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    HAPPY TWO MONTHS OF #folklore!!

    The cd got home two days ago so I decided this was a fitting post! Say hi to Thor’s face and Masha’s tail.

    - 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘦 𝘱𝘦𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦’𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘪 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘥𝘪𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘪𝘯 𝘴𝘦𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘵 ♪ - @taylorswift @taylornation

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  • what she says: im fine

    what she means: we gather here we line up weeping in a sunlit room and if im on fire you’ll be made of ashes too even on my worst day did i deserve babe all the hell you gave me cause i loved you i swear i loved you till my dying day i didn’t have it in myself to go with grace and you’re the hero flying around saving face and if im dead to you why are you at the wake cursing my name wishing i stayed look at how my tears ricochet we gather stones never knowing what they’ll mean some to throw some to make a diamond ring you know i didn’t want to have to haunt you but what a ghostly scene you where the same jewels that i gave you as you bury me i didn’t have it in myself to go with grace cause when i’d fight you use to tell me i was brave and if im dead to you why are you at the wake cursing my name wishing i stayed look at how my tears ricochet abd i can go anywhere i want anywhere i want just not home and you can aim for my heart go for blood but you would still miss me in your bones and i still talk to you when im screaming at the sky and when you can’t sleep at night you hear my stolen lullabies i didn’t have it myself to go with grace and so the battleships will sink beneath the waves you had to kill me but it killed you just the same cursing my name wishing i stayed you turned into your worst fears and you’re tossing out blame drunk on this pain you’re crossing out the good years and you’re cursing my name wishing i stayed look at how my tears ricochet

    #im sorry #i will never get over this song #it plays in my mind constantly #living there rent free #sometimes you just gotta write down all the lyrics and just cry about it okay #leave me alone #taylor swift#ts#folklore#folklore album #my tears ricochet #lyrics#ts lyrics#folklore lyrics #my tears ricochet lyrics #taylor swift lyrics
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  • The photographer and the love of his life.

    This was supposed to be for the golden age challenge - but you can’t share a house with photographs in it….. SOOO.. i wanna show you. lol

    #the sims 4 #sparkdgoldenage#sparkdchallenge #sims 4 build #nocco#ts
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  • September 24 - Terrence

    Day 24 of #ThankYouTSFriends is dedicated to Terrence! Thank you for everything that you do, Terrence!

    Post your love and appreciation for Terrence using the tag #ThankYouTSFriendsTerrence!

    Click here to see the full line-up!


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  • the look of betrayal my cat gives me when i pick up the treat she clearly wasn’t going to eat

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  • The cutest selfies we got in first two months of this era😍😍

    Folklore is now 2 months and

    I’m still enjoying everything about this era😁

    I love you so much @taylorswift



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  • Sad boy hours bc Thomas’s shop only sells the Janus and Remus pins as part of the bundle and I already have the core four pins :(

    #ts #i could probably get the bundle and give the extras to someone else #perhaps it could be a birthday present or smth #ill wait til theyre back in stock so i can check the price n decide then
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    #yeahhhh #ananya talks shit #ts
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  • Ao3,   MasterPost

    Yes this is based off that 1 Instagram story from like two weeks ago.

    Relationships: Platonic intruality

    Warnings: uhhh Rats? light cursing. This one’s pretty fluffy!

    Word Count: 1,032

    Remus would go to pretty much any length to make someone else’s day just a little bit worse. Very little was off of the table for him: screaming, swearing, violence, and- of course- shape-shifting.

    His repertoire was extensive, after years of practice. Remus had become spiders big as basketballs, with mandibles to match; he’d been slimy and oozing cephalopods that were frighteningly fast crawlers, with uncomfortably humanoid features; most interestingly, he’d been mashes of all things at once, his skin changing fluidly like a less racially charged Lovecraftian beast. It was all quite a lot of fun!

    So, in all honesty, that day’s form was a little lackluster. Frankly, Remus was a little out of it, and he was just looking for a pick-me-up with some good, cheap scares.

    A rat. A mangy, oversized, black rat, with raggedy ears and tiny pointed teeth. His overgrown claws gripped the edge of the kitchen cabinet, bulging red eyes staring out from the partially opened door. 

    Yeah, it was low-effort, and yeah, there wasn’t a lot of flair, but Remus found himself in a bit of a rut- and not even the icky, sexy, fanfiction-y kind! This would, at the very least, give him a little more energy.

    A few sides had filtered in and out of the kitchen by now, often passing right in front of Remus’ hiding place, but he made no move on them. There went Virgil- who would probably just kick him across the room on instinct- and Logan- who would most definitely have no reaction at all. Remus sat still through it, biding his time with surprising patience.

    Until, some few minutes later, skipping footsteps and a cheery hum made themselves heard across the house. And they were heading his way! 

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  • Hahahaaaaaa this is the actual lwymmd choreo that I learned the week the mv came out. I do it to the best of my ability whenever the song comes on (cough while I’m driving cough) but I went ahead and just did it ~full out~ for the first time in a while and figured I might as well film it lollll

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  • The significance of Taylor releasing a single with the lyrics “but I knew you’d come back to me” is not lost on me… Taylor I’ll always come back to you ❤️

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  • Hi Taylor,

    Here’s to another day and another post hoping that one day I can tell you in person how big of an impact that you have had on my life. You have made me brave to stand up for myself, both in my personal life and professionally. I realize now that when I put my heart and soul into my work, it has value and I deserve the recognition that comes with that. As women, we sometimes feel nervous or feel like we will seem ungrateful to say “we deserve this promotion, raise, or recognition.” Many men do not feel this same internal struggle of wanting to be liked and not appearing as ungrateful. They go for what they want, with zero worries of how it will appear. You have taught me that I need to trust in myself and know that I should advocate for myself. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to do just that and be the music attorney that I aspire to be. I was on track to become that before COVID hit and I lost opportunities. But I am hopeful that things will look up sooner rather than later. 

    Honestly, writing here everyday has become a nice little addition to my daily routine and provides a mini-escape from the quarantine madness. It is crazy to think how this year has, in many ways, shown us what is truly important in life and has grounded all of us…everyone from A-listers to their fans on a global scale. It is cliche, but we really are all in this together and I hope that the election results this year will show that the people are acknowledging that a change needs to happen. Thank you for everything you have done to try to ensure that people get out and vote. 

    As always, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.





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  • aries: touching a lightbulb just to see if it was hot even though she knew that it would burn her finger

    leo: having a song featured on the 50 shades of grey soundtrack that happened to be a collab with her ex boyfriend’s ex bandmate

    cancer: straight up saying that her and harry’s relationship was the kind where he would potentially crash her future wedding

    pisces: saying that it was very unlikely for her to drop a surprise album because she loved giving easter eggs to her fans and building up the anticipation…..and then dropping a surprise album

    scorpio: roasting all the different versions of herself at the end of lwymmd + “what are you doing?” “getting receipts…..gonna edit this later” aka straight up murdering kimye

    sagittarius: printing a fandom joke from tumblr onto a t-shirt and wearing it in public

    taurus: throwing chairs off the stage on the fearless tour

    gemini: dating a guy that hated pop music, then saying “fuck that” and writing an annoying pop song about him on purpose just to piss him off

    virgo: writing clean, a dramatic song about healing and finally moving on from someone………and writing style like two weeks later about the same person

    libra: randomly announcing a surprise album on the ten year anniversary of one direction (girl we know that wasn’t a coincidence)

    capricorn: absolutely roasting joe jonas’ ass on multiple occasions, typically on live tv

    aquarius: saying no one had guessed the album title of lover when everyone was like. is it lover……..

    #pls don't let this flop i spent half an hour collecting my favourite moments KJBADKJBDAKJDA #ananya talks shit #in the tags #yes i'm a scorpio yes i gave myself one of the most iconic ones #ts
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  • I love Remus so much 💚 On days where I feel weirdly anxious and insecure, I watch Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts or listen to Forbidden Fruit on repeat and this is why.

    -He’s very much about accepting everything about yourself.

    -Nothing makes you unworthy of being a person. Not your darkest thoughts. Not what other people think of you. You exist and you matter regardless.

    -You are allowed to exist exactly as you are. You don’t need to be fixed.

    -Everything is simpler than you think.

    -Your fears and insecurities are only as scary as you give them the power to be.

    -Crude jokes can be funny and there’s value in not taking yourself too seriously.

    -Your thoughts do not define you.

    -Hiding parts of yourself may soothe your anxiety but it will hurt you in the long run.

    -Shame and guilt absolutely can hurt you.

    -Making art that’s idealogically easily consumed because you want to appeal to a broader audience is bad art.

    I have lots of thoughts about this boy in this episode. It’s truly a tragedy we don’t have more Remus content lol

    Other things I adore about DWIT:

    -I love how Logan and Remus interact in this episode. They act like opposite forces but they’re both there to teach Thomas about himself.

    -The jokes. Remus is too damn funny for this world.

    -Forbidden Fruit is a gem and it gets stuck in my head all the time lol

    #sanders sides#ts remus#ts logan#ts #anyways i had a rough day #and i rewatched DWIT #for the millionth time #because one chaotic boy #makes me feel better about life
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  • When you’re in a restaurant and you hear that first piano key and you get excited because they’re playing exile 🥰


    Originally posted by taylorswifh

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  • what the fuck last night i had a dream that the last dark side was revealed and he looked like this


    he was real pale and looked kinda dehydrated and was tired and sarcastic and snarky all the time. he was also like 7ft tall

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