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  • Petition to change TERF to feminism appropriating reactionary transphobe (FART)

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  • not to dunk on the op of that post, but the whole “don’t say you’re a man, go, oh alright then” thing doesn’t work. at least it’s never worked for me. i’ve never heard it working for any other trans man i know.

    if you treat it that way, look at them like they’re dumb and kind of jokingly dismiss it, they don’t care. they won’t even react.

    hell i’ve straight up said i’m a man to strangers all the time and almost every single time they’ll just stare at me blankly, ignore what i said, and continue on with pleasantries and conversation. it never fucking works. rarely i’ll get someone go “really????” and never commit it to memory after that.

    point of the matter is, i don’t want to give any other trans men unrealisitc expectations, and i absolutely am not saying you have to pass or even want to pass, i mean this soley in how other people will percieve you

    if you don’t pass, and sometimes even if you otherwise, if you correct someone on your gender, no matter how you do it, 9 times out of 10 they’re just going to completely ignore and not acknlowedge you at all and will happily carry on referring to you as a woman. it doesn’t work. i’m sorry, and it sucks horribly

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  • I spent a large portion of my life living stealth, ie not disclosing my trans status to anyone and I’m going to talk about how my attitudes have changed over the years and how being stealth is no longer something that appeals to me personally.

    So we’ll start from the beginning. Unfortunately, in the 90s there was no understanding or help available for a child with gender dysphoria. It was dismissed, ignored, corrected. For the most part I was able to present as I wished although sometimes family would insist that I was a girl and attempt to correct my behaviours; neither approach removed my dysphoria. What I did learn throughout my younger years is how people react to someone like me. I got the very clear message that I should not talk about how I feel, that other people do not feel this way, that other people can and will be cruel. I have memories of other children shouting tr*nny at me; a word that they didn’t know the meaning of but I presume had learned from their parents, along with the appropriate context and harmful intent with which to use it. 

    I was seventeen and it was the first time in my life that I was out of education, out of work and had nobody to answer to so finally decided to do what was right for me. I began socially transitioning and came out. I mostly passed as male, albeit as a young, prepubescent boy. I no longer felt that overwhelming sense of deceit from living in a way that felt completely disingenuous.

    I decided almost instantly that I didn’t want to tell people that I was trans. I’d spent my life experiencing the judgement and comments of others and that was not what I wanted. I was afraid of social rejection. For the first time I felt like myself and I wanted other people to see me and not to view me as the trans person. I didn’t want to be viewed through the lens of other people’s misconceptions or prejudices. I didn’t want to be an oddity or a curiosity. I didn’t want to sacrifice my own privacy for being the sole educator of those around me. I hated the idea of anyone knowing I was trans and scanning my features for ‘signs’, viewing me as some sort of third sex. I wanted to be judged on my personality, my merits, my values, my achievements and not this one aspect of who I am.

    Unfortunately, I lived in small town at the time and my past had a habit of following me around. It’s not that I wanted to disassociate from or deny myself my past, but it was often a painful time for me, a time when I didn’t feel able to be myself and I didn’t want the weight of that to be at the forefront of every interaction I had. I found myself the subject of gossip, I found myself in situations where others would try to forcibly out me to confirm what they had heard, in one instance pinning me down to grab my wallet. I avoided certain activities, I avoided speaking about aspects of my past or life experiences. Ironically, in my attempts to live freely, I was actually restricting myself.

    This was my life until I was around five years on testosterone and moved away from the area. It was nice to be in a new place. No one knew I was trans and I no longer had to worry about gossip or being outed. I was seen as myself, as I wanted to be seen. I remained stealth and this was how I liked it, but there was always that gnawing wonder of whether I would be seen or treated differently if they knew I was trans. Is this friendship conditional? Are we friends based on assumptions about me and my life that are not actually what you think? It never felt like dishonesty because I wasn’t being dishonest, I simply didn’t want to disclose this very personal information that, at the time, I viewed as simply a paragraph in my medical history. It was no one’s business and my past wasn’t relevant to the here and now. But I always wondered… would they still see me the same if they knew? I always had the sense that I was holding myself back.

    A couple of years later I did a lot of work on myself emotionally with the help of intensive therapy. I was deeply resentful and bitter about being trans and I held a lot of self pity. It wasn’t fair that I was born like this, it wasn’t fair that I had to spend years of my life playing catch-up, it wasn’t fair I was deprived of my childhood and other experiences, it wasn’t fair that by simply being me I was at risk of rejection and ridicule, it wasn’t fair that no one understood, it wasn’t fair that I wasn’t taken seriously as a child and had to go through a puberty that was absolutely traumatic for me. It wasn’t fair that I felt and had to deal with all these things and the last thing I wanted were for other people to know about them or to view me differently for something that I didn’t want or choose. I just wanted to be ‘normal’.

    I projected my own shame, resentment and lack of self-acceptance onto other people. I did others a great injustice in assuming the worst of them, that they would judge me, never giving them the chance to show me otherwise. I just wanted to be accepted but if I didn’t accept myself, how could I expect anyone else to? How could I ever know true acceptance if I never showed anyone all of me? I deprived myself and others of my insights, perspectives, my view on life, wisdom, experiences, the things I’ve learned along the way. I held a part of myself back for the sake of others, for the sake of gaining an approximation of acceptance from people who didn’t matter.

    Now, I’m no longer stealth. Me being trans rarely comes up in my daily life and is rarely relevant to mention so for the majority of my daily interactions, people don’t know I’m trans. But it’s different. I no longer feel I’m hiding or avoiding it, I no longer feel like it’s a dirty secret; I have no issue if anyone were to find out I’m trans and I’d have no issue speaking up about it if I felt my input was needed. Those close to me know I’m trans, those who aren’t as close may or may not know. I don’t explicitly mention it but I won’t go to any effort to hide it. Me being trans is a part of me, it’s something that has had great impact in who I’ve become, but overall it’s only one small factor in who I am as a person. It’s just not a big deal and whether you know or you don’t know, it’s not a bid deal anymore. I am much more than trans. 

    Being trans is never something I’ve been proud of in itself, and I still don’t think I am, but I’m a point now where I wouldn’t change being trans because it has shaped me into the person I am today and I am proud of the person I am today.

    I want to close by saying that this was my experience alone. Some people are stealth for safety reasons, some people are stealth out of preference and have entirely different feelings surrounding it than I do. There is nothing wrong with being stealth. All any of us can do is live a way that feels right for us, and us alone. 

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  • -Libido has calmed down a lot! Cl*t still has days where its more sensitive than it was before T tho
    -Cl*t growth is the same as it was from what I can tell, will update if that changes but for now im leaving lack-of-growth out of future posts
    -Hair. hair. oh god hair. My face, my LEGS, my stomache… hair.
    -My. voice. is. very pubescent. ive lost a bit of my upper range and my voice cracks are transcendent. upside though? when i go low, i go  l o w. nice!
    -Despite no periods, PMS is still a thing to watch out for. keep track so you can keep up with your moods (learned this the hard way)

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  • If I ever become famous (lmao for what reason making ninjago shitposts?) I won’t reveal I’m a trans dude right away, I’d probably just be streaming one day and suddenly yell that I forgot to take my birth control and just run off camera 

    #Trans man#Transgender #Either that or I'd just casually mention it #Personally I wouldn't want to state it outright #More fun to make people be surprised
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  • I reorganized my flower bed by flower type, not only is there more space now but it is extremely satisfying to walk around. Now to breed enough flowers to fill the empty spaces in some of the plots that are annoying the holy shit out of me by merely existing.

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  • I was recently asked by another user on here to fill out a survey about being transgender to help out their partner who is getting his doctorate. It’s a dissertation about cisgender privilege. So, if any of yall are not cis and over the age of 18, I encourage yall to take a second to fill out the survey. It’s pretty short 

    Here’s the survey

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  • Kinda like a rant idek

    I’ve been having this feeling of wanting to come out, more like wanting to be already out to everyone, my family and like another two or three friends and whoever cares about me in my ex school

    I’m just really scared of the reaction of my family, my mum, dad and brother, tbh I don’t really talk to my extended family but they will know eventually too, anyway, I’m scared of them taking away my opportunity to go to uni or just making jokes about me and making me even more insecure and anxious. And I thought I could wait until I finish uni, but that’s like 6 to 7 years at least, and tbh I don’t want to get my degree with my deadname and I just can’t live as woman for another 6 years , I also can’t deal with people referring to me as my deadname anymore and getting into uni means presenting myself as my deadname and I don’t want that

    I just want to transition, I just want to be me, I’m tired of not being myself, I’m tired of people calling me she, I’m tired of seeing my body and knowing it doesn’t feel or look like me, I’m just tired

    Also is 1 am and I’ve been having a migraine for the last 3 hours, maybe this doesn’t make sense idk I tried my best to write something coherent, I’m just going to try to sleep now

    #my head hurts so much i can't think straight rn #trans#transgender#ftm#trans ftm#trans guy#trans man
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  • any other trans people kinda want to skip the coming out to family part and go straight to transitioning

    #like i’m not properly out to my family (they know im not cis but dont know that im actually TRANS bc they... don’t understand it ig?) #and i simply do not want to deal with it #so like man idk maybe i just wont lmfao #trans#transgender#trans man#ftm#transmasculine#transmasc#mine
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  • I’m going to come out to my family as trans tomorrow. So, I figured I’d tell all of you right now. Hi, my name is Milo and my pronouns are he/they.

    #coming out post #coming out#trans#trans man#lgbtq#transgender#pansexual#sexuality #shut up milo #afab #i am a boy #he/they #masc pronouns pls #not manga#personal post #peep that hoodie tho #bakugou katsuki
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  • Wish I could go back in time and kick my 17 year old judgmental stupid ass out of the closet 😅

    For context, I didn’t know trans people existed until I was 17, mostly because of the lack of information and representation in my country about lgbtq+ topics, and when I found out I just felt really judgmental and hateful towards myself because no one ever told me it was ok.

    #ftm#trans guy#transgender#trans man#lgbt#time travel #can i go back #lol #didnt know being me was ok #we need more representation #representation matters #dont judge me
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  • i tried. i really really tried to imagine myself with a different body. with squarer hips. broader top, and really tried. taller.

    and it didn’t look like me

    is this the imposter syndrome they talk about? the one that’s supposed to be fine? what did this mean?

    do i not really want this?

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  • my voice two months on T! (last month and the month before for comparison)

    [video ID: a white person wearing circular glasses, a black short-sleeved button down, a checkered dangling earring in their left ear, and a black beanie over their curly hair speaks into the microphone of a pair of headphones. they’re sitting in a white-walled bedroom with a shelving unit and few coats hanging behind them.]

    [transcript: mm-kay. hi, it’s noah. back in brooklyn now. packing to move… that’s why the room looks so bare. it’s january 25th, 2021, which would make this the first log of this new year—happy new year—and this is my voice two months on T.]

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  • image

    Tis moi

    I’m very tired

    Please someone knock me out so I can sleep k thx

    #me#my face#ftm#trans man #insomnia got me fucked up
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