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  • zinedine25-blog1
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Download GÜLMEKTEN KARIN AĞIRTAN PUBG Mobile Tik Tok Videoları ! Attitude With Blood RavenX-suit

    Download GÜLMEKTEN KARIN AĞIRTAN PUBG Mobile Tik Tok Videoları ! Attitude With Blood RavenX-suit

    GÜLMEKTEN KARIN AĞIRTAN PUBG Mobile Tik Tok Videoları ! Attitude With Blood RavenX-suit ● Videoyu beğendiyseniz beğen tuşuna, kanalı beğendiyseniz abone ol tuşuna basmaya hiç çekinmeyin 🙂 İNSTAGRAM; https://www.instagram.com/kadirdedeegp Sponsorluk ve İş : kadirdedegp@hotmail.com 2.KANALIM KADİR WR ABONE OL : https://bit.ly/2II6UdL DİSCORD ADRESİM : https://discord.gg/pDW4tyXA2g ●ARAMIZA KATIL!!!…

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    #ağlatan#anları#gülmekten#hunter#hunter gp#komik#mobile#oyun#PUBG #pubg komik videolar #pubg mobile komik #pubg mobile tik tok #pubg mobile tik tok troll #pubg tik tok #tik#tik tok #tik tok pubg #tok#tr#trend#troll#türkçe#videoları
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  • outoftouchfulloftime
    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    >im hot but im not THAT much of a slut, sorry^y bro

    #>seems like the bots have found me #>m!a troll form
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  • outoftouchfulloftime
    04.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    >prolly^y be prudent to put some clothes on actually^y

    >where are my^y atrocious sparkly^y boots????

    #>m!a troll form
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  • outoftouchfulloftime
    04.08.2021 - 22 minutes ago




    #>m!a troll form
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  • cod-pockets
    04.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    two most recent sketchbook drawings! i'm really quite proud of them

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  • bi-coded-wilbur
    04.08.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #i do a little trolling 😈 #cabinet man :] #rip ur jaw tho ☹️
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  • karlythetroll-happy
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #ask💖 #god hades the troll #hades the troll #trolls gods
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  • trollzistrollz
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago


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  • sullenwriter-log
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Art Trade With Karlythetroll-happy~!

    I hope you like or love this sketch of Lizette I made for you @karlythetroll-happy​! 😊😉

    Lizette belongs to @karlythetroll-happy​

    #trolls #trolls world tour #trolls au#trolls fanart#trolls fandom#trolls headcanon#trolls headcanons #trolls official characters #trolls offical characters #trolls oc#trolls ocs#my art#my artwork #my sketchy art #my arts #my art blog #my art stuff #my art stuffs #sketch#sketches
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  • karlythetroll-happy
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ask💖#wuehehehe~ >:} #god hades the troll #hades the troll #trolls gods
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  • one-last-puku
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Why is Chris Chan suddenly normie news?

    Why now?

    It's been like 20 years since he's(she's?) been a part of internet lore.

    #puku's random thoughts #chris chan#sonichu #dont @ me chris is historically a raging homophobe #and a racist #he's not a good person i can't see Chris really truly caring about this subject #about being trans he's practically known for doing over the top shit for troll attention
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  • incorrect-hs-quotes
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Equius: D-> I hate that teeth require so much e%tra care

    Equius: D-> The rest of my bones are so low maintenance

    #homestuck #incorrect homestuck quotes #equius zahhak#mod terezi #pretty sure troll teeth grow back but he's still got a point #it should not be so hard to keep these bones bonular
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  • blackberreh-art
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Meet Kanohanan. A druid - or is he? Whatever he is, he's out for revenge~

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  • trolly-moley-artdump
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    On Tuesday nights Branch and Sid perform in a rock band

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  • slushie-writes
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Based on experiences with the wounds mod

    “My friend, i hope you do not mind my bluntness, but you are very reckless”

    A hiss of pain interrupts what no doubt would’ve been an offended comment from you as Inigo gently applied some alcohol mixture to your wound. Perhaps it would’ve been better to use actual medicinal alcohol instead of some Rum you had in your bag, but Inigo thinks perhaps your run in with Sanguine that one time influenced you to value one over the other. It’s not his place to judge, he supposes, but he still finds your near regular consumption of the drink scarily impressive...

    “you....you don’t say?” you huff, gritting your teeth at the burning sensation, “you’re making it sound like I'm the only reckless one between us”

    “well, that would be a definite lie, but even so... i believe you have more broken bones and cuts now than I've had in my whole life”

    You shoot him an unimpressed look as he continued to ignore your gaze, tending to your wounds. You sigh loudly, to convey in noise what he’s missing from not looking at your expression.

    “In my defense, i just fought a Vampire Lord and lived to tell you about it.”

    Inigo hums in acknowledgment, remembering vividly the struggle you both had just had with that bloodsucker… Hamon? Was that his name? It started with a H, he thinks…

     “fair enough… but still, my friend, you should really be more careful. We still have the doom strider to defeat. Plus, it would be very embarrassing if you survived defeating a world-eating dragon, but died at the hands of a silly vampire.”

    You snort, shoulders shaking with a brief laughter at the thought. Yeah, that would be pretty embarrassing.

    “Good point. Okay, I promise I’ll be extra careful until I find a less embarrassing killer.”

    “Good…. I think.”

    There’s a brief silence between you both, and in that silence you can’t help but smile at the concern your companion shows for you, even while you constantly get injured being stupid.

    “Thank you, Inigo…..For everything”

    He finally looks at you, seeming honoured by the thanks, but then regret pulls at his features. His ears pin down in an ashamed look.

    “I appreciate the thanks, my friend, but perhaps you should refrain from thanking me for now….. I have to stitch some of your cuts, and I seem to have misplaced the pain killers….”

    Oh no.

    #this is short and stupid but I love inigo and wanted to give him attention #inigo the brave #Skyrim #the elder scrolls #skyrim imagines#tes imagines #the elder scrolls imagines #skyrim scenarios#tes scenarios #inigo skyrim x reader #inigo the brave x reader #the wounds mod is actually super good if ur into that immersion stuff #it can be annoying sometimes but also it makes you think about fights #so ur arm doesn’t get broken by a troll #sometimes my brain goes “what?? I got a broken arm?? that’s so BS #then I realize that realistically I was fighting a dragon. so ya #makes sense #also I like to think if you share. a past with inigo later he just >:( so I wasn’t a good enough killer huh? #jk jk
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  • zandalari-blade
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bladeguard Keex LFRP

    --The Basics--

    NAME: Keex

    AGE: 55

    RACE: Zandalari Troll

    GENDER: Male

    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

    MARTIAL STATUS: Unmarried


    FACIAL LIKENESS: Dwayne Johnson

    --Physical Appearance--

    HAIR: Keex is mostly hairless, growing no beard and shaving his head. When he does have hair it is a dark black. 

    EYES: Shimmering white. Keex has eyes that match his Loa, Gonk, and takes great pride in that. 

    HEIGHT: 8′1

    BUILD: Keex is heavily muscled from his training regime everyday and from his chosen profession of a Bladeguard of the Zandalari Empire. 

    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Like most Zandalari, he bears golden tattoos on his chest and arms. 

    COMMON ACCESSORIES: He always had a small stone amulet of Gonk and carries a bit of Sea Stalk with him. 


    PROFESSION: Adventurer, Alchemist, and storyteller

    HOBBIES: Exercise, stone work, body modification (branding and channel cutting)

    LANGUAGES: Zandali, orcish (broken), common (broken).

    RESIDENCE: He has a small home in the capitol in Zuldazar. 

    BIRTHPLACE: Dazar’alor, Zuldazar

    RELIGION: Loa.


    FEARS: Wary of Kul Tiran’s and the Alliance (They killed his king after all), dislikes spiders and followers of the spider loa. 


    SPOUSE: None.

    CHILDREN: None.

    PARENTS: Tozek and Sarr’a. Tozek, father, is dead and Sarr’a is alive. 

    SIBLINGS: Verr’ia, younger sister. 


    ACQUAINTANCES/FRIENDS: None at this time.

    PETS: Snapper, a Babby Zandalari Raptor


    extroverted / introverted / in between.

    disorganized / organized / in between.

    close minded / open-minded / in between.

    calm / anxious / in between.

    disagreeable / agreeable / in between.

    cautious / reckless / in between.

    patient / impatient / in between.

    outspoken / reserved / in between.

    leader / follower / in between.

    empathetic / unemphatic / in between.

    optimistic / pessimistic / in between.

    traditional / modern / in between.

    hard-working / lazy / in between.

    cultured / un-cultured / in between.

    loyal / disloyal / unknown / in between.

    faithful / unfaithful / unknown / in between.

    --Additional Information--

    SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.

    DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.

    ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

    ╳ Flaws

    moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny

    controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | liar

    impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry

    greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive

    spiteful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky

    ♔ Strengths

    honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave

    patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky

    intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous

    merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming

    cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm | loyal

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  • transmanbranch
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Satin x Blues let's gooooo

    #trolls world tour #dreamworks trolls#trollstopia#coroboart#r&b sisters #satin and chenille
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  • awkwaardartist
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    have some colored sketches of these guys for today! 

    probably won’t be able to draw anything more for a little while tho, sorry ;^;

    #homestuck#homestuck fanart#karkat vantas#kanaya maryam#fanart#digital art #these two are probably my favorite trolls #maybe i'll do two more in the future idk #seriously i'll be taking a break for some time tho #but hopefully not for too long
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  • tributary
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i appreciate the efficiency of the bigotry here: you’ve got antisemitism and biphobia, why not

    #i am aware there is a good chance this person is trolling #but#antisemitism#biphobia
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