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  • kenttsterling
    08.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    #Colts Hard Knocks - Maniac-trodamus! Been awhile for #iubb in Madison! @ButlerMBB wins! #Pacers to rebuild?

    #Colts Hard Knocks – Maniac-trodamus! Been awhile for #iubb in Madison! @ButlerMBB wins! #Pacers to rebuild?

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    #Butler Oklahoma #Caris LeVert trade #Domas Sabonis trade #Indiana Wisconsin #Myles Turner trade #Pacers trades#Youtube
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  • nftcritics999
    08.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    The Downside of NFTs

    In spite of the advantages and benefits of NFTs which clearly promise a bright future, NFT markets face a wide variety of challenges and risks that should be considered prior to entering the market.

    Market risk is the first thing to consider before diving into the NFT verse. NFTs such as digital arts and collectibles are growing substantially - but this does not mean that they are a safe investment. NFT investments are ripe for risk. Their future is uncertain, and we don't yet have a great deal of historical data to gauge their performance. When investing in NFTs, investors should be aware of volatility, illiquidity, and fraud.

    Even though investing in art is often a subjective act, there is still a risk of losing its value. The NFT market is incredibly volatile, because we don't have mechanisms yet that help people price these digital assets.

    In terms of liquidity, every seller needs to find a buyer willing to pay a certain price for a one-of-a-kind item he or she has curated. That can put collectors in an uncomfortable position if they have spent a lot of money on a 'Top Shot' moment and after which the market depreciates.

    Another risk is the difficulty in determining the value of NFTs. The value of NFTs is greatly affected by the authenticity, creativity, and perception of their owners and buyers. Since the value of an NFT is largely determined by what others will pay for it, it will fluctuate. This means that demand will drive price rather than fundamental, technical, or economic indicators.

    And there is the risk related to intellectual property issues. Someone who buys an NFT, only gets the right to use the NFT rather than intellectual property rights. It is therefore important to consider the ownership rights of an individual to a particular NFT in the metadata of the underlying smart contract, such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, moral rights, and the right to publicity.

    It is also important to consider the ownership rights of an individual to a particular NFT in the metadata of the underlying smart contract, such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, moral rights, and the right to publicity. Someone who purchases an NFT only gets the right to use the NFT, not the ownership rights.

    Cybercrime is also booming in the NFT market, resulting in various risks of fraud, cyber security, and hacks. There have been a few cases of fake websites, where NFTs hosted on the platform have disappeared and been subject to copyright and trade infringements.

    Some artists have also fallen victim to impersonators who have listed and sold their work without their permission. And those who own an NFT do not necessarily own the original version of the digital content.

    The NFT markets are booming. And every day new use case are entering the NFT market attracted by the various benefits and the incredible profits that can be made.

    It is apparent that there is a need for regulatory intervention in this market given the risks and challenges it faces. The importance of reflecting on the legal and regulatory risks associated with NFTs cannot be overstated. It is imperative that we have an international body to regulate and legalize non-fungible tokens as they continue to grow and expand into different uses cases. The outcome is likely to have a profound impact and will be decisive for the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

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  • displaysolution
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Exhibit Booth | Best Tradeshow Booth Display For Sale in Ottawa | Canada

    Display Solution is a leading provider of custom-built and exhibit booth. Learn more about our offerings - show services, exhibit design & management & more. High Quality booth display Products. Display Solution

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  • wearehaawks
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    385 pips potential forex fx news trading profit from 5 events in November 2021 with Haawks G4A machine-readable data feed

    According to our analysis there was a potential of 385 pips / ticks profit out of the following 5 events in November 2021. The majority of the potential profits (55%) came from USDA WASDE. The potential performance for 2021 is 16069 pips / ticks at the end of November 2021. 2020 was 4990 pips / ticks, very close to 5093 pips / ticks in 2019.

    DOE Petroleum Status Report (22 ticks / 3 November 2021)

    USDA WASDE (World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates) (212 ticks / 9 November 2021)

    Norway Consumer Price Index (CPI) (101 pips / 10 November 2021)

    DOE Petroleum Status Report (19 ticks / 10 November 2021)

    DOE Petroleum Status Report (31 ticks / 17 November 2021)

    Total trading time would have been around 4 minutes! (preparation time not included)

    Start forex/oil/grains news trading with Haawks G4A low latency machine-readable data today, we offer the fastest machine-readable data feed for US economic and commodity data and economic data from Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Turkey and ECB interest rates and statement.

    Please let us know your feedback and check out our G4A low latency data feed.

    All data is machine readable and available via API access in Aurora, CH1, NY4 and LD4. Free trials.

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  • tradetechnologies
    08.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #Trade Consulting Services #Outsource Trade Services
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  • professortrader
    08.12.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Buy Christmas Presents From Top Brands With Over 100 Cryptocurrencies on Coinsbee

    Coinsbee is a platform for buying gift cards with more than 100 cryptos, from all your favourite brands and shops, as well as get payment cards and top-ups. This holiday season, use Coinsbee to purchase vouchers for online video game stores such as Steam and PlayStation, gift... Selengkapnya Klik Pada Link Postingan Ini.

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  • pumbaa-sama
    08.12.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Hi Tumblr, Pumbaa's here ! Anne wants to leave my island, she's in boxes today and ONLY TODAY ! DM me your offer. I want to give her a nice home.

    Post December 8th 2021

    #animal crossing #animal crossing new horizons #acnh trade#villager trade #villager in boxes #acnh villagers#villager adoption
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  • violent-kurumi
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    How do I become a present? I'm so jealous

    #pokemon#pokemon y#kurumi rambles #my character is a female because this was over five years ago #i would trade my shiny pokemon to be a present lol
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  • coinshape
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #coinshape #Coinshape leading cryptocurrency exchange #Coinshape blockchain technology #Cryptocurrency Market by Trading #blockchain technology and digital tokens
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  • smartalgo
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Keep yourself updated by following us!!Have faith in us and get a quote for getting your trading strategy in an automated form.

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    book your free Algo trading demo now.

    #Smart Algo Algo Trading Software #API Bridge #What is API bridge #alice blue api bridge #alice blue api cost
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  • professortrader
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bank for International Settlements States True Decentralized Finance Is an ‘Illusion’

    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a finance organization comprised of several central banks, has stated that while the objective of decentralized finance is to move control of financial tools away from current financial institutions, it just provides an ‘illusion’... Selengkapnya Klik Pada Link Postingan Ini.

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  • claashollandnl
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    CLAAS transport door Hongarije.

    CLAAS transport door Hongarije.

    Vandaag zien we transport van het bedrijf Hunland,zij vervoeren veel vee daar staat het bedrijf bekent om. (more…)

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  • graphicpolicy
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Preview: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Best of Shredder #1

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Best of Shredder #1 preview. The Turtles have met their match in this collection featuring the best stories of Shredder! #Comics #ComicBooks #TMNT

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Best of Shredder #1 Misc (A) Misc (CA) James BiggieIn Shops: Dec 08, 2021SRP: $5.99 The Turtles have met their match in this collection featuring the best stories of Shredder! From the Turtles’ Mirage Studios debut to the present day of IDW comics, the leader of the Foot Clan has been a consistent menace to the heroes in a half shell since their inception! Featuring…

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  • xtreamforextrading
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Learning trading is now getting more easy. Download Xtreamforex (MT4 - MT5) demo or real trading platforms with the latest best features & start your trading journey now.

    #best trading platform #MT4#mt5 #Trading Platform MT5 #Trading Platform MT4 #forex brokers
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  • ptunifiedtradejakarta
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    PT Unified Trade Jakarta Purposeful Investing

    It would be difficult to foster a technique to take care of your obligation assuming you had no clue about how much obligation you had. It's similarly as hard to foster a suitable contributing technique assuming that you don't have a justification for contributing. Without a reason for existing, it's difficult to settle on choices about the kind of ventures you ought to put resources into, and without an objective how would you gauge your degree of achievement? Individuals contribute for a wide assortment of reasons. The most well-known explanation individuals contribute is to put something aside for their retirement. A great many people need to quit working at a particular age, to partake somewhat recently of their existence without the pressure of going to work each day. The main way it's workable for individuals who are not autonomously rich (by a legacy or a business that will work without the proprietor's PT Unified Trade Jakarta contribution, for instance) is to have cash saved that can be utilized to pay costs and amusement costs once an individual resigns.

    The other normal motivation behind why individuals put away their cash is to arrive at a specific transient monetary objective.

    Contributing for Short Term Goals

    While the vast majority first consider retirement and long haul contributing when they consider contributing, there are many occurrences when contributing likewise incorporates momentary objectives. Purchasing another vehicle, going on your fantasy excursion or buying another house are largely instances of momentary venture openings.

    Transient contributing requires unexpected techniques in comparison to long haul contributing, which makes understanding your contributing reason all that amount more significant!

    Assuming your thought is to have another revenue stream to enhance your compensation, or to assist you with buying things you don't have the money saved to purchase, your speculation portfolio ought to contain a blend of short and long haul ventures that deliver profits. It ought to contain okay, high return bonds.

    Assuming your speculation object is to put something aside for a particular buy maybe your fantasy home or to get away, it assists with realizing how much the buy will cost and when you really want the cash. Outfitted with that data you can foster a system for contributing.

    Momentary speculations are known to be more difficult than long haul ventures, especially assuming you're not beginning with a lot of cash. Momentary speculations will more often than not convey more elevated levels of hazard; however they likewise have the best opportunities for exceptional yields.

    Contributing for Long Term Goals

    The previous you start contributing for retirement, the higher the measure of cash you can make. Youthful financial backers can exploit build revenue, and even pick more dangerous speculations that could bring about more significant yields since they have such a great deal longer to recuperate from a misfortune than a nearer individual to their retirement age.

    As you draw nearer to your retirement years, your drawn out contributing methodology ought to contain substantially less hazardous speculations including bonds and protections, to assist with limiting your dangers for losing your venture. The lower hazard speculations have lower paces of return, however ought to consistently increment.

    Retirement venture portfolios regularly contain a blend of different stocks, securities, obligation protections, file assets and currency markets. Organization supported retirement plans are extraordinary, specific those that match your commitments. PT Unified Trade Indonesia assists you with building your retirement fund a little quicker and stretch your own venture dollars further.

    #PT Unified Trade Jakarta #PT Unified Trade Indonesia #PT Unified Trade Jakarta Review
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