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  • Part one

    A/N: Round two is here, who’s gonna go? Warning from last time, even though these are headcanons, they can get pretty angsty. In my Poly!Losers universe, Stan is NB so heads up. Also this one made me cry so uh yeah

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  • feeling productive so I made charts on pairing / character popularity based on AO3 tag counts

    sources: AO3 and too much time procrastination

    #in my defense i'm supposed to be making charts at work #why not quantify fandom behavior while i'm at it #on behalf of the fandom - sorry mike and ben!!!! #reddie#benverly#stenbrough#stozier#hanbrough#stanlon#bichie#billverly#kaspbrough#steddie#bevchie#kasplon#hanzier#hanslon#trashstack#denscom#mikeverly#stanverly#hansbrak#stancom#edverly
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  • “The struggle of being pan is that all of your friends are cute!”

    Here’s some Pride-related art! I HC Ben as pansexual/panromantic. A lot of people portray him as a straight guy but he doesn’t give off that vibe to me? I know I strongly project onto Ben and like making every single fictional character I come across LGBTQ+, but he just radiates pan energy imo. He already cares a lot about the Losers, so I don’t see why that affection couldn’t eventually morph into something more,,,and I mean, with Bev/Richie/Eddie ogling him at the dinner table, him tenderly bandaging Mike’s arm, him being the first person to mention Stan, him comforting/protecting Eddie from the flying fortune cookie, Bill being the first person he mentions as his friend during the scene with Pennywise in the hallway, all the lil Trashstack moments in both movies, literally EVERYTHING with Beverly….it’s not that much of a stretch. Long story short I ship Ben with everyone else in the Losers Club and Polyam!Losers is a concept I adore very much

    As already mentioned, Ben is pan, but I also HC that Bev, Bill and Richie are bi, Mike is homosexual/panromantic, Stan is demisexual/biromantic, and Eddie is gay (although the latter is pretty much already canon)!

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  • #it chapter 1 #it 2017 #poly losers club #the losers club #richie tozier#reddie#hanzier#trashstack
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  • #trashstack #this is for mal but everyone read it and tell me im pretty thanks
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  • #the only thing i need to keep me warm at night is the way ben smiles when he pulls richie into a hug #the warmth... the love..... it stays w me... #trashstack
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  • Title: Popcorn

    Pairing: Richie/Ben

    Rating: T

    Summary: There had been something brewing between them lately, something neither one of them could name, but something they had both wanted to explore.

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  • Title: Remembering You

    Pairing: Richie/Ben

    Rating: T

    Summary: Richie sighed and sat back in his chair, his gaze falling on the boy again. Why did he look so familiar?

    A/N: written for @stozierbrak for the @it-fandom-exchange. I ended up going with Trashstack at college. I hope you enjoy!

    #it fandom exchange #richie x ben #trashstack#my fanfiction
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  • “What a man!” Richie said in a trembling, awestruck voice… “Beep-beep, Richie”, Ben said solemnly, and then exploded laughter in a hearty baritone utterly unlike his wavering childhood voice. 

    #itedit#ben hanscom#richie tozier#trashstack#itcentral #well personally im having fun making these gifsets #love this underrated duo!!! wish we could've gotten at least one haystack in either movie lol #mine
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  • Title: Birthday Wake Up

    Pairing: Richie/Ben

    Rating: E

    Summary: “Fuck, Ben, this is one hell of an alarm clock.”

    Some short trashstack smut for Richie’s birthday.

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  • hi i’ve been obsessing over trashstack recently so if anyone has any recs p l e a s e send them in

    #trashstack is an underrated rarepair and yall can fight me on that #trashstack #richie x ben #it
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  • #my fic#trashstack#benchie #this is also for the whole trashstack server bc everyone is GREAT #ben hanscom#richie tozier
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  • You’re My World

    Ok so this turned out super sappy and idk why but here it is


    “Hey Ben are you okay?” His coworker Mike asked after their morning rush.

    “Yeah I’m alright, just- Richie is mad at me I think.” He said while brewing some fresh coffee for the later crowd.

    “Oh gosh what did you do this time?” Beverly chimed in from behind Mike.

    “Haha Bev, I didn’t do anything, he’s just being Richie.” Ben said thinking about how overdramatic his boyfriend could be at times.

    “C'mon Ben you had to have done something to set him off?” Mike prodded.

    “I don’t know I guess I’ve been working a lot? Just started school again maybe he’s upset ‘cuz I’m not spending enough time with him?” Ben would’ve continued but the door to the coffee shop dinged and all three turned to greet whoever just came in.

    Ben paused though because right infront of him was his boyfriend. He looked sleepy and a little disheveled, he wasn’t really a morning person, but Ben thought he looked cute as always. Ben blushed a little red, a little embarrassed about having just talking about Richie behind his back.

    Ben walkedup to the register anyways ready to take Richie’s order (and probably give it to him for free) but Richie turned around like he was going to leave.

    Ben looked over at Bev and Mike, making sure they were seeing this too, and they all have eachother a weird look. Suddenly a receipt came though for a mobile order and they all saw the name: Richie.

    Bev made the drink quickly and Richie grabbed it then walked out the door without saying a word.

    “Damn dude, you must’ve really said something to upset him.” Bev said once he was gone. Ben felt crushed.

    “I literally have no idea what I did.”

    “Why would he even come in here if he knew you were working? What was the point if he wasn’t going to talk to you?” Mike asked, baffled as well.

    “I don’t know? The theatrics?” Ben said wanting to crawl into a hole and die because of how stupid his boyfriend could be.


    Later that day Ben was at home relaxing, he just finished a giant load of homework and wanted to turn off his brain for awhile when he remembered what happened at work that morning. His mind started drifting to Richie and all the things that have happened recently that could upset him. Instead of mulling things over forever he figured he should probably just go talk to his boyfriend.

    “Hey are you busy?” He texted Richie. “Maybe.” Richie texted back.

    “Babe you have your location shared with me I know ur just at home”


    “On my way.” Ben said before heading hover.

    It only took a few minutes to get to Richie’s house and Richie let him in without a fuss but still wouldn’t talk to him. “Will you please tell me why you’re being like this?” Ben asked.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Richie said sitting down at the kitchen table, not even looking at him.

    “Richie c'mon you came into my work today and didn’t even acknowledge I existed, what the hell?” Ben said starting to raise his voice. Between work and school he’s been pretty stressed out and now Richie isn’t helping.

    “I wanted to see, but then I saw your stupid face and didn’t want to talk to you.” Richie pouted.

    “God Richie, you are acting like a child I don’t even know what I did?” Ben was ready to cry at this point, he was just so confused at what he could’ve done to make Richie so mad at him.

    “Will you relax? It’s nothing, it’s just- I’m being stupid.” Richie said looking down. Ben took a second. Now Richie seemed more upset than Ben felt himself. He took a step closer and softly put his hand over Richie’s.

    “Whatever is making you upset isn’t stupid to me, not if it’s making you so upset you feel like you can’t even look at me.” Ben said quietly. Finally Richie was looking at him. Richie brought a hand up to Ben’s face, Ben leaned into his touch. Richie gave a soft smile and finally spoke up.

    “I’m worried about you Benji, you’ve been working so much and you just went back to school. I see how burnt out you are and I know you’re trying to spend time with me even though you’re so tired all the time. I just want you to take care of yourself. I was getting mad at you for doing too much and then I was mad at myself for being stupid about wanting more of you.” Richie brought his hand down from Ben’s face, feeling defeated at revealing how he’s been feeling. Ben leaned down and rested his forehead against his boyfriends.

    “You’ll always have a piece of me Chee.” He said and brought their lips together in a soft kiss, showing Richie how much he loved him even if his life felt incredibly hectic right now.

    Ben pulled back and Richie smiled up at him. Richie pulled him in for a hug, Ben was standing between his legs while Richie wrapping his arms around Ben’s waist and put his head on his stomach.

    “I love you” Richie said, muffled a little by Ben’s stomach. Ben chuckled.

    “I love you too. And hey I can cut my hours back a little bit and maybe drop a class next semester to make things a little less stressful.” Ben suggested.

    “Only if that’s what you wanna do.” Richie said looking up at him.

    “Anything to make you happy.” Ben said looking at him like he was the world.

    “And you were right, I am feeling burnt out. Just wanna spend more time with you, you always make me feel better.” Ben said.

    “You’re so sappy sometimes it makes me wanna barf.” Richie said out of the blue. Ben bursted with laughter and Richie smiled like Ben was the world.

    #trashstack#richie tozier#ben hanscom #it chapter 2 #obvi they r like college here #around 21 #im so stupid and gay
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  • -Noor Unnahar
    For @nohomohank

    #it#itedit#trashstack#benchie#trashstackedit#nohomohank#tusercolleen#thatgirljazz #ben x richie #usertyler#tuserdaniela#userjl#myedits #maybe i was smiling like an idiot while making htis #this** because they're so freaking cute
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  • Richie, riding piggyback on Ben and sucking on a lollipop: keep my man’s name outcha mouth.

    #They're both wearing pink sunglasses #all fax no printer #trashstack#ben hanscom#richie tozier#It #it chapter one #it chapter two #Queuetequeuetequeuete
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  • Waiting to Exhale

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Relationship: Ben Hanscom/Richie Tozier
    Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death, Internalized Homophobia, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better, Coming Out, Lesbian Beverly Marsh, Gay Richie Tozier, Gay Mike Hanlon, Pansexual Ben Hanscom, Bisexual Bill Denbrough

    Summary: When all is said and done, Bill leaves first.

    “I’m sorry,” he says, sucking in a breath. “My wife… I have to get home.”

    Richie understands why, he gets that Big Bill has a life and he finally, finally, gets to go live it. They all do. Most of them do, anyway. Him and Bill and Mike, Bev and Ben. They get to go on and become who they were meant to be, who they could have been without the clown.

    Stan doesn’t. Eddie… Eddie doesn’t either.

    “I have to get home,” he says again.

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  • Like the most popular lineups for the adult Losers at least tend to be:

    reddie/stenbrough/benverly/single Mike 


    and some minor variations like usually Stan will be thrown in a threesome so either make it streddie or stanlonbrough, like all of these are valid, of course. It’s just fucking shipping, and don’t let my extra obnoxious ass tell you otherwise. 

    but have you considered?

    trashstack/steddie/hanbrough/lesbian Bev??? 

    Think about it :) Plus, there are plenty of underdeveloped and poorly written female characters to ship Bev with, I know everyone sleeps on Kay, so that’s a good ship, but since everyone loves Patty so much, she and Bev would be a powerful fucking couple. 

    And then we can actually change shit up and push some really cute and Soft ships for the bois, like hanbrough is reading an old book by the fireplace, trashstack is cuddling a giant stuffed animal, and steddie is like sunbathing in your garden. 

    #I'm literally going to go feral for steddie though #steddie#trashstack#hanbrough#bev/kay#bev/patty #the losers club #mike hanlon#bill denbrough#bev marsh#beverly marsh#eddie kaspbrak#stan uris#stanley uris#ben hanscom#richie tozier #it chapter two #it chapter 2 #it 2019#it movie #it chapter one #it chapter 1 #it 2017
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  • Wow, the reason I couldn’t find any Richie/Ben content was because their ship name is trashstack? Glad to know they’re the only ones with a cool non portmanteau name! 

    Anyway, with the way Richie is so aggressively flirting with Ben in the book (as adults), and his fdkljhas;dglj his fucking “You look like every Brazilian soccer player” comment, like yeah. Richie has a type. And sorry it’s not Eddie. 

    And Ben is every straight guy that you’re basically in love with but you value his friendship so much that you’re cool with suffering in silence and pining forever, because he’s very affectionate with you anyway. Like he probably is your roommate at some point, basically you’re boyfriends in all but name. 

    And if there’s anyone who could fit the “Richie yes!” “Richie no!” “Richie no :(” dynamic, it’s trashstack. Because Eddie only fans the flames of whatever fire is lit under Richie’s ass to make him… like that. And Stan’s tactics of scornful disengagement probably only motivate Richie’s spite. 

    Eddie and Stan are helpless against Richie. Richie is going to feed off of Eddie’s obnoxious energy as they start bickering for hours, and Richie is only going to try harder the more Stan ignores him.

    But Ben… Ben is calm, and safe, and steady. Richie is a wildfire and Ben puts out the wildfire not by using more fire, or by using water, but by using earth. He smothers Richie with attention and love, but he’s also very gently insistent in his own way.

    Like, Ben is a giant puppy, of course. He’ll laugh along with Richie’s antics, but he’s also like “Okay, time for business, let’s get serious.” And I don’t know, I can just feel it. Richie needs an outlet for all his energy. Ben can take it. He can also redirect it to help Richie be productive. I mean if you think Richie has ADHD (very plausible) Ben is just, good at handling all the Losers’ various baggage? Ben does not judge people (which Stan tends to do), but he’s willing to offer gentle advice on how you can better yourself (which Eddie is reluctant to do). 

    Imagine the sessions where Richie and Ben brainstorm ideas together? Ben is designing buildings and Richie is coming up with joke after joke after joke, and Ben is totally honest. That’s just who he is.

    Sometimes he’s laughing so hard he cries. Other times he’s like “What the fuck Richie that’s not funny!” Other times he’s like “Huh? That’s a little over my head babe.” And Ben shows Richie his ideas and Richie tends to make jokes, his most popular is “That looks like a dick,” but Richie pushes Ben to be bolder, more creative, more crazy. 

    Like, Ben would make Richie go jogging and eat kale and shit? But Richie would teach Ben how to use that zombie jogging app, and how to make ice cream out of kale. Ben keeps Richie grounded, and Richie would just, spark this passion in Ben, who does tend to be in his own head as an adult. It’s valid!!! It’s fun and lighthearted and devoted. And we can’t forget, like… whoever you ship Ben with, he’s going to build them a log cabin with his bare hands and then carry them over the threshhold. That’s just canon.

    #trashstack #I mean it would go great with steddie #because bichie... I don't know sis #ben hanscom#richie tozier #it chapter two #it chapter 2 #it 2019#it movie #it chapter one #it chapter 1 #it 2017
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