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  • more of my racebent! Alli doodles

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  • image

    Some doodles I did if Alli was an African American

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  • I blame listening to The Ugly Truth from Uglydolls for inspiring me to draw this. 

    I’d watch out if I were you, Lou. Cody doesn’t like it when you flirt with his girl, Nabel gets easily protective of her lil’ sister, and Alli is not falling for your charms, either. 

    Meanwhile, Moxy, who is held up by Ugly Doll or Wage (whoever you decide), is pretty much shocked on what is happening. 

    I’ll leave the rest to you to decide what happens next

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  • alright, @ixy-cries . I’ve done my challenge, now it’s your turn. 

    (Understandable if you don’t want to do it anymore)

    Drawer’s note: there will be a second part soon

    #meant for rebels of the sun #but it's also a random drawing #smallfoot#treelight city#migo#alli#mpreg#kelblue draws
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    • Alli and Nabel: *appears in Disney Princes room*
    • Disney Princes: *gasps when they saw them*
    • Alli: Hi.
    • Disney Princes: *prepare to attack them*
    • Nabel: Wait, wait! Guys! Please! W-we're princesses, too.
    • Kristoff: Wait, what?
    • Nabel: Um, yes. Queen Nabel and Princess Alli of Everworld. Pretty sure that's a known name.
    • Shang: What kind of princesses are you?
    • Alli: What kind...?
    • Eugene: *holding frying pan* Do you have a weapon of choice?
    • Nabel and Alli: *outstretches hands and arrow and bow and sword appear* Check.
    • Eric: Were you hypnotized?
    • Alli: By a crystal that gave you powers?
    • Kristoff: *petting Sven* Do you have a steed?
    • Nabel and Alli: *both petting Blizzard and Grif* Check.
    • John Smith: Were you shot?
    • Alli: Tranquilizer dart.
    • Naveen and Adam: Enchanted?
    • Nabel: *holds wrist with mark* Does this count?
    • Eugene and Philip: Kidnapped or enslaved?
    • Alli: Oh, I remember this one time I got held against my will after I "lied" to my friends.
    • Prince Henry: I know. A man met you at the ball, but you had to leave and the only thing you had left behind was a glass slipper. So he ordered every woman in the kingdom to try it on, and that's how he finds you!
    • Nabel: That's pretty interesting.
    • Florian: Have you ever had a True Love's kiss?
    • Alli: *blushes* I've kissed someone.
    • Aladdin: Do you have any criminal records?
    • Nabel: No, but we tend to try and stay out of trouble. *gives Alli a raised eyebrow*
    • Everyone: Yet troubles keep coming!
    • Eugene: And now, for the million dollar question, have you ever sacrificed your well-being for the sake of others?
    • Nabel and Alli: *looks at one another, then back at the Princes* ...Yep!
    • Disney Princes: They are princesses!
    • Florian: *sings operatic, high note*
    #if blank met Disney Princesses/Princes #treelight city#everworld au #Ralph breaks the internet #the original lines of the Disney princes belong to norothythefilmmaker #this is inspired by norothythefilmmaker #kelblue writes
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  • College is about to kick my ass again, so…wish me luck

    I had to draw Kalli again because I miss them

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  • A little something that came up after I had a dream about this with a crossover and other movies. Goddamn it, brain! When are you gonna stop giving me good ideas?!

    #tangled au #van helsing au #the incredibles 2 au #voltron au #treelight city au #other movies#kelblue draws
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  • In my first concept redraw, Alli was supposed to look like she was fifteen, and her signature color was light blue. 

    In my newer concept redraw, she’s shown to be seventeen rather than eighteen, her new color is red and orange, and I had to use Allura as a reference and trace her features. 

    #frozen but free warriors #voltron au #treelight city au #oc#kelblue draws
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