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  • #I am very sorry if anyone feels uncomfortable from seeing this ask. i was considering not posting it #but I wanted to use the opportunity to clarify my stance on online debates. #anonymous#asks#long post#for blacklist:#bi lesbian#transphobia
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  • legal name =/= real name

    your real name is what you identify it as. if the name you identify with is not the same as your legal name, that’s still your real name.

    you don’t need to change your legal name to your real name for it to be more valid if you don’t want to, either. your real name counts as your real name, regardless of legality.

    legal name =/= real name

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  • The number of parents who would accept a transgender child but would not accept a gender-non-conforming child is probably very close to 0.

    So I have no idea where people get this belief that kids are being pressured into being transgender.

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  • I had a great dream where I had top surgery. Good dream. My dad went with me and called me his son and I started crying. Like. I know he would never but it was so nice to experience. Now I want top surgery. Which I wasn’t sure about. I think. 

    What a good dream. Maybe one day I will realize it. Manifest it. It was really unrealistic because I don’t actually know how hospitals work but it was good. They Fed me wet bread. And the first doctor surgeon guy was a student and so he did it wrong and we had to call this specialist to fix me. I didn’t like her much but it was ok. I survived. Never had the second surgery. 

    Mmmmmmmmmmmokay. Have a nice day. 

    That’s all. 

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  • So my mom was raised to believe that there were only two genders. She was raised to believe that there were girls and boys, and trans people did not exist. She, currently, believes that people who change their gender often or people who do not have a gender are crazy, and going overboard.

    However, she is willing to learn.

    Anything that you could say, any resources or personal stories that could help me educate her would be greatly appreciated and valued. I’d like to help her understand the spectrum of gender, and how that is different from tomboys.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Bruh fuck fujoshis lmao

    Im sorry but like… Im so fucking sick of going into a tag, seeing “trans male” or “NB” as a character modifier, thinking “oh sweet, perhaps a fellow enby has given me content” anD ITS LIKE

    - Only one character is trans and they are always afab

    - every man around them is cis. Also they all desperately want to fuck the trans person fOr SoMe ReAsON

    - they do all fuck the trans person

    - they all use INCREDIBLY feminizing language, to the point where even *I’m* uncomfortable by how many times the author has described this tran person’s hips, chest, and thighs

    Please stop. If you’re a trans man or an enby, this may not apply to you, but we gotta stop letting Fujoshis use our genders for convinient porn

    #trans stuff // #transphobia#fujoshi
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  • image


    The person I am addressing in this message has said that she would appreciate input on this situation from other gender critical people. Please feel free to reply/reblog/message them.


    Alright I had to find a moment to sit down alone to answer this. First and foremost, that is sexual assault! No matter your view on trans identifying people or your political stance, this person took advantage of you, fully aware that they were taking advantage of you. I can get into how I think this person took advantage of the trust you had allowed them by taking their gender identity seriously. I’m not saying you’re a bad person for doing that, just that they used the vulnerability that comes with trust, as a weakness towards you. But you need to know before anything else that what they did to you was done with intent, they aren’t naive to the harm they’ve done, it was on purpose and it 100% was sexual assault. I don’t think that cutting them out is something that you need to weigh the pros and cons on. There’s nothing that could excuse that, no gender identity, no race, no mental illness.

    It seems like this person was already someone a little difficult to be around. I’m assuming that from what you said about the group snapchat accusations, and how he is manipulating you. People who stoop that low don’t just start out of nowhere.

    Reading people for context is something that every average functioning adult has the ability to do, and does naturally. There are some disabilities/differences/mental illnesses that can make it difficult but that is not the case for this person, as they clearly are manipulative. He’s not lacking the ability to see that you are uncomfortable, he likely knows even better than most people.

    Some women maybe are playful with eachother like that, even in platonic relationships. I personally have had platonic female friends who I will sit under a blanket with, eat pizza, watch a movie, etc, depends on the person and relationship. This is not something that someone would be naive to simply because they haven’t been living as a woman for long. People don’t treat people as vessels to act out stereotypes on. Well, unless it’s an abusive person. People treat their friends depending on that relationship. Him acting shocked and defensive (“do you see my body as manly?”) shows that they 100% knew you were uncomfortable. They brought up their dysphoria to guilt you into making it about them, and wondering if you would be a mean person to stop them from violating you because it might make THEM uncomfortable. This person violating you, and then immediately guilting you into reassuring him, making sure his feelings aren’t hurt? He is blatantly taking advantage of you trusting that he is genuinly trans and treating him as such. I don’t really know how to say it any plainer, I hope you understand, he used his gender dysphoria to manipulate you. He used his status as transgender to put you into a vulnerable position and hurt you.

    His manipulation turned up a notch when you spoke about your DnD group. Oh my gosh, my chest burns in anger for you just typing this! They are trying so, so so hard to make you doubt yourself and keep you quiet (threatening to shut down the group) because they KNOW they did something wrong. Invalidating your mental illness (telling you that they have always doubted that your mental illness was even real, meaning that any time it visibly effected you or you spoke about it, they were faking any understanding or care.) After that they tried to gas light you by telling you that something happened a way that it didn’t. Sounds so insane, who would do that? That’s why it works, that’s why so many abusers do it, because we are rational and think ‘who would straight up lie to me, and when I am hurt, especially’. Again, using your trust against you. PLEASE understand this. The whole reason that gas lighting works is that it seems so insane, the victim refused to believe that the abuser would do something so horrible as to just blatantly lie about something so serious, to their face. Don’t doubt yourself.

    This person 100% is a predator and has 100% used his status as trans to pray on you and manipulate you. If the actual assault isn’t enough to prove it, the manipulation at the DnD gathering is sickening. I think this is something that needs to be looked at not through the lens of rationalizing their behaviour because of anything trans related that could have confused them, and look at it as a person who is a predator no matter how they identify.

    You are not uptight, it was far, far past creepy. You did nothing wrong, and you did NOT give consent. In fact, you showed from your body language, which they do know how to read, that you were scared. They knew from logic that it would be physically hurting you, also. And they showed that they knew this by making you reassure THEM so that you would feel guilty saying no. I wouldnt recommend talking to them again. However, I understand that’s easier said than done especially when they’re around other people you want to be around. You need to protect yourself first, meaning make sure that whatever contact you make with him, it’s in your best interest. You do NOT need his opinion on it, he will only lie to you. He will not admit to manipulating and violating you. You won’t get closure. You don’t need to convince him because he will never show you that he already knows. You don’t need to solve it, make him aware. If it’s possible, I think you should look into if there is a crisis center around you. They often offer free, walk in counselling. You don’t need to be in crisis as in full blown panic attack. I have been before, after being in a similar situation to you and another time waiting for results for a test that was determining whether I had a pretty bad and serious illness. It was very calm, you can talk to them one on one, tell them that someone hurt you and you’re not sure how to go about removing them from your life or talking to them. They can help better as a face to face conversation will always be more efficient.

    I’m sorry that this happened to you. I hope you will be able to talk to someone in person about it who can be on your side and help you move away from them and the influence they have over people you know. I hope that you won’t blame yourself or sacrafice your comfort and safety for someone else’s.

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  • i get to meet my possible college classmates tomorrow and i’m Super Nervous bc according to the teacher they’ve never had an openly trans student before, and i rlly rlly RLLY don’t wanna be the one to find the hidden transphobes lmao;;

    #in the course i'm doing all of the yeargroups r in 1 class #so even if they aren't new students i'd still have to b w them (grimacing emoji) #mine#transphobia#ftm#ftx#transmasc#transgender#vent
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  • parents love acting super transphobic and then being like “no i support you” like okay u gotta act like it lmaooo

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  • i rlly wanna properly come out and change my pronuons but im so scared ill be rejected or questioned. like id love to have non controversial gender. id love to feel comfortable using pronuons that arent up for debate.

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  • first trans character in doctor who verse???? I think y’all are forgetting the transgender horse given to us kindly by moffat

    #in case it isnt clear this is sarcasm #but the horse bit is real unfortuneately #anyway im thrilled i should really start listening to the audio play!!! #456 words#transphobia
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  • For Lent a lot of y'all should give up the following sayings:

    • “I’m not racist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist but…”
    • “Oh I have a [minority] friend so I’m not [a bigot]”
    • “You’re nice for a [race/gender/sexuality/etc.]”
    • “Anyone that doesnt do Lent is going to hell!”
    • “I dont want you dating [race].”

    Actions you should give up:

    • Ignoring minorities.
    • Voting for racists.
    • Being a bigot.
    • Denouncing other cultures.
    • Imposing your beliefs on others.
    • Dont be a pompous brat if you’re doing something good, Jesus is about humility and let’s be real, you look like a preening peacock when you act like that.

    Actions you SHOULD do:

    • Help the homeless
    • Vote for positive change
    • Be a positive change
    • Listen to minorities

    Just dont be an asshole for 40 days. It would make the world a better place.

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  • image

    Ive already made a post about the thing anon is referring to but it’s typical that CAIS has no real response to any valid criticism that comes their way.

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  • About ShitReylosSay, these posts are from 2016 (he is mid-20 now). Sorry but it’s hard to defend him in this just because he is anti reyl* too.

    He attacked autisticheadcanons and the blog has nothing to do with reyl*s, it’s a blog that accept headcanon of any character as autistic.

    ew thats all very gross

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  • hey uh,,, youtube??? can you fucking stop recommending me


    detransitioning videos???? i know y’all queerphobic af but c’mon

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  • It’s really not that hard to understand but if you think bisexuals wont date trans people you’re biphobic and transphobic

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  • image

    To my knowledge they haven’t used the t slur. However, that doesn’t erase their constant perpetuation of transphobia in the form of transphobic caricatures. It’s not “internalized transphobia” it’s trans men telling you that the way you are depicteing them as a pregnant tiddy monster is grossly disrespectful and triggering. There is a substantial difference between depicting a trans man as GNC (growing his hair out, wearing feminine clothes, makeup, painting his nails, etc.) and depicting him in a way that implies that we should view him a just a “weird” body (in a skintight shirt with his chest visible and only ever talking about his pregnancy). I don’t see an issue with having a character be a trans man who is expecting. But when you make it his defining characteristic while you have a history of disrespecting trans people in your art, being known for your interest in “non sexual inflation fetish” art, and completely disregarding the input of multiple trans men on the subject, then you are being skeevy as fuck.

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  • I love how even if I love being called a man and I do have GD if I don’t immediately get upset or sad when im called a female or try to pass as a man I’m obviously a trender like… I really do wanna live my life but I feel like I’m being forced to label myself as a woman because I don’t hate being a woman

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  • I have been a bad person. I will admit it. I am a bad person.

    I have caused a lot of harm with this blog. When I started it I did not expect to get so hateful I just had some criticisms of the queer community that I needed to find people to share with. But I very quickly got caught up in hatred and transphobia. I would make snide and shallow remarks about the appearence of trans people and said some truly awful things. I was completely lacking in empathy and awareness that my words cause genuine harm to people. I liked feeling superior I think. And I am sure that my words, actions and posts have dragged people into the rabbit hole of hate that I fell down, including many vulnurable young people. I think I do all of this shit because I was longing for sisterhood and the approval of my peers on here. I believed that hate may make me more likable to a certain group of people. I put my own desires above those of others

    And during this time I harmed a vulnurable NB person. This was entirely due to my shitty ego. I wanted to “win” at this argument to prove I could get them to my side. I failed to stop them from falling into harmful fundamentalist Christian circles because it was more important for me to keep them on my “side” than to keep them from something I knew was dangerous. It genuinely pains me to see this person so alienated from their mother and knowing that I am the one at fault.

    I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused to so many people and I hope to become better and fight for all women in the future


    #queer#trans#gay#radfem #what other tags did you want me to use? #transphobia#nonbinary#gnc
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