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  • I am a long time friend of lia, aka sssniperwolf. the other day i went her house when her bf was not there because that is usually when she wants to have sex. she doesnt have sex with many people because she is famous and cannot trust videos or pics of her being leaked then she will no longer be rich. so as i was saying i went to her house and usually we go straight to it and this time was different which is why i am releasing this information about her. my name is rob and i do not care if my name gets out there or my image. i want to share this story.

    So as i get to her house she opens the door and we begin making out and go straight to the couch and start kissing to she gets wet then we went to the bed room and as we were laying in her bed full of her bf’s back hair the bell rang. she went and got it in her underwear and you can see all her wetness leaking through the cloth. i was hard and ready and as i waited two guys came into the room. they were Dukante and Jerome. i never meet them but knew about them they were two friends of her who knew her as long as i did before she became famous and they too were having sex with her and getting paid by her to keep quiet like me. as they came in the room she jumped on the bed with me and they stood there fully clothed and me and lia were just laying in out under wear with her wet pussy and my dark dick. she was rubbing my dick and told her two friends that she wanted to try something different. she said “i want all three of you inside me, i’ve got all day, my bf wont be home to tomorrow” i immediately got harder and started to precum because i always wonder how many dicks can fit in her pussy. its just a random thought i had thinking about her when she called me over. i was down for it but the two other guys were not. they put up a little argument that they weren’t gay and that she just thought they were gonna have sex with one on one. so i tell them, “ hey guys if you want ill throw in 500 bucks to both of yall if yall fuck her with me, she wants to get fucked so lets fuck her” lia then followed with “yeah ill give yall both another thousand if you both stay and you too rob” i said “no i don’t want any money just give me the usually amount and ill be good, i just wanna see how many dicks can fit in one pussy.” “oh my god you just made my pussy wetter saying that” lia said. she jumped on top of me and began sucking me of good and i can feel the whole wetness of her mouth and the lips around my head, i began precumming. the two friends stood in the corner talking, i’m assuming about their sexuality. after a few minutes of sucking me off the guys interrupted us and said they were willing to follow through so lia got up and began kissing them one by one and slowly undressing them and i watched and jerked off to her ass in her panies as she did her thing. after a few minutes the guys began to get hard, it took them about 20 minutes to be honest and i guess they hadn’t done this kind of thing before so it took them awhile, me on the other hand i was hard as a rock, ready, prepared, anxious for the destruction that was to come. after she got them on the bed with me and her i began undressing her as she rubbed the other guys dicks and i was kissing her neck and her back all  over and she rubbed both their cocks and from there it began as i got undressed as well and i bent her over and spit in my hand and rubbed it all over my cock and stuck it in her ass. i wanted to be the first in her ass before any of the guys did so as i fucked her she rubbed one of the guys and had the other one in her mouth and i felt bad for the other guy so i told him to come and stab her pussy from the bottom with his dick.

    Ten minutes passed in the same position, then i began to get bored so i grabbed the other guys dicks with my hand and took it out her mouth and took my dick out her ass and as i did that her ass came out, literally her anus popped out and was sticking out like a waffle cone. i said fuck it and let the other guy figure it out i thought with my hand still on his dick and told him i wanted her to suck me off and for him to fuck her ass now and i let go of his dick and he ran behind her. i got up and went to her face and shoved my dick in her mouth and i as she sucked it i looked at the other guy and he was freaking out about her protruding anus and i looked at him and winked at him. he kept looking at it and didn’t know what to do so he got up off his knees and walked away and began dressing and i watched him walk out the door without his money because me and Lia hadn’t paid him yet. Lia was so focused and didn’t know that no one was in side her ass any more. so as she rode the other guy and he was fucking her pussy from the bottom, my balls were all over his face along with my ass and she was sucking me and i was about to cum and just like that one little thought that i had about how many dicks would fit in her ass i thought about, what would this guy do if i just started cumming and took my dick out her mouth and cummed on his face, the look on his face would be a million dollars, i would have to leave right away and take off because he was stuck under lia. so i did it, so as soon as she made me cum with her mouth i pulled out and jerked the rest of th cum all over his face and he just shut his eyes and was turning his head side by side like he was a torture victim tied down on a flat bed and getting water boated. i started to laugh like a maniac and ran and got my pants and took off with no shirt right out the bedroom and ran outside and as soon as i was out the door, her bf was driving up the driveway and saw me and just stared at me and did nothing about a shirtless man running out his gf house, that is when i knew he was bitch so i jumped in my truck and drove off and came straight home and drank a beer and began thinking what the hell just happened and began laughing hysterically outside my house on the back porch and knew i had to share this crazy then so itook another sip of beer and laughed away with no shirt typing this story.

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  • Here’s that Real Game right here
    #iSaidWhatEyeSaid #MrBlueGivesYouAClue #Savage #BroDoBetter #ItsDeeperThanYouThink #noliesdetected #NotAllHerosWearCapes #OnGod #Wakanda4Ever #Love #ToolsForSuccess #BlackLivesMatter #TruthIs #TrueStory #ThatsOnMeBaby #RealFriends #ThinkAboutIt #ComeOnFam #Family1St #Right @omar_superr @jadafire111 @canice100k @feenomenal_1 @daniskye1980 @1influential @ryandaviscomedy @rattlerkay @roxxyhaze @heartfavors86 @hotdamnirockshit @worldstar @keonpolee @kelicious_keke @kellzkae @takemyvcard @princetdub

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  • #NoSlackin
    P.S.A. #SisDoBetter #MenThoughts #LadiesWeLoveYall #SorryNotSorry #WorkChronicles #ItsDeeperThanYouThink #noliesdetected #NotAllHerosWearCapes #OnGod #Wakanda4Ever #Love #ToolsForSuccess #TruthIs #TrueStory #ThatsOnMeBaby #RealFriends #ThinkAboutIt #ComeOnFam #Family1St #Right

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  • It seems as if Jamaica took over London. She was/is infectious… @toniannsingh You made you country proud. #welikklebutwetallawah #WeareourOWNsuperpowers #missjamaicaworld #MissWorld #TrueStory #JamaicatotheWorld #SocialLight

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  • They say that all dreams come true, but nightmares are dreams too…

    #dreams#nightmare #dream come true #träume#they say#truestory#afraid #angst vor mir selbst #angst vor der zukunft #traum#gedanken#imagine #just a thought #honestly though#seriously though#thoughts
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  • I just remembered that a few months ago, while I was working at my store. I witnessed a kid Naruto running past the isle I was working in. And it took all of my willpower not to cry laughing afterward. 

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  • #TrueStory 😁🔥💯❤ #KPOP #G_I_DLE #HANN #Alone #Queendom #2ne1 #ParkBom @official_g_i_dle @newharoobompark

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  • By Lady RuNett – Nov 19th 2019

    There were several things taking place in the 1960’s. The Civil Rights movement dominated the news. Many people remembered the Kent State incident that took place in 1970.
    This event played a significant role toward impacting the public to action. College students all over the U.S., were taking a stand; wanting their voices heard on several issues.

               There were major issues in the news and not so major issues on college campuses. One thing being challenged by the college students was the grading system. Rather than A, B, C, D, E; many wanted the schools to adopt a Pass/Fail policy. Others, including students at Clark, argued against taking final exams. They felt that if a student had been able to maintain a 3.5 or better grade-point average during the entire school year, they should not have to take a final exam that might jeopardize that academic record. They wanted the choice to opt out of the final exam and let the g.p.a. stand as is.

               The year of 1969-70 was a turning point for many college students including me. We heard reports that many attending these institutes of higher learning, were staging sit-ins and taking over administration buildings with their list of demands. My school was no exception and I was right in the midst. We took issue with the grading system, the dress code, the lack of more relevant social activities and the policy for serving meals on Sunday.

               To some, it may have seemed like trivial pursuits but to many of us, it was a time to let our voices be heard. I remember Rev. Dr. M.L. King, Jr., saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll put up with anything.” I took a stand along with my peers and we were successful in making some changes. That was the beginning of my community activism.

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  • by Angela Wright 11-19-2019

    I am a senior, this I know
    for my body tells me so
    Aches and pains to me belong
    Head to toe, they hurt so long.

     Yes, Advil® helps me
     Yes, Gas-X® helps me
     Yes, Ben Gay® helps me
     My doctor tells me so. 

    I am a senior, that’s my stride
    on a tour bus I will ride
    Motels, hotels, let me in
    I am ready, you say when.

     Yes, aspirin helps me
     Yes, Centrum® helps me
     Yes, BC® helps me 
     My doctor tells me so.

    I am a senior with gray hair, 
    wrinkles, age spots everywhere.
    In retirement, I will spend
    time with grandkids with a grin. 

      Yes, Clairol® helps me
       Yes, fade cream helps me
       Yes, Ensure® helps me
       My doctor tells me so. 

     I am a senior, aches will stay
     bladder weakens every day
     I just thank God that I’m here.
     When I pray, here’s what He’ll hear.

     Thank you for Depends®
     Thank you for my friends
     Thank you for my heavenly home
     I’ll be there, Lord, you know when.  

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  • by Brinda Alexander 11-19-19


             I was watching The Wiz over the weekend. The stars were Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.           

               Dorothy (Ross) thought it was greener on the other side. She thought being somewhere else would be better than where she was. She sang the song, Home which always made me cry. 

               This song touched my heart because I had it all and lost it all. So hold on tight to what you have because it could easily be gone in the brink of an eye.

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  • by Ernestine Garnett-Banas 11-19-19

    Things get better over time
    Longevity makes us less blind

    Don’t allow yourself to stress
    Thinking calmly is the redress

    Learn from your mistakes
    Forgive yourself, however long it takes

    Maintain lifelong friendships
    Share jokes, stories and quips

    Don’t rush, tell the whole story
    Tell of hardships and of glory

    I’ll listen with rapt attention
    I won’t repeat or even mention

    Our next encounter greatly anticipated
    Knowing my want will be satiated

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  • Last Christmas to nie jest piosenka o Świętach, tylko o złamanym sercu i nieodwzajemnionej miłości.

    • Bedoes
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  • Tökéletes mikulás

    Reggel láttam egy mikulást, a suliban nagyon jól teltek az órák, kaptunk szaloncukrot, a fizika tanár is tök jófej volt és töriből sem írtunk dolgozatot.

    Kicsim elém jött, majd otthon megebédeltünk s indultunk vissza a belvárosba.

    Az órámat megcsináltattuk, kettesben ittunk puncsot, majd Bátyussal hármasban ittunk máshol 2 forró csokit. Egész végig jókat beszélgettünk és zavarba hoztak teljesen.

    Szende hívott s csatlakozott hozzánk, utána kaptak tőlem egy-egy tábla csokit mikulás alkalmából, de Szendével sajnos vitában váltunk el.

    A karácsonyi vásárban kaptam Bátyustól szülinapomra 3 darab könyvet, megkóstoltam életem első macaroonját, vettünk csokis mogyorót és kaptunk szerencse malacot Bátyustól.

    Otthon összeszedtem a cuccaim, majd egyik barátommal is találkoztunk, majd egy hosszas szeretkezés után párommal együtt aludtunk.

    Életem egyik legtökeletesebb napja volt, melyet nagyon köszönök nektek és nagyon szeretlek titeket!

    T.Z., B.P. & J.Z.

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  • image

    I am still alive and I will be active again !!


    I’m sorry for not being active for a really long time (about 6 months?!) I had problems (mental health, family) It was a rough time. But anyway I am happy to be back and have motivation again! I don’t want this blog to be dead anymore bc I love this acc and it’s part of my life. I also have so many beautiful and interesting pics to post and to interact with you all.

    I really hope you all are doing fine and pls message me if you ever wann talk (reason doesn’t matter) I’ll be happy!

    Thank you!!


    ~ foxholeangel

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