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    06.12.2021 - 1 minute ago
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    06.12.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Was reading Star Wars fanfic and it’s just so... weird, how people look at the Light/Dark sides of the Force.

    I mean, one is basically saying “chill the fuck out” and the other is saying “get angry about it”. And it’s like... there’s not really a “gray zone” for that?

    Like, the Light isn’t saying that “being angry is morally wrong” they’re saying that “being angry causes you to make questionable decisions, so take a step back and think about it first”.

    Hell, imagine this scenario:

    There’s a tiger in your apartment.

    So, that’s bad. Your apartment is where you keep all of your stuff, and tigers are scary and dangerous. The tiger needs to go. 

    Light says:

    Alright, fuck. How do you deal with a tiger? Does animal-control deal with tigers? Might as well ask them, right? Wait, my phone is in my apartment. Shit. Alright, new plan, let’s knock on my neighbor’s door and ask if he can call animal-control on the tiger in my apartment.

    Dark says:

    How dare that tiger invade my apartment! Tigers are scary! That apartment is mine! I hate that tiger! I’m going to go in and kill it with my bare fucking hands!

    So the Light side steps back and thinks about the problem and then deals with the problem. And the Dark side hypes itself up with copious amounts of adrenaline and then charges at the problem head-on.

    Is the Dark side easier to use? Oh fuck yeah. But it also makes it a lot more plausible for you to get eaten by the goddamn tiger. And really, saying that the Light side is somehow “wrong” for not charging in to defend their precious apartment sounds extremely fucking stupid.

    Is it possible for the “Light side” to spend all of their time debating the ethics of the solutions of a problem instead of... you know, actually fixing it? Hell yeah. But that comes down to humans and their complete inability to ever agree with anyone ever (AKA, the group-project problem).

    So, where the hell does the “gray side” come into things? Do they get mad and charge at the tiger a little bit? Do they break down their neighbor’s door to steal their phone?

    Like... there are technically options, but it either amounts to failing at being competent at using the Dark side, or claiming that you’re “Light” whilst also trying to maximize how much of an asshole you are.

    (And before anyone says “what if the tiger corners you in your apartment with no time to think”, I’ll point out that the Light doesn’t tell you not to fight the tiger. It just says that there are usually more options than “charge at the problem in an adrenaline-fueled berserker-rage, whilst screaming at the top of your lungs”.)

    #sure - the jedi had their own issues. largely because they followed a committee and were being poked at by politicians. #and plenty of people left the jedi because they fell in love and stuff - but that was because the jedi had a DUTY #as in - it wasn't the ''Light side'' forcing them to not fall in love - it was ''being peacekeepers traveling all across the galaxy'' #that was interfering with shit like ''i want to go back home to my wife'' #and part of being a jedi was recognizing that you were too ''emotionally compromised'' to deal with the situation #(AKA - an actual thing in most legal systems across our planet. and why judges can't just say that their kids are ''not guilty'') #so being a jedi requires a bunch of ''moral fiber'' - and not everyone is well-suited for that kind of life #but the ''Light side'' on its own is just... not rushing into things bcs you panicked or got super-angry about something #but to instead temporarily put those feelings on hold until the actual problem can be addressed #and there really isn't a ''gray zone'' between that. or at least. not a gray zone that isn't just someone trying to be an asshole #jedi are encouraged to make friends. to find hobbies. they're just not allowed to let those things get between them and their work. #because their work is a duty where people's lives are on the line - and they can't afford to be emotionally compromised #(and that's part of why they're TRUSTED as peacekeepers in the first place. that they'll be impartial.) #star wars#rants#character insight#fandom
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    06.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    方砖厂胡同.北京 #hutong #fangzhuanchang #beijing #nanluogixiang #streetview #streetphoto #yindingbridge #chinesearchitecture #travelinchina #travelchina #travelblog #traveladdict #traveller #wheretonext #travellife #nightview #china #beijingcity #travel2china #night #visitchina #discoverchina #mychinagram #instachina #house (at Beijing, China) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXJOGDUFvAm/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    06.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    方砖厂胡同.北京 #hutong #fangzhuanchang #beijing #nanluogixiang #streetview #streetphoto #yindingbridge #chinesearchitecture #travelinchina #travelchina #travelblog #traveladdict #traveller #wheretonext #travellife #nightview #china #beijingcity #travel2china #night #visitchina #discoverchina #mychinagram #instachina #house (at Beijing, China) https://www.instagram.com/shawn7xu/p/CXJOCr0FUIC/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    06.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Orxeta, town in the south of the Valencian Country.

    Photos by costablancaorg on Instagram.

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    06.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    New Blog Post

    Stay tuned for an update on Friday :)

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    06.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Banff National Park, Alberta T0L, Canada[OC][1680x1050] - Author: tdog28121993 on reddit

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  • billionairebabes
    06.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Hi babes, I feel like I haven't been very active in the last few months so here's a little photo dump of my life in October, November, and a bit of December. In the last few months, I feel as though I haven't been in a mental place to write much because of my own feelings. For example, in the last few weeks, I haven't been feeling like myself. I haven't felt like "that girl" and my face looks off to me but I reminded myself that my perspective has changed and not necessarily my looks or who I am. Mindset is really everything! Once, I came to that realization, I started to feel much better though it's still a process. I also have steps that I take when I fall into a headspace like this and I'm on my way to feeling like my normal self!

    In other news, I went to Vegas (unimpressed), started pilates at Solidcore (very hard but so rewarding), saw the Grand Canyon, learned to make my own signature scent at a niche perfume shop, and started dating again! Soo, that being said, I'll be back with new posts soon!

    #bb original#diary entry#manifestation#luxury #black women in luxury #black women in leisure #travel#my face #brittjcarter.com
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    06.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Rock'n E RV Park (27-28)

    Rock’n E RV Park (27-28)

    Written 11/14/2021 Sandy leading the way just as she usually does. I awoke late and crawled out of bed before going out for the first walk of the day. We stuck to the perimeter of the park as that gets us the most mileage and therefore, the most exercise plus it is the easiest walking. Sandy had to greet the little Schnauzer as we drew level and I chatted to the owners who were sitting outside.…

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    06.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    exactly one month until my birthday and i still have no ideia if i want to make a party as almost all of my friends will be traveling 🥺

    #it sucks to celebrate your birthday in the first week of the year #people are either traveling or simply broken #but it's probably the last time I'll be able to celebrate it in my hometown 🥺 #or at least for the next 4 years
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  • mr-heavendrops-bastard-version
    06.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Here's this random Scaramouche fic I thought of,hope you guys like it.

    [Title:when the Sakura blossoms rot]

    The darkness within calls forth a fog that envelopes the puppet's mind.

    He raises his arm, resonating with the deep seated wrath of bygone gods.

    There they were,the traveler,passed out infront of him,he could so easily snuff thier life out,and he was about to,but suddenly he felt the presence of another person.

    The lady with pink hair moved forth and thus she asked"how long has it been since we last met?"

    "A decade?a century perhaps?a few hundred years?" She continued,now blocking the puppet from advancing any further.

    Her all knowing smile seemed to pierce through everything.

    "Yae Miko...,you haven't changed one bit" the puppet laughed.

    "Neither have you" her smile irritated the puppet immensely, perhaps she knew this, perhaps she simply didn't care.

    "The 6th of the eleven fatui harbingers, Scaramouche the balladeer"she announced" or maybe I should call you by your chosen name.....Kunikuzushi" she added.

    "What brings you here?do you really think you can beat me?" he asked, grinning threateningly.

    "No, I'm not stupid enough to try either,I have an offer to make" she answered.

    "What makes you think you're in any position to make any kind of offers?"

    "It's quite simple really,I have something you desperately want"she raised her hand and an image of something started to form"and you have someone I would like to keep alive"

    Upon recognizing the object,the puppet's eyes widened in disbelief.

    "The gnosis" he whispered, wondering if the chief priestess of the Narukami shrine had gone insane.

    The puppet laughed again "you must've really lost it ,huh? you're really going to hand over the gnosis in exchange for me sparing the traveler?" he looked at her expecting any kind of denying statement,any kind of trick or trap.

    "Indeed,I have no use of this old trinket" she played with the gnosis, spinning it in her hands "you on the other hand would do anything to take it,would you not?"

    "You do realize I could just kill both of you and get rid of two birds with one stone, right?" his threat wasn't entirely empty,but he also expected that Miko had some kind of contingency plan set up,the puppet had come to admit that she's annoyingly smart.

    "Of course,But then you risk losing your chance to take the gnosis so easily" she replied, smugly smiling.

    Every interaction with her was like a game of chess she already won,this one did not differ much.

    "I didn't take you for some who would betray thier archon like that" the puppet mocked ,as if that would faze her.

    Completely unaffected by that comment,she replied with a small chuckle , saying" oh please, she's far too stuck in her own head to care right now,you should know, considering you used that to your advantage"

    The puppet grinded his teeth, regaining his composure,he decided to take her offer,he declared "fine,I'll accept your "offer" ,you and that miserable worm can leave "

    Yae held out the gnosis,which floated towards the puppet with an ominous purple glow, small sparks crackled around it.

    Once it landed in his hand,the puppet felt a surge of power through him, despite not being connected to it,he felt like he finally grasped the part that was missing for so many years.

    At that point,he didn't care about anything else,his obsession with being completed was his first and only priority.

    The dark mist started surrounding him, until he wasn't visible anymore,then it dispersed,and with it the puppet disappeared.


    Tsurumi island was a place anyone would rarely visit,the brave but stupid occasional adventurer , someone who thinks they may find treasures and riches,or those who are simply curious about the place.

    Of course,no one manages to get far,most of them get lost in the fog and get sent back to the beginning, although some may have a fate much worse than that.

    Put simply,this Island was perfect for the puppet to hide while he attempts the next step of his plan.

    Obviously the next step was to finally put the piece he lacked for so long where it belongs, however he wasn't sure if doing so would cause any sort of complications.

    The island's fog was a good cover for him while he gets used to the gnosis.

    And while it may have been a challenge for the mortals and the like,for the puppet it was a nuisance at best,he could easily navigate the island.

    After having found a cave,the puppet took his hat off and put it aside,he grabbed the gnosis, floating in his hand it was.

    Looking at it,his eyes reflected it's purple light, finally,he can complete himself.

    Moving the clothes off his chest,it opened to a spherical object, seemingly to house the gnosis.

    He put it in it's place,the gnosis fit like a glove,and the sphere glowed.

    Closing his chest,he inspected himself for any,changes,he hadn't felt different,not yet anyways.

    A few minutes passed,and suddenly the puppet felt a surge of energy flow though him,it was too much for his body, electro crackled around him,and unable to handle such power ,the puppet collapsed on the floor, before losing his consciousness,the puppet's mind had only one thought echoing through it.

    "Was I.....not enough?"

    After having passed out,the puppet woke up to find himself in dark cold place,the floor was wet and black,the sky was Ominously purple,and there was nothing other than the puppet,or so he thought.

    Suddenly,the gnosis appeared , tempting and mesmerizing,he went to grab it but it moved away,he followed and it moved away again,this continued for bit until he heard laughter,his own laughter, echoing through the place,it was almost deafening.

    "Who are you, reveal yourself!" The puppet growled,the laughter stopped,and it was replaced by the mocking voice of the puppet.

    "I'm right here you fool" the voice replied, seemingly from within the gnosis,enjoying the current situation.

    Dark mist surrounded the trinket, violently twisting and turning into the dark little silhouette of the puppet.

    The puppet took a defensive stance"what kind of stupid joke is this" he growled again.

    "Tis no joke, I'm you,and you are me,we are the same" smiled the dark shadow, it's eyes were hollow,and mouth completely black.

    "I am the abyss your soul,a tiny little spark,floats in" it added.

    "A pathetic, idiotic, obsessed weak little spark"

    "What is that supposed to mean" the puppet frowned,his hands turning into fists.

    "It means" the shadow approached him"that you're not strong enough,and you never will be"

    The shadow moved around him , taking a different shape,the shape of the Narukami shrine head priestess,Yae Miko,with her infuriating smile and eyes filled with nothing but a darkness that swallows everything,and a mocking glare.

    Mimicking her voice with utmost perfection, moving around the puppet , almost like a snake slithering around it's prey,the shadow said"Poor little doll,born to serve but bound to suffer, struggling for any kind of purpose after it's failure"

    The puppet sent a blast of thunder in the shadow's direction,but it disappeared before it was hit, reappearing again,but as a different person,the traveler,it made an expression of pure malice that the puppet wouldn't even think could be done by that worm,in his own words.

    The smile,the crooked eyes,it was unsettling.

    "But of course,to deal with it's failure,the puppet joined a group of fools, because it knew that it would otherwise lose all relevance,and it would be eaten by the ravages of time"

    The puppet attacked again,and again it missed,the shadow now stood in front of him, taking on the shape of his creator,the electro archon,Baal.

    It's expression became that of disappointment and scorn,pure hatred,not even a glimpse of regret,he was not sure how the shadow could replicate her shape.

    "You're a useless worthless mistake,you should not even be allowed to exist"

    The shadow grabbed him by the collar"but you know this,do you not?" Now a faceless specter,as if a mirror to the puppet's heart.

    The puppet punched the shadow,this time he landed a hit,but it didn't matter because the shadow simply dissipated, leaving the puppet on it's knees ,in the cold dark place,with it's sinister laugh threatening to shatter his ears.

    The puppet woke , rising quickly and out of breath,he slammed his hand on the ground, leaving a small crater and making a few rocks fall from the ceiling.

    "Damn it"he felt himself to be weak,he struggled to get up on his feet.

    He took to the wall to prevent himself from falling, slowly making his way out of the cave,and at the entrance he stopped and simply watched the fog.

    It was much like the fog in his own mind,after that terrible dream,he wondered what to do next,but the fog didn't answer.

    #genshin scaramouche #genshin impact scaramouche #genshin impact #genshin yae miko #genshin impact yae #genshin traveler #genshin impact traveler #genshin aether #genshin impact aether #genshin impact lumine #genshin lumine #genshin impact fic #genshin fic#genshin fanfiction#genshin fanfic #genshin impact baal #genshin baal #genshin impact ei #genshin ei #genshin impact beelzebub #genshin beelzebul#drops writing
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    Mdina, Malta

    © theshyjellyfish

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    The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (Moscow) - Russia

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