone’s life does. Yours. 

    When you finally reach good ol’ lucky number three with the three hanging halfway down to where it looks like a mustache instead of what it’s supposed to actually be, you begin the process of beating the snow from your boots and trying to shake it off your coat and out of your hair. Again, you get the nagging feeling that you’re being watched, but a quick check around shows nothing, so you shake your head at yourself and walk on in, slamming the door behind you. You stop to put your paper sack full of booze on the banged-up old dresser, drop your baggie next to it along with your glass pipe and lighter and shrug off your coat while kicking off your boots to the farthest corner of the room away from you. 

    You turn on the TV and find it still tuned to The Box which is currently showing Alice In Chains’ Down In a Hole, and usually, even though you’re of a more upbeat punk kind of guy normally, this is what’s in these days, and you don’t really mind it. You really find yourself understanding the melancholy feeling behind it, especially when you can get that the song in question seems to be talking about fucking up love, drugs, and love of drugs. All things you’re well-versed in these days. 

    As Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell harmonize over losing souls, wanting to fly, but being denied, you unscrew the cap off the whiskey, tilt the bottle towards them, and sardonically cackle, “I feel your pain, gentlemen.”

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  • My biggest fucking pet peeve in the world is when you’re friends with someone for a long time and then they cut you off without any explanation or because they’re jealous or because you’re better than they are at something and then they get your entire group of friends to cut you off or just be like ‘ehhh I don’t wanna get involved’. It seems like it only happens to me throughout all of my life from kindergarten to now and I’m so FUCKING. TIRED. OF. IT. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME THAT MAKES LIFE KICK MY TEETH IN LIKE THAT???? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME THAT MAKES OTHER PEOPLE DO THAT TO ME?? HHUHHHH?? HUUUUHHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  • Chop Suey! System of a Down

    I don’t think you trust,
    In my self righteous suicide,
    I cry when angels deserve to die
    In my self righteous suicide,
    I cry when angels deserve to die

    Father (Father), Father (Father), Father (Father), Father (Father)!
    Father into your hands, I commend my spirit,
    Father, into your hands,
    Why have you forsaken me,
    In your eyes forsaken me,
    In your thoughts forsaken me,
    In your heart forsaken me oh!

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  • But sometimes I look at all the pain I’ve caused. I used to think I was such a good person. But I’m honestly not. At all. I bring toxicity to any friends/family around me.

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  • Raw, utter, emotions. And then you wake up; the morning after.

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  • [October 16, 2020]

    It’s no longer absent the fact that you want to make my life miserable Trevor.

    I finally figured it out now.

    If you think I’m doing better, you get pissed, and attempt to destroy that as you know what to say to make my world crumble to paranoia and anxiety and stress.

    You don’t want me to ever succeed, and you hide it behind saying “I want you to succeed.”

    You want control over my success so you can brag.

    You did it once, and I felt like I was nothing.

    Now, you’re losing that so you’re going to try and damage my confidence.

    Not going to happen.

    I’m moving on without you.

    I’m getting better.

    I will succeed knowing you have no control over me, and you will no longer break me.

    The next time my mother tries to get me to talk to you, or if you ever decide to message her I’m telling her flat out that you’re trash.

    I’m telling her what I never told her about you, and how you terrify me.

    She didn’t like how you put me second and made me feel useless in photography, once she learns the other stuff she will probably resent you for making me feel this way.

    I told her what you’d tell me on how to get rid of her, by getting her off the lease.

    She knows a lot on what you’ve said and knows I’ll stand by her.

    No, we don’t always agree and we at times argue and get frustrated, but I will always stand by my mother even if I do talk a bit of shit about her.

    I can talk a bit of shit about my mother, you can’t talk shit about her.

    I resnet you more and more everyday Trevor, all due to the shit you’ve pulled.

    Ash even is pissed at you for hurting me this way. I know she’d rather confront you but you’d make my life more miserable of somebody were to confront you. I have no money for a no contact order or restraining order which you know about and would just bang on my door or message me constantly harassing me until I break.

    You’re a very toxic person, some will say you’ve gotten better, you haven’t you just mask it so nobody else sees.

    I’ll never tell anyone else in the building what you’ve done and how you’ve treated me and terrify me. I won’t ruin your shitty reputation, I’m not like that. 

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  • Alatsee in Germany. Photo taken by me.

    Found this interesting stuff on wikipedia:
    “Alatsee is a meromictic lake (which has layers of water that do not intermix). Many divers have died or disappeared mysteriously in this lake due to the  toxicity of the organisms living in this lake. These organisms create the “blood cloud ”  that occurs quite abundantly throughout the year.”

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  • Positivity is not always positive. When it feels like a burden, it’s already toxic.

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  • It’s sad that people bring up ranked in norms. Also sad when said toxic person has over 600+ plus ranked games played this season and is barely sitting at Gold 4 while the person who they’re flaming is Silver 2 with less the 50 games played and has played less total ranked games in 3 seasons then you have in a single season, and has also been gold the last 2 seasons. Unless your high plat/low diamond, you bringing up ranked means next to nothing :)

    Submitted by @bethvader18

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  • Just a thought: You know how some champs say some condescending stuff when you ban them in a draft? Like Darius, Sett and Akali to name a few. And when a round of TFT ends, many of the champs will also taunt (i.e: Leona). And the dancing in TFT, holy shit is that toxic. I know I’m sounding silly, but it just bothers me. I’m facing enough toxic shit by other players, I don’t need it from the champs, too. It just seems so unnecessary.

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