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    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

    -James 1:17

    It’s easy to look to people or to our job as our source. Yes, God uses people, jobs, and contracts, but they are not the Source. They are simply resources that the Source uses.

    If you’re seeing anything or anyone other than God as your source, when something happens to that something or someone, you’ll think, “What am I going to do? My source has been cut off.” No, the Source is just fine. God is still on the throne. That good gift may come through people, but it came from your heavenly Father. Your salary or contract may come through a connection, but it came from God.

    That’s why you don’t have to play up to people at work or compromise to get a good break. You’re not at the mercy of the economy, or who likes you, or what your boss does. People are not your provider; God is your provider. God has all kinds of resources He can use.

    Father, thank You that You are my Source. You are constantly working, constantly showing me Your goodness with every good gift that comes into my life. I want to live today with an attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness. I will not take Your goodness for granted. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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  • I love this message from River Phoenix. So true and  beautiful to share.

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  • I know the exact time and date of your death. Telling you will change it, so do not ask.

    Remember this next time an unmarked ‘Farewell’ card appears on your doorstep.

    But don’t do anything about it.

    That only makes it worse.

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  • Oh, what a relief it is!

    Oh, what a relief it is!

    Thanks, gocomics.org


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  • Reality

    Tomorrow the world will be able to view the joining of old testament idol worshippers,Israel/ jewsDeuteronomy 31:16-20

    and new testament idol worshippers, roman catholic/ christianity Daniel 9:26 Rev.12:3-5 be sworn in as world leaders.

    They promote all things that are not of YHWH,S laws,commandments and ordinances. Including the names of their idols. Their is nothing hallowed to them. Just as…

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  • Yeah, don’t mind the sound of me falling dangerously, irrevocably in love with you as you just use me for sex.

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  • image

    This seemed appropriate for how I have been feeling. I am not fond of the holidays and always say I should hibernate from mid November until mid February, but alas, I can’t do that. I do my damnedest to start my days off positively and somehow, someway, I lose it and get lost. So, this is me acknowledging my lost, bucking up and keeping moving forward… one step, one day at a time.

    So, if you’re a fellow traveler of the lost, just know you aren’t alone and you have a companion. Sometimes it’s nice to know that even if you feel lost you aren’t alone!

    Big hugs and love!!

    M xoxo 🤗😘

    #msexplorer#me #msexplorer's thoughts today #msexplorer's thoughts... #truth#lost#lostsoul#not alone
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  • Are you flattered by my attention

    Or tickled by my smile?

    I’m here to consume you.

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  • So if all the people who voted for trump are nazi’s, therefore all the people who voted for Biden are pedophiles

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  • https://ift.tt/3qFlpPV

    - There is a two-step vaccination for mental immunity when insanity is growing around. One, ignoring redundant discussions. Second, to honestly express what seems to be true by witnessing the inner turmoil.


    “Patriotism means not only blindly loving the flag of your country, but also working to improve the shortcomings of that country!”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, a well-known actor from the Republican Party and a two-term governor of California, the state’s strongest company from tech companies to Hollywood entertainment, said this when he wrote in the article “Black Lives Matter” in the United States. If you remember in this column, the translation of the whole article was put in the month of June.

    Remember, Arnold doesn’t have to get publicity. Mr. Universe has already been world famous as a global superstar for years. Neither is he in a position to become president now. Because he was born in Austria, a beautiful European country famous not only as the birthplace of Hitler but also famous from Mozart to coffee-cakes, and according to the American constitution a foreign born person cannot become president if he becomes a citizen. This is because many incomplete people write any genuine talk, believing that all the calculators like him will be selfish at their light level, even if they make allegations but do not listen to the truth.

    The new president will hand over power in the United States on January 20. Elections, like in American democracy, have a long history. Even though we are more backward in technology, after all the headaches and allegations, the results of the elections come out quickly, and the change of power also happens easily! The poll of America’s bizarre electoral system was exposed, then Mr. Trump, who went from president to madman like a madman for the sake of truth, made a small mistake. But the court case was done, and the judiciary was quick to lose.

    In the phone call to the governor of Georgia, who spoke of ‘seeing’ some of the opinions, the governor remained morbidly upset, but Uncle Sam (nicknamed America), who invaded the country with the Iraqi army to teach the world a lesson in ethics, became like a black tile. At the very least, the elected members of the system gathered on Capitol Hill to formally announce the new president, where rioting crowds of Trump supporters flocked to our language, chanting 'Vandiyu Theki’. Thus, despite the tradition of the domineering Bahubali mob leaders entering the parliament of the superpower, which takes off its clothes in the name of security, whether it is immigration or visa, it has never happened! The meme circulated that Mexico-Canada has demanded that such 'Ghelhagra’ mobs should not be allowed to build the wall that Trumpji had built after seeing this!

    Well, there was no gap between Donald Trump’s tongue and brain (let’s say the fingers of the tweet). M’s strong grip on the economy. The 'Alpha Mail’ version is a favorite of fans, as it has torn down the veil of many neat American gossips. But he was not an independent artist, but a responsible president of the world superpower. In which, whatever you want, you have to be diplomatic. Aggressive Reagan, Roosevelt or a colorful Kennedy, Clinton. Facebook-Twitter-YouTube had to impose censorship on Trump’s head without a brake.

    It is true that the image of Swami Vivekananda, who gave a lecture in Chicago, could not be taken in the same way in Ahmedabad, and the image of Trump was sharpened against China or Iran. But politics is not just about the fanatical Taporitrolias. Trump’s area was the economy, and of course his account was bright. Corona revealed that there was no proper team in the administration and no brainer in the scientific approach. America is still mired in crocodiles. Then the black-and-white differences that were brainwashed by the anti-social use of special social networks to win elections, the fake messages reached the street riots.

    An entire group of pro-Trump devotees, such as Quennon, believe that this alone fights against mysterious pedophiles and aliens, despite books and videos about Trump’s own arrogance and unbridled luxury. The president’s “prime ministerial” allies have plunged the neo-liberal mobs into a frenzy of poisonous ideology, constantly exposing the rest of the world without their neighbors and exposing the vulnerabilities of the United States. Going from being mad to becoming great to being playing a game in the name of nationalism. The role of new Vice President Kamala Harris, rather than the new President Biden, is to be key in handling this confusion. Because it is easy to break a broken bone, but it can take months to heal. Therefore, in spite of strong dollar and heaps of innovation, if the spirit of American freedom, justice and humanity of 'Land of Dreams and Immigrants’ does not remain, then China has the wealth and Russia has the technology.

    Fortunately the American media is not his master’s voice. It has already maintained the tendency to expose its own shortcomings for the future of tomorrow’s generation, with the foresight of some of today’s Daffodil generation. That is why most of them (not all) take a stand in the interest of the country. Our channels are now exposed in a mudslide, for the sake of such popularity that the ghost of a power struggle is not felt there. Instead of giving alcohol to the monkeys of the netizens who allow partisans to roam in the name of politics in the name of politics without any debts, many pour cold water on them.

    So Arnav, Nidhi, Kangana, Rajdeep Koi’s shops wearing one way colored glasses do not come up with arguments. Conspiracy theorists, who have gone berserk for not paying homage to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, will not dig into why and where Sushant’s news disappeared after the Bihar elections. Those who fall behind Valentine’s Day posters after the Pulawama attack see the news as business and don’t bother to point out that the chatter doesn’t fall after the anchor’s chat was exposed as a patriotic drama! In the name of privacy, a mob will run overnight to get a signal, but private moments of someone’s scandal, chat, video will drip saliva and go viral with interest!

    There is a two-step vaccination for mental immunity when such madness is growing around. One is to ignore the unnecessary discussions and if someone comes to get involved in it, give a cash answer and stay away from it / stay away from it and focus on our karma. Second, honestly witnessing what is 'inner fear’, accurately, artistically speaking what seems to be true, without being fearless but careless, to express wisdom wisely means that the heart is open to the four directions of knowledge, creativity, joy and freedom today. If not here’s a new product just for you!

    That is, Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote in his (and pro-Trump) Republican Party article in The Economist magazine in London on January 9 that he knew the ins and outs of the mob that played the democratic lira in the US Parliament. The gist of it is like reading in its own words. In which Beyond Border Universal message is given. Over to Terminator Schwarzenegger.

    “The United States of America is my first love. I’m lucky to be here, I’m already in love with it. Ever since childhood I saw skyscrapers, glittering Cadillac cars, glamorous beaches of Hollywood movies in school pictures. I just feel like this is my heavenly address, I want to live here.

    As I came to understand the vision of the founding fathers of America, it began to blend in with the pull. Fifty years ago, when I came to live in America, I was obsessed with this earth. And that is why I am worried about this country today. As an immigrant, as a Republican, as an American.

    I was born in 18, two years after World War II. My country, Austria, was in a state of disrepair. Drought, starvation, the devastation of World War II. Growing up, I saw broken-hearted lazy people around me who were addicted to alcohol, trying to forget their guilt. In what frenzy he (Hitler) supported the history of the terrible evil empire! When his craze subsided, 3 million Jews, 3 million other innocents were killed by the signature of Satam and another 75 million lives were lost in the war for the sake of ego only, dreaming of greatness! Not all were Nazi tyrants.

    There were no rabid killers either. But all of that was slowly getting worse and worse because it was easier. I don’t think America has reached such a level that it has slipped into such a terrible abyss. But I believe that one should try to explain in time what the consequences of sticking to selfishness, ego, madness and hatred can be, which erases values ​​like hope, love, service. That is why every leader should criticize the airwaves that make us a joke for the world by rejecting all principles out of the window, even if it is against the party line.

    This fraud is a crazy and insidious excuse not to accept defeat. It is an 'un-American bullshit’ to involve others in its deceptive machinations in private. I once filmed 'Terminator: Judgment Day’. It was Hollywood entertainment. But this is real drama. So for us, this is Judgment Day. Will the people, voters, Sarap decide towards truth or towards selfish partisanship? If you don’t stay in the public interest, my grandchildren will recognize your (leaders’) names as villains, who stayed with the party, not with Waters. (This was written to Republican leaders in connection with the January 8 vote.)

    John F. Kennedy wrote a book called 'Profiles of Courage’ which I found very useful in public life. But if we play such selfish authoritarian politics, it will give birth to discord, because of which many countries have become victims of mental division. This is the cultivation of poisons. Chaos is the beginning. To warn that man should not gradually become a dictator by trading his sense of security and then taking advantage of the stronger destiny than his rivals to elevate himself and destroy public liberty, republican freedom. ’

    America is an experiment in global community life. I (Arnold) urge my party (Republicans) to now accept the results without litigation. Don’t forget that first we are Americans, then we are politicians and if we are politicians then the power has come from the public. May God bless the countrymen who stand up against such falsehoods with such courage! ”

    Another secret of the progress of the West is that there are stalwarts who believe that there are rules of truth, justice, policy, humanity, morality ahead of the country. Former Australia captain Greg Chappell has written a letter to the current captain, who has just given a break to the Indian team, saying that when he won after underarm bowling 20 years ago, a girl on the ground teased him by saying "you cheated” and playing a better game if there was pressure instead of using obscene language at work. Has knocked hard. Neither Chappell nor Arnold is a 'traitor’ for this but a patriot! Infect, there are better patriots who have stomach burns so can’t stay completely dumb despite having their own life set. This is the spirit. The courage to tell the truth by enduring their false criticisms in their own interest. Which is the heritage of native India. Is the practice of Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Mahavira. But the majority of the people will have the attitude of killing the Indian coin for the vaccine based on the foreign formula, as long as the vaccine is available. Even innovative patents will be registered abroad!

    Xing Thing

    Legend Amitabh Bachchan recently wrote in a tweet that why he didn’t write on Falana, why he didn’t speak on Dhikana, showing solidity to the Dhararkajis who have become the masters of other people’s lives: “We have seen days when the house was not locked. The door was always open. Now (Maftiya) the counselor says: Keep the tongue locked too! ”

    #The country is not made of great guns or slogans #but of live action of Freedom #Truth #Justice!
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