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  • neopronounsmybelovaed
    21.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago
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  • betaofsokyodai
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A Post For Catherine, A Post For Me

    I thought that it would be nice to do another piece of artwork of this particular character, Catherine, while articulating some of my thoughts on both her and myself. This is gonna be kind of a long one so the brunt of it is after the break. I'm throwing up a content warning now for some brief mention of transphobia and deadnaming. I'm also going to put a TL;DR at the end.

    To start, I'm going to get this out of the way, this is not an OC. This is not me making a Birdo character and giving her a name, this is meant to be the specific character you always see in the Mario spinoff games and several times in Super Mario Bros. 2.(1) That pink Birdo? She has a name, and it is Catherine. She'd prefer it if people would be more friendly around her and call her by a nickname like "Cathy", but it is definitely Catherine. It is not Birdo, that's a species name. Birdetta is a browbeaten compromise, brought about by faulty and poorly thought out localization.(2) Her name is Catherine and I think it would be most respectful to call her that.

    As for why she is significant to me, I need to tell you that Nintendo has been cruel to her. Exceedingly cruel in some circumstances. In spite of this, she is always portrayed as unabashedly herself, even when her creators intend for it to be a joke at her expense. She's not ashamed of who she is, she's being the best her that she can be and aside from a couple of throwaway jokes or distasteful bits early on (like the broadcast version of Mario USA), everyone in-universe both accepts and respects her for who she is. No matter who many people make fun of her, or constantly bring up the manual description to mock her, Catherine doesn't give up and and she continues to be herself, and I find that to be a very admirable quality. To the point where it contributed to an ongoing exploration of numerous facets of my identity.

    And this leads me to what I really want to talk about, and why I cut out the majority of the history lesson in this post. This was originally just gonna be a post about Catherine and what she means to me as a character, but things have changed in the... well I guess it's been almost a month since I started typing this post. Things have changed a lot and I've made a lot more headway in my exploration of my gender identity, to the point where I have a much better idea of where I stand than I did when I started writing. I suppose that what I'm trying to say here is, I'm transgender and I don't want to pretend that I'm not anymore. I'm posting it here more for personal reaffirmation of my identity than for positive feedback towards my decision as this is a personal blog and I'm a nobody. Thankfully so, in fact. I don't know if I would have brought this up in public if I had a bunch of eyes watching me, I'm still somewhat self conscious about myself. I hope the self conscious part can change in the future, and I think that now that I understand myself a little better, it will!

    TL;DR: I really like how this little pink dinosaur lady respects herself despite the fact that her creators treat her like dirt and a big joke, her existence and self-portrayal has had a positive impact on me, and I've learned that I'm transgender after a lot of soul searching and identity exploration.


    1. The version of this enemy in the pink coloration has a final appearance in world 4-3, where she is presented in a friendly context: firing an egg to help the player cross the ocean to get to Fry Guy's fortress. Since she makes a long absence even before this (I believe she stops appearing in an actual boss context past 2-1), it can be inferred that the intention is she backed off and made the conscious decision to betray Wart/Mamu, which may actually be why the enemy even has a proper name ascribed to her in the first place (as she's the only one that would have been friendly enough to give her name instead of immediately attacking like her siblings). This may also be why you always see the pink version of the species at the forefront in all of the spinoffs she appears in, since she's the "reformed" one.

    2. Nintendo of America localized the names before translating the manual. Catherine's manual description is about verbatim from her Doki Doki Panic description, but the localized naming convention screws up the original intention of her preferring to be called by a nickname, resulting in it reading more as her asking not to be deadnamed. NoA did this two more times, by the way. Mario and Luigi RPG 1 references the nickname thing in Japanese, and while it was localized more accurately as "Birdie" in English, it still reads as deadnaming because Popple calls her Birdo at first and then immediately disregards the alternate name when she requests it. The 3DS remake's script of this scene is unchanged, so the deadnaming is carried over as well.

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  • rainbowcoloreddays
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    my sociology teacher: I’m gonna use gender roles as an example of nature versus nurture. Surely my students will have good things to say on the anonymous discussion board.

    my classmates: we are going to be so transphobic for no reason at all

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  • lees-not-gay
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    someone just reblogged my post completely admitting that they're a transphobic shit, feeling good

    #howd they even find it that posts old as hell #i blocked fhem obviously but its just funny to me #how sad must one be #lee rambles#transphobia tw#swearing tw
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  • pinkieloveheartpastel
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    So lemme just remind y’all just how disgusting and deeply anti-black Orange is the New Black is… the perfect example of what white liberalism is…

    I had put myself through all of these seasons just to see if any of the white characters would have some sort of (actual) empathy and humanity for the black characters, and none of them did, and yes I am indeed Booboo the Fool…

    But pushing that aside… all of the suffering I had to go through because my ass wouldn’t stop… this article is the perfect example of how I felt throughout the entirety of the show as a whole…

    And my bonus feelings on this show could be described as: Feeling as though I had suddenly entered a twentieth level of hell, because what the actual fuck??? The level of anti-blackness and trauma as a whole felt as though evil entities made this damn show, and it disturbed me like nothing else, and it made me feel as if I was watching people who had no soul… I couldn’t eat or focus on anything else, because this show triggered me in so many ways… On top of there not being any black writers behind the scenes, and almost all of them being white, which made this feel all the more sinister.

    But please… look at this article… it’s vital.

    This show is literally demonic.


    #sorry if this is triggering #triggering themes#racism#antiblackness #end white supremacy #white liberalism#white liberals#tw assault#transphobia #orange is the new black
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  • curiousmorbidity
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    “I’m such a good ally that my misandry applies to trans men too 😌”

    Is a stupid fucking take and I wish cis people would stop making it.

    Trans men/mascs don’t have the institutional power, the platforms, or the full rights and protections that cis men have like ??

    In what world is flattening the perspective of how trans men/mascs are actually treated in society for some brownie points actually a good take.

    And it’s always that and very rarely “I’m such a good ally that my feminism applies to trans women too 😌”

    because y’all are more willing to hate trans men than you are willing to love trans women(or trans men), because it’s a loophole that cis people have found to treat a trans person like shit without being openly transphobic with it

    #this is more ramble than coherent #but I think my point gets thru #I think #tw transphobia mention
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  • fireflyfalcon2309
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fear of Failure

    Relationship: Ferdinand von Aegir/Hubert von Vestra

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

    Tags: Ferdinand von Aegir, Hubert von Vestra, Original Child Character, Original Male Character, Babyfic, Kidfic, Hades Vladimir Aegir, Trans Hubert von Vestra, Post Delivery, fear of failure, parental fears, hurt/comfort, Transphobia, Silas von Vestra, Liesolette de Vanderstryke, Mentioned Edelgard von Hresvelg, Bullying, Post-Canon, Post-Timeskip/War Phase, Childhood Abuse, Verbal Abuse


    Hades, 6 months old, was awake in his father's lap, wrapped in the finest cloths Adrestia could offer. A tiny face stares up into his tired father. Bright honey-gold and venom yellow eyes stared at the brilliantly shining yellow-green irises. Pale cream skin with light freckles dusted his cheeks and across his face. He even has his a nice shade of pink colouring his cheeks. Hades gave his parent a gentle coo.

    *sighs* "You are just the prettiest boy I have ever been blessed with. Ferdinand and I will take such great care of you, my little falcon..." Hubert whispers. Though he was never religious to begin with, it seems fitting for him to add "blessed" in his sentence. After all, Hades was nothing short of a blessing for both of them.

    Hades reached out his small arms to grab his father's magic-stained finger, which lay across his chest. He felt the warmth from it and began to guide it closer to suckle and nibble at it. He even coos happily.

    Hubert's left hand stroked Hades' soft black and amber locks, feeling how he inherited Ferdinand's soft hair. A thought crossed his mind, and it egged him on for no end.

    "What if I become like my father?" he thought. Just as he does so, bad memories swell in:


    "You are Lady Edelgard's servant! What kind of foolish little boy have I raised? You are supposed to watch her and not let her get hurt! You know... I have been given a girl instead of a boy. And I do not like how my "daughter" plays like a boy. Though, I will let you be one just this once... Be grateful you are at my good graces, or I could have killed you on the spot as soon as I found out your gender... Go to the dining room, Hera. Mother has prepared your fish balls..." Silas scolds fiercely. His tone is thick with venom, clearly enraged by his son. Hubert walked briskly to the dining room, fighting back tears. Should Silas ever hears him cry, he will surely beat him.

    "Yes, Father"


    "Hubert, darling? Are you alright? Did father gave you an earful today?" Lieselotte, Hubert's mother, asked. Compassionate as she always is. While sick because of a deteriorating illness, she tries her best to provide the greatest for her son.

    "...yes... He is not pleased with my service to Edelgard today. I wasn't paying attention to her at that time. I deeply regret it now" Hubert says. Sadness subtly creeping into his voice.

    "My little lightning... Don't worry about him. He's particularly upset about his current state of affairs with the Emperor today. Don't mind his grumbling" Lieselottle assured. She gently stroked his small cheek and pressed a kiss on her forehead. While sick, Lieselotte looked beautiful as Lady Seiros. Her auburn brown hair flowed like a waterfall behind her. Her gentle yellow eyes stared into his son's, whom from he inherited it from.

    "Father said he hated me because I was born a girl. And he seems to hate me more because I pretend to be someone I wasn't. I don't like being a girl, Mother. I want to be a boy and help Edelgard" Hubert confesses.

    "I will let you decide who you want to be. Don't let Father trample over you and force you to change. People can't change others. Only themselves can. I will support you no matter what, little lightning..." Lieselotte replied.

    "Okay, mother. I love you so much"

    "I love you too, little boy"


    *8 years after the war*

    "Dear Enbarr, Hades! What happened to you?!" Hubert ask worryingly. Hades' face was smeared with that familiar plum purple sludge of Mire B. His appearance is something to be alarmed of.

    "Father! My schoolmates were making fun of you today. I got so angry that my magic accidentally burst and injured them. I got detention..." Hades admitted. Guilt clearly drawn on his face. Tears rolling down his cheeks. His orange black-tipped hair is frazzled messily, both hands stained in a light shade of lilac. His honey-gold and venom yellow eyes glint in the sunlight. His scabby knees were scratched and there was a tear at his sleeve on his shirtwaist and red neckerchief. There was also another vertical tear up his black shorts

    "Hades, Little Falcon... Look at me" Hubert said. Voice soft but firm.

    Hades stares at his father's eyes.

    Hubert took a deep breath and looked through how his father tried to "console" him. Since they are nothing but comforting, Hubert tried to be calm and gentle to his son.

    "I understand how you feel. I do get teased at and bullied a lot because I'm a transmasculine. But I was never bothered by them. I fought back, but I never chose violence or threats. I knocked them into their senses with my words. They never dared to mess with me, because I fought back. I know you wanted to protect me, but you should never do that. Only do so when you perceive that target as a serious threat and is actually willing to threaten my life, or else you will perceived as tempermental. Please, Hades. Control yourself. I was once like you. I don't want you to be like me. Be better than me. I know you can, my love. Don't ever do that again, promise?" Hubert explained, but in a firm, gentle tone. He cupped Hades' cheeks and stared at him warmly, a sense of safety and trust in his eyes.

    "I p-promise, Father. I'm sorry for today. My emotions took control of me. I should've held back. I won't do it again, Father" Hades replied. Tears have finished streaming down his cheeks and a weak smile crossed his face.

    "it is alright to be emotional, so as long they don't dominate you. It is also alright to be logical, but don't let that take over as well, or else you won't be capable of feeling remorse or anything else. Use both wisely" Hubert advised. He pressed his thin lips against his son's forehead. Hades pushes himself forward for a hug.

    "I love you so much, Father~"

    "I love you too, my lovely little falcon..."

    "Hades of Aegir! Noble son of Ferdinand and Hubert von Aegir! Do please come and join! Ares and Athena awaits you at the patio with their teas still warm! Come forth or your tea will run cold!" Ferdinand called. His long mane of orange hair tied up in a loose ponytail, flailing gently in the wind. He looks like he hasn't aged since the war. He carries an ornate white teapot with a red rose emblazoned on its front. He waves at Hades invitingly

    "Dad's looking for you. And it seems the twins long for their big brother. Off you go, Hades" Hubert said. He glides his hand to prompt Hades to leave.

    "Bye Father, see you soon!" Hades calls. He runs to Ferdinand and hugs him warmly. Hubert watched from afar. Heart clenched in affection and a loving smile come unbidden on his lips.

    #fe3h #ferdinand von aegir #hubert von vestra #ferdibert #hades vladimir vestra-aegir #ares vitalius vestra-aegir #athena halena vestra-aegir #trans hubert von vestra #tw transphobia#cw transphobia #tw verbal abuse #cw verbal abuse #hurt/comfort#tw bullying#cw bullying#fe3h fanfiction#fe3h fanfic#fanfic#fanfiction
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  • cuntboywar
    21.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    People say they'll verbally & emotionally abuse you and then all they do is call you a pig. I need someone to make me their verbal & emotional punching bag, to take out all their anger and hatred on me. Even their bigotry, why is it so hard to find even just a regular transphobe who isn't afraid to talk to me like I'm subhuman filth. I want someone who isn't afraid to be mean, who gets off on it like I do

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  • lesbianforleela
    21.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    sweetie, baby, honey, sugar, its a fucking joke.

    #god terfs are just...... a different breed #tw transphobia#ember rambles #this is a reblog from my previous post
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  • lake-lady
    21.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Anybody else keep seeing those "radicalize kindness" Tumblr ads and then wondering why Tumblr is allowing radfems/terfs to dehumanize its trans users......

    #i just feel like seeing an ad isnt going to stop them from harassing people #tumblr actually has to do something lol #advertising#ad#tw terf#t/erf#tw radfem#r/adfem#tw transphobia#tumblr#me#text
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  • a-kind-pandemic-disaster
    21.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    u-um hello im currently having a panic attack over m-my gender, p-people were calling m-me s-she/her t-today and i-i didn’t wanna correct them....

    #tw not respecting pronouns #tw slight transphobia #i think all my friends forgot
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  • goddamnbi
    21.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Hi. I haven’t been active in quite a while. This will probably continue, so I’ll make this while I have service. This has been a wild month. It started by going to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. It’s an extremely supportive boarding school in the middle of nowhere, so i finally was able to change my name to Jaz in the school records. I come out to parents, go on September break, they half-heartedly use the name and barely ever use the right pronouns, all the while making insensitive jokes about it while repeatedly saying they support me. My 8-year old brother was not so supportive though. After one day of constant corrections, he said, “You can choose what you want to be called, but you can’t choose what you are called.” I snapped and started sternly talking to him in the most colorful language I could find, and afterwards my parents told him to use the correct name. However, they yelled at me for correcting him, and told me to stop. Today, I got a more androgynous haircut (which was obviously mocked) and bought some feminine clothes. My dad questioned the sizing, but that was it. However, my mother had an issue with it. She couldn’t sit in denial anymore, so she tried to convince me that I wasn’t non-binary. The usual arguments were pulled, “you’re too young to know”, “permanent changes”, “attention seeking”, “biology”, “you’re being tricked, fooled, and lied to”, and such. The argument ended with me going to gender therapy where they want me to prove my gender, and where I can probably get help with transitioning, and my parents get to speak with a professional who will educate them. TL;DR, I got femme clothes, parents tried to talk me out of it, we all end up getting therapy.

    #lgbt pride#lgbtqia#tw queerphobia#transphobia tw #The clothes are great tho I love them
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  • brokennostalgiaa
    21.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    If both you and your sister are public figures… maybe don’t tweet dumb shit like this.

    Just… no. Delete your Twitter and then go sit in the goddamned corner and think about what you’ve done.

    #tw: homophobia#tw: transphobia#ben shapiro#conservative cringe #dude wtf no #white men getting mad at others for existing
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  • hasakii
    21.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    stop fetishizing your trans / nb muses please

    #I am LITERALLY BEGGING #🎐 𝙒𝙄𝙉𝘿 𝘽𝙊𝙔 𝙂𝙊 𝘽𝙍𝙍𝙍 ― ooc. #tw transphobia
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  • ten0rreaper
    21.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    With the release of deltarune ch2 and the subsequent Mass Misgendering Event, I’m reminded of the time I joined a deltarune server after ch1 was released and there was a young teen on there who said that she “decided Ralsei was a girl instead of a boy because she’s so cute and feminine and girly”, acknowledged that Ralsei was canonically a boy, and insisted that to her, Ralsei was a girl.

    #deltarune#transphobia tw #I’m still in shock #it’s hard to even be mad after all this time #I was in absolute shock and still an #that turned me into a Picasso painting and I haven’t recovered since
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  • plontperson
    21.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Ripping transphobic stickers off in public or putting trans supportive stickers up may not seem like doing much but let me tell you, it makes a difference to me.

    Thank you 💕

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  • even-gayer-agenda
    20.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Why do people think allowing trans ppl into the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity will allow predators into the women’s room.

    Would it not be easier for cis men to pretend to be trans men than trans women? Why couldn’t he just lie and say he’s a post-op trans man to gain access to the women’s room?

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  • arcanegalaxy
    20.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    i’m so tired of terfs in the uk, i don’t understand why it’s so bad here

    so, reminder that

    1. i am non-binary

    2. i support all trans people and if you don’t then you absolutely are not welcome here

    #tw transphobia#tw terfs #i highly doubt any transphobes are following me but it feels like every other day something is trending on twitter because of transphobia #i wish they’d all shut up #they’re so obsessed with biology it’s really weird #yeah anyway trans people are safe here
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