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  • prydon
    05.08.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Some thoughts and acknowledgements about my own and fandom portrayals of Juno and Nureyev:

    Like a lot of people’s, my experience as a Penumbra artist was to listen TPP and enjoy it, wonder what the characters look like, google it and find the old official art, be like “oh, they look like that!” and draw them accordingly--but over time and as I’ve seen some criticisms leveled toward the official art, I’ve begun to move away from that and add my own headcanons about the characters (like my Juno being fat, for instance!). One thing I will never ever do in my art, though, is change Juno and Nureyev’s races--Juno is Black and Nureyev is Asian, and that matters. 

    I have seen concerns raised about the races chosen for them by the original official artist playing into stereotypes, but more so have seen very firm statements by Black and Asian people in the fandom that them being widely accepted/portrayed as those races is incredibly important to them. I think it’s helpful to remember that race and culture are not monoliths--if you want Juno to be Asian “instead”, he can be Black and Asian (I personally interpret him as being of Indo-African descent, which is why his outfit and the major practice done in his and Nureyev’s wedding at the end of my fic Separate but Syncopated were drawn from Hindu weddings). 

    I remember in one of my past fandoms, some people (read: racists) got up and arms about a character being drawn with dark skin “because she’s Russian” which... baffles me to this day. There are not only white people in Russia! Given Nureyev’s last name, I do base my interpretation of Brahma partially on Russia--but I headcanon Nureyev as being of Koryo-saram (Russian/Post-Soviet Korean) descent given that Koreans make up one of the biggest percentages of Asians living in Russia, and also inspired by TPP co-creator Harley Takagi Kaner citing the Korean-American Eugene Lee Yang as a potential cast for Nureyev. 

    That’s why I’ve drawn him in an outfit based on the Korean hanbok, why he uses a Korean alias in my fic That’s Not How You Pray, why I use Korean models/actors when I draw him from reference, and a couple other details (he bows in Syncopated, which is a common practice in Korean culture). I cannot and will never have a full understanding of what it’s like to be a Korean or specifically Koryo-saram person but it’s something that I will always try to take into consideration in my portrayal.

    I also did not always have these headcanons--upon first joining Penumbra fandom, I was aware that Nureyev was widely accepted to be Asian and did not think past that. I saw Nureyev drawn as light-skinned in the official art, and I did not think past that. But not all Asian people are light-skinned, nor is Nureyev canonically East Asian, and many Southeast Asian populations are darker skinned. My personal interpretation of Nureyev is that he is East Asian, but not all East Asian people are light-skinned either. Eugene Lee Yang himself is not pale, nor are many people of Korean descent.

    Eugene Lee Yang:

    Oleksandr Sin, a Koryo saram mayor:

    As I saw fans rightfully pointing this out and criticizing how ubiquitous the portrayal of Nureyev with very light skin is, I chose to draw Nureyev with darker skin instead. I’ve yet to have anyone be rude to me about that or claim I’m drawing him wrong etc, but that’s not always been true for POC fans who have drawn him with their own racial characteristics that were not present in the original official art--and I hope we as White people in fandom can do better than that moving forward. 

    I am always trying to do better, but I also know I have not and will not always get it right. I will never have the same perspective or knowledge as those who share their race with Juno or Nureyev--which is why I encourage everyone to check out the work from the upcoming POC Penumbra Week, which will grace your dashboards/timelines with a lot of beautiful work by people who do have that perspective. 

    I just wanted to talk a bit about my thought process with this stuff publicly after speaking to some folks about it in private, and to acknowledge that I’m aware my portrayals/approach to these things have not always been perfect but it is something I’ve put a lot of consideration into and I’m very open to conversations about how to change/improve. That’s all! Thanks for reading through this very long post haha.

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  • hopeless-eccentric
    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    had some thoughts on twitter thought I’d take this here. this isn’t about a difference of opinions, it’s about erasing meaningful representation for other groups. This isn’t just a dont like don’t read situation, it’s genuine disrespect. I’ll transcribe do you don’t have to click:

    Thread by withane22 on twitter, display name “professional funeral wailer” (yours truly)

    “didn’t think I’d have to say it again but headcanoning people as he/him lesbians is wonderful and I fully endorse it but if that person is canon lgbt rep for another group it’s not okay come on guys.

    it doesn’t matter if the universe of canon exists beyond the ramifications of the hays code and queer history and the like. you and the creator both exist in This universe, where those have had effects on how we portray queer people in media, including what makes good rep and what doesnt. When a character is played by an actor of the same identity and written to subvert harmful tropes, that character’s identity is meaningful on numerous levels, even if the universe of canon doesn’t have the same real world context we do.

    Basically, projection is all fun and games until you start actually erasing the parts of canon that are meaningful to people because they don’t often exist in other places. I won’t go so far as to read this as refusing to allow nuance in gender expression given this often happens to gnc characters, though it is possible. on the other hand, it does feel like an easy out to ignoring canon wlw rep in favor of projecting it onto masc characters instead.

    There IS a poverty of wlw rep, but the solution isn’t to erase other identities to get it.

    This rant has been brought to you by a nonbinary lesbian if that makes you take my word any more seriously.”

    #I’m just. I got a lot of feelings man #tpp #the penumbra podcast #sigh well time to poke the bear #lesboreyev #I’m just. I’m just choosing to hope you guys didn’t realize it’s not okay #and I KNOW we want nonbinary lesbians in media because theyre like. Nowhere. I want them too. hcing to make up that difference is FINE #But not when it takes meaningful rep away from other people who need it just as much as we do
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  • rubyseven
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hey alex rubyseven here i'm archiving this blog because i haven't been active on here in a while and i don't want to bother with the upkeep of this blog so you can find me @hespereides

    #hespereides is sort of a general blog so i will be talking about tpp on there i guess but its not a Podcast Blog TM #alex.txt #to pin
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  • mesothulass
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @c-h-a-n-d-ra i love her so much already

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  • andromerot
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i was gonna finish this last week for @vespailkayshotgirlsummer media fusion but well. i didn't. regardless:

    quote is from mabel ep 20 :) actually i'm not 100% sure this is what media fusion means but mabelanna/vesbud parallels my beloveds soooo enjoy. vespa hot <33

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  • mysticmallows
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ok so I've kinda heard abt the second citadel and I know that there'll be a polyam relationship eventually but man I did not think it would get that gay that quickly

    #damian: his eyes........... #me: oh no shit?????? in the third episode????? #tpp lb
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  • junosteelyourgirl
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    okay but part of what i love most about juno’s character is that despite what he wants us to believe, he’s just so clearly not a pessimist. no matter how hard he tries to cultivate this jaded, cynical exterior, beneath it all he literally just cannot force himself to give up on the idea that people are capable of just as much good as they are evil. and, no matter how deeply he’s tried to bury it, that little shred of hope that maybe humanity is worth saving is what keeps him going day after day. and we see him demonstrate this countless times throughout the series: with nureyev, wire, ramses, even buddy and the carte blanche crew...even when all of his survival instincts are screaming that something is too good to be true— and even when they’re right, —he can’t bear to let go of that little bit of hope without a fight. as jaded as he wants to be; as many cynical quips and jokes as he tosses out for his audience, he chooses to trust again and again and he chooses to keep fighting again and again. because at the end of the day, that’s who juno steel is: someone who, be it by anger or hope or sheer fucking spite, chose to keep living. because whether he likes it or not, he can’t shake the feeling that there’s enough good in the world to make it worth fighting for. and maybe that makes him wrong or stupid or naive, but keeping that shred of hope alive in a world like this one is the hardest thing there is. and i love him for it.

    #juno steel my beloved #i am so proud of him pls #juno steel#junoverse#tpp#penumbra #the penumbra podcast #penumbra podcast#jupeter #ramses o'flaherty suck my dick #stinky lil rat man #i hope he is having a very bad day #hyperion city
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  • couldbeanursery
    05.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    that's gay :/

    #tpp #the penumbra podcast #penumbra pod#junoverse#juno steel#tpp nureyev#peter nureyev#nureyev #gays in space #gay bitches#nOT uNpLeAsAnT #shut up and kiss already #jupeter#id #image desc in alt text #alt text #these bitches gay #good for them
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  • mesothulass
    05.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    oh thank god peters back its spaceship time

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  • littledeadling
    05.08.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Y’all asked for Quanyii so here’s my first attempts!!

    #I think of her as Blasian idk… in me brain #the penumbra podcast #second citadel #the second citadel #my art #artists on tumblr #the penumbra fanart #the penumbra pod #tpp#quanyii#doodles
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  • mesothulass
    05.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    oh no theyve got me with this new town business

    #im Stressed #so like. whos getting exploited for this nonsense vs things seem to be ok on the surface level #tpp
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  • froget-me-nots
    05.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    i have so much confidence in this silly little thief man. no hesitation. of course he wouldn’t betray them. 

    he wouldn’t. 

    #i firmly believe that this post will age well #peter nureyev #i trust him unconditionally i can't help it #tpp
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  • dragons-and-flowers
    05.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    might draw this later but in case i dont, a concept:

    Juno in a "I'm not gay but my boyfriend is <-" shirt standing next to Nureyev in a "This is my girlfriend do not touch him ->" shirt

    #vi talks #the penumbra podcast #tpp
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  • space-city-traffic
    05.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    i knew i’d experienced this kind of universal, fan base-uniting, collective, delightfully horrified realization before, and then it hit me

    #it’s real ruby 7 hours in silt verses town #tpp #the penumbra podcast #tsv #the silt verses #the ruby 7 #brother faulkner#richard tsv #<3 that’s a tag that exists now
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  • captainswan618
    05.08.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Welp. I just started listening to the Penumbra Podcast and..uhh…may have accidentally gotten through 8 episodes in one (over 5-hour) sitting.

    #FUCK this podcast is good #the penumbra podcast #tpp #do I spy a new hyperfixation?? PERHAPS #captainswan618 talks too much #ok to rb
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  • penumbrawlwweek
    04.08.2021 - 22 hours ago



    If you participated in the last WLW week, you already know the drill. This event is dedicated towards making fanworks, fanfic, fanart, fan theories, and all around general fan appreciation of our wonderful penumbra wlw, who don't always end up getting the attention they deserve in comparison to Jupeter and the RAD Bouquet.

    SO in honor of penumbras lesbians, dykes, sapphics, and wlw (non-binary, gender fluid, and trans inclusive, of course), leading up to SEPTEMBER 15TH and running all the way through SEPTEMBER 22ND this blog will be calling all penumbra fans to turn their creative talents to the queer ladies who makes this podcast so special.

    Beyond just this blog, come join our DISCORD SERVER where you can talk about wlw penumbra fanworks, get ideas for art or stories, share theories or meta, and collaborate with other fans.

    Heck, even if you're too busy to create anything, any enthusiasm we can get for our penumbra women is a win in our books. So if you only ever read jupeter or RAD bouquet, maybe consider branching out and giving our WLW content creators a little more love!


    (Discord link is in a reblog!!)

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  • yifera
    04.08.2021 - 22 hours ago

    S2 Juno Steel. Private eye.

    Sassy emotionally constipated lady, he has a gun and half a plan.

    #juno steel#tpp fanart#tpp s2 #the penumbra podcast #theia spectrum#junoverse#my art #i love him your honor
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  • still-busy-being-mortal
    04.08.2021 - 23 hours ago

    podcast lines that changed the world

    (i’ve literally listened to three podcasts so pls add on)

    wtnv - “and i fell in love instantly” / “he is holding a cat” / “the past is gone and cannot harm you anymore. and while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first and settles in as the gentle present.” / “may you, too, find love in this dark desert. may it be as permanent as the blinking lights, and as comforting as the dull roar of space. goodnight, night vale. goodnight.”

    tma - “hello jon, apologies for the deception, but i thought it best—“ / “the blanket never did anything” / “ceaseless watcher, turn your gaze upon this wretched thing” / “i am in love, and i will not forget that”

    tpp - “sir. my name is sir caroline. you’ll show some respect and refer to me by my full title. that clear?” / “hello juno. it’s been awhile” / literally all of sir damien’s monologue in the battle at world’s end part 4 / “i do not experience romantic or sexual attraction for rita. or anybody else. and i never have. but there are much greater bonds than blood that create a family, and we are that. family”

    #all of these moments just make me. short circuit #welcome to night vale #wtnv #the magnus archives #tma #the penumbra podcast #tpp#quotes
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  • nuizlaziart
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    wow I never posted this penumbra fanart I can’t wait for season 4

    #the penumbra podcast #juno steel#peter nureyev#jupeter#tpp fanart#tpp juno#tpp peter#junoverse #why did this post without captionnn
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  • peternureyevplsdontbetraythecrew
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    I think if I had the opportunity to have a proper talk with Jet for like, an hour, I wouldn't need therapy anymore

    #juno steel#jet siquliak #the penumbra podcast #tpp
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