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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 171

    Patton: (pointing at a cat) Cat.

    Janus: ...Allegedly.

    Logan: Are you doubting an entire species’ existence or just that one?

    Janus: Yes.

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 168

    Logan: Some would say I’m pretty cool.

    Virgil: Who would say this?

    Logan: Some. Out of billions. Statistically speaking.

    Logan: I haven’t confirmed this.

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  • jwillowwolf
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • purplestarrystars
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    NickName - Pumpkin

    You cannot tell me that Virgil hasn't been called Pumpkin.

    He is obsessed with Halloween which has pumpkins, Patton and Roman make up nicknames of all kinds, Logan may use it because he wants to have more than three nicknames for Virgil, and it is cutesy so Remus and Janus would probably use it to get on his nerves.

    In conclusion, Virgil's nickname is Pumpkin.

    Does he hate it? Yes.

    Does he answer to it? Also Yes.

    (my childhood nickname was Pumpkin Head and I just remembered it so naturally I go straight (ha!) to Tumblr)

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  • delimeful
    07.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #Anonymous#asks#fake titles #this takes inspiration from a tumblr post about a haunted doll & rogue ai #it just radiated analogical #ts virgil#ts logan#queue #ask to tag
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  • lolliwoe
    07.05.2021 - 13 hours ago


    #( i literally love them all so much ) #sanders sides#fanart#janus sanders#virgil sanders#remus sanders#roman sanders#logan sanders#patton sanders#thomas sanders #( was trying out a new style and lowkey i really like it ;; ) #❥ this is crofters / sanders sides #❥ scribbles / art #ts fanart
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  • delimeful
    07.05.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #Anonymous#wibar #as someone who stims im sure virgil is plenty familiar with the wiggles #ts virgil#ts patton#ts logan#ts roman#asks#spade anon#queue
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  • aidensm8
    06.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Just some fluff of swapping a capelet and a cardigan

    #i drew virgil with a raincoat and rainhat just cause people keep calling him stormcloud #so hes prepared for the the storm of that cloud #sanders sides#roman sanders#ts roman#deceit sanders#ts deceit#logan sanders#ts logan#patton sanders#ts patton#janus sanders#ts janus#moceit#comic#long post#doodlem8#virgil sanders#ts virgil
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  • milk-kinda-draws
    06.05.2021 - 15 hours ago


    Anatomy?? Shading? lmao

    Dont know them



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  • officiallacrossestick
    06.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Logan: No, I’m not mad. I’m fine.

    Virgil: Logan, you’re-

    Logan: oH FUCK OFF-

    #sanders sides#logan sanders#virgil sanders #ts logan sanders #ts logan #ts virgil sanders #ts virgil#tw caps#tw swearing #based on lacrosse practice today #I snapped a little #im still pissed #so im projecting my anger onto logan
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  • jwillowwolf
    06.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Logan: *Walks into a room and turns on the light.*

    Virgil: *Groans* Turn it off.

    Logan: Gah! Why we’re you in the room with the lights off?!

    Virgil: I was absorbing the darkness to satisfy the abyss that was once my soul.


    Logan: …What?

    Virgil: I was sleeping, genius.

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  • lenchy
    06.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Thomas: Where is Remus?

    Deceit: Probably somewhere disappointing Jesus.

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  • dillydallydove
    06.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Plz consider

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  • viviarts-c
    06.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    recoloring my old art

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  • stuckwithasnakeboy
    06.05.2021 - 21 hours ago
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  • purplestarrystars
    06.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    One normal moment

    tw: all caps

    Virgil: *laying on the floor*

    Logan: Virgil? Why are you on the floor?

    Virgil: Logan? Why aren't you on the floor?

    Logan: *flops face down onto the ground, he puts his arms around Virgil and pulls him close.* You are not property nor an object but you are mine in the sense of a spoken relationship.

    Virgil: Hot and Nerdy, I hit the jackpot. *kisses his cheek*

    Remus: I HIT THE SINK!

    Patton: REMUS!


    Virgil: Its so awesome that its only our sweet moments that get ruined.

    Logan: Yes, awesome...wanna ruin Roman and Janus' date later?

    Virgil: Oh my god, yes please!

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  • anyarally
    06.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Logan Meets a Mer

    Sanders Sides Fanfiction Virgil X Logan (Analogical) 3,133 Words   Ao3 Link

    Logan was out on the sea yet again, dragged along with Roman and his self-proclaimed ‘merry crew’. He usually stuck to the lower decks, at his desk trying to study and write about any new findings he procured on these trips, but Roman called him and Remus, his co-captain and twin brother, up to the upper deck for a ‘bffs meeting’ as Remus called them. Or, you know, a top-secret meeting for the higher ranks, but tomato tomato. Little did he know he'd see something unbelievable that day.

    Logan was out on the sea yet again, dragged along with Roman and his self-proclaimed ‘merry crew’. He usually stuck to the lower decks, at his desk trying to study and write about any new findings he procured on these trips, but Roman called him and Remus, his co-captain and twin brother, up to the upper deck for a ‘bffs meeting’ as Remus called them. Or, you know, a top-secret meeting for the higher ranks, but tomato tomato.

    Logan sighed, putting a ribbon in his journal and his quill in his ink jar and going upstairs to where Roman and Remus were.

    “Sir, this really isn’t a great time, I was about to-“

    “Specs! How many times do I have to tell you now to call us sir! We think of you as an equal.”

    “Yeah Logie-bear! Just because we’re captains and you’re not and we’re cool and you’re lame doesn’t mean we’re better than you!”

    “Well, sirs,” Logan adjusted his glasses, “maybe if either of you simply called me my name, I wouldn’t be so inclined to not call you yours either.”

    Roman loudly clapped his hands together, “Anyway! I have some very important and top-secret news for you all!”

    “We have some top-secret news for you all! Jesus, Roman!”

    Logan cleared his throat, “First of all, if both of you knew it shouldn’t be ‘you all’. Secondly, could you two please just tell me?”

    “God, Logan, you’re no fun! Whatever,” Remus led the way to the back of the upper deck, pulling back a curtain to something Logan had never seen before. And that was saying something.

    Logan looked up, mouth agape, at a merman. He always assumed they were just legend, he could barely believe his eyes. He slowly walked up to him, but when the merman started hissing he stopped advancing. The merman had short shoddily cut hair, giant pointy teeth, beautiful dark scales that shined purple in the light, left eye purple, right eye green, and scales on his face, specifically under his eyes.

    “I, erm, you’re… magnificent.” Logan gaped, looking up at the mer.

    The mer only hissed again, but if Logan hadn’t been so flustered himself he would’ve noticed the red forming on the fleshy parts of his face. Then, suddenly, the beautiful creature screamed .

    A demonic double voice emanates from the beautiful beast, causing Logan, Roman, and Remus to hurriedly cover their ears. Eventually, it got high enough to break a glass mug, and then the mer took a break to breathe some.

    Once he was done, Remus took down the net and looked at the two agape men, “Let’s get him downstairs. We don’t want the rest of the crew to see him.”

    Logan and Roman nodded, finally broken from the trance, and helped Remus carry the now exhausted mer.

    They laid him down in the tub for now, and Roman and Remus left, leaving Logan to watch him.

    Logan scanned over the beautiful creature with his eyes, noticing his chest moving up and down. He has lungs. Good. He gently brushed his fingers against his tail, noticing the scales don’t feel… healthy. If he had been with the brothers when they caught the merman, he would’ve thrown him right back overboard. It’s dangerous and harmful to keep native sea life for too long, even though Logan wanted to study it far more than the crew presumably wanted to sell his scales.

    Logan sighed, went to his room, got his journal and quill, and came into the bathroom to sit on the floor and write until the mer wakes up.

    Sure enough, after about an hour and a half, the beautiful merman woke up. He slowly blinks his eyes open, but when he sees Logan, immediately starts hissing.

    “Shh! You don’t want the boys to come!”

    The mer turned his head in a questioning manner but ultimately quieted down.

    Logan let out a relieved breath, “Thank you. Now, can you understand me?”

    In response, he got a garbled mess of what sounded like dolphin noises? But then the mer coughed and replied, “Sorry, haven’t talked above water in awhile.”

    “Fascinating! Do you have a name? Have you been above water before? Are your scales supposed to feel like that? Why do you have hair? Is heterochromia rare for merfolk too? Do baby mers nurse? How-”

    “Hold up, you need to calm down like holy shit humans can talk. My name is Virgil. That’s all you really need to know right now.”

    Logan sighs, “I suppose. Nice to meet you, Virgil, I’m Logan.” he held out his hand for Virgil to shake, and he just looked at it. “Very well, I understand your lack of trust towards me. If it means anything to you, if I were on the upper deck when you were caught, I wouldn’t have let them bring you on the ship.”


    “Roman and Remus, the co-captains of this ship.”

    “Co-captains?” Virgil said skeptically.

    “I know, it’s idiotic, but their father only had one ship to give and they kept arguing about who could own it, eventually coming to the consensus that they could both be captain.”

    They talked back and forth for about half an hour when Virgil started scratching at his scales. Logan grabbed his hand, and Virgil yanked it back aggressively, gently cradling it close to his chest.

    “Apologies, I’m aware you’re not fond of… touch from me. I was simply trying to stop you from scratching, it can’t be good for you.”

    “It gets this way when it hasn’t been in saltwater for too long.” Virgil snapped, anger clear in his tone.

    Logan looked away, mumbling something.

    “L? What was that?”

    “Could I, erm, would you like me to let you go?”

    “Dude that’s literally all I’ve wanted this whole time.”

    “Oh. Ah, I see, you never said so.”

    “I never thought you would say yes, and I thought my tone gave it away!”

    “Apologies, again, I have trouble with emotions and tone and such,” there’s a long stretch of awkward silence, which Logan interrupts with, “anyway, escaping?”

    “Oh, uh, yeah man I’d love that.”

    “Very well. It’s almost sundown, after then the twins will go to the lower decks for supper and likely a party with the crew, then bed. It will not be suspicious for me to miss this, I rarely come anyway. If we stay quiet, they should not suspect a thing, and even if they hear my footsteps they will assume I’m coming out to look at and chart the stars like I do most nights. As long as we can hide the sound of your tail, we should be set.”

    “That’s too many ‘should’s for me to be comfortable with. But, it’s the best plan we’ve got I guess.”


    That night, everything surprisingly went off without a hitch. Logan managed to get Virgil off the side of the boat unharmed and undetected, but the next morning is where things get a little rough.

    Logan looked out at the sea, sighed, and went back to his room. No going to sleep at this point, Logan decided to sit at his desk and write.

    ‘Sea Log #9.18 (CONT.)

    Today, I met a rare creature I previously believed was simply a myth. I suppose the best name for him would be a merman.*

    His scales were dark with a purple shine to him, and he thankfully was willing to answer some of my questions eventually,** but on this page, I have chosen to focus on this particular merman’s personality.

    Once he trusted me enough to start speaking (English, surprisingly), he told me his name was Virgil. I learned that he doesn’t have many friends under the sea, just one best friend and a brother. His best friend’s name is Janus, he’s half eel as opposed to the more fish-like features Virgil has. His brother’s name is Patton, he’s very similar to Virgil, just with a blue shine to him and different scale placement on his face. He mentioned Patton’s vision is very bad, perhaps I could find a way to get a prescription and make waterproof glasses of some kind.

    What am I saying, I likely will not see Virgil again, much less his family. I helped him escape, and I do not regret it.

    Apologies, that was a falsehood. I do regret it, but not for the reasons I normally would. I feel something for this merman. I do not entirely know what, but it is something. I do know that I miss him. I miss him in a different way than I miss my work on land, closer to the way I miss my mother and Sparky, but still not quite.

    I have made sure to leave space at the bottom of this page, so I will add more later. I believe Roman and Remus may be able to help me with this, but I will have to wait to ask. I didn’t bring any books on psychology along on this trip, and I suspect the twins will be less than pleased at me letting the merman go.

    *double-check and correct if needed at a later date

    **diagram and explanations on next two-page spread (pages 19-20)

    Satisfied with his journal entry, Logan put his quill away and closed his journal, putting it away on the shelf above his desk.

    He stretched his arms and glanced into his bathroom, seeing the light coming out and realizing he unintentionally pulled yet another all-nighter.

    Sighing, he changes his clothes anyway to make it seem like he had slept, fixed his hair in the mirror, and started heading to the upper deck.

    “Lo-lo! You’re finally up!”

    “Sir, the sunrise just happened.”

    “Ugh, you’re such a downer! Hey, where’d that mer get off to? I haven’t seen it since yesterday.” Roman asked whilst cleaning his sword.

    “Sir, he is gone.”

    “Gone?! Gone where?!” Remus screamed, Roman paused in his cleaning.

    “I, ahem, I let him go.”

    “You. WHAT.” Roman loudly stated in the most intimidating voice Logan had ever heard.

    “Sir, it was inhumane to keep him here, you must know that.”

    “It wasn’t human, Logan! Remus, throw him in a holding cell, we can’t trust him anymore.”

    “Wait, sir-” muffled pleas continued to come from Logan as Remus muffled his mouth with his hand.

    “Okie-dokie bro-bro!”

    Remus quickly threw Logan into a cell, easily ignoring Logan’s cries as he did so. Logan wasn’t particularly known for his brawn, it wasn’t very hard to overpower him.

    Remus waltzed on out, whistling as he went.

    “Remus, didn’t Logan take the merman to his quarters?”

    “Yeah, I think so, should we go check them out?”

    Check them out, they did. In his quarters, the co-captains found his journal and Remus of course had no problem invading the sailing master’s privacy, so he opened it up immediately, flipping to the most recent page. On it, Remus saw a two-page spread of the merman, and when he went to the page before, his eyes widened.

    “Roman, come here for a second.”

    “What is it, Ree? You never use my whole name,” Roman looks over Remus’s shoulder, “holy shit. Remus, I think I’ve got a plan.”

    They smirked at each other, taking the journal and going to the cell Logan was being held in.

    “Hey, specs!” Roman yelled, causing Logan to quickly look up.

    “Look what we found!” Remus holds the journal above his head mockingly.

    Roman yanks the book out of Remus’s hand, “‘ I miss him in a different way than I miss my work on land, closer to the way I miss my mother and Sparky, but still not quite.’ You’re clearly in love with him, nerd! He must at least trust you, with all the personal info he gave you, so I think you’d make for perfect bait!”

    “Wait, no! You can’t hurt him! It’s not our place, he belongs in the ocean!”

    “Ooh, and maybe this Janus and Patton will come too, they sound pretty!”

    “No! You can’t!”

    The two twins just laughed. Remus opened the door to the cell and grabbed him, holding him while Roman put handcuffs on him, and then bringing him back to the upper decks. Once they get up there, Remus pushes Logan, making him stumble forwards, stepping on a net trap and effectively trapping him.

    “Stop this at once! It’s not ethical! It’s not humane!”

    “You can just say ‘right’ you know! Ugh, even when you’re dying you’re the biggest nerd in the seven seas,” Roman laughs while Remus just looks to the side.

    Roman pulls a lever, pulling the net holding Logan up above their heads and putting him above the ocean.

    “No!” Logan grunts, chained wrists grabbing the ropes.

    “Yeah, keep that mouth talking, specs! The louder you yell, the faster that thing will come for you!”

    Out of spite, the sailing master stays completely silent, not even moving enough to rustle the ropes.

    He stays quiet for almost two hours, the co-captains trying everything they could think of without moving him from above the water to make the poor man yell, only making the ropes make some noise.

    Eventually, Roman realizes he could look in Logan’s ship log for info on mers, and sees that they have an incredible sense of smell, especially when it comes to prey. They can apparently smell the blood of their prey and their friends, easily differentiating between them.

    Roman smirked as he showed the line to Remus, but he just looked away again, “Ro, are you sure about this? I mean… I don’t wanna hurt him.”

    “What are you talking about Ree, we need those scales!”

    Remus raised his voice, alerting Logan of the argument, “No, you need those scales! I don’t care, Roman!”

    “Oh fuck you, Remus. I’ll do it myself.”

    Roman uses the lever to bring Logan close. He grabs his foot, yanking it through one of the squares in the net. Grabbing the boot and throwing it into the ocean, Roman uses his dagger and quickly slices the back of the struggling man’s ankle, hitting an artery before he levers him back over the water.

    Logan tries to pull his foot back in the net but just ends up making the blood come out quicker.

    Off in the distance, they hear a scream. Logan looks out to see a giant splash of water and what looks like but a black spec in the distance. He gulps.

    The almost demonic screeching gets louder and louder until they see a giant splash right beside Logan’s net.

    Virgil jumped up like a dolphin, doing a flip and diving back in, screeching the whole time. When he resurfaces to the right of Logan’s net, he hovers with the water just under his eyes for a second, and as he rises so his mouth is above water, two mers pop up behind him.

    The one on the right of him has green and yellow scales covering the left half of his head, an eel eye on that side and a human eye on the other. The creature has long dark green hair growing out of the human half of his head which floats around him at the top of the water.

    The other looks a lot like Virgil, with similar skin and hair tones, but instead of black scales with a purple shine, he has a grey tail with a blue shine to them. His scales also didn’t accumulate in certain spots like Virgil’s, they were speckled all over his face, like freckles.

    “Virgil! You have to leave! It’s a trap!”

    Virgil looked up towards the yell, eyes widening at the state Logan’s in. His bloody foot, broken glasses, his bruised cheek, and his reddened handcuffed wrists anger Virgil to the core. He sternly but lovingly says, “It’s okay Lo, we’ll get you out of there.” Virgil turns back to the co-captains, “Let him go, or we’ll sink your ship and take him ourselves!”

    “Or,” Roman pulls out a pistol, mahogany with gold accents, and aims it at Logan, “We could shoot him now, and no one wins! Or I suppose you could give yourself and your little buddies over and he lives, whichever you prefer.” Roman smirks.

    Remus gasped as he pulled out the gun and aimed it at Logan. “Ro, aren’t we taking this too far? We can’t kill Logan, right?”

    “We’ll be fine without a sailing master for a couple days, Ree, we’ll kidnap a new one soon enough.”

    “Roman, that’s not why and you know it!”

    “Jesus Christ, Remus, we’re not gonna just give up mer scales for your stupid crush!”

    “Why you-“ Remus growled, tackling Roman, making his finger slip and shoot the gun.

    Time seemed to slow down for Logan as he did his best to get out of the way, the bullet hitting his shoulder. He yelled out, and Virgil screeched.

    Virgil looked to the co-captains, eyes turning black, but was surprised to see Roman unconscious on the ground.

    When everyone was shocked by the gunshot, Remus had hit Roman in the head with the butt of his dagger, effectively knocking him unconscious.

    Remus and Virgil made eye contact, Remus sighing, “If I get the net into the water, can you help him? We don’t have a doctor.”

    Virgil almost couldn’t hear Remus’s uncharacteristically quiet voice, but responded with a nod, “My brother knows healing magic.”

    “Good.” Remus cut the rope to the net, making it fall into the water with a giant splash.

    Virgil and the other mers immediately dove under, Virgil getting to the net first and cutting Logan free with his sharp teeth.

    “Janus, cast the spell.”

    “Got it,” the eel mer closed his eyes and brought his webbed hands to his temples, opening his now glowing eyes and saying, “KFIV VMVITB MLG HPRM ZMW YLMV IRHRMT ORPV GSV HSVKZIW GLMV.”

    Logan opened his eyes and gasped, breathing water, and looked around confusedly. When he reached out for his glasses, he put more strain on his bullet wound, making more blood to float out of it and disappear into the water.

    Virgil grabbed Logan’s glasses and handed them to him, continuing to scoop him up in his arms. “Shh, you’re okay now. I’ll explain everything as soon as we’re somewhere safe. Patton?” he held Logan out to the mer with a blue shine.

    Patton nodded, gently touching Logan’s uninjured arm. Logan watched in amazement as the injuries on his arm and ankle went through an accelerated healing process, the bullet floating out of his arm and both wounds closing up until they were simply scars.

    Virgil thanked the now panting Patton and closed his eyes as giant shadows enveloped the three merfolk and one human, transporting them away from Roman and Remus’s ship.

    Don't freak out, there will be a sequel! It'll probably be in a bit though. I've already picked a prompt for it and a basic story outline though, so it's happening! Sorry this last chapter is so short, I just really felt that's where it ends. Oh and just an fyi Logan is (or was lol) Roman and Remus's sailing master, but he was not kidnapped! Pirates often kidnap sailing masters but Logan was there willingly. :) Everyone who read this story, you get a cookie! Anyone who solves the cipher gets a second cookie! Prompt: Trapped in a net

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  • sleepyvirgilprompts
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Virgil’s body was screaming for rest, but he struggled to his feet and looked around desperately. “Patton!” he shouted. “Where are you?”


    Then, suddenly, a flash of blue hurrying toward them. “I’m here! I’m okay!” Patton reached the group and immediately pulled Virgil into a hug. After a few seconds, he released him and moved on to Logan, then crouched to hug Roman (who Virgil had joined on the ground again). “Is anyone badly hurt?” Patton asked.

    “No,” said Logan. “Virgil and Roman are rather exhausted, though. They’re going to need to sleep soon.”

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  • sidespromptblog
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Close Friend: (2/2)


    Warnings: Crying (Roman), Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Talk of suicidal thoughts (Past Logan), and Roman calling Janus ‘Deciet’ instead of his actual name multiple times. 

    Summary: Roman goes to Logan in order to vent and ramble about everything that had happened about Thomas, Patton, and Janus. But in the process finds Logan dealing with his own bottled emotions, as well as an uncomfortable thought that Logan has been dealing with as of late that leaves Roman scared for Logan’s own safety. So he decided to help, in whatever way that he can.

    AO3 LINK

    Word Count: 3876

    Logan woke groggily, with a feeling of warmth surrounding him as his head remained buried under a mound of blankets and his body surrounded by a wall of pillows blocking out the outside world from his cocoon of sleep. For a solid few minutes, he wanted to stay like that, tucked away so that he would never have to bother with anything outside of his little nest ever again. Although logically he knew that eventually, he’d have to. He had duties, and more than that… he had to face just what he had confessed to Roman the previous night. 

    Just the thought of it made his stomach squirm, as feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt writhed around inside of him. 

    Why had he said that? What on earth had possessed him to drop all of that on Roman right then and there. He was usually so reserved around the other side, and seeing him when the creative side had witnessed him so openly weeping…

    It had made everything just spill out of him like a faucet that couldn’t be turned off. But then again…

    The memory of being cradled so gently in the other side’s arms made a warmth erupt in his heart and face, the feeling of Roman’s hands gingerly carding through his hair in an effort to soothe his endless sobs made him feel safe.

    Opening his eyes was a trial in itself, as they felt so crusty and dry from the endless crying he had done the previous night.

    A pang of something slammed into his heart.

    That’s right… Roman had caught him crying, Roman had heard him say what he’d said, and Roman had... 

    Cracking open his eyes Logan found himself staring point-blank at Roman’s chest. Somehow in the middle of the night, they had both wound up curling into each other. Roman’s arms securely wrapped around Logan, keeping him fixed to his chest where Logan’s cheek had remained smushed against him for the entire night. Roman’s expression was peaceful, letting Logan know that he hadn’t yet woken up despite the mid-afternoon light that was pouring through the windows, only halted by the curtains surrounding the bed. The soft little snores that left the creative side sounded like that of a little bear, tucked away from the winter and in the warmth of his own little cave. 

    All in all, it was… nice. 

    It was nice to be held like this, and to know that Roman clearly didn’t mind having him so close. 

    For a moment he fancied the idea of letting his eyes close again, of just sinking back into a lovely slumber that would undoubtedly bring him back to the peaceful dream that he had been having before he had woken up. It would be easy, just one movement, for his eyes to slide shut and not open until Roman chose to wake him up again. His fingers clenched into the fabric of Roman’s shirt, as he unconsciously nestled his face against the other side’s warm chest that was already making him sleepy once again. A yawn tugged at the edge of his lips, teasing him and offering him the very thing he had wanted the night before.

     With Roman here, there was no doubt about whether or not he’d sleep well. 

    Fingers tangled themselves into Logan’s hair, smoothing down his hair. “Don’t go back to sleep just yet,” Logan’s eyes that had been attempting to drift shut, snapped open glancing up at the creative side. Sleep hung onto the other, with the remnants being cleared away as Roman lifted his hand up from Logan’s back to rub at his eyes. “We’ve got so much to do today, so we can’t sleep the whole day away. Right?”

    Of course, Roman had mentioned something about doing something.

    Honestly, it had just slipped his mind with all of the heightened emotions he had been feeling last night, and really… he had honestly just thought Roman was just saying that to get his mind off of what he had said. Roman had never wanted to spend time with him before after all, so the idea that he actually meant it…

    It was rather surprising. 

    Roman’s fingers raked through Logan’s messy bedhead, attempting to pull the logical side out of whatever had made his eyes look so far away and foggy. The pleased look from the other that this action earned him made Roman want to smile and never stop. He’d made good progress with Logan last night, to the point where now Logan wasn’t even trying to hide the things that made him happy. A part of him would have been content enough to just lay here, with Logan’s head resting so comfortably on his chest, letting the other stew in the comfort of his room. 

    But he’d already made plans, and these were plans that he wasn’t going to cancel. 

    “Come on,” Roman grunted lifting himself off of the feathery softness of his own bed, only to find himself fighting a strange sense of disappointment when Logan finally lifted his head up, detaching their limbs from one another. “Let’s get dressed, wear something comfortable for you. I’m going to take you on a trip today.”

    “Are you going to tell the others?” There was a bolt of dead silence between them, as Roman’s legs hung over the edge of his bed, his back turned to Logan. “About… what I said?” 

    A torrent of emotions riled Roman’s insides at the very loaded question that had come so early in the morning for both of them. It was… as much as he disliked it, a very valid question to have about what he’d heard and what he’d seen Logan going through. It wasn’t something that he could just ignore, and it wasn’t something that could just be swept under the rug. Feelings and emotions like that… they didn’t just go away after one good night's rest and one good day spent. It had to be worked on, and… Roman knew that there were going to be slipping days. Where Logan would inevitably fall back into that rabbit hole of dark thoughts, where he missed the feeling of being sad even if he was doing better. 

    “I don’t know.” He honestly said, and he didn’t. There wasn’t much that sides could do in order to help their own mental issues. “Do you want me to tell them?” 

    He could feel the other side of the bed shifting as Logan scrunched up where they had just been laying together. He could imagine what the logical side looked like. His legs pulled up to his chest, perhaps hugging a pillow, or maybe just sitting there looking away from Roman with thoughts and emotions that the creative side didn’t really understand yet. 

    “I don’t think I want them to know,” Logan finally spoke. “I know for certain that I don’t want Thomas to know, and I can’t promise I won’t have those thoughts and feelings again. I’m sure that they will come back, even if it's not now…” 

    Finally Roman turned to look at Logan, the look on his face speaking volumes as to what he was feeling without words even being needed. Reaching over, he grasped the top of Logan’s hand holding it tight enough to get the other’s attention on him and not the wrinkled blankets in his grasp. 

    “Logan, I never expected you to not feel those things.” Roman sternly but softly began. “I just don’t want you to deal with them alone. I don’t want you to promise to never try to feel them again, but… maybe to come to someone about them. Be it me, Patton, or Virgil. I don’t want you to have to deal with those kinds of thoughts alone, we…” Roman gave his hand one more squeeze. “We’re stronger together rather than alone, you taught me that remember?” 

    An absolutely heart-wrenching look of happiness appeared on Logan’s face at Roman’s reminder, he had taught Roman that. That the chimera was best fought with friends, after recuperating and taking time to rest one's wounds rather than continuously trying to go it alone again and again. How had he forgotten his own lesson so easily? 

    It hadn’t been that long ago either. 

    “I promise, whoever you decide to go to for help… I’ll be there alongside you should they give you any shit for it.” At that moment Roman felt a little bit of Remus’ wildness, as he grinned sharply back at Logan, a promise of violence somewhere in those words of his that his brother would most definitely be proud of. Had he heard it? But that was to be discussed for a later date, and later arguments should the others decide to not help Logan at all. “Now get dressed dork, I’ve got a lot planned.”  

    The purely puzzled but equally curious look on Logan’s face ignited a fierce determination and excitement inside of him. 

    A determination to make this the best day possible for this logical side. 

    “Why are we out in the real world?” Logan asked almost as soon as they rose up just far from Thomas’ actual house, this wasn’t the mindspace… So Roman wasn’t just going to summon things in the imagination to please Logan and call it a day? “I’m afraid… I don’t quite understand.” He softly admitted, nervously tugging at the strings of the hoodie he had decided to wear. “What if Thomas or one of the others needs us for something?” 

    Roman didn’t answer, his face gaining a somewhat cloudy look that told Logan easily enough that this wasn’t necessarily a good topic. 

    Instead, he seized Logan’s hand in his own, holding it tight. “Fuck ‘em.” Roman declared, a rather reckless grin playing on his lips. “They can deal until we come back, and really… this is a day for us to enjoy, so let’s enjoy it. No mindspace, no Thomas, and no… problems. Just a fun day out, with lots of real places to go and enjoy for once.” No having Thomas around to tell them what they could or couldn’t do so that they didn’t raise a ruckus, that was the best part in Roman’s opinion. 

    But even so, Logan couldn’t help but to nod his head slowly. 

    Yes… fun.


    How long had it been since he’d had fun with one of the other sides, no… how long had it been since he’d done something fun with Roman that didn’t involve the imagination in some capacity? Or even Patton just strong-arming Roman into making sure that Logan got to come along for the ride, even if he didn’t necessarily enjoy it half of the time.

    Roman wanted him here this time, and Roman was smiling at him promising to do things that he’d enjoy as well. 

    A tentative smile curled on the logical side’s face, “That sounds rather enjoyable,” He gave Roman’s hand an affirming squeeze. “Lead the way then… Princey.” 

    Roman couldn’t help but to let out a good-natured snort at the sound of his old nickname, it had been so long since he’d heard it after all. But more than that… it felt almost empowering to know that Logan had placed his trust in him, to know that he had Logan’s full support with everything that they were going to do today. 

    Without so much as another word, he led Logan away and towards the fun that they were both destined to have today; not even looking back once to wonder about the other sides and the human that they were leaving behind for their adventures. 

    It was a day for them after all, nobody else. 

     Leading Logan through all of the events he’d planned for him, it honestly kind of shocked Roman as to how much he hadn’t known that he’d been kind of neglecting Logan as a friend. The uncertain responses that he got from Logan, which eventually bridged into full unbridled excitement that had been hiding away for far too long only served as a way to prove Roman’s thoughts correct. Logan had barely let go of his hand in the entire time that they’d started their day trip, not that Roman minded exactly, he’d held him firm as he talked and rambled about the things and places that Roman brought him to. 

    So much interesting history, history that Roman would have otherwise brushed off on account of it being too “boring” or too… Logan-ish for him.

    It certainly didn’t help the guilt that continuously seemed to boil in his stomach ever since seeing Logan’s breakdown from the previous night. 

    If anything, it only served as a way to make him feel just the slightest bit worse for not listening in the first place. 

    It was only when settling down with lunch that Logan finally released Roman’s hand and in turn stopped what he was talking about. 

    Almost immediately Roman looked over at him, after having spread out the picnic blanket and all of their food, he had almost expected Logan to go off about something like the origins of picnics and how they were created, or something like that. But instead, Logan merely just laid on his back staring up at the sky as the clouds lazily inched across casting vague shadows onto the earth where they were laying. 

    “Roman.” Logan softly began, the tone of his voice marginally different than before. Almost immediately Roman’s attention was focused on him, the food surrounding them nothing more than an afterthought. “Why did you come to my room last night?” Glancing over to him, Logan held an almost sad smile on his face. “It can’t have been for anything good right? Up until last night, I’m sure that you hated me and my face.” 


    The conversation that Roman really didn’t want to have, and the conversation that Logan intuitively knew to ask about. 

    A sigh broke through his silence as the creative side rubbed at his face, “Well,” He almost stubbornly began, “First things first, I have not and will never hate you.” Roman started off, pointing his finger in Logan’s direction that sour feeling of guilt bubbling anew. “I don’t think I ever understood you, or how you thought maybe… but never hate. Never.” Knowing what he did now… he could never hate Logan, it was something that he should have realized a long time ago. But in the very least… it was a good thing he was realizing it now and not later when it was too late. “And Second…” Roman grimaced, the memories of Deceit’s… or rather Janus’ reveal tasting like poison on his tongue. 

    Logan sat up abruptly at the emotions that flew over Roman’s face like a hurricane ripping through the gulf, his stretched-out legs easily tucking under him as he seemed to give Roman his full attention. His eyes hidden as they were behind his glasses, remained firmly fixed to the creative side's face. 

    “What happened?”

    There really was no hiding it, was there? 

    Roman wanted to snort at the irony of it all, try as he may to hide something. Be that Remus, his own emotions, or just how he was trying and failing to deal with his own shortcomings… everything always came out in one way or another. It was better to just get it all out now, rather than to let someone else tell it without taking his side of the story into context first. 

    Hopefully, Logan wouldn’t judge him too harshly for it…


    The side in question almost smiled, it seemed like it was Logan’s turn to be the one confronting the creative side about his own emotions, as well as the consequences of them. But then again… That’s what friends were for right? He’d said so just last night, when he had tucked Logan away from all of his bad thoughts, and given him the best dream he could possibly think of. 

    Logan was his friend, so of course, he’d want to help and hear out Roman’s grievances about what had happened. 

    “I…” Roman sighed to himself yet again as he ran his hands over his face, “Messed up.” He lamely explained, grimacing at the terrible explanation that even a toddler could do better than him. “Deceit told us his name… like Virgil did, and I uh… I made fun of it. I didn’t hold back, not like I did with Virgil. After everything that had happened with the wedding, the trial, and… the aftermath I was just so angry for everyone trying to pull me every which way. I was angry at myself for…” Roman stopped, he hadn’t realized when he’d started it, but he’d started to rant. His hands making exaggerated motions as he told Logan about what he’d said about Deceit’s name, and just how far he’d gone when it seemed like Deceit was going to be accepted with no issue. He hadn’t even realized he was ranting until he’d needed to take a breath. “Sorry…” 

    Instead of just waving him off, however, or even starting to eat like they’d planned on doing Logan merely cocked his head to the side a curiously befuddled expression on his face. 

    “Sorry for what?” The logical side asked, “I asked what was wrong and you’re explaining it to me. You don’t have to apologize to me for talking, I’m here to listen.” 

    It was said so simply, but the Roman had the feeling that the words themselves were something that Logan would've wanted to hear months ago when he was airing his own thoughts towards anyone. And as such, it made them so very important to the logical side… it made them true. 

    Roman knew that for certain, and yet… it didn’t stop the flood of gratitude that filled his heart. 

    Swallowing thickly he nodded, and carried on his voice carrying out well until the sun started to dip behind the trees. By then his chest felt lighter, and his mind clearer as Logan sat there not once daring to look away from Roman as he talked about everything. From his complicated feelings about Patton and Janus, to how he felt about having to switch it up so often with the both of them that it was just leaving him exhausted to the point where he just wanted to agree to get it all over with and save himself the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with the two other sides. Because at least then, he wouldn’t be criticized so harshly, and at least then he would know what was correct and what was wrong in the eyes of Patton. 

    Logan understood that notion perfectly well.  

    “Sometimes I just don’t know what to do, and I’m angry at myself for it. I want to just decide about something and have that be the end of it, I don’t want to have to come back a week or even a month later and have a whole discussion about what I did being morally wrong, “technically morally wrong but kind of right”, I just want that to be it!” Roman’s chest heaved, and by the end of his rant, he felt the frustrated tears he’d been holding back since that day finally flow down his cheeks as warbling croaking sob cracked in his chest like a broken instrument determined to never play again. “I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to be wrong...” He sniffled, bringing his hands up to his eyes desperate to wipe away his tears. 

    However, almost as soon as he moved to shield his tears from sight, he found himself crushed into a hug. His head pressed solidly against Logan’s collarbone, as the logical side mimicked the motion that Roman himself had done just the other night as he ran his fingers through the creative side’s hair. If anything, the genuine comfort that the other side was attempting to give only made Roman shake harder as he clutched Logan tightly. 

    It felt so nice to finally be on the receiving end of comfort after so long of just giving it. 

    “I think…” Logan gently whispered, not daring to make his voice louder. “What I’ve learned is that you can try and try to choose the answer that will always please somebody else. But… it won’t work, if they don’t even know what they want then they will always find some fault with it, and that’s not your fault.” Feeling Roman stilling in his arms Logan didn’t dare to stop. “The best you can do in that situation is to make yourself happy, not for their approval… but your own. If they like it, then that’s perfectly fine. If not…” Logan gave an awkward shrug that the creative side only clung to harder. “Then they can make their own choices, and see just how difficult it is to do. Pleasing everyone all the time is impossible and if you try you’re still going to end up stepping on someone’s toes, I’ve learned that the hard way.” 

    Plucking up the napkins that they had prepared for the lunch, Logan hastily moved to wipe away Roman’s tears, trying to be gentle the entire time he did. 

    He’d thought before that Roman was practically his opposite in the past, but seeing the other side breakdown from all the expectations that had been placed on him without the creative side even knowing… Logan felt a strange kind of understanding with him. The same kind that he’d gained when he’d had all the expectations placed on him to make Thomas succeed in school and in college. The kind that had made him want to stop existing in the first place, when Thomas had just up and decided to switch majors and pursue YouTube as a full-time job instead of being a scientist. 

    He knew what Roman was feeling all too well, so with this kind of emotion, he could at least help instead of being a hindrance to everyone around him.

    Roman sniffled once again, taking the napkin from Logan so that he could blow his nose, “Logan,” He flopped back onto the blanket, looking up at the stars that were just barely beginning to show in the night sky. “We should do this more often.” He said, glancing over to the logical side who shot him a concerned and very much confused look.

    “Cry about our repressed feelings?”   

    For the first time in a while, a real laugh erupted out of Roman at the sound of Logan’s genuine confusion and uneasiness about his offer. 

    “No,” The creative side moved his hand over to the other’s, clenching it softly in his. “Going out like this, just the two of us. Maybe once a week or once a month. Just enjoy each other's company, and talk about whatever we want to talk about. Even if we get on each others’ nerves sometimes…” Roman smiled ruefully. “I like talking with you, and I like listening to you too.” 

    A look of understanding dawned on Logan’s face, and with it, the logical side finally laid down beside Roman. 

    Their were hands still clutching one anothers’.

    “I’d like that Roman,” Logan smiled up at the starry sky that finally became visible to them both. “I’d like that a lot.”  

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