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  • [ Transparent ]
    Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and Dick Grayson ( as Dickyboy?) in Nightwing (2016) #72 ]

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  • Flag of the Philippines with a transparent background

    #flag of the philippines #transparency#transparent background
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  • Here is the lineart from the grian artwork if you want to colour it.

    • Just dont remove any watermarks, and tag me or reblog so i can see!
    • Don’t make anything that cna be offensive, discriminatory or inappropriate please.

    Also theres a transparent bg grian.


    There is a transparent version and one with a white bg, if you have a program that dose layers you can put it ontop. Or even print it out.

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  • [ Damian Wayne as Robin and Titus in Detective Comics (2016) #967 ]

    *Feel free to use it for your edits. As always, credit is optional but very appreciated ♥

    #Damian Wayne #Robin! Damian #Titus #Detective Comics (2016) #TheBatBaes#Transparency
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  • image

    Growth is a detox process, as our weakest, darkest places are sucked up to the surface in order to be released. Often, upon seeing the weaknesses in each other, we have the tendency to go, “yuck!” and walk away on some level. But often it is not a change in partners but rather a change in perception that delivers us to the love we seek.

    When we shift our view of the purpose of intimacy - from serving our own needs as we define them to serving a larger process of healing - then an entirely new opportunity presents itself. Our wounds have been brought forward, not to block the experience of love, but to serve it.

    It is in the forgiveness of our weaknesses that we are healed of them, and the tenderness of a forgiven heart is a tenderness that will ultimately heal the world.

    ~ Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

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  • Rediscovering me.

    2020 has been a shit year for all of us.. Worlds burning down, a pandemic, a shit show of an election, but I honestly can’t say this has been the worst year of my life. 2019 absolutely destroyed me. I lost my first major love, I found my way into an extremely toxic relationship, I lost my self worth, my self confidence, it got so bad I lost my home and fell back into self harm and so much more. 2019 wasn’t all bad though, I escaped my toxic relationship even though it truly costed me everything. I met a new guy who cares about me and validates what I have been through, doesn’t shame me or get angry when some of my PTSD or trauma bleeds out, we fell so deeply in love we got married after being together for a month and here we are almost a year later. 2020 has been the year of me rediscovering myself and working through my issues.. 2020 despite everything going on has been about growth for me. I have smiled more, laughed more, cried more, in a good healing way, loved more, I have been putting myself back together and with each piece I find and repair comes with its own challenge. I decided that I wanted to document and talk about the last 10 months of healing but also my future. Hi I am Sammy, I am a pre-op transwoman, clinically depressed, sarcastic, witty, smart, kind, loving, and over all despite my depression I am happy. If you happen to see this or happen to follow me hopefully I can help you or inspire you through this shit show we call life . Welcome to rediscovering SammyBee143. 

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  • #samsmodel @1975_psw #feedback #mailorder #perfecteverytime #happycustomer #communication #transparency #accountability #roshanmelwanicouture #samstailor #bespoketailoring #hongkong (at Rhodes Middleton)

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  • i don’t put intros to my writing, but as a disclaimer this one is a bit long as well as raw. tw // this piece touches subjects like emotional abuse, gaslighting, anxiety, and manipulation

    “constant fear residency”

    time mends nothing as ballads so romantically put it,

    time only repress, and i only repent.

    though i recall the image of hands from observing them closely, i could never get their shapes right, and i don’t know what they look like lovingly. i only know them brutal. i only know them taking things away from me.

    the confidence i left with people seem to have been misplaced; i mention my issues with trust like it was a natural thing to say, and these days i seem to be running out of loyalty for myself, despite preaching how my energy shouldn’t be siphoned, how my empathy runs deep but i shouldn’t empathize with everybody. i’m not known for the words i speak unless they’re written, unless they’re spilled over gory love letters or out loud at the back of a taxi driver’s car. i am not as wise as id like to be, sadly.

    i still don’t know how to ask for things i needed to hear, i am still hurt when there’s no transparency, but i am still the one responsible for not reciprocating any honesty.

    im sorry i lied to protect me.

    i am still inhibited with the notions that confrontation is violent, i’m the homeowner of this constant fear residency.

    communication is key but the ones i know of were harsh and deceitful; communication drives me wild, i could ignite, but burn out if there’s too much.

    (please just tell me you’re sorry)

    an ex-boyfriend once told me that i don’t speak out my feelings enough, i’m not sure i know how unless i was asked. if i get distant its because im having conversations in my head, i’d say things i knew i was supposed to say, and ill play it out until it gets ridiculous enough for me to realize that i’ve done the right thing by keeping my mouth shut. but is it right if i encourage myself to never sound things out?

    ah me, splurging on fucking poems again. the last two nights have been restless, and i’ve been so full of rage, i’ve carried burdens for too long and not knowing when or where i can put them to rest. will i know as i age? (please just apologize to me)

    i can convince myself i’m the one who made the mistake of not pointing out my boundaries well enough, i can convince myself im overreacting, i can’t say for sure i am just reacting, this has happened to me before, did i set myself up to get hurt each time i pretend i am okay with everything?

    come tomorrow these thoughts will rise again with the sun, i’ll put them to bed with the moon, but it wont die unless i admit that i don’t feel right. please don’t manipulate me when i do confront and ask you to take accountability. please just let me have your apology. please just say sorry without me having to be guilty.

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  • When I’m struggling with anxiety, it manifests in extreme fatigue/malaise and constant seeking of external validation. There is so much shame that typically surrounds these notions as being perceived as “lazy” or “insecure” is such a huge negative, but here is a little bit of truth: we are all human. There are seasons where I work really hard and feel invincible. And there are seasons where my anxiety makes me question if I’ve ever actually achieved anything. Unfortunately, the latter is where my mental space has been lately.

    So here is a little bit of transparency. A letter I wrote to myself to remind myself that it’s going to be okay. And that it’s okay for it to feel not okay.

    Dear me,

    You are enough.

    I know that when your anxiety levels begin to rise, it manifests in extreme fatigue/malaise and constantly seeking external validation. So here’s your reminder that you do not need to prove your worth with actions or achievements. You are worthy. For being just as you are. And anyone who disagrees does not deserve a place in your inner circle.

    You are doing your best and it is beautiful. You have a soft heart that truly seeks the best in others. A mind open to broadening its perspective. A strong body capable of allowing you to experience wonderful adventures. A soul moved by love, music, & nature. And endless, endless patience for holding space for others (and yourself) to be beautifully human.

    You have learned and grown so much in your self-discovery journey. With therapy, journaling, spending time alone, and learning how to talk about feelings in a shame-free way with people you love.

    You are wonderfully human. It’s okay that life feels a bit off balance. It’s okay that you are still developing new routines for this season of life. It’s okay to feel every way you feel. Your experiences, physical & emotional, are all so valid.

    You are kind. Funny. Smart. Witty. Strong. Considerate. Thoughtful. A great listener. Soft.

    You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. 

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  • Vague d’air, installation de 200 sacs de recyclage gonflés, 2020.

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  • LATE! Day 4: siblings.

    Prompt list of @SarahDandh (on Twitter and Instagram)


    Alya:“I lost someone to”

    Remember my oc Lukas? So. This is his little sister, Alya, he will meet her later in the story.

    Both of them lost someone important and I wanna make you cry about it.

    I also tried that thing with transparency.

    Click in the image to see what it’s about!

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  • So much… just don’t impress me any more…
    #colorswitch #pinkhair #pinkmania #atomicpink #kisscolors #blasian #b #dobetter #hitdifferent #imgood #citrine #amethyst #newmoon #newnew #spreadlove #beauty #beautymarks #transparency

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  • i have things that i wouldn’t say to anyone else in my head. i want to tell you this stuff but i don’t want to text you because i know that you won’t care or won’t answer. but i miss you and this is really really hard. you don’t know how much you’re hurting me.

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  • Puerto Rico

    At 2:33am in Puerto Rico Yebba is soothing me through the night

    “My mind, my mind, I’m about to lose my, my mind, my mind. I think about you all the time”

    There is a cheap wine on this hotel bannister and the rain beats down onto palm trees causing the frogs to quiet their conversations to shelter themselves from the storm. The winds are crying out and my nightmares are keeping my eyes open.

    I usually sleep in foreign rooms with atleast one bathroom light on, but this time, darkness.

    I had just woken up from a dream about my child, the one I chose not to have, and the hot sweat pouring down my back. And the cold tears drying my cheek. And the emptiness that followed me, this time guarding the door.

    The thunder with words I lost language for.

    And there was no man to comfort sorrows with. I levitate from that room and jump into a memory, from a couple weeks back, one that will soothe me. First deep breaths, second comes the smell and then, his face, that 3 bedroom apartment, those cherry wood floors.

    Red Basil Curry, that was his favorite dish from the best Thai spot in town. I see His face pensive. His bronze hands grasp cabinet door handles that blush at his touch. The combination of spice and vegetables fuel the open window and neighbors glance out their window to find the smell.

    I remember this moment because it was much more sacred than an expensive dinner and a black car home from Dumbo to Harlem. And while fancy things are nice, the depth of his effort caught my attention. I see him stirring vegetables and plating them on top of rice, and then there is me sitting in the window sill watching his hands. I catch wind of his hazel eyes once again, adoring his stories. From this time in history I will hang onto his words for warmth though I know they are lies. I will hold on until winds change and my fingertips became frost bitten. It was the weather that forced my leave, a natural act of God.

    The last night. We finally sit at his favorite restaurant trying his favorite dish. An apology and a silent plea. He did well, but I could not stay. I part ways and never look back. Just a text on Valentine’s Day. A silent goodbye.

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