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  • professorlehnsherr-almashy
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Home to the rain

    Bucky x Time traveller male oc

    There was rain.

    It always rained when they met.

    The only constant in a relationship with a time traveller he supposed.

    They kept running into each other. Destiny was a cruel mistress. He knew. After all he turned her into an omega level mutant.

    He anticipated the day when Ezra would look at him with the intention to avenge his mother. When they met behind enemy lines he had told him everything he knew about this day. Gave him so much hope about the future as they shared a hasted kiss in the covert of the darkness in the trenches. Even when he was Hydras puppet Ezra still found him. Jeopardized his own safety to save him. One time he woke up badly injured from a mission with him tending his wounds with such care he hadn't felt since he was forced into this life. It felt to be too good to be real. So he tried to choke the life out of this illusion. Yet Ezra didn't made a sound just filled his head with pleasant memories. Without any further doubt he let him go. Embraced him. In this night the ice melted which had created the terror of the winter soldier. His kisses were sunshine infused shots of whiskey and salted caramel. It was too easy to get drunk on them. Desperately he clinged onto the memory of his traveller as his mind got erased . Praying that he wouldn't hurt him again.

    The modern world was too loud. Too much distraction. There was a lot of loneliness too. Everyone was showing off their loved one's these days. Not that he would ever admit it but he would love to do this as well. But that's the problem with dating a time traveller. They don't really stick to time lines.

    It was raining of course. Always like the bloody movies. They were out training. Sam was trying to work on flying in the rain. So naturally he would enjoy watching him getting tossed around by the storm approaching.

    It was then when he heard his name being called. Spoken like a curse. Met by cold honey eyes and a blast of violet energy to the shoulder. So heavy it knocked him right of his feet.

    The day had come.

    Ezra wore the same clothes the day he had found him hurt, without memories, soaked in an alley in Brooklyn. The vein on his neck wasn't imprinted yet. The blue bridge across his nose hadn't appeared yet either. Nor was his upper lip purple with a vertical line on his bottom lip in the same colour.

    Just a few cute freckles from using his powers just now had appeared. He was certain he would die but if it was through the hands of his lover it would be okay.

    Ezra leaped on top of him swift as a cat. It was an odd moment as he reached out to cup his cheek. The time traveller fought him off with the most painfully hateful burning look in his eyes. Nothing's more terrible as the look of a lover who doesn’t remember all the love once shared. He died in this very moment.

    Ezra reached out. Placed a hand on his temple like so many times he had done before. For an hopeful moment he expected his mind to be captured with wholesome memories of them. Green flames of pain shot through his mind. Opening all the locks to well guarded do not open memories. Tears streamed down his face. He tried to reach out to him. Cause he saw how much pain it caused him too. The mark on his upper lip started to form.

    Moments trapped in nightmares and pains seemed endless.

    Suddenly all the tension dropped with a thunder bolting.

    When he came back to his senses Ezra was knocked unconscious and bleeding from his nose. Sam shot him a worried glance which he shrug off. Crawling over to the lifeless body of his time traveller he cradled him. Wiped the blood away from his face. "1941 Brooklyn. I got you . I always will." He whispered before placing a soft kiss on his temple. Ezra opened his eyes. All the rage had turned into serenity "Bucky." He touched his cheek smiling before dissolving in a hasted of violet energy.

    He got up with the help of his partner. Smiled through the pain. Right now in Brooklyn , a long time ago, their love story would begin and blossom. It felt like the end but it really was just the beginning.

    So he hoped for the next day of rain to come and bring his time traveller back home.

    A/N I was bullied into writing this by a friend cause I couldn't shut up about Bucky deserving the world. They told me to give him the boyfriend he deserves and well so I sacrificed Ezra ( who is part of a huge story line which I'm never going to publish). Don't ask me how Steven Rogers fits into this. I'm still too mad about Endgame (watched it for the first time some days ago that I deny his existence! The only Cap I trust is Sam!

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  • akeno-ar
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • paveeasusha
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

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    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

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  • dincercosqun
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

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  • chitra132
    06.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    10 most Unusual Cuisines Around the World

    There are some popular cuisines across the world, which have already become a part of our daily lives; but there are still some more, which are rarely tried but can melt your taste buds. Do not be in awe when we say, “yes it exists”, because these are truly unusual, and one would think twice before they try.
    1. Chicken’s Feet 📷 This dish is a popular food in East Asia, Caribbean, South America, and South Africa and can be extremely delicious when it prepared with right ingredients and seasoning. It brings out the flavour rather well with all ingredients are mixed in right proportion, but the bones can really bother if one has no idea how to eat this dish. It is prepared mostly out of skin and can be gelatinous in texture.
    2. Haggis 📷 Prepared with sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, this is a popular dish in Scotland. All these three are minced and mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet, seasoned with salt and spices and cooked inside the animal’s stomach. The description might not sound appealing, but you would not know until you try that this dish might just be your favourite too and
    3. Khash 📷 Khash is a popular dish in the Middle East, Europe, and Turkey. It is made from stewed cows’ feet and head, which was mainly considered as a staple food for the winter season. But now it has become more common and people do not mind trying it often.
    4. Tuna Eyeballs 📷 This is a very popular cuisine in Japan. It tastes like squid or octopus. It has no taste until you boil it and prepare it with right seasoning, and ingredients. It mainly takes the flavour of the spices used to bring out the taste you desire. This is so common that it is sold out in Japan stores in less than a dollar.
    5. Black Pudding (Blood Sausage) 📷 It is popular and widely available in African, American, Asian, and European cities. This dish is mainly prepared with congealed blood and various natural flavourings, thickening agents like suet and breadcrumbs and stuffed into a sausage skin. The very thought could be disturbing, but considering the places where it is served, I have a reason to ask, “is it really unusual?”
    6. Spam 📷 This famous mystery meat is a staple food in the cities of the United States. Spam is said to be made from chopped pork shoulder meat, ham, and potato starch. But you would not now until you try. The taste might just knock you off your feet.
    7. Hákarl 📷 A popular cuisine in Iceland is Hákarl, which is a rotting carcass of a Greenland shark. It is one of the most tedious and prolonged tasks to get this dish ready for serving. Since the sharks usually carry poisonous internal fluid to help them survive in the cold water, the dead shark is buried underground in a shallow pit and pressed with stones so that the deadly fluid can be drained out making the meat safe to eat.After removing it out from the shallow pit it is then hung out to dry. It is usually cut in pieces and served and has a strong smell which is hard to swallow. Would you take a chance? Related:10 Most Popular Foods Around the World
    8. Surstromming 📷 Found commonly in Sweden, Baltic Sea, this herring is fermented with enough salt that helps to prevent it from rotting. Nicely packed in a tin container, dipped in brine, this is sold in Sweden shops. But be mindful of eating this outside as it releases pungent smell the moment the lid is removed. You may be okay with that but what about the people around you specially if they are not Swedish?
    9. Jing Leed (Grasshoppers) 📷 Jing Leed is a common dish in Thailand. It is a big old grasshopper seasoned with salt, pepper power and chilli and fried in a big wok. It otherwise tastes a little like hollow popcorn skin, except when you bite on it a little juice squirt out. Go ahead and try you might just like it.
    10. Wasp Crackers 📷 Wasp Cracker is a biscuit filled with wasps and quite popular in Japan. The biscuit contains the digger wasp, and the tastes stings. If only you can try it and do not mind shallowing insects, this could just be the kind of dish you might like.Picking up 10 from the pool of unusual dishes was a tough choice. There are innumerable and the list keeps growing.
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  • deertu
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #italo calvino #if on a winter's night a traveller
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  • theobsidianperspective
    06.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    One hundred percent~! I miss driving in Napoli~! The traffic is insane.. It makes no sense, but if you learn and adapt to driving here, you can drive anywhere. I’m pretty sure this picture is along my drive to work, or somewhere in that area, but it’s not unusual to see this kind of chaos. Not only was driving a mess, but parking was wild too. If all goes well, maybe the EU will let me and family back in for a holiday next year~! . . . . . #travel #traveller #adventure #italia #italy #イタリア #blackandabroad #lifeinitaly #beautifulplaces #throwback #travelmore #potd #pictureoftheday #letsgoeverywhere #destination #makingmemories #obsidianperspective #obsipers #arounditaly #visititaly #italiait #vesuvio #Naples #ナポリ #napoli #internationalrelations #life #fatherhood #parenthood (at Napoli, Italy) https://www.instagram.com/p/COg4JOHMqmg/?igshid=11ey4ugmn54rc

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  • sereina
    06.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “I can lend realistic skeletal decorations for Halloween to those who want them. Whether it be skulls, rib cages, or spines, I have it all.”

    #🌹 yveltal. #🌹 dashviewing. #this isnt crack he literally collects bones from deceased things #yvel holding out a human skull: i have the wares you seek traveller
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