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  • edupunkn00b
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Out of context spoiler for A Little Bit of Love (Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm):

    “Lo, what do you remember from when Remus was banished?”

    This story takes place immediately after the last full chapter of Do Us Any Harm, before the Epilogue.

    ID: A hand-inked abstract drawing of blue triangles drawn with a straight-edge, yellow spirals, and jagged green zig-zags. The figures overlap and intersect over a field of white star-like dots on a black background. The image is signed with a single letter, "L."

    #A Little Bit of Love #out-of-context spoiler#ts janus#ts logan#ts remus #Side By Side in the Mindscape
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  • sablesides
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Treasure of the Gods (Pt.5)


    There's a certain number of times an event has to happen to shift from a coincidence into a curse.

    For Virgil, that number had reached four.

    And it seemed like every time he thought that lesson had been ingrained in his head, someone else came into his life to mess it up.

    So Virgil decided to be more proactive, he took all the money he'd earned and moved into a little house in the woodlands, where he couldn't have any neighbors at all.

    So now, maybe he'd be safe, he couldn't lose neighbors that he didn't have.

    "Alright everybody, meal time!" Virgil called, watching as the five creatures that hadn't abandoned him came rushing to their meals.

    Virgil watched with a smile on his face, fidgeting with the sleeves of his shirt.

    Until he noticed a flicker outside of the window, and taking a few steps closer, saw a glistening black fox, nose pointed toward the sky.

    Virgil felt his breath hitch slightly, something about it seemed so familiar and yet so. . . Not.

    Virgil eventually managed to force his eyes away from the sight, shrinking in on himself and clawing at his arms like a desperate prayer.

    It wasn't until he felt Midna' soft fur against his cheek that he realized how far he'd retreated into his own mind.

    "I can't do this again I- how did they find me out here?" Virgil murmured, his hands were shaking, when had they started shaking?

    He watched as Eros slowly curled around his wrists, letting out a low hiss as he moved.

    Eventually Virgil's breathing evened out, though there was still a low whimper behind it.

    Virgil tried desperately to forget about the fox, begging for the memory to remain at the back of his mind.

    And yet, it seemed fate had other plans for him.

    For now, he saw the fox nearly everywhere he went.

    And it hurt.

    Like a ghost trailing his every move, silent and light-footed.

    So eventually he decided, why not do some tracking for himself?

    So Virgil watched, tracking every move the creature made until he had it down to a science.

    And then it was time to plan.

    It felt off, in a vague way, stalking an animal who's origins Virgil wasn't even sure of.

    The fox once again remained still, hardly paying any mind to Virgil.

    At least until he was at arms length.

    Then it took off into the underbrush, with Virgil charging after it as fast as his legs could carry him.

    Virgil followed it for what seemed like miles, until he tripped over a loose tree root, and was sent rolling down a hill. Twigs and mud and sticks clawed and scratched at him.

    Finally he stopped at the base, shuddering as he tried to push himself up.

    "I wouldn't risk that, quite a fall you had there,"

    Virgil froze as a voice he didn't recognize reached his ears, his heart pounded in his chest.

    "Here, lean on me, I've got you," Virgil wasnt sure why he did it, but he allowed his hands to fall around the strangers arms, allowed himself to be pulled upwards until he could see their face.

    And he was met with stunning icy blue eyes in contrast with dark skin, dark midnight black hair, and a warm smile.

    "Wh-who are- how did-" it was then that Virgil noticed the fox circling the man's feet.

    "Is that-"

    "Mine, yes, Artemis," said the man.

    "She's beautiful-" Virgil said softly.

    "Oh there's no need for flattery, you must have seen a million familiar by now with the way the other Gods rave about you,"

    Virgil froze again, not quite processing the details that had just been laid before him.

    "Familiars?-" Virgil said softly.

    "You- didn't know?" Said the man, raising an eyebrow.

    "Who- what are you- how did- how did you find me!." Virgil pushed back, no longer caring that he collapsed to the ground as soon as the support was let go.

    "I'm warning you I may be injured but I can still bite you!" Virgil snarled, staring up at this- thing masquerading as a person.

    The Diety stood for a moment a calculating look in his eyes.

    "Oh I'm going to kill the others when we get back," he muttered, turning his head to mouth a string of curses.

    "I am Logan, God of Space and Knowledge, my colleagues and I have been tracking you for quite some time Virgil, you have earned our favor," Logan stated matter-of-factly.

    "Yeah right. Then why has everyone I care about disappeared under mysterious circumstances like a week after I meet them huh?" Virgil spat.

    "Please, allow me to show you," Logan said, almost pleadingly.

    Virgil took a moment to consider the words, and then he gave a small nod.

    Virgil felt a slight fuzzy feeling in his limbs, and then he was met with a blinding light, and Midna on his shoulders.

    When he came too, he was met with five figures.

    Each looking more familiar than the last.

    "You didn't tell him?! Do you know how horribly that can affect a Mortal! He thought you four were dead!" Virgil recognized Logan's voice, and recognized the individual murmurs of the men he'd previously cared for.

    "We did it to keep him safe! Who knows what would've happened if Romulus had discovered him! We've already lost two!" Virgil's heart skipped a beat as he heard Roman's voice.

    But then the arguing picked up, and with it a pounding headache in Virgil's skull.

    A pounding that seemed to keep building infinitely until. . .

    "SHUT IT!" Virgil snarled, baring his teeth as the quintet turned toward him.

    "I don't know who or what any of you are but I want answers! Now!." Virgil continued.

    "Alright Virgil alright, just please relax, we'll explain everything I promise-" Janus was the next to speak.

    "Just let us get you situated first alright Virgil? Please?" Then Patton.

    "I- fine, but I want an explanation soon." Virgil said, the five deities nodded, with Patton being the one to approach Virgil to lead him to his room.


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  • paeonia-imagines
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
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    18.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


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  • hello69elliot
    18.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Here’s some more YandereRemus & YandereJanus searching for Logan after he ran away, Janus is the more reasonable one. I’m lowkey debating if I should write a fanatic about this




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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    18.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I’ve been stuck and didn’t really feel like drawing at all lately, so just kinda forcing myself to draw more intimate (ie closeness and fluffiness) dukeceit stuff

    Hope you enjoy

    #sanders sides#ts janus#janus#dukeceit#demus#ts remus#remus#light background #ask to tag #Remus is gonna tickle Janus #so let him have this #surprise tickle attack
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  • fanderoyalty
    18.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Wild and free 💚( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    (click on the image for better quality)

    The major difference between Roman's and Remus' hair, is that Roman's is gorgeous and elegant but uptight and scared to go beyond that. Remus' is beautiful and wild and carefree and all over the place. I hope I was successful in passing this idea through the drawings.

    Long Hair Sides ™ part 1 (Janus) / part 2 (Virgil) / part 3 (Logan) / part 4 (Patton) / part 5 (Roman) / part 6 (Remus)

    I'm honestly nowhere near as satisfied with this piece as I'm with the others, and I'm sorry I took so long. But please, regardless of how bad this is, reblogs and commentaries are GREATLY appreciated!

    P.S: if no one noticed, each side has the background colored after the other. Go back to the other pieces and figure out which were changed!

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  • galactic-puddle
    18.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I don't think I've posted this yet...

    #sanders sides#art#janus sanders #don't ask me what this is about because I don’t even know #ts janus #i have two stories I need to finish and I haven't started on them yet.... #whoops?
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  • virgil-sanders-the-gay-emo
    18.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Virgil: If you put 'violently' in front of anything to describe your action, it becomes funnier.

    Virgil: Violently puts on eyeshadow

    Logan: Violently studies

    Janus: Violently debates society

    Roman: Violently looks in the mirror

    Remus: Violently murders people

    Patton: Violently worries about the previous statement

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  • evertriedsoywithyourpopcorn
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    This prompt list is from @bubbly-af on Tumblr. I'm very late. This is day 2: Hunted.

    (Do not tag as a ship, cause, you know, one of them is kind of dead)

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  • jwillowwolf
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Janus and Patton as Loki and Thor 💛💙💚❤

    #sanderssides#sanders sides #sanders sides fanart #janus sanders #ts janus sanders #ts janus#patton sanders #ts patton sanders #ts patton
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  • multiple-eyes36
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #sanders sides#ts janus #eyes answers asks
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  • summershantees
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Now, now, no crying,” his ‘partner’ chided, dabbing at the tears on his cheeks with a handkerchief, though Virgil knew he was only being gentle in order to avoid messing up the makeup that covered Virgil’s bruises.

    Virgil nodded, blearily blinking back fresh tears. He heard the music start up again, and his partner whisked him back into the midst of the crowd, this time not even pretending to ask for a dance. Virgil clung to his captor, squeezing his eyes closed and trying not to imagine how many bodies were pressing in on him, how inescapable this situation was. He heard his captor chuckle as he swung Virgil around, leading him in steps Virgil barely knew how to follow, making Virgil let go of him and spin before desperately clinging to him again.

    Virgil hated this, and he squeezed his eyes tighter to avoid crying again.

    His captor knew every cut on his body, every bruise littering his skin under the heavy dress he was forced to wear, and with each dance, he pressed his fingers a little harder against them, drawing out pained gasps, though Virgil knew that for every sign of pain he gave, he’d receive tenfold when they left.

    Finally, the music ended, and they left the dancefloor again. His partner pushed a glass into his hand, and Virgil dutifully drank it, wincing as the alcohol and carbonation hit his tongue. As he put down what must have been his third glass, he swayed on his feet slightly, his partner catching him by the hip.

    “Oh darling,” he whispered in Virgil’s ear, his breath hot against Virgil’s skin, “You look positively beautiful, all drunk and… yielding…”

    Virgil shuddered.

    The music started again, and he was pulled back into the crowd.

    “Now, keep your eyes open this time. I want to see those gorgeous colors in your irises.”

    Virgil swallowed heavily and blinked his eyes open with effort, and almost threw up. Already, the people around them were spinning and twirling in dance, and the swirl of colors made Virgil’s head spin.

    Thankfully, his captor didn’t make him do as many spins this time, and he was able to spend most of the dance staring resolutely at the dark color of his partner’s suit coat. However, being this close to his captor, and his increasingly wobbly legs, led him to making more mistakes, like stepping on his partner’s foot. He winced, knowing he’d be punished later, but his partner said nothing, smiling down at him in a way that made Virgil’s stomach turn over.

    His partner led him in another spin, and again, Virgil barely managed to not throw up as he returned to clinging to his captor and staring at his suit coat.

    But then they stopped as another voice spoke next to them: “May I cut in?”

    Virgil, close to his captor already, heard the low growl in his chest, and tensed, but the next moment his captor responded in a light voice, “Of course,” and Virgil was being transferred to another set of hands.

    They started dancing, Virgil noticing the stranger’s hands barely touching him, only to guide him in the dance.

    To his horror, not long after they started, Virgil stumbled, falling into the stranger’s chest.

    “Oh you poor thing,” the stranger said, “You’re exhausted. Let’s get you some air.”

    They exited the crowd fairly quickly - how had they gotten so close to the edge of the dance floor? - and Virgil soon felt cool air on his face. He let out a breath.

    The stranger guided him a little further and then helped him sit down on something. At this point, Virgil realized his eyes were closed again, and try as he might, he couldn’t open them.

    He could feel himself swaying, his hands shaking in the strangers’ as the man sat down next to him.

    “Virgil,” the stranger said softly, and Virgil startled, finally giving him enough adrenaline to open his eyes.

    The stranger had removed his masquerade mask, and, in a fleeting thought of rationality, Virgil thought he looked familiar.

    Virgil pulled back. “Wh-who are you?” He whispered. “What do-do you want?”

    The stranger looked sad. “Virgil… It’s me, Roman. I’m so sorry, my emo knightmare. I don’t know how you got trapped here, but I came to get you out. We’ve all been looking for you.”

    The nickname seemed to trigger something in Virgil’s memory, but he couldn’t quite reach it. Maybe if he wasn’t so drunk… He put a hand to his head.

    “Virgil,” Roman said quietly. “I can take you away. You may not… trust me yet. But I promise, we’ll take care of you, okay?”

    Virgil looked at him, thinking back to his captor. Anything would be better than what he had in store with him, right? Especially… Virgil gasped, clinging to Roman’s hand and turning back toward the way they had come.

    “Hey, hey,” Roman said, taking a hand and turning Virgil back toward him. “We won’t let him get you again, okay? You’re safe now.”

    Virgil searched Roman’s eyes desperately, and all he found was a softness that his captor had never had for him. He nodded.

    “Can you walk?”

    Virgil nodded. He wouldn’t start this by being any kind of bother. But when they stood, he immediately pitched forward. Roman caught him easily, as if expecting this. “It’s okay, Ruby Gloom, I gotcha.” He maneuvered Virgil into a bridal carry, which surprised Virgil. Usually, if he couldn’t walk, his captor would simply drag him or carry him over his shoulder. This was more… gentle.

    “Let me know if you need to rest, okay Virge?”

    Virgil looked up at him, but Roman only gave him a sad smile. Virgil nodded, and laid his head against Roman’s shoulder as they set off.

    The music of the party hadn’t even fully receded behind them before he was asleep in Roman’s arms.


    Virgil woke with a start, as he usually did. But this time, instead of a concrete floor in a dingy cell and the possibility of waking up to his captor waiting to torment him, he woke up on something impossibly soft, in a room with a low light on nearby. He looked around at the slowly more and more familiar surroundings, before realizing that, as he had woken up, there had been the feeling of fingers in his hair. He spun around to see a man, different than the one who had rescued(?) him, but still familiar somehow, sitting on the couch - that’s what he was on, a couch - where his head had been. Had he been laying in his lap?

    They stared at each other for a moment, the man almost seeming to hold his breath, waiting, maybe hoping? for something, while Virgil searched his face, trying, desperately, to remember this time, remember who this was.

    Finally, it was Virgil that broke the silence. “P-Patton?”

    Patton let out a sob, tears immediately rolling down his cheeks, as he nodded.

    Virgil launched himself into Patton’s arms, matching Patton’s sobs with his own as memories came flooding back, of the Mindscape, of home.

    They heard steps running down the stairs, and looked up. Roman, Logan, Janus, and Remus stood at the bottom of the stairs. Virgil winced inwardly as he noticed how haggard they all looked. He stretched out an arm toward them, and they all sprang forward to join the hug, forming a mob around Virgil. But unlike the suffocating party, the warmth and pressure of his family around him was comforting, and he cried harder.


    Eventually Virgil fell asleep again, and the rest of them cried themselves out. Patton fell asleep with Virgil tucked against his chest, and Logan nodded off at the other end of the couch with Virgil’s feet in his lap.

    Roman, Remus, and Janus stayed up, however, determined to get to the root of the Imagination’s problem, before any further damage was done.

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  • violetmochaswirl
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i am an avid supporter of long hair janus

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    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ts-replicated-au
    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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