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  • We do really have still to explain that no… not wanting to see all black people dead, doesn’t make you automatically non-racist?

    That just makes you a decent human being.

    Same for transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, acephobia, sexism and ableism.

    “Not wanting to see them dead” is not a prove you’re not discriminating.

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  • Just some reaction posts I made ^^ feel free to use if you would like (the last one is a little bit more inclusive to any fandom with sexuality hc problems)


    [Bloodhound is they/them - You’re just transphobic]


    [Bangalore can be W|W - Without you being biphobic]


    [Someone’s sexuality hc - Is not an attack on yours]

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  • Ever since Dwayne’s daughter, Zaya, came out, the transphobia has really jumped out in the black community. I’m honestly sad about this. I can’t wait for that girl the live a happy life as the bomb woman that she’s gonna become, sick of all this hatred.

    #might need to stay of facebook #transphobic#dwayne wade#zaya wade
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  • Your not-so-friendly reminder that people don’t have to put their pronouns in their bio if they’re not comfortable doing so. Stop being pushy.

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  • I feel so awful I hurt please just listen to me

    today at school we were talking about school clothes and I asked what if someone is trans and they dress differently because of that. the teacher said if that occurs that person has to HIDE anything that would signal that “serious problem”. the class started to talk about how everyone went “crazy” over acceptance and there went some transphobic jokes and I fucking laughed because I didint want to show how bad I feel. now I’m in bed crying knowing that my gender assigned at birth doesn’t suit me and literally have no one who would understand me, I just know I’m gonna get rejected / laughed at behind my back

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  • okay so im actually genuinely happy about this so:

    Android Hal in Replacement. is asexual. Robot siblings CAN experience sexual attraction but it’s extremely rare and only seen in deviants. Most just.. don’t experience it. Some find it aesthetically pleasing, some just want to make their partner happy, some just tolerate it, some will despise it- It all depends, just like modern asexuality.

    android siblings will also “adopt” the same preference for gender as their dead counterparts but only if the parents allow it. this includes gender identity. for example, is a dead sibling is a trans lesbian but the parents don’t approve, the Android will become a straight cis male. it is 100% fucked up.

    another example is; a trans male who is gay and the parents approve. the android will become a gay cis male.

    now, it is really fucked up. its horrible and it sucks but that’s what would happen if this shit was real. of course, parents who demand their android child be cis and straight are also more likely to deal with “glitched” androids, androids who shut down randomly and just can’t seem to be fixed. these androids will have violent outbursts, become obsessive over certain things, mutilate themselves or others, basically go borderline insane because they know, something isnt right, they just can’t tell what because that part of their mind has been turned off.

    it is highly advised that parents don’t interfere with the child’s sexuality and gender, some companies even ban the practice and some places have laws to prevent it but, of course, people find a way around that shit.

    personally, i think this is interesting and a good show of how fucked this world is. feel free to question me more tho

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  • i realllyyyy need to vent here for a bit

    1. she doesn’t believe women are discriminated against in the workplace

    2. she doesn’t believe racism exists in the criminal justice system

    3. she claims that when teachers talk about today’s racism during black history month they are “feeding us lies”.

    4. she believes in straight pride

    5. she thinks gay marriage should stay illegal

    6. she claims that transgender is a “mental illness”

    7. “Ohmygod, liberals just can’t stand someone having a different opinion than them and using their first amendment rights!!”

    8. immediately following #7, she (among other friends) will treat me like an irredeemable idiot for trying to defend the side of the conflict that she disagrees with, so i tend to just give up and let her talk because i don’t have the energy to argue with someone like that

    9. also treating someone like a human being with actual human rights is not a fucking matter of opinion!!! it’s not up for discussion. treat people like people.

    10. will ignore teachers whenever they try to explain the side of the conflict she disagrees with even though it’s their job to explain both sides. legit, my government teacher just brought up the fact that the bible was historically used to defend slavery and then compared it to how it’s used to justify homophobia and this girl just,,, rolls her eyes.

    probably more to add later. i’m just really annoyed right now.

    #she's one of the most homophobic people i've ever met #homophobia#racism#feminism#ap government#straight pride #my straight friends are insensitive #all my friends are straight #transphobic #she's just such an asshole #and she thinks she's right about everything #i live in a very conservative town #and i want OUT #lgbt+#vent#ventventvent
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  • Can we stop telling kids to be happy with the way they are and just accept themselves? Like obviously I understand that people need to learn to have respect for themselves, but change is so fucking important and it makes people fear it. Imagine fearing being better! Like, be yourself and be happy with it now, but if u have to change, then do. And also it can be pretty damn detrimental to trans kids who are only going to think that somethings REALLY wrong with them, and it puts the argument of “they should just accept themself.” right into transphobes hands. Be who you truly are, but know that who you are changes all the time. You are NEVER the same as before, and being something different to what it meant last time doesn’t make it wrong.

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  • something that always confuses me is when parents say “i didn’t sign up for this” in reference to their child having extra needs or being unique. like yes, actually, that is literally the exact thing that you did when you decided to have a child. when you decided to be entirely responsible for the care of an individual human beings life. what, you thought that there was absolutely no chance that your child would be gay? or trans? or autistic? seriously? did you think that there was absolutely a 0% chance that they would be anything other than a neurotypical cis straight kid who never misbehaves? when you have a kid, youre not buying a toy. youre raising an individual human being with needs and an identity of their own

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  • The Double Bloodpoint days, they’re harsh, wounds never heal properly on these days. We are all scarred from the trails of the week, my wounds seem to heal the slowest; four large gashes down the front of my shirt, blood still seeping through my scarf that is being used to hold myself together. The others had already come back, I was the last one stuck in that hell. I moved quickly to the bathhouse, trying not to alert the others of my whereabouts.

    The bathhouse was small, there was no mold, no roaches but plenty of spiders. The stalls each had a shower and a bench. The entity usually put fresh clothing in here, which mine had not shown up yet. Stall three was the one I used, it makes a strange noise when you open it. Shutting it, I heard the bathhouse’s door open, a small knock on my stall followed soon after.

    “Jake? You looked like crap, did you need any help?” Dwight’s timid voice came through the door. I know he means well, but he also knows how I don’t like others seeing me like this, he knows I don’t show any skin in front of the others or him. I’m sure he’s thinking about this. If he isn’t, id be surprised. He’s the kind of person to take in every scenario, he thinks everything over before confronting someone.

    I gently opened the door, looking straight into his broken glasses. “Dwight, As much as I want to say no to you, I really, really need someone right now.” I could feel my throat tightening, the small tingling in my ears and small throb behind my eyes as tears weld up. “I’m not okay this time.” I whispered, trying hard not to just start sobbing.

    Dwight had obviously seen the pain I was in when I was moving my way to the bathhouse, he’s my best friend, and he knows when im upset. I’ve always wanted to tell him my secret, but I don’t want him to reject melike my friends and family had a long time ago. I took so much money from them to do what I did, I needed to feel complete. And now, I’m stuck like this, hiding in fear of the others finding out. It’s hard to move around these survivors, I can still feel some of the pain, the emotional pain hurts worse though.

    The look in the slightly older man’s eyes was enough to know how much he actually cared. i opened the door more, pulling Dwight in quickly. The wound was still seeping, I lost my medkit in the match so I’m unable to heal it myself but the pain of the deep gashes were nothing compared to the emotional pain I went through during the whole thing. I needed to tell someone, I needed someone to know what happened to me. “Dwight, I.” my voice betrayed me, it stopped working, my face burned as tears ran down my face, getting angry with myself for being this weak.

    Immediately Dwight had his arms around me, his white shirt staining redder than it was before. “Jake, you are not okay, what happened in that trial? Who did you even have to ruin you this bad?” his grip had tightened around me, I could feel his heart beat on my face as I was pulled closer to his chest.

    I couldn’t respond at the moment, I think he knew that. He let me cry into his chest for a good five minutes before I calmed down enough to speak. I spoke slowly so he could understand me, I didn’t want to sound choppy when my throat caught. “I had Freddy, he…he sliced my shirt apart, he saw my scars, he…” I had to take a breath. “I’ve never told anyone, I’ve never let others see what I did, and he, he just made fun of me, I was taunted, he forced me to show my chest, he cut open my old scars, I couldn’t do anything, I was stuck in the dream world, I couldn’t get out and he.” Dwight put his hand over my mouth, shutting me up quickly.

    His face was stern when I looked at him. I never really noticed how strained his facial features were. The way his jaw clenched when he worried. “What scars, Jake? I need to know the full story, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me everything.” Even his voice was stern, I haven’t heard him like this since Claudette was ridiculed for trying to teach the others Botany.

    I calmed myself down again, looking at him helped me more than I thought it would. He was my best friend, I have never lied to him before, just kept it hidden away. He would understand, right? This is one of the few moments where I can tell him everything and just get it all off my chest. Then why am I suddenly terrified to say anything? He could think of me as a lie, someone who was hiding their true nature, someone who lied to them all for so long and could never be trusted again. Or, he would accept it, understand why I hid it from everyone. He’s our leader after all. He understands everyone even if we seem so different.

    I looked into his now repaired glasses, the entity must have replaced them while I was crying. His eyes bore a hole into my soul, trying to seek the answers he wanted. I took a shaking breath, speaking quickly now and a little quiet, but loud enough that he could hear my words. “I’m a female to male transgender. The scars are from a nearly botched up job because I went to a black market surgeon who removed my breast tissue poorly and left extremely large scars.” A deep breath, my face sunk to look at the floor now. “When he saw the scars, he knew what I was and started to tell me how I would never be a real man, that I will forever be the disgusting now disfigured woman he sees before him. He cut open the scars, they’re not just gashes on my chest, I wish they were.” I trailed off, refusing to look up at Dwight now.

    I could feel his arms tighten around me. “What did he do to your chest, Jake? Please, show me.” His voice seemed too calm, like he was fighting back a bout of rage that seemed to only seep through with the word ‘he’.

    Shaking, I pulled away from Dwight, once again showing the scars on my chest, something I never wanted to do before. But this was for him, to not stay quiet anymore, to let someone know just how broken I really am. I still refused to look up, I could feel his gaze as I took off the scarf around my torso. The scars were still bleeding, and the word below them was tender and slowly letting blood flow through the cuts. The word, ‘woman’ was carved just below my awful scars, they were uneven, one much higher than the other and before the cut, it was swollen and pink. They never healed properly since I was still healing when I entered the fog.

    After a few seconds of watching the blood run down my body, I made an effort to look up at Dwight. What I saw, wasn’t any pity and it wasn’t sadness, only pure anger, the rage he was holding back was threatening to leave his mind and mouth, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. It was actually a little scary to see him like this. He was usually timid and full of sympathy and compassion. He took a shaking deep breath, I’m sure he didn’t want to scar me, but his words were low and a little menacing “that bastard is going to pay for what he did to you.” He said, his hand moving to his own medkit near the stall door. I didn’t realize he had brought it in with him. He pulled out a salve and started to pour it onto his hands. I didn’t even have time to stop him before his hand had started to run it across the open wounds, quickly sealing them off. I’m glad we are in this realm, blood loss was nothing here, it was just a reminder until it was stopped. I’m sure if I wasn’t here, I would be dead, I would have actually died somewhere in my wooded home of the forest.

    His hands slowed, his anger turning to frustration. I knew he was thinking too hard about this situation. I put a hand on his. His attention went back to my face. “Are you mad at me for not telling you?” I asked, my voice was hushed, I wanted to cry again, but I held back. Frustration turned to slight surprise in Dwight’s face. His face had gone through so many emotions tonight thanks to me.

    “Why the hell would I be mad at you? That has nothing to do with anything at all, I’m angry at someone who doesn’t respect other people’s boundaries and forces them to show off something they are obviously uncomfortable with! I’m mad that I wasn’t there to protect you, I’m mad that I didn’t understand why you hated yourself so much, I’m so frustrated that I can’t do more than patch you up and listen to what you have to say. I rather be out there with an actual weapon and slicing this shitheads face off, I want to humiliate him and force him to feel the pain he put you through tonight.” He was shaking, his voice slowly raising in anger and volume. I didn’t flinch, I didn’t even care if Quentin, the only one left awake I’m sure, could hear us from the campfire. If anything, I was relieved to hear his words.

    “Dwight, there’s one other thing I haven’t told you. It’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for so long, but because of my secret, I was terrified to say anything.” I took a shaky breath, taking Dwight’s hands into my own, mostly to stop his sudden burst of trying to rid me of the word scratched into my body. “Dwight, I’ve had really strong feelings for you for a long time now, and I know it’s extremely sudden to say that, and I’m not looking for you to say anything right now, but maybe when this calms down a bit, we can talk more about maybe…” I trailed off, knowing how stupid I sounded. I literally just cried and spilled all my secrets to Dwight, I cried into his chest, he held me like I was a child. I guess I am just a child, aren’t I.

    A sigh came from Dwight, his shoulders seemed to slump a bit. “You know, I just assumed that you weren’t into guys, specially ones like me. So I never asked you out like I wanted. After every trial, watching you grin after wins and recover slower than the other survivors when you lost. I wanted to be there every time. To be the one to congratulate you or to help patch you up and care for you when you were hurt. I guess part of me assumed you were ace with the way you pushed everyone out of the showers or waited till everyone was in bed before going to fix yourself up. You may have an Iron Will, but that doesn’t mean you’re indestructible and I didn’t see that before. You’re human, just like the rest of us.” He spoke softly, looking down at our hands and slowly using the rest of the salve on his hands to cover up the small generator cuts on my hands. “So, it’s actually a huge relief to hear that you do feel the same way about me, Jake.”

    END HIDDEN SECRETS(2000 word count)

    ((This was a story, mostly to tell almost what happened when I came out to my best friend. I had the word “tranny” put on my stomach with a switch blade, the scars were not because of black market, I never got them removed, but there are scars of when I tried to remove them myself. My best friend had stopped me, they left some disgusting scars on my chest, and ones I look at often to remind myself of what not to do. The bathhouse, was the locker room at the school we went to. I did confess my love for them that day, the day we started dating was the best and worst day of my life, but one I am grateful for now. We are still best friends, they’re having a girl sometime this year around my birthday too. And I wish I could say that Freddy was just a depiction of one awful human being, but I know what happened to me, is one I hear about more than I would like to admit. Back then, My trials were going to school, Freddy was the worst bully I have ever encountered and he took something from me I could never get back, an addition I will refuse to give out, though I know what others will think it is and you are right; the campfire was the hallway where the cameras could see what happens and allow me to be safe. The map, was the woods near the gas station I went to for lunch every day. I use DBD to depict my life more than I should, I know. But, this is a coping mechanism. I’m finally able to say what happened, and actually not cry about it. I thank the 8 years of therapy I did in order to get to this point in my life. I thank my best friend and sibling(they lived with me for 5 years after we broke up and my parent’s adopted them) for getting me out of the rut that day, I almost died and if it weren’t for them, I’d no longer be here. This is not a story for any sympathy, this is the story of how I was able to move on, the story of how I got here in my life and was able to bring myself to finally tell more than just my family what happened to me. It’s patchy, spotty at most, but details are hard to keep in order when you don’t want to spiral again. If you read this, I thank you for your support, I thank you for taking the time to read this and I thank you for understanding that I’s hard to talk about these topics.))

    #abuse#blood#anger#tw#transphobia#transphobic #based on true events #sensitive topics#dwake#jake park#dwight fairfield#dbd#writing#some angst#sad#angering #mention of suicide #therapy #no sympathy please #i beg of you i honestly don't need sympathy #i just wanted to finally write it out #i want to be able to talk to those who are going through tough times #i want to help everyone even when i know its impossible #just know you're not alone
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  • Someone replies to a comment I made 1-2 years ago, I ask what I said wrong, they reply with a pretty logically flawed answer, I point out the flaws in their argument, and now she’s responded to me, but I can’t see it because I’m blocked. OnO. Tried to find it on a different account, but couldnt. Found some gems, though.

    So just because I know a certain-somebody is going to be snooping all over my account even though I haven’t used it in years, I’ve decided to bring some things to light for her. Firstly, dear, how dare you be so transphobic as to reblog this:


    Look at that! They said “ftm” and you didn’t even point out how awful and offensive it is and how all those poor men were misgendered! I guess we’re both transphobic, then, huh?

    Anyway, on a more serious note: look at this idiocy.


    You likened saying “being trans isn’t a choice” (which it isn’t btw) to being okay with eugenics? What kind of mental gymnastics did you pull for that one? Not to mention that simply saying that being trans isn’t a choice is apparently the same as wanting to hurt trans people. It’s honestly hilarious. Like, even transphobes aren’t automatically calling for lynchings. They’re just misguided most of the time, and a bit of clemency and understanding goes a lot longer of a way than being baldly ignorant and aggressive.

    Your response to this person completely shutting down your argument is the saddest part, though.

    Y'know… Humility is a virtue, and honey, I suggest you go looking for some. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, that’s how you grow as a person.

    For example, I used to think it was transphobic to say that dysphoria is a requirement for being trans, but I was met with hard evidence that people who claim to be trans but feel no dysphoria are not actually trans and simply like to play around with social gender norms as well as medical proof that trans people’s brains function like the brains of the gender they identify as and rather than claim medical professionals and older, wiser trans people were transphobic, I realized I was wrong.

    Being trans isn’t a choice. You need dysphoria to be trans. And saying “ftm” and “mtf” is not transphobic. Also, being transphobic does not automatically make someone okay with eugenics and violence. It’s understandable to be afraid of transphobic people, but being a cunt to them isn’t going to make them change their minds. (: Have a nice day, miss. Hope you can find the strength to be humble and grow as a person.

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  • Anyone got suggestions on how to make my roommate move out quicker cuz she is acting very toxic abusive homophobic and even transphobic calling me a “worthless tranny freak” because I wear a binder please help I don’t know how much more of this I can take and I’m sure as hell not moving out of my own home for someone like this I’m worried for my safety and the safety of my animals I just want her gone and out of my life

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  • 3 years ago today

    3 years ago today I did something I still regret doing.

    3 years ago today I had a meeting set up at my high school for my mom to come to with some counselors I regularly saw there

    3 years ago today I had butterflies in my stomach all day waiting for this meeting

    3 years ago today all my friends were wishing me luck

    3 years ago today I was being the bravest I had ever been

    3 years ago today I was ready

    3 years ago today my life turned for the worse

    3 years ago today I wish had never happened

    3 years ago today I wish I had chickened out

    3 years ago today I wish I had kept my mouth shut

    3 years ago today I came out to my mom

    3 years ago today I told my mom that I was pansexual

    3 years ago today I told my mom that I was trans

    3 years ago today I would have never have thought that my mom would pull me out of school the next weekend blaming the school for me being pan and trans

    3 years ago today I would have never thought that I would end up being a high school drop out just like my dad

    3 years ago today I thought I would already be living out on my own today having already started T(estosterone)

    3 years ago today I would have never thought that my mom would be emotionally abusing me the way she does

    3 years ago today I made the worst decision of my life and I wish I could take it back

    3 years ago today I came out to my mom and I wish I never had

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  • image

    hey so i msged this dude, he’s online and hasn’t responded. so please go report his stupid porn blog lookin ass. do whatever you want. not tolerating violent threats.

    since it looks like he’s hidden, you can go to the replies on this post and find him.

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  • This song is kinda a big mood right now with my oldest sister. 

    I was trying to keep everyone in the loop about my op today. My partners ordered me a hysterectomy cake for my surgery, and so I found it delicious and offered to bring some for the fam.


    However…my oldest sister separately texted me about her disapproval.


    t’s 100% official, Bear (my oldest sister) is transphobic.

    I did cry a bit because of this…and that’s been incredibly hard for me to do right now…to shed tears…

    Here’s a kicker with it, she purposely did it in solo instead of group (because she knows she’d piss people off)

    Kitty mentioned why she realized it pisses her off so much that Bear said she was offended: She’s offended that I’m happy. More or less.

    She wanted me to not close the door and share etc, got on my case for keeping the transition secret at first, and then says this

    And honestly, I really should let this bother me the way it does. but it does, it hurts. 

    From refusing to use my name until it was legal, from insisting not to ever use masculine terminology, to this…

    And some other stuff when she had a convo with Kitty, comparing allowing people to wear Pride gear (during pride month) almost being the same as allowing white supremacist to wear racist stuff 

    “It might make people uncomfortable to see pride gear”

    On the other hand, my ma was actually using he/him pronouns, apparently today. I didn’t hear her do it (except maybe once), so that made me happy to hear about. 

    She’s almost only exclusively used she/her, so that really touched me.

    Just something I’ve got to accept. It’s a good thing I don’t live there anymore.

    even my parents aren’t bigoted like this and my dad identifies as Republican

    my ma actually went to court with me, has gone to several of my trans-related appointments, and then drove me to and from my surgery

    And I know she doesn’t understand, maybe not even approve (at least of some of it), but she cares and wants to help me at least be safe and careful and make sure I’m not alone

    and my ma was on the opposite spectrum on the “pride gear at work thing,” where she was all for it

    Kitty and some other employees had gotten in trouble at work for wearing a “pride shirt” on the first Friday of Pride month

    and my ma was like, “you wouldn’t say that to someone wearing a pink ribbon on breast cancer awareness month” and even turned to my dad who runs a business and he was agreeing that they technically don’t have a right to restrict that

    but when Bear heard, and saw that Kitty was now wear pride enamel pins every day for the month (or at least every Friday, can’t recall), she called her out as immature, saying that was childish and spiteful and that wearing pride stuff could make someone uncomfortable, and if we allow LGBT+ people to wear pride stuff, we should let white supremacist wear racist stuff

    and it’s just like “n-no…LGBT+ people are a protected class and this isn’t anything hateful or harmful on their stuff, as opposed to racist stuff being bigoted and harmful with hate”

    “it’s bringing sex into the workplace”

    uhhh…being gay =/= sex

    if that’s the case, than wearing “I love my husband” or those “his/hers” shirts are also sex

    she got on my case for telling our neighbors (they’re not mine anymore) that I changed my name (not my gender, just my name) and in front of their children who weren’t paying attention

    but you know what, my neighbor immediately took it well, stopped her children and said “This is Li'l King now” and they were cool with it

    like, I doubt the kids even remembered my name cuz the oldest was around 2 anyway and my sis was like “IT’S GONNA CONFUSE THE CHIIIIILDDDDREEEENNNN”

    no, no it’s not. Kids get this stuff easily, it’s adults who struggle

    and you know what else, their neighbors are doing better at gendering me than they are

    And she’s an educator: SHE SHOULD KNOW THIS

    and I also said it had nothing to do with gender, just my name

    one of my other sisters, Bunny, overheard Bear scolding me for that one and told our ma and then messaged me as well to see if I was OK and what it was about, but I didn’t want to be a tattle tail. Later that night, my ma checked on me and I told her everything and she was like “I’m willing to fight her for you, cuz that’s not OK” and that’s when she told me that Bear had been refusing to call me Li'l King up until I finally had it legally changed etc

    I’m gonna tell my ma about the cake thing too, but in private and in person. People were saying I should have posted the screen shot to the group chat, but tensions and stress are really high in their household right now, and I don’t want to add to it.

    A bunch of people that I talked to about this also kinda grilled her for the fact that she messaged me that whilst I’m supposed to be recovering and literally just had surgery

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  • Nov 22, 2019 - 10:05 AM

    General Mood: 

    I’m alive and I’m pissed.

    7:20 PM

    So my new ID came but practically half of it is wrong; my gender, hair, and weight is the old info; all they did was change my name, address, and photo 

    I’m kinda pissed since I paid for a new ID, filled out all the forms, and had to do the stupid fucking trek to get there

    9:55 PM

    Apparently it’s haters troll night and I missed my invite


    10:25 PM


    I saw this comment coming from a mile away, but it’s never OK to say.Just don’t.

    I’m in a place where I can withstand such a comment, but you never know where someone else is at.

    It’s disgusting to say to someone.


    Nov 23, 2019 - 9:10 PM

    I have reported every single one of their comments and blocked them.

    I’m not upset that they’re saying it to me, I am perturbed that they would even say that to another human being.

    Someone like this needs help most of all, but I am not who they will listen to for that help.

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  • In a Neverwinter a ship docks with a colorful crew. Almost every race is a member of this crew. Neverwinter was a buzz of activity as the crew disembark and scatters to handle many events. A dwarf was getting off the ship with a one horned tiefling and heads for the market.

    Samule- [a one horn tiefling pulling a wanted poster off the wall] Ma. Ma, look NooNoo got himself a wanted poster

    Lapis- [the dwarf women was smiling softly] really my son, let me see that

    Samule- [handing the poster to her] hes one of the most wanted now i guess

    Lapis- oh that boy was always a wild one, his girl must be a wiled one too

    Samule- why dont you tell the crew about her mama, all you do is tell us her personality and how happy he makes her. We dont even know if she is a tortal or gnome

    Lapis- cause you dont need to know wh-

    [Two guareds talking behind her about how the one female tiefling]

    Guared one- If she stopped acting male id be willing to show her how a real man is
    Guared two- id take her and clam that other horn, then she would know who she belongs too

    [ Lapis eye twitched as she turned to face them ignoring Samules please for her to stay calm]

    Lapis- [walking up to the guards acting calm] You know HE dosnt deserve to be talked about like that

    Guared one- and what you going to do about it, others may be ok with that whole decide what you are thing but im not. especially for no filthy tiefling and what you going to do about it?

    Lapis - [pulling her hands out of her pockets showing little sacks and speaks with blood boiling anger] THIS

    [Two diamonds attached to a bracelet on each wrist start to glow. The men go to raise there weapons and order her to stop. The words die in there throats and there weapons hit the ground. The guards drool and fall to there knees.]

    Samule- MAMA that was unnecessary, you didnt have to use two level 9 spells

    Lapis- Listen to me son, no one and i mean no one will talk about one of my children like that and get away with it

    Samule- [sigh] Well, i cant say i dont know were Noxle gets his anger from

    #red lips #i wanted to start with something good #its jest something to do #transphobic#d&d story
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  • Pastor at church: Coronavirus is caused by transgender children going against God, [insert multiple other fake reasons,]

    Me: Wow. My dysphoria is that powerful it causes a disease? I wonder what else it can do.

    My friend: Use your powers for good.

    Me: No thanks.

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