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  • anyways trainspotting would be gayer if they had a soundtrack full of abba

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  • Little Accident | Mark Renton

    request; “You’re bleeding let me help you- with rents?” // ANON

    notes; gender neutral reader, rehab

    The large metal gate at the rehabilitation centre opened with a creak, a loud protesting scream, as Mark stepped through with his bag thrown over his shoulder and a grin plastered on his face; when he saw you leaning against the car, he picked up his pace, throwing his bag onto the back seat when you opened the door.

    But he didn’t make a move to get into the car just yet, slamming the door shut.

    “Thanks for coming to pick me up,” he said, digging into his pocket to pull out a crumpled packet of cigarettes and a lighter, lighting two up but only keeping one for himself. “I was gonna ask Sick Boy but…”

    “But they’d probably take you out to score,” you nodded, bringing the cigarette to your lips and taking a quick drag. “How you feeling, Rents?”

    Mark shrugged as he sighed, licking his lips. “Like shit. Depressed.”

    You frowned at that, taking his hand in yours and squeezing tightly, which was when you noticed the small spots of blood on his skin; he must have grazed it on the car door, but you couldn’t help but to be concerned, pulling his hand up so that you could get a closer look.

    You grumbled when he tried to pull away. “Mark, you’re bleeding, let me help you.”

    He rolled his eyes, letting you inspect the little accident on his hand, nothing more than a light graze that would heal up in a day or two, it was such an insignificant wound that he would forget about it within an hour or so. “(y/n), love, I’m fuckin’ fine. It’s just a little graze.”

    “I know, but…” you swallowed thickly as you shrugged, pressing your tongue to your cheek for a moment as you bit at the soft flesh around it. “I worry about you.”

    “I know you do,” Mark took a quick look around, with the exception of a few people being dropped off by parents, significant others, friends, there was no one around. He could be a little soft. Gently, Mark pinned you up against the car, his cigarette tumbling out of his grip as he held onto the roof and buried his head against the side of your neck. “Fuck, I’ve missed you…”

    “I’ve missed you, too, Rents,” you hummed, taking a final drag from your cigarette before tossing it away, favouring to wrap your arms around him tightly as you arched and keened and leaned into his touch. “Can we go home, now? I wanna show you how much I’ve missed you…”

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  • Sala railway station, Sweden.

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  • ASBOys by Girli is a trainspotting slag’s song

    #trainspotting #I'll develop a playlist lmao
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  • Home | Mark Renton Blurb

    Request: 8 from the cuddle prompts with rent boy? // ANON

    8. Reluctantly

    (a/n: I know I said I’d do headcanons, but I wanted to turn this one into a short piece/blurb. First time properly writing for Rents, let me know what you think. Not my gif, but what a fashion icon. I love rents with all my heart)

    tw: mentions of drug abuse


    You went to visit after Mark’s stint in rehab, when he was back at his parent’s house still not fully recovered from the effects of heroin withdrawal. You were nervous, not having seen him for a few months, anxious to see how much he had changed. You missed your Renton, your best friend, your partner in crime, most recently your boyfriend. But not anymore.

    You opened the bedroom door to be greeted by the familiar peeling wallpaper, collections of Hibs posters tacked to the wall and a dusty record player that hadn’t been used months sat abandoned in the corner. Mark was lying on his bed, still as lanky as ever, absentmindedly flicking through a magazine with Iggy Pop was splashed across the cover - most likely the only reason Mark had bought the thing. Or more likely stolen it.

    He looked up, having noticed you at the doorway. Dark bags under his eyes, a slight sheen of sweat covering his pale skin, but the corners of his mouth were pulled up into a smile. A small one at that, but definitely a smile. It had been a long time since you’d seen Mark smile sober. It was good to see.

    ‘Mark. Hi’

    ‘You came. I didn’t think you would.’

    The magazine was discarded on the floor now. Mark quickly shuffled to the side and patted the space he’d made, his smile growing into a grin as you walked over.

    ‘Of course I came. I should have come sooner really.’

    You perched on the edge of the mattress. The sheets under your palms were threadbare and old, but familiar. You remembered the two of you snuggling under them as children, bodies pushed together as you hid from Mark’s parents. The light of Mark’s brand new torch, his pride and joy, lighting up the comic you had brought round for a sleepover. Stifling giggles as you entertained each other deep into the night, when you knew you should really be sleeping. Falling asleep in each other’s arms as teenagers, lips ghosting across skin and hands skimming up and down each other’s bodies. 

    Inseparable, until you were torn apart by the reality of adulthood and heroin.

    ‘You’re clean?’ you looked at Mark, already knowing the answer but wanting to see his reaction anyway.

    ‘For now…’ his blue eyes flickered down, not meeting yours, his smile dimming a little. ‘Don’t get your hopes up or anything.’

    ‘But you’re clean now, Mark. That’s what matters.’

    Silence for a few moments. You gazed around the childhood bedroom again, looking for memories while you waited for a reply.

    His ginger eyelashes flickered again and he spoke up.

    ‘I’m gonna try this time, I promise.’ 

    He sounded serious, but his eyes were unreadable, as they always had been. Even as best friends, then lovers, you’d never been able to figure out exactly what made Mark tick. Even Sick Boy didn’t know. He was a mystery you were still solving.

    ‘Whatever happens, Mark, I’m staying with you this time.’ You took his clammy hand gently and squeezed it. ‘We’ll get through it together, yeah?’

    An almost imperceptible nod, and then that faint smile reappearing.

    ‘Yeah.’ His slender fingers squeezed your hand in return, an unspoken promise.

    ‘One more thing..’

    His eyebrows raised in anticipation.

    ‘I haven’t seen you in months. Please give me a hug?’

    The hand was pulled away, retreating into himself again.

    ‘Aw no come on, love, I’m sweaty and disgusting, you don’t-’

    ‘Mark. You need a hug. I want to hug you.’

    More silence. It was now or never.

    ‘Just come here.’ You leaned towards him, scooting forward until you were practically on his lap and he groaned quietly, long arms opening to welcome you in despite his reluctance.

    And it was just like you’d remembered, your chests pressed together once again, arms wrapped and tangled in each other.

    You buried your head in Mark’s chest while he practically collapsed into your shoulder, the feeling of human touch overwhelming after months of starvation. Mark’s eyelashes tickled your skin and you rubbed your hand over his buzz cut, savouring the sensation of the hair soft against the pads of your fingers.

    A sharp intake of breath followed by a shudder and then you felt him finally relax into you. You melted into one another, bodies fitting together like they had been made for it.

    He may have been clammy and shaky and still not fully there, but he was still Mark and he was still home. And it was a start.

    ‘I missed you.’ The words were mouthed quietly into the crook of your neck, lips soft against your skin.

    ‘I missed you too, Rents.’

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  • Disco #13: Various Artists – Trainspotting OST

           Como dije anteriormente, el rock y metal es lo que me ha marcado a fuego en mi adolescencia en lo que se refiere a música, salvo contadas excepciones. La gracia de esas excepciones es que tienen que ser bien fuertes emocionalmente hablando, sino pasaban de largo.

           Este es un buen ejemplo de lo que indico. A finales de los noventas, había una película que marcó mucho por los temas que tocaba para la época (drogas, viajes narcóticos, electrónica, robos, sexo, etc.) llamada “Trainspotting”. Sinceramente, en ese tiempo no tuve nunca la posibilidad de verla (ahora la he visto porque la han pasado infinitas veces en canales de TV por cable), pero si me quedó dando vueltas la banda sonora de ella, debido a que como primer adelanto estaba “Lust for Life” de Iggy Pop que sonó mucho en la radio (tiempo después supe que era de un disco de finales de los setentas, pero información no había mucha en ese tiempo) y el segundo adelanto era “Born Slippy” de Underworld (“punchi punchi” extremo). Me sorprendía que dos canciones de estilos tan distintos estaban en el mismo compilado.

    Tomando en cuenta ello (y mi memoria, claro), me fui a la antes mencionada Feria del Disco subterránea del centro de Santiago, y entre ojear carátulas y escuchar música de todo tipo, encontré ese disco. Vi que además de los mencionados, aparecían bandas como Blur, Pulp, Lou Reed, Primal Scream… Algunos nombres que me sonaban y otros no tanto, pero me entusiasmó tanto al extremo de comprarlo.

    Como era CD y no tenía reproductor portátil, en el camino a la casa vi el libro adjunto y más ganas tenía de escucharlo. Llego a la casa y lo primero que hago es poner el disco en la radio y sentarme. Maravilla. “Born Slippy” duraba nueve minutos en el disco (en vez de los cuatro de la edición del video) y uno saltando como pocas veces en ese tiempo. Las demás, como no eran canciones conocidas, fueron gustándome de a poco, pero a la larga ese disco fue un placer auditivo.

    Como anécdota, años más tarde, lo presté a un amigo de la villa en donde vivía, y a él se le perdió llevándolo a otros lados. Pero, a pesar de que me daba lata el perderlo, en realidad lo que rescato de ese disco es que era una buena muestra de lo alternativo británico (que salvo la típica lucha Oasis/Blur, mucho no se sabía por estos lados). En esos tiempos funcionó de “placer culpable”, pero a la larga nunca lo fue.  

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    if you know that scene from trainspotting, where mark has to go to toilet and it’s the worst toilet in the world? well, it wasn’t. imagine that scene, with more shit on the toilet and all the floor. AND I REALLY HAD TO GO TO TOILET. I AM CRYING RN. IT WAS TERRIBLY TRAUMATIC. IDK IF I WILL BE ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT.

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  • Choo Choo #train #translink #nirailways #class4000 #caf #Trainspotting (at Inn on the Coast)

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    Trainspotting, (1996)


    중반부 이후의 연출, 오프닝과 엔딩 대사의 미묘한 차이, 헤로인에 취해 면접을 보는 스퍼드, 금단 현상을 겪는 렌턴.

    (별점을 매기는 건 정말이지 너무 너무 어려운 일이지만) 내가 이 영화에 줄 수 있는 별 네 개의 합당한 이유.

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    #jonny lee miller #trainspotting#sick boy#elementary#sherlock#t2 trainspotting#ewan mcgregor#rent boy #ewan is back on IG #love this old post and comment by Jonny #Simon and Mark on a motorcycle adventure
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  • Esse texto abordará o filme T2 Trainspotting (2017) e, consequentemente, Trainspotting (1996). Spoilers a seguir.

    Eu já vou começar sendo polêmico. Eu vi Trainspotting, filme de Danny Boyle baseado no livro de Irvine Welsh no começo da quarentena e, apesar de reconhecer fatores positivos, não gostei do filme. No entanto, no dia 03 de julho, decidi ver a sequência e eu amei. Chega a ser estranho, pois a maioria das pessoas diz absolutamente o contrário. Nisso, decidi falar um pouco dos motivos que me fizeram amar tanto Trainspotting 2.

    No geral, é necessário analisar os temas e ideias abordadas pelo filme, tornando evidente a temática principal, a nostalgia, elemento motivador para todos os acontecimentos. Mark Renton retorna para Edimburgo pelas suas fortes lembranças do local. No final do primeiro filme, ele parte e com grandes expectativas para o seu futuro, como o próprio diz, ele escolheu viver. No entanto, com o passar dos tempos, ele nota que o que ele planejava não aconteceu, algo perfeitamente normal, motivando-o a voltar para a cidade do primeiro filme e rever seus amigos Sick Boy, Spud e Begbie, fazendo velhos sentimentos, mágoas inclusive, voltarem a tona.

    Ele volta, briga com Sick Boy, que era o melhor amigo, então ambos fazem as pazes e acabam se reconectando e relembrando os, para eles, bons e velhos tempos. Ainda assim, muita coisa mudou e é incrível ver todas essas mudanças, com a cena abordando a morte da mãe sendo bastante tocante e servindo como uma bela homenagem.

    Apesar de existirem claras homenagens, como Begbie jogando a bebida e os rapazes viajando para o mesmo local do primeiro filme, não é aquele clichê de “antigamente era tudo melhor”, T2 Trainspotting é uma obra sobre reconhecer o passado, mas aproveitar o hoje sem se prender ao antes e eu amei. Especialmente hoje em dia, a onda de nostalgia é bem forte, tendo diversas obras se passando nos anos 80, a exemplo de Stranger Things, o primeiro IT de Andy Muschietti, Mulher-Maravilha 1984, Summer of 84 e Bumblebee. Algumas vezes, a decisão parece ser algo orgânico e que contribui para a trama. No entanto, outras parecem ser apenas algo para aproveitar dessa mania atual e capitalizar em cima dela.

    O próprio final é repleto de nostalgia, criando toda uma catarse naqueles que são apegados ao primeiro filme. Da mesma forma que Lust for Life de Iggy Pop marca o dinâmico e energético de Trainspotting, é um remix de Lust for Life que marca o final de T2 Trainspotting, com Mark aceitando o seu futuro e de boa vontade, com a dança representando isso. Uma última lembrança do passado, mas não uma de ressentimento por ter acabado, e sim uma alegre despedida. É a conclusão perfeita para o arco de Renton, quando ele aceita abrir o seu antigo quarto e tocar a música, ele aceita perder a última lembrança física de seu passado de bom grado, sem medo, diferentemente da primeira vez, onde ele não consegue colocar a música. Mark Renton superou o passado e, por mais que não tenha se tornado quem ele queria ser, o que é comum considerando as expectativas excessivas impostas por nós mesmos, ele está feliz como está.

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    Getting my daily fix of Jonny. Gosh, I can’t stop❤❤❤❤

    Younger, older, with beard, shaven, dressed up, shirtless, smiling, seductive… I love him in every single way🥰🥰

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    The best fxxckin’ friends forever !👨‍❤️‍👨

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