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  • If Gou is going to get an Umbreon in the future he’ll can join the “I have an Umbreon and a hopeless crush on Ash” support group along with Gladion and Gary.

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  • #I haven’t written anything for them since my last Sunnylemon fic :0 #Shima answers questions #Pokemon#Pokeani#Trustedpartnershipping#Ask meme#WIP game
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  • #❤️ #Shima answers questions #Glad to hear it uwu #Pokemon#Pokeani#Trustedpartnershipping#Merch
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  • I just don’t understand some people while I was watching Sun/Moon.

    For the first half of the series, we see Ash fanboying over Kiawe, once he complimented him because “I didn’t know you are able to teleport” like, Nebby was here, what the f of a compliment it is.

    Even his mother was teasing him (And I don’t really ship it because I think Kiawe is too old for him)

    For the second half of the series, Ash and Gladion can’t stop staring at each other. And you don’t stare at your friend that much.

    He rescued him “bridal style” and they were shocked until Lillie called them out.

    At this point I think Lillie confessed just to cover his brother because we still live in a homophobic world and it’s dangerous for little kids to come out so early.

    And people: “Who do you think Ash loves the most? Mallow, Lana or Lillie???”


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  • Getting into season 2 of Sun and Moon and I’m just waiting to see when Gladion gets his fat hopeless crush on Ash “Dense As Fuck” Ketchum.

    #like he smiled for the first time after battling with silvally against ash #gladion is heading to the point of no return lol #gladion#ash#ash ketchum#pokeani #pokemon sun and moon #pokemon#pokemon ships#ships#shipping#cute#funny #ash x gladion #gladion x ash #trustedpartnershipping#tani speaks#tani-animate
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  • The first episode Gladion shows up in Ash was pretty much like “Watch how fast I can fall in love with Gladion challenge”

    #Pokemon#Pokeani#Ash Ketchum#Gladion#Trustedpartnershipping #It did not take long at ALL LMAO #Anipoke#Pokemon SM#SatoGlad#Satoshi#Shima speaks #It took a bit longer for Gladion but he got there eventually #Lillie: You are not immune to the Protagonist Charm™️
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  • #It's the subtle little things that are different that really make a huge difference in the end! #Shima answers questions #Pokemon#Pokeani#Trustedpartnershipping#Ash Ketchum#Gladion#Satoshi#SatoGlad#Pokemon SM
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  • image

    This story amazing and has a major plot twist in chapter 1 (which is the only chapter so far)

    i’m actually in awe! and i’m actually shook that AndIHurt is doing this in honour of me i’m speachless!

    Speaking of Wattpad I did it guys! I changed my Wattpad username to GouXAsh and lately i’ve started a new book called cursed images and it’s filled with firstfriendshipping content (and my pokemon master theory cause I wanted to put it in there and decided wynaut) so if you want to check it out then plz do!

    also if anyone wants to talk about pokemon / firstfriendshipping / trustedpartnershipping then plz message me on here or over wattpad 

    anyway where I am its 12:32 AM so gonna go sleep now c ya!

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    Secret Santa gift for @shima-draws!! Merry Christmas Shi, ily!! 💖

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    And they were roommates

    i saw someone else make this joke and I had too!

    I actually love that they are roommates cause when trustedpartnershipping was my OTP i always used to headcannon Ash and Gladion to be staying at the Aether house in Gladion’s room that for some reason has a bunk bed but it never made any sense as to why he had a bunk bed or why Ash was staying there in the first place or where the hell Lillie was!

    so I never said anything about my headcannons on wattpad or on here.

    but with firstfriendshipping cause of the roommates thing I can actually re-use some of my old headcannons for firstfriendshipping and its also an awesome fanfic opurtunity as ya’ll have probably seen in Pillow Talk by sunshine_idiots (which is an amazing story btw)

    so this is gonna be great and I am working on a firstfriendshipping book on wattpad but I haven’t uploaded the first chapter yet but i’ll tell ya’ll here when I do!

    i’ve been going on for ages now so imma go c ya’ll!

    #firstfriendshipping#OTP #headcannons and fanart soon #trustedpartnershipping #and they were roommates #Pillow Talk by sunshine_idiots #c ya!
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  • Okay so trustedpartnershipping is always gonna be my favourite ship but firstfriendshipping is quickly becoming a close second like these pictures HOW CUTE?! 

    #trustedpartnershipping#firstfriendshipping#Ash#Gou#Gladion #wait just realised my top 2 Ash ships are both with people who's names start with G #TOO CUTE! #imma go now #lol#byeee
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    • Gladio: You're my rival now. 🔪
    • Gou: How Did You Say That With Your Mouth--
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    Uhhhhhh soft lawful gays UwU

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  • Trustedpartnershipping

    Ash: *starts playing with his earrings*

    Gladion: what are you doing?

    Ash: playing with your earrings…

    Gladion: *genuine confusion*

    Ash: *looks down*

    Gladion: …

    Ash: …

    Gladion: keep going… *blush*

    #gladisato#trustedpartnershipping #ash x gladion #satoshi x gladio #okay im soft for them stfu
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  • all i do is draw ashaudion and cry

    #ashaudion #they don't have a proper ship name yet so i'm settling for this #sweetsmileshipping#trustedpartnershipping#cutebonesshipping#ash ketchum#hau#trainer hau#gladion#trainer gladion#satoshi#gladio#pokemon#pokeani#pokeani sumo#drawing #listen. listen i love them a lot #gladion is the only one with ANY braincells and even then he only gets one
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  • Ash knew the minute he opened his eyes that he was for sure sick.

    He was used to it, and honestly wasn’t surprised. Traveling around different regions did that to a person. He could count on his hands the number of times he grew sick during travels. 

    When it came to sickness, it seemed there be one bad occurrence of sickness when on his journey. Mostly in fever or of a stomach ache, resulting from stun spore(you’d think he be immune the number of times he’s been sprayed. Give him a volt tackle in the stomach and he’s up once more, but spray a stun spore attack, and he’s out for the count) and too much food.

    It seemed the worst occurrence for his Alola journey of Pokemon journeys was upon him now.

    His head seem to bleed in a mix of the Alola sun and the pain of what seemed like a thousand thunderbolts.

    Yep, it was one of those sicknesses.

    Ash grudged, slowly but surely got up and got ready for another day of training.

    Of course he wasn’t gonna stay in bed! The league was just about to start, and after facing Guzma, Ash knew he had to train harder then ever if he was going to win. 

    There was no way he was going to loss, especially do basically a grown up version of Paul(the old one at least, Ash has been in contact with him since the Sinnoh league and he’s defiantly changed).

    He thought of possibly bringing back some of his old pokemon, like he did in said league as he grudged on to the school. He was luck that Burnett had already left to the Aether Foundation, and Kukui had an early meeting about the league and was going to school later.

    Pikachu could defiantly sense his lack of emotion and energy, then again, he’s known Ash through all the sick stages of his journey.


    Ash looks down at his Kanto starter as their trudging down the dirt road, Rowlet and Meltan sleeping soundly in his backpack alongside Lycanroc and Torracat’s pokeballs.

    “I’m fine Pikachu, not letting some small cold stop me now.”

    Pikachu frowned, worrying as he could see his trainer’s skin turn paler, his voice getting hoarser, and boy was he so stubborn!

    “Hey Ash.” Ash smiles softly, his spirits seeming to finally rise up a bit as he saw Gladion.

    Everyone always assumed he was super dense when it came to romance kind of love, but joke was on them. Ash just pretended over the years, mainly so he could focus more on his Pokemon and the journey itself.

    Though another reason was of his mother. He never knew his father, being told how great of a trainer from his mother, alongside side tips was all he knew of the man. He remembered every Father’s day, his mother sobbing and weeping all night. 

    It’s what made him act dense in the first place, he didn’t want anyone to be in such a situation, and he for sure wasn’t ready for any sort of relationship.

    So it stinks when your fever reducing and hallucinate in front of your crush and all the adrenaline sparks out.

    “Hey Gladion! Wanna battle some more?” Ash smiled brightly, his vision blacking out in the corners of his eyes, but all he focused on was the bright blond in front of him.

    Gladion on the other hand, was getting suspicious of the Kanto native. He could see beads of sweat lick across the boy’s face, despite seeing before Ash have been used to the Alola weather that this hadn’t occurred for awhile.

    Plus Ash seemed to be much paler, paler then him, and the glassy look in his chocolate brown eyes didn’t help the image. 

    “I don’t know Ash……are you sure your up for it this morning?”

    Ash’s eyes go wide and nods extensively, Pikachu(who appears at the boy’s side) and Gladion worried it might come off.

    “Of course! I’m always ready to battle! Right buddy?” Ash turns to the electric rodent, who just sighs and looks away, “Okay…..Lycanroc is rearing to go!”

    With that the boy rushes over to one of the battlefields in the school yard.

    Gladion sighs as he walks slowly over to the other side of the field, suspicious and worried(not that he’d admit out loud the last part) as he was he couldn’t deny the adorable battler a challenge.

    “Go Lycanroc!” Both trainers released their different versions of the wolf pokemon, both rearing for battle as Ash’s smirks in rivalry.

    Gladion’s Lycanroc though, could see his trainer’s crush(it was so obvious) and opponent look much worst then when the wolf last saw him.

    Ash’s Lycanroc looked confused and titled his head at the red wolf, just what was his deal?

    The dark type gestured behind the dusk wolf, towards the trainer whom now looked wobbly on his feet.

    Lycanroc turns, his eyes widen as he saw his trainer’s horrid condition. Quickly forgetting the battle, the wolf rushes over to Ash, his rival moments later.

    It was Gladion though, that through adrenaline or sheer worry, he didn’t know, he rushed and managed to catch the Chosen One before he fell to the ground.

    \Comment below what you think!/

    Inspired by @shima-draws (Amazing artist and fellow Trustedpartnershipping fan!)

    Requested by Anonymous  (Who ever you are thanks!)

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    • Ash: Gladion, wake up! We’re going on an adventure.
    • Gladion: It’s 4 AM. Please shut the fuck up and go back to sleep.
    #Trustedpartnershipping #character - ash #character - gladion #incorrecttrustedpartnerquotes
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  • Isn’t It Love [Trustedpartnershipping AMV]

    I’ve been busy lately - mostly trying to find a way to get this done! So, at last, I present to you: my first Trustedpartnershipping AMV!

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  • are you sure

    #trustedpartnershipping#ash ketchum#gladion#trainer gladion#wicke #trial captain mallow #satoshi#gladio#pokemon#pokeani#pokeani sumo#pokeani spoilers#drawing #i can't believe wicke confirmed trustedpartner in one sentence #'i really felt the romanticism in that final match!' #what a queen #satoglad
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