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  • JUNGWON Weverse Post 201124:

    I looked and found 6 photos ㅎㅎ….
    I took them with my phone, so there’s a lot of shaking.. ㅜㅜㅜ
    Which picture came out the best??

    ENG TRANS @enhypen-info

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  • it’s 3am and i found out the russian grammar page on wikipedia needs translation to hebrew so you know what that means !!!

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  • So like imma vent this here cause I don’t like bringing attention to myself on twitter even tho I wanna @ crunchyroll so bad about this shit.

    But like, the translations for jujutsu kaisen last ep sucked pretty bad for several reasons, and not just the main reason with Megumi. Of course there was the translator feeling the need to put “she” in his response to todo despite explicitly saying “that person” in japanese. And no, this is not a case of japanese being a gender neutral language with implied context, this is explicitly stated to be gender neutral.

    And if you think people’s complaints about that is dumb it’s not even the only scene where the translator fucked up, that was just spotlighted cause people were looking forward to bi/pan megumi. Mai insults Nobara by saying “you couldn’t pull this dress off with your short legs anyway” but like smooth brains they put long legs instead, which doesn’t make sense and sounds like Mai is complimenting her. I’ve seen quite a few people confused by this line for that exact reason, so way to fuck up something basic.

    The last one is actually next episodes title, which is translated as “small fry and reverse retribution” in the anime but “young fish and reverse punishment” in the manga. The second part is fine and basically the same but the first part is just ??? it literally uses the kanji for young/adolescent and fish. This irks me so much because the fucking opening has pretty explicit symbolism for this upcoming arc with the fish in the op, and this translator completely fucks it up by not just accurately translating the title of the arc like come on bro.

    The translator already got dragged on twitter and deleted their dumbass post where they defend their use of not being gender neutral by making it sound like megumi wants to fuck his sister but I doubt they learned their lesson and will continue to fuck up translations. I just wish crunchyroll would care more considering how hard they’re pushing this series since they realize it’s the next big thing. This is really only cementing me getting rid of my subscription after jjk finishes airing cause I watch the eps right when they come out and don’t wanna wait for pirates.

    If anyone wants to use these examples to @ them please feel free.

    #I am tired #theres mistakes in other eps im sure #but this ep in particular sucked fat nuts #jujutsu kaisen#megumi fushiguro#junpei yoshino#itadori yuji#satoru gojo#nobara kugisaki#crunchyroll#translation#bi erasure
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  • Nah,

    I was told, leave it to me!!!

    and I would update too but,


    Its Ishida Ayumi

    Your reason for becoming a Morning Musume fan,

    …when asking it,
    its probably not a small percentage,

    My friend recommended it!

    with that answer,
    looking back on it,

    these friends,

    What did they show,
    How did they explained it,

    such that that person made you a fan?

    I’ve been thinking about that recently

    Forgetting once that I’m a member,
    as a fan,
    what videos my friends would watch…

    I can imagine it but,

    Isn’t it difficult!?

    Isn’t everyone amazing!?

    MV’s as well,
    they may be good but,


    its like that

    Since I’m a fan


    this kind of fun,

    Sexy Cat no Ensetsu

    This kind of worldview! Everyone is cute!

    Junjou Evidence

    This is the newest,

    Liking it,
    I love it,

    I wonder if it can make a totally unfeeling person feel it?

    I ended up thinking about that

    Is it difficult to explain it at once? lol

    I admired entertainers,
    aren’t they nice,
    I also want to be someone who goes on TV,

    thats what I thought a while ago,

    It wasn’t like, but I like this particular idol!

    At that time,

    Naichau Kamo

    Watching this MV,

    So cool! Eh! Idols can be this cool! Morning Musume is kinda amazing! I also want to be that amazing!

    with that kind of momentum I also,

    Came to gradually like Morning Musume

    My entrance is like this,
    with that MV,

    But the current Morning,

    perhaps its that there are live videos after all


    the latest is this…
    It already isn’t recent but…

    After all watching something like this,

    watching the DVD Magazines where we’re playing around,

    I guess thats how it feels!?


    Watching this in 1 shot!

    that is,

    Would it be an MV…
    Would it be a live video…

    Going like ‘this!’ myself is,
    I’m not able to declare it but,
    its become lonely as I’m saying it myself……

    it may just be a personal opinion but,

    I have to make a call from here,
    Morning is like this–!!!

    and, this,

    Conveying it is really difficult……

    its more of an opinion~ nn~

    it is,

    Ai no Gundan

    Ai no Gundan


    that is for myself,
    In order to complete what I was saying,

    Every day, properly, I have to do my best


    HelloAni (last week)

    Todays upload this time is,

    Oda Sakura-chan,

    sang Gurenge but,

    its enjoyable to listen to Oda’s singing to the ears,
    by all means enjoy Ishida’s movements lol

    Talking about things I like,
    I’m superrrrrrrrrrrrr stimulated by the conversation!

    its important to talk about something,

    that can be difficult to,

    thats what this story was!

    Everyone! Recommend us to your friends

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi#Morning Musume #Morning Musume '20 #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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  • image

    [201118]@R1SE-姚琛 oasis update

    “a happy day”

    comment: “goodnight 😴 💤 ”

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  • image

    [201117]@R1SE-何洛洛 oasis update

    “today i left too hurriedly, forgot to say hi to you guys, sorry”

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  • B1A4_CNU: 바나내꺼다

    Rough Translation:
    BANA is mine~

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  • 요즘은

    어떤하루를 보내고있어요?
    저는 매일 똑같은데 시간은 흘러가는거같아요
    빨리 만나고 싶은 마음만 커져가는 요즘,
    얼마나 보고싶은지 몰라요
    좋은 꿈꿔요
    그리고 또한 오늘하루도 고생했어요


    You had a good day today


    Semoga harimu menyenangkan.

    These days

    How are you spending the days?
    It’s the same for me everyday but time seems to go by
    These days I want to meet you quickly,
    You don’t even know how much I miss you
    Sweet dreams
    And today too you did a great job


    You had a good day today


    Semoga harimu menyenangkan.

    Translation: official-wonho. Please take out with full credit.

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  • (201125) Wonho’s Story Board

    오늘도 고생했어요 위니 보고싶어요-

    You worked hard today Wenee I miss you-

    Translation: official-wonho. Please take out with full credit.

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  • Please do not translate my translations into other languages without telling me. This is why I hate translating anymore.

    Just stop.

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  • Aimyon / Naked Heart

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    How long do I plan on staying like this?
    All alone,
    Hating myself more and more,
    Being jealous of others.

    While I tell myself that one day,
    One day, I’ll stop,
    I’ve loved many times to this day.
    Even now I have.

    I hope this love bears fruit.
    You made feel that way,
    Little by little.
    Right now, I’m in love,
    Carrying a naked heart.

    Bye bye, my beloved memories,
    My lofty aspirations.
    I’ve become kinder, just a little.
    A little stronger too, it seems.

    I’ve come to accept
    All kinds of outcomes.
    I’ve passed through many nights.
    And even now,

    Where this love will lead
    I don’t know, I don’t know.
    Except that now,
    I’m going to tell you how I feel.
    Please accept my naked heart.

    I used to think
    Back then, those nights,
    That I’d be better off not loving.
    But now, I’m in love again,
    My naked heart shaking

    I hope this love bears fruit.
    You made feel that way,
    Little by little.
    Right now, I’m in love,
    Carrying a naked heart.

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  • Characters and Cast Comments


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  • JUNGWON Weverse Moment 201124:

    The early riser Jungwon uploads a moment ㅎㅎ -6-
    I have about 5 more photos that I just uploaded, but I’ll upload them in a little while ㅎㅎ (This is a picture of me waiting in the car!) 
    ENGENEs~ 😍 fighting today❣️❣️❣️

    ENG TRANS @enhypen-info

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  • image

    In the lobby of the Halberd, Moa bowed deeply to everyone.
    “Everyone, I’m truly sorry about what happened this time.”
    Captain Vul tried to assume a stern attitude, but couldn’t bring himself to berate him, seeing how meek Moa was.

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  • … I can’t remember anything precise about that day… Only that Alexandru’s wife has welcomed me and rebuked me for arriving that late. When they heard my name in the living room, a few heads turned to face the door. I had published, a few weeks before Christmas, one of my most read books, ‘Magdalena’s Youth’. I confess that I’m not vain, I dislike being talked to too insistently about my literature. I am still a young man and I have vanities other than the types  artists posses. Much less do I like being, as the saying goes, admired. I admit, this feeling is real and honest; I myself admire a bunch of people, especially a few artists and a few writers. But I honestly would prefer not knowing, not having this feeling…
    I had walked in the living room very reluctantly. My books is probably going to be talked about. The host would feel obliged to change the topic of the conversation, to bring it categorically into literature, talking about the bookstore’s news and then about my book. I have always received letters and calls and, from so many conversations, I began to understand that Magdalena is the fashionable heroine. I was pleased by that, naturally, but from afar. In the center of the readers, and especially of the ladies, I was feeling embarrassed. These people now think, that because they have read my book, they now know certain things about me; these people are certain that some things I wrote had happened in reality and they’re waiting, upon my meeting, to verify their impressions, to weigh me, to judge me fiercely…
    I was carrying this feeling inside me upon entering the living room and I was getting ready to take my snuff-box out, so as to be able to do something precisely, to coordinate my gestures upon a concrete detail… There was a long, not too high room, a grand, black piano, with its fingerboard uncovered was sitting next to the window. The evening was near, but from one of the hostess’ curiosities, there was only one table lamp lit up in a corner. The Chritmas tree was still being kept in the back of the room, with its lit up candles. I have its vivid, clear image in my mind. And, out of all these fragments, profiles, lights, gestures, faces, voices, I have suddenly seen Ileana’s long, almost translucent fingered palm detaching. I have seen this hand even before seeing her face and eyes clearly. Her whole arm, perhaps, has been resting on the piano up to that moment and, at my arrival, she lifted it up, sluggishly. Her fingers seemed unusually sprightly to me, as if they were the only living thing among all those life fragments crammed in the living room.  

    #Mircea Eliade #Marriage In The Skies #translation#part 4
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  • Chorosuke: I’ve always wondered about the name “Jyushimatsu Festival”. See, in this area, ‘Matsu’ is a forbidden word, in a sense.

    Chorosuke: If all of us really do have “Matsu”* in our birth names, it would be terrible! Horrible!

    Hajime: A word whose only trace is in the name of a strange festival? This would be the first time I’ve seen the Jyushimatsu festival in person. They wear masks and parade around, don’t they?

    Takashi: I only see them once every year, but they wear oni demons and kitsune masks and chanting things like “die, die**”. What even is that?

    Hajime: It is true that some of the festivals are called strange festivals, and there are some festivals that get rid of impurity by cursing with such a curse word.

    Toshio: There’s something that I’m worried about. My father is the head of the Ogami family and the priest of the festival, and every year he always does preparations. The day before the festival in an old factory on the outskirts of the village, in addition to the ritual tools of the shrine, he also prepares something else…… which is today.

    Karatsugu: An old factory! What kind of factory was it? Is it being used now? Finally….a real case to report!?

    Chorosuke: Is it the Flag Factory? Mr. Flag, though more commonly known as the Man with the Red Flag, uses it as a pencil factory.

    Ozo: Isn’t there also a warehouse on the factory grounds, and maybe even a pencil for a participation prize? We can go if you’re curious? Like, right now.

    Takashi: Yeah, I know. It’s a bit scary, but… but can we even all get in a car?

    Toshio: One person can fit in the trunk, maybe.

    Karatsugu: Eh!?… Why are you all looking at me? Why!? Ehhh!?

    Hatabou Factory, night.

    [All of them are walking towards the factory.]

    Ozo: Wow. As expected, the factory at night is spooky, isn’t it? I wonder what strange things we can see here!?

    Hajime: No sign of anyone. Well, it doesn’t look busy enough to keep it running all night.

    Takashi: In the past, they used to run all night long. They used to run breakfasts at our store too, for people who worked the night shift looking for something to eat…

    Karatsugu: What did they used to make? Was there any such talk between the previous master and the regulars? … Just curious.

    Takashi: Huh? That kind of talk, not so much. Well, it was a better time for the economy. I wonder what they were making?

    [While Takashi and Karatsugu are having their conversation, Ozo stops in front of the factory, struggling with something.]

    Ozo: Hnggh? This door won’t open!?

    Chorosuke: Stop!? That’s trespassing!?

    Hajime: Not really, in a sense, this isn’t private property anymore.

    Chorosuke: No, that’s not the case at all!? Once you get inside, you know what I mean? I don’t want to wander and get lost!?

    Ozo: Oh! You think we can climb the outside stairs? … Wanna go?

    Karatsugu: That’s right. It’s too dark to see how much you can see from above, but… sounds like it’s worth a try, right?

    [[They start climbing the stairs nearby, much to chorosuke’s reluctance.]]

    Takashi: Phew! Just how many floors even are there!?

    Chorosuke: Seriously! Wouldn’t it be bad if we get caught? Well, because we’re outside the building? Our chances would be better…

    Karatsugu: Alright! We’re almost at the rooftop.

    [Slowly everyone starts clambering to the roof top.]

    Hajime: Phew. That’s a tough one. Hm? One more rung up the ladder …? Is it the height of the factory sign?

    Toshio: Maybe there are some remnants of the past. Shall we go?

    Hajime: I can’t see it that well. Is there any light nearby…

    Ozo: There’s a flashlight! Huh? What’s all this?

    Hajime: It is a mark of repainted letters on the signboard. I wonder what? The “F” in “Flag Factory” seems to be just a paint job, covering some parts of the original letter.

    Karatsugu: Is the name reworked from something else? “Flag” … “Black”? A last-minute name, or rather, as it is.***

    Takashi: Ah! Turn off the flashlight! A car is coming! It stopped. Is that… one of ours? No, it’s… the head of the Ogamis.

    Hajime: Uh, you know. The woman holding a log next to him…

    Chorosuke: No, he’s a man.**** Grows mushrooms. One of my students, Iyami-san. They went into the warehouse. … Huh?

    Ozo: Will they come out soon? What’s with the sudden increase in the number of people…!? Isn’t it “the eve of the Festival”!?

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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    #Denkimatsu#Denki Mystery#Romantic Mystery#Osomatsu san#Hesokuri Wars#Translation#Event Story#Chorosuke Midorito#Hajime Shisaka#Takashi Momose#Toshio Ogami#Karatsugu Aogo#Ozo Akashika#Choromatsu#Ichimatsu#Todomatsu#Jyushimatsu#Karamatsu#Osomatsu#Mod Pheo #I'm so disappointed honestly #Iyami is a trans woman in this au PERIOD. #She is not a man in a dress smh!!! #Until I hear it from her mouth anything otherwise then will I change my view #but don't think i don't see the transphobic connotations either way!!! #Also lmao at karatsugu in the trunk. i finally understand all the fanart now
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  • because of the holidays that have barely passed; tired, in the mood for doing nothing, exasperated by the thought that I had to go to my friend’s. I had promised him. It would have been hard to refuse. I was considering staying no more than an hour…
    That spring, when I was loving her and I had been so close to death because of her, I had struggled to remember, every waking hour, that 8th of January. I would have liked to know what I had worn in that morning, what book had I chosen from the shelves, if I had read any newspapers or not, if I had received some call other than Alexandru’s, who reminded me of the party. I tell myself that if I had thrown a different glance at that newspaper, I would have noticed the poster of some most acclaimed movie and I would have gone to see it before I tried to keep my promise to Alexandru. Ileana wouldn’t have stayed there until late evening if I hadn’t arrived there myself. Maybe she would have left before my arrival, and I wouldn’t have met her at all, or, if by chance, I would have met her some other time, that 8th of January night’s magic spell wouldn’t have existed; maybe she wouldn’t have been free atm all, nor would I, perhaps… Anything could have happened… Sometimes, especially when travelling by train, I carefully watch my compartment neighbour’s guise and I tell myself: if I would have found myself, in a certain, in a certain place, in a certain town, this woman would have been my wife or maybe, she would have been my greatest love of all, as the saying goes.
    I then look fearfully at her; how would our life have been? I don’t think about her body at all; it’s pretty easy to get to know and then forget a body. But I especially think of her presence, of her hidden magic. One day, one hundred days, ten years with thismore or less beautiful, blonde, tall creature, however she may be, under the same roof, next to you, day by day, day by night! How would her magic have worked on me? How would her presence have drunken me?… Every woman I love presses me, strangles me and, without her consent, it tears me apart and melts me down, until the final decay. No man could avoid this ending… But still another question lingered in my mind: how would this sweet, fecund suffering have been to me? In what manner would I have left this world? Downright in turpitude, through a sluggish suicide, or in a great immolation?’
    Mavrodin stopped, breathing rapidly. He lit himself a cigarette and watched the way the matches were burning until close to the fingernails; he then threw it away, absent-minded, as if he didn’t notice it at all. His thoughts were running wild.  

    #Mircea Eliade #Marriage In The Skies #part 3#translation
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  • (English translation) Osomatsu san hesokuri wars: Princess Matsu story AU (Kuzney castle) Chapter 1

    PART 2>

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  • English translation and romanization below the cut.

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  • “Zukko’s always so hard on me even though he himself is terrified of Squalo!
    EeeeeEEEEP! I was just kiddiiiiiIIIIING!”

    #katekyo hitman reborn #khr#khrgraphics#Dino Cavallone #yamada james takeshi #squalo#takasaki shungo #reborn the stage #secret bullet #bucking horse stampede #zukko#photos#translation#maruno yuuta
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