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  • Pieces of my heart fall away in the stream of life
    I accept …
    Some things will never be

    The heart needs to break so one can transcend
     … mere feelings

    There is place beyond fluctuating states
    A place of safety
    Of solidarity

    A refuge that will never cease 
    That will never change 
    That loves one unconditionally

    Then this suffering makes sense
    one must break ( free from the false)
    in order to transcend to the real

    Everlasting peace

    #Silent Sufi Melodies #transcend
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  • This to me is heaven -

    to lean back against the wall

    and have my thoughts soar,

    grasping the hidden realities

    of the universe,

    absorbing myself

    into every living atom

    and feeling it become one.

    Thus, i become

    the stillness and the silence

    of this early dawn.

    Soon shall i become

    the mist of early morn.

    Sooner too, shall i become

    the very breeze of morn.

    The very idea of life is

    not to remain a prisoner

    to this form of mud and clay

    but rather for the soul

    to transcend beyond this body

    and to submerge oneself

    into the marvels

    of this universe around us -

    the art of one becoming infinite

    and the infinite becoming one…

    Random Xpressions

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  • hoarded quite a few flash drives for transferring games, animes or movies on android tv and other devices

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  • Boundaries Poem | Transcending Reality | Syrophonecian Queens

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  • Shit,sometimes I feel like time to be patient

    Is time to be wasted

    I'mma get some damn action on my soul

    So if you want to catch me, remember in my eyes I’m flying out of this frenzied equation

    Like I hear the vibrations in my mind, like I’m removing myself up ‘outta it, like let the story unfold

    Equally equating the bullshit to my darkest hours, no matter how my life is employed to each moment I don’t feel like quitting yet

    Monsters and demons, hope for a transcendental out of focus hocus pocus

    One whereby I might shrug into a fetal position crying about my broken psychosis

    But I’m feeling like being patient is time to be wasted and my loyalty to the stars above tell me to arrive on point at the pace of striving for more

    I admit it looks hazy zoloft tainted

    Money, strength,self -get it

    Climb, fight, exposed- maybe

    Nah maybe I’m fucking out of this body astral projecting catastrophic on the taste of old pay stubs and bottle tops

    Maybe you’ll see me pulling up on the collection of humans in this civil world , confused at the inequality that is cast on a drive-by judgement, without getting to know the real love that is me

    Walk left, or running right


    culturally ignited parasite

    And maybe I think when I’m escalating this up-staging, my whole life might have past with no obvious reprocautions

    But I feel like racing because time wasted is time far too impatient

    - 2020

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  • Transcend by Nyota Parker (Official Music Video)

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    #transcend#video#nyota parker #support black artists
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  • Bells Ring, Drums Resound

    When a bell is struck it rings, when a drum is beaten it resounds. This is because they are solid outside and empty within. It is because they have nothing inside that they are able to ring and resound.

    What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of true emptiness and ineffable existence.

    True emptiness is like the inner openness of a bell or a drum; ineffable existence is like the sounding of a bell or a drum when struck. If people can keep this true emptiness as their essence, and utilize this ineffable existence as their function, ever serene yet ever responsive, ever responsive yet ever serene, tranquil and unstirring yet sensitive and effective, sensitive and effective yet tranquil and unstirring, empty yet not empty, not empty yet empty, aware and efficient, lively and active, refining everything in the great furnace of Creation, then when the dirt is gone the mirror is clear, when the clouds disperse the moon appears; revealing the indestructible body of reality, they transcend yin and yang and Creation, and merge with the eternity of space.


    Awakening to the Tao

    劉一明 Liu Yiming  1734-1821


    Graphic - Ka Amorastreya  

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  • TRANSCEND duet ebook deals by Jewel E Ann



    CA: https://amzn.to/2yR2NHt

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    EPOCH-Only 99¢

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    “In another life, she was my forever.”

    An unexpected tragedy leaves Professor Nathaniel Hunt a widower alone with a newborn baby.

    He hires a nanny. She’s young, but well-qualified, with a simple life, a crazy name obsession, and a boyfriend she met at the grocery store.

    Over time, he discovers she knows things about him—things that happened before she was born—like a hidden scar on his head, his favorite pizza, and how he cheated on a high school Spanish test.

    She speaks familiar words and shares haunting memories that take him back to over two decades earlier when he lost his best friend in a tragic accident.

    “I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when you realize I’m not her.”

    Transcend is a sexy, mind-bending journey that uncovers possibilities, challenges beliefs, and begets the age-old question: is there life after death?

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  • Fear the wind
    For it pushes the waters
    When waters are at peace
    Then fury is put to rest
    Lest the Word should disturb the atmosphere
    Where the power to make war
    Shall be crushed by the storm
    Allowing celestial bodies to fall
    And let what was cleansed by water
    Be purified by fire
    Where ashes return to ashes
    And dust returns to dust
    Leaving Light to obliterate the Darkness

    ~ Kosty, Geoffrey C.

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  • Art credit: Miles Toland — Shuniya Ji

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  • Art credit: Jeff Nishinaka — Phoenix

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  • Does anyone else ever feel like you’re in a dream you can’t wake up from? You’re sort of in and out of it and feel like you could do something and it wouldn’t matter because dreams aren’t real so you wouldn’t have real consequences? Do your eyes ever seem to flicker and flutter as if your soul, the very thing animating this body is going to break free? Do the people and things around you suddenly feel unfamiliar and unreal? And you don’t feel quite like you are your body, but rather you’re trapped behind your eyes as if looking out a window, only being able to watch as life unfolds. Please tell me this isn’t just me…

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  • Philippians 4:7 (NIV) -
    And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    #Philippians 4:7 #the peace of God #transcend#all understanding #will guard your hearts #your minds #in Christ Jesus #bible scripture
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  • Keep watching the #buds but can’t seep them #transcend into #flowers , mysterious #nature !

    I #smell each one of the #blooms everyday, absolutely #mesmerizing 🤗

    #mysterious_flowers #secretgarden #secretive #existence
    #lilac #lotus #inmygarden
    #lilaclotus #lotuspond #fragrantflowers
    #instagarden #instagardenlovers #lovelotus

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  • You know when you are looking for that connection with a song that transcends all space and time…  You feel transported to another dimension where none of the pain or anger you feel on a daily basis exist.  How long does it sustain?  Do the words cut to your core?  Does the beat resonate in your bones?  Can you taste the licks in your mouth as they pierce the air around your head?  When the build reaches the climax, do you become temporarily frozen and just vibe the fuck out?

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