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    The cinematography is neat and I have to say that the explosions look pretty amazing. I really like the cast, you can never go wrong with Michael Shannon. And a few light moments keep this from being a standard war-movie downer. Not sure how I feel about the whole “America is allying with some friendli-er muslims” thing because I can still detect a hint of patronizing patriotism on America’s part, but it was based on a true story so what can we do ‘bout it? 

    7.5/10 ⭐️

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    𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐲 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐨𝐨𝐧

    The skins initial contact with a needle is always painfully exhilarating. The tear of flesh is a white hot feeling of blistering pain, the red ache of skin a tell tale sign of what’s been endured from the consensual affliction. A thrilling rush permeates the body, an existential surge tugging at the soul as the mind comes to grips with its everlasting decision. The beginning is blinding pain, a mouthful of cries and cursed profanities as the skin opens to receive the ink. The end however, is pure philosophical ecstasy. Fulfillment and freedom to the highest degree, the feeling so great that the soul feels nothing but invincibility for a few blinking moments.

    The rumbling buzz of vibration sings a triumphant tune through the otherwise deafening silence, the last pieces of dark umber skin left uncovered now dancing in the light as they are inked into warm reds and soft metallic blues. The wide white wings of Isis, the Egyptian goddess spread across the hot skin, her white crown; a throne in reverence of Osiris, gleams only furthering the artistic manifestation of her godly essence.

    Ria sighed with some relief, the finality of the piece bringing comfort to the knots in her shoulders and the anxiety rolling in her belly. Religious pieces were a difficulty in and of themselves due to their nature. Essentially the tattoo was a work of reverence, a physical sacrifice of pain to show devotion. Ria’s perfectionism didn’t play to well with this nature, if anything it loathed the process. One false stroke of the needle could cause a slew of further imperfections, it was a jarring experience to say the least, but her perfectionism also hated the refusal to finish. The act of quitting.

    Ria was no quitter.

    “It’s beautiful Ria”.

    A somatic manifestation of glee and satisfaction shown itself through the whiteness of the woman’s smile, the skin of her cheeks crinkling at the turn of her lips.

    Once the woman’s moment of enthrallment ended, Ria wrapped her arm in a protective gauze before she led her to the hallway leading to the front of the shop.

    The stretched walls of the hallway amplified boisterous noise. Light laughter and tense tones leading Ria to believe one thing. Her coworkers were debating. Again. The topics of these raving and not so settled discussions varied from tattoo artistry to films and even personal ideologies. All these opinions coming from a place of subjectivity despite their difference. In and through all of the noise lied this one endearing constant, which was their ability to raise passionate hell just as the sun reached its highest peak.

    “Men are definitely more emotional than women!”

    The proclamation came from none other than Victoria, or Vic as she liked to be called. An incredulous look on her face as she spoke. Ria was convinced that the incredulous expression was stained and forever existing from others always seeming to question or oppose the woman’s views. Vic was far too passionate to back down from a debate, and nine times out of ten she was too right in her claim to accept any other opinion that rivaled her own.

    “Jin what do you think? Are men more emotional than women?”

    “Pleading the fifth Vic”, Jin said as his hands held themselves in a surrendering manner.

    “No!”, she rushed over to him, taking place behind the chair he’d seated himself in whilst pointing across the room.  

    “Your silence does nothing but help his argument. An argument that is complete shit might I add”.

    With the slightest turn of his chair, Vic captured Jin’s eyes. The pointed nail of her index feathering and caressing the nape of his neck.

    “You wouldn’t want to go against me would you Jin?”, she asked. Tone soft.

    “I would never Vic”.

    From where she sat, in the rather vast lobby of the tattoo shop, Ria could practically see Jin’s soul leave his body. His eyes filled with such a reverence and adoration reserved only for Vic. His invitingly kind nature and silent charm had crumbled to dust at the mere flick of a simple nail and now he was fully enraptured by batting lashes and a somewhat alluring widening of the eyes. Vic hadn’t even done much and in seconds she had turned Jin’s attraction towards her against him. In reality the matter had seemed so trivial, but that only revealed how enamored Jin was.

    “Don’t let her seduce you Jin”.

    In a matter of seconds, a tall muscular figure swiveled Jin’s chair away from Vic.

    “Us men have to stick together. Don’t let her sway you”.

    “Oh please Noa. Seduction or no seduction, doesn’t take away from how bad your argument is”.

    Noa sighed, revealing some defeat as he turned to address Ria. “Please Ria, make some sense of my argument. Tell Queen Victoria”, he adds with a horrible posh accent, “that women are more emotional than men”.

    Ria chuckled at Noa’s lack of awareness concerning his own audacity, but she didn’t expect less from him. He was a six foot five inch mass of pure inked muscle, and every inch and fiber of his being craved the need to be right even when he was undoubtedly wrong. His ego bruised easily and worst than fresh tattooed skin. Ria hoped one day he’d grow from it, or else he’d suffer from it greatly.

    With her client long gone, Ria felt she could immerse herself into the Friday noon debate. “Men have a history of violence towards women solely based on the fact that we are women. There really is no comparison Noa”.

    Feigning total defeat, Noa plopped onto the reclining tattoo chair, eyes in slits as Vic approached him with a teasing grin.

    “Vic 5, Noa 0”.

    Noa responded with a twisted facial expression that mocked Vic’s claim of victory, the tattoo shop settling in comfortable silence.

    Ria took a second to cast a glance over the quiet lobby, the discussion at hand just minutes ago reeling her mind back to a striking incident. An extremely relevant and rather bothersome incident.

    “And not to mention”, she sounded, “I got verbally accosted for not responding to a cat call yesterday. Went from beautiful to a fucking bitch in the span of five seconds. So yeah, men are trash”.

    “Who called you a bitch?”

    The voice was deep and laced with feelings of offense. It was a reaction Ria hadn’t expected from anyone, especially Angelo. Like Noa, Angelo was tall and muscular, his ivory skin covered in bold tatted pieces that complimented his placid brooding nature.

    She met him with some hesitance as she spoke. “One of the construction guys working on that building on uh, on Lenox. The guy with the weird tat on his cheek”.

    “Eddie. That fucking prick”, Noa confirmed with disdain.

    The two men shared a glance at one another, an understanding emerging between them despite their silence. Windows to the soul their eyes were for one another, saying everything and nothing at all.

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  • I hope y'all white gays realize that moonlight is not only just a movie about gay people. It’s also a critique on homophobia and hyper masculinity in the black community. It’s also about identity. And as much as kevin and chiron making out in the ending would be nice… I feel like them just holding each other is a great ending.

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    Pairing: Trevante Rhodes X Reader

    Word count: 1.9K 

    Summary: When Tre and the reader meet at his fraternity’s party they have no idea the kind of bond heading up to his room is bound to create. 

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    #burning sands#Trevante Rhodes #trevante rhodes x reader #trevanterhodesimagine #trevante x black reader #trevante
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  • Ok y’all. Here me out: but these two in a story together?👀


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  • I feel like with some white lgbt films you could change the race of one or both of the main characters. Add a couple things about their culture and that would be it. But with moonlight? It had to be a black film or else the story wouldn’t work.

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  • Restrained - Part 3

    Masterlist for more!

    A/N: This add had me caught up in the damn rapture! Spent all day writing and it was truly lovely! Enjoy and comment!

    Luh Y’all!




    Originally posted by lovingpostit

    “I’m not going.” Deaysha shakes her head as she walks into the kitchen.

    “Baby you have to go! It’s a network event. Everyone will be there, all with their wives and girlfriends and I think the owners will be there as well. You have to go,” Michael says, now somehow standing all in her personal bubble. For the past couple weeks, his “late nights” have turned early and this nigga has been tap dancing on her nerves. She thinks she liked it better when he wasn’t home. The thought “Take one of your hoes to the party with you,” came to mind quite a few times and she almost slipped up and said it. Yeah… he gotta go.

    “Michael please get out my face. I don’t want to go! Most times the people are all assholes and they only talk to you anyway so what you need me for? Let me mind my business. You are more than capable to do this by yourself. I know you can,” she says patting his shoulder hoping he doesn’t follow her to yet another room. She seems to have lost him as she sits on the couch, and turns on the TV as she sips her Orange Spice and Black tea. Blowing the steam, he comes back into the room with an exasperated look and sigh.

    “What do you want for it?” He asks now sitting across from her.

    “Huh?” She says not even bothering to look in his direction.

    “I’m desperate and I need you there. I’m not too proud to beg. Something you want for something I want,” he says leaning back in his chair and laughing at her ears perking up at that.

    “Hmmm, I like. Let’s see, how many hours is it?” She asks, pausing the tv.

    “About five I think,” he says.

    “Eww. Well, I guess that’s overtime….I can’t think of anything now but how about we put it as an IOU and leave it at that. Final offer,” she says with a mischievous smile.

    “I believe the last IOU ended in us getting this house but like I said I’m desperate,” he says extending his hand for them to shake on it.

    “I want steady libations, good food and if I eel like disappearing, don’t try to stop me. I believe thats all my requests.” She says.

    “Deal.” They say as they shake on it.


    Dressed to the nines and lookin goodt, Deaysha sashays into the party, arm in arm with her fiancé. Fenty body glitter glistening from her exposed mahogany skin, the light bouncing between her burgundy dress and gold accessories. The first waiter approaches them with champagne and Deaysha takes two just for herself. She could tell by all the fake smiles and pretentious people that she was going to need to be almost sedated with alcohol.

    “Mikey!!” Some hoe buzzes into their periphery. Deciding to not be annoyed she just chooses to watch. You learn more with that anyhow. The way he is so pronounced and adamant in introducing her as his fiancé as if with capitals, lights, and blinkers on, Deaysha smiles thinking to herself, just how many of them are here? Pure comedy.

    She manages to meet a few people and finds her way over to the bar to mind her business and think more on what this IOU would be. Just as she is about to devour a beautiful lollipopped lamb chop, Michael returns to push her into someone else’s face. Somehow she musters a fake smile quicker than she thought she could to look up. But to her utmost surprise, there he fucking was.

    Floods of images and motion in action came pouring through her mind and body all at once. Feeling that full feeling that he gave her in all the right ways. Damnit!

    She wanted to leap into his arms and say fuck the world but somehow his gaze was instructing her not to, so of course she obliged.

    “Babe, this is the owner of Black Industries, Trevante Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes, this is my fiancé Deaysha,” Michael smiles blissfully unaware of how time had stopped between them. Deaysha thinking of the stretch in all her muscles as he had her bound and gagged and filled to the brim. That image of him with the black silk durag, shirtless, black sweats and the black playboy pimpin’ robe, whew! Even fully clothed he was a masterpiece. Extending her hand out to him, somehow as it always does, her gaze drifts lower and lower to see if that delicious slangs was poking out for her. She would whip it out right now if he said the words.

    Quickly embracing her into a hug, he grips her tight as his cologne envelopes her senses and throws her off balance.

    “Behave,” he instructs, his deep voice reverberating through her as he feels on the side of her curves that her man couldn’t see. As she said before, she really didn’t give a damn about him and would fuck, suck, and a hell of a lot more in front of him if that’s what Daddy wanted. But that didn’t appear to be the case with the slight eyebrow raise as they ended their hug.

    All of the words seemed to blur for her. Michael was talking about some shit and she was thrust into a very large circle of whomever, but in the end, she truly didn’t give a fuck. Her mind replayed those beautiful 36 hours over and over again. Her body tossed, pushed, pulled, flipped, stretched, and bent to more positions than she could even count. Her mouth, pussy and ass used up like the fucking cum whore she was. It was simply everywhere. The feel of his sweat on her skin. She could easily just sit and lick it off him for days on end. Damn!

    Now more engaged than usual, in the circles, and somehow keeping a low level of basic conversation, just enough to keep her eyes on that man as her man now buzzes in her periphery. No ring on his finger. No one immediately next to him. All good things. Even still, if he had a line up, she was determined to get to the front of the damn line. No telling what would happen if a woman just walked up to him right now. All hell would definitely jump loose cause she was willing to scrap and cut bitches for this dick.

    Suddenly, excusing himself, Trevante leaves the crowded circle of people, looking smooth as all hell in his all black. Tired of the games and subliminal eye contact, she wanted more and if one thing was for sure, she was going to get it. Waiting a few seconds, she excuses herself and follows after him. Tucking a curl behind her ear, she looks around and spots him going through a door to outside. Speeding up a bit, not wanting to lose him, she peels the curtain back to a balcony with the most beautiful view of the city and to her right, the most beautiful man.

    “You trying to leave me?” She asks with a blushing smile as she bites the side of her lip. With no hesitation, she closes the distance between them and kisses him. Holding his face close, she glides her tongue in and out of his mouth, kissing him and biting his lips hard.

    “Mmmm, calm down lil baby. We aint in a rush,” he says smiling against her lips and patting her ass in his hands. His big arms wrapped around her tight, he holds her as the pleasant breeze blows against them.

    “You coming out here all bold as shit! It doesn’t surprise me since you’ve been that since I’ve met you but you’re not at all bothered if ya man sees?” He asks as he tucks that same unruly curl behind her ear, bringing his lips back to hers, like magnets that can’t be away from each other too long.

    “I would pull your dick out and shove it down my throat in front of the whole party if you asked me to,” she says smiling and planting kisses on his chest as she rubs his print.

    “Mmm still a bad girl I see? Our last encounter ain’t set you straight yet?” He asks, gripping her chin and firmly pulling it close. With the last one, he had her blindfolded and bound to some contraption with literally dicks going everywhere. In her mouth, down her throat, deep in her cooch, between her titties, hell probably her damn ears and nose too. An overstimulating high that took her a couple hours to come all the way down from. Trevante’s aftercare was quite impeccable.

    “No I’m only a good girl for you Daddy. Only on occasion. I kinda like the alternative and the consequences after. That is how I got you after all,” she smirks, lazily backing him against the wall behind him and sucking on his neck, unbuttoning the second button on his shirt since she’s touched him.

    “How I got you huh? You talk mad shit for an almost married woman,” he smiles, kissing her engagement ring before popping each of her fingers into his mouth, one by one.

    “Fuck him. Say the word and I’ll toss this shit right off the balcony,” she says, sliding the ring to the tip of her finger.

    “Chill,” he says straightening his face, gripping the back of her neck and pulling her puff, extending her neck all the way back just how he liked it. Unable to help herself, she unbuckles his pants, sliding her hands into his boxers, spitting, and getting to work on that dick, all with a wide ass smile on her face, never breaking eye contact.

    “Do you have a girlfriend?” She asks, squinting her eyes as the thought crossed her mind.

    “Does it concern you? You don’t seem too concerned to me,” he laughs as he looks down at the havoc she is stirring up down there.

    “Answer the question,” she says tightening her grip then easing up after he looked like he was gonna flip his shit.

    “Tell me why you want to know first,” he says crossing his arms, letting her have all the fun she wants.

    “In theory, I would hate to break up a happy home but I’d burn shit to the ground just to be your one and only,” she says with a small smile and shoulder shrug, letting her freak flag fly completely uninhibited.

    “Well then, I guess it’s good that I’m a single man then,” he caresses her face as she starts tugging harder, their eyes keenly looking at one another.

    “I want to go home with you,” she says softly as he sucks on the flesh right below her collar line as to not be visible later on.

    “Uhn uhn, being a good girl for me means going home with ya mans, not me,” he says abruptly turning her around to the balcony, lifting her dress and entering her all in one fell swoop. His hands on top of hers, his arms over hers, her back against his chest, he held her waist as he slid his big full thick veiny dick deep inside of her. Bending her to 90 degrees, he damn near bruised her hips with how tight his grip was as he thrusted hard and fast into her wet core. Hearing the party only mere feet away and being this close to the edge gave a thrill unlike any other. Opening her eyes looking at the beautiful city sky line before her, this was heaven. She couldn’t describe with words the way he made her body feel but the if the way her pussy was gripping that motherfucker said anything, the last thing she wanted was to ever let him go.

    “You betta arch that fucking back like I taught you,” he huffs in her ear, spreading her legs a bit wider with his feet, the faint sounds of his balls hitting her ass getting louder and louder. Now bent to eye level with this damn railing, she truly understood what it meant when people say you can feel it in your damn chest. She presses the balls of her feet harder and harder into her heels for some support as he angles her hips just right to take this damn pussy assault!

    “I feel you trying to hold on. You don’t have to wait for me. Go head and bust baby. Let me have it mama,” he groans in her ear as she looks like she would’ve exploded if she tried to hold on any longer. Being the man he is, he swept her up and next thing she knows, her thighs are around his waist as he has her up against this wall, fucking into her like it was no right now nor tomorrow. The look on his fucking perfect face and the ease in which he somehow just knew what her body craved and needed and just provided took her over the edge yet again.

    “That’s right. Good girl. Let me have all that,” he praises as she holds onto his shoulders and locks her ankles, her sparkling gold heels just shining as much as her reignited soul was. Smiling from ear to ear, she throws her head back as she starts grinding her hips and meeting his strokes. The sound of the buckle of his belt hitting the wall added a bit of humor since his pants were hanging at about the level of his knees. With full on passion marks all over her neck and chest and even her moans almost stuttering, this man was truly fucking the shit out of her and she couldn’t be any more grateful.

    Just as she was about to get good ole nut number three, someone walks out onto the balcony.

    “Mr. Rhodes, your firm called and…“ the woman begins to say looking down at her phone until realizing just what she walked in on.

    “Not now Stephanie!” Trevante barks.

    “Im so sorry,” she says quickly leaving and closing the curtain back.

    “Who in the fuck is Stephanie?” Deaysha says grabbing his face and tilting his chin until their eyes were level.

    “One of my many teams of assistants Babygirl,” he laughs, not putting her down and beating it up as he presses her into this wall, locking her in with not even an inch to escape. “Your aggression is adorable,” he smiles as he stills her hips and fucks hard and deep into her, his head resting on her shoulder as she almost draws blood from biting her lip so hard. Pressed so hard against her, her tippy toes were barely touching the ground as his hips rocked back and forth with precision. Giving her full support as he pounded her out, keeping a sturdy rhythm. He turns her head and brings his lips to hers as they both unravel simultaneously.

    Satisfied and smiling from ear to ear, he peppers kisses along her jaw as he relishes in that still pulsing pussy. After a few seconds, he eases out of her, both smiling at their cum dripping down her legs.

    “Good Job Lil Baby,” he says, pulling his pants up as he pats her booty, smiling as she cheeses at him.

    “Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. We still have a party to attend,” he says fixing her hair and her dress before kissing her again.

    “But you do it so well,” she whines, already forming the pout on her lips.

    “Yeah I spoiled you too much, now go,” he says, smiling at her back in his arms and kissing on his chest.

    “When am I seeing you again? And if you say too long, I will just happen to find out your address and maybe stalk you a little bit,” she says, biting her lip again.

    “Soon. I will text you. Until then, go home,” he instructs laughing at her stomping her foot and pouting again. Kissing her cheek and turning to walk back in, she pulls him back and tenderly kisses him one last time before going back in.

    After collecting herself for some time, she returns back to the party, finding Michael alone at the bar.

    “Hey Sexy, you finally came back,” he says, almost in a slur. Definitely one drink too many.

    “Yep, popped up just in time to end this thing and collect on my IOU,” she says leaning her back against the bar, her eyes scanning until she finds Trevante again.

    “Understandable. I think we can go now if you want. I did all I came to do,” he says standing and kissing her cheek, which she makes a face at. In response from across the room, Trevante makes a face telling her to act right. She huffs unnoticeably and hugs Michael back while rolling her eyes.

    A few minutes pass as Michael says his goodbyes and then they are off. During the car ride home, she gets a text from Trevante which makes her grin from ear to ear.

    “Good Girls always get rewarded. Meet me here on Tuesday at 7. Don’t be late.” He sends with an address.

    Whew what a day!


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  • trevante rhodes in 12 strong; the predator  //  by clicking the link  [ HERE ]  you will find #76 gifs, all made by me from scratch. you can use/edit them to your liking, just credit me where credit’s due. and please reblog the post if you find these helpful.

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  • Restrained - Part 2

    Part 1

    A/N: Hey yall! We back with a continuation of this! It might not be what you expect but trust me, just stay tuned to the ride and you will enjoy it! 😘 Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

    Luh Y’all!




    Steam fills the air and fogs the mirrors as hot water cascades down her back. Glancing up at the reflective glass shower ceiling, she’d wished he was here. Had it not been for the soreness all over her body, hickies from head to toe, her throbbing kitten, and wobbliness, even weeks later, she would have thought that night had been a beautiful beautiful dream.

    She could still sense his hands teasing her, touching her ever so lightly, sending tickling prickly sensations throughout her body. In stark contrast to the pounding and snapping of his hips as he held the rope she was suspended from, barreling swift, hard, and deep all the way to the hilt. Not an ounce of her body didn’t belong to him that evening, and part of the morning after too.

    If only she hadn’t met him over 2000 miles away from where she calls home. What could life even be with a man so…voracious? Just as the hand-held shower head began to slip down low, she heard keys in the door.

    Choosing to cut her shower short, almost certain of eminent annoyance coming sooner or later, she grabs her body length towel and begins to dry off.

    “Hey Babe,” she hears her fiancée calling, from the bedroom. No doubt trying to rid himself of the smell of whatever bitch caught his fancy this evening. She rolled her eyes and pretended not to hear him, instead applying her facial cream, her floor length silk robe draped over her shoulders.

    “Babe, I’m home,” he says clamoring into the bathroom, disturbing her peace, leaning down and placing a peck on her cheek. The days when she dreamed of only his lips, such a far and distant memory.

    “Hey. I didn’t hear you come in,” she says forcing a slight smile, glancing at him through the mirror. Stopping to take a double take at his gorgeous soon to be wife, as she applies her moisturizer in circles to her cheeks. For the first time in a while feeling that old feeling in his stomach, that attraction that had seemed to fade a while ago, spurring up in him as he licks his lips at the curve of her breasts in this new lingerie he had never seen before. Looking at the expression of his face change, suddenly she really wants to hurl.

    “When did you get this little number?” He asks, his smile widens as he gently lifts the strap, kissing the side of her neck.

    “This old thing? Its not new in the slightest,” she says quickly easing out of his grasp as she cuts off the light and returns to the bed, trying to moisturize the rest of her body, confused as to this attention all of a sudden.

    “Hmmp, I know I’ve never seen it,” his eyes brimming with heat as he leans wide legged against the door frame, tilting his head, intently watching her lotion her legs as she tries to avert her gaze. What he interprets as coyness is in actuality her trying to hurry up and get in bed and feign a headache.

    Whatever mistress he had this time must be slacking. Last time he wanted to “hump and lump” which she unaffectionately coined, was at least six months ago. She was not at all interested in being his human masturbation device. Not this evening. Not when she was still thinking of her best sexual experience in life with a complete stranger. Even just thinking of him gave her chills down her spine and a contemplative smirk.

    “What you smiling at?” Michael asks, interrupting her thoughts once again, his lips nipping at her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back against his now bare chest. His hands now caressing the same rolls he hadn’t seemed interested in for quite a while.

    “Alright alright, come on now. That’s enough, let’s go to bed,“ she says patting his hands and faking a yawn.

    “But babeeee” he whines as he licks up the side of her neck before slowly sliding the flesh back and forth between his lips as she feels his dick rising against her ass.

    “Yeah, we have an early morning tomorrow and you know I never get sleep so you should let me get it now,” she replies, her breath surprisingly getting caught up as he dominantly spread her thighs, wrapping himself around her, gripping and kissing like she hadn’t seen him do in years.

    Rolling her over to face him, he looks into her eyes as he lightly caresses her cheek with the back of his hand. For a brief second, it looked like he actually loved her….maybe.

    Lifting her chin, he connects his lips with hers. The fullness massaging her like a cloud, the way she used to like it once upon a time. If she didn’t know any better, she would actually believe that he wanted her right now.

    The kiss deepens as he pushes his chiseled chest flesh against her, wrapping her thick thighs around him, suckling hard on her bottom lip. Suddenly he pulls away, backing up to lay on his pillows as his eyes watch her.

    “We’re turning into one of those couples huh?” He says as his finger traces the outline of her cleavage.

    “Michael, you’re never home,” she says, bringing to mind all of the reasons he had given her that made her respond to him this way. Consistently working too late, cheating with Lord knows how many of the “models” he photographs, not paying the woman he proposed to any mind at all, and when he did come around to wanting to be intimate, he supremely fucking sucked at it! She’d seen men with way smaller penises that worked her better than he had been for the past year or year and a half. The boring ass one position, five minute session of least power strokes always served as a reminder of her unhappiness. “Hump and lump” was the best way to describe the whole thing.

    You would think fucking other bitches would make you good at fucking. But no. Now here she is about to get baited into something she knows won’t be pleasurable all because he decided to remember she exists. Damnit!

    “I’m sorry. I will do better sweetheart,” he says in between kisses as he climbs on top of her and unties her robe.

    “Seeing is believing, Michael. Seeing is believing,” she rolls her eyes and looks to the ceiling. He was too fine and too randomly charismatic when he wanted to be to for him to have that F graded bedroom skills.

    “Don’t worry, Imma show you,” he smiles, his large muscular arms wrapping around her body and lifting her to him. His strength reminding her of the tug from Trevante a few weeks before.

    Since Michael would be basically masturbating with her body, maybe she could find a way to use him too. Especially since he had finally let go of that damn doggy style that literally doesn’t even feel like anything any more. She wouldn’t arch her back on purpose in the hopes of maybe him pushing her into one or perhaps not cumming in a few minutes, but nope, you guessed it, it didn’t work.

    “You’re in a particularly good mood,” she giggles at him kissing her tickle spots.

    “I am. A couple came in for engagement photos and they reminded me of us back in the day. I came home ready to see this pretty face then you hit me with the “this old thing” then talking about you sleepy. Well how about you let me put you to sleep then,” he says holding her close as he smacks her ass.

    “You talk mad shit,” she smiles, rolling her eyes, liking the feeling of this closeness more than she would care to admit.

    “Sooo, what do you say?” He says before gliding his tongue into her mouth and tweaking her nipples, one of her weaknesses he had yet to explore as of late.

    “I guess so, but you better make it worth my while,” she says gripping his chin and looking into his deep brown eyes. These glimpses were the man she fell in love with and the only reason she somehow wishes it could go back to where they used to be.

    Just when he strips her of her clothes fast and hot, she thinks this will be the one…the time when he finally gets it right… that is until he says those dreadful words.

    “Roll over for me right quick.”

    Though they are rare, in that moment, she could have cried. The life she thought was going to be hers kept proving itself as not the one she dreamed of and the truth kept replaying over and over again. The sexual awakening with a stranger gave her more thrill and fun than she’s had in over five years. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    Resolute in getting this shit over with and not falling for the false promises the next time, she sighs as she turns and lies on her stomach. Arching her back and backing it up on him about 15%, she wanted this to be over even quicker than usual and like clockwork, those hips of his got to stuttering at about three minutes and 15 seconds in. And yes, she was staring at the clock the entire time.

    As he collapses and rolls back to his side of the bed with a smile on his face, she looks out the window, the perfect full moon staring back at her. Maybe she could make another trip and go see Mister Man who with just a look and a smile had her more satisfied than she was now. With that, she wished on the moon and stars, hoping to see him again before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.


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  • About to do a draft dump. Stay tuned. I can be a little bit of a hoarder and highly critical but i think it’s time to get over that!


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    Originating from this HeadCannon and this inspo

    A/N: Enjoy the ride yall! 😜

    Luh Yall!




    “Babe, do you think you can put your phone down for a second and pay me some attention please?” Deaysha asks, looking at her boyfriend of four years. Getting away to the beautiful island of St. Lucia, she thought maybe just maybe he would leave all the extra work in the US where it belonged.

    “Hold on one second sweetie. They just can’t seem to do anything right when I’m not there. Let me make a call and then I’m yours for the whole night,” he says, scooting his chair back and rising to stand.

    “The whole vacation,” she corrects, rolling her eyes as he towers over her, his tall frame and long legs annoying her in this moment. Kneeling down he slowly kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her chin, and ultimately her soft lips. Cupping her face as the kiss deepened, they were starting to get into it before his phone rang, and she bit his lip so hard she almost drew blood.

    “Aye Watch It,” he warns, gripping her chin as she smiles.

    “Oh Shut up! You too busy to do anything about it anyhow. You don’t even know what I’m wearing,” she rolls her eyes, looking off to the side, catching a glimpse of a nice wave.

    “I do so notice, you look beautiful Baby,” he kisses her cheek. “Now let me go handle this real quick, I promise to not take long,” he says beginning to walk away.

    “That’s not what I was talking about and don’t make promises you can’t keep, asshole!” She shouts after him to which he laughs and flips her the bird.

    She sighs as she looks at the empty seat in front of her. The only reason she was wearing panties right now was to get something started. Her pink little vibrating panties remote had been laid out all day long. In his pocket, in his briefcase, in his laundry, on the bed, on his paperwork, on everything practically and it was already 8PM and not even an attempt at a buzz. It was quite rude, to be honest. Notifying the waiter to not clear the table since she was only going to the ladies room and wasn’t leaving for the night, she also let him know to bring another bottle of Riesling to the table.

    In the bathroom stall, she shook her head as she looked down at her pretty pink lace panties, wanting to take them off since they weren’t being put to use anyway. She huffs and puffs and has a mini tantrum before deciding to keep them on. She didn’t care if he was going to play with her, she could still play with her damn self. Resolute in getting herself off as she enjoys a lovely T bone steak, with mango pineapple chutney, baked potato and a side of grilled veg, with some lovely wine, Deaysha was intent on making her own fun. As she gets back to the table, opening her clutch, her little pink remote wasn’t there.

    Looking around on the table, the floor, and their belongings and not finding it, she thinks she must have left it upstairs before digging into her food when it arrives in front of her. Her boyfriend returns after about fifteen minutes, ensuring her she had all of his attention for the rest of the night. She rolls her eyes at him and his existence.

    “Even your chewing is annoying,” she says with an exasperated sigh.

    Just as she was thinking of taking the panties off again because he was making her angry at this point, they suddenly turned on. A low pulse. Subtle, constant, and steady.

    That dirty motherfucker hadn’t abandoned her after all. Determined to not immediately lose the attitude since he had finally done what she was wanting him to do, she trades the grimace on her face to a slight smile.

    “See look at that! There goes that smile,” he says caressing the side of her face, running his thumb over her cheek. Closing her eyes as the pulses writhe beneath her, she smiles, guiding his thumb into her mouth before opening her eyes and looking at her man.

    “Mmmm, what’s that look for? This wine must have you lusty already. I’m kind of liking it,” he slyly smiles, his thumb circling her tongue before returning back to his phone and meal. In that moment, the vibrations stop completely.

    Immediately disappointed, she pouts her lips. Him being oblivious yet again, she kicks him in the shin, too tired of his nonsense today.

    “Owww! What is it?” He asks, rubbing his leg before trying to rub hers to which she almost kicked him again if he hadn’t moved his leg.

    “You know what? Fuck it! Give me my damn remote. You don’t deserve it and you working my last nerve. Go let your number crunching fuck you later on and leave me be,” she huffs, pushing her chair from the table and holding her hand out.

    “What are you talking about? You know I love you Baby. I will give you all the bratty attention you desire once this deal goes through. You want more of the finer things like that necklace around your neck and that engagement ring that was supposed to be a surprise that I know you’ve been fiddling with for months,” he says nonchalantly as she acts shocked.

    “You can save all that. I found it in the left pocket of my suit jacket when I put it in the right pocket. You’re busted.” He continues taking a sip of his wine.

    “Damnit!” She mutters under her breath. She’d thought she was more careful but she was caught red handed. It was a damn good ring. 5 carat Cartier. Timeless, elegant, classic. Who could blame her for taking it around the block a few times?

    “If you want all that and maybe our own island to have endless resort leisure, then you’d better keep your eye on the prize.” He chides as she makes a fake vomiting sound.

    “Nigga you make me itch! Must you always behave like somebody’s elderly loved one? You got me fair and square with the ring but your wishes of matrimony don’t compensate the abandonment you are showing me right now! I had that remote to a certain toy item of clothing, parading all around you today and just when you finally act like you give a damn yOUUU …“ Her words get caught in her throat as the vibrations come back in full force, set to the max. It took her so off guard, her legs shot up under the table, shaking it and knocking over a glass.

    As the waiter cleans it up, trying to compose herself she closes her eyes, subtly bowing her head. Her boyfriend was rambling on about something or another but she was so far on her high with her puddy tat purring like a kitten, she didn’t even care. Licking her lips as she comes to, in more ways than one, she opens her eyes with a refreshing look on her face.

    “Are you alright?” She finally registers his words and slowly nods her head with a smile. Lusty eyes returning once again, she looks around to see where he could be hiding the remote. His hands were on his fork and his phone. He hadn’t touched his brief case in at least twenty minutes and he was looking as if he wasn’t aware of what was going on.

    Sitting up a little uneasy at the thought of someone else having it, she subtly looks around the restaurant a bit, keeping her eyes peeled for the little colorful remote. As if commanding her attention, the panties stop abruptly then turn back on high with a circling motion, making her eyes bulge as she clenches her thighs and bites her lip.

    Caught up in the rapture, she took her well deserved teasing and pleasing session. Over the course of dinner, she enjoyed the pulsing rhythms between her legs, making her melt in more ways than one. Ignoring her man’s words, she focused on what she thought to be his actions. Playing footsies and rubbing his hands and arms, nonverbally thanking him. But as the pulsing intensifies in the span of a few seconds, now at the highest setting, her jaw drops as she stares at him.

    “What are you trying to do?” She says a little above a whisper almost blushing, her eyes widening and watering as the pressure increases.

    “What are you talking about? You doing freaky shit over there?” He asks, peering over to her side of the table, a wide grin spreading across his face.

    “You really don’t have the remote?” She asks, something about the cluelessness of his face letting her know the answer before he even said it. Before she could say anything else, the vibrator turns off completely, successfully edging her and letting all that building just fizzle right back down.

    “Aww shit,” she swears, sitting back in her seat and throwing the napkin draped over her lap onto the table.

    “Baby, don’t be mad but the client just texted that he was free to meet now instead of tomorrow. I figured getting it out of the way today so you wouldn’t murder me for your big birthday tomorrow would be the best bet. It won’t take long,” her boyfriend, completely in his own damn world, says as he kisses her cheek before exiting the restaurant.

    Swirling her food on her plate, she wonders, if he didn’t have it, then who did? The thought of a stranger controlling her orgasms was not a welcomed feeling but had to logically be considered. Ordering dessert and another glass of wine as the waiter passes by, she casually begins to look around the resort restaurant as she sips her drink.

    Turning her head from left to right, she sees the couples, the solos, random old men at the bar, no one looking particularly open enough to tickle her freaky type of fancy. All of a sudden, the panties come back to life with a low hum, making her almost knock the glass out of her hand. Smiling as her fingertips subtly trace her cleavage before exposing just a little bit more of her bosom, she was beginning to like this game.


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    i’ll be sitting by my phone waiting

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  • Trevante Rhodes as Victor von Doom

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    Ce soir : “Moonlight” de Barry Jenkins avec Mahershala Ali et Trevante Rhodes. Excellent.

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    Decided to do more with the #Milestonecomics family. Check out Rocket, Static and Hardware

    @cocojones as Rocket

    @therealcalebmclaughlin as Static

    @_trevante_ as Hardware

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