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  • transfem-cutie
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Please read my pinned post before interacting with me. I’m a Sapphic/Trans Lesbian. I like Trans girls, Crossdressers/Fembois, Girls and Non-Binary people.

    Cishet guys, wannabe doms, pretend alpha males, feel free to follow and reblog but please DNI. I Have been getting a lot of disgusting DMs and I am just fed up with it.

    Also if I talk about dick, assume that I am referring to girldick, femboy dick, enby dick, or the like. I am not talking about your man dick.

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  • transfem-cutie
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Just wondering, are there any cis-girls on here that like girls like us?

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  • transfem-cutie
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    We need more femboy and transfem representation in in Tumblr porn. I love oral. I meal who doesn’t like to play with a nice hard cock, but I want it to be cute femboy cock or a treaty girldick. I don’t want typical man porn dick.

    I want to see more femboy4trans, t4t, translesbian, and femboy4cisgirl porn. Some forget enby, genderqueer, the whole spectrum. I want to see girls that look like me and boys that I like.

    Mini rant done, you can now return to your regularly scheduled porn feed.

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  • luzura-blight
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ok, trans people, hopefully this resonates with you like it does me.

    A lot of people don’t understand the merciless coin flip that is gender euphoria vs. gender dysphoria. I just looked at myself. I wasn’t in any gender affirming clothes outside of my usual bra and underwear combo under my clothes because I live with my extremely religious family and I looked HOT. Like feminine, feel like a girl, gender happy transgirl hot. But then other days, I will actively work to put myself into gender affirmative clothes and attempt to make myself look like a girl and I just can’t see anything but my own disappointment.

    Any other trans friends struggle with this shit?

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  • luzura-blight
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So my egg cracking was a fairly easy journey for me. Knowing I’m trans was a quick process for me and I discovered it at the 12. My sexual orientation however has been in constant flux for the better part of several years now. I always knew I was never straight. Even before my egg cracked, calling myself straight never felt correct. Still doesn’t. Straight sounds like the furthest thing away from my identity. I still think the word lesbian fits me the best out of every term that I’ve come across to describe myself, but I’m still honestly not entirely sure. So, I guess the journey continues. But I’ll be a proud TransLesbian whether you say so or not.

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  • madi2112
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    B•Day Blues

    Hard to believe I'm 59 F---ing years old.

    How can anyone be this big of a mess so late in life?

    I got back after a long emotional drive from Bryson City thanks to Hannah, Milly and their creator Sigrid.

    But when I got home it was great to see and give big hugs to Shiloh.

    After I cleaned up all the piles and puddles of messes he left that is.

    I hit the bed soon after unloading the car and slowly cried myself to sleep (an almost nightly occurrence now).

    I had a day of golf planed and dinner out because there really wasn't much else to do.

    Especially when your hopelessly alone.

    I did get a few dozen "Happy Birthday" wishes on various social media platforms. But it wasn't until I contacted my wife and son first did they drop a quick birthday greeting on me.

    How sad. I had blogairy followers, acquaintances, Social Media friends and co- workers offer me more sincere birthday wishes and greetings then anyone in my own family.

    It's beginning to look like April's Heal or Heartbreak Tour '21 was a failure.

    Or they just hate me that much.

    Maybe the best greeting came later in the evening from my friend Kinga.

    No surprise there!

    She had finished her long shoot for the day and was having dinner with Jillian (the producer/director of our T.V. show) and some crew members. When she send me this little snipette:

    This was such a sweet and simple thing and it really made my day (turn on the water works)

    It took me exactly 0 minutes to open all the gifts I recieved so I did that on the way to the golf course.

    I booked a tee time at Falcons Fire in Kissimmee as it was a course I had been eyeing to play for a while now.

    I was hitting the ball well and everthing felt good. I parred hole # 1 but missed a short par putt on #2. I then rattled off 5 more pars and after a superb approach shot on #8 I actually made the 5 ft. Birdie putt.

    Then I did some stupid.

    I looked at my scorecard.

    Holy crap, I was even par through 8 holes!!!

    I've never been even par that late in a round ever. My Personal Best is 78 (on a course in Provo) and if I could play bogey golf the last 10 holes (like I usually do) then who knows....

    Suddenly that realization hit me and my arms got heavy, my swing felt odd and things went to hell so fast it was shocking.

    My even par after 8 holes ended as a +12 after 18.

    Seems like my golf game is similar to my life.

    Good for short stretches, great ever once in a while but then it all goes to hell. In the end the results are terrible and pathetic.

    Dinner was Chili's as they had sent over a coupon for a free birthday dessert.


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  • madi2112
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Story of Hannah and Milly

    It's not often I am truly touched by a fictional character or story.

    The last time was a few years ago after viewing the final episode of "Six Feet Under"

    I described my feelings about that show in an earlier entry in this blogairy titled " Yes, I cried hard".

    Well it has happened once again.

    Only much worse (better?) this time by far.

    For a long while now I have become a complete sucker for romantic stories, movies and books.

    I guess since there is no romance of any kind in my life, and no hope for any in the foreseeable future. I'm living my romantic dreams vicariously through fictional stories.

    So far none of the classic romance movies or books I have seen and read of late have moved me.

    Are they entertaining? Yes.

    Are they sappy and emotional? Sometimes.

    Are they helping to cheer me up? Occasionally.

    But none actually touched my heart. None had really moved me.

    Until now.

    And it wasn't a book. Or a movie.

    It's a podcast.

    A wonderfully tender, achingly romantic, excellently written, well produced and recorded Podcast.

    The characters are so believable, so well thought out and so lovable that they melted my heart.

    The story is told in such a slow build up fashion that you learn to care about these people and what would happen to them.

    The podcast itself is more like an audio play. An updated version of a radio soap. The sound effects, background textures and attention to detail are all remarkable.

    All these things grab you and keep you involved in the story.

    I laughed a lot. I cried almost as much. Both tears of joy and of sadness. I yelled "No. No. No!" when the story took an unexpected twist. I cheered when the main characters made critical decisions I agreed with.

    I discovered the podcast while searching for something to listen to while on the long drive from Orlando to North Carolina.

    I was so engrossed in the podcast the drive just disappeared.

    Luckily the story was broken up into 44, Yes 44 parts. Each one clocking in around the 22 minute mark.

    Intrigued yet?

    The podcast I'm so enamored with is called "The Diva Story"

    Here is the very brief teaser description:

    The Diva Story

    The opera hating CEO of a chocolate empire is forced to become the mentor of an upcoming diva.

    Hannah Emsworth – Leroy has a date at the theater…with her mother. She hates opera and can’t wait to get home. But tonight is just the beginning. She will soon have a diva on her hands.

    The opera singer, Mildred North (Milly) is a very talented up and coming performer and Hannah her patron. After a rough start they end up falling for one another.

    The link to the podcast is:


    Yes, the name of the podcast site is "The Lesbian Romantic"

    Because I am a Lesbian.

    And this is a lesbian love story. A loving, romantic, tender, touching, emotional story.

    Everything I would want in a real relationship.

    For those of you who did not know my orientation before this. there it is.

    Technically I'm labeled as a "translesbian". I don't really acknowledge that label as a woman (which I am) who is only romantically interested in other women (which I do) is simply a lesbian. No trans designation needed.

    Give it a listen if your interested. There are other podcast stories on the site but I have yet to listen to them. I need time to recover from The Diva Story first before I get involved with more stories.


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  • luzura-blight
    13.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I love making trans posts and having the Terf scum weed themselves out because TERFs are unaware of the concept of picking their own battles and HAVE to weigh in and call me a “straight male” or a “predator”.

    My egg cracked at twelve and before that, even then I had intense body issues surrounding the fact that something felt off when it came to body image and being called a he and I didn’t even give a rats ass about relationships or sex or love or crushes or anything like that before I was 17. In fact, I care nothing for leading anyone on or really interacting with anyone that isn’t fully aware of the everything about me. It’s why I’m so open about being trans and why I’m so upfront about the everything about me. What you see is what you get with me and I’m only interested in people that know me that well and love me for me and everything that comes with that.

    So, you call me a predator, but I’m the furthest thing from. Not only am I happy with who I’ve grown into, I could not care less if someone is interested in me because I won’t even be looking in their direction or even giving a fuck about their presence until they show a genuine interest in getting to know me and even then, once I’ve shown everything about me, including the fact that I’m trans as fuck, I will only take steps to build a relationship with that person if I know they want the same thing.

    So you can try to shame me and bring me down with your TERF criticism or try to report me for “being a predator” when I’m clearly not or whatever, but I have been honest about my identity from the drop. It’s on my bio. Everyone knows i am a transgirl, so I have nothing to hide.

    I even have the dysphoria to prove it. And I can block y’all all damn day. And frankly, the more TERFs I block, the more genders I create, so…

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  • luzura-blight
    03.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Honest question: What is the problem with people putting character customization in their games? What is so game-savaging and plot-destroying about putting gender optional selections or just being able to pick your own pronouns at all in game? I’m scrolling through game pass and I cannot tell you how many games I’ve scrolled past that look good, but I’m locked into playing a certain gender, particularly a male character. Even on the games that don’t necessarily have a plot-centric focus to them, I’m locked into being a male figure with male pronouns and immediately I’m turned off to the game altogether. Everyone wonders why I’m so picky about the games that I play and honestly, this is why. I’ll play Dark Souls, Code Vein, and Destiny for YEARS because of character customization and the ability to see myself in my character. I WILL put down games like Dying Light, Far Cry (all of them), Resident Evil, many of the Assassin’s Creed games, and the Uncharted series because it does not vibe well with my gender dysphoria.

    If your story is fragile enough to require a certain gender of character, it’s not a great story. And don’t come at me with “maybe history just was that way.” Bullshit, women and gender-nonconforming homies have been doing badass things for just as long as men have and if you’re playing a famous person from history, you’re probably not following actual history anyway.

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