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  • rainbluealoekitten
    13.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    don't you love it when you have to unfollow one of your first mutuals because they reblogged a very transphobic post from someone who has their entire blog made up of only transphobic posts

    #like #this was one of the first people i followed and i always thought they were really cool #this is disgusting what the fuck #god what is wrong with some people #tw transphobia#tw transphobes#tw discrimination#tw vent#tw swearing #blue screams into the void
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  • brooklynmuseum
    13.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Salacia reimagines the life of Mary Jones, a Black trans woman and sex worker who lived in New York City in the early nineteenth century. The film follows Jones from Seneca Village—an early nineteenth-century enclave of free Black landowners who were displaced by city planners in the 1850s to create Central Park—to her incarceration in the Hudson Valley, as she navigates transphobia and racism alongside her own self-liberation. Through this work,Tourmaline offers a trans lineage of world-making and engages a speculative vision of biography in order to reclaim the power of a subject whose life is otherwise known only through court testimony and derisive coverage in the press.

    In celebration of Pride 2021, we’ll be spotlighting LGBTQ+ artists and themes currently on view in The Slipstream: Reflection, Resilience, and Resistance in the Art of Our Time, an exhibition that offers space to stay grounded, gather strength, and consider paths into the future.

    Tourmaline, born Boston, Massachusetts, 1983. Salacia, 2019, single-channel video (color, sound): 6 min., 4 sec. Co-commissioned by the Brooklyn Museum and High Line Art, presented on the High Line by Friends of the High Line and the New York City Departmentof Parks and Recreation, and gift of the artist with support from the Mary Smith Dorward Fund, 2019.39. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of The Sobaszek Family, 2020.29. © artist or artist’s estate
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  • republicinsanity
    13.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Tim Griffin- 2021 Update

    On this date in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, as well as 2020, "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" published profiles of Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, who in 2004, as accused of attempting a voter registration scheme in Jacksonville, Florida, and then after laying low for a few years, was one of the beneficiaries of the Bush Administration’s culling of U.S. Attorneys. After it was revealed that his predecessor was fired on Karl Rove’s orders to make a job opening for Griffin, he resigned six months into the job, citing “spending time with his family” for bailing. He resurfaced in 2010 to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional District, and won in spite of being named one of CREW’s “Most Crooked Candidates of 2010”. His most noteworthy moment in office came in October of 2013, when during a point when the capitol was on lockdown after a woman ran a barricade at the White House and began a high speed chase that ended with her being fired upon by the Secret Service, Griffin, while hiding in his office, took to social media to blame the event on President Obama’s “violent rhetoric” while the situation was still active, and before any details were known. Halfway through his second term in office, Griffin again resigned to “spend time with his family”, only to turn around and six months later register as a candidate for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor, making people wonder if his family tell him to go away after a couple months of him bothering them. He currently is serving as lieutenant governor while bizarrely cashing in big by working for a consulting firm through an obscure legal loophole, as well. In May of 2016. He, along with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge all surfaced around the same time to respond to President Obama’s directive about transgendered bathroom use, with Griffin himself taking to social media to call it “misguided”. Griffin has seemingly remained content with sitting in Arkansas, giving a thumbs up’ to the spree of executions that Gov. Asa Hutchinson went on in April 2017, while also hiring a guy who worked for the Koch brothers on a SuperPAC to serve as his own deputy chief of staff and communications director, because that’s not shady at all. In any event, Tim Griffin won re-election in 2018, and in his last term as Lieutenant Governor, straight up lied to children about Covid-19 as Arkansas Republicans chose to ignore the warnings of public health experts and reopened the state without any concern for how that would spread the virus exponentially faster and cause many more fatalities. We’ve been expecting Griffin to run for Governor at the end of the current term of Asa Hutchinson when he was term-limited… but alas, Griffin looked down the pike and saw that such a bid would mean he would have to win a primary featuring the far higher-profile candidate and nepotism choice of the people, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in a Primary, and thus, Tim Griffin blinked, and decided to just run for Arkansas Attorney General instead, and bide his time presumably for another four to eight years.

    Click Here for Full CSGOPOTD Archive

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  • nokogiri-yama
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • neopronounsmybelovaed
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You know how anti-neopronoun people will often say things like "OKAY WELL NOW MY PRONOUNS ARE ATTACK/HELICOPTER!!! IF YOU DON'T USE MY PRONOUNS YOUR A TRANSPHOBE HAHA"

    I don't think attack understands that sure, I'll use helicopters pronouns! Absolutely! If attack wants me to use helicopters pronouns, I totally will. It's a very minimal amount of effort, and literally just making the words comprehensible is ten times as hard as using attack/helicopter pronouns.

    This isn't the "gotcha" moment attack thinks it is.

    People won't stop suddenly respecting neopronouns because helicopters version is "too weird." That's the point- pronouns can be anything no matter how "weird" it seems. We respect all pronouns, so we'll respect whatever pronouns people try to invent as anti-neopronoun rhetoric.

    #caps tw#transphobia tw #aggressive neopronoun positivity
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  • kiyond0
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i dont know why my mum thinks i want to talk to her

    #transphobia //#me talk#personal#sigh #also its so fucking hot today why did i come here
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  • rabid--doe
    13.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just found out about FNaF creator, Scott Cawthon, being pro life and a trump supporter but also about FNaF ytbers being problematic lmao tunglr thanks this is so funny we been knew

    #who expected a game abt dead kids to be sunshine and rainbows djjdkskskwk #but also this is so funny #cause all some of the ytbers did was transphobia #which isnt comaprable to donating 14k dollars to trump #THE FNAF KID MELTDOWNS IN THE FNAF TAGS #This is some good stuff djjdjdkdkd
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  • bisugawara
    13.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it doesn't matter when they've done it? making jokes abt a moc being a predator and an incel while being a white person is clearly racist and an apology is not gonna immediately change that? saying that a moc is transphobic and an incel is literally the biggest red flag and u should probably block them too

    #not posting so that i can block #and theyre cis too...making jokes abt transphobia...
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  • ethanxh
    13.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    really just wanna be able to walk down the street holding someone's hand without being called the f slur

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  • thdramas
    13.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • identitycrisisthemod
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    a few days ago i had a dream where i asked a girl her pronouns and some guy quickly responded with "so are you a she/him or something?" (directed at me). i don't even use she/her (outside of family and professionals) or he/him, but it made me feel so validated

    #transphobia tw#gender euphoria#nonbinary#libraflux#weird dreams #not weird on a me scale but idk how else to tag it #its been a LONG time since i had a weird dream on a me scale #o fuck im thinking of the soap dream again #its been 4 years and i still think of it from time to time #aka something reminds me of it
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  • helpgirlimundiagnosed
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    interesting trend i've noticed with every trans transmeds/truscum i've met:

    -severely hated themselves

    -incredibly self critical/destructive (mostly in terms of being trans)

    -were never proud of being trans. whenever pride came up they never talked about their gender (even if they were out) because they were "never proud of being trans"

    -viewed being trans as being stuck in a box and constantly compared themselves to cis people

    -were never out*

    so to any transmeds/truscum out there. instead of surrounding yourself with negativity and forcing people to fit into your own perception of "what's right"; reflect.

    reflect on why you're thinking this way. is it really for the greater good of the trans community, to make sure nobody will see the lgbt community as a "joke", or is it just projecting your own internalized transphobia onto random people

    is it protecting your community from "cis people faking it for attention" or is it an unhealthy coping mechanism

    (also if youre cis and a transmed/truscum you shouldnt even be involved in this)

    [*notes: being closeted isn't inherently a bad thing, and, in fact, sometimes it's safer or required to be closeted in some cases. and it's okay to be jealous of people who are able to be out and be proudly themselves. it's when you take that jealousy and twist it into malice and hatred for people who don't fit your personal checkbox of "actually trans" is when there's an issue. when you hurt people for being themselves and just living (and not hurting anyone, unlike transmedicalism) is where the problem is.]

    #truscum safe#transmed safe#transmedicalism#tucute#transmed#trumed safe#gender critical#transphobia#anti mogai#mogai safe#pro transmed#pro truscum#anti tucute #if the tags are confusing i hate truscum lol get well soon <3 #we've all known this but the ideology of truscum shit is just transphobia repackaged #get well soon #cool 2 rb #-h#tucute safe#anti truscum#anti transmed#mogai friendly #not mental health
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  • roughleaf
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    A hypothesis

    Not all conservatives are 'phobes or racists or sexists Lots of 'pobes and racist and sexists are conservatives Perhaps it's not being conservative that makes one a butt, perhaps it is that being a butt makes one seek shelter with conservatives

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  • froglegsz
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #and also the villainizing of lesbians #transphobia and lesbophobia is very. rampant in ouran #they use the t slur Multiple times in the show and the way they treat trans women is just. Gross #ouran is. one of my favorite anime but theres a lot wrong with it #i doubt i even covered everything #ouran is like. my ultimate comfort show but yeah it has a lot of issues #ouran#ask #quinn's nonsense jabber
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  • tarchey
    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #will defenitely delete later #trigger warning#transphobia #i'm so sorry if I hurt anyone by posting this but dealing with stuff like that is so hard when you're in the closet and can't talk to anyone #I don't get many messages and I actually got excited when I saw the notification. and then there's this trash. #I'm not even mtf but ftm. joke's on you I guess?
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  • theguardianace
    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I was scared to look up the reactions to the Blue’s Clues pride parade thing but honestly? These homophobic comments are the funniest things I have ever read.

    #tw homophobia#homophobia#tw transphobia#transphobia #but seriously these are so funny #first of all what does that first tweet even MEAN #the replies to the second tweet are so funny #the third one they can’t even fathom the existence of non binary people #and the fourth one #my favorite one #you can’t be non binary or trans because that doesnt exist. be more open minded. #the hypocricy#im crying #this is too good #and these are all 100 percent serious too #so yes anyways #one of my weirder hobbies is actively seeking out homophobes and laughing at them #theyre so dumb #its so funny #like yes i know its an issue #but also like #its funny
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  • charlotteckt
    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    "If I were you, I would simply stop engaging with my most personally important piece of media," I say smugly to Harry Potter fans, safe in the knowledge that however problematic KA Applegate or Leigh Whannell ever are or can be, they probably aren't going to write a 4,000-word article full of barely-dogwhistled rantings about why don't like trans people.

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  • lacefuneral
    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i just watched “boy meets girl” (2014) and it’s the only movie

    i do have some things i would have edited out or changed (there’s some tasteless jokes in there, the R slur, some of the transphobia, etc.) but otherwise it’s a really cute movie about a bi trans woman named ricky who has a supportive family and falls in love with a girl and a guy

    i think the writers don’t know about polyamory? because it would have made more sense for her to date both of the people she was interested in

    there’s also a fourth character that’s involved in this sort of love rectangle situation and he’s an extremely bigoted military man. i feel like if there was more growth from him (i.e. becoming anti-military and educating himself) there could be 4 people in this polycule

    but yeah! it was really nice to see a story that CENTERS a trans woman, was played by a trans woman, and ends happily for her. there is transmisogyny in this film, there is talk of self harm, ed, and suicidal thoughts, and there is conflict, but i didn’t feel like the purpose of this film was her pain. and most people are openly supportive of her and kind to her. and this takes place in kentucky, too, which is nice! there needs to be more stories about stories about queer people in the south.

    and a lot of moments made me feel deeply emotional. seeing her interact with her family, especially. there’s so much love and understanding there

    also the way this movie handles sex scenes! the characters talk about things first - consent, responsibility. and afterwards it shows the characters cuddling and talking. it’s nice to see a more realistic depiction of sex like that, and to show those tender moments

    so yeah i’d definitely watch it again!

    #transmisogyny mention // #transphobia mention // #ableism mention // #self harm mention // #suicide mention // #eating disorder mention //
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  • ivesblosson
    13.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I just woke up of my deep slumber with this crazy book idea, but like, I think it's super offensive and transphobic??? I came up with it but it feels so wrong??? But I still love the plot idea so here it goes:

    (TW for abuse, bullying, homophobia, transportation and general bigoted behavior)

    Alison knew she a girl since she was a child, no matter what the doctors said when she was born. Living in a small and very religious Texas town, she did her best to stay in the closet, scared of what might happen if the others knew. Having support only of her parents and Cat, her best friend, Alison led a double life, only experiencing her truth on the privacy of her home.

    However, despite doing her best to hide who she was, teenagers can be unnecessarily mean, which was specially true in her high school. As such, her days were tormented by Aaron, the school's quarterback and Alison's once-upon-a-time friend, and Alice, chief cheerleader and Aaron's on-again-off-again girlfriend. The duo and their evil clique did their worst to target Alison, and one of main focus of their mockery was the well known fact that Alison liked boys. And since she lived her public life as the gender she had been assigned at birth, they assumed her to be an effeminated gay boy and were extremely homophobic towards her. Also, Cat is lesbian and despite backlash, she never bothered to hide, so she also gets treated like shit.

    Fed up with hiding, in her senior year Alison decides to public transition and on the first day of school, she announces herself as a proud trans girl, much to her classmates surprises. Of course that then she starts to face transphobic remarks, specially from Alice. Aaron, however seems strangely quiet.

    It turns out that he had a secret crush on Alison ever since they worked together on a project on 7th grade and that part of the reason he acted such like an ashore was because of his own internalized homophobia and shame for liking someone who he perceived as a boy. But now that Alison is out as a girl, he sees this as the chance to finally be with her.

    But she is having none of his shift. He had bullied her for years, after all. Besides, he is still a overall douchbag. But Alison also sees this as an opportunity to get back at all those years of torment. She wants to be Prom Queen, and show the whole town she is fucking fabulous (as a bonus, she gets to ruin Alice's dream of gaining that crown). As such, Alison agrees to go on a date with Aaron, knowing it to be her best shot at popularity.

    Cat starts to get worried about her friend, as Alison starts to spiral in a world of lies, gossip and backstabbing. To her surprise, Cat finds herself missing Alison as more than a friend, and comes to the conclusion that she's in love with her as-far-as-she-know straight best friend.

    In the climax, Alison realizes that she doesn't need to be Prom Queen in order to be fantastic and that she doesn't need that approval of people she actually hates. She dumps Aaron on prom day and instead she and Cat have a sleepover. There, Cat confesses her feelings for Alison and Alison realizes that while she has always liked boys, she also likes girls, more specifically, she likes she best friend. So the two kiss and the book ends.

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  • polkadotzavala
    13.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i wanna say thank you to my coworkers to manage to be transphobic to me without even knowing i'm trans, all for having gone by a name with "no connection" to my legal name (they come from the same etymological root, they are both quite literally the same name just from different language families) for you know My Entire Fucking Life like i'm so sorry my parents were indecisive about my name but y'all shitbag motherfuckers are so good at not even using the Lesser Of Two Evils out of the names i haven't used for myself in literal years that you will Never Ever be learning that your favorite Eccentric Purple-Haired Weirdo Girl maybe maybe might not actually be a girl and may just be oh you know fucking trans and non binary

    #lynn.speech.brep #this is the same reason i'm actually glad my brother can't work at my job yet #because he's in the same situation with having an unrelated common name to his legal first name #only difference is he's cis #but it would still hurt me bc i CHOSE that nickname for him #transphobia tw
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